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Chapter three: you're better off submitting

After sending Kurama and Yasaka to escort the unconscious Ami back to his tower, Naruto quickly made his way towards the building where Rias's club was taking place.

He very quickly made his way there and entered the building, not bothering to ask anyone for permission before doing so.

He made his way towards the higher floors where the actual club room was located. He made it to the door and then knocked.

After hearing a feminin voice saying 'come in', Naruto pushed the doors open and walked in.

He looked around as he walked in and saw a normal looking office with an office desk in front of him. Behind the desk sat Rias with Akeno standing to her right a little behind her.

Leading up to the office desk were two couches facing each other with a small coffee table in between the couches.

On each of the couches sat a person. The first was a handsome young man with short blond hair and blue eyes. He wore the Kuoh Academy's boys school uniform, which consists of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

The other person was a petite girl with white hair and gold eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair. She wears the Kuoh Academy's girls school uniform, without the shoulder cape.

Naruto looked at Rias and found her eyes narrowed at him. "You said your name was Naruto, right?" she spoke and he nodded his head.

"My name is Naruto Gremory-Phoenix. Child of Kushina Gremory and Minato Phoenix." he said simply with no expression on his face.

Rias raised an eyebrow. "And who are they? I don't recognize the names…" she asked.

Naruto scratched his head before sitting down on thin air, a chair of flames appearing under him and allowing him to sit down. "Well… let's see… My father, Minato Phoenix, was the younger brother of the current clan head of the Phoenix clan. My mother on the other hand, while a genius in the ways of Magic, was a lower member of the Gremory clan. She was noticed because of her talent by your father, Zoeticus, and had been forced by him to engage him using his superior status in the clan. However, what he didn't know was that my father, who was engaged through an arranged marriage to your mother, Venelana, had also noticed her and had a romantic relationship with her. Eventually My father, along with my mother and Venelana decided to engage in a secret three-way relationship without Zoeticus knowing. Eventually, during the last war, my parents were sent into the dimensional gap and were proclaimed dead, so Venelana ended up being unwillingly engaged to Zoeticus. Now tell me, do you think there is a reason my parents were specifically erased from your teaching about powerful figures of the Gremory and Phoenix clans in the past few generations?" he explained thoroughly, asking a sarcastic question as he finished, his tone cold and full of malice towards a certain person, the unlucky bastard being Zoeticus.

After all, Naruto stated once that he did not rape women he respected and the only women he respected were probably just Kushina, Tsunade and maybe even Yugao or Hinata, depending if the latter of the two kept her promice and held onto her feelings towards him.

Rias was absolutely stupefied as she listened to Naruto talk. Even Akeno was shocked by his words having already met both of Rias's parents and seeing the dislike Venelana had for Zoeticus, finally understanding why that was.

Rias glared at Naruto. "What are you trying to say?" she asked dangerously.

Naruto laughed her killing intent off. "Nothing in particular… I'm just saying… Did you ever think about why your brother and mother never fought back against your father when he abused them?" he asked.

Rias was taken aback. She took some time to think. "It's because we all respect Father." she said determinably.

Naruto laughed loudly. "Haha! That's rich!" he said. His face then turned serious as he narrowed his eyes at her. "It's because of you." he said, pointing at her.

Rias narrowed her eyes back. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

Naruto laid back into his chair, placing his hands behind his head. "The reason Sirzechs not only agreed but was even happy to have me come here, to your so-called territory, is because I offered to protect you from your father in return for my being here. You see, when I came over to ask Sirzechs to build me a tower, I noticed he was scared of your much weaker father and found out that your father was only in control because he was threatening to harm you in case either your brother or mother ever disobeyed him." he explained nonchalantly.

Rias was skeptical. "What makes you think that even if my father wanted to hurt me you would stand a chance against him?" she asked.

Naruto sat forward and grinned at her. "You wanna test me?" he asked excitedly.

