Addison was at a nurse station doing her charts when her best friend, Dr. Callie Torres, walked towards her and said "Hey, did you hear about the visiting surgeon?" Of course Addison has heard, it was the talk of the whole hospital. Apparently Chief Webber is planning to woo the surgeon hence the sudden visit under the disguise of a consult and favor.

"Yeah I heard, it's what everyone has been talking about lately" replied the redhead. "Do you know who?" asked the Latina as she too started to work on her charts. "No, the only thing I know is that they're from Boston, nothing else." She replied as she walked off towards another patient's room.

The mystery surgeon was arriving today, and nobody knows who it is. The visit was supposed to be kept a secret until then, but somebody overheard the chief talking to Patricia about 'a valuable surgeon' coming to town. Everybody was speculating on who the surgeon is, since there were rumors about the chief retiring, the sudden news of a visiting surgeon was keeping everybody on their toes, especially those who want to become the next chief of surgery.

Which leads them to now, at the cafeteria with all their friends. "Who do you think it is? I hope it's a guy, we need a handsome face around here" said Amelia, sitting down between Mark and Derek. "Yeah Addison needs to get laid" laughed Callie. The redhead blushed and threw a piece of lettuce at her best friend, making everyone laugh.

"Am I not enough for you baby Shepherd?" mused Mark as he sipped a drink of his coffee. To his displeasure, all the women in the table snorted. "You're talking to the wrong Shepherd" she replied, making Mark and her brother blush. Rolling his eyes Derek said "Well if it's a woman, let's hope she's not as crazy as you guys."

The group continues to talk about their days when Lexie came to their table looking like she's going to combust with happiness. "Grey, what is wrong with you? You look like you're ready to poop rainbows" said Cristina, disgusted by the happiness radiating off the resident. Teddy hits her girlfriend's arm, but was smiling at Cristina's comment. The others laughed as Lexie blushed bright red "Oh, um nothing, just—uh nothing" she stuttered.

Addison raised her eyebrow, it seemed like the resident was hiding something "You're hiding something, what is it?" This time Lexie paled a little as if she got caught stealing bed pans, again. "What? Me? Hiding something? No." she said as she stuffed her face with the muffin she bought. This made the others curious, because everyone knows that Alexandra Grey eats a lot when she's nervous or stressed.

"You are hiding something" said Alex, narrowing his eyes at the stress eating, wide eyed brunette. "Maybe she knows something about the visiting surgeon" Callie joked when suddenly Lexie choked on her muffin. Arizona immediately offered her water as Teddy rubbed her back "Easy there Grey, we don't want you dying."

"Thank you" coughed Lexie, taking big gulps of water. "So you do know something about the mysterious surgeon" said Cristina, eyeing the resident closely. They planned to ask more about it when all their pagers went off "911, multiple car pileup" mumbled Derek as they all stood up leaving their trays of food behind. "We're still on to you Grey" said Alex as they moved towards the pit.

One by one ambulances arrived with patients in need of immediate medical attention. What shocked the group of doctors was how organized the patients were. The first batch that came were those who need the most medical attention as they are the ones who are critical, then the next were those less critical and so on. The attendings also noticed that most of the patients were stabilized and were taken care of by someone at the site.

"It's a good thing you guys were able to stop the bleeding at the site, if you haven't this man would have not survived." Said Mark as they wheel the man to a trauma room. "It wasn't us, there was a doctor there who helped, even told us which patients to get here first" replied the paramedic before getting out of the room to go back to the site.

Addison was attending to one pregnant patient involved in the crash, who fortunately only had a bruised arm, not that having a bruised arm is good, but it's better than any other major injuries she could have gotten. She was explaining to the woman that her baby was fine when she heard April call her.

"Dr. Montgomery you are needed at the pit, in coming trauma, a 25 year old woman who's 32 weeks pregnant, possible internal bleeding and might need an emergency C-Section." The younger redhead said as she passed by Addison, heading towards the pit.

Just as they finished tying their trauma gowns the ambulance arrived, and they opened the rig expecting to see the patient, only to see a woman's skirt clad ass on top of the patient. "Well that's one hell of an ass—." Addison's thoughts were cut off by the voice of the woman who's ass she has just been checking out.

"Elizabeth Wright, 25 years old, 32 weeks pregnant with minor head laceration, possible splenic bleed, a couple broken ribs and deep laceration to the abdomen." The blonde woman said as she continued to apply pressure to the patient's open wound. "Get it together Addie" Addison whispered to herself as she caught herself staring at the stranger again.

