During a cold Seattle night, inside a local bar sat a group of surgeons talking about their recent cases and hospital gossip. If you weren't familiar with the group you would have thought that everything was normal, nothing was out of the ordinary, but it isn't.

Something weird was happening, and that something was Dr. Meredith Montgomery-Grey. The said blonde was clinging to her wife's arm like her life depended on it, and let's not forget the pout she was wearing.

What's weird about it, you ask?

She wasn't called 'Medusa' for no reason.

She was known for being a strict but fair teacher to her interns, always with an unamused face, one that screams 'fuck-this-up-and-I'll-have-you-fired'. To add to that, she's married to another scary surgeon, Dr. Addison Montgomery-Grey, who they call as 'Satan'.

So imagine being stuck in a hard case with them, one intern had that misfortune and let's just say he ended up crying in an on-call room for hours and scheduled a visit to Dr. Wyatt.

Why? Well, not only were they hard on the intern they also 'unintentionally' rubbed it on his face that he might never find a love like theirs, a love that even a simple hello could mean a lot more than an essay with a thousand words.

Tragic, I know.

There were times though that people see the blonde smile and laugh and that's when she's with her wife, friends, and patients.

The Drs. Montgomery-Grey's are known for being the most loving couple in the hospital, much to Cristina's disgust. They would always find a way to kiss, touch, or even just look at each other adoringly, BUT Dr. Meredith Montgomery-Grey was never one to pout especially in front of her peers and her interns, which was what she was doing now.

"Addieeee, I want cuddles" the blonde whined, as she looks at her wife with big puppy eyes. Meredith wanted her wife's attention only on her, call her needy or whatever but she loves it when Addie showers her with affection.

The older woman faced her pouting wife and pushing away a few pieces of hair before kissing her softly. Addison loved this part of Meredith, the needy and clingy side that she only shows when they're in the privacy of their own home.

As they pull away, Meredith whimpered. She wants—no, she needs more than just a soft kiss. So she pulled the redhead closer to her again, just a little more and she would already be straddling her.

Addison chuckled before kissing the needy blonde again, but their kiss was cut short this time because of a disgusted sound from Cristina. "Break it up already, you're making me want to puke" shuddered the dark haired woman.

Meredith could only scoff at her person, as if she wasn't just kissing Teddy a few seconds ago. "Pot meets kettle" came her snarky remark.

"What's up with you? You're being all mushy" asked Alex, raising his eyebrow before he took a shot. "Nothing" glared the blonde, who was now clutching her wife's hand.

"Really? Then stop being such a bottom" Mark teased, smirking at his fellow dirty mistress. The group of surgeons laughed, expecting the petite blonde to blush. Addison on the other hand chocked on her wine because boy were they wrong.

Like a switch was turned on, suddenly, gone was the needy looking Meredith.

"But that was not what you thought that one fateful night in your hotel room, am I right pretty boy?" said the blonde, voice an octave lower.

Everybody on their table and even those nearby were suddenly quiet, jaws dropped.

She stood up from her seat next to her blushing and squirming wife who was without a doubt turned on by Meredith's sultry bedroom voice, and walked slowly, hips swaying to stand behind Mark. Completely forgetting that they were at Joe's full of hospital staff.

"I remember you begging me for release" Meredith hummed as she ran her hands on the man's tensed shoulders.

It was no secret that the Dirty Mistresses Club had a few 'meetings' after Meredith found out that Derek cheated on her with her half-sister, and before the two women finally confessed their feelings.

But they never really knew what happened during those 'meetings'.

"How you told me to choke and spank you harder" whispered the blonde, only loud enough for the people in their table to hear.

Everyone was now squirming, the women squeezing their thighs together and the men took deep breathes.

"Moaning loudly" she said, blowing softly on Mark's ear that was turning redder by the second "Such a little slut for me" she added, nibbling on his ear lobe.

