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Here is an amusing OS. At least, I find it amusing. It is a translation from my own work, called "Espionnage pas très industriel". It was written during a challenge with the theme "Image". I translated a while ago, but I just went through it and that was a really good idea because it was quite bad at some places. I hope I fixed whatever could be fixed.

Takes place after S4.

Characters: Varrick (POV), Korra, Asami.

Relationship: Korra/Asami.

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff (slight suspense I guess…)


Varrick's invention was truly revolutionary. It's true that moving images were new and captivating. Yes, the colors were missing, but sometimes you have to make do! Anyway, it was a revolution in itself. And it was really a great invention. The problem was that, sometimes, Varrick captured images that shouldn't be captured...

He had already made movers: he had shot his marriage, the invasion of the South, so many things! He had even advertised Kuvira, showing how much they were helping, filming the illuminated faces of the people who received protection and food (even if afterwards, they could be less happy... Of course, he had avoided filming that).

After doing such a silly thing to help the dictator, he told himself he wasn't going to use it if there was such a risk for terrible consequences and he would keep his images and his invention for personal use. Of course, he had studios and people who worked on movie ideas for the audience of the movers. But it wasn't a cause, strictly speaking, it was just to make profits. Oh, and eventually to entertain and please people. Although it didn't concern Varrick very much.

On the other hand, he had found something that interested him: Asami Sato. This woman was so tough. He was a little irritated that she controlled the situation better than he did. But he knew it was better to avoid bothering her if he didn't want to have to deal with her. He remembered well enough her last warning and the pain going through his hand! It was understandable, though. He had to admit he wasn't sincere and honest with her all the time. However, he didn't like being under her power at all! She was brilliant, but never as brilliant as he was. And now it was time for him to take a little revenge. Nothing really bad (otherwise his new-found consciousness would sulk), but just enough...

So, he had hidden a brand-new camera model in her office: smaller, more discreet, more efficient. He would probably have stunning images! He had had all the time in the world to do it, the CEO being on a little vacation with the Avatar. And what's with that anyway? He was the newlywed! He should go on a honeymoon with his beloved Zhu Li! But no! He was stuck in Republic City with so much to do.

As a matter of fact, the city was largely destroyed and that conflicts exploded on all sides of it. Well, he recognized that the moment for his wedding was not the best chosen: just after a war... The timing could have been better.

However, the vacation of the CEO of a large company with so much power was also not well chosen! Not to mention that she was taking the second most important person with her. So, Varrick was planning to return the favor. He waited patiently as Asami returned, hoping to have small juicy gossips to get his teeth into.

He didn't say anything to Zhu Li because he suspected that she wouldn't like the idea, even if she supported him in most of his decisions.

Varrick was a little disappointed to see that the businesswoman got to work so quickly. No sooner had she returned than she had already started sketching to rebuild the city... It made him a little irritated. She earned points! Getting back to work so fast: what a weird idea! Although he felt a little guilty, he didn't give up on his idea.

And the images he got... weren't disappointing, but they were intriguing. He expected to hear about plans, and business meetings, to see Asami working, to hear her talking with associates, and that's exactly what he had. With a little bit of... something else.

It seemed that after their vacation together, Korra and Asami became inseparable in a way. They visited each other. He already knew that the two had a very strong relationship, since they were best friends, yet... the tenderness he saw in these images surprised him more than anything else.

The first time he saw Korra come in, she was grumbling about Raiko. Varrick understood the young woman's rage, he still had a grudge against the president concerning his non-assistance when the invasion of the South had occurred. Still: he had helped him with his campaign! Anyway, he pushed his thoughts away and got back to watching the moving images as if it were one of his movers.

In this mover, Asami calmly gets up from her des, and hugs Korra hard against her, kissing her forehead. She gives her a soft look and the shoulders of the Avatar fall a bit.

Varrick regretted seeing her only from behind and figured he'd have to place more cameras to get all the angles. He found himself coming closer to the projection to see what was happening. Of course it didn't change anything. He couldn't enter the privileged moment between the two women.

Then Asami puts her hands on Korra's shoulders and tells her that they should go outside and talk about it more calmly to see if there was any solution. The important thing is that she calms down. Korra nods and hugs Asami again. She takes her hand and pulls her out.

Nothing to say, they both were really as thick as thieves!

