Episode 3: Venom

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In a Universe filled with trillions of sentient life, there are species far deadlier than the average predator. One such species are an ancient, but rare race known only as the Klyntar, a species that latches itself onto a host, consuming all that lives until the host body dies within.

One such being has found itself crash landing on Earth, where fate led it to the one and only Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Having bonded with the boy known as Peter Parker, the creature had found a use for the boy, combining its power with the teen's to display an act of dominion over New York's thugs, but only for a short time. Having discovered the true nature of the Symbiote, Peter broke off his ties with the Klyntar and banished it into a top super-spy organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D, where they planned on keeping him frozen on ice.

However, luck would be in its favor as Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, had the parasite taken out of the government's hands and into the possession of Oscorp, where it would wait until one day, it would find itself attached to one badly injured, Eddie Brock... And together, they bonded and they became one out of two combined...

Together... They were Venom.

Manhattan, New York... Two Weeks Earlier.

Three days have passed since the world learned of Norman Osborn's reveal as the Green Goblin, and his ultimate attempt to take over the Five Boroughs, all of which was thwarted by Spider-Man. The city itself was healing, attempting to rebuild from the fallout...

All while somewhere in the city, Eddie Brock has been seen standing in an empty tunnel, looking at the footage of Spider-Man as he watched him catch two criminals from a car chase he was thanked for it... Like someone worth giving praise to... And it made him slightly angered by it.

"...How do you know?" Eddie questioned, uncertain of the creature living inside of him, using his body as a human couch.

"...How do I know what?" The Symbiote asked with a voice that was animalistic and predatorial by nature.

"How do you know that Spider-Man is Peter Parker?" Eddie clarified, putting his phone up. "You seem to know a lot about him."

"You could say that he and I once... Connected well... Before he ended up betraying me, feeding me to the wolves, so to speak." The creature explained his past, remembering how he ended up in a tube from Parker's past betrayal as Eddie just scoffed at his story.

"Yeah? And, just what exactly are you?"

"You really would like to know?"

"Yeah..." Eddie said with a nod. "Yeah, I very much would."

"In that case, get out your and look at your reflection."

Eddie raises a brow at the suggestion that was made of him, confused by that demand. "What?"

"Do it!"

"Okay, fine! God."

He got out his phone without turning it on, staring at himself in the reflection glass... But then as his eyes came into contact, they did not reflect himself... Rather, they reflected an Alien Parasite that had Eyes like Spider-Man's, but more purely Organic. Its teeth sharpened and its tongue the width of a worm as the creature's Black Symbiote form came into Eddie's view.

Brock raised his hand, seeing the Symbiote's hand rise in turn. Then as he tilted his head, it did the same as he did at the same time, mimicking every move he made as Eddie watched in awe.

"...What the hell are you?" Eddie asked, lowering his hand with a nervous feeling reaching his guts.

"I am Venom... Like you, Peter Parker betrayed me, treated me like garbage, like a loser." Venom explained with a smile, seeing the disturbed look on Brock's face. "Which is why you and I are going to get along just fine together..."

"Yeah? And what gave you the impression that we'll just magically become the best of buds?"

"Because, you and I are angry, Eddie... We want justice, and we have the means to do it, you and I. That all depends on how far you're willing to go to make it happen."

Eddie lowered his brow, and Venom mimicked the same, moving in sync with his body and facial tone as they both kept on staring at each other with a reflection from his phone.

"...Alright." Eddie agreed with a nod. "But first... I'll need proof."

"Proof? Don't you remember how many asses we kicked at that fucking laboratory?"

"I remember you holding me back. You were pulling my punches, I could feel it, even when you were in control."

"Well, to be fair, I wasn't sure about Goblin Meat to be specific. It all smelled too funny for me, something foul."

"Oh? So you eat people, is that what I'm hearing?"

"Well, yeah..."

"Okay, and I'm done..." Eddie turned around and walked away. "I cross the line at cannibalism."