Rias thought for a second before nodding her head. "Sure, why not. If I find you strong enough, I'll contact Onii-sama and check if you're telling the truth. However, If you are not strong enough, you will die during the test as a stray devil." she said, trying to intimidate Naruto with her killing intent again.

Naruto laughed. "Sure. you can throw your whole peerage at me and even call for reinforcements from the other devils around the area if you want. You all are not even on the same scale of power as me." he said before getting up.

"Just come over to my class tomorrow to tell me the time and place you chose. Also, you should stop being so rude. It'll get you hurt someday. If I had a little of a shorter temper I would have forced you to pay at least a little bit of respect towards me but I don't really care for now…" he said casually, his killing intent flooding the room for a moment before he left through the door, closing it after him and taking his killing intent back with him.

Rias was deep in thought as Naruto left. 'If it's true, and he really was sent here by Onii-sama to protect me, I might have screwed myself over with the way I acted towards him… though if he is indeed an imposter, it could be quite problematic. I'm not sure even I can defeat him on my own… I should contact Sona and get her to assist me in the test…' she thought to herself.

Akeno next to her was also in thought. 'He was very strong… Rias might have not noticed but his killing intent alone was able to paralyze me… I have no doubt he can defeat all of us on his own, even if we have Sona help out. I should get closer to him. He might be able to help me out with my own father… also, he is quite the handsome man…' she thought, giggling pervertedly in her head as she finished.

*with Naruto*

Naruto smirked hungrily to himself as he walked out of Rias's club building. He walked into the nearby woods so he could teleport safely without being seen.

As he slowly walked, he couldn't help thinking to himself. 'Both that Rias and that Akeno… such beautiful women full of spirit are perfect to serve me. I'll have to take care of that before going back to Konoha…' he thought to himself, adding making Rias and Akeno his to his mental check-list.

Naruto went into the woods and disappeared into a magical circle, going back to his tower in an instant.

He appeared out of a magical circle at the entrance to his tower and walked in, the automatic doors opening for him.

Naruto walked in to see Kurama in the kitchen working on breakfast and Yasaka simply watching her work from the living room's couch.

As the door opened, Yasaka stood up and walked over to them, bowing to Naruto in greeting.

"How was your talk with Rias and her peerage, Naruto-sama?" she asked. Naruto walked into the living room and got rid of all of the clothing he had on his torso, leaving him with nothing but the black pants he swapped into after school before he dropped down onto the couch lazily.

"It was alright…" he said before pulling Yasaka into his lap and kissing her neck. "Though that Rias and her friend Akeno are too hot for their own good" he said, playing with Yasaka's large breasts to her immense pleasure.

Yasaka moaned. "I hope my body can satisfy you instead." she said between her light moans.

Naruto chuckled. "Don't flatter them so much. While the two of them are hot. Neither of them stand a chance against you or Kurama. It's just that I could always use more women and those two are prime candidates." he explained.

His hands unconsciously pulled Yasaka's shirt up and off her body, revealing her breasts which he started to fondle, teasing the nipples.

His left hand remained on her breasts as his right hand slowly crept down and into her skirt, teasing her aroused pussy.

Yasaka released a moan from her mouth as she melted back into Naruto's chest. "Speaking of new girls, where is Ami?" he asked, his fingers going into Yasaka's pussy and teasing her G-spot, causing an instant orgasm.

Yasaka moaned loudly as her head shot back and her mouth twisted into a stupid grin. She released her juice onto Naruto's fingers, in a state of blissful ignorance.

At that moment, Kurama came out of the kitchen with a plate in her hand. She sat next to Naruto on the couch. "Ami is in the bedroom resting. She is still out since the end of school-time." she explained, picking up a piece of the perfect steak she prepared onto the fork and placed it in Naruto's waiting mouth.

At that time, Yasaka came back to her senses. As Naruto chewed onto the delicious piece of food in his mouth, he took his fingers out of Yasaka's pussy and placed them in front of her face.

