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In this story, Naruto isn't exactly a villain as he will not kill unnecessarily or destroy things too much. However, he doesn't mind beating the shit out of a guy if he has to. He also has no problem raping or breaking a women's mind for his own pleasure

He will be in Kuoh Academy along with Rias and her group after training for four years, becoming the second strongest being in the whole universe, the first only being a little bit stronger than him though that being is his teacher so it doesn't matter.

This story is rated M for sexuality, Lemons, violence, language, and a shit load of other things.

Let me make something clear. This story will be Naruto in the DxD world until the end of the Anime's season three or maybe a little bit of season four. After that, I'll send them back to the Naruto world where he will rule over the world. By the time Naruto goes back to the elemental nations, he will already have all of the girls I want from the DxD world and will be known as the lord of the mythical world after killing Vali and destroying any hope of someone being able to terrorize the underworld. In this story, Apophis or any of the other great dragons excluding great red will not even be mentioned. I do that because I never did anything other than watch the first four seasons of the anime and that leaves me without too much information about any of the great dragons. I will only be using Great red because I need someone like that to be Naruto's image of Incredible power and the one he needs to surpass in order to become the ruler of the underworld. His character will be all original because again, I have no idea what his personality is like.

Chapter zero: prologue

In a clearing, there were two statues with a waterfall between them. One of the statues was of a man. He had waist-length straight hair and wore samurai armor.

The other man also had waist-length hair only that his was spiky and he also wore the same Samurai armor.

The first man had a sword strapped onto his left thigh while the second man had one strapped onto his right thigh.

Both men had the hand of the sword's side resting on the sword's hilt and the other hand making the half tiger seal.

In that clearing, two twelve-year-old teens were fighting.

The first one had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. His skin was slightly tanned and he wore an orange jumpsuit that was too big for his size. He wore a forehead protector with the symbol of Konohagakure on it around his forehead.

Currently, he was holding a sphere of blue spiraling energy and he was running as fast as he could towards the other teen.

The second teen had black hair styled in the shape of a duck's butt with red eyes which had three red tomoes in them. His skin was an unnatural brown color and he had a single palm-like wing going out of his back. He wore a short-sleeved black shirt and matching shorts.

He was running towards the first teen as fast as he could, his hand crackling with lightning.

"SASUKE!" the blond teen shouted as he thrusted his hand forward.

"NARUTO!" the black-haired teen, also known as Sasuke, shouted back as he thrusted his hand to meet with Naruto's own.

However, Naruto had other plans. He moved slightly, allowing the lightning-coated arm to run straight into his chest, missing his heart by millimeters and immobilizing Sasuke.

Naruto winced in pain as he felt the hand go into his chest but he was already used to pain having to experience far worse in his childhood.

He slammed his blue sphere into Sasuke's shoulder, severing the arm which was still in his chest.

Sasuke screamed in pain as his arm was severed, leaving him with only a little after his shoulder.

Naruto smirked. "I'm sorry Sasuke but I had to do this so I could bring you back to the village. I made a promise to Sakura-chan that I will get you back and I will keep that promise no matter what!' he shouted as he gave Sasuke an uppercut right in the chin, knocking him out.

Naruto tiredly pulled the severed hand out of his chest and held it in his hand as he threw Sasuke over his shoulder and started to limp towards the direction where their village was.

Half an hour of tired limping towards the village, Naruto's chest sporting a big hole in it and bleeding all the way there though Sasuke's bleeding was stopped by Naruto tearing apart his sleeve and tightly wrapping it around what was left of Sasuke's arm, stopping the blood flow.

Naruto limped through the main gates of Konohagakure and once getting inside, he was met by three people.

The first was a young girl. She had pink hair and emerald green eyes. She wore a headband on top of her head in her hair. She was rather unattractive, having practically no chest or hips, and wore a red tank top and a red Apron-like skirt with black biker tights under it.

The second was a man. He was a tall and well-built man in adulthood with fair skin. He had waist-length, spiky white hair that he usually ties back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs framing his face. There were red lines under his eyes which extended further down his face as he got older, going all the way to the bottom by the time he was an adult. By the time he was middle-aged, he developed wrinkles around the corners of his mouth and a wart on the left side of his nose.

The final one was a woman. She was a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and blonde hair that parts above her forehead into twin tails. The Strength of a Hundred Seal - taking the appearance of a violet diamond shape - is visible on her forehead. She wore a grass-green haori with the kanji for "gamble" on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizable cleavage. She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels. She has red nail polish on both her fingernails and toenails and uses soft pink lipstick.

Naruto smiled weakly as he saw them. "S-Sakura-chan… I did it… I brought Sasuke back…" he said.

The pink-haired girl, Sakura as Naruto called her, ran up to the two. However, instead of thanking Naruto for bringing her love back to the village, she glared at him. "Look what you've done! Look how badly Sasuke-kun is hurt. You are so useless and never do anything right. I asked you one thing, that you bring Sasuke-kun back home to me safely and look at what you've done to him! I hate you!" she shouted at him as she slapped him on the face.

Naruto stared in shock before his vision turned black and he fell forward, losing consciousness from the loss of blood, exhaustion, and stress from what his crush just said to him.

Sakura watched Naruto fall forward with a horrified look on her face. "No! Sasuke-kun!" she shouted as she grabbed Sasuke just before he hit Naruto who already hit the ground.

