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'They have grown.' Jiraiya couldn't help but think, eyeing the adolescents across them. One with his rogue teammate and his assistant, the other with the Uchiha Itachi and a man he never saw before.

"Naruto and Itachi. So, it is true…" Sasuke said the last part quietly and jumped down, pretty much ignoring the Konoha ninja and standing under the other group. Naruto stayed silent, allowing the brothers to have their moment.

"Sasuke, you have grown." Itachi said softly, stating what was in Jiraiya's mind. The younger Uchiha narrowed his eyes at the elder as the duo had a silent conversation, both carefully stoic. Sasuke blinked after a while, glancing down briefly then his eyes returned to the elder Uchiha.

"I did. And you look… less pale." Sasuke was right, like all Uchihas Itachi has a natural pale complexion but he was deathly so while he was ill. The dark circles around his eyes and the perpetual exhaustion in them were also… well, reduced but that much was expectable considering Itachi's life.

"Yes, I suppose." Itachi replied and they had another silent conversation.

"Perhaps you should go somewhere more private." Because no matter how stoic they were, Naruto knew them and enough uchiha-ese to see right through them. Sasuke was burning, in anger, frustration, confusion... but not hatred and most importantly, hope.

Sasuke wanted answers, wanted to make peace with his brother. Only Itachi was too guilt ridden and feared that conversation. More than he feared Nagato, more than he feared Obito, more than he feared anything.

"You will never be ready, Itachi. Might as well get this over with while you have the opportunity." He whispered. Itachi didn't give a reaction for a second, then nodded curtly and walked away. Sasuke followed after a glance at the blond.

"I think you have something I want, Orochimaru, a horn." Eight tails' to be more specific. He knew the sannin understood what he wanted as Orochimaru weighed pros and cons for a moment before leaving with Kabuto without a word. He turned to the Konoha ninja finally and sat down at the edge of the hole Sasuke made.

"I see that you have heeded my words." He said casually, eyeing the chunin vests and jonin flak jackets over various clothing they wore.

Until his eyes stopped at Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru is a jonin…" He said in confusion.

"Shikamaru is a jonin." He looked at Choji and repeated.

"You are a jonin." The Nara couldn't help but snicker.

"Yes Naruto, I am. So are Hinata, Neji and Sakura." He glanced at them once again.

"I knew they could do it. Neji had always been driven, Hinata just needed a nudge and Sakura needed someone to believe in her but you… I half expected you to retire as a genin…" Shikamaru stared at him dryly even when Choji snickered at him.

"He is right, you know." The stare turned to the Akimichi… but then caught Hinata walking forward with her fist clenched on her chest.

"Naruto-kun…" She wanted to say many things, ask him to come back to konoha for starters… but she didn't. Because he was right… about pretty much everything. Ichiraku's got more customers than ever after he went rogue, some people even celebrated.

" have changed." was all she could manage in the end. He grinned a little and jumped down with grace, making his way to her.

"I suppose I did." He said after he got beside her.

"So you did." He added after making a circle around her. His eyes trailed to others.

"So you did." He repeated, meaning them all this time.

"Except you Jiraiya, you look the same… well, older that is." He said with an eye-grin. Hinata had to bite inside of her lip to not grin and Kiba coughed a little to mask his snickers. Jiraiya wasn't amused.

"Shut up, brat." The blond hummed in amusement.

"Fine, but only if someone else does the talking instead…" He said and sat on a chunk of rock Sasuke broke away from the hideout. The others shared a confused glance between themselves and stared back at the blond silently after that. He waved a finger up and down at Shikamaru.

"... start with what hit Shikamaru's head because I can't think any other way about how this happened." Chouji chuckled.

"Temari's war fan." Shikamaru slapped his head upside down.

"Temari? Gaara's sister Temari? They hit it off?... yeah, pun intended." Some chuckled, including Chouji. Shikamaru covered his eyes with a hand.

"Troublesome blonds… why did I even come here?..."


Crossing the borders to the Land of Wind was a weird experience, Deidara knew that place was a desert but didn't know that the change was so… sudden. He looked at the trees behind them and the sea of sand starting from their next step.

