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Harry Potter and the Smallest Change.


Harry woke in his bed, his arms wrapped around Fleur as three small girls jumped up and down on the bed.

Each girl had silver hair. The eldest had green eyes while the middle-sized girl had dark blue eyes, flecked with green, and the youngest had light blue eyes.

Harry laughed and released Fleur from his embrace to scoop the eldest girl in his arms, who burst into a fit of giggles.

'No Daddy, let me go.' She called as she fought to escape his grasp.

'Not a chance Amaryllis, I'll never let you go.' Harry laughed before the two other little girls glanced at each other.

'Iris, let's get Daddy and rescue Amaryllis.' Said the youngest.

The two little girls dove onto Harry, and buried him in a pile of limbs and silver hair.

Fleur laughed at the sight.

'Monique, you know its not fair to gang up on your father.' Fleur admonished as she scooped the youngest into her arms and showered her small face in kisses.

Amaryllis was six, Iris five and Monique three.

Harry pulled himself out of the pile of Veela girls and climbed out of bed in his pyjamas.

'Out with you all, I need a shower.' He grinned as Amaryllis ran out of the room with a delighted scream, followed by Iris.

Monique squirmed in her mother's grip until she managed to escape. Her shrill scream echoed in Harry's ears as she ran to catch up to the other two girls.

Harry turned to Fleur, who beamed at him.

'I never tire of waking up to their faces.' Fleur whispered, and Harry moved over to pull her into an embrace.

'Neither to do I.' Harry mused and kissed her.

A baby's cries broke their moment and Fleur smiled at him.

'I'll go handle Evangeline. You shower and get breakfast ready.' Fleur kissed him and walked out of their bedroom, wrapping a dressing gown around her as she left the room.

Harry smiled and went to have a shower.

After he finished with his shower, he walked down the stairs of Potter Manor and down into the dining room where his three girls sat with bowls of cereal. A House-Elf stood nearby with a wide smile as it saw him.

'Master Harry, sir, what do you want for breakfast this morning?' the House-Elf asked, and Harry sighed.

'Come on, Kipsy, we've had this discussion a thousand times. You don't need to make breakfast for us, we can do it ourselves.' Harry said and the little Elf shook its head.

'No, Master Harry, sir, for the thousandth time. A good Elf feeds its Master's, sir. Now, what will it be?' the stern-faced little Elf asked.

Harry laughed.

'Fine, you win. Can I just have some toast please, you know how I like it.' Harry asked and a moment later, a plate of toast appeared at the seat he usually used, the head of the table.

Harry sat with Amaryllis on one side and Iris and Monique on the other.

Amaryllis looked up from her cereal.

'Daddy, are we going to visit Grandma Lily and Grandpa James today?' she asked.

Two intent younger sisters watched her.

Harry finished chewing a bite of toast.

'Yes, and you're going to be seeing them most days from now on. Are you excited about that?' he asked, and the three girls cheered.

Fleur entered the dining room with a one-year-old girl in her arms and a grin on her lips.

'What are they all excited about?' Fleur asked.

Harry grinned and took another bite of toast.

'They're just excited that they'll be seeing their grandparents more often than usual, is all.' Harry said.

Fleur shifted Evangeline on her lap.

'I hope so, because I won't be able to take them to work with me.' She mused as she took a mouthful of the porridge that appeared in front of her.

Breakfast finished soon afterward, and the three girls left the table at a run, all headed upstairs to their rooms.

Fleur turned to Harry.

'I need to go soon. But you'll give my love to your parents, right?' she asked, and Harry nodded.

'Of course. It's great that they're going to take turns with your parents to look after them when we can't for the next few years.' Harry said, and she nodded.

Fleur stood and handed a sleeping Evangeline to Harry.

'I have to go. I love you.' She whispered and gave him a gentle kiss, then kissed Evangeline's brow.

Fleur walked upstairs and Harry gently bounced Evangeline on his hip, and he beamed down at her.

'We're going to go see your grandparents today, little one. They love it when they see you and your sisters.' Harry whispered and kissed her brow.

A few minutes later, Fleur walked down the stairs and through the dining room. She blew him a kiss and with a soft crack, disapparated.

Harry walked to the base of the stairs.