She turned to see both of the people who were waiting with her looking at her in horror and shock. She glared at them angrily. "What are you doing just standing there?! Sasuke kun needs help!" she shouted.

The blond woman had enough and walked over to her. "How dare you act in such a way towards Naruto-chan after all he has done for you? Don't you see Naruto was able to stop Sasuke's bleeding? He will be fine and I can reattach his arm after I'm done with Naruto-chan. He has a fucking hole in his chest. A hole! Don't you see how much he sacrificed for you? Your precious Uchiha almost killed him and you are worried about the sleeping princess? Get out of my sight! You disgust me!" she shouted at the girl who she planned to make her apprentice before she saw what her true nature was like.

Sakura looked at the woman she looked up to in shock. "Don't tell me that you are going to leave Sasuke-kun like this just to heal that loser! It'll actually be better if he died, that way, my Sasuke-kun could heal faster and we will get rid of that 'thing'!" she shouted back.

The blond woman grabbed Sakura and pulled her into the air by her shirt collar. "Get out of my sight before I will put you in line after the Uchiha!" she shouted.

Sakura almost pissed herself in fear as she was released and she ran off to her home as fast as she could.

The blond woman crouched down in front of the downed form of the person she considered to be her son or grandson and placed her hands on his chest after flipping him onto his back.

Her hands started glowing green as she saw the white-haired man walking over to her.

"How bad is it, Tsunade?" He asked seriously as he watched his childhood crush doing her best to heal his godson.

"Jiraiya, calm down, It isn't as bad as it looks. It seems like the fox took care of the inner wounds, leaving me to only close him up." She said as the hole in Naruto's chest started to very slowly close.

The man sighed in relief as he was told that his godson will pull through.

The two stayed like that for half an hour until Naruto's chest was closed. Once it was done, Jiraiya picked Naruto up gently and Tsunade picked Sasuke up before the two disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

They appeared in a hospital room before placing Naruto and Sasuke down on their beds for the next few weeks.

Naruto got a blood transfusion and Sasuke got his arm reattached before the two were left alone to rest.

*Meanwhile, inside of Naruto's mindscape*

Naruto woke up in a sewer the moment he fainted in the real world.

He looked around for a second before sighing and starting to walk, trying to find an exit from that sewer.

A little while later, Naruto made it into a massive room.

He looked around before his eyes landed on a massive cage with a paper tag with the kanji for seal on it holding it close.

It finally clicked in his head. He was in his mindscape and that was the seal with the Kyuubi in it.

He smirked evilly as he thought about letting the confusion, frustration, and anger he had from Sakura's words on the being which caused him all of his pain.

Of course, Naruto knew very well that the Kyuubi wasn't to blame and that it suffered just as much as he did but he didn't care. He just wanted to let his frustration out.

He walked over to the cage and watched as two glowing red eyes opened.

"Well… it seems like my jailer finally came to visit me…" called a deep voice.

Naruto stood there, unflinching. It was his mind and he was able to do anything there.

He said nothing as he flew up and ripped the seal tag off, allowing the massive gates to swing open.

Kyuubi quickly stood up and ran out of the seal before smirking at Naruto. "That wasn't the smartest idea, Kid. Now I'll be able to take over your body in order to be free!" Growled the fox as it sent a claw at Naruto.

However, just before the claw could hit the floating Naruto, the fox disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Out of the smoke, appeared a woman and quite a good-looking one at that.

She had knee-length blood-red hair with red eyes that had a vertical black slit in them. She stood at the height of 5'8 and had fair skin. She looked to be no older than 17 years of age. Her face was heart-shaped and it was equipped with a small button nose and full lips. Her bust size was around an E-cup. Her wide and rather busty chest became thinner at the waist and then flared out into a massive ass. Down from her fat ass, her legs went down to thick thighs and long legs. All in all, she was perfect and had the perfect version of an hourglass figure. Other than her beautifully naked body, she had two fox ears on her head and nine fox tails waving around behind her.

Naruto grinned as his plan worked better than expected.

He smirked at her shocked face. "I figured it'd be easier to make you submit in a human form so I used the way you see yourself as a human and used my control in my own mind to turn you into it. Though I didn't expect you to be female let alone have a body comparable to gods…" he said happily.

The Kyuubi growled in her new form. She couldn't really fight in that form yet as those massive breasts of hers put her off balance.

Suddenly, Naruto closed his eyes and a white glow enveloped the whole room.

Once the glow faded away, Naruto and the Kyuubi were standing in what looked like a massive torture room.

As a child, Naruto was tortured and anyone who even showed a little amount of liking towards him was tortured in front of him except for a few like the two owners of the Ichiraku ramen shop and actual Shinobi who could easily defend themselves.

As a result of that, Naruto was familiar with a lot of different types of torture, sexual torture being one of them.

He was planning to make it as painful as possible for the fox until it submitted to become his pet but now, he saw that she was such a hot woman that he couldn't resist the urge to sexually torture her into becoming his slave and sexually serving him whenever he wanted.

Around the two were five beds, each with ropes tied to each of the bed corners in case he needed to tie her up there.

From the ceiling hung two chains that were connected with furry handcuffs.

Into the wall was built a human-sized wooden wheel with ropes coming out of it, allowing someone to be tied there.

Next to it, there was a wall with one-sided metal cuffs coming out of it, allowing for someone to be tied to the wall there.

