PoM: Paternal Egg-stincts


I am so sorry I've been gone for so long, but a lot has happened, including a crashed computer with no back up data. I lost over a years worth of work for more than 10 stories I had been working on. Then when I finally get my computer back, I get hit with writers block cause I can't remember what I had written for the next chapter of PP or what my other stories had. One HP story I had been writing has me severely upset because I had 20 hours and several pages already in on it. Then I end up messing up my wrists! Only now can I type or write for any real amount of time.

But, I'm working on the next chapter of Private's Predicament now. I have an outline for the main points, so yay, I'm getting there! I'm hoping this will make up for the long wait and give readers something to bide their time on until the next chapter or work I put out. This story will start out similar to the episode, but it does change course more drastically as we go. Mostly due to the different details I put into my "Uncle Nigel's Visit" story and I want my one shots like this to be partly inter connected. I recently watched the episode, and I know that Skipper wanted to use Eggy as a soldier. Since in UNV, Skipper is against child soldiers, he wouldn't do that to Eggy in this. I hope everyone likes the story and enjoys. Thank you.


"What could you possibly know about raising an egg?" he asked, just as the timer went off and Private removed the egg from Skipper's hold.

"It's not my first egg, Skipper." Private replied with a roll of his eyes as he turned, missing Skipper's widening eyes and dropping beak at the easy proclamation.

Skipper eyed Private and how he was cradling the egg gently- once more with that look from before, the one he couldn't place- and Skipper found himself frantically wondering what his youngest soldier meant by that. He found himself slightly terrified at the implications before him. He couldn't say anything about it though, because just as quickly, Private was gone with Eggy. He left Skipper, who went to find his other two soldiers and get their opinions. Because Skipper didn't know what to do with this new found knowledge, and it scared him.

When Marlene entrusts the egg she found to the penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico don't actually know what to do. It doesn't stop them from trying though. While Private protects the egg from his team's potential harm, Julian plots to take the egg; positive the egg is a proper heir for his throne gifted by the Sky Spirits. What is poor Private to do with the crazy around him as he tries to protect Eggy?

Paternal Egg-Stincts

The penguin unit was silent as they made their way to the Zoovenir shop. Private had insisted that Burt, Phil, and Mason were in need of more sleep. And none of the older penguins wanted to hear one of Private's 'Have more consideration for your fellow animals' speeches if they woke any of the three up. They always had a way of making the older three feel bad, and none of them liked that feeling. The unit entered the souvenir shop and cleared the area. "Coast looks clear." Skipper muttered, as they gathered in the center of the shop. Suddenly the lights popped on, startling the flightless unit.

"Hey guys!" Marlene shouted.

"Jumbo shrimp! Doesn't a stealthy rendezvous mean anything to anyone anymore?" Skipper groused.

"A stealth...No. Why? Should it?" Marlene asked, but Skipper placed a flipper over Marlene's mouth. He looked around, his unit as well, sensing something was off.

"All right, I think we're good." Skipper sighed. "But keep on your toes." he ordered his men.

"Riight. Well, look what I found in my habitat this morning!" Marlene said happily, showing off an egg. Their eyes widened.

"It's- it's an-" Private stammered.

"An egg?" Kowalski asked, head tilting to the side.

"Yes! And you are birds, soooo..." Marlene waved the egg towards them.

"So what?" Skipper asked, rubbing a flipper on his beak.

"Back at my old aquarium, the daddy penguins handled egg duty." She said cheerfully.

"We are an elite unit Marlene, not nursemaids!" Skipper scowled.

"Actually Skipper, incubation is a guy thing for penguins. It's a natural instinct." Kowalski said, taking the egg and examining it closer. Private had a huge grin on his beak.

"You too, Kowalski?" Skipper asked in disbelief. "We can't give in to every gushy urge nature's burdened upon our species." he insisted to his men. But they were too busy cooing at the egg. Skipper's eyes narrowed at the look he couldn't place on Private's face, but chose to ignore it for now. "Come on you marshmallows! Think guy thoughts, like...MONSTER TRUCKS! OOH-RAH!" he tried to get their minds off the egg. They ignored him in favor for the egg though. Skipper sighed affectionately as he watched them cuddle and coo at the egg. "Ah, isn't that the cutest-" Skipper shook his head and snapped himself out of it. "NO CAN DO!" he insisted. "We are not taking this mommy mission." he told them.