"You done?" He asked as he saw Sasori coming with a scroll in Hiruko's hand. Sasori just grunted an affirmative and proceeded to wade through the sand. Deidara followed by his side.

"You didn't get rid of it." He said after a while, Sasori caught him eyeing the dried rose on his straw hat.

"No." He said shortly. Deidara expected an elaboration but knew his teammate wasn't going to give one.

"Hmph." He was going to say something suggestive but he was pretty sure Sasori would attack him with his tail so he just grinned ahead instead.

"Do you think he took over the Akatsuki?" He asked after he straightened his expression.

"Doesn't matter." Sasori replied after a while, using his own way of saying 'I don't know'. "We have been told what to do." Deidara stared at him briefly before turning ahead again.


They reached the village in silence after that.

"So, how do we do this?" Deidara asked, eyeing the great walls and the village beyond on a dune of sand. Sasori closed his eyes.


"Be quiet, I am trying to concentrate." Deidara blinked and watched Sasori do that while chewing some clay with his hand-mouths.

"I have ordered one of my sleeper agents to make an opening in the city defenses. You fly above and blast them with your 'art', it will get the jinchuriki out." Deidara grunted for an agreement.

"Well, you know I won't say no to…" He dropped the finished sculpture and enlarged it with a hand seal. "... let more people know my art, hmph!" He jumped at the clay bird's back and took flight in a gust of wind, whipping around sand and their robes alike. Sasori watched with unimpressed eyes.

"Idiot." He shook his head. "I hope he won't make me wait." He muttered as he moved to a place he could watch from afar. He removed the flower from his hat, rubbing the petals gently between two fingers.

"Art." He muttered quietly. Explosions could be heard a few seconds later as he placed the flower on his hat and hat on his head. He watched coolly as the jinchuuriki came out as he expected and fought with Deidara on air.


"LeAvE ThE EiGhT TaIls FoR ThE TiMe BeInG! That balless son of a cock sucking, cum licking dog f-ah!" Kakuzu watched with a grin behind his mask as Hidan tripped over something mid swear and fell flat on his face.

'That must be the funniest thing of the day… week even.' He thought as he watched the Jashinist swear an oath while getting up.

"This fucking forest and the fucking trees in it!" He hollered and cut a tree in half with his scythe.

"Calm down, Hidan." Kakuzu urged but his amused tone did the opposite of his words. Hidan growled.

"Shut the fuck up, Kakuzu!" He seethed and started stomping to a seemingly random direction.

"Where are you going?" Kakuzu asked behind him.

"To make fucking sacrifices to Jashin-sama, you dick head!" Kakuzu blinked at the back of Hidan's head before following with a suffering sigh.

A few hours later Hidan was very happy and very bloody while Kakuzu was pinching the bridge of his nose.

"At least kill someone with a bounty, you blood-happy idiot…" Hisan waved a hand at him, splattering a drop of blood at Kakuzu's face, who wiped it away with a twitching eye.

"Why do you fucking care?" Kakuzu growled quietly.

"The money, Hidan. I want the blasted money you idiot." Hidan grinned sadistically, knowing what exactly he should say to get under his teammate's skin.

"No, you don't. That's a fucking lie you are telling to yourself. You just use it as a fucking reason to keep going-" He blocked a punch from Kakuzu with his scythe, powered up with Earth Spear.

"Shut up. Hidan." He seethed between his teeth. Hidan just grinned for a second.

"Or what?" Threads arose from stitches on Kakuzu's arm and speared through Hidan, making him grunt and pinning him in place.

"You are useless without your head but I guess it will be fine if I just rip out your tongue." Hidan swallowed but kept grinning… then he suddenly bit a tendril going through his shoulder.

"Argh! you-" Kakuzu stopped with wide eyes as Hidan's color changed. He looked down to see the Jashinist was in one of his cursed circles.

"Ugh!" They both fell down to his knees as he suffered the damage Hidan did, including the tendril that was going through Hidan's heart. Hidan laughed maniacally as a mask writhed out of his back and fell down.