Finally, there were two separate tables for torture items, one holding sexual torture-related items like vibrators, dildoes wooden pedals, and a lot more while the other held normal torture-related things such as swords, needles hammers, and a lot more.

Both tables were organized from least to most effective, after all, Naruto had experience with all of the normal torture items and had watched women tortured with the sexual items.

Just as she recovered, she found herself with her arms held cuffed into a wall above her head and her legs cuffed to the wall below her, slightly parted as they were tightly bound to the wall and barely stood on the ground.

Naruto slowly walked up to her, stopping next to the sexual table to pick a few things.

He smirked as he watched her struggle against her binds only to find herself powerless and unable to escape.

"I give you one last chance. Submit to me and willingly become my slave or resist and I will break you." He said.

She growled. "I'd like to see you try, kid." He said.

Naruto got in her face with a smirk. "Do not forget, we are inside of MY mind." He said before crouching down, his head staying next to her pussy.

He raised his hand and held it next to her asshole. In his hand was what looked to be a long thin piece of elastic plastic that had 7 balls on its length which were about ten times thicker than the plastic itself. Overall, it was around a foot long with the balls themselves being around two inches thick.

He stuck the thin plastic into her asshole and started pushing in. Around three balls in, Naruto heard her groan in suppressed pleasure. He looked up and saw her lightly biting her lower lip, her eyes shut tightly.

He smirked realizing she liked pain before he pushed hard and two more balls entered her ass at once.

She moaned loudly and panted before she realized she didn't go over the edge, only getting to the peak but never reaching an orgasm.

She looked at Naruto with clouded eyes. "W-why couldn't I cum? I clearly experienced enough pleasure for it…" she asked before remembering where she was and quickly shut her mouth.

Naruto smirked up at her. "As I said, we are inside my mind. In here I can do whatever I want so I increased your sensitivity by a little bit but took away your ability to orgasm, meaning you will be experiencing unsatisfying pleasure until you break and submit to me." He said before pushing the rest of the toy into her asshole.

She bit her lip very hard, enough to draw blood to keep herself from losing to the lust and submitting. She groaned in pain as Naruto stood up.

She whimpered as she felt the toy inside of her ass. Naruto brought his face in front of her, grabbing her chin and making her look at him.

He leaned forward and placed his lips on her own, sucking up the blood she leaked out of her bottom lip.

He leaned back, nibbling on her lower lip as their lips separated.

He grinned as he saw her dazed expression. He really hit the jackpot when he realized that she liked pain if she was dazed from only a little bit of nibbling on a slight wound she had on her lip.

The bounded fox woman looked at Naruto as she felt her heartbeat just a little faster, looking at Naruto with his new personality. Though that left her questioning where it came from. He wasn't the loud and dumb kid she knew him to know anymore and she couldn't say she didn't like the change.

"How about you tell me your name?" Naruto asked though it was more of a demand.

She stayed silent for a few seconds, her head looking down before she looked back up at Naruto. "I'll make you a deal… I'll tell you my name and you answer one question for me," she suggested, hoping that Naruto would give her something in return for her name at least, after all, he would be the first human to ever know her name. Other than the sage of six paths, the one who created and named her that is…

Naruto placed his hand on his chin in thought. "I could answer your question… However, I could also simply order you to give me your name once you are my slave and not have to answer you at all... Nah, screw it, I'll humor you. Go on, ask away." he said.

She nodded. "Thank you," she said gratefully as he decided to be at least slightly nice to her.

She cleared her throat. "Where did this new personality of yours come from? You are usually a dumb and loud brat, not this dominant and sexual man…" she asked, hoping Naruto didn't have a problem with that question. With thoughts like those, she has already submitted to him partly without even realizing…

Naruto grinned. "Oh, that… as you probably know, my childhood was very hard, to say the least. No one can come out of that and be a clown who likes everyone like nothing happened." he clenched his fist.

"I hate them all… I really do. However, they do not deserve my attention so they get to stay alive for now. As for your question… this is who I truly am. The only things I care about are protecting those few people who genuinely like me for who I am, like Ero-sannin and Tsunade-Baachan along with Teuchi-ojiisan and Ayame-neechan. And also, to enslave more women to my will. You were probably asleep at nights when I worked on my project so you wouldn't know but I've created a seal that allows me to bind a woman to my will. It's not like a mind control seal, it's even better. It's like what I'm doing to you but ten times more powerful. It will make any woman whom I place it on extremely horny with myself being the only one capable of getting them to an orgasm every time they disobey me. It really should take only one or two times for them to become totally obedient to me as I am the only one who is capable of turning off the heightened sensitivity and I could leave a woman hypersensitive for years if I wanted to until they obey my every command without question." he explained, pride in his work existing in his voice.

The bound woman could only stare in shock as Naruto explained just what exactly he was capable of doing.

"That, my sweet little fox, is the true personality and talent of Naruto Uzumaki. I may only be a chunin level fighter but my fuinjutsu is unmatched. Also, the reason I can control my mind so well is just that I've practiced a lot here. I learned that in here, time is slower, a hundred percent slower, meaning that two seconds in here is only a second outside. That might not seem like much but If I learn a new skill and come in here, create hundreds of clones to work for me and stay here for let's say two hours. I can learn the theoretical aspect of a skill within mere moments of the outside world. Along the way, my theoretical skills became very good, making my mind stronger and making myself able to do whatever I want in here and that includes stopping you from cumming for however long I want. We can literally stay here for two weeks and it'll only be one outside and you will not cum for that whole time, you won't until you submit. That is the true personality and brainpower of Naruto Uzumaki. The whole dumb loud person was nothing but a mask I placed on myself so I could get stronger without people stopping me, though that left me to be rather weak physically compared to my mental prowess…" he explained before leaning in next to her ear.

