Hello there Sekklon here and welcome to this story that we (Hakiii and I) created from over a year ago that took me so long to make (Into this mess) This is a lemon story that we first thought of doing before I have to go to the Hospital and fix my bloody health. A broken kidney and a damaged Appendix hurt like hell but don't worry much I felt worse. Anyway see you later and I hope you enjoy..

This is a Beta version and I have to fix mistakes later..

Short Summary : We created this story and put Naruto as a son of Fem Sirzechs and Grayfia plus I want to see what the review is. Age is whatever you want it to be, Brother of Mio and Cousin of Rias and there you have it. Byeee and also genderbend characters..

Currently entering the Lucifer Mansion was a beautiful young girl, she just came back from her Mother's Office and also from Kuoh since she explained to the teacher's that she have to return to her parent's house for a 'important event' and they accepted the reasoning, now here she is finally back to her old house and ready to start the important event. Closing the door she smiled at once she notice the lack of maids and servants in the household. Wondering why? It's simple because they (The Family) don't want the things that are gonna happened to get disturbed and so they gave all the servants the day off. Sensing a familiar energy she smiled as she walks towards the living room and spots a familiar face she cherished..

Sitting quietly on the couch was a young boy wearing a simple white kimono, his eyes focusing on the Television watching a TV show that features a nature documentary on Foxes. From how they act to how they attacked he watch it, being so focused on the show he didn't notice his sister in the house and now putting her hands over his eyes making him gasp from suprised. "Who am I~?" His covered eyes shined when he heard the familiar voice and immediately turn to hug the person. "Mio-Nee!"

The Girl who was now named to be Mio giggled when her little brother practically tackled her while it did send them to the ground she didn't mind, she felt his head burying itself on her breast that jiggled from the contact as he hug her more. "Hello Otouto-kun did you miss your Onee-chan?"

"Hai Onee-chan I missed you so much!" Naruto answered looking up to her face, showing her the emotion she never wanted to see from him sadness. "It became lonely without you and Rias-chan. I wish Okaa-chan would let me go visit Kuoh too you know." Burying himself to her again and pulling him closer not paying attention to the attention they are in, while his head was on her breast his lower body was currently grinding itself onto her clothed panty due to his height..

"I know you missed me that much Otouto-kun, but trying to make your older sister wet and horny here makes me think you miss something else from her." Mio stated while her face gained a pink blush from the constant grinding of his lower part, he felt his member grind onto her mound and blush before separating and helping her up making her pout. "You didn't have to stop Otouto-kun. You could have just play with me a little more you know."

"I-hmmp." Before Naruto can response to her, he yelped as the older sibling pushed him onto the couch and quickly straddled on his lap. Now before he can even say a word or open his mouth she silenced him with a kiss, her blue-green eyes shining with lust looking straight at his as she enter her tongue into his mouth. "It's been so long since I did this to you right Otouto-kun."

"I've missed you feeling your body close to mine. I miss everything about you Otouto-kun especially this part of you." Mio stated breaking the kiss as she began humping her lower body part on his lap, smirking as she felt a tent forming below her. Looking at her little brother's cute red face as the sexual memories came back to him. "It looks like it misses me too." Giving him a final kiss before kneeling down to his knees..

"O-Of course it d-does Onee-chan. Y-Your the one who s-showed me how." Naruto blushingly stuttered as his eyes watched her removed his Hakama and smirked at him for not wearing something underneath. He should have wear atleast a boxer but due to his trait of sleeping in the buff gotten from his mother and also due to laziness he decided to not wear some, wearing a kimono everytime he walked out of his room because his Okaa-chan scolded him for flashing the maids and shouting that her, Kaa-chan and Mio-chan are the only ones he should flash. "Y-You know w-why I have n-nothing underneath."

Mio giggled knowing the reason for it as their mother's tendency to grope and touch him when she's free or got nothing to do. "Yeah I know Kaa-sama likes to touch you. I mean who wouldn't when you have something like this." Licking her lips as she gazed at his 9 inch dick, blushing as she remembered the first time she tasted it, like she would have forget the one important memory she cherished the most. "Ohhh..Otouto-kun's smell." The exotic scent entering her nostrils as she pushed her head closer until her lips touched the base. "Now it's my time to touch you."

Moans released from his mouth as he felt his sister's tongue tenderly licked his length, her staring at him with her sexy face made him hornier. "Y-Your tongue feels so good Onee-chan." He commented as he felt her smirk and turned to give attention to the head, licking every side of the mushroom head while her hand began stroking the length. "Just like l-last time ne Onee-chan."

Mio smirked as she remembered the first time she gave him this treatment, hearing his cute moans and seeing ahegao face made her shiver from delight. "Good thing you still know Otouto-kun. Now this beast needs to meet my mouth again." Engulfing the head as she earned a moan of pleasure from her brother, smiling as she pushed her head lower and took a couple of inches inside her mouth enjoying the moans he's making. Doing it once again and taking more into her mouth now satisfied with how much she has taken, lifting her head and winking at him before lowering it and she began repeating it in a fast pace. "Let's see how long for you to blow Otouto-kun."

The younger sibling moaned in pleasure enjoying the lips wrapped around his length, her tight mouth sending tingles of pleasure throught it. Naruto's eyes stared at his sister's lust filled own as he watches her give him a wonderful sensation. "It feels good inside your tongue Onee-chan." Giving her a moaned of pleasure from her amazing mouth work..

"You know I do it best Otouto." Mio smiled at his praised, repeating her actions as she lowered her head deeper every time she raised it. The moans coming from her brother turning her on as her right hand snaked it's way to her underwear and immediately starts to rub through the fabric. Muffled moaning at her own touch as she gives herself her own act of pleasure while giving him her a wonderful sensation from her mouth.

Naruto didn't hold back his moans as frictions of pleasure came to him, clearly ejoying the sweet mouth of his older sister. "You have such a wonderful mouth! How can you go lower without choking Onee-chan." He commented while moaning louder as he felt the back of her throat, it never cease it amaze him how she is able to go take all of him without choking. Always showing her amazing use of her mouth whenever they go do a session together.

