Bill/Juandissimo had poofed back into Dimmsdale. Dipper and Mabel struggled in his hand. The energy demon had managed to shrink them with fairy magic. Bill absorbed all of Juandissimo's fairy magic so the fairy fell down to the ground hard. That's when Bill made another dream bubble and threw Dipper and Mabel in there. The energy demon looked at the sky, solemnly. He knew that the Darkness wouldn't attack. It never did before. It was looking for a friend.

Bill shouted, "And what am I?! Chopped liver?! Why?! Why would you go after that...that... skin puppet! We were friends Darkness!"

There was a slight pause as he muttered something under his breath. It sounded like he had said Kurayami. [1] He flew into the Fearamid where he saw that the henchmen were out cold. Not only that but the Shack-tron had moved. He growled loudly. He had to move. And he had to move now. Ford knew his weakness. He looked to the sky once more as a rainbow light came out of his bowtie. The energy demon placed down a red gem. He knew what he had to do. He teleported back to Dimmsdale.


Cupid couldn't believe that he messed up. He knew that he had to tell Dana and Alex. But as he was flying to find them, Bill had appeared. Cupid had prepared himself for a fight but it never came. Bill flew away from him in an awful hurry. Cupid couldn't help but wonder where he was going. That's when he realized.

"Oh no..." He groaned, calling Wanda.


Back at the North Pole, just when Timmy was about to light the wands, Bill appeared.

Timmy breathed, "Bill?"

Bill ignored him briefly then he turned to the Darkness, "Kurayami, do you really want this fate?"

The Darkness started to say, "I want a..."

Bill huffed, "And what was I?!" The Darkness was about to reply but Bill managed to cut it off, "Yeah...that's what I thought."

The Darkness finally spoke, "To you, I was always a weapon." Bill looked at him and he continued, "I was always a weapon."

The two of them were oddly quiet for a moment. Before another word was spoken, Wanda had poofed Dana and Alex to them. They now knew from Cupid that their son and daughter were missing. Upon seeing the energy demon, Alex didn't know how to process. Thankfully Dana did.

She asked, "W - where are our son and daughter? Where are Dipper and Mabel?"

The Darkness was about to answer but turned to Bill instead. "D - did you take them?"

Bill said nothing at first but snapped his fingers instead. They had been transported back to Gravity Falls. That's when they saw the dream bubble. Timmy started to hyperventilate. Wanda placed her hand on his shoulder in an effort to calm him down. The Darkness couldn't believe it. Was Bill that desperate to win...? Just then, they heard something shatter. Bill looked and saw that the bubble had been destroyed.

He yelled, "What?!" That's when he saw Nacey and Jorgen by the dream bubble. Bill screamed, "Magician and Muscles?!"

Jorgen declared, "You're done Bill!"

Nacey had activated her island magic and surrounded Bill in it. Bill struggled as Nacey pulled him to her. Ford saw that things were working. Nacey and Jorgen had come to them to activate the zodiac. Stan, McGucket, Robbie, Gideon, Dipper (slowly coming up to them), Mabel (also slowly coming up to them), Pacifica, Ford, Wendy, and Soos were waiting. There wasn't much time for a reunion. For Bill came around the corner fast.

Nacey told them, "Now!"

At her words, everyone held hands. A rainbow light came out of the zodiac and surrounded everyone in the circle. Bill screamed in agony. He knew that he had to escape but to his horror - the Darkness flew up.

"What the...?"

The Darkness apologized, "You were my friend... I'm sorry..."

Bill didn't reply but merely nodded (?). The rainbow engulfed both of them, turning them both into dust.


Weeks had passed and the citizens of Gravity Falls were still doing clean up duty. Dana and Alex had moved to Gravity Falls. Stan and Ford had gone on the sailing trip after Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday. Dipper was dating Pacifica. Mabel wasn't dating anyone - at least not yet. She wanted to wait for the right guy. But she still had Candy and Grenda. And on a occasion, Marius. Tyler had passed the Never Mind All That act to protect the secret of both Weirdmaggedon and the Darkness. One day during the clean up, they had found a little baby girl near the sight of the Fearamid.

Tyler turned to Blubs, "I thought all of the kids were accounted for?"

Blubs stated, "They were sir."

Durland speculated, "Maybe she was abandoned..."

Tyler frowned though that did seem possible. He picked up the baby. The baby had opened her eyes. Tyler thought she had the most beautiful brown eyes. She also had dirty blonde hair. Tyler was a single man. He always wanted children. So he had decided to take the baby in.

He told them, "I want her name to be Sarai."


In Dimmsdale, Timmy was getting ready for bed. He thought he had a rather productive day. Timmy smiled as he realized that all that studying him, Trixie, Chester, and Tootie were doing was really turning his grades around. Timmy smiled at this. AJ. was really had been helpful. For almost a week ago, Foop, the opposite of Poof was born. Naturally, it wasn't pretty since Foop rebelled against his father. And, after settling some issues that everyone had, the team was working a lot better and Timmy was on top of the world.

For his parents, Trixie, Chester, AJ - everyone remembered. Chester, AJ, Tootie, and Trixie all got fairies; and Mr. and Mrs. Turner promised that they would try to be better parents. In a 'poof', Timmy's fairies appeared.

Wanda asked, "Well, are you ready for that test tomorrow, sport?"

Timmy nodded, "You bet. AJ has been really helpful. So has Dipper and Mabel."

Cosmo stated, "You know, Timmy. We could play the Not Study Game after the test tomorrow."

Timmy shook his head. "No thanks, Cosmo. I want to get ready for going to Gravity Falls Saturday." There was a knock on the door and Timmy stated, "Come in." The door opened and Terrance and Tamara entered. "Thank you for knocking even though you asserted your parental authority by coming in any way."

His parents laughed at this. Terrance asked, "You ready for bed, son?"

Timmy yawned. "Yeah, it's been a long day."

Tamara stated, "We'll tuck you in and then say good night to you. And then your fairies can do the same thing."

Timmy smiled. He was glad that they now knew of Cosmo and Wanda as well they could all work together.

Terrance turned down the bed and Timmy climbed in. Tamara tucked him in as they both gave him a good night kiss.

They said in unison, "Good night, Timmy."

Timmy replied softly, "Night."

After saying good night to Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof; the two left and closed the door behind them.

Wanda told him, "Our turn next, sport."

With that, she kissed Timmy on the forehead as Cosmo messed up his hair. Poof even gave his god brother a good night hug.

The fairies said in unison, "Night Timmy."

Timmy yawned, "Night..."

With that, the fairies poofed out and back into their fish bowl, going to bed themselves after the long day of wishing and having a good time. Timmy closed his eyes. He couldn't wait for his next adventure.


[1]: Kurayami means darkness. Wanted to show that Bill cared about the Darkness despite it sounding a bit OOC for him.


Wishmaker1028: It was a struggle trying to finish this. It was just easier in the long run for everyone to remember. I want to do a sequel but not at this time. Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!