"You are the first. The first to become the slave of Naruto Uzumaki and you know what, you should be honored because just the way you will end up, obedient and submissive, there will be at the very least a hundred more girls which will bow down to me! That is my ambition and I will start with you!" he growled into her ear, his hands cupping her tits and squeezing very roughly, twisting her hard nipples, almost making them make a three hundred-degree turn.

The woman's eyes widened as the pleasurable pain which she was feeling overwhelmed her mind. Suddenly, she felt Naruto's fangs sink into her neck, making her moan out very loudly in a lot of pleasurable pain.

"I've done my part of the deal. Now, tell me your name!" Naruto growled in her ear.

The fox woman shivered in arousal and whimpered in want of release. However, she didn't give up. She might like Naruto's new personality and she could admit that he was good at pleasuring a woman. However, she wasn't going to be anyone's slave and she was not going to give up so easily.

"K-Kurama…" she moaned out as Naruto's thigh started rubbing her pussy. What she didn't realize was that even though Naruto sealed away her ability to orgasm, she was still able to create aroused juices. That was obvious by the way all of her legs were covered in her juice and the ground between her legs was covered in her juice.

Naruto suddenly stopped everything and stepped back from Kurama, making her think that she was safe and that he was going on a break, leaving her to recover. However, he pulled something out of a sealing scroll and her eyes widened as it was her biggest fantasy, her worst kink… the one thing she hoped Naruto wouldn't try on her but he already figured out her kinks and fetishes.

He figured out that she was masochistic and like most animal-human hybrid or at least humanoid animals, she liked to be put in her place, to be shown who was superior to her and that she was inferior to that man which she would submit to.

Naruto smacked her right tit with a whip, leaving a red implant off the harsh slap though Kurama moaned in pleasurable pain.

Naruto smirked as he was proven right. He walked away for a second before coming back with one thing in each of his arms along with the whip in his right hand.

He grinned at Kurama. "We are going to take a break of half an hour in twenty minutes. In case you were wondering, you will be staying bound to this wall for the rest of the day and the night and I will continue to sexually torture you for as long as you will last. Once dawn comes, we will be moving onto one of the other positions here so you won't get bored, and with every day that passes, I will increase your sensitivity by a little to a point where in a week you will cum by a simple gust of wind if I allow it. For the next twenty minutes, you have a choice. You get to cum as much as you want but then I leave you with a clone who will continue, giving you no break and sealing away your ability to cum after the twenty minutes are over or you can keep going as you are right now and take a break though you won't get to cum today. The choice is up to you." he said.

Kurama didn't even hesitate for a second. "Please. I would like to cum. I would be honored if you allowed me to cum." she said respectfully, fearing that if she disrespected him he would not allow her to cum.

Naruto nodded happily. He walked over to her and placed the device in his left hand on her clit and stuck it there with duct tape.

He walked back a little bit before placing a timer next to him, making it go off after twenty minutes.

He pressed the timer's start button and removed Kurama's orgasm block before he pressed a button on a remote and the device on Kurama's clit started vibrating very fast.

Naruto cracked his whip before smacking her unharmed tit with it.

Kurama howled in pleasure as her back arched as much as she could, her tongue shot out of her mouth with saliva flying out as well. Her tongue rested on her chin as the drool went out of her open mouth and down her chin to her large breasts. Her head shot back and her eyes opened wide while rolling into the back of her head.

"Yessssssshhhhhhh! I'm cumminggggggggg!" She shouted to the heavens as her pussy pussy sprayed her juices all over the floor.

Suddenly, Kurama grinned stupidly as she peed on the floor under her.

Naruto smirked as he looked at the fox woman panting with her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue resting on her chin as if she was in heat. He decided to allow her to recover for a minute just so he could see her embarrassment when she realized she not only came like a whore, she also pissed on the floor.

It took Kurama around a minute of break to recover enough to the point where she could properly see, hear, smell and form half thoughts. Though her tongue was still hanging out of her mouth and her eyes were still very clouded with lust and desire.

She could smell something stinky. It smelled like piss. Then she heard something "I'm glad to know that you're feeling good because you not only came like some cheap whore or some fox in heat, you also pissed on the floor," he said. She looked at him and could barely recognize his face with a smirk on it.

She then looked down and saw that the floor between her legs was covered in her juices and some yellowish liquid. She wasn't conscious enough to think properly so she didn't do anything but grin stupidly, and nod her head excitedly as she saw Naruto cracking the whip.

*time skip: an hour and twenty minutes later*

It had been an hour since the last time Kurama came but she was still high on that orgasm. It seemed as if her body had already accepted Naruto as her new alpha but her mind was still resisting it, refusing to give Naruto such an easy win.

He decided to give her a break so she could recover enough to realize that she was so high that she pissed the floor.

It was five minutes after he stopped touching her that she shook her head and looked at Naruto. She was about to ask what happened until the memories from the past hour and twenty minutes. She blushed in embarrassment as she looked at the puddle between her legs to see yellow coloring to it.

