Harry looked into the crib seeing the sleeping face of his little sister. She was cute as a button which explained why he got the sudden urge to lightly pinch his little sister's cheek. He was careful to not wake her though. With all the bustling activity within the walls of Winterfell, it was a miracle that his sister managed to put in a few hours of sleep. So, he was not going to disturb her especially when that'd be detrimental for his mother as well who looked like she could use some sleep.

Harry looked at his mother who was frankly looking exhausted. Handling his siblings and a baby when the entire North was assembled in Winterfell was surely taxing on her body and mind. That's why Harry chose to quietly extract himself from his mother's room. Quietly shutting the door behind him, Harry breathed a sigh of relief. It had taken him quite a bit of effort to put his mother to sleep. In contrast, his baby sister was silent as a mule the whole time. Maybe she was listening in on Harry getting a thorough dressing down for the stunts he pulled and the demands he made after King Robert's arrival.

As usual, his mother's main gripe was with Jon getting legitimized. He was starting to see that when it comes to Jon his mother was beyond any reason. His mother may love him no matter what but she drew the line when it comes to Jon.

It was frankly a shame that his mother could not see beyond her prejudices and fears regarding Jon.

'Old prejudices die hard.' he thought.

It didn't help that children born out of wedlock were given regional second names that'd end up defining them for their whole lives. This was an Andal custom that filtered into the North. Probably, this was a consequence of adopting the Common Tongue as the linguistic culture of Andals became the norm for all of Westeros. Outside of a major overhaul of the language, Harry didn't see any clear-cut way to fight against this social injustice.

Not that he had any hope of convincing all the lords in the North otherwise in the first place. While children born out of wedlock are not seen as a sin in the North, the lords do care about the right of inheritance. The current set of traditions entrenched in society was too difficult to be successfully weeded out. If he somehow pushed the issue, anything that replaces the present traditions could end up twisting into something far more oppressive in the future.

As he walked along the dimly lit corridors of Winterfell, he could see the light and distant chatter coming from the feast hall. The lords of the North and the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch were negotiating over the new boundaries and who controls what. Based on some cursory reading of some documents in Maester Luwin's possession, Harry was certain the Night's Watch would lose out on some of their current holdings.

It was an inevitable outcome.

According to some rumors going around, House Umber may get an additional vassal house and total dominion over the eastern lands near the Wall. The rest of the lands would be under the nominal control of House Stark with two major vassal houses asserting their dominion over those lands.

But, these were not the most important details as far as Harry was concerned. The detail that caught his eye was the plans surrounding the Sea Dragon point. He never expected to be granted lands much less a castle. Even if such an event was come to pass he expected Moat Cailin to be his inheritance. Just as the lands near the Neck are in decline the Neck was also a weak point. Moat Cailin was certainly not a desirable seat but its value was not in the riches the nearby land holds but for its strategic position. The castle is the last line of defense against the southern kingdoms and a strategic choke point.

So, it came as a surprise for Harry to learn that his father was planning to build a castle on Sea Dragon point. The aim here was to assert the North's presence in the western seas. In the context of the Greyjoy rebellion, this move makes sense. Having a strong naval presence on the western shores would undoubtedly bolster the security of the North. Possibly, it could also stimulate more trade if a merchant fleet could be constructed and maintained at the shores. Gaining trade routes into the Riverlands, Westerlands and the Reach through the sea should stimulate the North's economic activity. The Ironborn menace was a concern but he gathered that particular problem was not bound to be an issue for many years to come.

Setting that aside, Harry could see some other advantages in having a castle to his name. He'd have preferred the Moat but a castle on Sea Dragon point was also quite welcome. He was sure he could accommodate some of his plans for advancing the cause of magic in the area. The large size of the North should work in his favor for starting a school for magic. Perhaps, establishing trade links with other parts of Westeros should also allow him access to find more magically inclined children.

'Hmm. This needs further thought.' Harry thought before retiring for the night.

The next morning, Harry was inclined to slip into his old routine. He was to break his fast and report to the courtyard for some training but all these plans got derailed by an invitation into his father's solar.

The guards posted outside his father's solar allowed him entry without a fuss. As Harry stepped inside, he saw the Lord of Winterfell standing near the open windows of the chamber quietly speaking with Maester Luwin. The sunlight streaking into the solar made Harry find several maps strewn across his father's table.

Harry cleared his throat gaining the attention of the two older men.

"Take a seat, Harry." Eddard said, concluding the discussion with Maester Luwin.

