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Of Æsir and Olympians

It was a typical day on Olympus. Ares and Athena were arguing, Zeus was sitting on his throne, and Aphrodite and Apollo were nowhere to be seen. Hmmm…

Suddenly, Hermes came in. "Hey, dad. There's a couple of foreign gods here to see you!"

Zeus and Hera got up, both of them secretly hoping it wasn't Celtic gods.

"It isn't Celtic gods." Hermes told them, knowing what they were thinking.

"Who is it?" Asked Zeus.

"They're outside."

Zeus pinched the bridge of his nose "I suppose we should see who it is."

Zeus stopped outside the entrance to see two males, both wearing garb found in northern Europe.

The first stranger wore a wide-brimmed hat and an eyepatch, a golden armband, and a brown fur cloak. He had long braided grey hair and a shortish grey beard. On his back he carried an ordinary-looking spear.

The second stranger was much larger. He had longer and wilder red hair, also braided, and a shortish beard, also ginger. He had a large hammer with patterns and a short handle in his hand.

Zeus took a deep breath, and bowed. "I am Zeus. The sky-father, cloud-gatherer, storm-bringer, and King of the Greek Gods."

The grey-haired god smiled "I am Odin, Allfather, Woden, and King of the Norse gods."

"What brings you here?" Asked Zeus.

"Well, my blood-brother left Asgard, my home, several months ago. He has done this before, but he's never been gone ten months before."

Zeus stroked his beard "Is he dangerous?"

"He could bring about the end of us Norse gods is he wanted to."

That spurred Zeus to action "Hermes! See to it! Check all over every country we are worshipped!"

The Messenger god nodded, and was off in a blink of an eye.

Hermes rocketed into his room, and boarded up the door with furniture.

At the foot of his bed was a small chest, of oak wood and bronze clasps. Hermes opened the chest, and a bee flew out of it. That bee transformed into a short male with red hair in a ponytail, orange and green eyes, and a little curly beard that grew off his chin. He wore an ocean blue Norse travelling tunic, brown trousers, and a green cloak. This was Loki.

"They've come for me, haven't they?" Asked Loki, annoyed.

"Sorry buddy, but they have." Confirmed Hermes, who had the appearance of a thirteen-to-seventeen-year-old, and short dark hair.

Loki groaned "Okay, here's the plan. I turn into a horse, and-"

There was a crash as the furniture Hermes had used to board up the doorframe



Slowly, reluctantly, nervously, the two turned towards the door.

Standing there was Zeus, Athena, Odin, and Thor.

Hermes grabbed Loki and tried to speedily get through them to escape, but hit Thor. Hermes and Loki bounced back and crashed into the wall. Thor was unmoved.

Odin and Thor marched up to Loki, and the Thunder god grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

"Well, you thought you could cause trouble elsewhere, did you?" Asked Odin.

Loki crossed his arms sulkily "Maybe. That isn't the only reason, though."

"Please, indulge us." Growled Thor, clenching his hand into a fist in front of Loki.

The Greek gods looked on in interest as Loki began to explain, red in the face with anger.

"I needed my space, you brainless oaf! You imprisoned my children, for Buri's sake!"

"They're fated to destroy the world!" Protested Odin.

"I still have a right to be angry. You'd do so if I did so to your children."

Odin growled "That isn't the point! I was trying to protect all of us!"

"Protect you!"

"Loki, we don't know everything about Ragnarok yet! And if there's no world, that means you can't cause mischief, and that's just if you survive!" yelled Odin, his face turning pink with anger "Plus, we'll be gone, and as much as you insult and play pranks on us, we're your friends!"

Loki opened his mouth to argue, but, wonder of wonders, he couldn't find the words.

Zeus butted in "The hour grows late! How would you three like to stay for supper?"

Odin stroked his beard thoughtfully "We should get going. With our chariots, we should be back in a day or two. How about you Greek Gods come over to Asgard and we have a feast there?"

"Hermes! Tell the Olympians, Hades, Heracles, Hestia, and Persephone!" Boomed Zeus "And no tricks this time!"

Hermes Nodded and sped off, not wanting to get struck with a thunderbolt. Very wise of him.

Every god has a different reaction.

Artemis was so shocked she accidentally shot one of her Nymphs in the foot.

Dionysus did a spit take.

Hera smiled, looking forward to seeing new places.

Ares was excited to meet other war gods, predictably.

Athena was interested in taking on Odin in a game of Riddles and knowledge.

Demeter wanted to take her mind off Persephone being in the underworld. Speaking of which, Hades and Persephone had declined to come.

Apollo was interested in Norse Bows, and Norse Poems.

Poseidon had also declined to come, as he was planning to go on a date that day.

Heracles was interested in coming, as he had heard that Thor was the strongest god in the world, and he wanted to prove that wrong.

Aphrodite was interested in tagging along to see if anyone cute was there.

Hephaestus had heard of the dwarves, and was interested in comparing their crafting skills.

Hermes just wanted to see Loki again.

Hestia refused to come, instead preferring to stay at the hearth and hang out with the Muses.

And so they prepared for the day they would go there.

Freya, Norse goddess of love, Fertility, battle, and other things, the most Beautiful of the Vanir, stood to greet the Greek Gods as they arrived.

She had golden hair, and green eyes, with a fey-like appearance that made Aphrodite gape and stare as they approached.

"Good evening. I am Freya. The feast will begin in two hours. In the meantime, you may do as you please." She smiled. Most of the gods stared at her, and nodded dumbly.

"Well, lead the way." Smirked Aphrodite, bowing and kissing Freya's hand. She blushed a little and smirked "Aphrodite, isn't it? I think we'll get along fine."