She looked back up at Naruto and bowed her head. "I apologize for my behavior in the past hour and a half. Such behavior is unfit of a great being such as myself. However, even though I admit that it was the best orgasm I had in my long life, I will not submit it quite yet. I won't go down without a fight!" she said in determination and that was all Naruto needed for a sadistic grin to form on his face and for him to jump back to his feet, his whip slamming into her clit.

Kurama howled in pleasure as she tried to glare at Naruto only to find herself requiring every little bit of her strength to keep her mind from shutting down again.

Naruto chuckled. "This is going to be fun… very fun," he said to himself.

*time skip: a full week after Naruto started torturing Kurama*

It was the beginning of the eighth day and Kurama has been on the edge of cumming for the past six and a half days. In fact, she didn't cum ever since that time she pissed the floor by accident.

She was now mind broken and nothing but a whore for Naruto's pleasure. She was just about to submit. With her mind shattered, there was nothing stopping her from doing so since her body already did.

She was on the edge of submitting and she only needed a small push.

Currently, Kurama was strapped onto the wooden wheel and the wheel was turned so she was upside down. There were vibrators glued to her nipples using duct tape and another one on her clit.

She had an eight-inch long, one-inch thick dildo shoved all the way inside of her pussy.

Kurama's head rested limp upside down, her tongue was outside of her mouth, resting on her nose and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was able to reach sexual bliss without even having an orgasm. Though that bliss was created by her mind-shattering from being on the edge of orgasm for so long.

Naruto was standing there, casually whipping her body as she screamed in frustrated pleasure.

Then he heard what he was waiting to hear for the past week.

"Narutho-shama! I admith defeath! I shubmith tho you! I shall be your shlave and will obey your every order withouth hshithathion!" She shouted as best she could, her 'T' and 'S' being turned into 'TH' and 'SH' because her tongue was out of her mouth.

However, Naruto understood her and grinned. "Very good. I am going to allow you to cum yourself into unconsciousness now so please, enjoy your rest, you've earned it. I shall allow you the honor of having me by your side sleeping along with you until you wake up." He said before releasing Kurama's orgasm barrier.

She immediately went over the edge, her head shot up as much as it could along with her arching back as she squirted her pussy juice upwards since she was upside down, having it rain on top of herself as she orgasmed like a whore.

Suddenly, Naruto pulled on a wire and the plastic with the balls on it came shooting out of her asshole. "Yessssssshhhhhh! Thank you Mashtherrrrrr! I'll be your shlave foreverrrrrrrr!" She shouted before her body went limp, her exhaustion from her past week along with her pleasure being too much for her.

Naruto smiled and clicked his fingers. The torture room disappeared and the two appeared cuddled together inside of a massive bed and under a blanket. Naruto's clothes were gone from his body as he placed Kurama on top of him, her massive chest smashed against his stomach, her head rested on his chest and her crotch was on his right thigh.

He placed one hand on her head, rubbing her hair as the two went into a sleep which lasted a full week in the mindscape.

*time skip: a week after Naruto came back to the leaf in the real world*

Naruto and Kurama woke up in the mindscape and so, Naruto decided to wake up in the real world, his first and loyal slave in his head, waiting for orders from her master.

As Naruto woke up, he heard sobbing, and just before he could open his eyes, he heard a voice which he recognized as Tsunade's.

"Please, Naruto-chan, don't ever wake up…" she said sadly much to Naruto's shock.

Just before he could ask what was that about, he heard another voice, this one he recognized as Jiraiya.

"Don't say that, Tsunade. I know that we both don't like what happened and what is going to happen. However, if he won't wake up, It'll be even worse. Don't forget that there were five different assassination attempts on him only in the week he has been out, one even being by each of his teammates and the other three being by Danzo's root… and besides, I'll be with him so you have nothing to worry about…" Jiraiya finished just before the window was broken by two Kunais going straight for Naruto's head.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade were too far away from him to catch the Kunai and they began to panic only to watch in shock as Naruto raised his right hand. In front of the Kunai appeared a sealing array in mid-air and the two Kunai disappeared into it.

The three heard a shriek of pain and a grunt as Naruto sat up. He opened his eyes and smiled at the two sannin he considered family. "They banished me, didn't they?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

Jiraiya nodded his head sadly while Tsunade was frozen.

He pulled the two into a group hug. "I knew the consequences when I attacked Sasuke and I was prepared for this. Let me go take care of my two wanna-be assassins and then I'll explain everything." He said before he shot to his feet and jumped through the broken window. Much to Jiraiya and Tsunade's shock, Naruto sent a golden chain out of his left palm and wrapped it around a tree branch and he was sent towards said brunch. He landed on the branch to see Sakura with her kunai in her shoulder and Sasuke with his Kunai in his left thigh. Naruto sent two chains from his chest and wrapped them around the waist before bringing the two over to Naruto who already jumped back through the window, landing in the hospital room where both sannin looked at him in shock.

He landed gracefully before Sasuke and Sakura crashed face-first into the ground of the hospital room.

He turned around and glared at the two along with Jiraiya and Tsunade. "Hello, my lovely teammates… care to explain why you tried to assassinate me?" Naruto asked sweetly, his glare on the two unwavering.

Tsunade and Jiraiya were both shocked to see Naruto's abilities now but they filed it off for later.

"ANBU! Take those two to Ibiki!" Tsunade shouted before two ANBU appeared and one took the two genins away while the other stayed.

