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As the first rays of sunlight filtered through the closed window of his room, Gaara could feel the gentle warmth caressing his face, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow within the confines of his sanctuary. The golden beams, like ethereal messengers, breathed life into every corner, illuminating the room with a soft, radiant glow. A sense of tranquility washed over him, tugging at the corners of his lips, coaxing a small, contented smile to form on his face. His emerald eyes, once burdened by weariness and darkness, now sparkled with renewed vitality as if they had absorbed the very essence of the sun's tender embrace. The haunting shadows that had lingered beneath his eyes, like remnants of past battles, had vanished into the depths of oblivion, leaving no trace of their existence. With newfound energy coursing through his veins, Gaara gracefully rose from his bed, casting aside the disheveled sheets that had cradled him through the night, ready to embrace the day that awaited him beyond the confines of his room.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Gaara slowly rose to his feet. His eyes fixated on the full-length mirror that stood resolutely across the room. Every step he took towards it was filled with anticipation as if he was about to embark on a profound journey.

As he drew closer, the reflection in the mirror came into focus, revealing a transformation that brought him an overwhelming surge of joy. Gone were the dark circles that had haunted his eyes for far too long, replaced by a vibrant radiance that seemed to illuminate his entire being. At that moment, Gaara's heart swelled with indescribable happiness, a feeling so intense that tears welled up in his eyes.

As those tears of joy cascaded down his face, a gentle smile graced his lips as if his soul was celebrating a long-awaited victory. Although he couldn't decipher the exact reason behind this profound emotional release, deep within his heart, Gaara knew that these tears were a testament to the immense happiness that had finally found its way into his life. With a swift motion, he wiped away the tears with his palm.

In the solitude of the empty room, Gaara's voice resonated softly as he uttered heartfelt gratitude, "Thank you, Naruto." Lost in his introspective musings, Gaara's gaze fixated on the swirling sand, effortlessly controlled by the sheer power of his mind. Like a cascade of radiant golden gems, the sand flowed through his fingers, each grain a testament to his evolving strength. At that moment, a question arose within Gaara's mind, a question that stirred his curiosity: How fast could his sand truly move? However, before he could delve deeper into his thoughts, the distant echoes of jubilant cheers reverberated through the walls, permeating the room's silence. It was as if a grand festival had unfolded beyond those walls, captivating Gaara's attention.

Gaara made his way toward the grand window, his fingers eagerly curling around the cool metal handle. As he exerted a gentle force, mingling with the invigorating freshness of the early morning. As the window swung open, a delightful symphony ensued. It was then that Gaara's observant eyes caught sight of a lone emerald leaf, gracefully pirouetting on the wind's whims, finding its way into the sanctuary of his personal space. The elegant curtains, caught in the dance of the breeze, swayed and billowed.

As Gaara's gaze swept beyond the confines of his sheltered room, his eyes were met with a breathtaking sight. The expansive panorama of the Hidden Leaf Village unfolded before him, its vibrant buildings and bustling streets weaving together a tapestry of life. From his vantage point, the village seemed to dominate the horizon, occupying the majority of Gaara's field of vision. Yet, as his eyes wandered further, they stumbled upon a colossal barrier standing tall in the distance, a formidable 25-meter wall encircling the entire village. And beyond this formidable fortification, a verdant expanse of emerald greeted his gaze, a lush forest that extended its leafy embrace for a hundred miles around Konoha. The serenity of nature's embrace juxtaposed with the bustling vitality of the village.

As Gaara's gaze drifted towards the sprawling stadium that housed the prestigious Chunin Exams, his entrancing emerald eyes absorbed every captivating detail. Nestled amidst the bustling village, this architectural marvel effortlessly commanded attention, standing tall and proud amidst its brethren. A symphony of anticipation played out before its grand gates as a seemingly endless procession of eager individuals formed a line that stretched for what appeared to be a never-ending kilometer. The radiant sun, casting its luminous glow upon the village, breathed life into every leaf of the surrounding foliage, transforming them into iridescent gems that shimmered and danced in harmony with nature's masterstroke.

Gaara found himself pondering with a hint of bewilderment how these resilient individuals could endure the seemingly interminable wait in the serpentine queue. However, before his contemplations could solidify into a tangible answer, the gentle cadence of approaching footsteps shattered the tranquility of his musings. Swiftly snapping back to reality, Gaara gracefully pirouetted on his heels, fixing his gaze upon the intricately carved wooden door that stood sentinel before him. The door opened just as he turned his head.