Odin's hall, like many of the others, was made of gold. Unlike the others, it was the size of Olympus, and was filled with millions of dead warriors and poets.

Odin, seated on his great throne, raised his arm in greeting "Welcome, Greek Gods!"

Zeus nodded politely.

"We shall have a grand feast tonight." Continued Allfather "But that will wait a few hours."

"A few hours? But I'm hungry now!" Wined Apollo.

Artemis elbowed him "Xenia, remember? The laws of hospitality?"

"Oh, right." Muttered Apollo.

Odin smiled deviously "If you want food, Thor can kill one of his goats."

Apollo nodded.


Apollo groaned.

"… one of you proves to be strong enough."

Thor led Apollo out of Odin's hall and towards his, with Heracles in tow. They opened the door to see a huge cat as tall as Apollo.

"Nice pet. So, what's the strength test?" Asked Apollo.

"Lift up that cat. We had a giant bring it here." Thor explained "It's going away tomorrow."

"Well, this should be easy." Remarked Apollo, grabbing the cat and attempting to lift it up. So far, he had no luck. It. Was. So. HEAVY. It didn't help that it was arching it's back.

He gave up, red in the face.

As Thor chuckled, Heracles strolled up and grabbed the cat. He struggled and strained and the cat hissed and spat until he was red in the face, until the cat's back paw lifted off the ground.

Heracles gave up, panting.

Thor was impressed "You're just as strong as me." He remarked.

"Really?" Asked Heracles.

"Yes. That cat." He motioned to the feline "Is actually part of Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent., a colossal snake coiled around the earth who's destined to kill me one day. It's a long story."

Heracles shrugged "Seems like an average Tuesday."

Athena had challenged Odin to a game of knowledge, wisdom and riddles, and they were about to begin before a small crowd.

Odin began "What is the greatest weapon?"

"Depends on the situation."

Athena's turn "Who were the first mortals?"

"In which universe before we collided?"

Suddenly, Athena felt something collide with her helmet and smash with a dull cracking sound. She took it off to see an egg that was thrown at it.

Everyone looked up to see Odin and Hermes up in the rafters and carrying armfuls of eggs, all the while cackling to themselves.

The god and goddess of wisdom took out their spears. The Spirits of the dead took out their weapons.

Hermes grabbed Loki and they were gone at the speed of light, just before a bunch of arrows and axes and spears and other weapons got thrown and fired at them.

Hermes and Odin retreated to the roof, and sat on it, panting.

"That was close." Sighed Hermes.

"Not the first time a friend's tried to kill me." Said Loki.

"So, how's the situation with your children?" Asked Hermes, who as a father himself, felt empathy for Loki.

Loki shrugged "Odin's letting me visit them with an escort whenever I like, but that's it."

Hermes put a comforting hand on Loki's shoulder.

Loki didn't try to shake it off.

"So, what do your kids look like?" Asked Hermes.

"One of them's a giant snake, one of them's a giant wolf, and one of them is half-corpse."

"I have a kid who's half-goat, and another who's Hermaphrodite."

"It's wonderful to be different."

"Indeed it is."

Hermes took out a flagon of wine from the banquet he had 'Borrowed'.

"Here's to being different." He toasted, pouring some cups he had also 'borrowed'.

"To being different." Smiled Loki, softly.

While Aphrodite flirted with Freya, Hephaestus met a pair of Dwarf twins called Eitri and Brokk, who were staying at Asgard to challenge him.

After some conversation, they began to hammer on their anvils to make something that would top the other.

After hours of toil, they presented their creations to Frigg and Hera.

"Here, my ladies, is a necklace made of red gold that will glow in the dark.." Announced Brokk, handing it to Hera, who examined it for a moment before passing it to Frigg, who did likewise.

Hephaestus patted Brokk and Eitri's shoulders "Very impressive. But did you make… THIS!?" He held out a glowing long blue thread "This is a thread that will cut through anything, glow in the dark, ward off wild beasts, AND seek out treachery."

The dwarves, Hera, and Frigg stared at him.

"Okay, he wins." Announced Frigg.

"I quite agree." Nodded Hera.

"Hey, isn't he your son?" Asked Eitri.

Hera simply waved her hand, banishing them both from the room.

Finally, the feast began. It was wonderful. Geese, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, etc. Apollo messily devoured his way through the chicken, getting food all over Artemis, who promptly punched him and started a friendly brawl.

As Zeus talked to Odin about the difficulties of being head god, Thor got Drunk with Heracles.

"I shtill shay AH'M the strongest!" Cried Heracles.

"Nah, I ahm, you full…" Slurred Thor.

Hera was bonding with Frigg over the difficulties of their husbands.

"Odin ALWAYS thinks he's right!"

"At least he doesn't cheat on you!"

Dionysus, Poseidon, and Aegir, the Norse god of the Sea and Wine, all had a drinking contest. Surprisingly, Poseidon won.

Loki and Hermes continued talking about their children.

And Demeter tended to her flowers. She missed Persephone.

As the time came to leave, everyone said their goodbyes.

"Catch you later." Grinned Hermes, high-fiving Loki.]

"Farewell, friend! I hope we meet again!" Boomed Thor, shaking Heracles by the hand.

"You are almost as intelligent as I." Athena Told Odin.

"Correction: You are very nearly as clever as me." Retorted Allfather.

"I'll write to you." Hera Promised Frigg.

"And I you." Smiled Frigg.

Suddenly, everyone turned to see Aphrodite kissing Freya on the cheek, and then vice versa.

"Well, that's unexpected." Remarked Hermes, who was punched in the face by the two goddeses."

That took too long.

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