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Here is my second OS of the day. It's an old translation from my French OS: "De la Luge à dos de pingouin". It was written for a challenge with the theme "slide" (well, that would be the translation, anyway).

Spoilers: None.

Characters: Korra, Asami

Genre: Romance, Fluff

More notes: "Go sledge" (UK) is apparently "go sledding" (US) and I usually try to use more of a US English, but I've never heard "sledding" before, so I kept the other one. Don't be confused ;)


"Korra! Where are you taking me?"

Her girlfriend ignored her and kept pulling on Asami's hand, making some happy, little jumps, as she was running with a smile on her lips. Her childish attitude, as excited than happy, warmed Asami's heart—unlike her body which was trembling because of the cold. She was wearing a thick sweater, a jacket and a coat over them, but it was still the south pole, and she wasn't used to these temperatures. She couldn't understand how people here could live around that constantly-freezing air and with all that snow. It had been less than a week since she had arrived here and she already missed Republic City…

But here, taken by Korra who knows where, hand in hand, her face beaming with joy and her blue eyes shining with a bright light, she was already warmer. She was feeling good. She was feeling at home…

Because she was trying to jump, to run, to turn around to see Asami, and all of that at the same time, Korra ended up stumbling on a bunch of snow and falling head first in the clod and white powder. She got her head out of the heap of compact snowflakes very fast, only to hear Asami's melodious laughring out in her ears which were numb because of the cold. The young woman was laughing loudly, her hands resting on her knees, with a sweet and warm laugh.

Korra smiled and shook her head to get rid of the snow that was stuck in her short brown hair. Once she was done, her smile had turned into more of a smirk... She made a slight movement with her hand which went unnoticed by her girlfriend.

Once she had finished laughing, she held out her hand for Korra to get up. Even without the woman on the ground grabbing her, she was suddenly unbalanced and her feet were no longer touching the ground. As a result, she fell on her girlfriend. What had happened? Had she slipped? On powder snow? She looked at where her feet were a few seconds earlier: an abnormal patch of ice had formed there. She turned to look at Korra who had an innocent smile.

"You made me slip by turning the snow into ice!"

"Who did that? Me? Of course not!"


Taking revenge, Asami threw snow at her, which froze her hand in the process. Korra got rid of the snow before pushing Asami on the back, preparing a huge snowball on top of her.

"No, Korra, no!" Asami pleaded, hands in the air, pulling out. "You're not going to do that, right?"

But something in her girlfriend's eyes and that smirk told her that she was totally going to. And indeed, she released the mass of snow, burying Asami. The businesswoman managed to get her head out of the snow, completely frozen as the snow was covering her skin and then melting, wetting her clothes and sliding on her pale skin. She grunted and chattered. It was cold! Eventually Korra, quickly noticing that Asami was frozen, hugged her, using her firebending to warm her up. The green eyes closed slowly, her body slipping towards this soft heat, as she was exhaling a sigh of satisfaction.

"Better?" Korra asked.

"Much better."

They remained like that for a few minutes, both enjoying the embrace and the warmth of their two bodies. Then, after a moment, Korra stood up and helped Asami to do the same. They calmly resumed their walk to the destination she had chosen, hand in hand. A silence defying the ambient cold settled down, the result of a serene calm, of a gleam of amusement, and of two hearts beating for each other.

Finally, Korra stopped. They were at the top of a snowy hill.

"So? What are we doing here?" Asami asked.

"Finding penguins!"


"Wait, look!"

The Avatar took a fish out of her sleeve. Instantly, animal sounds were heard. A horde of penguins came in sight. They were hungry.

"It's a technique that Katara taught me," Korra informed. "That way we can slide on the penguins! Get on!"


"Come on, get on!"

Korra gave a fish to a penguin on which she installed Asami, then did the same for herself.

"Let's go!"

The penguins hurtled down the slope, gaining speed. Asami couldn't believe she was doing this! Toboggan with a penguin as sledge! She held it tight to keep her from falling, sometimes closing her eyes, and sometimes opening them again. However, when she saw the snow-built wall right in front of her, she closed them completely. She didn't see anything but she felt her whole body sink into the freezing cold. When she got out of it, she was shivering again. This time Korra was the one who was laughing loudly. She could hardly hold back the tears that gathered into her eyes.

"This is not funny!" Asami defended.

"It is, I can assure you it is. It's so funny! You've really never went sledging with penguins before! So easy to notice!"

Asami grimaced. Still, she was frozen again... Korra tried several times to catch her breath, but remembering the businesswoman colliding with the snowy wall, her laugh started again every time. After several great inspirations, the only thing that was left from this hysterical laughter was an amused smile and Asami shivering.

"I think we'd better get home before you get sick."

She took the other woman's hand—which was as cold as an ice cube—and headed to the city.

The South Pole was definitely too cold! But if it meant being with Korra, Asami would accept the most extreme temperatures, because her heart would always be filled with a heat that was both sweet and ardent.

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