Meredith glanced at her wife, to see if she was uncomfortable, because despite how fun it is to tease Mark and prove them wrong, she would always put Addison's comfort and feelings first.

But when she saw the mirth in the redhead's eyes, and a small nod as she bit her lip, she knew it was ok to continue.

Addison should have been uncomfortable because she knew the nights Meredith and Mark spent together, but that was before her and she trusts Meredith more than anyone plus she was also enjoying Meredith's seductive voice and aura.

It was also nice to see Mark squirm, think of it as payback for all the threesome prepositions he was giving them for the past three years.

Seeing that Addison was also enjoying it, Meredith smirked and grabbed Mark's chin and made him look at her before she grabbed his hair and pulled, making the man release a low moan.

"Am I right Sloan?" She asked, voice deeper and husky.

"Yes" replied the now aroused man, because dammit Meredith was no bottom and even Mark would willingly submit to her.

"Yes what?" Asked the blonde woman, hand still on Mark's hair.

"Yes ma'am" came Mark's breathy reply.

"Good boy" said Meredith as she tapped Mark's slightly flushed cheek.

Suddenly Meredith stood up, she walked back to her grinning wife before she smiled at her now blushing friends as if nothing happened.

Everybody was still silent, unable to process what the hell just happened.

Seeing that everybody was still in shock, Meredith sneakily placed her hand inside Addison's skirt and brushed lightly on her covered but dripping wet center, making the redhead release a quiet moan.

The blonde smirked and whispered to her wife "Well it looks like you enjoyed the show, how about let's finish this at home baby?"

"But I thought you just want to cuddle?" Asked the redhead, trying to remain quiet as Meredith rubbed her clit through her panties, underneath the table.

"Hot sex first then we cuddle" replied her wife, nibbling her earlobe "and I want you baby, I want to make you scream as I eat your tight, and wet pussy" she added, adding more pressure to her clit.

Addison could only nod her head in reply, biting her lip to stop a moan from escaping. If she loved the needy side of Meredith, then she absolutely loves the dominant and horny side of the blonde more and especially the snuggling that comes afterwards.

Meredith slowly pulled her hand away, making Addison whimper. She kissed the redhead, a promise that she'll finish what she started, when they get home.

The blonde then turned to her still shocked friends, "I would gladly show you how much of a bottom I am" she said, voice dripping with sarcasm "but unfortunately for you, Addison, my wife is the only woman who has the privilege to have me on my knees and in between her legs."

She then stood up and wore her coat before helping Addison with hers. She wrapped an arm around her wife's waist and turned around to walk towards the door but stopped when Addison paused and turned to look at their friends grinning widely.

"And I'm sorry guys, but I don't share" said the redhead, laughing as she saw the defeated look on the men's face and red cheeks of the women.

As they walked away, Addison heard someone mutter a "Lucky bitch" making her smile wider and giggle, because she indeed in lucky to have her wife.

With that the Montgomery-Greys went on their merry way, excited for the steamy night ahead of them.

"What the hell just happened?" muttered Callie, looking around their table as if just remembering that they were at Joe's.

"Holy shit that was hot" said Alex, eyes wide as he finished his beer in one go.

"I didn't know Grey had it in her" chuckled Arizona, amused by the situation.

"Y-yeah, um, I think I need a cold shower" stuttered Mark, still unable to shake away the feeling of Meredith's breath against his nape. He'll think about the fact that Meredith just told their friends he was a bottom during their DMC meetings later, because he needs to deal with his growing hard on first.

"Teddy I think we need to go too" said Cristina, because that little show her person just did awakened something in her and she needs her girlfriend to tame down that horny monster.

"Y-yeah I think we should" replied Teddy, standing up and making sure her legs weren't shaking, because damn what Meredith did was hot and she needs Cristina between her legs right about now.

The group of surgeons, quickly left the bar to their respective homes in hopes of a steamy night ahead of them as well.

And during that cold Seattle night, Dr. Meredith Montgomery-Grey proved that she was no bottom at all.