"Get me an OR ready and an OB, this baby might need to come out" The beautiful woman added as they wheel the patient inside the ER.

"I'm sorry, who are you? We can't just allow you inside our ORs" said April eyebrows furrowed at the woman who just bossed her around. With a frustrated sigh the blonde woman faced the two doctors, only to find herself staring at the older doctor's dazzling blue eyes.

Shaking her head a little she looked at the other doctor and said "Look, I'm a general surgeon, we can talk later once the patient is stable, if you have questions get me Dr. Webber." Just as she finishes her little speech she hears the deep voice of Richard Webber. "Meredith Grey, I expected to see you in my office not on top of a patient."

Both April and Addison's eyes widened and the intern and residents froze at what the chief just said. Apparently the woman, who just managed to remove herself from on top of the patient after switching places with a resident, is no other than Dr. Meredith Grey. The two time Harper Avery winning surgeon was in a trauma room with them. April immediately moves to intubate the patient after snapping out of her initial shock.

"Nice to see you Richard, I wish it was under better circumstances, but I really need to take this woman to surgery so I need you to give me surgical privileges and then we can talk later." Dr. Grey said as she re-ties her hair into a tight ponytail. Richard nodded his head "Someone give Dr. Grey scrubs and a scrub cap." He then proceeded to call his secretary to inform her about Meredith's arrival and surgical privileges.

"I have an extra, you could use mine" Addison offered her scrub cap to the blonde. "It's better than the trashy plain once the interns wear." She added nonchalantly despite her blushing cheeks. The redhead might be known as Satan to the interns and residents, but apparently she turns into a blushing, socially awkward woman when talking to Meredith Grey.

Meredith turned to face Addison and gave her a once over, and it did not go unnoticed by the redhead who became more flustered. "Thank you Dr.?" the general surgeon smiled, trailing her words as she didn't know the other woman's name. "Addison, Addison Montgomery, head of OB and neonatal, I'm with you on this case" replied the taller woman, offering her hand to shake.

"Meredith Grey" said the blonde as she shook Addison's hand. She felt a tingle going down her spine as their hands met, but it seems like she was not the only one who felt it. They stared at each other's eyes a second longer than needed. They only broke away when an intern came up to Addison to inform her about the patient's stats.

The redhead walked over to the fetal monitor to double check, while glancing every now and then to the blonde who was busy going over the case with Kepner. An intern came into the room to give Meredith her scrubs. She took it and accepted the scrub cap that Addison offered, saying a quick thanks and smiled.

They needed to go fast, since the patient was stable but needed surgery as soon as possible. So without a second thought Meredith removed her skirt right in front of the other people inside the trauma room. Her long pale legs and lacy black panties were on full display. Everyone had their eyes wide open, especially Addison who was quickly developing a crush on the blonde. After she put the pants on, she quickly unbuttoned her blue shirt exposing her toned stomach and perky breast that was covered by her black lace bra, before quickly wearing the scrub top on.

When Meredith looked up and saw that everyone in the room was staring at her, specifically one redhead, she blushed. "What? I needed to change quickly" she muttered, not meeting anyone's eyes. She was used to changing in front of other doctors, as most of the time they don't have the luxury to change in restrooms because of a major trauma. This made everyone snap out of their thoughts and some had the decency to blush as a response.

When they were finally able to move the patient to the OR, Addison made a quick trip to the Attending's lounge to get her other scrub cap since she offered hers to the blonde. "Hey, is it true that you're scrubbing in with THE Dr. Meredith Grey?" said a voice behind her. She turned around as she tied her scrub cap, to see Teddy who came to the lounge after her surgery for a quick break. "Yeah I am, I'm heading to OR 2 now for it" she replied as she made her way out of the room not before giving her friend a smile.

When she entered the scrub room, she saw that the blonde was already inside waiting for the patient to go under. She quickly scrubbed in and walked towards the OR doors. She made her way to the fetal monitor, she was there in case a complication arises and she needs to take the baby out.

She can hear the nurses whispering to themselves, clearly about the blonde surgeon who was closing her eyes. She also noticed how a crowd of doctors had formed in the gallery, wanting to watch the work of the famous surgeon. It was a good thing that most of the hard cases were already dealt with and only a few minor ones were left, allowing them to watch the surgery happening below.

Addison stared at Meredith, observing the surgical goddess, when suddenly she opened her eyes, and an air of confidence and calm surrounded her. Blue eyes met green, making the redhead blush from under her mask. She quickly averted her eyes, trying to concentrate on the patient rather than the clear green, seductive eyes of the general surgeon.