As Naruto very roughly groped Yasaka's left breast with his left hand, she licked his drenched fingers clean of her love juice before starting to suck on them eagerly.

At that time, the door of the elevator opened and Ami came out, still as naked as she was when she passed out on her office floor.

Naruto swallowed the food in his mouth. "Ami, get your pretty ass over here." he ordered calmly, his pants disappearing from under him and his massive dick standing up proudly in between Yasaka's thick thighs.

Ami quickly did as she was told and knelt in front of him. "Yes Naruto-sama, how may I help you?" she asked submissively, lowering her head.

Naruto grinned. "Use your mouth and those massive tits of yours and do your best to make me feel good." he ordered before being fed another bite of his steak.

Ami nodded her head. "Understood, master." she said before wrapping the lower part of Naruto's massive cock in her enormous tits.

She placed her hands on either side of her tits before starting to slide them up and down Naruto's fat cock. She placed the tip of his cock into her mouth and used her tongue to start licking around. Finally, after the tip was well lubricated enough, Ami went down with her head and took more of Naruto's cock into her mouth, the tip quickly reaching the back of her throat after a mere three inches of the foot-long monster.

Naruto swallowed his food once again and let out a sigh of comfort. "This is the best…" he said, giving Yasaka's left breast a strong squeeze, the woman moaning on his fingers as he did so.

*timeskip: the next day after the final class at school*

Naruto, Kurama, Yasaka, Miho, Yuina and Yuuri just finished school and the latter three were ecstatic to finally take Naruto to their Kendo club where they could introduce him to their two other friends from the club.

Naruto had already instructed Ami to go back to wait for him at his tower while Kurama and Yasaka were following after them to either watch in Yasaka's case or take an active part in the swordplay sparring that they were probably about to undergo.

"Naruto-kun, I really hope you'll show us your skills with the sword," Miho said excitedly as she held onto his arm tightly on their way to the club's training area.

She held his hand tightly against her large chest and refused to release it, not that Naruto complained.

He smirked as he looked down at her. "Only if any of you can make me…" he said, grinning teasingly.

Miho pouted up at him. "Don't be mean Naruto-kun…" she mumbled.

Kurama and Yasaka watched the interaction from the side with interest. Yasaka had never seen Naruto act in such a way with a woman. Kurama, however, had only one person to compare this with and that was on the day Naruto's clone left Konoha.

Naruto had told her about how Hinata confessed to him and about how he reacted. That was the only time she could remember Naruto being so nice to a woman and not just looking at her as a hole to dump his load into.

The group of six teenagers quickly made it to the training grounds and found two girls in their late teens waiting for them there. Around the girls were a few wooden dummies and at the edge of the training grounds there was a table with a few bokken on it.

The first girl had pink hair with pink eyes that had a brown pupil in them. She wore the standard Kuoh academy female attire and had an additional white band wrapped around her forehead. She had a big set of D-cup breasts on her chest and smooth long legs that went down to feet that were covered by white running shoes.

The other girl had golden eyes and long brown hair. She had two long bands of brown hair framing her face and at the back of her head she wore a red ribbon on the left and right, creating two ponytails. She, like the other girl, had a solid D-cup pair of breasts covered by the Kuoh academy uniform. Her long legs were smooth and white all the way down and her feet were covered by light blue running shoes.

The group of six walked over to the two busty young women. "Murayama-chan, Katase-chan, we've brought new members to our club!" Miho called over to the two girls.

The two of them looked the three new people over before looking back at Miho.

The brown haired girl, Murayama, walked over to Miho and whispered into her ear. "Miho-chan, I don't know where you found that hot guy but didn't we decide the club was for girls only? As much as I would like to get to know him, this isn't the place to do it…" she said, glancing at Naruto.

Naruto smiled at her. "There is no need to whisper. I can hear you perfectly fine. I'm flattered to know you like my appearance." he said, his charming smile melting her heart.