"Wait! Wait, please..."Eddie breathed as he willingly stopped because Venom asked him to. "Alright, I'm sensing you're not entirely sure about my existence, so how about this? Why don't you use your internet and look up the most diabolical, piece of shitstain that is a blight to your kind? The worst of the worst."

"And then what?" Eddie asked, raising his hands. "You're just... Gonna politely ask him to please stop being a piece of shitstain?"

"No... I want you to go meet him."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because I want to show you something that Peter Parker lacks, that your government isn't willing to push through. A solution that only we can accomplish. But for now, I will wait as you find our scumbag."

"Fine... But finding an asshole with that kind of rep isn't going to be easy, I'll tell you this now."

"Don't worry... I know of a really good place to start..."

Having arrived in Hell's Kitchen, Brock walked over to where Venom had guided him where to find the worst of the worst as he was walking inside a mostly quiet apartment complex.

"Remind me again, what the hell am I doing on Daredevil's turf?" Eddie asked as he walked around with his headphones on, making it seem he was talking on the phone.

"You are here to ask questions. Parker has a list of known accomplices that work within the criminal underbelly and this Gene Lorrene is one of them."

"Okay, do you know what he looks like?"

"No, but I remember from Peter's memories that he is frequent in this area."

"Like this one? Cool, so what do I have to do? Just knock on the door and somebody will just let me in to talk to Gene? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy?"

"Well, yeah... Isn't that a thing you do in this World?"

"Not without consent." Eddie sighed, standing in front of a door. "Alright, you sure this is the place?"

"I have a good photographic memory, this is the one!"

"If you say so..." Eddie knocked on the door, waiting for someone to pick up the door. Seeing the door open only an inch, he saw a pair of eyes illuminated by the glow of party lights. "Sup? I'm, um... I'm looking for Gene?"

"Business or pleasure?"

Eddie raised a brow. "What?"

"Are you here for business or pleasure? Or are they maybe the same?" The man chuckled with glee, making Brock cringe.

"Uh... No. No, I'm strictly here for business only. Is Gene home?" Eddie asked yet again, only for the door to close right on him. "Oh... Kay, that ended well."

Just as Eddie was about to turn around, a lock on the door was heard, and just when Brock turned back, the door was opened, revealing a man... Wearing a complete rubber gimp suit.

"He's in the back." The Rubber Man said before walking away, leaving Eddie to walk right in, finding himself full of things that are rather... Not Safe For Work.

"...What the fuck?" Eddie whispered as he walked inside, seeing a lot of men and women wearing leather and rubber clothes, most of them half naked.

"What? Isn't this something Humans do to repopulate?"

"Kind of, but shit!" Eddie covered his eyes, walking past a man being spanked by a grandma wearing a doctor's apron. "Did you know I was walking into a BDSM party?"

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing... Perhaps this is where we should begin, wiping out this BDSM party from the face of the Earth!"

"No, no! Christ, we're not killing anybody in here, let's... Let's just find Gene and get the fuck out of here." Eddie cleared his throat, watching a bar where a dominatrix was serving drinks. "Hi! I'm looking for Gene..."

"What?" The Dominatrix asked, given the volume of the music that was suddenly raised as Eddie had felt a bad headache, closing his eyes shut. "Are you okay?"



"Eddie, I'm not a patient man when it comes to loud decibels! I can't handle loud decibels, so either turns it off, or I will!"

"The... volume." Eddie groaned, raising a hand as he looked at the Dominatrix. "Turn it down..."

"...Fine, but only so I can hear you." The woman said with a disgruntled groan as she lowered the volume, sparing Brock of his headache. "Now, what do you want?"

"Gene..." Eddie said, breathing as he raised his chest. "I'm looking for Gene, he... I was told he was in the back?"

"Yeah, he's with his Boyfriends, watching them play Fortnite while riding the sex swing. He's the one with the Leather Cap, Leather Underwear, Leather sleeveless Jacket, he's easy to spot, he's practically a bottom."

"Great... Thank you..." Brock turned to leave, only to turn back around after being forced by Venom, having taken control of his body.

"Tell the Woman to keep the volume down while we're talking to Gene!"


"Tell her!"