Gaara expected his sensei to be the one to walk inside. To his surprise, it was his sister, Temari, who stepped into his chamber. Gaara's piercing emerald eyes narrowed imperceptibly, a subtle indication of his disappointment, as the luster in his countenance waned ever so slightly. With an unspoken glance, he conveyed to Temari that her presence was not entirely welcome within his room. A surge of curiosity flickered within him, igniting a flame of inquiry as he pondered the purpose behind her unexpected visit. For indeed, the occurrence of Temari seeking out his company was a rarity, as scarce as a desert oasis in a barren wasteland.

With a sneer etching across his face and a hint of sarcasm lacing his words, Gaara directed his question toward his sister in a manner that exuded both curiosity and skepticism. "Temari," he began, his voice carrying an air of intrigue, "what do you want? I'm sure you didn't come here to say 'Good morning, little brother,' did you?" The unexpected usage of the endearing term 'little brother' caught Temari slightly off guard, for it was a rare occurrence to witness Gaara deviating from his usual icy demeanor and expressing himself through jest and sarcasm. Indeed, Gaara had always been known for his indifferent and straightforward nature, never one to engage in playful banter or cloak his words in irony.

Gaara's eyes locked onto Temari's radiant smile, only to witness its delicate flicker and fade into a shadow of shame. He couldn't help but notice the subtle touch of her hand on her arm, a gesture that spoke volumes about her inner turmoil. As her gaze shifted downward, fixated on her own feet, it was evident that she was grappling with a torrent of thoughts, desperately searching for the right words to convey to Gaara. He couldn't help but wonder what her problem was, someone who had never shown much interest in him before. Normally, she was straightforward and unapologetically honest when expressing her opinions, but this hesitant behavior was a perplexing departure from her usual blunt demeanor.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she slowly lifted her head up, her dark-blue eyes locking onto his hateful green gaze, his eyes as cold as snow on a winter's night. The tension in the air was palpable as Temari mustered the strength to speak, her voice trembling ever so slightly. "Gaara," she began, her words flowing like a gentle breeze, "Gaara, I have noticed that you look different," With a deliberate gesture, she delicately moved her finger to her own eyes, emphasizing her observation.

It was clear that she was referring to the disappearance of Gaara's dark bags under his eyes. As the weight of her words hung in the air, she couldn't help but wonder what had caused this transformation in her brother.

"How different?" he mused, the wheels turning in his mind as he digested the inquiry. He knew what she was talking about, but he didn't care to answer. A part of him wanted to tell her to mind her own business as she had done their whole life until now.

"Your eyes," Temari pointed out, a little perplexed, wondering why Gaara was obviously hiding something; Gaara was never someone to hide something since he rarely had anything to hide at all.

"Why does it matter to you?" Intrigued by Gaara's sudden inquiry, Temari found herself caught off guard as his demanding tone cut through the air. Slowly, with deliberate steps, Gaara closed the distance between them, his penetrating gaze fixed upon her. Feeling her heart quicken, Temari instinctively took a step backward, her eyes widening as she watched Gaara's approach. A wave of unease washed over her, causing her complexion to pale ever so slightly as she wondered what could have prompted such a question from her brother.


"You heard me," Gaara said with a sinister sneer cutting through the tense air; Gaara advanced towards Temari, his footsteps echoing with an intimidating rhythm. As his piercing gaze locked onto her, her once vibrant complexion drained away, leaving her face as pale as a lifeless corpse, caught in the clutches of fear. Closing the distance between them to a mere foot, Gaara's control over the unfathomable power of his sentient sand became evident as it swirled and danced through the air with an eerie grace. A slight tremor ran through Temari's body as she involuntarily swallowed, her anxiety mounting with each passing moment, for she knew all too well the destructive potential of Gaara's sand.

"When we were young, you told your friend that you didn't know me when she asked you what I was to you, I know you begged father to tell the teacher never to bring it up the fact that we are siblings because hating me was what everyone did in the academy, and you didn't want to feel like an outcast, so you started hating me as well," Gaara spoke with uncontrollable rage, anger, and hatred, his anger growing with each word he spat. Yet, he didn't try to attack Temari, who was sweating, her whole body shaking like a leaf; for a moment, Gaara wondered if she would actually fall unconscious on the floor.

Temari opened and closed her mouth several times, trying to find the right words to say, but she closed her mouth just as the words were coming out of her mouth. She wanted to say something, anything, to defend herself or to apologize, but she knew she couldn't do that; Temari knew what Gaara was saying was true. She had truly acted like everyone else and ignored him as if he wasn't real.

