Run girl, run.





Run girl, you have to run now.

Run and don't you ever dare to stop.

Run so fast, that nobody can see your face.

So fast, that nobody can see the tears.

Or the pain.

And if they start to catch up with you…

Run faster.

Like a machine.

Don't look at his face.

When he speaks to you.

When he watches you.

When he tries to be friends with you.

Run, like you see the end of your way.

Although you know you'll never reach it, because, well there is no end.

Keep running anyways.

Run faster.

You can't even say he took everything with him, when he left.

It was just him, he didn't took anything with him. (You still have some of his shirts in your closet)

But the problem is: he is everything for you.

e. v. e. r. y. t. h. i. n. g.

So now, you can't do anything but run.

Run and pretend.

Pretend to walk instead of running.

Pretend to smile instead of crying.

Pretend to live a perfectly life without him.

Never stop.

Just keep running.

But after months of running, everybody needs a break.

Standing on the stage, where everybody can see you.

Where everybody can hear you.

It's just for a few minuits, you tell yourself.

Then, you can run again.

And then, when he stands in front of you…

„I´ve missed you."

And suddenly everything is okay again.

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