"What? Do you want a drink or something?" The Dominatrix questioned with a gruff voice as Eddie groaned, raising a finger in the air.

"I um... Could you keep the volume down for five minutes?"

"Is this a fucking joke?"

"Look, I need to talk to Gene, and I can't do that if the volume is turned up on the dial, so all I need is just five minutes. Just five minutes, and then I'll be out of your hair, okay?"

"...Say please."


"I said... Say please..." The woman hissed with a seductive purr, biting her lips as Eddie wasn't sure how to feel about that.

"Eddie, I'm sensing her hormone levels rising. I think she wants you to, in human terms, turn her on."

"No shit, Sherlock," Eddie whispered while lowering his head, closing his eyes shut before raising his head to comply with her and his demands. "...please."

"Louder... Like you mean it..."

"Louder Eddie! She's not convinced!"

"Fuck's sakes..." Eddie breathed, raising his eyes. "...please..."

"...Eh, you can do better than that." The woman grabbed Brock by the throat, making him meet eye to eye. "Fucking beg, you little shit!"

"Please! Holy shit, please..." Eddie begged, having to grovel on Venom's behalf as the woman looked convinced, hearing his sound more genuine.

"...Alright." The Dominatrix let Eddie go. "You've got three minutes."

"Thank you... Thank you..." Eddie said with two thumbs up before finding a room where someone was playing games. "Do not make me go through that shit again."

"Would you rather feel humiliated, or feel bloodied by the number of brains I would have chewed on?"

"God, remind me why Peter hated your sorry ass..." Eddie stopped, seeing a room with Fortnite gameplay in the background. "...Fortnite."

Pointing a finger, he walked inside, seeing two men on the couch as they played Fortnite, having been trolled by another Fortnite player on the session.

"Ah, shit, he killed you!" One man with a hunk-out hairy chest as the other gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Fuck! Fuck you, Noobmaster69, you fucking dickhead!"

"Hey, if it's any consolation, Thor sucks just as badly as you do at this game." The voice of Wade Wilson spoke through the gamer's headset as Eddie Brock walked inside.

"Argh, you little shit!"

"Hey," Eddie called out, raising his hand up as the two men turned to his attention. "Do you any of you guys know Gene?"

"...Oi! Leather Boy!" One of the men got off the couch, opening up a closet door to reveal a man strapped with a ball gag around his mouth. "You've got a visitor!"

Eddie watched as a man that had hair all over his body was crawling on the floor like a pet as he wore a ball gag around his mouth, raising his head, revealing his domino mask as one of Gene's boyfriends looked up at Brock.

"You know Gene, eh?" The man of Scottish nationality asked as Eddie shoved his hands into his pockets.

"No, but I was hoping I could talk to him." Eddie raised a finger, noting Gene's gag. "You mind if...?"

"Yeah, sure, let me take it off." The Scottish man pulled the gag off, letting Gene breathe.

"...Can I help you?" Gene asked as saliva poured out of his lips.

"...I was told you knew one of the worst of the worst around here. I was hoping you could lead me to him." Eddie explained, stating his purpose.

"Hey... What, are you one of the Kingpin's boys?" The Leather Boy asked, tilting his brow. "Because if you are, I already told you, I'm done with the thug life, I'm retired!"

"Yeah, I can see that." Eddie cleared his throat. "Listen, I don't have long, so I just need a name. Do you have a specific asshole that is like... A shitstain on humanity or something like that?"

"A shitstain you say, huh? Well, I know quite a few of them. What do you have in mind?"

"Uh, how about one that you would rather have nothing to do with? Let's start with that."

"Eh, well there's this group of Purifiers that got started upstate in Bayville. They're led by fucking Josh..."

"Agh, Josh."

"Fuck Josh!" Both boyfriends called out with distaste as Eddie raised a brow with interest.

"Fucking Josh Glenn is the shitstain you're looking for," Gene explained. "That guy is a real Hate-Monger! Called me, and my friends fucking faggots several times once. It felt extremely degrading, the way he said it."