Temari remembered when she was in the academy, everyone hated Gaara, and Temari knew if she showed compassion towards him, no one would want to be her friend, so not be different from everyone else. She did what everyone else did in the Academy. Ignore Gaara.

Gaara watched as Temari's face showed shame and regret, but Gaara didn't allow himself to feel anything for her; he remembered all too well when he had once tried to play with Temari, only for her to act as if she didn't even know him.

As Gaara stood in front of the door, his hand slowly reaching for the handle, he momentarily contemplated shutting it abruptly in his sister Temari's face. However, a faint sound caught his attention. It was the unmistakable echo of footsteps, growing louder with each passing second. Gaara turned his gaze past Temari's shoulder, only to witness the figures of Kankuro and Baki steadily approaching them.

Gaara watched as Kankuro quickly noticed Temari's hurt expression. Without hesitation, Kankuro's compassionate instincts kicked in, causing him to envelop her in a comforting side hug, offering solace and reassurance in an instant. However, as his attention shifted towards Gaara, "Gaara, what did you do?" his voice mixed with concern and accusation. Stepping forward with purpose, Kankuro spread his arms wide, puffing out his chest in an attempt to exude a sense of dominance. Meanwhile, Gaara met Kankuro's hostility with a mere tilt of his head, a subtle display of annoyance flickering in his piercing gaze.

"You should try that with a newborn. You might get a chuckle or two," Gaara spoke mockingly. A smirk danced on Gaara's lips as he savored the anticipation of Kankuro's reaction. The air crackled with tension as Kankuro shot a lethal glare at Gaara, his eyes burning with a fiery determination. Undeterred by the impending danger, Gaara reveled in the thrill, knowing that Kankuro was moments away from lunging at him, his hand poised to firmly grasp Gaara by the collar of his tunic.

With an ominous, low voice that sent chills down Kankuro's spine, Gaara abruptly interrupted Kankuro's hand, frozen mid-air, just inches away from his tunic, cautioning him, "Don't try that!" The suddenness of Gaara's warning halted Kankuro in his tracks, his entire body tingling with a bone-chilling shiver. It was as if Gaara's intense gaze held power to reduce Kankuro to the size of an insignificant ant standing before an indomitable monster. Gaara's sand materialized, swirling around in the air, transforming into sharp, ethereal knives, poised and waiting for their master's command.

Gaara's words carried a weight of undeniable certainty as he issued a chilling warning, his voice laced with an eerie calmness that sent shivers down Kankuro's spine. "Touch me with that hand," Gaara's voice resonated with a commanding authority, "and you lose the hand." The air around them seemed to grow heavy with tension. Kankuro's trembling hand, once poised to make contact, now faltered in hesitation, his fingers recoiling as if pulled by an invisible force, retreating slowly from Gaara's outstretched palm.

"ENOUGH!" In a burst of frustration and intensity, Baki's voice erupted from behind Kankuro, reverberating through the vast expanse of the room and echoing down the dimly lit corridor. With unwavering determination, his piercing gaze fixated solely on Gaara, who remained unfazed.

"Today is the day of the plan. I want all of you ready." Baki spoke with a commanding voice, looking at Temari and Kankuro; both quickly nodded their heads. Baki's attention turned to Gaara, who glared back at him. "Especially you, Gaara," Baki ordered as he took a step toward Gaara challengingly. Gaara bluntly rolled his eyes to the point that he felt as if his eyes would go to the back of his head.

"I'm ready to fulfill the plan. I won't betray those that I consider family," Gaara answered with an emotionless voice; both Kankuro and Temari couldn't help but be taken aback; Gaara had never addressed them in that way before, while Baki simply sighed in relief, happy to hear that Gaara was ready and wouldn't cause any problems.

As Baki and the Suna Team briskly departed the hotel, Baki couldn't resist a dismissive remark, "Good to know you know your job." With an air of nonchalance, he uttered those words, hinting at his confidence in their mission. Their purposeful strides carried them toward the grandeur of the Stadium, its colossal structure looming before them. However, amidst their journey, Gaara's gaze was drawn skyward, and his piercing eyes locked onto a mysterious figure perched atop the stadium.

Gaara couldn't help but shudder at the intensity of her glare, but he knew her hatred was directed toward Baki and not him.

As Pakura stood at a distance, her eyes fixated on the grand entrance of the stadium, the anticipation in her veins grew palpable. The Suna team, adorned in their distinctive attire, marched confidently toward the heart of the arena, unaware of the watchful gaze that followed their every move. A surge of primal instinct surged within her, a burning desire to descend upon them and exact vengeance upon Baki, but she restrained herself from doing so; she knew the time to bring Justice would come soon. Right now, she turned her attention towards the Suna Team, knowing she needed to ensure Gaara would go with them after the Chunin Exams.