The one who stayed had a cat mask and purple hair.

After the other ANBU disappeared with the two, she sat next to Naruto on the bed, and after removing her mask, she wrapped Naruto into a hug.

Naruto never expected a tough woman like her to act like that but he guessed that she too was upset about the banishment.

His head was squeezed between her breasts as she sobbed, her arms clutching tightly onto him.

"Why you? Why now? You are all I have left now that Hayate is dead… why are you being taken away from me as well?" She asked as she sobbed.

Naruto rubbed her back. "Don't worry, Yugao-neechan, I promise that I will come back to visit… You know me, I'm not gonna die without putting up a good fight. I'll survive, become stronger and then I will come back to free Konoha from the council and daimyos rule." He said in determination.

Jiraiya placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Before you go to pack your things, tell me. You know who they are, right?" He asked, pointing at the chains still coming out of his chest.

Naruto pulled his head out of Yugao's breasts much to her displeasure and smiled at Jiraiya. "Yes, I do, Ero-kyofu. I know who my parents are. I actually found their compound above the Hokage faces and found letters for me from them. I'm not angry at you for not telling me because the letters started with congratulations for becoming chunin which is probably when they asked you to tell me, seeing as tou-san had a shit load of enemies and all…" Naruto said, smiling.

Jiraiya nodded. "Well that's good now I know that Kushina's chains are practically your bloodline but what was that thing you used against their Kunai?" He asked, curious to see what that was.

Naruto smirked. "It might not be the real thing but since I can't use tou-san's hiraishin on myself quite yet, I used it as an example to create seals which I could use with my hands that are based on it. The seals are a space-time Fuinjutsu which takes anything put in it with whatever speed it had to a place where I open the portal which needs to be a place I can either see or sense and when making use of the Uzumaki clan's sensory abilities, I can send objects to around a fifty meters radius with extreme precision." Naruto proudly explained and seeing the shocked expressions of everyone around him, he explained to them how he trained with the mindscape and the clones.

Jiraiya couldn't be more proud that Naruto was so good at fuinjutsu. "You three are welcome to come with me to my parent's compound if you want. I'll go there to pack my things." He said before getting up and starting to walk towards the door.

*time skip: that night*

Naruto was walking around his parent's house, wanting to see if there was anything of value there before he left. He decided to leave in just a few minutes and leave a clone there instead ao Jiraiya wouldn't be able to follow him. He knew that Jiraiya only meant good but he still was a part of Konohagakure and they could order him to give them information about his progress.

He was done searching the house and walked towards the door to leave but he stopped just before the door. He looked to his right where he could see a small table with a chessboard on it.

He felt like the board was calling him and decided to pick it up. He looked at it. 'Kurama, do you know what this is? Do you know why I feel like it's calling me?' He asked mentally.

"I apologize, master, but I do not possess any information on it. While I was sealed into your mother, I was totally cut out. I couldn't see or hear anything…" she answered, sad she couldn't satisfy her master's need for an answer.

Naruto nodded as he sealed the board into a seal he had on his wrist. Naruto left the house before placing up a barrier connected to a blood seal to make sure no one went in. He made a shadow clone, leaving him to meet up with everyone that would come to say goodbye before running off, getting away from Konoha.

*Time skip: the next morning*

Naruto was standing at the main gate with Tsunade, Jiraiya, Yugao, Kakashi, and teams eight, ten, and team Guy along with their senseis. Sadly, the civilians who were his friends couldn't come so Konohamaru and the Ichiraku family said their goodbyes yesterday.

Naruto smiled at everyone. "Thank you all for coming to say goodbye. However, I will be back someday and you will all see me again!" He said.

Yugao ran over and hugged him, her tears uncontained.

She released him after a minute, kissing him on his forehead where his headband used to be.

She stepped forward and Kakashi hugged him next. The man was so ashamed of himself because his teaching was wasted on Sasuke who turned out to be a traitor.

He walked back silently. Tsunade took the opportunity to run forward and hug Naruto very tightly.

She was sobbing, clutching onto him and not wanting to let go.

Naruto rubbed her back. "Please, Naru-chan, you are like a son to me, please be safe!" She cried.

Naruto smiled as he leaned forward. "Don't worry, I'll be safe, Kaa-chan." He whispered to her ear, telling her that she meant to him just as much as he meant to her.

Tsunade's eyes widened as she started crying.

Naruto soon had to force her off of him as she was about to dispel him before he could say goodbye to the rest.

He smiled as he looked at Tsunade. He turned his gaze to Jiraiya.

He grinned like what he did after pulling a prank. "I'm sorry, Ero-kyofu… but you won't be able to follow me as I'm long gone…" he said before he walked over and hugged Jiraiya.

He released the short hug before looking at the rest. "I'll keep in contact with you all through my toad summoning so please don't worry…" he was cut off when he saw someone running towards him.

He was enveloped in a hug by Hinata and she cried on his chest. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, Naruto-kun, I love you." She said in a rare moment of determination.

Naruto was shocked at first but then he smiled. He wrapped his own arms around her and kissed her on the forehead.

"You'd better hold on to those feelings, Hinata-chan, and get stronger while I'm gone because once I'll come back, I'll be much stronger and I will take you up on your feelings!" He declared.

He looked only to see that Hinata's face was red and she was unconscious.