"I have oral sex with Okaa-sama before you were born Otouto-kun. It's not hard to do so but we do practice on a strap sometimes." Mio removed her mouth from his dick making a "Pop" sound from it, her hand grabbed onto the base of his rod and started stroking it while using her tongue on the head. "It paid off and we both got to test our mouths on you." Smirking before latching her mouth on his length and now furiously bobbing her head..

"Yeah and your really good at it." Naruto moaned out loud as her pace begins to become faster, her tongue able to twirl around the head as the moans became louder. The older sibling smirking at her little act with her right hand stopped rubbing her soaked underwear and began playing with his balls, getting them wet from her juices as her fingers rub and toy with it.

"Still taste amazing. I want more you Otouto." Mio said in her thoughts as the familiar tasty fluid got onto her tongue, her taste buds going after his precum with her tongue and mouth furiously working on getting a more tastier and thicker fluid from him. Her flushed face looking at her younger sibling and enjoying the moans he is letting out, lust and desire growing more once she saw that wonderful sounds of their sessions..

Naruto groaned in pleasure as his sister's sucking and fondling gave him waves of pleasure, face flushed once he saw the familiar scene from when he was younger. His mother and her teaching him how to properly do the pleasurable acts of incest, them being the ones eagerly waiting to let him try it on them and teaching him how to do them. He moaned out loud as the waited sensation begin to make itself known to him and his dick throbbed inside her hot amazing mouth. "I-I'm gonna cum soon Onee-chan! I want to cum inside your mouth!"

Mio felt the hot appendage throbbed multiple times inside her mouth and immediately made her movements faster, her desire to finally taste her brother's cum again after years of waiting burning with anticipation. "Cum for me Otouto-kun! Cum inside your Onee-chan's mouth and fill it with your sperm!" Wanting to get his hot tasty sperm in her mouth and with a couple more sucking, he finally reached his point and let it all out inside her eager mouth.

The brother of Mio sighed in content as he let out a loud of hot sperm, eyes turned to his sister and proud look on his face after seeing his sister flushed cheeks's puffed from being full. Mio noticed the look and smiled as she swallowed loads of hot cum being sent to her mouth, moaning slightly at the taste of the loads of hot sperm inside her mouth and taking two big gulps to swallow all of it. "I tasted you Otouto-kun but now it's time for you to taste me."

Mio pushing her little brother down on the couch and excitedly sat on his face, moaning at the amount of pleasure from just his mouth touching her aroused pussy. "Do you see how wet I am Otouto-kun? I'm so horny because of you Ruto." Rubbing her round butt on her little brother's face and giggling at the lip touching it. Naruto looks up but only saw her moist underwear dripping with her juices, Mio stands up and removes her underwear throwing it over her head, blushing slightly as she spreads her shaved pink tight pussy and promptly sat on his face. "Taste me Otouto-kun! Lick my wet pussy like you used to do!"

Naruto blushed but complied eagerly as he gave her a long experimental lick before diving his tongue right in and giving her a barrage of long licks, his sister's moans of pleasure and delight getting him hard even if he didn't go soft, it still did. Looking up again this time he saw her big clothed breast jiggling slightly as his eyes transfixed on them and his hands instantly went up and grabbed hold of them. "Now only did they got bigger but softer too."

"That's it Otouto-kun keep licking me more! Don't stop and lick me deeper!" Mio moaned out as waves of pleasure hit her, her little brother's tongue hitting all wonderful spots inside and outside of her pussy giving her to a wonderful feeling. She yelped and moan at the sudden roughness on breast and smiled once she saw his hands roughly groping her breast. "You want to touch my girls huh? Let me help you Otouto-kun." Unbuttoning her School's Uniform and letting her low D-cup breast out, she didn't wear any bra on because she tends to ignore or forgot about it. "Here you go Otouto-kun! My breast are yours to use."

Naruto's eyes shined with desire as he instantly grabbed onto the soft unclothed breast, his hands melting at her soft pillow chest. "Feels like pillows." His fingers finding her hard nipples and pinching them earning him a moan of delight from the woman sitting on him, his tongue lapping deeper into her core hitting her walls greatly as her moans became louder with herself pushing her ass more into him.

"More Otouto-kun lick me more! Lick me there again and don't stop!" Mio screamed out in pleasure as his tongue hit a sensitive spot in her core, arousal and desire growing with the pleasure sending through her body. "Your tongue is making me so good! Satan-sama so good!" Giving out loud moans of pleasure as her hands took hold of her breast with his, groping them roughly while his hands are pinching her nipples making her scream in delight..

The younger sibling didn't stop licking on her insides as he use his tongue to flick at her clit, nibbling lightly at the pink nub as his sister screamed loudly from intense pleasure. He felt her pushed her ass more onto her and gripped at the sides of the couch. "Is she gonna cum?" He removed his hands from her big jiggling breast and gripped onto her round butt, tongue licking inside her again but this time faster as his hands rubbed her butt..

"Otouto-kun! Lick me more and don't stop! I'm almost there!" Mio moaned while having a full blushing face, feeling her orgasm getting closer as her hands cupped her breast and groped them. "I'm gonna cum Otouto-kun! Your gonna make me cum!" Pushing her ass more on her little brother's face as the orgasm became closer and closer to her. "I'm Cumming!"

Naruto heard her as he lapped at her hot pussy more before the sweet essence known as cum hit his taste buds, gripping her ass closer to his face as his tongue worked on getting her sweet juices to his mouth. "Tasty." Moans of pleasure coming from her mouth as her pussy is still sensitive from the hard orgasm she just received, but he didn't care he wanted her sweet juices and once he finished eating her cum, he gave her one last lick to tease her. "Your juices are still sweet and tasty Onee-chan."

Mio removed herself from his face and went to sat on his chest, face flushed and breating hard but able to recover quickly for the main event. "I'm good now Otouto-kun. You gave your Onee-chan a hard orgasm you know but now it's time for the best part." Licking her lips sexily that made him shiver from lust as she goes to his thighs and got hold of his hard dick and point it to her red pussy. "It's time for me to feel this little beast inside me again." Lowering herself as moans came out of her mouth after feeling the head and length push inside her..