Murayama blushed. "S-sorry… but how did you hear me?" she asked, flustered.

Naruto didn't even need to answer. "Naruto-kun used to be a ninja before he joined our school. Naturally he would have sharp senses. That's also why he's here. He can teach us how to use a sword more effectively since he's a sword master and all…" Miho explained very enthusiastically as she clutched onto Naruto's arm.

Murayama and Katase looked at Naruto in disbelief as he patted Miho on her head kindly. "Now don't scare them, Miho," he said, smiling and melting her heart.

Miho locked eyes with Naruto for a second and her heart began to thump fast. A pink blush slowly spread across her cheeks as she lost herself in Naruto's blue eyes.

Naruto finally turned his head to look at the two shocked girls, breaking the eye contact he had with Miho and smiling at Murayama and Katase.

"So, would you girls like to show me what you've got?" he asked, grinning as he shrugged Miho off his arm and walked over, picking a bokken off the table.

He threw the bokken to Miho and smiled. "Show me what you can do." he said, holding the sword carelessly over his shoulder.

Miho grabbed the sword with a smile and charged at Naruto, her bokken held in her hand perfectly still.

Miho released a slash meant for Naruto's torso but it was blocked by his sword easily. "You are open to attack from here" he said, his sword blurring and smacking Miho on the lower right part of her waist.

Miho yelped in pain before she gritted her teeth together and thrusted her sword towards Naruto's stomach.

He blocked with the wide part of the sword before his sword blurred again. "You're still wide open." he calmly exclaimed, his sword smacking her left inner thigh, causing Miho to drop onto one knee.

Naruto jumped back. "The rest of you girls are welcome to join her and attack me together." he said, before jumping above Miho's horizontal slash.

As he jumped over the attack, he smacked Miho's left shoulder with his bokken and then jumped back.

Miho looked at Naruto through slightly teary eyes as she shakily stood back up to her starting stance.

"You are doing very well considering you didn't train for more than a few years in Kenjutsu." Naruto encouraged before ducking under an attack that came from behind him, courtesy of Yuuri.

Naruto side stepped a vertical attack from Yuina before jumping back in a backflip to avoid a straight stab from Katase and a horizontal slash to his waist by Murayama.

Just as Naruto landed, Kurama appeared right in front of him and slashed at him diagonally from his left waist up towards his right shoulder.

Naruto instantly disappeared and appeared behind her, smacking the back of her right knee with his bokken and forcing her to kneel.

The fight went on like that for a few more minutes before the girls found themselves exhausted and bruised, apart from Kurama who was simply bruised slightly. The fight then ended and Naruto was quickly declared as the victor.

He stood in front of all of the panting girls sitting on the ground with Yasaka standing silently a little behind.

"Well done girls. That was a good sparring session. I'll continue to teach you all how to get better and how to get stronger for the next few months until you won't need me anymore." he said, smiling gently.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. We promise to work as hard as we can!" Miho said, standing up and walking over to him before grabbing onto his arm again.

Naruto nodded in satisfaction. "That's good to hear. Now let's go home. Kurama, Yasaka, let's escort the girls home to make sure they make it there safely." he said kindly, though the words he chose to use as well as his discreet glance at Miho put the two nine tailed foxes on edge.

Miho beamed at him in happiness. "Really? You will?" She asked excitedly. Naruto smiled and nodded his head, pulling her slightly closer to his body.

Kurama walked over and stood on Miho's other side while Yasaka walked over and stood behind her. The other four girls thought nothing of it and joined them in walking through Kuoh town where they dropped the girls off at their house one by one. First was Katase, then Murayama, Yuina, Yuuri and finally, Naruto was left with Kurama, Yasaka and Miho.

After Yuuri said goodbye to them and went into her house, Naruto shot a glance at Miho who was smiling brightly while clutching onto his arm. "Miho, Yasaka, Kurama. How about we take a short walk through the nearby park?" he asked, giving them a look that said to go with it.