"Hahaha! I feel better now! Let's go, Kakuzu!" He pulled the threads out of himself and got up with the help of his scythe.

"I am going to kill you, Hidan! Mark my words, I am going to kill you both!" He shouted while getting up. Hidan chuckled and flipped him off.

Kakuzu beheaded him the next moment.


Kisame and In'ei moved silently and mostly uneventfully to the Land of Earth. Kisame didn't know if he imagined it or not but the masked man got… somewhat grim after he resumed reading the scroll he got from the blond, which he noticed only because he got considerably better at reading body language after his time with the wall that is Itachi.

"Is something wrong?" He asked eventually, the suspense getting on his nerves. The masked man by his side leered at him briefly and let out a noncommitted grunt. Kisame noted the very uchiha-like response.

"No." It was casual enough but Kisame got a 'none that you need to know' vibe from it. He frowned a little but didn't pursue it further, noticing the very subtle passive anger in the masked man's tone.

Or maybe he imagined it, the masked man could give Itachi a run for his money with how unreadable he was.

"Okay." Awkward. It was awkward, he regretted saying-

"Thanks for asking though, I guess." He added after a thought. They didn't say anything else after that until they were close to the village.

"So, four and five tails." Kisame commented as they watched the village from a distance. "Shall we get in?" The masked man continued with a shrug.

"Even if they aren't in the village, we will find a lead to point us in the right direction." Kisame casually followed.


A few hours later they found it, the four tails' jinchuuriki lived outside of the town and that was where they found them.

…as in, the jinchuuriki duo found the Akatsuki duo.

"Hunters got hunted." Kisame muttered dryly. In'ei walked forward.

"Hoshigaki Kisame." Roshi acknowledged as he watched the masked man walking closer to them.

"Roshi and Han, I believe. Jinchuriki of Four and Five Tails." He received a frown from all of them, Kisame palmed the hilt of Samehada while the jinchurikis got ready for a confrontation.

In'ei didn't give a reaction to any of that.

"And you are?"

"You may call me In'ei. Master would like to speak with you so would you please come with us?" Roshi and Han blinked slowly. Kisame raised an eyebrow.

'That sounded like something Itachi-san would say… another point to the "He is an Uchiha" theory?'

"This 'master' of yours, who is he?"

"Uzumaki Naruto." He saw the recognition in their eyes. " know about him, I assume?"

"The siege in Konoha three years ago, The Hokage Without A Face. Same person?" Han asked. In'ei nodded.

"...and the jinchuuriki of The Nine Tails, yes." He waited patiently as they made a decision. Han dropped his stance first and looked at Roshi.

"Very well, I will hear what he has to say." The latter said eventually and dropped his own.

"Good, master would be pleased. His preference was for you to come willingly." Kisame let Samehada go.

"Yeah, can we get a move on?" Han glanced at the shorter jinchuriki dryly.

"Cranky…" In'ei commented. The taller jinchuuriki snickered.

"You have no idea." Kisame shook his head as the shorter jinchuuriki rapped his knuckles on the taller one's armor.

"Never thought it would go so easy…" the masked man shrugged.

"I imagine only master and Itachi had the same luck… although they have bad blood with the Three Tails so…" he shrugged.

"So… where are we going?" They glanced back at Han whose eyes jumped between them. Kisame did the same after a second.

"Ame." Han just nodded. Kisame closed the distance to whisper.

"I thought we-"

"Plans changed." the masked man whispered back. Kisame gave him a long look, glanced back at the jinchurikis then faced forward.

'This is getting more and more complicated… Damn it blondie!' He thought with gritted teeth as they made their way.


"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Nagato rubbed his eyebrows with a grin.

"Konan I am fine…" He walked a few meters just to prove his point. "See?" She did, but it was still hard to believe. His recovery was nothing short of a miracle. She still frowned in thought.