"Your pussy still tight Onee-chan! It's trapping my dick inside you!" Naruto stated as the tightness of her sister's pussy feels so good and hurting, he grabbed her thighs as she lowers herself more with both of them moaning from the contact. "Feels so tight and hot." His eyes gazing at her womanhood lowering down on his length as she lowered herself down more on his crotch, a loud moan came from both mouths as she took the tried to get the whole length inside her snatch..

Mio has her hands on her little brother's chest as she took a breather from the pain and pleasure combined, never using her a dildo or anything else to masturbate herself back in Kuoh as she wanted to only feel her brother inside her and now it feels great with pain also in it. "My insides feels so full Otouto-kun. I can feel your cock throbbing inside me, so big and hard it feels like it's gonna break me!" Groaning with her face flushed as she readied herself before buried herself in one go as a screamed got out from the pain. Gritting her teeth as her insides got widen from his length and taking a few breathes she raises her ass up before slamming it down. "Fuck! Your so damn big Otouto-kun!"

"It's so tight Onee-chan! It feels good inside you again!" Naruto moaned with his face also flushed as his hands went up to her bouncing breast, groaning a little from the sheer tightness of his sister's tight cunt, like she got fucked or even put something inside her before. "Your so sexy with your body Onee-chan! So sexy like Okaa-chans." His hands grabbing her big breast and groping them, a moan of delight came from her as she bounced her ass on his crotch.

"My body is yours Otouto-kun! Only you can enter and fucked my mouth, pussy and ass!" Mio giving out loud unrestricted moans as frictions of endless pleasure hit her body, adding the groping of her breast it made her more horny. The big appendage hitting her walls gave her a wonderful sensation within her body as her always tight pussy mold into his shape. "It feels so wonderful feeling your beast inside me again Otouto-kun!"

Naruto groaned as her wet tight walls basically trapped his dick inside her, tight and hot walls suffocating his dick made it so wonderful to enter her. "I know Onee-chan it feels wonderful too. I wished Okaa-chan will let me go with you next time." His hands left her breast after giving them a squeeze and held onto her hips, thrusting his hips upwards and moaning from the pleasure they received with her soft bottom hitting his hips. "It's like you, me and Okaa-chan never played with each other."

"Your the only male allowed and only one to touch me Otouto-kun! I always avoid those other men because of you." Mio stated with her blushing face from their bodies heated contacts, bouncing her ass down on his crotch as he does the same to his. Her hands returned to her breast as her right hand groped her right breast with her left hand pinching her nipple. "I played with Rias-chan and the others before but it doesn't beat the real thing, the feeling of your cock hitting my insides and not my or their fingers feel this good."

"You and others must have really miss me fucking you huh Onee-chan." Naruto groaned as his crotch repeatedly thrust onto her round ass with forced, enjoying the pleasurable sensation of her tight hot walls and soft butt to hit. His eyes gazed lustfully at his older sister's moaning face as her hands tend to her breast with desire. "I missed you and the other's too you know, especially you and your hot body Onee-chan."

Mio's hands groped her breast hard as her fingers twist her nipples, moaning at the rough pleasure it gave out. "I know Otouto-kun, we miss you too with your little beast entering out bodies. You cumming inside our bodies whenever you want!" Screaming loud as the throbbing appendage hit her sensitive spot with it hitting it again, her tongue hanging out at every time her little brother's beast hit her sensitive spot with force. "Your hitting my G-spot little brother! Hit me there more and don't stop!"

"I won't stop Onee-chan! I won't stop until I cum inside your tight pussy!" Naruto moaned as he thrust more into her snatch, feeling the familiar sensation on his dick as it entered in and out of her tight walls. Now getting his thrust much harder and faster with her ass bouncing down to his crotch, his dick throbbing with each hard thrust it made into her tight hole. "I'm gonna cum again soon Onee-chan!"

Mio moaned with pleasure as she felt his hot appendage throbbed inside her, having heard her little brother's words she coudn't not stop her excitement to feel his cum inside her again. "Cum in me Ruto! Don't stop thrusting until you let loose and filled me up with your cum Otouto!" Her ass and breast jiggling from her fast pace of bounce coming from their bodies contacts, her butt slamming down on his crotch in a rhytym. "Let your Onee-chan feel your cum inside her Otouto-kun! Remind her of what she likes you to do!"

"Hai Onee-chan! I definitely won't stop and won't until I filled you full with my cum!" Naruto groaned as he thrust harder into her core, his lower body part getting hotter inside her hot tight walls. Feeling his orgasm coming in hard as he didn't stop thrusting onto her. "I'm gonna cum Onee-chan!"

"Then cum inside me Otouto-kun! Don't stop and put your hot milk inside your Onee-chan!" Mio screamed at her little brother, her body moving on it's own down on his cock as her desire for his cum grew. A slutty smile on her face as she moves her body up and down on his crotch, smiling as she was able to feel her brother's cum inside her soon. "Cum inside me Otouto-kun!"

"Cumming!" Naruto shouted as his orgasm came to him with intensity in it, a final thrust of her ass down on his crotch made him cum as it send loads of hot sperm inside her. Moans of delight came from his older sister as she felt her brother's cum loads of it enter her body, her face filled with delight as her little brother thrust inside her. "That felt so good Onee-chan."

Mio smiled down on him. "You filled me up good Otouto-kun. I can feel your dick still hard too and I haven't came from that yet." Enjoying the flowing semen inside her body with more coming out of his dick, legs feeling slightly fuzzy but didn't mind as she went to stand up and groaning at length going out of her. Going behind the couch and looking with lust as she spreads her asscheeks to him and pouting slightly as she felt some cum dripped out of her filled hole. "So come and fuck me again Otouto. Your Onee-chan wants to feel you inside her again."

"Hai Onee-chan." Naruto nodded to her as he went behind her and points his still hard dick at her snatch before thrusting inside her again, his hands grabbed onto her breast with them squeezing them while he moves his hips on her ass. Groaning at the sensation as he thrust more onto her ass "Still feels so tight inside you Nee-chan even if your filled with my cum."