Meredith cleared her throat making the OR quiet and earning the attention of the people in the gallery. "Good day everyone, I am Dr. Grey and today we are operating on Elizabeth Wright" she started, voice firm. "So I need you to focus and to give your best, we need to work together to save her and her baby."

It was quiet, everybody was just staring at Meredith "This will take a while as this is a major surgery, so feel free to leave if you are uncertain that you could give your hundred percent." This seemed to shock everyone, intimidated by the blonde's words. Even Addison was shocked, the air of confidence and determination coming from the blonde shaking her a little.

Nobody dared to leave the OR, not only were they going to miss a surgery done by Meredith Grey, but it would also make them seem weak. Seeing this, Meredith spoke again "Okay then, ten blade please." She reached her hand out as the scrub nurse, Bokhee, gave her the instrument, but before she started she closed her eyes again and muttered "Ut universum sit pro nobis."

The OR was quiet after Elizabeth coded, luckily they were able to get her back immediately. Addison was worried she had to step in to save the baby, after her blood pressure dropped, but thankfully it came back up after she told Dr. Grey the problem.

It was smooth sailing afterwards, and slowly a light conversation started to flow between the surgeons. They talked about how it was working in Seattle Grace, why April chose to specialize in trauma, and one of the cases Addison was working on. Every once in a while Meredith would even throw a joke or two, completely calming the tense OR.

Everybody noticed how at ease Meredith was as she did the procedure. How her hands moved carefully and how every stitch was done with such precision. She was fast but meticulous, not forgetting to explain to the residents and interns the process of the procedure. Overall, during and after the surgery, they came to the conclusion that not only was Dr. Meredith Grey one hell of a fine surgeon but she is also a great teacher.

When the surgery ended, everybody was in awe as they clapped their hands. Any complications that arose were completely handled by Dr. Grey. The surgery was done so perfectly that Elizabeth would be able to carry the baby to its full term.

The two surgeons scrubbed out, Kepner was still inside the OR double checking the patient. Both were still experiencing the high of the surgery, smiling brightly. "You were great in there" said Addison as she turned to look at Meredith. The blonde dried her hands first before turning to look at the taller woman "You were great in there too, we work well together."

Addison chuckled, she barely did anything in there, other than monitoring the baby and fixing the small tear on the uterus. Suddenly the blonde moved closer to Addison, eyes locked on each other. "Thank you for letting me borrow your cap, it made me feel at home" muttered Meredith, handing the cap back to the stunning redhead.

Addison felt her heart flutter, she made her feel at home.

She could only nod her head and smile as a reply. The tension was thick between them, and slowly they were leaning in. "would you like to go out for drinks? To celebrate" whispered Meredith, eyes on Addison's lips. "Sure" replied the redhead leaning a little closer. Just as their lips were about to touch, April barged into the room to scrub out, breaking them apart.

Meredith cleared her throat, eyes still on the clearly frustrated redhead, sending her a wink and smirk before heading out of the room to change and meet the chief. Addison blushed and clutched the scrub cap to her chest, getting a small whiff of the blonde's lavender shampoo. She then remembered their almost kiss, which led to her glaring at the oblivious trauma surgeon before heading out.

Their shifts ended so the group then gathered at Joe's. Just as Addison sat down she was immediately bombarded with questions about her surgery with the visiting surgeon. "Is it true that she stripped in front of you?" asked Amelia, catching everyone's attention especially Mark who was supporting a smirk.

Addie blushed and rambled on about how it wasn't really stripping because she still had her sexy, lacy black underwear on. This made Callie raise her eyebrows at how flustered the redhead was, and Mark to let out a low whistle.

It was only then did Arizona arrive "What are we talking about?" she asked. She only just finished a very long surgery, so she didn't know anything about the visiting surgeon. Callie smiled and said "Well Addison here, worked with the visiting surgeon and guess what, its—." "Meredith Grey?!" interrupted the Peds surgeon, eyes wide open. "How did you know?" Asked Callie, eyebrows furrowed.

Suddenly Arizona stood up surprising everyone as she ran across the room. "OH MY GOD DEATH!" she squealed, rushing towards the blonde woman who was talking to Lexie.

Meredith just finished talking to the chief and was now busy talking to her sister as they entered a local bar, when suddenly she heard a familiar voice screaming "OH MY GOD DEATH!"

She was then tackled by a very hyper Dr. Arizona Robbins "Zona!" she said, hugging the blonde tighter. It's been a long time since they last saw each other. The two broke apart and looked at each other smiling brightly, before crashing their lips together.