"I will go with him." Not as miraculous as Yahiko's resurrection, however. Nagato was the one casting the Rinne Tensei after he regained his mobility. All this points to one thing, Uzumaki Naruto is probably the child of destiny. He brushed it away when they mentioned it, saying that he didn't believe in such things but… she couldn't help but think. A link with him empowered Nagato in such a way that he wasn't a cripple anymore, something she could only imagine before meeting him. Nagato cast the jutsu with the power he supplied…

It was because of him that their lives got… well, not normal but something resembling it at least.

"Akatsuki has teams of 2 people and I am better at talking." He added just as he saw the Uzumaki open his mouth to object most likely. Nagato ended up sighing in defeat instead.

"Fine…" He pretty much sighed and Yahiko glanced at Konan with a grin and raised eyebrows, as if to say 'just so'. Konan grinned back in mirth momentarily but then it gradually died off to a neutral expression.

"What is wrong?" She sighed without saying anything and walked to a window overlooking the entire village. She watched the perpetual rain for a bit.

(Song sug: Naruto OST - Saika)

"Nothing." She managed to resist his poking stare for a few long seconds. "... it is silly."

"Then give me the silly, maybe I will laugh." She grinned without turning to him.

"It is just… we lost our family, Nagato lost his legs, you lost your life, I lost… I lost my boyfriend." She felt him stiffen even if she didn't see it.

"Now you are back, Nagato can walk and our family is together again. It… almost feels like it is a dream that I am going to wake up any minute now." Yahiko and Nagato shared a glance behind her, then Yahiko joined her by her side and Nagato followed. He put a hand on her shoulder.

"I can understand that, I felt like I was in a dream when I… died. You were with me, or… other versions of you. We were in a different Ame, where it wasn't raining anymore and we were at peace. We were together but I knew it wasn't real. Now I am with you, the real you. It still rains in Ame but it is not war torn. I think I like this one better, I know all this is real." There was a comfortable silence for a while, then Yahiko took his hand away and coughed into his fist, blushing slightly.

"So… boyfriend, huh?" Nagato snorted and started snickering. Konan elbowed him with a straight, blushing face only she may manage to pull off. Nagato cleared his throat and stopped snickering but a wide grin was still on his face.

"Yes…" She said with a small voice when she managed to control her emotions. "... before you died I dreamed of a life with us together in a peaceful Ame. Build a home that we didn't have to worry about getting destroyed." She grinned briefly before smoothening it down.

"Now I… hesitate to dream that again." Yahiko was silent for a while, thinking how to answer.

"It is real, Konan. Yahiko is really back, Hanzo is gone and Ame is at peace. I admit it is really silly after we accomplished all this." Nagato kept staring at the village while feeling the eyes of the other two on him. He glanced at his palm, at the rook shaped tattoo on it.

"...and with his help we may even bring peace to the Elemental Continents, the whole world." He glanced at Konan. "If I get to have dreams, even dreams that big, you get to have your own too." She nodded without looking at them after digesting his words a bit.

"Let's go." Yahiko said after letting them have their moment. Nagato moved after one last brief glance at Konan and Yahiko followed him.

"Yahiko." She called before they left the room. He turned around and watched her slowly come closer. She hugged him close and kissed him on the lips after hesitating for a second.

"Be safe, both of you." She whispered softly against his lips.

"We will." He whispered back and they walked out of the room. She watched them go with a smile she couldn't smoothen and moved back to the window's side. Her eyes found them jumping at the rooftops after a few minutes.

'Uzumaki Naruto… perhaps you are the one to bring the light into this world.' She watched until they left her sight and started making the preparations the blond asked.


Getting to the Kumo would be a cakewalk, even more so with his Kamui but Obito took his time with arriving there. One, because he knew the others would need more time to get all of the other jinchuuriki and two, because he wanted to have more time with Rin.

Even if their relationship wasn't very good at the moment.

He glanced at her under his hood and tried to find something to say that would both melt the ice between them and not sound extremely awkward. He swallowed, eyes returning to his front and landed on a dango stand.

"Would you like something to eat?" He winced as soon as the last word got out of his mouth as the brown eyes with gray sclera glanced at him. She spotted the stand and sent him a dry glance.