Mio moaned at the feeling of his dick plowing through her again as she liked the the feeling of the cum inside her swish around while getting fucked again. "That's it Otouto-kun. I loved being filled up and fucked by you." Her hand went to her breast and made him squeeze it as she moan from the touch. "I love this feeling so much." As pleasure went through her body again with her filled hole getting hit..

Naruto's hands groped and squeeze her bouncing breast roughly as his fingers sink into the soft things, also thrusting very hard and fast on her pussy. Her moans of pleasure coming out loud from her mouth as he thrust non stop. "My dick feels so good inside your filled pussy Onee-chan! I wanna cum again to filled you up more!" Stopping randomly and grabbing her right leg up to his shoulder before continuing his pace in a new position, it work due to his short size and also from her flexibility, fastening his movements with a hard force. "You look slutty like that Onee-chan."

Mio only moaned and smiled at her little brother's comment as she didn't mind the new position they were in. "Well it comes with the part of being a older sister Ruto, the same with Okaa-sama only you can make this part come out." Her breathing hitched as loud moans came out again after he hit her sensitive spot again, arching her head back as her beloved brother began thrusting deeply inside her. "That's it Otouto-kun! Fuck me deeper until you hit my womb!"

Naruto nodded at he thrust deep inside her core with each thrust getting her to scream in pleasure, his right hand went to her butt and began spanking it with a hard force earning him or moans. "I can feel your pussy getting tighter Onee-chan. Are you going to cum soon?" Asking her as he felt the snatch getting tighter and hotter with his thrusting becoming harder, his hand stopping his spanking only to go down to her clit and pinching the nub getting her to scream..

"Yes I'm gonna cum soon Otouto-kun! Don't stop hitting my womb and keep thrusting harder inside me!" Mio screamed at the pleasure from her body received, her hand on her bouncing breast as she groped it with her orgasm making itself known after her sensitive spots got hit repeatedly . Feeling her body getting hotter and her brother's wonderful cock hitting her insides with pleasure sending through her body. "More! Give my body more Otouto!"

"I won't stop Onee-chan not until you and I cum again!" Naruto grunted while thrusting deep inside her tight filled hole with his hands or fingers touching her, groping and pinching to make her reach her orgasm faster. The walls tightening and getting hotter with her body moving erotically as her orgasm is nearing. "Are you gonna cum yet Onee-chan? Your getting so much tighter!"


Mio only moaned in response and reeling her head back from the pleasure, hand roughly groping her breast as her orgasm is coming in hard with every hard and deep thrust it made. Hitting her walls greatly as more powerful thrust was sent to her core. "Cumming!" Her tongue out from her mouth as her orgasm came down hard, cumming on the not stopping appendage entering in and out of her sensitive twat. Shivering slightly as her sensitive twat gave her tingles of sensation from her recent orgasm. "Your not stopping. It's a good thing you remember eh Otouto-kun."

"Of course Onee-chan. You and Okaa-chan's lessons are fun to learn and I remembered everything you told me." Naruto stated replying to her after hearing her voice cut off slightly by her moans, it was true though after his fun lessons with her and their mothers. He tried to use all of their advise and only got to remember a few noticeable traits since only a few women have gotten sex with him. "Also is Okaa-chan going home at this time? You know since you went to her office haven't you?"


Before Mio answered his question she made him stop moving as she signaled him for a new position, puting her leg down as her arms embraced his neck with her body jumping into his own. Her legs trapping him so he can stay inside her as she moan loudly as he went balls deep inside her with his hands on her ass, quickly signalling him to start pumping into her again. "S-She will but I'm kinda shock she haven't appear yet when your pumping your hot cream inside me." Moaning in pleasure as he continued thrusting inside her with her breast bounce infront of him, her little brother quickly clamping down on her hard nipple. "Just focus on letting your load inside me again okay."

Naruto nodded at her words because he felt his orgasm coming for one more, his mouth biting her hard nipple and licking it with his tongue. "Hai Onee-chan." Hands grabbed onto her round ass while he thrust nonstop inside her with his mouth switching to her other nipple, flickering it with his tongue before choosing to suck on it rather than bite it..

Mio moaned endlessly as she smiled at her little brother's action, giggling as his cute young face look at her while he sucked on her nipple made her moaned in delight. Finding it exciting and memorable that he looked like he didn't age when she first shown him the wonderful act of sex when he was younger. "Looks like your gonna cum soon Otouto-kun. Let it all out inside me little brother and fill me once more!"

Naruto groaned as he thrust faster on her ass with his orgasm coming closer. "I'm gonna cum again Onee-chan! Just a few more thrust." He grunted as he felt his dick ready to explode his cum inside her core. Mio grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips, shoving her tongue into his as it lick on his own and finally his orgasm came. "Cumming!" He moaned into the kiss as he thrust deep inside her, hitting her womb as he let out his load deep inside her with his dick throbbing within her..

They didn't move nor separate from each other as their mouth gave each other a long kiss to end it. "I love you Otouto-kun. I'm so lucky to have a little brother like you." Mio giving his lips a final kiss before getting off of him, licking her lips as she watched the cum ooze out of her hole and onto the floor. "Let's cuddle for a bit while we wait for Okaa-chan to come home." Mio grabbed his hand and pulled him into the couch, sitting on his lap contently as his hands wrap around her...

~One Hour Later or Just 25 minutes. Either one is good~

The two incest loving siblings cuddled and watch some movies to fast the time as Mio use that time to rest up, her little brother laying his head on her lap as he can't see behind her because of her smaller form and that lead to them switching. They heard the door being opened and focused their attention it as a beautiful woman entered. "Okaa-chan!" He greeted rushing to hug her..

The woman already know the boy was sprinting towards her as she spreads her arms out and let him hug her, his head only reaching below her breast. "Hello my beloved naked Sochi-kun. Did you miss Okaa-chan already or did you fuck your sister?" The woman was the mother of the two siblings Sara Gremory, one of the Four Satans and one of the most beautiful women in the Underworld. She has Crimson Red Hair that goes to her back with some sticking up and beautiful blue-green eyes to enchanced her beauty, wearing a black business suit since she went to go have a meeting with the other Maou's hours ago. Her top restraining her noticable huge chest that somehow fit inside her top and her long black skirt that hides her doughy ass inside.

