This takes place one or two days after the battle at Haven Academy.

Teams RWBY and JNR, along with Oscar were currently hanging out inside one of the dorm rooms at Haven academy. The school was barren of students or faculty due to Headmaster Lionheart siding with Salem... But they wanted to focus on the bright side, they were finally together again since Blake found them.

But that also meant talking about certain things...

They were currently lounging around room. Weiss, Ren, and Oscar sat on Chairs along the edges of the room, Nora was laying on the floor, Yang leaning against a wall with Jaune standing beside her. Then Blake and Ruby sat next to each other on one of the beds.

"So... Yang told us what happened at Beacon, Blake. Are you alright?" Ruby asked.

Blake moved her hand over the spot where Adam stabbed her. "Ah... Well, it hurt at the time... But I got patched up and my aura did the rest." she sighed. "There's still a scar though. But it's not exactly noticeable unless you really look for it.

Yang groaned. "I'm gonna kick that guys ass the next time I see him." she said. Blake smiled a bit weakly. "You don't have to go so far, unlike that time, I managed to fight him off during the attack on Haven academy."

Yang rolled her eyes and looked away.

Ruby's eyes went wide. "Oh, oh! I know!" she said and stood up, looking at Jaune. "Jaune, why don't you heal Blake's scar?" she asked.

Jaune looked surprised. "Huh? I uh... I don't know if I can..."

Ruby shrugged. "I mean, you healed Weiss! And she was impaled by a scorching fire spear." Ruby then turned to Weiss. "You said it didn't even leave a scar, right?"

Weiss glanced at Jaune quickly before turning back to Ruby. "Oh... Uhm... Yes." she coughed into her fist to clear her throat. "I- I mean no, it didn't.

Jaune scratched the back of his head feeling everyone's eyes on him. "I- I mean... I don't know. I only did it that one time when I panicked and uh..."

Blake shifted to sit facing Jaune. "Sounds like it's worth a try though. I don't mind, go for it." she said and lifted the flap of her jacket up so the scar was more visible.

Shrugging, Jaune found himself walking over and knelt down to get a better angle on it. "Alright, here goes." he said and lifted both his hands up to hover them over the scar on her stomach. He closed his eyes and tried to focus. It took a few seconds, he wasn't really used to doing this yet. But his hands began glowing white and his aura flowed into Blake. The pulses were centered on the scar he was trying to heal.

Surely enough, her scar began to slowly fade away. It got less visible by the second, only needing about a minute of his semblance to be gone entirely.

During that time Weiss' eyes widened, watching the scar slowly vanish. Her left hand unintentionally moved up to her eye, where it slid along the scar marking her. "Could he...?" she couldn't bring herself from finishing the question. The scar has been part of her for a while now...

Jaune lowered his arms, stood up, and released a breath. "Phew, I think I did it."

Blake looked down and saw that the scar was no longer there. Yang let out a whistle. "Wow, nice job. We got ourselves a dedicated white mage."

Ruby chuckled. "Nah, he's more like a Paladin!"

Blake smiled and looked up at him. "Thank you, Jaune."

Jaune nodded. "Yeah, don't mention it. Happy to help."

The night moved forward and one by one, everyone left the room. They decided to each take their own rooms. It's been forever since any of them had any real privacy.

Jaune opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. It was only him, Ruby, and Yang left inside playing video games. All the others left already and he finally decided to call it a night. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." he said and Ruby waved to him.

"'Night." Yang said as he closed the door.

He yawned while walking down the hallway. He already chose his room, it was at the end of the hallway, passed a small balcony.

One his way down, he saw a figure standing on the side of the hallway beside the balcony door. As he got closer he could easily tell it was Weiss. Her posture and hair were an easy give away. She turned towards him once he was close enough.

"... Hello Jaune." she greeted.

Jaune stopped walking until he was just a couple feet away from her. "Oh, hey Weiss. Uhm... What's up?" it was late at night and she left to go to sleep a while ago. Was she... Waiting here for him? "No, no, that's... Insane." he told himself. Though the thought of it still sent butterflies in his stomach.

Weiss' posture became rigid for a moment and she hand both hands clasped together in front of her skirt. "I... Would like to speak to you." she looked away towards the balcony doors. "If that's alright."

She was waiting for him. The butterflies in his stomach multiplied, almost made him shiver a little. "It's... Probably nothing. Just... Something... Team related." He didn't really want to get his hopes up. "Oh, ye- yeah! Sure, it's fine."

Weiss nodded and turned towards the balcony doors, opening one of them. "Let's speak a little more privately than in the middle of the hallway." she said and stepped through. Jaune followed.

The two of them stood on the edge of the balcony, staring out into the city of Haven. They were a fair distance away and higher up than the city itself... But it was a decent view. They stayed silent for what felt like an eternity.

Jaune was internally freaking out over whatever it was Weiss wanted to talk to him about. Going through the events of today thinking he did something wrong. He hasn't really bothered asking her out again since the Beacon dance. "Was it something I said?" Every time he looked over at her, she looked tense. Whatever she wanted to say seemed to be difficult.

Eventually she let out a sigh and turned to him. He did as well. "I apologize... I asked to speak with you, but I'm not exactly saying much of anything."

Jaune waved both his hands in front of himself. "O- oh. No, no. It's fine. I uh... Like the scenery." he said and glanced off the balcony.

She smiled and looked as well. "It is nice..." she said herself and they continued to stare out again. However before it became too awkward she turned back towards him and spoke up once more. "Thanks again... For healing me."

Jaune let out a light sigh. "You don't have to, I would have done it for anyone... Well, I didn't really know I could but... Well, you get the idea." he internally groaned. He was sounding like an idiot...