"Even called me an N-Word!" The other boyfriend playing Fortnite said, feeling bitter about the man named Josh. "Asshole hates everything and anything that doesn't speak white privilege! Or straight dudes!"

"Sounds like an asshole that needs to go jail." Eddie presumed, which made the others scoff.

"You kidding? The man's been to prison three times, and he's only got light sentencing out of all of them. The bastard got out, and the bastard didn't learn a thing."

"Listen, if you're serious about looking into this guy, here's a piece of advice; crush his fucking windpipe!" Gene advised with passion in his voice. "That man is a toxic windbag. If he dies, nobody is ever gonna miss him, not one person."

"I'll take the crushed windpipe under advisement, Gene." Venom spoke internally through Eddie's eardrums as he rubbed on his neck.

"Okay... We're done here." Eddie breathed, waving his hand. "Thanks for the info, feel free to do... Whatever."

"Alright, back on the swing you go, pig! Come on!" The Scottish boyfriend declared, wrapping the gag around Gene's mouth before dragging him back on the swing, letting Eddie make his hasty leave.

"...What was that thing around that guy's mouth?" Venom asked, curious about Human customs. "Seriously, what is that? Some kind of kink?"

"Yeah, let's call it that, and never speak of it for an unspecified time that spells Never..." Eddie said, having become traumatized by what he has seen as he finally escaped the party.

Eddie was seen driving a motorcycle upstate to Bayville where night dawned after dusk, breathing as he wore his bi-cycle helmet around his head, driving to his destination. Having arrived, he took off his helmet, seeing that he had arrived at a church that was currently being attended by a group of rather suspicious-looking folks.

"...well, this doesn't look very sus at all," Eddie whispered as he saw everyone walking inside.

"Mmm... So many brains to eat... I can't wait..." Venom spoke, eager to quench his hunger.

"Chill, Speedy. Let's just focus on one brain before I decide to give the green light or not, okay?" Eddie says as he walked inside, wrapping a hood around his head to conceal his face.

"Eddie, I am not fully accustomed to the nature of your politics on your Planet, but I am well aware of what racial and sexual prejudices are to a certain extent." Venom explains as Eddie walked amongst Purifiers. "I see all these people around us, and it is clear to me that they are all complete shitheads that need to be shat out through the toilet."

"So, you don't know what a Ball Gag is, but you know what a toilet is?" Eddie questioned rhetorically as he pressed his hands into his pockets, blending incognito with the crowd.

"I am a being that has six hundred million years of alien wisdom. Of course, I know what a toilet is, you really think your species is the only one that has invented a toilet?"


"Wow... You must think I'm that dumb, don't you?"

"No, no... I just thought you were more of a somebody that likes to make people they're intimidating, but you're just an awkward dork that only looks scary with all those teeth."

"...That, might be the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me."

"Hey... Who are you talking to?" One of the Purifiers questioned as Eddie turned to the member of the cult, swallowing his throat.

"Oh, um... No one, no one, I'm... I'm rehearsing lines from a script. For a play."

"Now who's a dork?"

Eddie rolled a brow as the Purifier turned away, narrowing his eyes to the man next to him.

"...Hey, um, I kind of new here. I heard a guy named Josh is running things in this group, is he going to show up tonight?"

"Yeah... He's standing up on stage right now."

Eddie's eyes turned over to the man, seeing him cloaked with a Purple gown and a hood that resembles vaguely to the infamous KKK group as he rose his hands together, expecting praise from his followers.

"...that guy? Up there, that's Josh?" Eddie asked, not impressed with Glenn's appearance.

"Indeed. Stick around, new guy. He's got something special tonight."

"Greetings, brothers and sisters!" The Hate-Monger spoke in a way a religious zealot would phrase as many Purifiers have risen from their positions. "I am thankful for all of you coming here. Tonight, we give our thoughts and prayers to all the poor lost souls that have vanished in the crisis that went on in New York City, some of whom will no longer stand with us for eternity..."

"That does not sound racist..." Venom speaks as if he is speaking right into Eddie's ear, making him roll his shoulder blades back.

