Spider-Man: Sins of the Stickiest Web

Chapter 8 – Of Dirty Jizzums & Goblins

The envenomed symbiote Rhino ran away down the street, with his grey, pubeless wiener draping between his muscular thighs. The thigh gap resembled only Mary Jane Pussy Flame's gaping pussy. He slipped on a discarded condom and flew forward, then a portal opened in front of him. He was suddenly before the old slut known as Madam Web. She clapped her hands and flicked her bean, then Rhino's cock came toward her telekinetically, and she wanked it off then sucked it until he reached her tonsils.

"I will banish you back to your original, disgusting dimension!" She whispered in his ear, a sultry, boner-inducing speech.

"But first..." She squeezed his bollocks painfully hard.

"I will have my wicked way with you! Heheheheehhhahahahahahha!" She screamed.

"Enter my cunt!" She spread her legs and her black skin-dress lifted up, exposing a most almighty and commanding vagina; it breached and stretched until it was 27 inches dilated. With s shrill shriek, she pressed a button up her arsehole, pushing it with her arsehole muscles, and her pussy became a vacuum and sucked Rhino's head fully inside, then his entire body. Only one of his feet remained stuck out of her cunt, and she made it naked and licked between his rhinoceros toes. She then came and he was shot out of her pussy, and into the dimension where he belonged.

She grinned to herself and then went to Tesco for some sponges and washing up liquid, and to also see if there were any bargains on the reduced section/aisle. She hoped there would be, like a family-sized, chocolate trifle cake – it was a fool's hope; she clung to it, despite her own natural pessimism regarding Tesco reduced prices and selection.

Meanwhile, in Peter Parker and Aunt May's flat…

Spider-Man butt-swinged into the home and saw brown shit and half-eaten, poopy Big Macs everywhere. He followed the trail into Aunt May's bedroom and looked shocked as he saw her not there. "Aunt May! Where are you?!" He bellowed. He then remembered he'd put a tracker up her pussy, just to make sure he knew where she was, if she had a senior moment and went wandering off by herself, which wasn't unusual for the mad bitch.

He pulled his spidey-compass from his spidey-butthole, and looked at the yellow, shitty device. It pinged to life and a little picture of Aunt May's vulva came up on the little screen, which corresponded to her bonse. Spider-Man had a quick wank over the Big Macs that still smelt of arse and then zoomed toward Aunt May's location. "I'm cumming, Aunt May." He said with determination, which wasn't a typo, as he then squirted his spidey-cream all inside his jizzy spidey suit.

He web-swinged through the city, barely able to contain or even conceal his worry erection. He then spotted, just outside Oscorp Tower, JJ and Robbie Robertson – dead! Peter landed and knelt down beside the pair. "Why?! Oh, why did they have to die?!" He bellowed. He was crying so much he didn't hear a low, high-pitched humming behind him. Hob Fanny Goblin was hovering on her sexual hover-jet then glided to Spider-Man's side. In an instant, a dildo came shooting out and penetrated Spider-Man's ear. He fell down in pain.

Hob Fanny Goblin set the hover board to automatic, and it began to rape Spider-Man's arsehole with a massive, front-facing attack dildo. In a robotic reach-around, little, metallic, mechanical arms came out and jerked him off while tickling his taint, balls and gooch. With a slash, she whipped his suit fully off, apart from the mask, of course. Her identity was hidden, also, under a pussy juice-stained mask. She then forced Spider-Man's face against and almost inside her hungry pussy, which her costume accommodated so sexually and beautifully.

"Now you die, you Spider-freakazoid!" She screeched in his ear and got a razor-sharp whip out from her mouth. She aimed at Spider-Man's exposed, vulnerable throat, pulled back with power then his spider-sense tingled and he, somehow, threw a spider-bomb at her. This launched her back and destroyed part of her mask. Peter was still being ass-fucked by the glider, so jizzed all over the asphalt. Many people watched this display. Even the police got horny.

Hob Fanny Goblin was now uncontrollable with rage. She made eagle noises and got a pistol out from her pussy. She pointed it hard against Spider-Man's temple. He looked up to her, then saw a face he knew only too well.

"Aunt May?!" He questioned, tears filing his spider-eyes.

Hob Fanny Goblin staggered back when she heard Peter's voice. "P-Peter?!" She looked vulnerable for a second and the glider stopped its relentless fucking of his spidey-arsehole. Then she went full-goblin again and began to press the trigger. "Aunt May. Aunt May! Aunt May! Aunt May! Aunt May!" Peter kept saying and watched her become confused and dazed, and broken.