Then the zoo's lemur trio popped out of the barrel of monkey toys next to them. "Of course you're not silly willy. For the egg is mine!" Julian declared.

"Where did you- I thought we had this area secured!" Skipper cried in exasperation.

Marlene ignored him and instead aimed her next question at Julian. "You laid an egg?"

Kowalski got a disturbed look on his face. "That's highly illogical for a mammal, unless..." Kowalski walked around the lemur king and lifted his tail to check the back of Julian's feet for spurs. "Are you part platypus?" he inquired while Private giggled at the tall penguin's antics.

"What did-?" Julian scowled and pushed the penguin away. "You are a party puss-" Julian replied, offended, making Private laugh a little harder at the king's misunderstanding. "I am a King of things." he shouted in righteous indigence. "Longley, I have a waited a proper heir to my throne, and the Sky Spirits have sent the egg as the answer to my prayers!" he said cheerfully.

"Sent you?" Marlene asked in disbelief.

"Yes! Indirectly. I shall name him Julian Jr. JJ for short. I will raise him to be just like me. Handsome, brilliant, and most of all...humble!"

Skipper scowled in annoyance and face palmed. "We'll take him." he told their otter friend.

Private's eyes lit up brightly. "Thank you Skipper. Resume coochie-cooing men!" Private said with such bliss and happiness that all of the inhabitants taken a back by it. They were surprised by the adoring look he sent to the egg between his feet. They ignored Julian who began seething with jealousy.

"We'll see who is coochie-cooing when I-" he stopped himself at the angry looks being sent his way by the four penguins. "Hey, I was muttering to my self. Not to you, silly penguins. Now carry on." he said, taking his lemurs and going away. Skipper shook his head at the suspiciously behaving king.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

The HQ was silent as Skipper paced in front of a schedule he made for egg watching duty. "We'll take shifts men. The egg will have round the clock surveillance and training." he told them.

Private stiffened. "Training, Skipper?"

"That's right, Private. By the time this rookie hatches, he'd be ready for action."

"But Sir!" Private began protesting vehemently.

Skipper cut off the youngest. "Of course, he won't actually be put into action. We're just giving him an edge for the academy." he assured the youngest. "He would just have a much safer chick hood where he'd be able to protect himself from any predators in case any of us were incapacitated. Once he's hatched, he will of course have a normal upbringing." he said soothingly, and Private let out a relieved sigh.

'Of course Skipper wouldn't bring Eggy up as a child soldier.' Private realized. "Very well, just don't do anything extreme you guys. Eggs are delicate." he told them, still unsure. Then he was hit by a certain thought. "Have any of you even dealt with an egg before?" he asked. His answer was Skipper announcing the beginning of mission 'Hard Boiled'. Private was just more worried after that.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Private was uneasy as he allowed his team to watch over the egg. Back in his old aquarium, Private had often helped rear and hatch the orphaned eggs that came into the penguin habitat of the London Aquarium. This, in addition to his caring for those same chicks, often lead to him being called 'mother' by them. His uncle found it hilarious, and teased him about it all the time. Until Private started to mother hen the older Gentoo penguin. Then Uncle Nigel merely resigned himself to his fate. Private shook himself from the memories. While a majority of those chicks eventually started seeing him as an older brother- or sister, for the more cheeky of the chicks- there were still a select few that called him mother.

He wasn't surprised at the slight heart ache he felt at remembering his little ones, as it happened often since his coming to the zoo three years ago. It was a very good thing that he could sneak out on occasion to call the aquarium and speak with them, since he still couldn't get a hold of his Uncle Nigel since his arrival here. And he couldn't get in touch with the agency, either. He shook his head, going into the main room of their HQ, only to find what looked like a crazy version of mouse trap set up with Skipper and Eggy next to it. "Oh, are you playing a game with Eggy?" Private asked, feeling relieved at the thought.

"Not a game, Private. An obstacle course." Skipper replied, making Private's eye twitch, not that Skipper noticed.

