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Second OS of the day. Another translation from French from a long time ago… The original version is "Une Histoire de champignons géants" and it's in "Petites Histoires d'un instant".

Now, it was written for a challenge with the theme "Mushrooms" and it takes place during the first book of Turf Wars. No major spoiler, just… there are mushrooms in the Spirit World.

It's just some fluff, so enjoy!

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, why?"

"Are you sure there is no other way?"

"It's exactly like a road!"

"Korra, these things are giant mushrooms!"

A road... Where on the earth had she seen a road?

In front of the two women, there was a big way to get to the other side of the valley: a big path composed of giant mushrooms. The thing was Asami wasn't used to traveling this way. Well, she basically wasn't used to traveling into the Spirit World!

It was interesting to see a world which was untouched by mankind, where there were so many extraordinary things, where modernity had no place, and where everything worked differently. She had planned on travelling on foot, peacefully; but, she had ended up flying on a giant bird, walking under giant plants, and now there were giant mushrooms! She was starting to think that everything was giant here.

"Do you want to go to the other side or not?" Korra asked.

"Of course. It's just that since everything is a bit weird here, I wondered whether the mushrooms would shrink or we could actually walk on them. Well, more jump on it, because there is still a big gap."

"There is only one way to find out!"

Without another word, Korra gathered speed and jumped on the first mushroom in front of them. She heard Asami shout her name behind her, but it didn't stop her from jumping. Then, she landed gently on the mushroom, which didn't react.

"See? Totally safe!" the Avatar affirmed. "Are you coming now?"

"Okay!" Asami shouted back.

The engineer also jumped off the edge of the cliff and landed on the rosy mushroom with white spots. She arrived a little too close to the edge and the mushroom leaned a little. Asami lost her balance and Korra caught her by the hand, as she was shaking her arms in all directions to avoid falling into the void, trying to regain some stability. The Avatar pulled her towards her, in the center of the mushroom.

"That was close," Korra said, relieved to have been able to catch Asami before she fell.

"It was," the green-eyed woman whispered, grateful. "Thank you."

"I think I'll go ahead. This way, I'll make sure you won't fall."

"No problem."

Korra let go of Asami's hand—unlike the young CEO who almost kept hers until she realized that the blue-eyed girl was definitely going to need it.

The latter jumped with ease and extreme grace (although Asami suspected she was using her air bending to do so) on the next mushroom. Shortly after, the young engineer followed her, trying to jump a little further than before. And she succeeded! Except that she was hurried forward and crashed quite efficiently against Korra. The latter ended up having the same use as a wall: she made her stop before going further than the boundaries of the great living platform.

"So basically, when you don't go too close, you go too far," the other woman gently teased her. "We still have a dozen mushrooms to pass, do you think you'll manage to handle them correctly?"

"Very funny, Korra," Asami replied without being angry in any way. "Well, yes, I think I can do it."

"It's not that I don't trust you, but I would rather stay ahead of you anyway. You never know what could happen, right? And then who knows? The mushrooms might decide to disappear!"

Asami only hummed to answer, as she was enjoying being against Korra.

The Avatar moved to the next mushroom and Asami followed her. This time, she didn't land too close nor too far, but just badly on her feet. She fell on all fours on the big mushroom. She was immediately surprised by the softness of its skin. It was almost like a delicate baby skin. Very pink, turning violin, but very smooth, and pleasant to touch. Asami turned and let herself fall, her back to the mushroom.

"Uh, Asami? What are you doing?" Korra asked, curious, with a smile on her lips.

"I've never lain on a mushroom before," the other woman answered. "It's actually very nice. You should try it."

The Avatar did as she said and lay down on the giant structure with white dots and a pink color.

"You're right. It is very soft and very comfortable. Next time, when we'll be looking for a place to sleep, we should think about sleeping on a mushroom."

"What if it rains? We're not going to pitch a tent on this poor mushroom!"

"It won't rain: we're in the Spirit World!"

"I'm not really sure it makes a big difference, Korra," Asami chuckled.

"Er, because you lie on giant mushrooms in Republic City, of course?"

The green-eyed woman laughed heartily, looking at the sky, letting her mind wander in a wise tranquility.

"No, that's for sure…"

Then, the two women just looked at the sky, catching their breath for one moment, just enjoying the time, this time together.

Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, their hands connected. Their fingers intertwined and Asami turned to smile at Korra, who smiled back with her beautiful blue eyes shining.

She could never have been happier to have taken this vacation with her. And she hoped that the rest of it would be just as pleasant.

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