'Amaryllis, Iris, Monique, come on, Evangeline and I are waiting for you.' Harry called and a chorus of voices filtered down to him, all unintelligible.

Harry shook his head and paced back and forth, bouncing Evangeline as he went. She smiled up at him at reached out toward his face. Harry gave her a finger, which she readily took hold of.

A minute later, three little Veela barrelled down the stairs and stood in a line in front of Harry.

Then Amaryllis grinned and ran into the entrance hall and placed a hand on the fireplace.

'Come on Daddy, we're waiting for you, slowpoke.' She called and Harry laughed.

'Oh, I'm sorry I made you late.' Harry said, and the three girls fell into giggles.

Harry walked to the floo and stood beside it, then looked down and met each of the girls' faces.

'Now, do you all remember how to use the floo?' he asked, and three nods answered him, and he sighed.

'Okay, Amaryllis, you're first.' Harry said.

Amaryllis jumped into the fireplace, took a handful of floo powder and threw it on the ground.

'Potter's Retreat, Godric's Hollow.' Amaryllis called, and disappeared in a flash of green flames.

Iris and Monique shook with excitement and grinned at Harry.

'Okay Iris, you next.' Harry said.

Iris followed suit and threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace.

'Potter's Retreat, Godric's Hollow.' Iris said and disappeared in another flash of green flame.

Monique let out a squee.

Harry smiled at her.

'Now you, honey.'

Monique shot him a grateful look with her light blue eyes.

'Potter's Retreat, Godric's Hollow.' She called and disappeared with another flash of green flames.

Harry smiled and, with a soft crack, apparated.

Harry appeared in the front garden of his parent's house in Godric's Hollow, where they'd moved after he took up the Potter Lordship nine years before.

He walked into the house and grinned as Amaryllis laughed in James' arms while Iris and Monique tried to squeeze the life out of Lily, who did the same.

James beamed at Harry.

'It's the Lord Potter, and he brings a gift.' James said, holding out his arms toward Evangeline who did the same to James.

Harry laughed and handed his youngest over to James.

'Thanks again for looking after them, I really appreciate it.' Harry said and Lily scoffed.

'Nonsense Harry, we love having the kids here.' Lily said as she kissed his cheek.

Lily ruffled Iris' silver hair.

'It's a pity that we have to share them with Apolline and Dominique. You know we would take them more if you like?' Lily said and Harry laughed.

'You know what's funny? They say the same thing.' He grinned.

'Have you guys heard from Holly recently? Fleur and I have barely heard from her since she and Gabrielle went on that world tour for research.' Harry asked.

James laughed.

'I still can't believe you two fell for that. What kind of research could those two do in twenty three different countries?' James asked.

Lily huffed.

'I trust them, if Holly and Gabrielle say they're doing research in Hawaii, then I believe that they are.' Lily scowled at James.

'Hawaii?' Harry frowned.

'Last time I got a mirror call from her was when they were in Japan.' Harry mused.

Lily shook her head.

'Anyway, how is Hermione going? Didn't she start at Hogwarts last year?' Lily asked, and Harry nodded.

He scooped Amaryllis into his arms, making her squeal.

'Yeah, the muggle studies students didn't know what hit them that year from what I heard.' Harry said and let Amaryllis down where she ran away into the next room.

James rocked back and forth with Evangeline as she played with his finger.

'What about the Greengrass girl, Daphne? Are her parents talking to her again now?' James asked, and Harry sighed.

'Yeah, they've finally accepted that Daphne and Luna are together. They're actually planning to adopt in the next few months.' Harry said and Lily nodded.

'I'm glad that they're happy together. At least having Amy as Minister is helping us to make the Wizarding World a bit more progressive.' Lily said.

James frowned and looked away from Evangeline and into Harry's eyes.

'Please tell me that everything you guys have been doing has stopped that future from happening.' James said, his voice low.

Harry sighed.

'As far as we can tell, it has. But we don't know for sure. I hope to know by tonight though.' Harry said and James nodded.

A knock on the door drew Harry's attention and Lily moved past him.

'Oh, don't worry, you two. Albus knew you were dropping by this morning and wanted to say something to you.' She said and opened the door to reveal Albus Dumbledore and Neville Longbottom.

Harry smiled as Lily ushered the two inside.

'Did the two of you want some tea, or coffee?' she asked, and Neville smiled.

