Chapter 44 – Alternative Ending

Liyah: "Oh thank goodness!" *she sighs in relief and she holds his hand* "That's what I last remembered and waking up here just now"
Jack: *he nods and holds her hand back* " were acting crazy again. It was like all those months of therapy just disappeared"
Liyah: "W-what?" *her eyes widen in surprise and in shock* " can't be" *she shakes her head in disbelief*
Jack: "I saw it. You were fighting and threatening Batman. You wouldn't even listen to me when I told you to stop. I had to physically pull you away"
Liyah: "Oh gawd!" *she tears up from hearing this*
Jack: *he strokes her hand*
Liyah: "W-what do we do?!" *she gets scared and cries*
Jack: *he hugs her and holds her* "I don't know...we'll have to start sessions again. And cancel the campaign run"
Liyah: "Okay" *she nods then she remembers* "Your campaign! I'm so sorry baby!" *she immediately feels horrible*
Jack: "Hey hey it's okay. Your well-being is more important" *he strokes her hair*
Liyah: "Oh baby...I'm so scared" *she hugs and clings to him*
Jack: "We'll figure this out together. I promise"
Liyah: "Okay" *she nods and kisses him then she lays her head under his chin*
Jack: *he kisses back and holds her while rubbing her back* "You really scared me, baby...I thought I lost you"
Liyah: "I'm scared too...I'm sorry baby" *she strokes his cheek*
Jack: "I'm sorry too...this is my fault"
Liyah: "No it isn't...How is it your fault honey?"
Jack: "I...made a deal with some of my old men after you were mugged that one time. I didn't order them to steal or kill, I just wanted us to have more protection"
Liyah: "What?!" *she gets and her eyes widen in surprise again*
Jack: "Yeah. I guess he must've traced the money?" *he guesses*
Liyah: "You mean Batman?"
Jack: "Yeah"
Liyah: "Oh Jack...I'm so sorry...You were only trying to protecting me"
Jack: "Yeah trying to! I'm afraid I just don't have the resources I used to" *he rubs his bandaged cheek*
Liyah: *she strokes his cheek gently* "We'll get through this...together" *she brings her forehead on to his*
Jack: *he brings his forehead to hers back and he holds her* "We will"
Liyah: *she nods*

*Weeks Later With Jack And Liyah At A Therapy Session, They're Sitting Next To Each Other And Are Holding Hands*

Female Therapist Dahlia: "Liyah...Ever since your relapse with your double personality was made to light all those weeks ago and with all of us working together to continue using all of the exercises together to lessen your blackouts and to sharing with your double personality...How do you feel about it? Do you feel that there has been any progress?"
Liyah: "A little bit...but as I spend time understanding and sharing with my double personality it still feels...overwhelming and she still hasn't forgiven Jack for all the things he did to us when he used to be Joker" *she looks down a little* "But I've come to start to see her as like my sister"
Jack: *he rubs her hand with his thumb* "I still feel horrible about it and I still I very much deeply regret hurting you Liyah...I know that I'll never be able to forget that or apologize enough for my actions" *he looks at her*
Liyah: *she looks at him back* "I have already forgiven you baby and it's all in the past now...We both have hurt each other...I still love you Jack" *she smiles at him lovingly*
Jack: *he smiles back lovingly* "I love you much"
Dahlia: "I think it's time for your double personality to come out again...Liyah are you ready for that?"
Liyah: *she takes a deep breath then she nods* "Yes...I am"
Crazy Liyah: *she comes out then she looks and she shoves Jack's hand away in disgust* "Ugh! Let go of me! Disgusting!"
Jack: *he gets surprised but he doesn't say anything and he sighs*
Dahlia: "Hello again Other Liyah"
Crazy Liyah: "Hey"
Dahlia: "Other Liyah I think it is time for you to bury the hatchet with Jack and to move on peacefully...Liyah is very happy with him"
Crazy Liyah: "No way! I don't trust him at all!"
Jack: "I can't apologize enough for the wrongful things I did to your sister and to you...I still hope for the chance of earning your forgiveness too"
Crazy Liyah: "You'll just turn back to Joker again! I don't trust that you won't turn! I want all of our bases covered so I can protect ourselves whenever that time comes! I can't trust you at all!"
Jack: *he gets surprised again* "We all have worked together to go through therapy again...Both separate sessions and together...I can promise you that I have no desire at all to turn back to the life of crime and going back to the Prince Of Crime...It'll be a death sentence for me and I love Liyah too much that I want to protect her all of my life...That's why her engagement ring is on her finger" *he points to Liyah's finger that has her engagement ring on her ring finger* "I don't take this lightly and I vow to be with Liyah forever no matter what"
Crazy Liyah: *she looks at the ring and she feels moved*
Dahlia: "How do you feel about that Other Liyah? Would you give Jack a chance to continue to show you with his actions that he'll always be there for Liyah?"
Crazy Liyah: *she looks at Jack and she looks into his eyes*
Jack: *he looks very determined and in deep love*
Crazy Liyah: *she sighs* "Alright...Just one chance...Blow it or you'll be sorry and you'll deeply regret it Jack" *she uses her pointer finger to symbolize 1*
Jack: *he gets surprised and relieved* "Thank you!"
Crazy Liyah: "You better not hug me!"
Dahlia: *she giggles a little* "Well that concludes our session...Jack, Liyah, and Other Liyah it's been a pleasure"
Jack: "Thank you very much Dahlia"
Crazy Liyah: "Yeah thanks"
Liyah: *she switches over* "Yes thank you very much Dahlia!"

*Days Later Jack And Liyah Get Married, Liyah In Her White Wedding Dress And Veil And Jack In His Black Tux With A Lightish Blue Tie, They Walk Hand In Hand Out Of The Courthouse With Their Happy And Smiling Faces Of Their Marriage And Their Love For Each Other, Then They Kiss Each Other Lovingly, With Liyah's Arms Around Jack's Neck And Jack's Arms Wrapped Around Her As They're Still On Top Of The Courthouse Steps*

The End