authors note : I took the time to remaster and edit the story this is the results hope you enjoy it better


Harry Potter was not your average everyday boy he learned about a year ago he was a wizard and that there was a whole different world besides the one he grew up in.
Now Harry was walking down the streets of Paris, France looking for something to do with his time since he was kicked out of his relative's hotel room the moment, they arrived in Paris 2 hours ago.
So as Harry was walking looking for something to occupy his time, he hears a muffled scream of "help!" from a nearby alley so he rush's over to see what's wrong. As he looks down the alleyway, he sees two teen boys who looked about 16 and 17 trying to forcefully push a girl that looked about 15 against the alley wall they had glazed eyes and were just mumbling incoherently.

So, Harry had to think of something to help her since he couldn't use magic in the presents of muggles!

So he ran at the boy who was closest to him and pushed him into the other boy as they fell the girl ran behind Harry shivering and terrified.

The two boys stood up and their eyes were still glazed just not as much so the first teen said "give us the girl and you can walk away ".

The first teen Did most of the talking while the second teen just smirked and nodded.

Harry was getting nervous now he had to find a way to get them both out safely.

Harry tried to think of something that could help them get away.

Harry looked around to observe what his options were . Two of the men were standing right in front of us .

Harry looked up spotted two flowerpots sitting on a ledge above them any then wished with all his might that they would fall on the two aggressive Men .

To Harrys surprise the pots fell from the ledge and knocked the two men out cold.

It startled them both then the girl behind harry had wide eyes and knew something apparently harry didn't even know himself she decided to ask him once they were away from the teens. Harry took that chance to grab to girl' s hand and run as fast as they could they ran for two blocks till he thought they were in the clear and stopped to check on the girl.

He looked at her then voiced "are you ok miss"?

The girl responded "Delacour, fleur "replied the now named Fleur said.

Harry smiled and asked "are you ok miss Delacour Fleur?

Yes I am thanks to you.

Harry reply's it shouldn't have been happening to begin with.

Fleur gave a sad smile and said " its is not uncommon with my kind it's annoying but is no unheard of ".

Harry looked confused the asked " your kind what does that mean I don't understand"?

Fleur smiled then thought with delight " this might just be the opportunity I have been waiting for a chance to make a new friend" Fleur smiled and said " I'm what people call a Veela.

I'm a witch with special traits most people think were creatures but were not were human with special ability's.

She took a deep breath and continued saying " We can turn in to a half bird like being with claws wings with feathers and a slight beak and we can throw fireballs but it only happens when we get scared or mad".

Harry looked amazed and then asked "but then why didn't you change when those boys grabbed you"?

Fleur looked down and said " it happened so fast they caught me off guard and I was so scared .

Harry nodded and said " I'm glad I could help ". Harry smiled and looked to Fleur.

At that exact moment when Fleur looked into Harry's eyes. She felt a spark her eyes widened in surprise when she realized what was going on, To her surprise she has found her destined mate .

How could this happen she thought ? Was it real " Her mind kept racing " .

Harry's eyes never left her eye's .

Fleur thought " This has to be a dream I never imagined that I would find my soulmate so quickly it's like a dream his eye's are the most beautiful shade of green I've ever seen" She then snapped back to reality as she realized harry as trying to get her attention . Fleur then said " I'm sorry I zoned out for just a minute what were you saying".

Harry then replied " I was asking if maybe you wanted to be friends its my first time in France and have no idea where I'm at or what there is to do here thought maybe you'd like to be friend and incase you do if you'd be wining to show me around a bit " asked harry.

Fleur smiled then replied " of course I'd love to be your friend and yes it would be a great pleasure to show you around this wonderful city I call home".

Harry smiled and was glad she wanted to be his friend it was one of the thing's outside of his friends in Hogwarts he was lacking or so he thought to himself but would never say that aloud.

Harry then said " lead the way my fine lady I'll follow your lead where ever you may take me I'll trust your judgement on this" Fleur smiled and then said with a smirk " I think we'll be great friends".

Harry just laughed and followed her lead as they took in the site's of Paris France they went to a museum , an art gallery a beautiful park, and many more incredible places but it was getting real late and harry figured he best get back to the Dursley's before they decide to lock him out.

Harry turned to fleur and said " It's getting late Fleur i had best be getting back to my relatives before for they start to start to wonder where I am" Fleur looked to the sky and saw it was already dark so she knew she had to go soon to she felt sad that there time was ending she turned to harry and then spoke " yes I have to go to but I don't want this to be the only time we see each other so will you meet me in the park we visited today?

Harry smiled and said " I would enjoy spending more time with you so yes I will meet you there tomorrow " Fleur smiled then leaned forward and lightly pecked his cheek then said " goodnight Harry sleep well " harry was dumbstruck he raised his hand to his cheek while blushing and thought

" this was the best day ever I can't wait till I see her tomorrow " as he start his walk back to the hotel where he and his relatives were staying at.