Spider-Man: Web of Sticky Sins

Chapter 1: The Never-ending Horny

Peter Parker jumped out of his bed, wearing nothing but a honey sandwich. He glided straight onto a well placed 15 inch dildo that was modelled on J. Jonah Jameson's dick.

'Oh yeah Jonah, fuck my tight little ass!' Peter screamed whilst simultaneously reading through Dawn French's latest autobiography.

'Peter?' A timid and elderly voice called out from elsewhere within the flat.

'Shit!' Peter said to himself, knowing that soon his sordid act would be discovered. The door slowly creaks open.

'Peter!? What on Earth are you doing?' The elderly lady revealed herself to be Aunt May.

Peter had quickly been able to cover his sordid activities with a blanket.

'Are you just going to sit on the floor in a blanket all day?' May inquired, 'Stand up now!'

'I'm ok down here, May' Peter replied shyly.

'I said get up!' May shouted and punched the wall, leaving a huge hole within the plaster.

Peter Parker would have shit himself, if it wasn't for the massive dildo plugging up the evacuation area. Peter slowly but surely stood up, sliding off the dildo with a massive sucking sound.

'What was that noise, Peter?' May asked with an angry and judging tone. Peter quickly and stealthily kicked the dildo away whilst May was blinking.

'I think it was a pigeon outside'. Peter replied with all the conviction of Pinocchio after telling Gepetto he definitely didn't get an erection over his masters naked wet body post shower.

'Oh, really?' May retorted with belief. She scurried over to the window and opened it, sticking her head out the window.

'Oi, Pigeons!' May cried out, 'Fuck off you dirty feathery fat cunts! AHHH I hate pigeons, I hate fucking pigeons! Ahh Fuck pigeons, are you fucking listening pigeons? Fuck off!'.

Peter silently wet himself at the fearful exchange of May and the pigeons.

'May,' He said in fear, 'Are you OK? What did pigeons ever do to you?'

'Oh I do apologise, Peter', May replied, 'When I was younger. My dad used to force pigeons into my gaping pussy, whilst saying "bet you love the feathers tickling your cunt"'.

Peter could not believe what was happening, he wanted to run away from the mad bitch.

'So,' Peter said, 'What's for tea tonight?'

'Oh, erm. I think we should probably have a slow cooker jacket potato each' May replied, and then she left whilst slamming the door so hard that it fell off its hinges.

Peter, now in solidarity, decided to finish off his bum cum session. He jumped up and down on the 15 inch dildo like it was one of spider-mans enemies. He closed his eyes to the intense pleasure and began to rhythmically rubbing his nipples. The sexual horniness became more and more intense with each piston like slam onto Jonah's fake penis. Suddenly the sexual pleasure could no longer contain himself and he began to cum a massive splurge.

Unfortunately at the same moment, Aunt may decided to come back in to apologise for her incredibly strange behaviour.

'Erm, Peter I-' May stated but was quickly interrupted by jizzums completely covering her face and mouth.

'AHHHH, Jesus Christ!' May screamed. She wiped her face to see Peter stood there in his blanket as if nothing had happened.

'What was that!?' May screamed in anger

'I think it was a pigeon' Peter replied. This caused an incredibly forceful rage to rise up within May once again.

'FUCKING PIGEONS' She screamed and jumped out the window.

Before Peter could check if she survived the landing, his spider-police radio began to flicker into life.

'Calling all police cars, Green Goblin has been sighted and he's flashing the unsuspecting public'

'Jesus!' Peter stated, 'What a fucking bastard!'

Peter bandaged himself into his latex and very skin tight spider-suit. The feel of it gave him and incredibly raging boner, of which was incredibly noticeable within his suit. The thought that everyone might see his sexy willy within the suit made him instantly cum, the semen ballooned within his suit.

'Oh for fuck sake' Spider-man said.

He quickly scrubbed out the inside of his sexy spider-man suit with a nearby packet of Wilkos lemon-scented wipes and reapplied the suit again. He leapt out of the and went to shoot a web from his wrist. This is when spider-man realised he had accidentally attached the web shooters to his cock after a dare from the lizard who said he didn't have the scrote to do such a thing. So now, every web shoot protruded from his spider penis and attached to the nearby building. The tugging of the penis slightly increased its size and caused a painful and uncontrollable erection. Every web shoot caused a little bit of pain and a lot of horny sexual ness. He spied Green goblin on the street, terrorising his victims.

'I can't go down there like this', Spider-man noted. He web-shooted up to a nearby balcony and unfurled his sore but now incredibly huge cock. It throbbed with a spider passion. He masturbated furiously and ejaculated all over the glass doors of the flat belonging to the balcony he was ensconced upon. At this moment, Spider-man noted a shocked looking family. They were previously watching TV, but were now were staring at spider-mans spider cock with horror.

