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Harry Potter and the Smallest Change.

Chapter 01.

A five-year-old Harry Potter sat in the lounge room of Potter Manor. The room was large and decorated in rich, warm tones. Mahogany floorboards and a comfortable yet tasteful lounge suite surrounded the centre of the room where a rug covered the floorboards. This rug displayed the Potter coat of arms, a rearing griffon and lion separated by quadrants with a rampant Stag on either side.

Beside him sat his sister, Holly, who was three and a half. The siblings both had black hair and green eyes. Holly held a stuffed sheep in her hands; but her eyes were on the stuffed dragon that sat abandoned on the couch on the other side of the room.

'Hawwy, I wanna Dwagon.' Holly said, pointing at the dragon on the couch.

Harry sat less than a metre away from her and held a stuffed black dog named Padfoot in his little hands. He looked up at Holly and smiled at her; he reached out with one hand toward the couch behind him and a moment later, the dragon shot across the room into his outstretched hand.

Harry handed it to Holly with a smile and turned back to his dog.

Lily Potter stood in the middle of the doorway into the dining room, her eyes wide. One hand covering a gasp while the other rested on her protruding belly. She was pregnant.

'Harry dear?' she said, and Harry turned from his stuffed dog and looked up at her with a question in his eyes.

'Do you know what you just did, honey?' Lily asked, and Harry shook his head.

'Did I do something wrong Mumma?' he asked, worry in his eyes.

Lily shook her head with a soft smile and looked down at him.

'No honey, what you did was amazing. Can you do it again for mummy?' she asked, drawing the attention of both children.

'What did I do Mumma?' Harry asked, his face scrunched up into a frown.

'You summoned the dragon from the couch for Holly. Can you summon the stuffed Moony from the couch too?' Lily asked, pointing at a stuffed Wolf toy that sat beside a stuffed Stag with impressive antlers.

Harry blinked at her, confused. He turned to see Holly beaming at him, and he smiled. He turned away from Lily, toward the couch, and reached out a hand toward the stuffed Wolf.

His face scrunched into a frown and his outstretched arm shook with effort.

Nothing happened.

He slumped with a sigh and turned to Lily.

'I can't do it Mumma.' He admitted, eyes downcast.

'You did it a minute ago, but it's okay, honey. We can try it again another time.' Lily ruffled his hair, then she straightened, holding her belly with both hands.

'Who wants lunch?' Lily said as she patted her belly.

Holly's hand shot up, a wide smile on her face.

'Me, me.' She called, bouncing in place.

Harry wore a frown and stared down at his hands before he nodded to himself. He held his arm outstretched toward the stuffed Moony on the couch.

Harry didn't notice Holly staring at him in wonder as his messy black hair moved about as if in a breeze. He did not notice Lily's wide smile as she watched him.

Harry's eyes narrowed and the stuffed Moony shot across the room like a bullet; it pushed him to the ground when he tried to catch it. Holly leapt on him with a giggle, crushing him in a tight hug, and Harry held her close to his chest while Lily looked on, her eyes twinkling.

Lily turned away from the children to hide her grin and took a step into the dining room.

'Who wants chicken in their sandwich?' she called.

A six-year-old Harry sat cross legged in front of his Uncle Remus. Harry emulated the werewolf's closed eyes as the two sat in silence on the grounds of Potter Manor.

Lush, green grass surrounded them as they sat in a section of the lawn. Nearby, the decorative gardens provided a burst of vibrant yellows, pinks, and blues. The soft sound of crickets in the evening the only sound around them.

'Uncle Moony, why are we sitting like this?' Harry asked, his eyes closed.

Remus grinned and gave a soft chuckle.

'Harry, I've told you before. I'm teaching you how to meditate. I learnt how to do this in India a few years ago and I think it will help you find your centre.' Remus replied, his voice low and soothing.

'But I'm bored. Why can't I go play with Holly?' asked Harry, and he opened one eye.

'Because Harry, I'm not around as much as I'd like, and your parents think it's important that I teach you this skill.' Remus said, and Harry huffed.