"Isn't this a bit...dangerous, Skipper?" he asked uncomfortably. His heart was hammering, though.

"It's fine Private. You'll have your play time later." Skipper assured the worried younger. "It's time to go rookie." he said, setting the egg on the starting spot. Private watched intently as the egg made it's way through the course, narrowly being missed by several different things that could have smashed the egg. He let out a relieved sigh when it was finally over. "Way to go rookie, but you won't make officer with that time. Again!" Private took a deep breath and refused to leave the room until his commander was done with the ridiculous obstacle course. Prepared to jump in, in case the egg wasn't going to make it safely.

Finally, Skipper's turn was over and it was time for Kowalski to care for the egg. Private couldn't help but hope Kowalski knew what to do. Private was thinking things were okay when he went to check on them, and the egg was in a crib or incubation chamber. "You made Eggy a crib, Kowalski?" he asked, smiling softly.

"No, it is an Intelligence-Intensifying Incubation chamber." Kowalski replied, pushing some buttons. Private once more tensed up at all the wires. "From egg to egg-head in one giga-jolt.
He said, sounding excited as he placed two electrified spoons together, making them spark.

"No. Kowalski you can't!" Private cried, knowing all of that excess electricity would fry the egg and the chick inside it. He couldn't hold back the pain filled, choked out scream from the pain, when he jumped over the egg chamber, and took the shock himself. Kowalski rushed over and shut off the machine, quite thankful Rico and Skipper were out on patrol around the zoo, as he wouldn't get lectured by them for his recklessness. He rushed back to his glowing green, smoking, friend and team mate.

"PRIVATE!?" he cried in worry at his friend's un-moving form. If it did this to Private, he could only imagine the horror if the spoons had actually touched the egg chamber. 'What had I been thinking?' he wondered frantically. Suddenly, Private sat up and saluted his friend and higher ranked officer.

"The sum of the square roots of any two sides of isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining sides." he said in a monotone. Then the penguin rolled off the chamber and fell onto the ground smoking. Thankfully the green glow was gone.

"Private? Are you okay?" Kowalski cried, rushing to the youngest penguin's side.

"Oh, what happened?" Private groaned, hissing at the many electrical burns that now singed his feathers and skin.

"Oh Private! I'm so sorry!" Kowalski cried, helping the younger one up gently. "Let me get some ointment for those burns." he said. Private smiled gently as the taller penguin went off to get said ointment.

'My boys are so clueless, but they try. I have to give them that.' Private thought fondly. After Private's injuries were treated, Kowalski kept the chamber turned off and took Eggy from it. After Private's injuries, he wanted nothing to do with his intelligence chamber. It wasn't worth it for the pain it caused.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Private went top side. Kowalski had forced Private to lay down and rest after treating him with the burn ointment. Knowing Kowalski wasn't going to do dangerous experiments with Eggy any more, he rested easily. When he woke up, it was Rico's turn with Eggy. He took a deep breath and went to the top of their habitat. There he saw Rico flying a kite with Eggy know where in sight. "Please tell me you're just flying a kite." Private begged. Rico just laughed and continued flying the kite. "Where's Eggy, Rico?" he asked. Rico gleefully pointed up. And sure enough, Eggy was in a harness on the kite. Private shivered, but knew better than to try and force it's stop. So he watched on with worry. Then a strong gust of wind caused Rico to lose control of the kite, and it went flying into a nose dive. Rico and Private both panicked as the kite flew down and crashed into Rico, who pushed Private out of the way.

"Rico, are you okay? Where's Eggy?" Private cried in worry, noticing the broken kite and lack of an egg. A moment later, Rico had Eggy back in his flippers, covered in slime, making Private shiver. That was when Rico noticed the glistening sight and heavy scent of burn ointment covering Private's feathers. He violently motioned to said details in question and demanded an answer for them, making Private attempt to wave him off, so Kowalski wouldn't get in trouble for unauthorized experimentation with in the lab.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

King Julian watched Private and Rico on their habitat, full of jealousy, as they were interacting with Eggy and each other. "Look at them with the vomiting of my J.J. That is no way for a royal lemur egg to be treated!" He growled angrily. "He should be at my side, my left side, right about here." he muttered. Julian sighed, losing himself in his day dream of him and J.J. Being a happy family. Mostly happy, he realized, understanding J.J would need a mother figure. He had one and he came out gloriously. J.J should receive the same treatment. 'But I can find the best mother figure later.' he thought to himself, re-losing himself in the day dream full of music and singing. It was wonderful. Especially when J.J was wanting to kick Mort. "Why yes J.J. Of course you can kick Mort." he muttered, having fallen a sleep.