Kurama and Yasaka noticed his look and instantly agreed with him. Miho was even quicker to agree. "Alright. I don't mind since I don't have to get home for a while. I have no one home anyways." she explained.

Naruto raised an eyebrow as he led them to the park. "What do you mean? Are you an orphan?" he asked curiously, subconsciously holding her closer, trying to provide warmth.

Miho giggled and shook her head. "No, It's not like that. My father left us when I was very young and so I don't have any siblings. My mother, on the other hand, is always working super hard. She is the CEO of a big company in China so she is very rarely home. I love her a lot and I know she loves me too but It could still get lonely sometimes…" she said, shrugging it off as if it was nothing.

Naruto released his hand from her grip and wrapped it around her waist. He tried to send her a comforting smile, his own lonely pain creeping into his smile. "I get that. I was also alone for the first few years of my life since I never got to see my parents but it became much better when I met Kurama and my sensei. If you are feeling lonely, feel free to call me anytime. I live with Kurama and Yasaka in this really big tower that a friend built for me as a favor so you can also stay for a night if you are feeling particularly lonely…" he said, comforting her to the best of his abilities.

Miho looked up at him with slightly teary eyes. "Thank you, Naruto-kun. That really means a lot to me." she said happily.

Naruto smiled down at her before he leaned down and kissed her forehead after lifting her hair out of the way. "It's alright." he said, smiling gently as he watched her blushing face.

Miho rubbed her thighs together as she felt her forehead with her hand. Her breathing became slightly heavier as her heart-bit quickened.

The four made it into the park and walked around it until they made it to a completely secluded place.

"How about the three of you come out now? You are far out of your league here so you might as well…" Naruto started until three figures jumped in front of the four.

"Nevermind. I won't let you run now. You three are way too hot to let you just run away." he said, releasing Miho into Kurama's arms and taking a step forward.

The first of the three women was a girl with blonde hair styled into twintails and blue eyes.

She wore a Gothic Lolita attire, which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She also wore a large black bow on top of her hair. The girl had a childish appearance with a flat chest and flat hips but had a childish cuteness to her.

The second of the three women was a tall and buxom woman with brown eyes and long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye. Her attire consisted of a maroon, trench coat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trenchcoat top was open at her chest, giving view to her massive G-cup breasts and cleavage. At the same time, her miniskirt strained against her ass as if the massive cheeks were going to tear through it and pop straight out. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck.

The last of the three girls was a very attractive looking young woman. She had long, silky black hair with brown eyes that looked to have a dangerous glint in them. She wore a black, strap-like objects (resembling leather) around and under her big E-cup breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps and was completely swallowed whole by her big ass, gloves that ran right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.

The third of the women stepped forward as well. "Give me the girl and I will allow you to live." she said, an arrogant smirk on her face.

Naruto shook his head. "I'm sorry, but she is mine. I don't give anything away, let alone a girl of mine. Don't worry though, you'll soon join her." he said, glancing at Miho before smirking back at the woman.

"What do you plan to do with her anyways? Is it about the red dragon?" he asked. All three of the women seemed to recoil in shock before the one who spoke so far narrowed her eyes at Naruto. "If you must know, yes. I was going to transfer the dragon sacred gear over to my body. You'll be dead soon anyways so It doesn't matter if you know…" she said.

Naruto smirked. "Well, if you can actually take sacred gears away from people and put them into a different body, you are useful to me, not only as a hole. How about you save me the trouble and become my pawn? If you drop to your knees right now and swear that you will serve me obediently as my pawn for the rest of your life I will not break you and your friends later on…" he said, smirking arrogantly.

Miho looked at Naruto. "Naruto-kun, what's going on? What are you talking about?" she asked.