"Stop saying that, you little shit!" The goblin inside of her ordered, but it was losing influence. Her glider stopped fucking Spider-Man's anus and he stood beside Hob Fanny Goblin as she fell to her knees. "Aunt May!" He said one final time as he held her head. This shamed her and she made weird noises; unfortunately, this plan to shame her into submission ended with her becoming a dangerous maniac. She screamed in mental torment and repeated the same line over and over.

"Pigeons! Fucking pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons! Pigeons! Fucking Pigeons!" She kept saying this same line; her mind was now broken, and this became the limit of her vocabulary. She hopped back onto her glider in a frenzy and laughed like a crazy bitch as she zoomed away into the distance to God only knows where.

Spider-Man was exhausted from the fight and the raping, and fainted on the spot, next to the corpses of Robbie Robertson and J Jonah Jameson. His penis remained erect, although he was now fully unconscious.

One hundred and eight floors up, in the Penthouse Suite of Oscorp Tower, Harry and Norman Osbourne were backed into a corner by the lizard. Harry felt a disturbance in the goblin force and knew something had happened to Hob Fanny Goblin. "Take your fucking clothes off!" He ordered, like the kinky reptile he was. They obeyed and became naked. Norman was quite pleased he cold see his son's penis again, and Harry, shyly, admired his dad's massive cock. He had always told him his would be that big one day, but that day never came, and probably never will. Not unless the Neogenic Recombinator had anything to say about it.

He was thrusted from his thoughts as a lizard cock forced its way into his and his father's mouths. He gagged as the scaly flesh rubbed his Adam's apple from the inside, like a Covid swab. Lizard feet, which stank like the sewers under New York, wanked off their growing cocks and sodomised their boy pussies. His red eyes were ever present, and ever so so so horny.

"Stay away from my son!" Norman cried and pushed Harry out of the way and pushed the Lizard through an adjoining wall. He looked softly toward his offspring. "I am so sorry, son. I should've told you I was the Green Goblin ages ago. Back when it was back to formula and everything. I understand if you can't forgive me, I mean it's my fault you're in this mess. But I will sort it out. I promise." He said, determined, his ginger pubes visible and fiery with determination.

Harry watched on as the Green Goblin fought with the reptile freak desperately. His own secret was still locked way in his ballsack. Norman punched the Lizard countless times, but the monster wasn't even beginning to tire, like an enemy on Dragon Ball Z. Green Gobs got out of breath and leaned against a wall; his body was dirtied from the fight and his cock wasn't erect; this is how Harry knew he was seriously hurt. Harry had to do something, or his father would die.

The Lizard furiously masturbated his two cocks, readying them for the killing blow. He swung them either side of Norman's head. A lizard big toe to his balls made Norman drop to his knees in near-defeat. The two cocks swung back to gain momentum.

"Finish Him!" Shang Tsung's voice said.

The cocks came crashing toward Norman's head with great speed, ready for the death they would bring.

"Fuck you, you dirty lizard cunt!" Harry screamed and moved Norman out of the way and put a huge barbeque griddle pan thing there instead. Instantly, the Lizard's two cocks were burned on the hot grill and Harry closed the lid, burning his shafts and glans even more. The Lizard screamed in pain, then Harry drop-kicked him out of the window and to his certain death.

Norman was still in a daze when Harry cradled him. "G-get my formula!" He said desperately. Harry gulped, pressed a penis down on a nearby naked cherub statue and that opened a secret room. He grabbed a vial of green goo from inside and loaded it into a syringe, then injected it straight into his father's subcutaneous fat. In just a few moments, Norman was back at full strength.

"Thank you, my son." He then paused. "But where's the Lizard and how did you know where my serum was?" Norman asked suspiciously.

"Well… I… I'm a goblin, too. When I was still in high school with Peter, I knew you had some secret cam videos of him using the urinal, and changing in the locker room, in your secret room here, so I had to find a way inside to view them. While I was there, I sat down and one of your goblin needles entered my butt hole. Then I became Hob Nob Goblin." Harry blushed as he told his deepest secret.

"That… Harry… I… That…" Norman tried to speak, standing up, but was too much in shock. Harry looked saddened.

"That is the gayest name ever! Where did you even come up with that?!" Norman started laughing hysterically. Harry blushed more.

