Gotham Crime

Chapter 1

*A Young Woman Arrives In Gotham After Getting Out Of Her Car With Her Stuff Inside Of Her Car, She Closes Her Car Door, And Is In Front Of Her New House*

Liyah: "I've made it to Gotham!" *smiles* "Now I can start my new life here on my own" *says determinedly and with a mix of nervousness*
*A Man Starts To Approach Her*
Man: "H-Hey! You!" *the thief, a man, comes up holding a gun* "Give me all the money you have on you"
Liyah: *gets surprised and puts her hands up* "I-I don't have any money on me! Please don't hurt me!" *gets scared*
Thief: "You kidding? C'mon, you gotta have money!"
Liyah: "Not on me!"
Thief: "You got a card, right? Right?!"
Liyah: "But I don't have much! Please don't! I just moved here!"
Thief: "Shut up! Shut up!" *he grabs her and pulls her back to her car*
Liyah: "Ahhh!"
Thief: *he yanks the keys from her and unlocks it, he throws the door open and pushes her in* "Do what I say and no one gets hurt, alright?"
Liyah: "Ahhh!" *gets thrown in* "O-okay! Alright!...I-I'll do what you say so please don't hurt me" *tears up and puts her seatbelt on*
Thief: *he gets in quickly and starts driving, holding the gun with one hand and driving with the other*
Liyah: *quietly tears up*
Thief: *he breathes shakily as he drives* "I need an ATM" *he says to himself*
Liyah: *as he drives she looks around and sees that they're on the freeway and her eyes widen in surprise*
Thief: *he speeds up and drives faster*
Liyah: *shakes a little in fear* "Please don't hurt me and my car" *says whisperingly*
Thief: "Just stop talking"
Liyah: *her eyes widen in surprise that he heard it*
*Police Sirens Start Going Off* Thief: "What?!" *he realizes he was speeding and growls*
Liyah: *she gasps and looks at the cops behind them*
Thief: "You gotta be kidding!" *he drives faster to get away, starting the car chase*
Nightwing: *he hears about the chase ensuing on his earpiece and rides his motorcycle to catch up*
Liyah: "Ahhhh!" *holds onto something in the car*
Nightwing: *he catches up with the car then he knocks on the window* "Hi there! Mind slowing down a little?" *he asks*
Thief: *he shrieks and shoots at him*
Nightwing: *gets behind the car*
Liyah: "Ahhhh!" *yelps*
Nightwing: *he uses two sets of spikes to pop the tires, the car screeches and lurches, coming to a stop, he comes back around and breaks the glass, grabbing the gun first then grabbing the wheel to move the car out of the way*
Liyah: "AHHHH!" *tries to hold onto something*
*The Car Hits The Barricade On The Edge Of The Road And The Thief Tries To Hit The Gas*
Nightwing: "Hey!" *he opens the door and climbs in, knocking the thief out and stopping the car himself*
Liyah: "AHHHH NO!" *she closes her eyes*
Nightwing: *he puts the car in park and sighs in relief* "Whew! That could've gotten real bad...hey, you alright, miss?" *he speaks calmly*
Liyah: *she slowly opens her eyes and gasps* "W-what happened?"
Nightwing: "I was hoping you could tell me that" *he offers his hand to her to help her climb out* "Is this your car?"
Liyah: *tears up and takes his hand* "I-it is...H-he wanted money and then when I didn't have money so h-he decided to take me and my car t-to find an A-ATM" *shakes*
Nightwing: "I see. Are you hurt?" *he helps her out*
Liyah: "I-I don't think so...H-he didn't hurt me" *shakes more*
Nightwing: "Good"
Liyah: "G-great...I just moved into Gotham and t-this happens" *chuckles upset and has her hand on her face*
Nightwing: "You just moved here?"
Liyah: *nods and chuckles* "Yeah I did...Some welcome I got"
Nightwing: "Hey, Gotham isn't always this bad. Just a rough first day. But you'll be okay, I'm sure. You want a ride home?"
Liyah: "I see...Oh...Yeah I-I'll take a ride" *blushes* "W-what will happen to my car?"
Nightwing: "I'll be sure you're reimbursed for it. Promise. Scout's honor" *he puts a hand on his heart*
Liyah: "Thank you Nightwing and thank you for saving me" *smiles at him*
Nightwing: "Don't mention it" *he smiles back* "C'mon. Give me your address and I'll make sure you get home safely" *he leads her to his motorcycle*
Liyah: "Okay" *nods and tells him her address* "Never been on a motorcycle before" *chuckles nervously*
Nightwing: "Here's a helmet" *he gives one to her* "All you gotta do is just hold onto me"
Liyah: "Okay" *takes it* "Hang onto you?" *blushes*
Nightwing: "Well more like hold on, not hang on. That'd be dangerous" *he makes a corny joke*
Liyah: *laughs* "You're funny!"
Nightwing: "Haha sometimes" *he starts the motorcycle* "Hop on!"
Liyah: "Okay!" *she puts on the helmet, goes onto the motorcycle, and holds him around his chest* "Like this?!" *shouts over the motorcycle*
Nightwing: "Yep! Perfect!" *he gives her a thumbs up and starts riding*
Liyah: "Whoa!" *holds onto him tightly and as they ride she starts to enjoy herself* "WHOO HOO!" *laughs*
Nightwing: *he chuckles, hearing her laugh*

*Skips To Them Reaching Her House*

Nightwing: *he parks in front*
Liyah: *she holds onto him still until he parks*
Nightwing: "This is the place?" *he asks as he's cutting the engine*
Liyah: "Yup!" *she blushes as she gets off*
Nightwing: *he gets off too* "Not bad not bad!"
Liyah: "Thanks! Good thing I saved a lot" *chuckles*
Nightwing: "Good thing. But don't worry, I'll make sure you have another car soon. I'll do my best"
Liyah: "Thank you" *smiles* "As long as it runs I'll be good!" *laughs*
Nightwing: "Haha I like the spirit! What's your name?"
Liyah: "Oh right!" *laughs* "Oops I'm sorry! I'm Liyah" *smiles*
Nightwing: "Nice to meet you Liyah" *he smiles* "Welcome to Gotham"
Liyah: "Thank you Nightwing!" *smiles* "And thank you for bringing me home safe"
Nightwing: "Just doing my job" *he nods*
Liyah: *she blushes and smiles* "S-sorry I'm awkward...You probably have to go now" *chuckles*
Nightwing: "I do. Just wanna make sure you'll be alright first"
Liyah: "Oh...I am now thank you" *smiles and blushes more*
Nightwing: "Of course. Take care Liyah!" *he waves and gets back on his motorcycle*
Liyah: "I will thank you!...Bye!" *she waves back*
Nightwing: *he smiles and rides off*
Liyah: *she waves and watches him ride away and she smiles too*

To Be Continued