Sara began to hug her son tighter onto her bust as her nose inhaled the scent of recent sex, sighing in content as she felt the naked appendage making itself known by touching her leg. "Did you just finish bonding with your older sister Sochi-kun?" Releasing the hug and licking her lips at the sight of her cute naked son.

Naruto blushed and nodded. "Hai we did Kaa-chan and were watching a movie together. Wanna join us?" Mio looked over the couch and wave at her mother who waved back at her. He looked up from her breast and asked her, his hands making it's way to her butt and wrapping around them with his hands on it.

Sara smiled at her son as she released the hug and licked her lips while gazing at her son's naked form. "I want to Sochi-kun but I have something better to get to." Her hand snaking it's way to his soft appendage after they started walking to the couch, sitting on his right as her soft hand began stroking him to make him hard and giggles from Mio as she watched them. "Look like's you have your feel huh my beloved daughter."

"Yup and he filled my insides real good. It kinda remind me of our favorite time with him." Mio replied to her mother as she spreads her lower lips to show her filled pussy, some ozzing out but quickly close them as she likes the feeling of his cum inside her. She laid back on the couch as she watch her mother kiss her little brother on the lips and stroke his dick with her hand. "Oh and he remembered my little advice to him so maybe he knows your favorite hole Kaa-sama."

Sara released the kiss as licked her lips at her son. "Oh that's a good thing to know cause Kaa-chan wants her holes filled." Latching on her son's neck and ravishing it with kisses and sucking, enjoying her son's moans as her hand stroke eagerly at her son's dick with intention on making him hard. "Let Kaa-chan take care of this for you Sochi-kun. She wants her son dick to be hard for her." Lowering her lips from his neck to his upper and lower chest giving hard kisses on it and finally reaching her prize, taking a big sniff as she sighed in delight as the smell of her son's dick hit her nose. "Sochi-kun you smell exotic." Licking her lips as she made her move and quickly latching her mouth on the head and eagerly suck on her son's dick while smirking at his moans.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as her mouth quickly worked on his dick, tongue licking his length before sucking on the head with desire. "Your mouth feels amazing Kaa-chan. Don't stop sucking it." Watching her remove her mouth from his dick and used her tongue on his balls, licking and nibbling lightly on the skin as her mouth catches one of the balls. Using her tongue to move the ball inside her mouth and doing the same to the other as the boy blushed from her doing..

Sara smirked at her son's blushing face as she used her tongue to play with his cum sacks, licking the saliva coated balls with delight as her mouth teased his sack. "I forgot Kaa-sama likes to do that." Mio commented as she watched the mouth play go on with herself turning on by watching them, continuing for a few more seconds before her mother gave the head the head the attention, now sucking vigorously on it before lowering her head on the length and fully bobbing her head. "Looks like Kaa-sama is getting ready to milk you Otouto-kun. She's moving her head up and down really fast on your dick."

Naruto moaned in pleasure as the woman didn't stop or relax in her dick sucking, always going deepthroating his dick while her hand played with his balls again. "I can feel my dick in your throat Kaa-chan. It feels so tight and good." He moaned as he spreads his legs wider and watched her head go deeper, the woman hand stop playing with his balls and grabbed his butt to pull him closer. Her mouth taking all of his length inside her as the boy gasped and moaned.

Sara's eyes twinkled in lust and delight as she felt the whole length hit her throat, not stopping her head bobbing as she pushed her head back and forth on her boy's dick. "I see you like you what your dick is feeling Sochi-kun. Now let's see if your hot milk will come out." Now furiously bobbing her head as she enjoyed her son's loud moans of pleasure, looking up and felt her pussy quiver as she gazed at her son's blushing cute face. "Your so cute when you blush and with this short form of yours. You better watch out for shotacons my beloved Sochi."

"It' so tight inside your mouth Kaa-chan. It's feels amazing!" Naruto moaned as the woman didn't stop her movements and his eyes caught her big breast jiggling, his right hand went to her dress and touched her boob rubbing the spot where her nipple is. "Your breast feels so soft Kaa-chan and I can feel your nipple hardening." Feeling the nipple hard on his palm as his hand played him her right breast..

Sara smiled at her son's hand touching her breast as she focused on her current task while her hand goes down to her crotch and touched the moist fabric, her eyes gazing at her beloved son's face with lust as her mouth gave him pleasure as she felt the appendage throbbed inside her. "Your dick already throbbing inside my throat Sochi-kun..Are you going to cum soon?" Her pussy let out it's juiced through her underwear as the thought of her son cumming made her horny and eager to make it happen. "Well let's see if you can give mommy her favorite Sochi-kun. She is thirsty for her favorite drink."

Naruto groaned as his dick twitched inside her hot tight mouth with his hand holding onto her breast, he looked at his mother and blushed as the woman removed her tight mouth from his dick and proceeds to teased the head. Nibbling lightly at the foreskin and sucking with anticipation on the mushroom head, kissing the head, the length up to bottom until she reached his balls again and began making out with it. "Fuck..Kaa-chan I'm gonna cum." The woman's eyes twinkled as she continued kissing the cum sacks and giving them one more kiss before taking the whole length inside her again getting Naruto to moan out loud..

Sara continued sucking her son's big appendage in a fast pace as her hair moved with her, sucking aggressively on the dick as it twitched multiple times inside her mouth while she enjoyed the moaning voice of her son. "That's it Sochi-kun..give mommy her cream and give her a lot of it." Removing her fingers from her soaked underwear and pushing them into her son's panting mouth, said boy sucked on her said fingers as he tasted the woman's juices. "I can't wait for you to eat me Sochi-kun."