"Well, you know how your Goblin juice alters our DNA so we're all goblin-y? Well, I also had some crumbs from the Hob Nobs I was eating, on the end of the syringe, and it altered my DNA to include that of McVities Hob Nobs." Harry explained.

Norman then looked serious. "Well, that makes sense. I love reconstructing DNA and shit. Don't you?" He looked proudly at his son. "Of course, dad." They share a lovely, father/son bonding moment. Without sex, for the first time in their incestuous lives.

"I know a way we can become even stronger; Kingpin has got his little slut, Alistair Smythe, to make a new batch of my goblin juice, which will make us even more powerful." Norman had a stiffy.

Harry got horny at his father's words.

"But he's holding it ransom until I help him kill Spider-Man… But now there're two of us, we can just go and take it for ourselves." Norman tongues his son.

"Won't Kingpin try and stop us?" Harry asked like an idiot.

"Of course. But together, we can terminate him for our, and take his base of operations for ourselves!" They then fuck and laugh maniacally like Dr. Evil.

The Lizard was still plummeting to the ground and landed, squarely, on Spider-Man's erect cock. Even in his injured state, the Lizard managing to bop up and down on the spidey-cock. Peter wakes up to see that reptile monster raping his dick. He went to protest when his phone rang. He answered it.

"Don't you fucking dare stop him! You need to fuck him, just like you've dreamed of all those times!" Madam Web ordered then hung up.

Peter painfully resists the urge to get away from this sexual activity- he wanted it, but the Lizard's butt hole was making his penis chafe. Green lizard spunk covered Spider-Man's bonse like a duvet and the Lizard turned, momentarily, back to Curt Connors. He had tears in his eyes then they fell down his human cheeks.

"Please, Spider-Man, don't let me fuck you. Not in front of my family." Peter looked to the side and saw the good doctor's entire family staring at them in shock. They had come to visit daddy at work but didn't expect to see him as a giant lizard being fucked in the ass by Spider-Man. Connors stretches and grabs Hob Fanny Goblin's dropped gun, then hands to Spider-Man and forces his hand so it was against his forehead.

"I can't control my lizardy, sexual urges, Spider-Man. You need to put me down. Once and for all." Connors begs, and sobs in desperation. Spider-Man knew he had to fuck him, to save the world, so silenced the doctor's request with a spidey-cock inside his mouth. He kept fucking his mouth, until the horniess transformed him, once again, into the monstrous Lizard. Spider-Man raped his luzzy and used his spider-strength to pull him up and down on his cock like a piston.

With the utmost, ball-shattering sexual energy, the Lizard went even more feral and primal, and with a strength never seen from him, he took one gentle, last look at his family, a tear filling his red eyes, then flipped Spider-Man over and began fucking his arsehole non-stop for at least an hour. Peter was unconscious within the first twenty seconds of the butt-onslaught. As his passion reached its peak, and the Lizard came into the web-head, a flash from Eddie Brock's camera dazed his reptilian eyes.

"I knew I'd get a picture of Spider-Man being fucked up the arse by The Lizard – one day!" He said in joy and skipped away like a schoolgirl.

The Lizard then retreated into the sewers. Somewhere, deep within his psyche, the now lost Doctor Curt Connors knew that, by giving into his most dirty of fantasies, that being raping Spider-Man's bussy, he could never again return to his former human form. He sadly sat in a sewer pipe and looked at his monstrous form before his reptilian eyes, reflected in a puddle of sewage.

He closed his eyes and brought the pistol up inside his mouth; he vividly saw his family one last time as he pulled the trigger and, in an instant, he was gone. His lifeless corpse was then swept away, down the sewage trail by the endless torrent of waste.

Spider-Man was again unconscious, and a watching Michael Morbius, who had seen it all, ran away from the scene, sobbing, toward Felicia Hardy's house.

After a few hours, and after loads of member of the public had jizzed on Spider-Man and sucked him off, he became conscious once more. Upon waking, he saw the corpses again. He cried more than before, as grief often worked that way. Then a comforting hand landed on Spidey's naked shoulder.

"Peter… I mean Spider-Man." That voice. Could it be?

Peter spun around and saw Robbie Robertson stood there. "Robbie?" He said in shock, his dick twitching at the mere sight of his secret office crush.

"I'm not dead. Chameleon is. I ran away from the Rhinos three chapters ago, then two chapters ago I was back on the floor at your flat. Didn't you wonder why that was?" He spoke. Spidey looked confused.

Robbie bent down and pressed the Chameleon's belt, which returned him to his pale, disgusting, dead self. "See? Chameleon." He stated, smugly.