'Okay, Uncle Moony, if you say so. I'll try harder.' Harry said and closed both his eyes again, then let out a long breath.

A few minutes later, the world around him seemed to fall away as Harry sunk further into his mind. The scent of pine filled his mind and a sense of calm he'd never experienced before filled him.

'Good Harry, now, focus on that feeling of calm. Sink deeper into it.' Remus' voice sounded far away, but Harry followed it.

He revelled in the feeling of calm and embraced it. Inside his mind, it seemed like a ball of light shone, like he was looking into the sun with his eyes closed.

'Harry, where you are now is your magical core. I want you to visit it every day. Eventually you'll be able to call it up without meditating.' Remus' far away voice echoed in his mind and Harry nodded, lost in the light of his magic.

A few minutes later, Harry opened his eyes and collapsed onto his back, letting out a deep breath.

'Good work Harry. I need you to keep practicing that until I'm able to come back. Can you do that?' Remus asked, and Harry looked up at the werewolf and grinned.

'Yeah, Uncle Moony, I can do that.' Harry gave a tired smile before laying back down.

A seven-year-old Harry stood beside Holly in Diagon Alley, peering into the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Lily stood behind them holding a one-year-old Charlus Potter in her arms. Baby Charlus had the beginnings of a mop of the same red hair as his mother and brown eyes like his father.

James Potter stood beside his wife, his finger caught in Charlus' grip, a wide grin on his face.

Diagon Alley shone in the bright winter sunlight, white snow on the roofs, and Christmas decorations on almost every surface. Giant candy canes acted as signposts for shops, and Wizarding folk of all sorts filled the Alley.

'Hold on you two, no going anywhere without one of us with you.' Lily called, her soft voice drawing Harry's attention, who turned back to her, turning Holly with him as he held her hand.

'But mum, it's the new Cleansweep. Don't you see how shiny it is?' Harry asked before turning to James.

'Dad, don't you want to see how fast it can go?' Harry asked, and Holly nodded eagerly beside him.

James pulled back from Charlus, his finger still help captive by the baby.

'You know we can't buy every new broom that comes out, you two.' He started, drawing a smile from Lily.

'But maybe we can have a look?' James finished and Lily huffed and rolled her eyes.

Harry and Holly shared a grin before turning back to the display broom in the window.

Holly pointed at a Christmas tree inside the shop through the window, covered with Quidditch themed decorations.

'Harry, look at the tree. It's covered with cool decorations. Dad would love them.' She whispered in his ear, and Harry grinned at her.

His hand dipped into his pocket and pulled out a single galleon.

'Do you think this will be enough to get something good?' he whispered back, careful to keep the coin hidden from their parents behind them.

Holly beamed and gripped his hand. She tugged him toward the entrance without their parents noticing.

Loud cracks around the Alley broke the festive atmosphere, followed by screams as a dozen black-robed figures appeared around the Alley, firing spells at anything that moved.

A bright red spell shot past Harry's head and he gripped Holly's hand tighter. He drew her inside the store.

'Holly, quickly, we need to hide.' Harry hissed and Holly nodded, her eyes wide and her face paler than he had ever seen.

As they entered the store, Harry could see no customers or staff. He shrugged and figured they left when the scary people outside arrived.

The room had several racks on the far side of the store holding Quidditch Jersey's from both the national and international leagues. To Harry and Holly's left, brooms filled the wall, ranging from the older Cleansweep models to the newer Comet series.

A bright blue spell crashed through the window next to them and Harry's inspection of the store ended. He squeezed Holly's hand in his.

Harry pulled Holly into the far corner of the store, hiding in the display of international Quidditch Jersey's.

Moments later, Harry, who was peering out from between two red Bulgarian team jerseys, saw a black-robed man enter the store. The man's robes clung tight to his body, like they were too small. The man bore slicked back, grey hair, and a brutish, hairy face.

Harry's eyes widened as he recognised the man from stories that he had heard his Uncles Moony and Padfoot telling.

Fenrir Greyback.