"However, just because a crisis has passed, does not mean the lessons have not been learned," The Hate-Monger continued. "The horrors that humans have endured, they have suffered only because of the blight that has spread throughout the world, and a blight that is caused by creatures who pose as men and women, but are only Inhuman by nature!"

"Okay... Now that sounds racist." Venom spoke yet again as Eddie is failing to see the point in his being here.

"Our world leaders, politicians, corporate overlords, they like to roll over history as if nothing has happened, but we remember! We remember the travesties that have been made, we remember the crimes that were made against our brothers and sisters, and yet justice has not yet been served because the highest members of society are fools, blinded by liberal media and SJW politics!"

"Yup... Still sounds racist."

"What are we doing here?" Eddie questioned himself, and Venom as he stood by, hearing chants encouraged by Glenn's hate speech.

"But tonight... Tonight, my brethren... We shall have our justice. Tonight, we shall have vengeance that we must satisfy to make our souls pure as God's light..."

The Hate-Monger turned his head, making a gesture before having something wheeled onto the podium. It was covered in a cloth, so Eddie could not identify what it was underneath.

"Tonight... We shall seek out justice, not by relying on our government, or men of Iron, or soldiers cowering behind Shields. Tonight, we shall rely on one, but ourselves to do what must be done!"

Glenn's hand reached out to the cloth and pulled it off to reveal what was hidden underneath. Inside was a cage, containing a woman trapped in shackles, gagged as blood bled from her.

"...what the fuck?" Eddie whispered as he looked deeply troubled by what he saw as the girl was dragged out, pulled into the light.

"This girl has killed a man today... A police officer, proud of his badge, burned him alive, using the powers of a demon!" The Hate-Monger claimed as he held the girl by the arm. "Show us of your sins, girl!"

He removed the gag, letting out her panicked, frightened voice. She could not look any older than 15 years old.

"Please... Please, I didn't mean to, I... I got scared, I didn't mean to do it..."

"SHOW US!" The Hate-Monger used and pressed a button, sending a shock to the collar around her neck as she suddenly displayed a show between fire and ice. She screamed, suffering from the abuse of her captors while Eddie watched in horror.

"She has spilled blood on our land, blood that could have been spared if the lawmakers have taken more action for these Superhuman freaks out there! But now we are left to their mercy, left to cower under the heels of these false gods!"

"Someone needs to call 911, this is wrong..." Eddie whispered.

"And what of it? You remember what Gene's boyfriends have said at the party; That man is said to have been imprisoned three times, and yet he's still out here, free to do this shit." Venom spoke as Eddie watched, angered by what he has seen. "And now he's going to kill that girl because the so-called system has allowed him to."

"But tonight... We shall deliver God's vengeance." The Hate-Monger says as he released the arm, only to let his followers drag her to the table. "Tonight, we shall no longer be victims, but deliverers of God's demands! Tonight, we shall claim justice in the name of God! Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand!"

"BLESSED ARE THE WICKED WHO ARE HEALED BY MY HAND." The Purifiers chanted a line from the Bible as Eddie looked around, deeply disturbed by how many people are willing to condone murder.

"No! STOP, PLEASE!" The girl screamed as she was shoved onto her back against a table, tied down as the Hate-Monger continued with his hate speech. "Please, stop it, I'm Pregnant! What's wrong with you people?! I'm Pregnant! I said I'm PREGNANT!"

"Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand!" The Hate-Monger repeated the chant, pulling out a knife as he stood behind the girl, raising it in the air.

"She's going to die, Eddie! None of these imbeciles are going to do anything about it, only we can!" Venom says frantically as Eddie stood there with his heart pounding. "Are you going to wait around for some other Hero to show up and save the day? Or are you going to get off your ass so we can do something about it?"

Eddie's hands burrowed into fists, breathing through his nose as he slowly got out of the crowd, stepping into the podium as he watched the Hate-Monger draw his knife out on the girl. He was willing to kill her. A defenseless, pregnant girl and nobody was doing anything about it.