"I'm gonna cum Kaa-chan! Gonna cum inside your tight mouth." Naruto moaned as his orgasm is getting closer and closer, his mother's juice coated fingers clean from his mouth as he turned to look at the woman who gave birth to him. His hand rubbing the top of her hair as the woman continued her pleasurable mouth job. "It feels so good inside your mouth Kaa-chan! I'm getting close to cumming!"

"Cum for me Sochi-kun! Cum inside mommy's mouth and let her taste your milk!" Sara shivered in lust as her drink will finally come, bobbing her head non stop as the hot appendage twitch inside her again and doing this for a few more times before she heard her son's voice. "Cumming!" Pushing her head as her tongue felt the hot sperm slowly filled her mouth and moaning in delight as she swallowed her favorite drink, raising her head until her mouth reached the head and using her hand to stroke the length to get some more of his spunk out..

Naruto panted while moaning as he felt his mother's tongue still licking the head before separating. "Thank you for the drink Sochi-kun. I always love the taste of your cum." His mother commented as she stands up and kiss her son's lips, glaring back at her as he tasted his cum that was still inside her mouth. Separating from her son's lips she stands up and smiled at her son. "Since both you and Mio-chan are naked. I better make my self comfortable in my home too."

"Hai you should Kaa-sama. I'm sure Otouto-kun loves to see your body right now." Mio spoke to her as she licked her lips after watching their mother gave him a blowjob, enjoying ther show as she just layed on the couch and watched them. "Why don't you help Kaa-sama out of her clothes Otouto-kun. That way you can feel Kaa-sama's slutty body in your hands even though you probably felt them everyday."

Sara smiled at her daughter as she liked the idea and she also liked getting touched by her son so she agreed. "Yeah Musume is right Sochi-kun. You should help me remove my clothes and why don't start with my breast." Lowering herself until her breast reached his head and bounced infront of him, cupping his hands and pushing them to her breast while enjoying the touch. "Here start by unbuttoning the buttons Sochi-kun and don't forget to touch my girls alright."

Naruto gained a blush as he nodded at her words with his hands cupping the giant pillows in his hands, squeezing the woman's breast as she moaned in pleasure from the touch. "I always love how soft your breast are Kaa-chan! It's like soft pillows in my hands." Admiring the softness of her breast before quickly removing the buttons of her shirt, once he unbuttoned it the two big creamy globes popped out with two pink nipple standing. "Your nipple is hard too."

"Of course they are Sochi-kun, my breast love getting touched by you." Sara moaned in pleasure when she felt his fingers touched every part of her breast, his fingers toying with her hard nipple and even pinching them lightly to get her to moan. "Take your time Sochi-kun but remember once my clothes are off there will be no more foreplay understand."

Naruto nodded as he focused his attention on the breast in his hands, groping the big pillows and even burying his face on the soft bosom. His mouth catching her hard nipple and instantly started sucking it, moans of pleasure came from the woman as she cradle her son's head onto her breast. Biting it lightly with his right hand pinching her right nipple as he teased the nub with his mouth. "Suck my breast more Sochi-kun."

Sara moaned in delight with her face earning a heavy blush, looking at her son trying to milk her breast with his mouth. "I wish that I can feed you like your Okaa-chan does, it makes me jealous that she can do that." Pouting at the one thing her wife has advantage on their son, being able to feed him with her milk while smirking at her made her boil a bit. She gasp as dhe felt another mouth tend her nipple and notice her daughter who done it. "Mio-chan."

Mio bit down on her mother's nipple and smirked when the woman moaned in both pleasure and pain. "I'm just joining the fun Kaa-sama and I wanna help Otouto-kun with you." Putting her hand on the Milf's ass and massaged her doughy buns, liking the softness of her butt with her fingers sinking into them. She nudged at her little brother who puts his attention at her while still sucking her breast. "It's time for Kaa-sama's holes to get attention don't you think Otouto-kun. Let's remove the rest of her clothes shall we."

Naruto gave his mother's nipple one more suck before he kneel down to face her lower torso, his sister unzipping her skirt and letting it fall down and letting them see her moist lace underwear. His nostrils smelling the smell of arousal from her as he press his face and tongue onto her wet spots, his tongue licking her lips through the fabric as the woman gave a loud moan of pleasure from it. "No foreplay Sochi-kun! I want you now!"

Sara pushing him onto the ground and straddling his hips but not before ripping her underwear off, pressing her aroused lips on her son's hard appendage and pushing her ass down on his hips earning a loud moan from the two as she smiled when she saw her son's moaning face. "I love the feeling of your dick inside me Sochi-kun. It's hitting everything inside me."

Before Naruto could even talk or open his mouth he was cut off by Mio sitting on his face, her spread puffy lips pressing onto his mouth. "You don't need to talk for now Otouto-kun, so here why don't you eat me out." Mio suggested as she rubbed her round butt on his face with him no choice but to comply, looking at her mother who is now bouncing her fat ass on her little brother's crotch. "Kaa-sama is really horny for your dick Otouto, can you feel her tight walls trapping your dick while bouncing her fat ass Otouto-kun."

"Hai and Kaa-chan is really tight!" Naruto said in his head as he groaned at the woman's incredibly tight pussy gripping his dick, his tongue tasting their combined juices and lapped at some more dripping into his mouth. Not minding the taste of his cum he let out inside her, his ears catching the loud moans coming from their mother and also some from his sister who was enjoying his tongue. "That's it Otouto-kun keep licking our juices!"

Mio moaned in pleasure as she felt the hot tongue entering her folds and eating their juices, shivering slightly at the sensation as she faced her mother's pleasure filled face. Pulling her head onto hers and putting her into a deep kissed with the woman accepting the sudden kiss. The small height and formed of their beloved made it really easy to kissed with only their breast reaching each other when they are not kissing. "Threesome with the family..a great way to start."

"Those are some wise words if you ask me Musume." Sara putting her hands on her daughter's breast and massaging them, all of her focused was on her son's dick as she bounced her ass down on him. Moans of pleasure coming out of her mouth as the appendage hit her walls every time she bounced her ass with her breast also bouncing from her movements. "Your dick is hitting everything inside me Sochi-kun. I love it so much!"