'Tea please, I don't understand how anyone could like coffee.' Neville said and Harry huffed.

'Its great with a little honey.' Harry defended.

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling.

'Lord Potter, how great it is to see you. It's been quite some time.' The aged man said, accepting the tea a House-Elf offered him before it popped away.

Harry quirked an eyebrow.

'Just Harry, Albus. How have you been? I figure since it's the two of you here that its not a social thing?' Harry asked, and Neville chuckled.

'No, not a social thing at all.' He said and Dumbledore sighed.

The old man took a sip of his tea and smiled. His light blue eyes met Harry's.

'How are the Houses of Potter and Delacour going?' Dumbledore asked.

Harry groaned.

'Politics was never my dream, but it is necessary. The Houses are well, but unless we change the inheritance laws, the Houses will always be joined as one.' Harry paused and smiled at the cup of coffee that appeared in front of him.

'As it is, Dominique and Apolline are enjoying being grandparents and seeing the girls every other week, either at Potter Manor or the Delacour estate.' Harry explained.

Neville smirked.

'Well, while you've been playing house, we've just finished of the last of the Horcruxes. We hunted down the last one last night.' Neville said with a satisfied sigh.

Harry echoed him.

'That's brilliant news. Congratulations, both of you. What are your plans from here?' he asked.

Dumbledore took another long drink of his tea.

'I will retire and enjoy my twilight years.' The ancient wizard said, and Harry quirked an eyebrow.

'You already retired; it was front page news last year.' Harry said.

Dumbledore shrugged.

'I mean, actually retire. No more running around after deadly artefacts of my past failures.' Dumbledore said and Harry nodded.

'Retirement will do you well, I believe. You might have time to catch up on all those books you've collected over the years.' Harry said and Dumbledore laughed.

'I don't think I have that much time left in these bones.' Dumbledore laughed and looked to Neville.

Neville shrugged.

'I suppose I'll need to take up the Lordship of House Longbottom. How to you deal with all the complaining old people?' Neville asked.

Dumbledore laughed, along with James.

Lily looked horrified as she glanced at Dumbledore.

Harry rolled his eyes.

'Brother, it helps if you don't call them that to their face.' Harry said, drawing a grin from Neville.

Dumbledore cleared his throat.

'Well, I must be off. I have much retirement to do, fare well Potters and Longbottom.' The ex-Headmaster said with a slight bow and left the house, whistling a jaunty tune as he went.

Neville shook his head at the old man and turned to Harry.

'Thanks, again. This whole thing is over now, and I can finally move on with my life. It turns out the Prophecy was about me this entire time. It was with my hand that we finally ended the last Horcrux. I don't know what to do with my life now.' Neville admitted.

Harry smiled.

'I think Ginny has been waiting a long time for you to say that. That said, I think she's busy training with the Harpies for the next few weeks.' Harry said, and Neville sighed and looked down at his feet.

'You're right. I've put her off for too long. How long have you known?' Neville asked and Harry scoffed.

'What, that it wasn't one-sided? At my wedding. It's really not hard to see, don't put it off any longer.' Harry said, and Neville nodded.

'Yeah, yeah you're right.' Neville muttered.

Neville looked up at James and Lily, then at Evangeline and Harry.

'Yeah, you're right. Okay, I'm off. See you at the next Wizengamot session.' Neville said and left, deep in thought.

Harry sighed and met his parents' gaze.

'I'm off too. I need to see Amy and Susan before tonight.' Harry said and James nodded.

'Of course. Just let us know if we can help with anything.' James said and Harry looked down at Evangeline in James' arms.

'You're both already doing a lot.' Harry said and Lily rolled her eyes.

'Rubbish. We adore these kids. I want to give you another sibling, but your father thinks the gap is too big.

Harry laughed.

'What? We can live to what, two hundred? Why not have more kids?' Harry asked, and James froze.

Lily beamed at Harry and they both turned to James, who stared at Harry with wide eyes.

'Harry, you're not helping. Just go see Amy and tell her to have more kids.' James muttered, swaying with Evangeline in his arms.

Harry laughed and turned to face the door.

'Amaryllis, Iris, Monique, I'm going now.' Harry called and a few seconds later, the three Veela ran into the lounge.

Monique held a grumpy looking cat in her arms.