Peter was so grateful he'd survived that he tongued him instantly and they sucked each other off. Then it dawned on him.

"JJ's still dead." He said, when Robbie's tongue wasn't invading his mouth.

"Perhaps I can help with that little problem." Otto Octavius walked toward them, his lab coat open at the front, exposing his chode and shaved pubis.

Robbie and Peter turned to face him.

"Scientists recently made a cure for death, for there's only enough for one person. They sold it on eBay, and I know who bought it." He said, wanking off into a flannel.

"So, tell me." Spider-Man begged.

"Not so fast, Spider-Man. I want something in return; break into Oscorp and steal some prototype robotic arms for… A… Friend… Of mine." He said suspiciously.

"Why did you say it like that?"

"Like what?"

They both stared at each other's penises. Robbie shoved a footlong Subway sandwich up his hungry butt hole.

"Fine. I will do it." Spider-Man agreed.

"Wilson Fisk – The Kingpin – has the cure." Doctor Octavius said, while pulling out a shotgun and grabbing Robbie.

"He's the Kingpin?!" Spider-Man was truly shocked.

"No shit!" Otto remarked.

"Go and get it, but I'm keeping this little slut as insurance, to make sure you honour our agreement." Otto Octavius then re-entered Oscorp Tower and took Robbie to his sexual dungeon laboratory lair.

Peter spun a web around JJ, but a naked JJ, as the web stuck easier, like a freshly caught fly, and carried him into the sky. Spider-Man gulped and wanked off his cock again, into a sock, before heading for The Kingpin's headquarters. On the way, Spider-Man lands and ensconces himself upon a balcony, but misses, and landed his Spidey butthole right on top of one of Bruce's horns. He then realised he liked it and fucked the gargoyle for real. He didn't want JJ to feel left out, so he removed the sticky webs from his silvered butthole and cock and had a three-way with Bruce and JJ. Spidey-three-way juicy action. Fuck.

Wilson Fisk, behind his usual desk, was on a Skype video call with Green Gobs. He seemed angry and bared his teeth of seething rage to the Green freak on the screen, especially when he saw his dirty offspring in the form of Hob Nob Goblin. Both the goblins were wearing little Speedos, then dropped them and were flopping them around the screen in a teasing way. Kingpin then smashed the display and broke his desk in half with a powerful special attack of rage.

He picked his legs up and span, on his axis, atop Alistair Smythe's cock – Kevin Spacey style. "They said they're coming to take the improved goblin juice by force!" Kingpin boomed needlessly, because, although Smythe had been rimming him and sucking his cock the whole time, he still had the ability of hearing. A trick of multitasking he learned from his father.

Fisk's eyes, after ejaculating, reached the ceiling in hidden pleasure and spotted Spider-Man, dangling upside down from a single web. JJ's corpse was spun inside its web bag and dropped to the floor with a thud.

"Kingpin! Heard you've got a cure or death." Peter's butt became visible within his acrobatics as he landed in front of the sexual pair.

A wide smirk appeared between Kingpin's butt cheeks and he, too, smiled. "So, you want the cure for death, do you? You'll have to do something for me." He opened his legs invitingly. Spider-Man crept closer and stepped his bare feet over the crippled Alistair Smythe's bonse and put his feet over his small willy. By this point in the story, Spider-Man's feet were now truly bare and truly stinky. So stinky. Yes. Toes are stinky, too. Stinky toes smell like poo.

"If you protect me from the Goblins, I will give you what you seek." Kingpin offered as he pressed a button and dozens of his guards, each armed with assault rifles, surrounded the web-head.

"Looks like I have no choice." Spidey said cockily.

Kingpin then stood from his chair – a rare sight indeed.

"Very true. You also have no choice but to do everything I say." He boomed.

"Now suck my cock." Fisk lowered his silver trousers and lifted his white blazer and picked up some layers of fat so his buried penis could be seen. Spider-Man knew he had no choice but to suck the cock, so he sucked the cock. This action sealed the deal, and he sucked the cock more. Smythe took the opportunity to suck Spide-Man's toes and rim him completely. He manipulated the feet and toes, so they were jacking off his disabled cock and balls.

"Pleasure doing business with you." Kingpin shot spunk right into Spider-Man's mouth. Spider-Man shat a nervous log and Smythe devoured it greedily.