He sweatdropped before he smiled. He handed her to Tsunade. "Take care of her and please, take her as your apprentice instead of Sakura, she is more deserving and she doesn't even like to hurt people so healing might be better for her. Consider it a favor to me, Kaa-chan," he said before he waved and puffed into smoke.

Everyone was gaping at seeing Naruto has been nothing but a clone for a few minutes before they started to leave. After all, Naruto was going to get strong so they all needed to keep up.

*With Naruto*

"Man, I'm really starting to regret running off without Jiraiya…" Naruto said to himself as he dodged a masked man's hand from touching him.

Naruto was currently dressed in a black shirt that had the Uzumaki clan symbol on his chest and on his back and black ANBU pants. He was enveloped by a red chakra cloak and had four tails swinging wildly behind him. That was as much of Kurama's power as his body could handle without shutting down according to the bijuu.

What was weird to Naruto was that the man was wearing the Akatsuki cloak, meaning he was an S-ranked missing nin yet he was slower and weaker than Naruto. The only reason Naruto was losing was that every single one of his attacks was passing right through that man. He was literally passing through him.

Naruto panted lightly as the chakra cloak disappeared, his body too tired to handle the stress of the demonic chakra.

The masked man appeared in front of Naruto and shoved a Kunai into his chest. However, just before the Kunai made contact, A portal appeared in front of Naruto and a massive claw came out, impaling the man and killing him on the spot.

Naruto stared in shock at the massive claw that came out of the portal only for his eyes to widen comically when he saw the claw moving towards him. However, before the claw impaled him, it stopped and rose, sticking the tip of the claw into Naruto's shirt and picking him up before pulling him into the portal.

Once he was inside the portal, Naruto looked around him. He was floating inside of an endless space and all around him he could see a lot of colors blended together.

However, when he looked in front of him, he saw the creature who pulled him inside. He was a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his snout and had two sets of wings. His overall length measures around 100 meters.

Naruto stared at the Dragon which seemed to be sizing him up.

Finally, the dragon opened his mouth. "Naruto Gremory-phoenix… I have been watching you for a long time now and I have to say that even though you have not awakened quite yet, I'm impressed by your morals and admit that years ago, I had the same dreams as you do about the female kind. I shall train you for the next few years until you will be ready to achieve your ambition and claim your heritage." he said in a deep voice.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I think you've got the wrong guy… My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze…" he said, a little unsure.

The dragon let out a deep chuckle. "That's the thing… Kushina Uzumaki… Minato Namikaze… those names were lies. Their true names were Kushina Gremory and Minato Phoenix. What's more, they were both devils of the highest level." he said.

Naruto's wrist seal started to glow and the chessboard came out of it. Naruto watched in fascination as the folded board opened and out floated sixteen chess pieces. There were eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, A queen, and finally, the king.

The king floated over to Naruto and before he could react, it was absorbed into his chest.

Suddenly, two bat-like wings shot out of Naruto's back, going through his shirt without damaging it, and a second later, the wings caught on fire though they didn't burn Naruto.

Naruto looked in shock at his own wings before seeing the rest of the pieces float down and land in his palms, the chessboard disintegrating into nothingness.

Naruto looked up at the dragon, wanting to ask him what that was all about but the dragon was already starting to explain.

"Congratulations… you have awakened. Those are evil pieces and they are given to any capable pure-blooded devil like you or to any high-ranking devil. As I've told you before, both of your parents were high-ranking devils so they both had a set of evil pieces. However, every single member of their peerage died in the last three-way war between the devils, the angels, and the fallen angels. They were both about to die as they were sent here by the use of a spell without any protection but I saved them and sent them to your world, the world of the shinobi where they took the appearance of two children and went to the same village. I gave them a new set of evil pieces for their eventual child and here you are with the set I gave them for you. It's a shame that they are dead… they are the only devils I ever liked and respected… actually, they were the only humanoid beings I ever liked and respected. However, now that they are dead, you are the only one currently alive which I like and respect because of how you turned out to be even though you had a brutal start to your life. Because I like and respect you, I shall train you until you will be strong enough to achieve your ambition and enslave even the strongest of women." he said as he lowered his head in front of Naruto.

"Let me explain about the evil pieces before I will get your first slave out of you and allow her to become your queen as she is quite the powerful woman," he said before he pushed his snout under Naruto and allowed him to sit on it while he started flying somewhere.

"There are sixteen pieces in a set of evil pieces. The first and most basic one is the pown. It is the weakest piece yet the most versatile. It has no special ability and only gives a small power boost. However, the pawn can transform into a rook, bishop, a knight, or a queen when in enemy territory or with the permission of its king. A rook gets incredible physical attacking power as well as incredible defense and stamina but the drawback is that it becomes slow. The Bishop gets a boost in magical power at the cost of its physical strength. A knight gets a great boost of speed but is vulnerable to physical attacks, especially to its legs as once its legs are injured, the speed boost is useless. The queen is the most powerful piece a king can have. It gets the rook's incredible physical strength, stamina, and defense, it gets the bishop's magic boost and it gets the knight's speed boost. The king is different. Usually, the king is the weakest piece as it doesn't give any of the boosts and it doesn't get to transform like the pown. However, the king is a high-ranking devil and it gets a five times power boost to magical and physical strength meaning that while it is the weakest piece, the wielder of the piece is the strongest out of all of the peerage. Plus, only the king can use the evil pieces to make people its servants and only it can command its servants to do whatever it wants them to do." the dragon finished and Naruto was smirking, understanding where the dragon was going with it.