Amaryllis and Iris hugged Harry's legs and Harry scooped Monique into his arms, allowing the cat to escape her clutches.

He kissed each of the girls and looked back at his parents.

'Thanks again guys, I'll see you later.' Harry smiled and, with a soft crack, apparated.

Harry appeared in the apparition area in the Ministry and after a few minutes greeting well-wishers, he made his way up to the Minister for Magic's office.

Inside, he saw Amelia and Susan, who was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia's old job.

Susan pulled Harry into a tight embrace while Amelia smiled at them.

'I still think you two would have made a good couple.' Amelia said and Susan rolled her eyes.

'Yeah, maybe, but you guys raised us like siblings, so it's your fault.' Susan said, and Harry laughed.

Amelia shook her head and huffed.

'Fine, be like that. Anyway Harry, everything is going according to plan. You should be free to take a more relaxed stance with the Wizengamot from now on, its all under control.' Amelia said and Susan nodded.

'We're now just keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. We've done a lot of work these past nine years; you can relax.' Susan said, and Harry tried to smile.

'I hope so.' He muttered and Amelia put a hand on his shoulder.

'Harry, in the last nine years, we've changed the magical world for the better. We wiped out the Death Eaters, stamped out their ideology and educated all levels of society in a new way for our society to coexist with the non-magical world. Trust us, everything is under control.' Amelia said and Harry nodded.

Harry sighed.

'Thanks, you two. I think I needed to hear that.' He muttered, then squared his shoulders.

'Okay, I need to go, one last stop for the day.' Harry said and received hugs from both women.

He left the Minister's office and made his way back down to the apparition area, where he disapparated with a soft crack.

Harry appeared in Hogsmeade.

It was dark, and he smiled as he watched Hagrid stand on the platform waiting for the children to arrive on the train.

Harry walked up the path to the castle, his thoughts on everything that he'd been through since he first saw the massive spires in the distance.

Half an hour later, Harry entered the Great Hall of the castle and up to the head table where he saw Fleur beaming at him.

He took a seat beside her and kissed her.

'I missed you today.' Harry whispered.

She kissed his cheek.

'Me too. How are the girls?' Fleur asked, and Harry couldn't help the smile on his face.

'They're having a great time at my parents' place.' He replied and lost himself in her eyes for a minute.

The doors to the Great Hall opened again to reveal hundreds of students. Finally, the first years entered the Hall, following along behind Hermione.

Harry squeezed Fleur's leg as he counted the first years. There were at least a hundred of them.

Once the First Years were standing amid the House tables, Headmistress McGonagall stood and tapped her goblet with a spoon.

'A few start of term announcements will need to be made. Firstly, we have two new Professors this year who are splitting a new class between them. They will teach Enchanting.' McGonagall said, and the Hall sat in silence.

'I speak, of course, of the Heroes of the Wizarding World, Harry and Fleur Potter.' The old Scottish woman announced with a wink toward them, and Harry couldn't help but chuckle.

'The Professors Potter will be here for their classes and a short time before and afterward, as they have a young family at home who will start to join us here at Hogwarts in a few years' time.' McGonagall paused as the cheering from the students slowly faded.

'Professor Harry Potter will take OWL students for Enchanting, while Professor Fleur Potter will take NEWT students.' The Headmistress announced and as the whispers slowly faded, Fleur rubbed the heart shaped charm on her bracelet.

She looked down at the fresh faced first-year students.

Harry followed her gaze and halfway through the sorting ceremony, he froze.

'Brian Johnson.' Hermione called and a young boy left the group of unsorted First Years and sat on the stool where Hermione placed the Sorting Hat on his head.

The boy was smaller than average with brown hair and frayed clothes beneath his robes; and held a hint of fear in his eyes. But he also looked excited, which, for the moment, overpowered the fear.

'Slytherin.' The Sorting Hat shouted.

The Great Hall burst into cheers from all houses and the young boy, beaming with pride, leapt off the stool and made his way over to the House of Snakes with a wide smile.

Fleur leant over to whisper in Harry's ear.

'I think this is a good sign.' She said.

Harry squeezed her hand as he watched the eleven-year-old Brian glow with happiness at his acceptance in the Wizarding World.

Harry smiled as the last vestiges of his worries for the future faded into the past.

The End.

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