Naruto groaned as he make out with his sister's mound licking her insides after eating the remaining cum inside her, pushing his tongue deep inside her core with his fingers finding it's way to her clit. Pinching the nub with his fingers and earning a loud moan from the woman with enjoyment on her face, using his tongue to find all her sensitive spots and tried to make her scream again from pleasure with some spots he found.

Sara let out loud moans of pleasure from her mouth as she bounced her ass non stop on his crotch, her hands cupping her bouncing breast and began massaging it. Moaning loudly as she felt her walls get spread and hit by her son's appendage. "It feels amazing feeling your dick inside me Sochi-kun! Do you like being inside Mommy's pussy?"

Naruto still licking his sister's mound couldn't answer her and just groan while licking his sister's pussy, moaning a little as his dick felt the tightness of the woman as she goes lowers herself more on his dick. "Okaa-chan still tight even after we did this multiple times before." After multiple times they have fucked before he was suprised when she still feels really tight like she never been touched before. "Cumming!"

That came from Mio as she came hard onto her brother's mouth and suprising him as he didn't expect her to cum. Letting out loud moans as her head reared back from the pleasure as she felt her little brother's tongue lapped at her juices. "That's it Otouto-kun. Don't stop eating my cum and keep licking my pussy!" Shouting at him as she shoved her ass more on his face, loving the tongue not stopping inside her core. "Keep licking my pussy Otouto-kun!"

The Mother of the two siblings smiled with her red face as she watched her daughter rubbed her rump on her son's face, eyeing them till Mio got up from her son's face after getting satisfied from his licking with a smile on her face. Putting her hands on her son's chest as she made a big thrust of her ass on his dick with loud moans triggered from it. "Your so cute when you moan Sochi-kun. It makes me hornier just by looking seeing you like this." Lowering her head as she took a bite on his neck and lick the spot she bit, still moving her ass down his dick as she made her movements faster. "I want you to cum inside me Sochi-kun! Fill my insides with your thick milk!"

"I think Kaa-sama is gonna cum soon Otouto-kun." Mio said as she sat on the side near them, her eyes gazed at her mother's bouncing ass jiggle from each contact it made with his hips. Watching intensely on her crotch capturing her little brother's dick inside her again and again, putting her hand on her brother's dangling balls and twirling them around causing him to groan with his hands grasping on Sara's butt. "What about you Otouto-kun? Are you gonna cum too? If you are you better let out a big loud inside her."

"Fuck! I'm getting close Sochi-kun!" Sara moaning as she felt her orgasm coming soon while bouncing her ass on his crotch, sitting up and letting him enjoy the view of her bouncing breast infront of his eyed with her moaning face. A lusty smile came to her face as her son grabbed hold of one of her big breast and began squeezing the part of it in his hand. "I'm gonna cum soon Sochi-kun! You better cum with me Sochi!"

Naruto moaned in pleasure as his hand took hold on her breast while squeezing it, also feeling the sensation of his orgasm coming closer with his dick throbbing frequently inside her core. "Hai Kaa-chan I'm going to cum soon." With each contact of her ass on his hips the tightness of her cunt begins to squeeze him tightly, her cunt getting tighter with her moans getting louder. "I'm getting close Kaa-chan! I'm going to cum inside you!"

"Do it Sochi-kun! Cum inside my pussy and fill me up with your milk!" Sara moaned in pleasure as her orgasm is nearing and smiling in lust as she felt her son's dick twitched inside her, thrusting her ass hard on his crotch intensely and a few more hard pleasurable thrust made her orgasm came. Like she was about to burst. "Cumming!" Rearing her head back as her orgasm hit her hard and her juices came on the throbbing dick inside, not stopping herself from bouncing and moving faster to get his loud to come out. "Cum inside me Sochi-kun!"

Naruto moaned at the new tightness of the woman's cunt, feeling pleasure from the tightness as more thrust of his dick inside her made his orgasm came. "I'm cumming inside you Kaa-chan!" Letting his own moans out as his dick let out it's loud of hot milk inside her core with her slamming her ass down and getting his dick deep inside her, sending his lots of sperm inside her pussy..

Sara moaned in delight as the hot loud of cum filled her walls and still letting out more inside her, looking down she looked at her son's panting face and shivered in lust as she wanted more inside her. "C'mon Sochi-kun I'm still horny and I need more from you." Standing up and groaning as the softening appendage plop out of her with his cum, getting on all fours on the floor and spreading her doughy ass to him while also letting his cum out of her. "My other hole wants your cum to you know."

"Hai Kaa-chan." Naruto giddily stands up and went behind her with his hand stroking his slowly hardening dick, his eyes looking at the pink asshole she always teach him to fuck. "Let me help you with that." He heard Mio say as she scoots closer to him and instantly catches his dick with her mouth, moving her head repeatedly with her tongue licking the combined juices of the two. After becoming hard she removed her mouth from his dick but not before giving one last kiss to the head and went to spectate them by sitting really close to the woman. "I'm going to fuck your ass Kaa-chan, just like you told me."

"Do it Sochi-kun. My ass wants to be filled with your cum just like my pussy!" Sara's excitement grew as she felt the wet head rubbed on her hole before pushing through it with his length following. "Your streching my little asshole Sochi-kun! It's so good!" Moaning loud from pleasure and pain as more of his length with force, his hands gripping her asscheeks as he thrust the rest inside her. "Move your hips Sochi-kun! Don't make your Kaa-chan waiting!"

The son of the Maou did as he is told and began moving his hips onto her ass, doing it in a fast pace and groaning at the sheer tightness of the woman's puckered hole. "You really have the tightest ass Kaa-chan! Yours and Okaa-chan have the best ass I have touched!" His hands holding on her fat asscheeks and moving his hips furiously, the tightness of her ass making it painful and pleasurable. "Do you like my dick in your ass Kaa-chan? Your big butt always want by dick in it."

"I do Sochi-kun! I love your dick in my ass so much!" Sara screamed in pleasure as her puckered hole is getting plowed by her son's dick, her body shivering in excitement as she heard her son's dirty talk while having her ass fucked got her horny. "Don't stop giving my hole your dick Sochi-kun! Keep thrusting your dick and go deeper!"