The second time Korra arrives, it's quieter. She knocks on the door, opens it a little timidly and slowly accesses Asami's desk. She bypasses the table and stands behind the CEO. She hesitates a bit to look at what she's doing before putting her arms around her neck and putting her head next to Asami's. The CEO then raises her hand from her paperwork and gently strokes the Avatar's arms.

"Shall we eat?" the Avatar asks.

"Already time to eat?"

"Mmmm... Come on. You're not going to stay at your desk all day."

"I have some work…"

"That's right, but you also have a stomach, and therefore a stomach that needs to work. Come on! Pema has prepared a bunch of delicious dishes!"

"Okay. But on one condition!"

The Avatar's eyes sparkle.

"Whatever you want," she answers.

"I invite you to eat at the restaurant."

The Avatar is a little surprised but she nods.

"Unless you want to spend time with the others, at Tenzin's. In this case, it will be for another time…"

"No! No, I like spending time with you. Only with you."

"Well. In this case, let's go!"

Asami kisses Korra's hand and they leave the office.

Varrick wondered how that dinner was. And he was also wondering what kind of friendship united them... He didn't really have any friends—never had—, so he couldn't really know what it was. He had only Zhu Li. But Korra and Asami were so close, so sweet to each other that he wondered if he wasn't missing something. The third time he saw Korra in Asami's office, he was decided.

Asami mumbles something on the phone, grumbling to a partner who doesn't fulfill his part of the contract. After a few minutes during which she keeps her calm as best as she can, she hangs up and gets up from her chair, heading for the exit door. When she gets there it suddenly opens with a muffled "Asamiii" while the person pronouncing it falls face to face with the so-called woman. And literally nose to nose. On the ground.

"Oh! There you are!" Korra said on the floor.

Asami chuckles and stands up a little bit, though Korra stays on her.

"Yes, here I am. Need me?" she asks, putting a strand of hair behind Korra's ear.

Korra leans against her hand, enjoying her caress and closes her eyes gently. When she opens them, she kisses the palm of Asami's hand.

"You know I need you all the time," Korra replies softly, putting her forehead against the CEO's.

"Oh, Korra... I need you too," she said to her with emotion.

Then, she kisses Korra on the cheek.

"But I was talking about you showing up in my office. Is there any particular reason why we are on the ground?"

"I think it's because I bumped into you when I got inside," Korra whispers, as if it were a secret.

Asami laughs again.

"I think that's the reason too, but maybe tell me why you came to my office?"

"Oh... Well, there are three reasons. First, I wanted to see you. Secondly, it's time to eat and you probably forgot, but my belly did not—besides the day was tiring—and third, I wanted to see you. So here you are, I'm seeing you."

"Huh, huh... That's good, my day was tiring too and I also wanted to see you."

"It sure is a funny thing then. And did you want anything else, other than that, Miss Sato?"

Asami smiles and slowly get closer to kiss Korra. The latter, who anticipated the answer, simply closes her eyes, as their lips meet tenderly, gently kissing her.

"I was also dying to kiss you," Asami said.

Korra smiled at her greatly and then helped her up.

"Nice to be able to help you! Shall we eat? I'm starving!"

As if it agreed with what she has just said, her belly grumbles, signaling that it's time to go. Asami can't help but laugh and they leave once more—hand in hand, fingers intertwined—this office watched by Varrick.

Varrick didn't know what to feel. He was divided between a strange serenity and a great surprise. The two women hadn't done anything to really hide their feelings (now, their behavior made sense), but they hadn't shouted it from the rooftops either.

Well, he had something to play with Asami. Yet, he had these images, had some power in his hands, but he wasn't sure he wanted to use it... It was their private life after all... He ended up only being happy for them, even if they would certainly steal his limelight as the most powerful couple of Republic City, and he threw all the images he had accumulated in the trash.

Damn conscience! If he couldn't even enjoy having a little bit of embarrassing or personal information, how would he continue? What was that about? He was Varrick, formerly known for his shenanigans of all kinds! But it seemed that today, shenanigans had left his mind. Well, in this case, he was just going to rebuild this city with Asami and be happy. And he thought it was a good plan.

Then, he told himself that doing like Korra wasn't such a bad idea and that he should go and fill his belly after too many hours of movers, boring for the most part. But basically, it was worth it, because he was happy to see these images of their relationship as a good story. Who knows? Maybe he could make a mover out of it!

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