Naruto turned his head and smiled kindly at her. "You have nothing to worry about. I'm here to protect you so you'll be alright. After all of this is over, please come with me back to my house. I have something to ask you. For now, enjoy whatever you can of my upcoming fight." he said, turning back to the three women.

Miho nodded her head. "Alright. I'll believe in you and come with you after we're done here." she said.

Naruto smiled slightly before his smile disappeared. "You women. What are your names? I'm Naruto gremory-phoenix." he said, smirking at the shocked faces the two were making.

"No way, a single being from both the Gremory clan and the Phoenix clan… Raynare-sama, we should escape right now, to hell with the mission!" the child-like woman said to her black haired leader.

Raynare glared back at her. "That sacred gear is mine, Mittlet! I don't care who he is, we'll kill him and take the girl. Only then would you be allowed to leave. That goes for you too, Malawarna." she said, turning her head to the massive breasted girl with the blue hair at the end.

Both girls nodded their heads in fear. "As you wish, Raynare-sama." they both said at the same time.

Naruto nodded his head. "So the back haired woman dressed like one of my whores is Raynare, the petite girl is Mittlet and the massive breasted girl is Malawarna." he said, nodding as he started to walk even closer to the three girls.

The Aura Naruto released was paralyzing to the three women and took away their ability to fight back or move at all.

Naruto waved his hand and a red rope appeared in his hand. He disappeared out of sight and appeared behind Malawarna before he tied her up with the rope. Her hands were bound behind her back and were connected to her legs so that if she tried to move her hands suddenly she would pull on her own legs and fall down.

Then he went over and cuffed the petite girl's hands behind her back, taking her wand away and leaving her powerless.

Finally, Raynare was able to snap out of her daze, jumping away as she saw Naruto calmly approaching her.

Naruto raised an impressed eyebrow. "I never thought you'd be able to escape my Aura… oh well, It'll just be more interesting now." he said, ginning at Raynare like a predator looking at its prey.

Raynare was horrified as she thought of all the things Naruto could do to her when she was captured. Surprisingly, the only things going through her mind were painful torture. As a fallen angel, which most of the time meant that she was a very sultry and horny woman, she never thought of sexual torture as actual torture but as a prize instead so she never expected to go through sexual torture when Naruto eventually would capture her.

She turned around and started running away, realizing that it wasn't a battle she could win.

Naruto was having none of that and stomped the ground in her direction, the earth shaking and Raynare falling to the ground as a result. She opened a set of back angel wings and tried flying away but a small portal opened next to her and Naruto's hand grabbed hold of her hand, making sure she wasn't getting away.

Raynare gasped in shocked horror as the lone hand lifted her off the ground with ease and threw her back into Naruto's embrace.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her chest and rested his head on her shoulder next to her ear. "I'm gonna have so much fun breaking you… I'll turn you into a willing slave of mine and make sure you're obedient to me more than you are to yourself…" he whispered into her ear, licking the ear and causing her to shiver.

He squeezed her breasts once before letting go of her and giving her a karate chop to the back of her head, knocking her out instantly and throwing her over his shoulder before she could fall.

He took her over to Kurama, Yasaka and Miho were standing and handed her to Kurama.

"Take care of her," he ordered her. "Yasaka, go get the other two." he ordered the other fox-woman who nodded head in understanding before walking to get the two bound girls.

Naruto smiled at Miho as she looked at him. "Come on, let me explain everything you just saw." he said, bending down slightly before lifting Miho into his arms bridal style.

Miho blushed red as she looked up at him through her clouded eyes. "W-what are you doing?" she asked, flustered.

Naruto smiled. "Nothing much. I'm just taking you to my home where we could have a talk. I figured that you wouldn't mind but if you want me to I can put you down…" he said, lowering himself to the ground to let her down.

However, Miho stopped him, her arms holding tightly onto his own. "Don't… I-I like it." She said, stuttering in embarrassment.

Naruto smiled down at her. "Alright. Off we go then." he said, taking off in the direction of his tower by foot.