Fenrir cocked his head to the side and sniffed, a long-drawn-out inhalation, like he was sniffing the air as a dog would.

From his hiding spot, Harry gasped as he remembered Moony doing the same thing when playing hide and seek with the two Potter siblings.

The man was searching for their scent.

Fenrir turned toward them, and his grey eyes lit up. Harry held Holly close as the man took a step toward them.

'I'm going to have a lot of fun with two quivering children. Especially those who don't know how to hide properly.' Greyback whispered. His voice carried through the silent store with ease.

Harry looked down and saw his shoes covered by sunlight; they weren't covered by the Jersey's they hid behind.

He kissed Holly's forehead.

'I'll protect you; I promise.' Harry whispered as he stepped out from their hiding place to face the werewolf.

Fenrir froze, his eyes widening as Harry strode out to face him.

Tears ran down Harry's face and his nose dripped; his knees shook even as his green eyes bore into the towering man in front of him.

'Leave us alone.' Harry demanded, though his voice quavered, and tears slid down his jaw.

Greyback laughed, a deep throaty laugh. Then, an instant later, he rushed forward and grabbed Harry's head, and lifted him in the air. The werewolf's large hand squeezed Harry's head, and he felt it would explode as the man's werewolf enhanced strength crushed his skull like a grape.

But Harry felt his magic roiling inside him like a storm. Magic that his mother had been teaching him to control for years. The same magic that Uncle Remus had been teaching him to connect with through meditation.

It begged to be released; it was like an enraged dog on a chain, straining to break free.

Harry broke the chain.

He opened his eyes and pushed his magic out in front of him; he pushed it through his hands, pointing them at the werewolf that held him.

A moment later, a pulse of invisible force burst out from Harry's hands. Fenrir Greyback flew through the air and crashed through the display window out onto the street, where bright lights shot toward him and he apparated away seconds later.

Harry fell to the floor of the Quidditch store, his head throbbing and a burning pain pulsed through his hands. He leant forward, his breath coming in great heavy gasps on his knees.

Holly rushed out of her hiding place and wrapped Harry in an embrace, crying into his neck.

'Harry, I was so scared.' she sobbed and clung to him tighter.

Harry returned her embrace.

'Holly, it'll be okay. I will always protect you, no matter what.' Harry whispered into her neck and looked around the room and blinked.

The shop was destroyed. Everything in front of him was torn apart, like a bomb had gone off, leaving everything in ruins. But behind him, the store was untouched. Harry blinked at the devastation and saw the connection in an instant.

His magic did this.

James and Lily rushed into the store a moment later. Lily stood in the doorway, her eyes taking in the devastation with Charlus in her arms, while James rushed forward to pull his other two children into a hug.

'Are you two, okay? What happened in here?' he asked, and Holly burrowed further into Harry's neck.

Harry met his father's eyes, and his reply was little more than a whisper.

'I did this.'

A month later, Harry sat on the couch in the lounge room at Potter Manor with Holly burrowed into his side. She hadn't been away from him ever since the attack on Diagon Alley. She had only slept in her bed if he joined her, otherwise she could only sleep in his arms.

Harry looked up to meet his mother's eyes. She looked exhausted. Her eyes were red and puffy as her gaze shifted down to Holly once more.

Harry shifted, waking Holly from her doze, and pulled a brass locket from his pocket. It held a floral design, appearing to be made of vines weaved together. He spun it in his hand in front of her, and Holly's eyes never left the pendant.

He pushed a button on the top of the pendant, where a chain looped through a small ring and the pendant opened to reveal a picture of the two of them sitting on that very couch.

Harry's eyes darted to his mother, and he smiled at her in thanks for a moment for taking the picture, then his eyes returned to his sister.

Harry handed it to Holly with a smile.

'It's for you. It has protective magic on it. Mum made it for you, and I pushed my magic into it so that wherever you are, all you have to do is hold it and you'll know I'm there.' Harry whispered, and Holly took the pendant and held it close to her chest.

'Thank you, Harry.' She whispered, tears in her eyes before she hugged him.

