Feathering-Cree summer

The next day, in happy harbor.

Dick was going to meet Kendra Saunders (A.K.A hawkgirl) and is also...

Roy: hawkman's niece

Dick: whoa, I didn't know hawkman had a niece

The two boys walked to the cave

Roy: but do be careful, she can be a bit..well

He rubbed the back of his head as he gives him a worried look

Dick: a bit what?

Roy: well...she's

Kendra: UGH

the two boys jumped as they heard some yelling, coming from the training room

As they headed in, they stop as they saw miss Martian

Miss Martian: oh hey guys

Boys: hey Megan

They waved

Miss Martian: you must be here to met Kendra

Dick: yep

Miss Martian: well, I wish you the best of luck


He turned as he saw Roy giving her a crossed look

Megan: oh sorry

Dick looked at them in confusion

Dick: guys, if I can handle Artemis I can handle hawkman's niece

Miss Martian: ok if you say so, you ready Roy

Dick: huh?

Roy: yep

Dick make a confusion look as they both headed to the door

Dick: where you guys going

Roy: oh right

Roy turned around making an embarrassed look

Miss Martian: you didn't tell him

Dick: tell me what

Roy: well, me and Megan have to take on this case, in star gate, sorry

He smiled bashfully

Dick: you mean Your leaving me here with hawkgirl alone

He sound in a panic

Roy: don't worry

He walks over to him and places his hand on his shoulder

Roy: im sure you guys will get along fine

Dick: (sigh) ok but hurry back

He smiles at him and heads back to Megan

Roy: come on Megan let's go

The two exit as dick headed to the training room, their he saw

A red hair tennager girl with light brown skin, and yellow eyes. She wears a hawk eye mask on her head and a yellow vest red shorts with green tights underneath, red and gold boots and a Nth metal belt. Doing pulls on a high bar.

And when he saw her glaring at him, he felt a cold chill through his spine


Kendra: (gasp)

She smiled at him excitedly, jumped down, spread out her big bird wings sticking out of her back, fly down to him.

Pulled him in a smothering bear hug and fly them in the air

Dick: whoa (nervous chuckles) hehehehe

She then got down and lets him go, and looks him joyful in the eyes

Kendra: you're Richard right

Dick: (awkwardly) yes, how did you know

Kendra: Megan told me a lot about you

Dick: of course

Kendra: and when I heard that we were going to have another bird superhero, I was so excited to meet you

Dick was confused by that last words

Dick: bird?

Kendra: yes, your are robin right

Dick: yes

Kendra: can you show me your wings

Dick: wings? Oh No, sorry but I'm not an actual Robin, I don't fly

Kendra: but of course you can, Megan says you can, you are a Robin

Dick: no I can't

She takes his hand and leads him to railings, dick was confused when he saw her got on top

Dick: uh what are you

Then she picked him up

Dick: whoa what are you-

Then she threw him over the railings

Dick: whoa!

Kendra: come on robin you can fly

But it became enough proof for her, when he grabbed the bars underneath them and climbed to the other side

Kendra: Robin?

She looked underneath the railings to see him he was okay, in the monitoring room, where they were being watched by the Batman and hawkman, Batman glared at hawkman.

Hawkman: (nervous chuckles) I'm sure he's okay

At with hawkgirl she started to worry

Kendra: uh oh


She turned around to see that he was ok

Kendra: (sigh)

Dick: I told you, I can't fly

She made a shameful look

Dick: I'm not that kind of hero

Kendra: I am so sorry, I thought that you could fly like a robin

Dick: sorry to disappoint you

She looked at him

Kendra: oh no, it's okay really, I should'veknown that you were one of those crime fighters superheroes

Dick: but aren't you a crime fighter too

Kendra: yes and those types of heroes of good too, it's so mush fun to use your fist and wits then powers

Dick: and weapons

Kendra: right and weapons too, come on, I'll show so some of my moves

Dick: ok

The two ran back to the training room, back with Batman and hawkman

Hawkgirl: looks like they got along just fine

Batman: their ready for the test, sent it in

Hawkman: ok

Back with speedy and miss Martian, they were following blockbuster as he was heading to star gates labs

Miss Martian: how do you think Robin is doing with hawkgirl

Speedy: I'm sure, their already bonding

Back at mount justice, that had an holographic room for team building exercise and training, they went in and had an holographic tree with a tire swing and bench inside

Kendra was swing on the tire as dick sat on the bench and talked

Dick: so how do you know Megan

Kendra: she's my best friend

Dick: oh

Kendra: so how do you know speedy

Dick: we're best friends

Kendra: is that so, then do you know John

Dick: John, as in Megan's uncle or John steward

Kendra: John steward

Dick: yes

Kendra: ok has he talked about me or-

Dick: no

Kendra: oh ok

She looked disappointed then it hit him

Dick: do you like him

She open her eyes wide

Kendra: what? No, i just-uh

She looked up as he saw her making a smirk at him

Dick: Kendra

She knew that he can see her feelings right through her

Kendra: ok maybe I like him a little bit

Dick: a little bit?