Maurice suddenly popped up, hearing King Julian's words. "Uh, Your Highness?" he asked, tapping him on the shoulder.

"No, no. He likes it." he muttered tiredly.

"YOUR HIGHNESS!" Maurice bellowed. He definitely woke King Julian up, because the Lemur King had begun to yell at him. Angrily.

"Maurice! You totally ruined my J.J day dream. It had music and everything."

"Look, your majesty. Perhaps you should give up on it. I'm no expert, but what ever is going to hatch from that egg, it isn't one of us." Maurice said in concern. He did not like this weird side of Julian he wasn't used to. Plus, he had seen the look on the youngest penguin's face at the sight of the egg. Something was going on there, and out of the four penguins, Private scared him the most when it came to the possible consequences for Julian's schemes involving the egg.

"Oh really Mr. Smarty-booty. And where do you think J.J will hatch from, if not an egg?" Julian demanded. Maurice sighed, face palming. Julian was a grown, adult lemur, even if he didn't act like it most of the time. How was it the Lemur King didn't know this crucial detail? Was he separated from his parents before they had that talk?

Sighing, Maurice knew it was his job to inform Julian of this, even if he knew the king wouldn't actually believe him until many years passed and Julian matured more. "Well, mammals, such as us usually come from..." Maurice began, whispering in the king's ear so Mort wouldn't over hear.

As expected, Julian spit out his drink all over Maurice's fur, making the tired adviser wonder if Private would be willing to help him clean out his coat again. Private seemed to have a calming, and stress relieving, affect on Maurice whenever he helped him clean his coat. Usually only when Maurice himself, couldn't reach the back-which happened a couple times a month due to Julian's mistakes. Mort also enjoyed this treatment every now and then after one of Julian's many schemes involved him. On top of that, Private was thorough and Maurice loved the feeling of having a spotless coat from said treatment. Of course neither Julian or Private's team knew about these grooming- for lack of better word- visits. "Do not gross me out with nonsense Maurice!" Julian shouted, bringing Maurice from his thoughts with a sigh. Julian took a sip from his coconut before he stopped, and looked at it after removing his straw. He smiled mischievously. "I think...I am getting an idea." he said, making Maurice groan to himself and pray that Private would go easy on the immature Lemur King. "Yes! It is an idea. And I have it. Me!" Julian than started laughing maniacally. Maurice really, really hoped Private would go easy on the Lemur King. He truly did.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Private sighed as he leaned against the wall in their HQ, tired from the stress. But he did have Eggy between his feet where he was supposed to be. Rico had been stubborn in finding out about the reason he was covered with burn ointment. But Private was able to distract him off the subject by asking if Rico would like to go hang gliding himself, since it was only a few minutes from Private's scheduled egg watch anyways. Rico had seen the stress from the recent close call with Eggy on Private's shoulders, despite the youngest trying to hide it. It made Rico realize that he really had no idea what he was doing, but Private seemed to have at least a slight idea. So he conceded. Then went to hang glide.

So here Private was, finally relieved to have the egg in safe hands. "Well, feet I suppose." he joked to Eggy with a smile. He knew the chick in side heard him from the slightest movement. Only someone used to caring for eggs on a near daily basis would have picked up on it. Not even a first time mother would pick up on it.

That's when Skipper showed up. "Private, what are you doing with the egg? It's not your shift." Skipper said, taking the egg from Private. "And why are you covered in burn ointment?" He added. Finally the stress that had been building up all day long in Private over flowed.