Everybody was shocked, especially Callie, who has been crushing on Arizona for a long time but didn't have the guts to ask her out yet. The whole bar suddenly became quiet, shocked at the two surgeons. Suddenly Mark wolf whistled, breaking everybody from their trance.

Addison on the other hand had her eyes wide, and she could feel herself turn green in jealousy. She was mad that Arizona got to kiss the blonde woman before she could. And before she could react, the two women broke apart and walked towards their table.

Meredith's eyes were now on Addison, and she noticed the redhead's small frown, realizing that maybe just maybe the redhead was jealous of her kissing Zona.

That kiss meant nothing though, Arizona and she were friends since high school, both explored their sexuality together meaning they were each other's first woman. They were close and would normally greet each other with a kiss unless one of them was currently seeing someone, and as far as Meredith knows Zona was single but is currently having a crush on one of her co-workers.

Which Meredith assumes is the dark haired woman who was giving her quite a mean glare. She could only chuckle, and shake her head. She wasn't interested in Arizona, but on a certain redhead neonatal surgeon who was currently drinking her drink as if it was just water.

"You didn't tell me you were coming!" Arizona said, holding her arm as she dragged Meredith towards the table her friends were occupying. "I wanted to surprise you and—." Meredith was cut off when suddenly a very angry Korean woman smacked the back of her head. "Hey!" she said, rubbing her head.

"Meredith Grey! Why the hell didn't you tell me you were coming?!" said Cristina as she stood in front of the two blonde women. "Surpise?" mumbled Meredith, smiling sheepishly "I'm honestly shocked that Lexie didn't tell you guys."

Cristina opened her mouth to reply when suddenly they heard someone clear their throat. It was only then did they realize that most of the people were looking at them.

Cristina rolled her eyes and spoke "Everyone meet Meredith Grey, general surgeon, Harper Avery awardee blah blah blah, we met at a summer conference during med school and have been friends ever since." Meredith then smiled and waved awkwardly, she never really liked being the center of attention unless it's inside the OR or during a conference.

The people then took turns in introducing themselves, as they sat down but Meredith could really care less as she was busy exchanging sexy glances with one Addison Montgomery, who was now turning red from the amount of alcohol she drank.

Addison would be lying if she told you that she wasn't turned on with the way Meredith was staring at her. They kept sharing secret glances, as the people asked her questions.

"So um, how do you two know each other?" asked Callie, pointing towards Arizona and Meredith. It was obvious that the Latina was still jealous of the kiss, and that she was oblivious to the fact that Meredith was actually having eye sex with her best friend.

Meredith chuckled "Zona and I have been friends since high school, we came out together, experimented on each other, you could say that she was my first woman." This made everybody's eyes wide, shocked at how casual the blonde spoke about it.

"And the kiss?" questioned Mark, smirking lightly, he took a liking to this Meredith Grey, she was like the female version of him. He also noticed the steamy glances and sexual tension between Addie and Meredith, and he was enjoying it, especially when Addie turned to glare at him as if telling him to back down.

Mark could only snort, because if only he was not happily dating the dark haired neurosurgeon beside him he would have made a move on the hot blonde already, but that was not the case. Other than that, it was obvious that Meredith was more into tall leggy redheads with vaginas, than hunk blondes with penises like him.

Arizona smiled, "We usually kiss when we see each other." Earning her a raised eyebrow from the Latina sitting next to her.

"But only when we're both single though," added Meredith "Think of it as a kiss between two good friends."

"Well, if that's the case, can I be your friend then?" mused Amelia, grinning widely before Lexie and Addison reached over and smacked the back of her head, as their small group laughed. "What? I'm just asking."

"That's my sister you idiot" whispered Lexie, the two have been flirting but never really talked about their feelings yet. Amelia could only raise her hand in surrender, making everyone laugh again.

"Besides Zona here has a thing for badass dark haired women, especially those who could give a mean glare" chuckled Meredith, staring at Callie, as if to tell her not to worry.

It was only then did Callie breathe a sigh of relief, which didn't go unnoticed by Arizona who immediately held her hand and smiled warmly at her. Callie made a mental note to ask Arizona out before the night ends.

Addison was relieved as well, but she was still jealous about the kiss, so she made a plan to seduce the blonde and make sure that she would be the only woman Meredith would be kissing at the end of the night. So she subtly unbuttoned the first two buttons of her shirt and leaned a little bit to show the blonde a glimpse of her cleavage.

