She was her ex-husband's ex-mistress, the slutty intern, the woman who stole her husband unknowingly, but that didn't matter as she pressed the blonde woman against her hotel room door, hands exploring every crevice of her body.

She was his ex-wife, the adulterous ex-wife, the woman who turned her whole world upside down, but that didn't matter as she ran her fingers through her long red locks, lips moving in sync and tongues battling for dominance.

Who would have thought that the ex-dirty mistress and the ex-wife would find themselves in this situation?

They certainly didn't, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't enjoy it.

This started just two weeks ago, after a night spent drinking a very unhealthy amount of alcohol.

Meredith was there to drown her frustrations for a certain dark haired neurosurgeon who wouldn't accept 'no' as an answer. Because honestly, how could a brain surgeon be so brainless?

Addison on the other hand was there to relax after a stressful day full of laboring mothers and sick babies. It seemed like almost every pregnant woman in Seattle chose that day to give birth.

The two unintentionally sat beside each other, since all the other empty seats were either next to a very creepy looking man or rowdy interns who don't seem to understand that residents and attendings would actually like to spend their off times in peace.

So the two women sat next to each other, and boy was it awkward at first. It didn't take long though for the awkward atmosphere to clear, as the shots kept coming and as the two surgeons finally let themselves relax.

It started with small talk about their cases, the new hospital gossip, and slowly the two women found themselves laughing their heads off because of a few med school memories they shared.

We all know that when Meredith gets drunk, everything becomes porny, hence her sleeping with inappropriate people. Addison too had her fair share of issues with alcohol, because once she's drunk her mouth lacks a filter and makes her not think straight.

This lead to hands on thighs, low hush whispers, and of course the eye sex which both women are very good at. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other, and it was a miracle that by the next day they weren't the new subject of the Seattle Grace gossip mill.

That night ended with both of them in Addison's hotel room, naked as the day they were born. Skin glowing from post-coital bliss, lips plump from all the kissing, thighs slick from orgasms, chests littered with purple and red love bites, and legs and arms tangled together.

Oh that night was one of the hottest nights of their lives.

The moment both woke up, both were a mess as both darted out of the bed to dress because they were almost late for rounds, both not talking about the night they spent together.

Meredith ended up sharing a cab with Addison because it was quicker that way, or that's what they both were telling themselves when deep down they both knew that they wanted to spend a little bit more time together before their actions bit them in the ass.

They avoided each other the whole day, which involved them ducking into supply closets or bolting to the other way once they saw the other. The next day though, Meredith got assigned to Addison's service, so avoiding each other was not on their game plan for the day.

Addison could still feel Meredith's lips, sucking and licking all over her chest and neck, hence her outfit, a turtle neck shirt. Meredith on the other hand could still feel the redhead's fingers on her thighs as they rubbed against each other when she walks, she's sure that there are still finger prints on her skin.

Which led them to Addison pulling Meredith towards an empty on-call room and the next thing they knew their clothes were torn off their bodies and lips were on lips again and afterwards they shared a cup of juju.

This continued on for the next two weeks, steamy sessions inside locked on-call rooms, quickies in supply closets, hot make out sessions in quiet hallways, and of course the occasional eye sex.

But they both know they need to talk, because whatever the thing going on between them is, it needs to be addressed.

Sure the first time it happened they could still blame it on the alcohol, but the occasional lunch they now spend together, bringing each other coffee or juju, and even the very amazing sex they keep having cannot be blamed on anything but their lack of self-control and maybe their feelings because both were sober during those times.

So that's how Meredith found herself again in Addison's hotel room, to talk.

But so far, there was not a lot of talking going on, but there sure is a lot of kissing and sucking.

Remembering why she was here, the blonde reluctantly pulled apart from the older woman. As she opened her eyes, she was met with Addison's hungry gaze. She had to stop herself from devouring her right then.

"Addie" she moaned out, as the other woman started to nibble her spot behind her ear. "Addie, baby, we really need to talk."

Addison only hummed in response, still lost in the feeling of her lips on Meredith's smooth skin. "Addison!" said Meredith as she reluctantly pulled herself away from the redhead's lips.

The older woman steadied herself, arms still roaming around the blonde's body but forced herself to focus on what Meredith was saying.

"We have to talk about whatever this is going on between us" she said, breathing heavily, unable to break the intense eye contact.

"Well, what about it?" Addison said, raising her eyebrow. "We're both single, we're not hurting anyone, and we're attracted to each other, so what's wrong about it?"

"No, nothing, it's just we can't continue this—"

"Is this about Derek? Because he has no say in this and I swear to God Meredith—." Rambled the redhead, removing her hands from the younger woman as if she was burnt.

"No it's not about him, ew, no!" came the blonde's immediate reply. "I have never even thought about Derek during the past two weeks" she added, running her fingers through her hair.

"Then what's wrong?" asked Addison, a frown now slowly forming on her pink lips and face turning red.

"I'm already catching feelings Addison! That's what's wrong!" screamed Meredith. "I can't continue this, if this is just about sex because I can't get hurt anymore! We can't contin—"

"If you say that one more time, so help me God I'll bite you so hard you'll feel it for days" growled the redhead, moving closer to the now flustered woman.

"Addison I'm serious! We can't continue—" started Meredith, when suddenly Addison lunged at her and bit her exposed shoulder making her moan Addison's name loudly "A-addie!"

"I told you I'd bite" murmured the redhead, licking the very visible bite mark before leaving a trail of kisses all over her shoulder and neck, stopping as she reached the blonde's ear. "And besides, I'm catching feelings too Mer" she whispered huskily.

Meredith froze, and looked Addison in the eye looking for any signs of lies, but all she saw was sincerity. So without any second thought she smiled brightly before kissing the redhead, this time though it was sweet and slow, completely different from the kisses they shared so far.

"Seriously?" The blonde asked, as they broke apart both grinning widely, foreheads touching.

"Seriously." Replied the redhead, unable to contain the happiness that she was feeling.

Meredith then smirked before she leaned in and whispered "Well bite me again darling, because we ain't stopping now."

Suddenly Addison lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around her before carrying her to bed, laying her down as she whispered slowly "Oh we are never stopping baby, I'll make sure you'd feel it in the morning."

And with that the two women were once again lost in each other's eyes, bodies dancing to the music of their moans, drowning in the sea of pleasure as they made love till the early hours of the morning.

So what if they're the dirty ex-mistress and the adulterous ex-wife? They both knew in the first place that whatever was happening between them would bite them in the ass sooner or later, what they didn't expect though was for the bite to be so pleasurable.