"You always had a sweet tooth…" Her tone was almost… nostalgic. He noted that.

"Yeah… you know me." He added after taking a moment to decide on whether to do it or not. She hummed an agreement and grabbed his hand on her own. Fifteen minutes later they were walking with a few sticks of dango in Obito's hand.

"This doesn't feel right." He muttered. Rin looked up at him curiously. "I am the only one eating… it doesn't feel right."

"Obito, you know I am…" Dead. An Edo Tensei. Not exactly alive. She was probably going to say one of them but Obito wasn't, and probably will never be, ready to hear that.

"I know…! I know…" He quickly cut her. "Just… try eating one dumpling. Or-or just hold the stick." He handed her one. She stared at the stick for a bit before taking it. She stared down at the treat with a sigh as he withdrew his hand… and for some reason tears welled on Obito's eyes because of that.

"I am sorry, Rin." He said quietly, because the words felt like a crushing weight on his chest. The weight hasn't gone even after he said them, just like the other times. She just sighed again and looked up at him.

"It isn't me that you should be apologizing, and you have done that many times already." He was a bit sheepish, but mostly sad.

"I know… and I apologized to them too." He took off his glove with his teeth and glanced at the knight tattoo on his palm after pocketing it.

"I know apologizing will not fix what I have done. Even after all I did, he gave you back to me and made me see many of my wrongs. I don't know what he is thinking, what his plans are but I will help him… in any way I can. This is the least I can do." Rin nodded in approval.

"I guess that is something." Obito grinned, a little satisfied and a little sad as they continued in comfortable silence.

"Thanks, Rin…" He broke it after a while. "...for believing in me." Rin looked up at him, first on his face then on his chest and face again.

"I know who you are, Obito-kun, who you truly are." She gently held his hand in hers. "... you could even be the hokage like you wanted." She said while eyeing the dango stick in her other hand. Obito said nothing for a few seconds.

"Yeah, I could… a lot of things could have happened differently." More silence, then Obito dropped the sticks in his hand.

"I lost my appetite." He said simply. Rin sighed and did the same.

"No matter what happened, I think you are a good person Obito-kun." Obito grinned sadly.

"Thanks, Rin." He said and they continued their way to the Land of Lightning.

XX ( End Song) XX

They were in a comfortable silence after chatting when Itachi and Sasuke arrived, the former exhausted and the latter distraught. That was enough of a sign for Naruto to wrap it up.

"I guess it is time for us to go. Almost." He got up and walked to Jiraiya. He handed the sannin a scroll but pulled it away before the latter could take it.

"A! It is for Tsunade." He let the man take it this time. Jiraiya stared at him dryly the whole time.

"You could have said it first." Naruto snickered.

"Yeah, but I like teasing you… and do say hello to Tsunade. Tell her… that I remember Shuriken Whatever no Jutsu." His snickering turned to full blown laughter as Jiraiya choked on thin air after taking a second to react. Others stared in bewilderment.

"Ho-how d- HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU BRAT?!" He demanded as indignantly as possible. Naruto needed a little more time to recover.

"Y-you don't remember? The night we were in Tanzaku Gai to convince Tsunade to come back to Konoha, we got pretty shitfa… oh wait you can't remember because you weren't there, you fainted when she slapped me with her tits." Now it wasn't just Jiraiya choking on air.

"You- Tsunade-sama- What?!" He was pretty sure something broke and caught fire in Hinata's head.

"Uhh… We brought Tsunade back to Konoha?" Because he is an ass. "I mean… isn't that common kno-"

"Tsunade-sama slapped you with her ti- with her breasts?!" He raised his hands and bit inside of his cheek to not laugh at the face Ino made.

"It was a mistake…! Although it didn't prevent the red mark she-"

"Alright! We are leaving!" Jiraiya pretty much dragged Hinata and Sakura away from the scene… and had to keep doing it until the other caught up with them. He took out the scroll from his pocket after they covered half of the way.

"Jiraiya-sama, he said it is for-"

"Screw what he said!" He snapped back at Sai, who just closed his mouth and carried on.

"I said it is for Tsunade, you pervy sage…!"