Meanwhile, in Felecia Hardy's uptown, expensive apartment…

Michael Morbius and Felecia lay in her satin sheets. She tried, in vain, to finger his small, flaccid penis into a boner. Even a semi would've sufficed. Her pussy was exposed, and she wanted something, preferably a dick, inside of its cavernous depths. He blushed and she looked concerned.

"What's wrong, Michael? We've been dating for weeks. I thought you would've wanted to fuck me by now." She said, looking at his small willy still.

"Well, Felecia, I'm gay." He struggled to say.

She stared at him in shock.

"It's okay to be gay, you know; you can't help it or anything. Some people are gay; I mean look at the characters in this story." She gave him a quick pep talk.

"But I feel bad that I can't get an erection over you." He stroked his feet in embarrassment. She then had an idea and put a big photo of Curt Connor's over her face, and a strap-on on her vagina opening. Michael got instantly hard, and she took advantage and sucked his cock while doing an impressive impersonation of Curt Connors.

"I love Neogenics and shit. And especially Neogenic Recombinators." She almost choked on his load after she said this.

"Sorry." He said, looking down.

She smiled empathetically. "At least I got to taste your spunk." Salty.

She then tickled his little willy. He giggled. "It's like a Double-A battery." She noticed. He giggled more, like a femboy.

They then have a heartfelt hug.

Morbius then started crying again.

"Please tell me what's wrong." Felecia begged.

"Spider-Man was fucking Curt Connors up the arse earlier." He sobbed. Felecia got pissed.


Unbeknownst to them, the Scorpion was squatting over their skylight. The Neogenic Recombinator was still stuck up his anus and he wanted it out. He strained and burst every blood vessel in his eyes, as it came sliding out – endless centimetre by endless centimetre. With pain, shit and acidic juices, it came further out. Like a torrent, acid came shooting out of his tail with his orgasm; a nearby electric cable fell down and electrocuted his prostate, which made him cum buckets.

Looking in the window at Michael Morbius and Felecia, was Deborah Whitman, who fingered and flicked her bean over the unknowing sex show. The acid poured over her and she silently screamed; her vagina, along with the rest of her, was reduced to a stinky, horny puddle. She had melted completely. Scorpion spunky.

With a rush, the Neogenic Recombinator finally shot out from the Scorpion's butt hole, and he leapt away in pain, with the worst ring sting and ring stink imaginable.

The device smashed through the glass of the sky light and was suspended from the luxurious chandelier. Lasers and flashing lights came out of it. Michael Morbius had been studying the device when fucking Doc Connors and knew what it was capable of. Without thinking, and like any self-respecting GBF would, he jumped on top of Felecia and shielded her from the light show. The device went crazy for several more minutes, before exploding and leaving the room in semi-darkness.

Felecia took short, panicked breaths then looked down at her pussy. Somehow, her pubic hair was growing from the neatest designer vagina – landing strip – and into what could only be compared to Saruman the White's beard. She grabbed some toenail scissors from her bedside table and snipped the hair off, but more kept growing in its place – like the beard on Evan Almighty. As soon as it reached its desired, wizardy length, it stopped, but it couldn't be cut any shorter than that. The pubes now easily reach her ankles and toes.

She heard a manic cry come from above her. Michael Morbius was clasped to a top corner of the ceiling, like a bat. He was upside down and some ejaculant escaped his penis and entered his mouth. His skin was pale and gross. His eyes red and gross. He was naked and muscular, like a heavy-lifting twink. Skinny, too, with a skinny prick. All of his hair was blue and sexy.

"Michael! What's happened to you?!" She screamed in fear and horniess.

He stretched out an open-palmed hand, which now appeared to have little vaginas on.

"I hunger for pussy." He stated, desperately. His hunger taking over his mind entirely.

"You're… You're…" She backed away, her bare arse pressing against her front door.

"Straight!" She smiled and enjoyed his bomb dick. Bouncing up and down on it like a pony.

Morbius takes this chance to suck away her life force with his new vagina hands.

"Felicia." He said, for no real reason, then flew away, out from the balcony window with a whoosh.

She lay there, barely conscious and felt her life force depleting, like on Knightmare. She then remembers Spider-Man put an SOS beacon up her butt hole, that activates when she's in grave danger. She felt it vibrate and light up with a Nokia 3310 ring tone. The only model of phone proven to remain active even after years of being up a pussy/arsehole. She tried to remain calm as she waited for Spider-Man's rescue.

That is the end of another chapter. Quite a long one, like JJ's cock. Please let me know if you liked reading this.

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