"Alright then. I accept your training. I will work as hard as physically possible and push past my limits to train even harder to reach my goal. Those supernatural girls in the world you are going to send me to are going to stand no chance against my slave seal!" Naruto shouted with enthusiasm.

The dragon laughed "good. I'll make sure to enjoy the show once I'm done with you because there will be no one capable of stopping you!" the dragon said.

Naruto realized something. "Hey, what's your name?" he asked.

The dragon thought for a second before he chuckled. "I don't remember my name, it's been thousands of years since anyone called me by my name… though the humanoid beings in the world I'll send you to call me 'Great red' so I guess you can call me that," he said.

Naruto sweatdropped before he shrugged. "Oh well… whatever," he said before they reached a place with a platform of ground. The platform was a round floating piece of earth with a radius of five kilometers. In the middle of the platform was a small house.

Great red stopped in front of the platform and Naruto got off his nose, standing on the platform only to instantly fall on his knees.

Naruto slowly got up and chuckled nervously. "That was my bad…. I didn't expect it to have gravity five times stronger than the elemental nations…" he said, his muscles flexing to keep himself standing.

The dragon laughed. "Don't worry. Now let's see…" he said before in a puff of smoke, Kurama appeared right next to Naruto.

She wore a small red tank top which was closed in the front by three buttons and strained against her massive bust. The shirt ended just above her massive bust and stayed above her body, not going back down after her massive bust, making it so if anyone were to look up from underneath her, they would see that she wore no bra. She wore a very short mini skirt which covered nothing more than her crotch and her ass and again, if anyone were to look from under her, they would notice the clear lack of underwear.

Naruto smiled at his bitch. he struggled to walk over to her and placed his lips onto her own, kissing her hotly. Kurama melted into his lips, enjoying the way he groped her tits.

Naruto broke the kiss before he turned to look at the massive dragon. "So… how do I make her my queen?" he asked.

The dragon thought for a second. "You will need to learn how to use magic before you could make her your queen. However, you can learn magic in only a week so it won't be a problem and with the use of your clones, It'll be even faster. Once you know how to use magic, you can use two different types of contracts to seal her as your queen. You can either use an equal relationship contract or a master-servant relationship contract. I do not doubt that you will only make use of the second one so it will be the second one I'll teach you first." he said.

Naruto grinned and made a cross-fingered hand seal. "Shadow clone jutsu!" he shouted as two hundred clones appeared on the platform. All of them sitting to make sure they do not dispel from the gravity.

Naruto himself dropped to the ground and started to do push-ups, sit-ups, and every exercise he knew in order to quickly get used to the new gravity.

Kurama looked at her master in worry. "Master, please remember that I'm not in there to heal your muscles that you tear in your workout, so please take it easy." she pleaded.

Naruto stopped his sit-ups for a second to look at her. "You've got a point…" he said sadly before he continued though at a slower pace.

Kurama sighed in relief as Great red laughed. "Don't worry. The Phoenix clan's regeneration is a lot faster than your healing. You can go as fast as you want, you'll be alright. For the record, nothing short of decapitation or ripping your heart out will be able to kill you. That and anti devil items which will stop your regeneration…" he explained.

Naruto grinned as he sped up. "Thanks, great red, now I can go as fast as I can without holding back!" he shouted.

Kurama looked up at the dragon. "Do you have any special training planned for me?" she asked hopefully. She didn't want her master having a weak servant, let alone his queen. She might have been the strongest being in terms of chakra in the elemental nations but she was no match for any trained fighter, not in this form anyway and she doubted Naruto wanted her to go full demon fox form inside of a city if they find themselves in such a situation also, she could clearly feel that Great red wouldn't even be phased by her strongest attack so that was also that because if by any chance there were more beings that are even remotely as strong as great red in this new world he was sending them on, she was going to need to start training her ass off.

The dragon nodded. "Yes. you go to where his clones are and I will come to instruct you all on how to use magic, you are going to need it as the world I'll be sending you into is dominated by magic," he said and she nodded.

*Time skip: a week later*

Naruto already gained a decent level of control over his magical power and was ready to make Kurama into his queen.

He found out that his magic reserves were just as big as his chakra reserves and that was why it took him and his clones a full week to get a good hold over his magic.

Currently, Kurama was laying on the ground which was on the edge of the platform Naruto called home for the past week and will continue to call it home for the next few years.

Naruto crouched down next to her and placed the queen piece of his evil pieces on her chest, right between her naked breasts.

He stood up and clapped his hands together. Under Kurama's back, a red magic circle appeared. "I, Naruto Gremory-Phoenix hereby order your rebirth as a devil and the queen of my peerage! You shall become the servant which will serve her master without question. You shall do whatever I order you to do and will not hesitate whatsoever. Now rise as a reborn devil!" Naruto chanted, the circle under Kurama glowing and the queen being absorbed into her chest.

Suddenly, Kurama floated up, burning bat wings coming out of her upper back and a fire in her eyes. "I feel so much stronger! Thank you so much for doing this for me, Master. In return, I shall serve you for the rest of our lives!" she said in determination.

Naruto smiled as he clenched his fist in determination. "I along with you will get so much stronger that no one will recognize us when we get back to Konoha!" He said in determination.

Great red laughed from where he was floating next to them. "You'd better believe they won't!"

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