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Percy was sleeping calmly, when all of a sudden he jumped up in his bed. He could feel someone's presence in the shadows, and it was beginning to grow uncomfortable. The sea-green eyed boy looked around but couldn't see anyone. Not even the gods know how those two wars changed him. Just when he was about to lay back down to sleep for another hour or two, because it was still five o'clock in the morning, Percy remembered that his instincts had never failed him, not once. He remembers what had happened all of those times that he didn't listen to them, and with that decided to get up and find what they were warning him of. The brown-haired boy couldn't see anyone at first glance, so he stretched and rubbed his eyes before folding his cover and getting up. Wise girl really had instilled some good values in him, huh? If he hadn't met her, the room would honestly be an utter mess right now. Yes, even though the only thing he did was sleep in it so far. That's only one of the many ways she had bettered and challenged him. When he was done with that, he tidied up the pillow, before getting up and swimming to potential hiding places.

After a while, he came across a few pictures of Wise Girl. He saw their underwater kiss, the best one of all time, he would say. He spotted another one of the expressions on her face when she saw that he got an A on the essay about "Your Role Model." He did it about Annabeth, of course, and he couldn't put her name inside a poorly written essay, now could he? He spent a total of one hundred and twenty one hours doing it, but all in all, it was worth it. Then Percy saw the one which showed her expression when she saw the damage that Apollo's chariot had made. They had so many memories together, he missed her oh ever so much. Wait. Oh no! Apollo! He forgot all about the prophecy he gave him. He'll talk to MM about it later, but first, he needs to find whoever is in the room.

"Soon after he found MM leaning against some coral, about a mile from the bed. "MM?" he asked. Of all the people it could've been, Percy did not expect him to be the one there. Percy got so surprised, it took him a hot second before he covered his mouth in shock. He did not mean to say that. He hastily added, "Sorry, I meant storm bringer!"

"MM smirked, as he asked, "MM?" Percy blushed in embarrassment. He continued saying "That stands for?" By now, Percy's whole face was flushed a deep red in embarrassment.

"Nothing." He mumbled. He was embarrassed enough as it is, and god knows he probably already knows how powerful he is.

"Oh, I know it's something," MM said, Gods he needed to stop thinking that, "Come on, spill."

"Fine." The green-eyed boy knew that he couldn't win this, and that postponing it will just make it worse. The conversation from earlier had taught him that. A person doesn't just go through two wars, and two major prophecies and not learn from their mistakes.

"Mystery Man," he whispered. The brunette couldn't stand to say it much louder. His lungs physically didn't have the capability to do that right now. He knew that storm bringer (yes finally!) would be able to hear him anyways. His face was redder than a tomato, and he didn't think that his face could honestly stand any more embarrassment.
"Louder." He said. Oh well. Worth a shot.

"Nothing." He said, hoping he'd leave the matter alone. He knew that MM wouldn't though. He only hoped he wasn't filming this. That would make things a thousand times worse.

"Come on, I know it's something. Spill." Mystery man said. His teasing eyes and prankster smirk definitely did not help matters. The sea-green eyed boy knew that if this was being filmed, it would be the end of him and brilliant blackmailing material. He didn't want to tell, but from earlier, he knew MM would make him say it sooner or later. Man, his face was going to break any moment more. There is no way this could get any worse.

... oops

Percy really shouldn't have said that. God knows whenever he says that, life proves him wrong. He can't even think properly! Oh well, what's going to happen is going to happen. He steeled himself, and looked up and got out of his mind. It might not end that bad, right? I mean he had a look of understanding earlier, that's gotta mean something, right?

"It stands for Mystery Man," He said. Percy's face was so red, it was going to burst any second now. Why does that man always embarrass him so much! And why only him! Why is it him every single time! For anything?
"MM was in fits of laughter. Percy looked back down and his hope that he should've known better about having was crushed. He took a deep sigh and recomposed his face into a neutral expression.

MM then looked and saw my expression. He stopped laughing immediately. He looked me in the eye, and the look of understanding he had earlier came back. Percy was looking at MM and the look he was giving him was so loaded and held so much meaning, and Percy understood it. It said volumes without saying anything. It showed that he went through a lot and is trying to help Percy get better. That Percy reminds him of himself, and that he wants to help Percy grow. It shows that training doesn't only come through exercise and sword lessons, but also simple things like posture fixation, and using the right wording. It showed that some things he felt would be better taught through practice and practicals, and if humiliation and pain came along with that, it's just to make him stronger. It showed that this was the light end of the spectrum. It also shows that he had been through worse than he could imagine to get to leader and most powerful in all of the dimensions. It shows that he is sorry he hadn't asked Percy if he wanted help first before offering it. It showed all of that and much much more. MM then said out loud "I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault," I said. I was still in shock, still comprehending this to say much more.

"I came here because I wanted to test you. See how long it took until you sensed me, if you would come looking, and how long it would take for you to find me." MM said, "I believe you had a question for me from earlier. Ask away. And one more thing before you start." . He said he was testing me, does that mean I passed or failed? The sea-green boy thought back and remembered that he did have a question for him earlier, but he needed to know, did he pass or fail?

"You said that you were testing me, does that mean that I passed or failed?" Percy asked. He had to know, don't blame him!

"You failed, of course. If you passed you'd have to be super good, and this is just the most basic of all the tests I have. However, from what I have seen, you did overcome a few obstacles, like whether or not to listen to your instincts, and have tried, even if your concentration on the task at hand needs a little work-" MM started, when Percy suddenly interrupted, thinking that that was unfair. The brown-haired boy gets that MM is trying to help, but this was too much.

"I have ADHD! You can't blame me for getting distracted!" Percy said. How is he supposed to concentrate on any task without wandering off with ADHD unless it's in the heat of battle?! Judging him on that is totally unfair!

"That thought process will just push you down. Concentration can be a big plus in training, especially since it can help you train for longer hours without getting distracted. This will help you, therefore, become stronger. This will help improve you in the heat of battle, as you would have trained your ADHD to move onto the important stuff rather than just redirect you and distract you to items that aren't important to you. There are many ways to use ADHD to your advantage, especially to help you concentrate. The only thing you really need to have is a strong will power to do it, and a good goal or motivation of why you want to do it. There, that'll give you something to think about. How do you expect to improve if your concentration is poor?" MM said.

Wow, that had really changed his perspective. All he had said had really made sense, and it sounded like MM was disappointed in him. It wasn't a nice feeling. At all. The sad thing is that he should have known this, and it's all common sense, and popular sayings. Hearing him say it in a way that's advice only for him makes it feel more real though. He should have started a long time ago. Maybe if he was stronger, his friends wouldn't have died. Silena, Bianca, Zoe, Beckendorf, Ethan, Bob and maybe even Luke. They deserved better, and shouldn't have died because he wasn't strong enough.

"Enough." MM said, interrupting his thought process. "I believe you can change, I know you can change. Sitting around moping about it isn't going to change anything. Besides, wasn't there something you had to tell me?"

"Huh? . . . Oh, yeah. I was wondering, umm... Before I came here Apollo had given me a prophecy which said

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