'Just your friendly neighbourhood spider-man's spider-cock' Spider-man said, before flipping them two fingers. He quickly attached the web-shooters to his wrists and dived down towards Green Goblin.

'You all know you wanna see my lovely green cock' Green Goblin taunted the crowd. He opened up his long brown coat and shook from side to side, making his penis jiggle like someone having a violent seizure. Everyone gasped in horror but were probably secretly incredibly turned on by the act.

'Green Goblin, Stop right there!' Spider-man screamed as he landed in front of him.

'AHHH Spider-man, you scared me. Why do you always creep up on me!' Green Goblin replied with an annoyed tone.

'Sorry Green Goblin baby' Spider-man retorted, 'Anyway, stop flashing your gorgeous cock to everyone in queens!'

'You're one to talk', Green Goblin said whilst pointing to spider-mans penis, which he had forgotten to put away.

'Shit!' Spider-man said but really had known and enjoyed every second of it. He stuffed it back into his tight pants.

'Now fuck off, Green Goblin' Spider-man asked politely.

'Oh I'll go alright, but first. You must do something for me' Green Goblin said with a sly smirk. He smacked Spider-man's incredibly peachy and tight ass.

'I'll leave once I've fucked your sexy little boy pussy in front of everyone here!' Green Goblin screeched with a gleeful delight.

Everyone in the crowd gasped and suddenly got their iPhones out, ready to video the free porn-hub event. Spider-man gulped in shock, he had never had sex with a goblin before. He was a angelic little virgin, apart from all the weird dildo and public masturbatory things he did just a second ago. The thought that his virginity removal would be witnessed by at least 12 people crowded around made him harder than dark souls 3.

'I- Green Gob- I, erm. I can't' Spider-man said with ambivalence.

'You can't fight me spider-man' Green goblin whispered into Spider-mans ear, which heightened the sexual tension more so. It was at this moment that spider-man peeled off his spider-suit from his sticky and sweaty body, leaving only his face covered. Green goblin soaked in the beautiful sight of spider-mans twinky body, and started to lick through the green goblin mask, stroking up his slender thighs. Spider-man giggled as the flecks of the tongue made its way slowly up to his firm and jiggly balls.

'Your ball-sack smells just like christmas' Green Goblin mentioned as he suddenly pursed his lips around spider-mans anus and invaded it with his lizard-like tongue. Spider-man cried out in glee. Green Goblin created a leak-proof seal around the little pink hole, and feasted upon the contents of the sigmoid. Spider-man could hold back no longer.

'Oh Green Goblin! Will you just fuck my naughty fucking cunt, NOW!' Spider-man asked with a tear to his japseye.

Green Goblin granted his request and backed the tongue out of the anus, replacing it with his small and green dicky dick. He furtively entered and re-entered around 7 times, until spider-man decided to shoot his web all over the crowd that had gathered around. The crowd cried out in glee as they all tasted his spider-spunk. It tasted a bit like prawn cocktail snackrite crisps. The post-wank clarity kicked in and spider-man was incredibly embarrassed by what he had just done. Spider-man was a good little Christian spider-boy and would never partake in such things.

'I love you spider-man,' Green Goblin stated, 'Let's goblin away to Spain and live together in harmony'

Spider-man kicked Green goblin straight in the face whilst also redressing in his skimpy red outfit.

'You're going to the raft, you dirty green pervert!' Spider-man stated whilst pointing his finger firmly into Green goblin's face. His finger slightly going up Green Goblin's right nostril.

Green Goblin looked heartbroken, and then he looked knocked out as Spider-man Spider kicked the shit out of him. The crowd were incredibly horny about this, as they loved latex wrestle sex videos on porn hub. Spider-man spider called the police and they came to arrest Green Goblin. He was forced into the back of a police van.

'I can't believe you betrayed me, Spider-man!' Green Gobs stated

'But we are enemies!' Spider-man stated.

'Oh yeah' Green Goblin replied whilst realising the fucking obvious.

As the prison van drove Green Goblin away, the driver of the van turned around to face Green Goblin.

'I see you're having a spot of spider trouble' A deep and booming voice mocked.

Green Goblin squinted and suddenly made out the face of the driver, It was Kingpin.

'I'm putting together a team,' Kingpin stated, 'We are going to fucking bukake spider-man and fuck his little pussy, and the whole world will watch! Are you interested?'

Suddenly a bulge raged out of Green goblins trench coat and leaked a little.

'Yes' Green Goblin quickly replied 'a 100 times yes, fuck yes. I want it so fucking bad'

'Calm down, spazz!' Kingpin retorted, he then clouted Green goblin around the chops with his hard chode, then continued to drive them to wherever there sat-nav was currently taking them.

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