A ten-year-old Harry sat in his mother's study in Potter Manor. Bookshelves lined two walls of the study, while muggle picture frames hung on one long wall. The picture frames showed the family's friends and family. One picture showed James and Lily with their three children, while another picture showed Harry and Holly next to a lake.

There were half a dozen pictures from a wedding, showing Sirius and Amelia Black. One was of Harry and Susan from the wedding day, one of the three Marauders, one of Amelia and Lily with wide smiles on their faces.

Sheets of paper, covered with complex arithmancy and rune sequences, lined the walls around the picture frames, all attached to the wall with powerful sticking charms.

Lily sat at her desk nearby, looking over the sheets of paper which littered it. Harry stared at a sheet of paper in his hands with a frown on his face.

'Mum?' Harry asked, his head cocked to one side.

Lily leaned back in her chair, stretching out her muscles and she gave a relieved sigh when her joints gave an audible pop. She turned to Harry, who sat on a cushion on the floorboards behind her. A sheet of paper in his hands.

'Yes honey? What's wrong?' she asked, watching him.

'What is this writing? It's not English, or Latin.' Harry asked, then frowned and pointed at another section of the sheet with complex arithmancy equations.

'This looks like maths, but nothing like what you taught us.' Harry continued; his frown still present.

Lily turned to face him in her chair and let out a sigh.

'Honey, that's some of my research on enchanting. It's a branch of magic that uses runes and arithmancy to create a permanent effect.' She said, her words coming slowly, as if she was trying to be careful with what she said.

Harry's frown deepened before he put down the sheet of paper and met his mother's gaze.

'Mum, I want to learn enchanting.' Harry met Lily's eyes, and she grinned down at him.

'Honey, you won't learn enchanting until after Hogwarts. You'll learn runes and arithmancy there though.' She said, her smile turning sad.

Harry shook his head.

'No, I want to learn it now. I want to make Holly something to stop her nightmares.'

'Honey, why not just ask me to do it?' Lily replied, a small frown on her face.

'No, you already have too much to do already. Besides, it's my duty to protect Holly.' Harry said, a determined glint in his eye.

'I promised I would protect her.' He continued.

Lily gave him another sad smile before letting out a sigh.

'Okay, I know that look in your eye; you're not going to let this go, are you?' she asked, and Harry shook his head.

With another sigh, Lily stood from her chair and walked over to the bookshelf near the door. She made a soft humming sound as her index finger played over the spines of the books sitting on the shelf. Then she gave a soft 'ah-ha' and turned back to Harry, carrying a black leather-bound book in her hands.

Once she sat in her chair again, she held out the tome to Harry, who took the heavy book from her with a quiet grunt.

'Harry, that is a book that will give you a good understanding of runes. Enchanting requires runes to work.' Lily said, and Harry nodded as he looked down at the cover of the book.

'An Introduction to Ancient Runes.' By Laurenzoo.

'Harry, you know that you don't have to be responsible for Holly, don't you? Your father and I will do that. All you need to do is enjoy being a kid.' Lily said, her voice soft as she watched him.

Harry was silent for a minute, staring at the cover of the runes book before he let out a deep breath.

'Mum, I promised her. I know you and Dad will try to protect us. But I promised her, on that day in Diagon Alley when we were attacked, that I would always protect her.' He ran a hand through his messy black hair, raising his emerald gaze to meet her own.

'To protect her, I'm going to have to be better. Not just with my wandless magic like you've been helping me with, but when I'm not nearby.' He paused and frowned as he struggled to find the right words.

'I need to protect her, even when I'm not near her. I know that when we go to Hogwarts, we won't always be around each other. So, I need to find a way to protect her when I'm not there.' Harry declared and Lily drew in a ragged breath before sliding off her chair and gathered him in a hug.

'Oh honey, you don't need to do any of that. Hogwarts is safe, nothing will happen to her there.' She said, holding him close.

'No mum, it won't. Because I won't let it happen.' Harry whispered before standing, holding the runes book close to his chest as he left the room.

He did not see Lily's worried gaze follow him out of the room.