Naruto nodded and pushed his dick deeper in her back hole getting both of them to moan, never stopping his hips from moving as he send more of his dick into her ass. "My dick feels so amazing in your ass. I love you and your big butt Kaa-chan!" His right hand rubbing her right asscheek before slapping it hard getting her to scream in shock and pleasure, he look down at their lower bodies and admire how her fat ass jiggle with each contact made from his hand and crotch..

"Slap my ass again Sochi! My butt wants to feel your hand smacking it!" Sara screamed at him and rearing her head back from the pleasure of the slap to her ass, adding the sensation of her ass getting plowed it double the pleasure she's receiving. "Make my ass red from your shard saps Sochi-kun!"

Quietly watching in the sides is Mio who is feeling jealous she didn't get to feel him fuck her ass, nodding to herself to make him do it to her too while her eyes gazed on their lower body parts entwined to each other. "Give her some more Otouto! Make her asshole spread wider!" "

Naruto winced as he stop slapping her now red ass and turned to her other cheek, slapping her left cheek much harder getting her to scream in pain and pleasure from the impact. Looking down he grinned at the redness of her ass and making his slapping harder to make her creamy fat cheek change to red. "Your big red butt looks great Kaa-chan, it looks well with your hair."

Sara moaned in delight as her ass sting from the hard slaps of her son's hand, grinning as she knows her son's fetish for Breast, ass and his favorite a Redhead. Having a head start for her son's attention ever since his shiny Blue-Green eyes opened and his tiny little hand reaching out for her. "Go deeper Sochi-kun! I want to feel your dick deep inside me!"

Naruto nodded as his hands gripped on her ass and pulled it back to him while still thrusting his hips, moaning loudly as his full length went inside her very tight hole before immediately thrusting his hips with much force. "My dick is deep inside your tight ass Kaa-chan! It's really tight back there!"

The Maou of the Underworld just screamed in pleasure as her whole body got electrifying shocks of wonderful sensation, her tongue hanging out of her face with a happy smile on her face from the bog amount of pleasure sending to her. "Sochi-kun's whole cock is inside me!" She smiled as her ass spread more into his dick's shape with the sensation of her orgasm making itself known now. "Keep going Sochi-kun! I'm gonna cum soon and I want to feel your cum in my ass!" Screaming at him with her hand going to her now slightly filled pussy..

"Hai Kaa-chan! I'm not gonna stop until I let out my cum inside your ass!" Naruto moaning loudly with her as loud wet sounds from their bodies filled the room, thrusting his hips harder on her ass with his hands holding tightly on her asscheeks. Loud moans of pleasure coming out of the woman as her hand furiously rubbed her lower lips and smiled when she felt her son's appendage twitch in her hole. "I'm gonna cum soon too Kaa-chan!"

"Then keep thrusting Sochi-kun! Let Kaa-chan feel the wonderful feeling of her son fucking her and her son's seed inside her!" The Mother of two screamed in pleasure as her whole body filled with wonderful pleasure, breathing heavily as her she felt her orgasm is coming closer with each hard wonderful thrust being made on her fat ass. "I'm almost there Sochi-kun! I'm almost there." A slutty smile on her face as her son didn't stop thrusting his hips and proceeds to go faster and rougher on her, only a few more incredible seconds of non stop thrusting and it came. "Cumming!"

Naruto groaned as the sudden tightness of her ass suprised him, making it hard to thrust inside her hole from the sheer tightness from her orgasm but didn't stop moving his hips. Especially since he felt his orgasm also nearing it's toll and with that he went faster, harder and rougher going inside her back door in a new pace with moans of "Don't stop." And "Keep Going." In the background.

"C'mon Sochi-kun let it out! Fill Kaa-chan's hole with you hot seed!" Sara moaned at him with her face getting redder, her body twitching after having her hard orgasm that sent her to new heights. Her juices falling on the floor as her upper body fall down and her ass up for him to keep thrusting. "Cum inside me Sochi-kun! Cum inside my ass!"

Naruto didn't respond to her screaming need and go full throttle on her, going for the hard thrust to finally let his load out. "I'm gonna cum too Kaa-chan! Here it comes!" He said to the woman who moaned in anticipation waiting for him to let it all out, thrusting more inside her with his orgasm coming closer and finally came. "Cumming!" Giving one more hard thrust and pushing his whole length deep inside her, twitching a little as he let his load out into her hole with her moaning in delight. "I don't think I have anymore after that." He said breathing heavily while pulling his softening dick out of her back door..

"Mou..I still want some more Otouto." Mio pouted at him putting on a cute face when she heard him, walking towards them and sitting down next to them. Feeling a little mad that he can't go anymore but nodded since he went many rounds with them, well about two for their mother but she didn't mind that. "I wanted one more from you..well if your tired than we won't force you but you have to fuck us later on alright?"

"Hai..I agree on what Mio-chan said." Sara groaned sitting up with a sigh after recovering quietly from her holes being filled, she didn't particularly like it when she won't get anymore bonding time with her son but she could wait not like she haven't touch him when he's sleeping like a log. She grinned a little as she notice her back door leaked his cum out as she stands up and stretch her body, feeling a little sore from her time with him. "I want more cum inside tommorow or later Sochi-kun, maybe Grayfia-chan will join us too.."

~Time Skip~

"I'm home.." Grayfia announced herself as she teleported herself outside her home's door, entering the mansion and walking to where her Husband is currently in, which is the living room. A smile formed on her usually stoic face as she spots her 'Husband' sitting on their couch watching some television show with her sleeping son' head on her bosom while fondling his dick causing him to let out a few moans and Mio right beside her. "I'm guessing you both use your time on him right?"

"Welcome home my beloved wife, yes we tired him out." Sara answered her wife as the said woman nodded at her and went towards them. "Sochi-kun filled us both some time a go..want to taste it?"

Grayfia shooked her head at the perverted request but smiled at her, trailing her hand down on her son's body and didn't stop herself from fondling him. "Maybe tommorow Sara-sama, for now let Naruto-kun take his rest. Tommorow is a big day."

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