'Screw you, brat!' Jiraiya thought angrily but continued to read.

"...But perhaps this is for the best. I wrote this scroll because I… my clone couldn't work up the courage to say what he had to say. Yes, I am a coward. Laugh it up…" The sannin grinned a bit, then his expression changed to shock, anger, and lastly grief.

"Are you okay, Jiraiya-sama? What does it say?" Kakashi asked after the sannin rolled the scroll back. He was silent for a while.

"It is for Tsunade." He replied with a rough tone eventually. He felt Kakashi's eyes on his back but didn't look.


Tsukimaru lit a smoke and took a drag, then handed the white stick to Naruto, who took it with a pair of… bony fingers.

The illusion only worked on the outside, to deceive the others. For it to work in his mindscape, he had to deceive himself… which wasn't possible with a genjutsu. In short, he looked healthy outside… but in his mindscape…

"Naruto." Tsukimaru broke him out of his thoughts. The blond's eyes left his thin fingers and found the bijuu's looking up at him. He sighed and looked at his empty hand, turning his hand and clenching his fist. He could almost hear the clacking of his bones.

He wasn't sick or anything, he is immune so he can't actually, this was because of chakra exhaustion. The Project Gilgamesh ravaged his body more than he anticipated. He sighed again as the bijuu took his hand gently, he tried not to think as if he feared breaking his bones but he did, and lowered it, rubbing his knuckles with his thumb as he did so. He took a drag from the smoke while staring dryly at the top of Tsukimaru's head.

"I am not fragile…" He didn't blame the bijuu, he looked quite the opposite. Hair lost its color, eyes sunken with black circles around them, ribs showing and skin stretched over his bones… he looked worse than Nagato did when they first met, but he still has more chakra than he did. He probably had more chakra than Shukaku but considering he had more than several times Tsukimaru has… His bijuu chuckled sadly.

"Never said you are." The blond paused for a moment before resting his head on the trunk behind him and looked down at the bijuu leaning his back on him between his legs. Then his eyes trailed to the black large vortex swirling in front of them, a circle of chained swords held it back while another circle of chakra rods around them shot bolts of red lightning at it. A few seconds later the vortex grew even more and strained the chained swords around it. The bolts of lightning turned to constant currents as a response. The bijuu glanced up at the blond. The latter continued to watch silently for a bit before speaking.

"I am doing the right thing… Do I?" He said firmly but added quietly. The bijuu averted his eyes and sighed.

"To be honest, I don't know. I just… don't." He heard the blond sigh from his nose. "...but I know one thing: right or wrong, good or bad, I will be with you. To the end." He looked up to see the blond grinning at him. He kissed him on the lips, their positioning was… not awkward but new. They made it work nevertheless until the blond pulled back with a soft grunt.

"S-sorry… uhh… perhaps I should have done it when I am not looking like a-" Tsukimaru turned around between the blond's legs and kissed him again roughly, pressing him on the trunk and not letting any more words come out of the blond's mouth. He clawed at the trunk with one hand and held the blond in place with the other. He pulled back with a loud smack of lips after a minute.

"I don't care how you look, okay?" The blond blinked up at him while deeply breathing and the bijuu figured the point was driven. He brought his face closer for another, gentler kiss but a handful of… somethings suddenly pulled him away.

"What?!" He reflexively fought against them, first thinking it was Hashirama's wood but it wasn't making him feel a numbing cold. Then he thought it was Kushina's chains but it wasn't giving him a searing sensation either. He got over the panic after that and understood what happened.

"What are you doing?!" He demanded as he continued to struggle against his chains until the blond grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt.

"Tsukimaru…" He said his name with a strained voice. "... I don't th-think I can bring myself to a-ask again… do you want me to stop?" He gasped softly and noticed what was pressing on his thigh. He looked up and saw the smoldering stare the blond was focusing on him. It made him feel trapped more than the chains holding him down did, his throat dry… and pants tight.

"Okay… I-I mean… don't. Don't stop." It was barely above a whisper but the blond heard it and crawled forward… but then saw his hands again. Tsukimaru followed his gaze.