"Shall I take my leave, my lord?"

"You may go Maester. Please have Lord Manderly sent if he is available."

Maester Luwin bowed and excited the chamber leaving Harry alone with his father. Harry made himself comfortable in a chair near the table.

"Benjen told me some disturbing things that happened at Skagos. Is there any truth to what your uncle says?" asked Eddard, coming close to Harry and looking into his eyes.

"Well... there were some unexpected events but nothing that I couldn't handle."

Harry immediately found himself in a crushing hug. He awkwardly patted his father on the back.

"I was so worried when Benjen said all those things to me last night. He was half drunk so I didn't know whether he was making things up most of the time. Flying wights and magic arrows are not exactly believable snippets of an adventure story." said Eddard, releasing Harry from the hug.

"I wish he was drunk and making all of that up. Those things were infesting the Skane island and something worse is stirring beyond the Wall."

Eddard looked taken aback taking some time to properly digest what Harry was suggesting.

"What do you mean Harrion?" Eddard asked softly.

"The tales of the Long Night are not merely tales and bedtime stories. I was warned to prepare for the second Long Night. The Others are awake and soon true Winter will be upon us."

Harry could see the internal struggle brewing behind his father's eyes. He expected nothing less. After all, it was no easy task to believe all those childhood horror stories to be real on a dime.

"Who warned you?" Eddard eventually asked after taking his time to struggle with the piece of information he was presented by his son.

"An Ice Dragon." said Harry, with a straight face knowing full well how ridiculous he was sounding right now.

This time Eddard couldn't hide the disbelief as he openly gawked at Harry.

"I'm not lying. I met an ice dragon, the last of its kind in Skane. It told me many things about our past and what we can expect in the future." said Harry.

"Son, I don't think you are..."

"The dragon also told me of a Prince born of Ice and Fire who shall usher in the second age of Dawn." said Harry, which had the intended effect on his father.

The way his father froze and looked at him with fright confirmed some of his suspicions. When the Ice Dragon had informed him of the dragon blood flowing in Jon's veins he had assumed Jon's mother had Valyrian descent. He had heard rumors of Jon's parentage before in Winterfell. Some rumors pointed to Ashara Dayne who had committed suicide under unknown circumstances after the Rebellion. He doubted House Dayne has any substantial dragon blood outside of some Martell or Hightower marrying into their house.

But, another thought had entered his mind and he only had the time to properly research the matter once he was in Winterfell. It took him some effort but he dusted up an old tome written by Archmaester Gyldayn from Winterfell's library. It was there he found the Pact of Ice and Fire, an alliance forged between House Stark and House Targaryen by Jacaerys Velaryon. The Pact required a Targaryen Princess to marry a Stark of Winterfell. Of course, such a match never happened after the Dance concluded. He could also not see much enthusiasm by the Starks that followed Lord Cregan enforcing the Pact.

Either way, when he considered the Pact and what it essentially entails he came to a realization about Jon's true identity.

"Jon is not my brother, is he? He is my cousin. He is the son of Aunt Lyanna."

The shock and fear written across his father's face all but confirmed his suspicions.

"He has the blood of the dragonlords and the blood of Winter kings in his veins. A perfect blend of Ice and Fire."

Eddard shook himself out of the stupor and took hold of Harry by his shoulder.

"You should not speak of this matter with anyone else. Should someone find out..." Eddard trailed off.

"Jon's life will be in danger. I know." Harry softly finished for his father.

"No, son. It'd be far worse. There'll be war. Robert won't tolerate a Targaryen's legacy to survive least of all a child of Prince Rhaegar. He will call his banners if he learns of Jon. The North and its people will have to face the King's wrath. Thousands will die."

Harry nodded in understanding at the bleak picture his father was painting.

"One day the south will find out the truth about Jon. When that time comes maybe your friend will call his banners against us. But, the Iron Throne will find that the North is not so easily cowed. I can promise you that father."


Cersei smiled happily cooing over her daughter. There were ample reasons for her to be happy. The Ironborn rebellion was crushed and House Lannister exacted vengeance upon those good-for-nothing pirates. Any of those pesky pests waiting to pounce on her family for the Iron Throne would be slinking back to their caves in disappointment. Her husband might be a brutish oaf but he was good for one thing – war.

Robert's victory solidified his hold on the throne. Which means her son would one day inherit the Iron Throne without much hassle. There were enemies like the Martells and ambitious lords waiting to sink their claws into her little lion but she could take care of them all.

