I should tell you, I've got baggage too,

I'm sorry you weren't enough for me. That I chose bursts of honesty and communication and then silent moments of passive aggressiveness. I'm even sorrier that you didn't try much to overcome our problems.

Unafraid to say I love you!

I think love can be so very easy: caring for someone, being there for them because you like their presence and not because you feel obligated to do something nice before having sex.

(I'm sorry I'm not easy to love and that I let myself get distracted with hopeful wishes that maybe you could really like me as I am,) just take me out tonight!

I hope the next person you claim to love will get better treatment. Will know when to pull back. And that you can be happy, finally, just don't say you're happy with someone else please because, still, there is only us, there is only this.

I hope you realize eventually that to say you love someone means you're irrevocably changed, and people see you with different eyes.

You can't love and stay far away, this is not a chilvary type of story. I bet the medieval princesses did not have to carry the burden of being loved either. They don't lose parts of themselves without their love lie I die without you.

So. I just came to say goodbye, love.