"It is fi-" But he didn't listen. Two new links of chain sprouted from his back and shot behind him, one piercing the vortex to the core and the other coiling around a chakra rod. The blond hissed as nature and yin chakra traveled to him over the chains.

"Ahh-mmm…" He groaned in pain and clenched his fists on the bijuu's chest but it was brief. He sighed in relief after that. Tsukimaru felt a little drain on his reserves but didn't complain, he offered again and again to share his chakra with the blond but the latter refused. He didn't say anything and he was pretty sure the blond wasn't aware of it.

"Mmm…" Now it was more of a hum as he felt the chains around him grow warmer. Not like Kushina's searing chains but warmer than slightly cool like before. Almost plea-

'What the fuck…' He cut the thought with the indignant reaction and focused on watching the blond send more chains to absorb more chakra from the vortex and the rods instead of the sensation. A few minutes later, the rods were inert and all that was left from the vortex was a statue without arms and head. The blond sighed again as the chains returned to him.

"Better." His hair was still white but there was more flesh on his body now.

It was pleasant. The chains were giving a pleasant sensation. He admitted to himself in resignation now that there wasn't anything else to distract him from them… and more coiled around him.

"Really?" He asked in exasperation, hiding how they actually felt. His response was snickering.

"Don't act like you don't like it when I can feel how much you do." Right, he was sitting right on… he sighed in resignation.

"Fuck." The blond chuckled in response as he lifted himself a bit and… two chains slipped into his shorts from the legs of his shorts. He breathed deeply as they continued to snake into his t-shirt, teasing his excitement on their way and eventually slipped out of the sleeves of his t-shirt.

He squeezed his eyes shut as they shredded his clothing in an instant.


'That was scary… I said scary!' He snapped at himself as the duo of chains moved the pieces of clothing away from his body, one of them left and the other snaked between his throat and collar of his t-shirt. One side got serrated and ripped the last part of his t-shirt, brushing against his balls and…

"Why is it… uhh…" The blond chuckled again as he flustered.

"I left that part to you and it seems you decided to be fox-like down there." He said as the chain got smooth again and gently coiled around his sheath, squeezing gently and coaxed his erection out of it. He took off his own t-shirt as he did so. He leaned over him and crawled a little more until he was breathing on his face.

"To think, this could have happened much sooner… you could be my first in every sense…" He said between pecks on his lips and face as he somehow took off his shorts. Breath escaped from Tsukimaru as their erections touched, his mouth dried as he noticed the blond wasn't wearing any underwear. His erection slipped out of his sheath fully and made a harsh throb against the blond's.

"...but that goes to Haku…" He couldn't stop the growl at the back of his throat as he glared at the blond. "...then that time in the back room with Kanu comes after…" The growl and the intensity of his glare increased. "...and then the others, many others." He was growling with every breath now.

"Fuck. You. Naruto." He pecked him on the lips again, unaffected by the searing glare.

"We are getting there." He couldn't come up with a smart comeback so he growled again. That earned another peck on the lips.

"I just wish you weren't so sweet to wait for me to get older…" His glare softened at that as he averted his eyes. "...or at least didn't watch me jerking off." His wide eyes returned to the blond as he stiffened in shock.

"Y- I- Wh-" He kissed him again before he could let out any more sounds that barely resembled words.

"It shredded away my restraint…" He moved a lock of orange hair away from the bijuu's face and continued to caress it. "... those cute horny grunts you let out as you did the same almost made me come here and ravish you against your wishes." The bijuu let out a slightly pained grunt as the blond pulled his hair.

"...but I loved you too much. Fuck me, I Iove you so much." Then he briefly pinned the bijuu with a searing stare and kissed him. Slowly and passionately, savoring it to the end. When they parted there was a string of saliva still connecting them.