As the other Shinobi of Naruto gathered around, a mixture of chuckles filled the air, laced with both mockery and amusement. Amidst the laughter, a voice stood out, dripping with disdain and a hint of curiosity. "How is it possible," she spoke, her words laced with a sneer, "that a Stadium like this lacks the presence of Sensor Shinobi, especially for such an important event?" As her gaze shifted towards Naruto-Sama, her eyes held a flicker of nostalgia, causing her to bite her lower lip, a soft and sensual gesture that stirred memories of their electrifying first encounter.

As she stood amidst the bustling crowd, a gentle breeze swept through the air, caressing her long, beautiful crimson hair and causing it to sway and dance in perfect harmony with the wind's graceful melody. The golden sunlight, pouring down from the heavens, bestowed a radiant glow upon her locks, transforming them into cascading strands of precious gems that glistened with every twist and turn.

Her attention, momentarily captivated by the whimsical dance of her hair, swiftly shifted toward the grand Hokage podium that stood proudly at the heart of the stadium. As her gaze scanned the surroundings, she could sense a symphony of diverse chakra types permeating the atmosphere, each pulsating with its own unique energy. Among them, a potent surge of wind chakra surged forth, its strength palpable, while the tantalizing fusion of water and wood chakra embraced her senses with tempting allure. A mischievous smile played upon her lips as she savored the delectable possibilities that lay before her. She wondered if she had time for some fun; she was sure Naruto-Sama wouldn't mind.

Her eyes went to her leader once again. She couldn't help but feel excited, knowing soon everyone would know just how powerful he was; she herself had a chance to show her abilities, especially her 'awakened' abilities.


The stadium reverberated with the deafening roars of countless spectators, their collective voice echoing through the air like thunderclaps. Perched upon his seat, at the heart of the electrifying atmosphere, he found himself immersed in the pulsating energy that surged through the crowd, their voices blending into a symphony of anticipation.

Each spectator shared a common desire, their cheers and chants serving as a resounding plea for the final rounds of the Chunin Exams to commence without the midst of this exhilarating scene, Sarutobi, adorned with a knowing smile, observed the unfolding spectacle below. Naruto, emerged into the sprawling arena. With measured steps and unwavering determination, he made his way towards the very center of the arena, where his fellow warriors awaited him.

As Sarutobi's weary eyes fell upon Naruto, a flicker of concern caused his once bright smile to falter. The memory of Jiraiya's words echoed in his mind, recounting how Naruto had adamantly rejected the legendary shinobi's offer for training, displaying a complete disinterest in forging any sort of connection with him. An undeniable throbbing sensation began to pulsate within Sarutobi's temples, prompting his aged fingers to instinctively pinch the bridge of his nose.

Reluctantly, he found himself grappling with a disconcerting thought: was Naruto secretly engaged in clandestine activities, hidden from Sarutobi's watchful gaze? This suspicion weighed heavily upon the wise leader, as he despised even entertaining the notion of harboring such doubts about Naruto. Yet, the events unfolding around them were impossible to ignore, and Sarutobi couldn't shake the unsettling feeling that Naruto was involved in something far from virtuous. With the impending Exams on the horizon, Sarutobi silently yearned for an opportunity to sit down with Naruto, to rekindle their bond and converse as they once did in the past, hoping to discover the truth behind Naruto's recent actions and restore the trust that had begun to wane.

Sarutobi hoped he could change Naruto's mind and convince him to at least have a talk with Jiraiya, to give Jiraiya a chance for the two of them to become good friends, to let Jiraiya in his life.

As Sarutobi sat lost in the labyrinth of his own thoughts, an abrupt interruption jolted him back to reality—a cacophony of approaching footsteps echoing through the corridor. His weary eyes instinctively darted towards the source, revealing the hallowed figures of the Kazekage and Raikage materializing on the horizon of his vision. With measured strides, they strode into the grandeur of the podium at the heart of the stadium, emanating an aura of gravity and purpose. Both leaders donned stern countenances, but it was the Raikage who bore an unmistakable edge, his restless demeanor betraying an unseen storm brewing beneath his composed facade. A surge of curiosity surged through Sarutobi's veins like an electric current as he pondered the enigma that unfolded before him.

With an air of reverence, Sarutobi gracefully rose from his comfortable seat, his eyes fixed on the approaching figures of the esteemed Raikage and Kazekage, flanked by their loyal entourage of guards, each Kage accompanied by two vigilant protectors. As the distance between them diminished, Sarutobi's heart swelled with a mixture of admiration and respect for these powerful leaders.