Addison was glad that Meredith took a seat beside her, she could easily play footsie with the blonde whose eyes have turned a darker shade of green, and was giving her a lust filled gaze. She had to fight back a moan as the blonde licked her lips, seductively staring at her.

The group continued to talk, not noticing that the space between the two women was getting smaller by the minute. Addison was talking to Amelia about a case when she felt a hand on her thigh, she thanked the god that she's not sure she believes in that she chose to wear a skirt today. She let out a small gasp as Meredith's hand began to caress her thigh, her thumb drawing patterns on her porcelain skin, leaving a fire at its wake.

Two could play that game, so carefully she ran her hands along the blonde's arm, making sure that nobody would notice. Slowly her hand made its way to the side of Meredith's boob, grazing lightly before it settled on her hip. She rubbed small circles, as she pretended to look behind Meredith to whisper "Such a naughty baby" before blowing a little at the blonde's ear.

Meredith let out a small gasp, as tingles ran through her body. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning. Looking around the table, she realized that nobody was paying them any attention so she turned her head nuzzling the redhead's neck before murmuring "Only for you darling" and leaving a light peck on Addison's pulse point.

Suddenly the music changed, and the lights dimmed and it made the world look more seductive. Meredith gripped Addison's thigh tightly, before standing up as Cristina asked her to dance. Addison was a little disappointed at the loss of contact, but was immediately replaced with lust as she saw Meredith sway her hips sexily to the beat of the music while staring at her sultrily. She could feel the heat between her thighs as Meredith ran her hand on her hips, to the valley between her breasts and up to her nape, all the while biting her lip.

"You're staring at her like how those cartoons stare at a whole turkey" whispered Callie, who finally noticed the heated glances between the two. Addison opened her mouth to deny it but Callie only gave her a look that said 'don't even bother denying it' so she shut her mouth and just rolled her eyes.

"You should really go there Addie, before those hungry vultures get her first" said Mark, smirking.

They weren't really subtle as they thought, because apparently everybody on the table was actually drowning in the sexual tension between the two.

Confused, Addison turned her head back to watch Meredith again only to see a brunette woman coming up to Meredith whose eyes were closed.

Addison was not gonna watch another woman kiss Meredith again so she stood up and walked sexily to the seductive blonde. She was supposed to be the one doing the seducing but it seems like she was the one being seduced. She glared at the brunette who was still dancing closely to Meredith.

When the blonde opened her eyes, she was met by Addie's blue eyes, darkened by desire. She smirked before walking towards her and ignoring the brunette who was grinding up on her. This pleased Addison, who smiled smugly at the defeated brunette, who she now realizes is a nurse.

The nurse, who immediately left the dancefloor, face flushed as she saw the attending glare at her. She wasn't called Satan for no reason after all.

"I should really tie you to my bedpost huh?" whispered the redhead as she wrapped her arms around the blonde woman's waist. This made Meredith moan at the idea of being tied up.

"I would really like that" she replied, nibbling Addison's ear. She heard Addison moan her name, which made a heat pool between her legs. Addison Montgomery is such a smart, beautiful and sexy woman, she has captivated Meredith in such a small amount of time. "I guess I just found a reason to take the chief's offer and stay."

This shocked Addison, because she just met Meredith but she would be lying if that didn't make her feel special and happy. She grinned at the blonde woman as she leaned their foreheads together "You Meredith Grey, are something else."

The blonde just chuckled and said "I like you Addison, I know we just met but I want this to be more than just one night of passion." They continued to dance, hips moving in sync but their eyes still on each other.

"I like you too, and I also want more"

And with that the two women finally shared a heated kiss, tongues dancing to their own rhythm and teeth biting down on lips.

Unbeknownst to them was the crowd that gawked at them, and how Cristina handed Arizona 50 bucks after losing a bet about Meredith staying for Addison. Cristina says she wouldn't because Meredith doesn't really like Seattle and even though she had her fair share of reckless choices, Meredith wouldn't really stay for a woman she just met, but boy was she wrong. Arizona being the human rainbow, said that Meredith will, and tadah! She wasn't wrong, because she never saw Meredith look at someone that way before.

They broke it off, to breathe in air. "I hope this goes well, Dr. Grey" said the breathless redhead.

Meredith smiled and said, "Ut universum sit pro nobis."

"What does that mean? You said that earlier in the OR" asked Addie as she leaned in again, ready for another kiss.

"May the universe be in our favor" replied Meredith as her nose touched the taller woman's nose. "And I guess it already is" she whispered before she kissed Addison deeply again.