"I love you too, Naruto…" The words severed the connection between them. "... I love you so much that it scares me." He confessed, the words that he feared to admit even to himself spilled out of his lips. The blond grinned gently at him and kissed him… on the chin. Tsukimaru didn't understand what was happening until two more chains coiled around his thighs as he crawled down, kissing his chest as he did. He breathed deeply as the blond licked the pre accumulated on the bijuu's abs before doing the same to his erection, earning a breathy sound. More followed as he looked at the bijuu over his dick and licked the place between his balls.

"Look me in the eyes while I do this." The blond asked and licked up a trail from his balls to his tip. Tsukimaru did so with clenched teeth and half lidded eyes. He kept eye contact as the blond put his hands on his thighs and took his red flesh into his mouth, earning a sharp gasp and a failed thrust from him. Fangs nibbled on lips instead as his eyes lost focus and toes curled as his erection traveled further into the blond's mouth. He clenched his fists as he felt his tip touch the back of his throat and felt him flinch. He continued to pant shakily as the blond bobbed his head up and down but couldn't go further.

"I-it… it's f-nnhh!" Then he did and Tsukimaru almost choked on his own words. He stayed like that and swallowed a few times before pulling away and rising up.

"I hope my first time didn't disappoint…" He asked as he wiped a mixture of pre and saliva from his chin while slowly jerking off the bijuu. "...I am more used to being on the other side." Tsukimaru just panted with his tongue peeking out of his mouth, eyes jumping between the blond's face and the hand pleasuring him. The latter snickered and put his free hand on the former's chest.

"You look so ravishable right now." He asked in amusement. The latter swallowed before speaking.

"T-then what are you w-waiting for?" He straddled the bijuu's body with another snicker at the breathy come back.

"Good question." He reached down and guided the bijuu's tip into his hole.

"Another first, I saved it for you." He said quietly but not enough for the bijuu to miss it.

"Naruto-" He leaned down and kissed the bijuu then moaned in pained pleasure into his mouth as the erection slipped in and parted his insides. He paused for a quick breath halfway, feeling the warm flesh throbbing inside.

"A-are you okay?" He grinned down at Tsukimaru and caressed his hair. He scratched the bijuu's scalp gently and continued his journey as a response. He moaned again when he was hilted in save for the swollen knot at the base.

"J-just give me a second…" He savored the feeling as his insides adjusted. He caressed Tsukimaru's chest.

"D-does… does it hurt?" He grinned softly at the bijuu for a second before answering.

"It did a little, initially. Now it feels great… and we haven't even started." He raised his hips and brought them down, making them both moan in unison.

He started with a slow rhythm as he tried different angles to find his prostate, eventually moaning sharply as he hit it dead on. He heard Tsukimaru mumble something a little after that.


"I-I said faster." He looked down to see the bijuu squeezing his eyes shut. He bit the inside of his lip and grinned a little.

"Don't you w-want to savor this?" Tsukimaru bit his lip and looked up at him with strained eyes.

"Pl-please." He continued with the same rhythm for a few moments then put his hands on the bijuu's chest with a grin.

"Alright… a-as you like." He sped up, he too was in half a mind to do that but also wanted to compensate for the three years the bijuu asked him to wait.

Those slipped from his mind when he acted though, the intense pleasure pushed everything aside… and forced louder moans out of them.

"N-na-Naruto! I c-c-can't…!" Several minutes later Tsukimaru bit out. Naruto looked down at him and nodded even if he saw the bijuu squeezing his eyes shut to concentrate on holding back.

"Okay… okay. I-I'm about to…" They both groaned loudly in unison as the blond slammed his hips down and forced Tsukimaru's knot into himself, tying them together. The sensation pushed them both over the edge, one got filled and the other got splattered with seed. They panted and watched each other with half lidded eyes as they calmed down.

"Can I uhh… move now?" Tsukimaru asked eventually. Naruto blinked and looked away bashfully.

"R-right… sorry." The bijuu grinned in amusement and raised his upper body as soon as he could. He embraced the blond close and laid them sideways, without breaking their connection. It wasn't a very comfortable position but neither of them cared.


"I love you, Naruto." He said again. He gasped softly as he felt the chains return, not to constrict him like before but to coil around them protectively.

He succumbed to sleep not long after, and he knew the blond did the same.


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