Kendra: ugh ok, I love him, but he would never go with someone like me

Dick was that emotional in love she was, he smiled at her, touched her hand and she looked up at him, smiling.

Dick: hey, there's always a someone for everyone, and I'm sure if you tell John how you feel, he'll understand

Kendra: really

Dick: really

She smiled at him and he smiled back.


Then the moment got ruined when they heard a noise coming from the mission room.

As dick went to see what it was, hawkgirl got up first

Kendra: I'll see what it is first, you stay right here and wait until I get back

She walks out

Dick: ok mom

He smiles at her, she turns around and smirks at him as she heads out.

She comes back but crashing hard into the wall


Dick: hawkgirl

He rushes over to her, as she gets up and rubs her head.

Hawkgirl: ugh

Dick: what happened

Stomp, stomp, stomp

He then heard someone walking towards them, he looked up and saw a bronze Android

Dick started to help hawkgirl back away from the droid

Dick: who is that

Hawkgirl: ugh, that's amazo

Dick: amazo?

Hawkgirl: an android that has ability to copy one's powers, natural abilities, equipment, and DNA signature simply by looking at them.

He saw him looking at him and covered himself

Dick: oh no, if you can copy superpowers then you probably turn into a robin

Hawkgirl: (chuckles)

The droid came closer to them, threw his arm up and Copied enough kinetic energy from her mace to cause serious damage to them

As he blasted the electric energy at them, hawkgirl saw how the lightning was going to hit dick, eyes wide opened, she pushed him out of the way


Dick: ugh


Hawkgirl: ugh

He looked and saw how she took the risk for him, then ran when he saw the droid looking at him

Dick: (gasp)

When the droid followed him, he lost him in the mission room, as he heads back to deal with hawkgirl

Dick was hiding in the air vents, he looks down watching him leave and follows him through the vents and sees him picking up an unconscious hawkgirl

He looked away and felt guilty

Dick: (sigh) you just had to run away and leave behind the girl who just saved you and has an interest in you

But He wasn't going to give up that easily

Meanwhile with speedy and miss Martian, they were having difficulty taking down block buster

Block buster: (growl)


Block buster tries to smash speedy as he backflips back behind a tree and pulls out three electric arrows and starts to shot it at him. It gave him an electric shock


Block buster: AH!

He then picks up a lamp post and throws it at him as he jumps up in the tree then back down as miss Martian uses her Longevity Telepathy to push him down but like a mime he struggles to keep standing

Block buster: (growl)

Speedy: I never had this trouble with clock king, WHOA

he ducks as block buster throws a mailbox, miss Martian ducks too

Miss Martian: oh, I hope hawkgirl and Richie are doing much better than us

Back with hawkgirl, amazo was interrogating for robin

Amazo: why is he!

He grabs her by her vest and brings her closer to his face, she was still unconscious

Hawkgirl: (moans)

He was starting to get impatient when she still didn't talked

Amazo: (grunts)

He throws her hard on the ground, causing the wound to bleed more


Hawkgirl: ugh

As for dick, he had his costume worn underneath his clothes just in case, he quietly got out of the air vent.

He threw his communicator in the air vent and duck behind a pillar that was holding the mountain

Robin: he ugly

Amazo: huh?

He turns around

Robin: be nice to the lady

Amazo: Robin?

He walks out to find him

Amazo: where are you

Robin: if you want me come and get me

Amazo: (grunts)

As He runs out to find robin, robin goes to hawkgirl, picks her up and puts her down gently on the couch, putting a pillow over her head

Robin: (whispers) I'll be right back

He runs after amazo, as he was looking for him

Amazo: where are you

As a technological genius in Gotham middle school, he took out his phone and shut off the lights


Amazo: huh?

But when amazo was interrogating hawkgirl, he took her other powers such as: Superhuman strength, Highly skilled armed and unarmed combatant, super hearing, vision and speed. He left her flying powers alone cause he figured he get that from Robin.

But what he didn't know was that rev bin had a few tricks up his sleeves

He used his hearing and Vision to look for any signs of Robin

Amazo: show yourself, you have no idea who you're messing with

Robin: you have no idea who you're messing with

Amazo: (grunts)

Robin was hiding in the air vents again as he climbed through and jump behind as soon as amazo got close to him. He found his communicator but no robin

Amazo: (grunts) ugh

But During his time being robin, he has the ability to react faster than a normal human

As he turned around, Robin gave him a kick to the head

Robin: huh!


Amazo: ah

As he fell down, Robin jumped up

He quickly got up, Robin put out his staff, he turned as he used super hearing to hear him and saw Robin whacking him in the face with his staff.


Amazo: ugh

Robin ran into Lounge room where hawkgirl regain

conscious, and was amazed when she saw robin fighting off amazo

Hawkgirl: (groans) huh?

He may not fly but he does know hand-to-hand combatant, and he was moving very fast but what amazed her the most is that he can fly

Robin: uh!

He use his staff as a pole pulled himself up, flew in the air and kicked him again to the ground


Amazo: ugh

Hawkgirl: oh

As She quickly gets up, so did amazo when Robin look the other way, he took his staff

Robin: huh?