"The septons say my daughter brought good fortune to Robert in the war with her birth." Cersei said, sliding the back of her fingers against her daughter's cheek.

"If births had anything to do with war the Robert needn't have bothered to send the Royal Fleet or call his banners." Jaime japed.

A sharp look was all it took to shut up her twin. She went back to fawning over her daughter who was looking around in wonder with her bright green eyes. Her daughter was silent most of the time but she giggled happily whenever she saw bright colors nearby.

"Tell me something, Jaime. Is it true what they say about Robert's new weapon?" asked Cersei, never taking her eyes off her daughter.

"I'm afraid for once the rumors are true. I have watched many knights and lords of the realm attempting to lift the hammer and fail. Robert was unstoppable with that hammer in the melee." said Jaime, remembering the carnage he saw being unleashed at Lannisport.

"I was hoping you'd say otherwise, Jaime." Cersei shook her head taking to her feet.

'This does not bode well for Joffrey.' she thought as she paced frantically in the room.

More worryingly, could the Starks have known the true parentage of her little lions?

Cersei dismissed that thought immediately. There was no way the Starks of all people could have known.

'Those northern barbarians have never set foot in this city after the rebellion. So, they know nothing.' Cersei thought, coming to a stop at the open window which gave her a good view of the city.

"Father seems to think our daughter will be a good match for Harrion Stark." Jaime whispered into her ears as she felt her twin's hands explore the contours of her body.

"My daughter will not be married off to some barbarian in the North no matter what father thinks of the boy." Cersei hissed.

Jaime merely moaned and began leaving a trail of kisses along her neck.

Cersei on the other hand was far from leaving the matter aside. How could she? If it became known that her Joffrey cannot lift Robert's warhammer then his legitimacy may come into question. She could not let that happen.

Her eyes fell on the giant building sitting atop Visenya's Hill. The city and Jaime's ministrations disappeared from her senses as she focused on the Sept of Baelor. Slowly, a smile flowered on her face as her mind came up with a solution to her dilemma.

'I need to arrange a meeting with the High Septon.' she thought, just before losing herself in pleasure while her silken robes slipped down from her shoulders.


Celos Poole stood watch over his charges in the training yard. Robb as usual was showing his proficiency with the sword. Once the lad grows more physically he was sure Robb would be one tough swordsman. Now, Jon on the other hand was a natural. Jon fought with a sword as if he had to prove something. Celos understood the underlying reason why Jon treated every lesson as a battle to be won. As a bastard, Jon stood to inherit nothing. However, a skilled swordsman could have better prospects in the North.

But, this state of affairs was no longer relevant. Jon was now legitimized by King Robert. The lad was even given the go-ahead to take the Stark name. If anything, this has only spurred Jon to work hard in the training yard.

Celos liked that attitude in the lad. The ability to move forward despite the odds and constantly work hard are good qualities for a good soldier. He had even heard Ser Rodrick say something along those lines to Lord Stark.

He looked at the recent addition to their training yard. He didn't know what to make of Theon Greyjoy. Everything he knows about the Ironborn kept him on edge when it comes to the lad. Nonetheless, he'd say the lad has good footwork noting the fast pace by which Theon was dodging Robb's wooden sword. It was to be expected since Theon was far older than Robb.

"Oh, look. It's Harry." Robb said, pausing in mid-swing.

Celos looked in the direction young Robb was pointing at. Sure enough, it was Harrion.

Celos raised an eyebrow when he noticed Harrion take a wooden sword as he entered the training yard.

"A sword? I thought you preferred the archery range?" Celos asked.

He had thought Harrion would prefer the bow, especially considering those three strange girls were practicing in the range. Those three were the talk of the castle strutting around everywhere with silly feather caps on their heads and calling themselves that stupid name.

"Let's just say that I'd like to familiarise myself better with other weapons. Who knows? One day, it might come in handy." said Harry.

Celos was a bit surprised but he welcomed this renewed interest in swordplay from Harrion. Turning to Jon, he raised a curious eyebrow.

"Harry lost a bet with Uncle Benjen."

Celos didn't care about the details. If it was a bet that worked its magic on Harrion then he'd take that as a blessing from the Old Gods.

"Alright then Harrion. Pair up with Jon. You are on the defense."

AN: This is the end of an introductory arc of the story or let's say the first part of this story. From here on out, the story will be focusing on the North's rise in economic and military power.