This forest... Hikari shivered and quivered, the chill air biting at her.

This Darkness... she couldn't see her own white gloves. Hikari clearly felt her warm tears spilling out.
She bit her lip. She hoped to find Gatomon or warmth. This clouded blank cold against the near infinite black... Was there a reason to have faith the sun would rise?...

A twinkling star in the distance?

Hikari broke into a run. The vibrant speck refused to grow. Hikari faltered to her knees, and the ghost of darkness started to seep into her soul...


Wasn't that green star white before? Green wasn't normal for light, Not at all.

This furiously curious thought refused to leave, so she scraped herself of the forest floor. She walked steadily, yet briskly. walking warmed her olive skin and cleared her clouded mind. Wispy strands of grey wind screeched in pain, and fought against Hikari. The tears were gone, Clearly, they dried to protect Hikari's glowing heart.

The star split into other colors as she stumbled closer,

Christmas lights...?

Hikari's freezing red lips smiled. Her black pupils dialated and her breathing relaxed. Her each and every breath, though irregular, resembled the melody of "Jingle Bells". Yep, those were Christmas Lights, classic dark green matched by orange, blue, red, lime, and cyan.