"PLEASE! Oh my god, please, somebody help me, help me!" The girl sobbed as the man cut her cheek with the blade, drawing out her blood.

"Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand!" The Hate-Monger preached, raising the tip of the blade over to her stomach, intending to make his spot to stab. "BLESSED ARE THE WICKED WHO ARE HEALED BY MY HAND!"

With one last chant, he raised the knife, staring at the girl's petrified face before he plunged the tip downward. And then, a hand grasped his wrist, stopping the despicable act as the Hate-Monger's eyes widened by the slits of his mask, turning over to Brock, who took a stand against his murderous bigotry.

"No..." Eddie said with a firm tone as he felt Glenn attempt to pull his hand away from his grip, yet his hold was tightened to a point where the man felt small against his weight. "No."

The Hate-Monger screamed, feeling his wrist breaking as he dropped the knife to the floor. Broken bones were cracked right open as Eddie just stared with a hateful glare.

"You know... I thought Norman Osborn was fucked up, but you?" Brock's voice hissed with anger as he could feel the man suffering from his grip. "You are as fucked up as they come!"

Brock grabbed Hate-Monger by the throat and threw him to a wall, spinning a Black Web while doing so. Turning his eyes to a crowd of frightened cultists, his rage did not stop there as his arms turned black, tendrils whipped out over to the ceiling, blocking the only exit that was designed in their path as everyone feared his rage.

"And the rest of you!" Brock called out, grabbing both cultists that stood with the Hate-Monger and throwing them to the crowd to join them. "You people... You stood there, and you heard her cry, listened to her beg for her child's life! A Child! And you just stood there and allowed a complete psychopath to do whatever he wanted because what? She's different? She's special? Has much of a soul than the rest of you fucking bastards could ever hope for?!"

"MONSTERS!" Someone screamed out from the crowd, making Brock tilt his head at the thought.

"...No. No, not MONSTERS!" Eddie screamed back, sarcastically while showing Venom's face off for a split second, unleashing his rage as he hopped off the stage, angry at the crowd of bigots. "...Just Monster is fine. Because that girl behind me is just a girl despite all else... But me on the other hand? If you people truly wanted a monster to hate... To fear..."

Eddie's shape and form began to change drastically as he started to grow taller, bigger, and stronger as anything that resembled anything human had vanished, replaced by Venom's true Symbiotic form.

"Then here is your Monster." Venom finished for Brock as he unleashed himself to the crowd, grabbing a Purifier's head with his bare hand, yanking it right off his body as blood splattered from his corpse. Several more brought out their guns and fired upon the Symbiote, but Venom used his Tendrils to take them all away, leaving them defenseless.

A couple attempted to fight back with their fists, but Venom overpowered them just easily as he took a bite off half a person's corpse, biting it off by the torso, before grabbing another and ripping his body in half.

Another couple grabbed pieces of wood and they swung at the Symbiote, attempting to fight back. But there was no fight, not for Venom anyways. Venom just kept dodging before allowing himself to be bashed by an unsavory individual, grabbing him by the chest and biting his neck clean off, leaving the man choking on his blood after dropping him to the floor. A woman attempted to fight afterward, only to have her both arms grabbed as Venom wasted no time pulling them off with his bare hands.

The rest kept clawing at the debris blocking the exit after the point was made, as the blood was spilled, screams were sounded, and no mercy was shown as the Hate-Monger watched as every last one of his followers get slaughtered, torn apart, one by one. The entire church they were using as some ritualistic sacrifice was being painted with blood, from the floor to the walls themselves.

Eventually, Josh Glenn was saved for last as a pile of bones dropped to the floor, watching as Venom stomped his way over to the Hate preacher himself, seeing the terror in his eyes.

"Anything else you'd like to say, Josh?" Venom questioned as he wiped off the blood from his teeth, eager to take the man's life.

"...You filthy, disgusting mutant!" The Hate-Monger hissed with disgust as Venom shook his again.

"Wrong... I am not from this World, but you wouldn't think of it that way as long as you had your way..."

"Then what are you?!"

Venom stood back momentarily as half of his face was pulled back, revealing half of Eddie's as they both locked eyes on the Hate-Monger, united as one.