"Kazekage-Sama, Raikage-Sama, it is a pleasure to meet you again," With a warm smile gracing his lips, he extended his hand towards them, eager to reconnect once more. The moment their hands clasped, Sarutobi couldn't help but notice the stark contrast in size, his own hand seemingly dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of the Raikage's hand.

"It's been a long time since I have been in this place," The Kazekage spoke with a slightly deep voice resonating through the air, his presence commanding attention as he settled comfortably into his ornate seat. Each kage, including the Kazekage himself, was bestowed with a regal chair crafted meticulously from shimmering silver, an embodiment of their esteemed positions.

However, it was the Hokage's chair, fashioned from the purest gold, that stood out amongst the rest, basking in the sun's gentle rays that transformed each chair into a dazzling spectacle. Adorned with intricate carvings, the chairs boasted the sigil of their respective villages, a proud emblem etched into the back head.

In the midst of their seated positions, the Hokage's chair occupied a prominent position, slightly advanced compared to the other two seats, instilling the impression that the Hokage was the undisputed leader of the assembly. As the Raikage's gaze swept across the stadium, his elevated vantage point granting him a panoramic view, he couldn't help but notice the sheer grandeur of Konoha's sprawling amphitheater, dwarfing Kumo's humble counterpart. The realization struck him with such force that a resolute decision formed within his mind, like a flickering ember igniting into a blazing fire. "Once I return to Kumo," he solemnly declared, his expression betraying a determined resolve, "I will order a newer, bigger, and better stadium to be built right away, A thought with pursed lips."

As A, settled into his designated seat in the center of the grand arena, he couldn't help but observe the bustling crowd and the array of fellow Shinobis present. However, his keen eye detected a discrepancy in their numbers, a missing shinobi.

In a split second, his mind raced to the realization that Sasuke Uchiha, was conspicuously absent. A's voice reverberated through the arena, filled with a commanding roughness, as he demanded in a tone that brooked no delay, "Where's Sasuke Uchiha?" With an abrupt jerk of his head, his piercing gaze locked onto Sarutobi, causing the latter to release a weary sigh, as if bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

With unwavering determination, Sarutobi firmly responded to the pressing query, his voice resonating with authority, "He hasn't arrived yet; he has time until his fights start. If he doesn't show up until then, then he will be disqualified," The Raikage, poised and prepared to align his thoughts with Sarutobi's judgment, was interrupted by an unexpected interruption, as the Kazekage emerged into the midst of their enthralling conversation.

"Surely you can wait a bit longer; just look at the audience," Kazekage interrupted their conversation. With a commanding gesture, he directed their attention to the sprawling sea of spectators, their fervent cheers resonating through the air. The crowd was a spectacle in itself, a diverse tapestry of emotions, with many displaying unparalleled enthusiasm, their voices ringing out in unwavering support for the prodigious Hyuga heir. However, even the most casual observer with a keen ear could discern that the vast majority had gathered in the colossal stadium for one thing: to witness Sasuke Uchiha.

"Everyone wants to see the last Uchiha fight. It would be a shame if you were to disqualify him," As the Kazekage's voice took on a sly tone, his words reverberated through the room. It was a moment filled with intrigue, as they exchanged knowing glances, their eyes narrowing in curiosity. The Kazekage's desire to witness the last Uchiha's fight hung in the air, an unspoken question lingering between them.

With a raised eyebrow and a hint of suspicion in his eyes, Sarutobi couldn't help but agree with the questioning gaze of A. The vibrant atmosphere of the final showdown was palpable as the crowd erupted in cheers. "Two of your children are in the final," A continued, his voice laced with intrigue. "But why, may I ask, do you care about a Shinobi from another village?" The intensity of the moment was heightened as all eyes turned to the enigmatic figure of the Kazekage, who stood before them with an air of unshakeable composure, seemingly unaffected by the inquisitive glances fixed upon him.

"Suna and Konoha have been allies for decades now. Even the people in Suna have heard of the talent of Sasuke Uchiha and being the only one left of his clan. I'm quite intrigued to see what some say is the future of Konoha." The Kazekage answered slyly, waving a dismissing hand. Sarutobi couldn't help but feel that there was more to that, but before their conversation could continue, the echo of cheers and excitement reverberated through the arena, interrupting their intriguing exchange. Three pairs of eyes turned as one, their gaze fixed on the spectacle unfolding below. The arena, now held only two shinobi poised for battle.

"Round 1: Rock Lee vs Neji Hyuga."

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