*Meanwhile with Kurama and Yasaka*

Kurama looked at Yasaka as the two of them appeared in the fifth and highest floor of the tower through a magical circle with all three of the captured girls with them. The whole floor was remodeled to look like the torture room Naruto made in the dimentional gap.

"Naruto-sama said to leave Raynare for him so we have one girl each. Which one would you like to have?" she asked.

Yasaka thought for a second. "The petite girl looked like she was really spirited. It's more fun to break that kind of girl so I'll pick her." she said and Kurama nodded.

"Alright so I'll take the blue haired one. It'll probably be fun to break her calm and collected Nature so I don't mind." she said, picking up the blue haired girl from the ropes and walking away from the bed which they tied Raynare onto for the time being.

Yasaka shrugged her shoulders before dragging the petite woman after her by the girl's long hair.

Kurama stopped in front of a few ropes that were hanging from the ceiling. She tied Kalawarna to the ropes so that she would be hanging in the air with her massive tits pointing downwards towards the ground.

The blue haired woman was obviously struggling but her struggles were futile because of Kurama's superior strength.

Kurama walked over to the table where the sexual torture related objects were and picked a few things.

She walked back to Kalawarna and stood next to the struggling and by now naked woman just hanging there from the ceiling.

"We are both here today by orders of my master, Naruto-sama, who desires you to become one of his slaves, much like myself and yasaka are. I would just let you know right now that what I am about to you will be nothing next to what Naruto-sama would do to you in case you submit to him and then disobey his orders so think well before you decide to agree. However, if you will submit to him and will obey his every command, he will reward you with unlimited pleasure, wealth, protection and will also teach you how to become stronger. Unfortunately, I believe only Raynare would have the pleasure of joining Naruto-sama's peerage while you and your other friend would be mere slaves but it is indeed better than nothing so I advice you to submit as soon as you can." Kurama explained to the woman, trying to show her that the pros of becoming Naruto's slave are way bigger than the cons.

The woman took a moment to digest all of the things Kurama said. "So what you're saying is that your master desires me to serve him as a slave as well and in return he would supposively give me unlimited pleasure?" she scoffed. "He should have come himself if he wanted anything to work instead of sending his dog to do his job." she said, her tone cold.

Kurama smacked the bound woman across the face, the face of her captive flying to the side with a red imprint of a palm on the previously perfect face of the blue haired woman.

"You will soon regret it." Kurama simply said before starting to walk around the girl.

"Just remember, you only need to say 'I submit' and I will allow you to cum." Kurama finished before attaching a clip to each of the girl's nipples. To the clips were tied weights, five kilograms each.

Kalawarna moaned quietly as her nipples were attacked.

Kurama walked behind the girl and pushed two of her fingers into the girl's naked pussy, moving around for a second before finding the girl's G-spot.

She rubbed around the area, making the blue haired girl moan loudly in skyrocketing arousal.

Just before the girl could reach her orgasm, Kurama pulled her fingers out of the girl's pussy, making Kalawarna whimper in incomparable desire, only feeling her orgasm slowly slipping away.

Just then, she felt something else enter into her pussy. Suddenly, much to her horror, the object in her pussy started vibrating incomparably fast, causing her to get back to the edge only fifteen seconds after the last time.

However, once again, the device stopped vibrating and she was left to whimper. She tried focusing on her breasts' condition but she was unable to get enough pleasure to go over the edge.

She considered just throwing away whatever pride she had left and just submit but she held herself back.

Mittelt, on the other hand, already broke and Yasaka had allowed her to freely orgasm, a fountain of her juice flying up from her pussy as she howled to the heavens in constant orgasm.

It took another fifteen minutes of orgasm denial for the blue haired owner of the biggest set of breasts in the room to finally break and submit, shouting to the heavens in orgasm as she released all of her juices onto the floor and passed out from having the most intense orgasm of her life wash over her.

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