"We... Are Venom." Both Eddie and Venom said with a smile before Venom pulled his face back, reaching his arms out to do exactly what was advised of them to do... Crushing his windpipe.

When the deed was done, and the life was snuffed out, Venom stood back, seeing how empty the Hate-Monger was before walking away, unfeeling any guilt or remorse that he had for his part in taking the lives of the Purifiers as he walked up and freed the girl from her captivity, though she did not look thankful as she was frightened by his very appearance.

"Please... No, please, don't...!"

"Don't be afraid... We will not hurt you, unlike those that lie dead now." Venom says as he used his Tendrils to pull away the wreckage, reopening the exit just for the girl. "Go... You are free now."

The girl with powers was unsure what to say, or what to feel by Venom's gesture. Instead, she just stumbled away, running for her life as Eddie came back, following her out as the full moon dawned over his head.

"...We just killed an entire crowd full of people, and I don't feel a thing," Eddie said as he dug his hands into his pockets yet again. "...Does this mean I'm just as fucked up now?"

"As someone who has plenty of blood on their hands, let me say that the people that we just walked right of... They had it coming." Venom reassured in the most twisted way possible as Eddie raised his head, seeing New York's lights shine from the distance.

"...So what now?" Eddie asked, unsure what else there is to do.

"Now... We shall return to be the Knights that the City deserves." Venom replied, eager to get into action.

"...Did you just call us Batman?" Brock questioned, raising a brow.

"...Who's Batman?" Venom questioned back puzzlingly as Eddie rolled his eyes.

"God, you are such a doofus." Eddie sighed as he got on his bike. "Alright, come on... Let's go home..."

Two Weeks Later... The Bar with No Name

"There's still no word from recently paroled Joseph Hammerhead as the body count of NYC's criminal element keeps on piling up. From robbers, and thieves, to the average home invader, the crime rate is rapidly decreasing with every hour of the night, following last night's recent dispute with Spider-Man and the Maggia, unwittingly unveiling New York's newest, and deadliest vigilante to date, the Lethal Protector..."

It was a late night in the Big Apple. Snow fell from the sky as the outside remained teeming with life, all while underground in the cellar, thugs from every corner of the world gathered for a late-night drink, hoping to get away from their problems in their lives.

And soon enough, all the hopes for tonight were dashed away when a man was flung across the bar, crashing right into the pool table, ruining what seemed like a fair, even game as everyone in attendance turned away from their activities, finding someone lurking in the dark.

Emerging from the shadows came Eddie Brock, concealed in a big black leather jacket and a hood, covering his face in the dark as he looked around at all the degenerates that had gathered together. His expression shows no pity for what his goals are for tonight.

"...I'm looking to talk to someone." Eddie expressed his answer. "A man named Gerry Romita. Everyone else is free to go as long as you reach past the three-second deadline. After that, all bets are off."

Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn played in the background based on the shuffle music as a few of the customers began to think smart and take leave while all the rest stayed behind... A deadly decision that they'll each take to their graves.

"Hey, asshole," A thug walked up to Eddie, acting all tough. "Who do you think you're supposed to be?"

"...one." Eddie started the countdown, acting unfazed by the man's intimidation.

"Excuse me," The thug became irritated by how Brock was ignoring his question. "I asked you a question."

"Two..." Eddie's hands burrowed themselves into a fist while he let the unsuspecting prey walk right into his hands.

"You know what? Playtime's over, you dumb prick-!"

The moment that the man in front of him laid a hand on his shoulder was the moment Eddie tightened his grip on the man's wrist and began to change into his Symbiotic self as Venom took control, much to the shock of everyone present as the Symbiote towered over the thug that made the wrong move, seeing how Venom just held him up in the air like a rag doll to toy with.

"Three." Venom spoke with glee as his smile was the last thing the biker had ever seen before his teeth punctured right into his wrist.


Alright, well that was the most R-Rated Venom that I have ever done. Let me know what you guys think in the comments at the bottom of the screen, and have a good day!