Ford couldn't believe what was happening. Bill Cipher had a hold of the rift. And he released Weirdmaggedon. Dipper and Ford were looking at the pink sky with the red cross in the center. Bill had called forth his friends: 8 Ball, Amorphous Shape, Hectorgon, Keyhole, Kryptos, Paci-Fire, Pyronica, Teeth, and Zanthar. He put his hand up to the sky, his whole body glowing a yellow color.

"And finally! It is time! I ask you to come forth, oh mighty Darkness! Swallow the world with your madness!"

Dipper and Ford both looked to the sky. To their utter horror, there was a giant scary space hole. Ford couldn't believe what he was seeing. He thought that Bill would only bring his Henchmaniacs here. What - how...

"Grunkle Ford! The rift was in Mabel's backpack! She could be in danger!" Dipper took out the walkie talkie and started to call Mabel. "Mabel, come in! Mabel!"

Before Ford could stop Dipper, he heard the Darkness hallow. All of the sudden, Eliminators appeared on the ground. Dipper screamed, almost running into one of them. One of the Eliminators picked him up holding him by his vest. Dipper struggled against his grip but it was of no use.

"Dipper!" Ford cried out. He grabbed his laser gun and aimed it at the Eliminator. "Let him go!"

Dipper screamed and just then, the Eliminator's head fell off. Dipper fell on the ground and looked up. Standing there was Stan, with his brass knuckles. He was panting up a storm and it reminded Dipper of when he had saved him and Mabel from the zombies.

"Stanley?" "Grunkle Stan?" Ford and Dipper said at the same time.

Stan said nothing to his brother but kept his eyes on Dipper. "Ya okay kid?" He asked. Dipper nodded and Stan turned to the Eliminator. "What in the world is that thing, Ford?" He questioned.

Ford felt somewhat offended and defended, "How should I know? It wasn't in Nightmare Ridge with Bill's friends."

Stan didn't say anything else. He was going to point out that Ford didn't know anything but Dipper was way to close to it.

"Hey kid, don't get to close." Stan warned.

Dipper started to say, "But Grunkle Stan..."

All of the sudden, a portal opened in the robot's mouth. Before Stan or Ford could react, the portal pulled Dipper into it.

"Dipper!" Stan and Ford cried out at the same time.


Dipper felt himself falling, screaming in total horror. He didn't know where he was going. All he knew was that Gravity Falls had fallen.


"Okay...what the heck is that thing?!" Timmy asked, looking at the Eliminator.

Chester gushed, "Oh wow! Another new kid!"

Timmy was about to roll his eyes when the Eliminator drew out its laser gun. It pointed it at the blonde kid and fired. Timmy quickly pushed Chester out of the way. Chester couldn't believe his eyes.

He added, "Who shoots deadly lasers!"

Denzel Crocker looked at the Eliminator and picked up his chalk. "Okay class. New lesson." He started to write and read off of the board, "Run. For. Your." The chalk broke just then. "Darn this chalk!" He shouted. He tried again and ended, "Life!"

Everyone in the class ran out the door. Except for Timmy, who had hid under a desk. The Eliminator destroyed the desk he was hiding behind.

The Eliminator said, "Eliminate Timmy Turner."

Timmy groaned, "It's official. This is the weirdest morning ever!"

That's when the pink hatted boy started to run. He borrowed A.J.'s hover bike and hid in a poster as the Eliminator flew on by. Timmy was about to go back to his house when he felt someone grab him.

He started to say, "Don't eliminate me! I'm not..."

"Timmy Turner!"

Timmy looked up and saw Jorgen there.

He gushed, "Jorgen! Man am I glad to see you! And to see someone that knows me!" That's when the head fairy took out a canon. He added, "Now I'm not so glad."

Jorgen instructed, "Duck!"

Timmy did as he was told and saw the Eliminator. He turned to Jorgen, totally confused.

The young boy asked, "What is that thing?"

Jorgen pointed out, "I told you not to say your name! I sorta just did. They have really good hearing!"

All of the sudden, the portal opened and it started to suck in everything.

Timmy commented, "And a really big mouth!"

He screamed as Jorgen quickly reacted He took a man hole cover and threw it at the Eliminator. It was thrown off balance, saving Timmy. The Eliminator recovered.

"Destroy Timmy Turner." It said.

Jorgen pointed out, "As much as I sympathize with you, I cannot allow that to happen."

With that, Jorgen quickly poofed them to Fairy World.


Dipper had finally stopped falling. He got himself to his feet and saw that he was in an underground cave.

He breathed, "Whoa... am I back at the Shack?" He walked up to the equipment and saw that it was way different than what Grunkle Ford had at the Mystery Shack. He concluded, "Definitely not the Shack."

Dipper took out Journal 3 and took some notes. He had no idea where he was but... He looked at the computer monitor and saw a city topside. That's when he saw some Eliminators. It was like they were looking for something. Or someone.

He wondered out aloud, "Wonder if they are looking for me."

That's when he saw a picture frame on the desk. It was a picture of a young boy in pink with two adults. A woman with pink hair and a man with green hair. The young boy was holding a baby in a purple blanket. Dipper raised an eyebrow. Was that the owner of this cave? He wasn't too sure. He made another note in the Journal. He sat at the chair and started to play with the monitor.

He whispered, "Maybe this thing can let me find Mabel..." The city currently read, Dimmsdale, California. Dipper perked up, "Wait, how am I back in California?! I was in Gravity Falls..." He typed in Gravity Falls, Oregon. That's when he saw Bill had taken over the town. He breathed, "No.."


Ford and Stan had went into town with Ford's quantum destabilizer. They had gone into the church and Ford quickly set up the gun.

Stan asked, "Are ya sure about this Ford?"

Ford turned to him and answered, "No I'm not. But we have to do the right thing, Stanley."

Stan felt that was a jab at him and growled, "I was bringin' ya home."

Ford huffed, "I didn't want to come home! Not if it meant bringing Bill into this dimension."

Stan started to say, "Well ya could've..."

"Well well well... And I thought today couldn't get any better!" Bill declared, destroying the church.


"Grunkle Ford! Grunkle Stan!" Dipper cried out.

That's when the feed went dead. Dipper couldn't believe what was happening. Bill had just captured his only hope in saving Gravity Falls and Grunkle Stan.

Dipper cringed, "Oh my gosh... What have I done?"

A voice behind him stated, "Guess you are having a bad day too."


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