But Weiss smiled. "I know, which is why I believe you deserve my thanks even more."

Jaune blinked. Hes never seen Weiss like this before. She warmed up a bit since the fall of Beacon, sure. But looking at her here she felt 'smaller' than she usually does. He hands were still clasped in front of her and she seemed a bit nervous. "Weiss, is everything alright?" he ended up asking.

She nodded quickly. "It's nothing... I'm fine just..." she let out a sigh and unclasped her hands to place one on the spot where Cinder pierced her. "You healed my wound... It's scar-less. As smooth and clear as it was before the incident."

Jaune was about to say she didn't have to thank him again, but she kept going.

"And you healed Blakes scar to the same degree... So... I was wondering..." her eyes flickered with some uneasiness as she lifted her hand up to rub the lower part of the scar on her left eye. "If you could heal a much older scar..."


That was all Jaune muttered. His eyes went a bit wide. It was clear he wasn't expecting that kind of request. After a moments pause he spoke. "I'll do it but... Are you sure? I uh... Well, I guess it's just always been there. I never thought it bothered you so much."

Weiss frowned a bit. "I don't usually think about it. But when I saw you heal Blake's scar I couldn't help myself." she looked away and sighed. "Every time I see my reflection, it's there. When I look in a mirror, or at a pond, or even my own ice creations. I see it." she turned to stare out into Haven. "It's... It's not like it lowers my moral or anything." her head lowered. "It just reminds me of my failures. How... I'm not good enough. How I've never been good enough." her thoughts went back to the day she obtained it when fighting that Arma Gigas. The creature now serves her, but at the time it was a test. One she felt she passed just barely.

She didn't know why she was going on about it. She didn't have to explain to him her thoughts on the matter. And it rarely bothered her these days. But for some reason she wanted to... If it was going to be gone forever, then she might as well speak of it one last time.

Jaune didn't say a word, even after she finished speaking. He just sort of stared at her while she was looking into the distance. "Oh... Uhm..." he cleared his throat, not knowing what to say after that.

But Weiss took over for him. She turned, showing a half-hearted smile. "Are you surprised?" she questioned. "That my request is something this foolish?"

Jaune shook his head. "No... I just..." he sighed. "It's not foolish, Weiss... I just always thought the scar was really cool."

"What?" Weiss' surprise to his words were obvious. But Jaune continued without paying her expression any mind.

"Yeah... I mean. When I first saw it I thought- 'Wow, she must be strong.', you know?" he chuckled. "To get a scar like that and keep fighting? It shows you've got guts." he smiled. "And you do. It's part of the reason I've always admired you."


Weiss was staring wide-eyes at him and Jaune soon joined her.

"Did I seriously say that? Why would I say that?!" Jaune was panicking a bit again. His compliment reminded him of the days when he would flirt with her every other day, trying to get a date. And while his feelings on the matter haven't diminished... He cringed at thinking he went too far just now.

Weiss still hasn't said anything yet. Just staring at him. However her expression relaxed but her mouth was still a bit open, as if she didn't know how to respond. So Jaune took this opportunity to quickly correct the situation.

"A- a- anyway!" he said a bit too loudly. "I'm uh... I'm just babbling." he said and took a couple steps towards her. "You just want me to heal your scar, right?" he asked and brought his hands up. They started to glow white and he was moving them closer to her scared eye.

Weiss watched him bring his hands up, still in a bit of a daze herself from his words. However when they began to glow, and when they got close enough that she felt his aura pour into her, she quickly flinched back while grabbing his hand with hers, lowering it to their side. "N- no..!" she stuttered in a panic.

Jaune looked at her with confusion and stopped using his semblance. "Uhm...?" he mumbled. Though Weiss just stared at him, surprised with her own actions.

"I..." she began and relaxed a bit. Then looked down to still see herself holding onto his hand. She quickly let go and clasped them both before herself once again and collected herself. Her posture straightened and expression became more stoic. "I've decided to keep my scar." she said bluntly and took a few steps towards the balcony door, passing him.

Jaune was confused by her sudden actions and words, which seemed to be the theme for tonight. "Oh... Uh... Alright? You sure?" he asked.

Without turning around to face him, she paused in her step and made a slight nod. "Yes. I am sure. Though... Thank you for your assistance regardless." she was speaking all... 'Prim and proper'-like. Her words sounded more 'official' and 'final'. "Good night, Jaune."

She began walking again and opened the balcony door. After stepping through, it closed behind her. She then leaned against it for a moment and let out a breath. A smile graced her lips and a slight blush dusted across her cheeks. She couldn't allow Jaune to see her like this, he would certainly get the wrong idea!

But... His words made her feel better. She's been annoyingly more conscious of him since the events from the last couple days. She stood up straight and walked over to one of the vases in the hallway. Leaning forward a bit, she angled herself so her scar was reflected back at her. 'It shows you've got guts'. Her smile widened a bit more. 'It's part of the reason I've always admired you.' Then her blush deepened.

Jaune stood dumbfounded outside on the balcony. He had no idea what just happened. First she calls him out here, which was panic-inducing. Then they stand around saying nothing, which was panic-inducing. Then she went on about her scar, which... Well, actually it was nice hearing how she felt. Though he screwed it up with his damn mouth...

He combed his hand through his hair. "Ugh, she's probably mad at me again or something. I'm such an idiot!" he whined to himself and turned to lean against the balcony's railing. "I always say the wrong thing to her..." he looked down.


So I just wrote this quickly. The idea suddenly popped into my head last night and I wrote it all today. I liked the idea of it enough and it was fun to write. I kind of sped through the first part with Blake and everyone, but they were never the focus of the story. Just some set up. Hope you enjoyed.

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