And kicked him back into the coach


Robin: ah

Hawkgirl: (gasp) (grunts)

Hawkgirl got mad when amazo attacked Robin, when he walks up to him, raises his fist to his head, Robin looked the other way

He then realized that he wasn't attacking him yet, when he looked up, he saw that his hand was being grabbed by hawkgirl

She then twisted it, pulls out her mace and hits it against his head

Hawkgirl: (grunts)


Amazo: ugh

As it sends him flying to the wall, she helps robin up as he takes her hand, he sees her smiling at him, he smiles back

Then they look back at Amazo as he gets up

They run towards him as he tries to grab them, he gets a hit by her mace, a kick to the leg by robin, and after getting rapid punches, he pushes them apart

Amazo: (grunts)

Hawkgirl: ugh

Robin: ah

He then grabbed Robin by his shirt and hoist him, hawkgirl saw and felt threatened

Hawkgirl: ugh, (gasp) (growls)

She flew quickly to him and smashed him into the wall


Amazo: ugh

She catch Robin and when they saw him tryingto run away, they looked at each other, and smiled when they got the same idea.

They grabbed each other's arms, spin in a circle and she threw him in the air and it took her breath away when she saw him fly in the air and stomped on Amazo pinning him to the ground.

She flew to them, as he handcuffs him, she crosses her arms

Hawkgirl: so you can fly

He looks back at her and smiles

Robin: yeah, but in my own way

She smiles brighter

Then the Batman appeared in the mission room

Batman: hawkgirl, Robin come in

They both ran to the computer

Robin: we're here, we have an intruder

Batman: don't worry it was just a test, you two passed

Robin/hawkgirl: huh?

They both turned around to see that amazo was just a hologram projection then back at him

Batman: congratulations you two, speedy will be on his way soon to pick you up, Batman out

As the screen blackens out, he looks back at her.

Robin: uh, well um, thank you for helping me

She gives him a look then a tender smile

Kendra: your welcome, Robin

Robin: well we have time to bond if you want to talk

She takes off her mask and smiles at him

Hawkgirl: sure

Robin: do you like birds

Hawkgirl: (gasp)

Back with speedy and miss Martian, they finally took down, block buster after a few hit to the head, he was knocked out cold.

They were heading back to mount justice

Megan: gee, I wonder how well they were doing

He looks back at her and makes a nervous look, but when they got inside, they saw that urgent were already bonding.

Kendra/dick: (laughing)

They were looking at a scrapbook of different birds that Kendra had kept, apparently they same thing they have in common, was that they were both big bird lovers and watches

Kendra: I found this one when I was Paris trying to help these tourists escaping from tornado tyrant

Dick: wow, I wish I could see a lot of birds like you

Kendra: I can help you if you want

Dick: sure

They were in their regular clothes, Kendra wore skinny jeans, black heel boot, and a orange t-shirt, with red ruby jewelry

They were so busy by their bonding, they didn't see Roy and Megan were looking at them

Megan: aw looks like they got along well, them

Roy walks up to duck as they get up and close the book

Roy: I see that you survived, how was she

He looks back at her as Kendra and Megan share a hug

Dick: wild but nice

She looks at him and smiles

Kendra: you were right Megan, he can fly

Everyone: (chuckles)

Roy: well this has been great but it's time got us to go

Kendra's smiled disappeared

Kendra: really, so soon

Dick: I love to C stay Kendra but I got to go

Kendra: aw

She looks down as he touches her shoulder

Dick: don't I'll see you tomorrow, for bird watching right

She looks up and smiles, she hugs him tightly, wraps her arms around his waist and as she snuggles him

Dick: (chuckles)

She had his face smushed against hers, and kisses his face rabidly

Kendra: (smooch, smooch, smooch)

Leaving her red lipstick marks on his face, he playfully tries to pull himself away from her but she was too strong for him

Dick: ok Kendra, I got to go now (chuckles)

Megan and Roy join in to help, Roy grabs dick as Megan pulls Kendra

Roy: (grunts) come on Kendra, he really needs to go

Megan: you'll see him again soon, promise

Kendra: I know, I'm just going to miss him so much

Roy: you only just jet him for one day

She pushes them away by using her wings

Roy/Megan: whoa

Dick: don't worry Kendra, you'll see me again, you can visit me any time you want ok

Kendra: (sigh)

She gives him one last kiss on his forehead and grabs his face

Kendra: goodbye baby bird and thanks for the rescue

She finally lets him go and he & Roy headed out, the two girls go outside to wave bye to them

When they get in the car, they drive off

Kendra: goodbye my son

Megan makes a curious look

Back with the boys

Roy: so what do you think of hawkgirl

Dick: I say she's a mother bird

Roy: what makes you say that

Dick: the way she smothered me

Roy: oh

Dick: so is that the whole team

Roy: well not likely

Dick: there's still more

Roy: just one more, you have to meet Aqualad

Dick: hmm, aqualad, he sounds like a challenge

Duck has one more teammate to be friends with before he joins