"Gr r! Obstacle courses? Giga-jolts? Hang gliding?" he growled, slightly worrying his captain, who noticed the younger put his balled up flippers on his waist, as he had turned. "You guys don't seem to realize just how delicate eggs are! Any of your stunts could have stressed the chick in the egg out, smashed the egg and it's inhabitant, or even killed it and lead to a still born chick!" Private shouted angrily, missing how Rico had smashed into the window. "You...Know matter what you believe, you don't know everything Skipper!" Private shouted angrily, nearing tears by this point from the frustration of not being listened too and looked down on, due to his age and rank.

"Private!" Skipper cried, turning around in shock at his youngest soldier's out burst, even more shocked to notice the tears that refused to over flow in Private's baby blue eyes. Private slapped his flippers over his beak, realizing what he had just done.

"I'm sorry Skipper. I-" Private began to apologize for his shout, not what he said. But Skipper cut him off.

"You might think you know what's best for this new cadet, but Private you're just a boy yourself! A dreamer!" Skipper began. But Private cut him off this time, too hurt and offended by his commander's words. After all, he was placed into life threatening situations enough, that those words on his age could not be applied. Because he wouldn't deny being a dreamer. But he sure as bloody hell, wasn't a kid. He hadn't been since he was five years old- his uncle's enemies had made sure of that.

"I'm nearly 16 Skipper! And I haven't been 'just a boy' in years! Young and inexperienced as I am, I am not a child! Do not patronize me like one!" Private snarled. It was then that Skipper realized maybe, just maybe, he had taken things just a little too far. After all, Private may nearly be 15 years his junior, but he was by no means a kid. He was a soldier. And he had been since he was 13 at the very least. Skipper took a deep breath to calm himself.

"What could you possibly know about raising an egg?" he asked, just as the timer went off and Private removed the egg from Skipper's hold.

"It's not my first egg, Skipper." Private replied with a roll of his eyes as he turned, missing Skipper's widening eyes and dropping beak at the easy proclamation.

Skipper eyed Private and how he was cradling the egg gently- once more with that look from before, the one he couldn't place- and Skipper found himself frantically wondering what his youngest soldier meant by that. He found himself slightly terrified at the implications before him. He couldn't say anything about it though, because just as quickly, Private was gone with Eggy. He left Skipper, who went to find his other two soldiers and get their opinions. Because Skipper didn't know what to do with this new found knowledge, and it scared him.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Private sighed softly as he leaned against the wall of their HQ, Eggy secured in between his feet. He was exhausted from the day's stress and his argument with Skipper. That situation had awoken several memories and a great deal of heart ache as he remembered his position with in his team and what he had left behind. He was the youngest and most inexperienced out of the four of them, he knew that. But it didn't mean he was a child by any means. He -and his Uncle Nigel, ultimately- lost that years ago. Bloody hell, Private had raised the majority of the chicks back in his old aquarium, and you couldn't do that and be a child. "They mean well Eggy, truly they do. And I'm sure the time you spent with them will lead to benefits for you in ways we won't understand right now. But they care. I just wish they would stop treating me like a child." he sighed, gently petting the egg.

"You know, back at my aquarium, I helped raise the orphaned eggs. Not that you're one. I'm pretty sure your mum is out there worried about you and looking for you." Private smiled. "Those chicks, when they hatched, would call me mother at the start." Private gave a small chuckle. "I called them last week. A third of the ones I raised who are three to seven now, called me mother still. It was adorable. Then there were the half that started calling me brother. How ever, there's a select few who are rather cheeky, they call me sister. I think my oldest chicks are 12 now. They hatched when I was four, and they still call me mother or mom. The little tykes. I think two of them are actually planning on entering the agency academy either this year or next. I hope they'll be careful." Private muttered softly. The egg shook a little, making Private smile. "Yes Eggy, I'm sure you'll meet them at some point. All 30 of my children/ younger brothers and sisters." he chuckled. Then he tensed as the lights in the HQ shut off. He was not alone.

'Please. Please don't be one of my team. I cannot open that can of worms with them right now. Especially after that fight with Skipper.' Private thought worriedly, before he calmed down. He listened to the footsteps around him. 'There's more than one for sure. Not good. Out numbered with an egg to protect. I guess it'll just have to be like that mission in Antarctica six years ago. That's fine. At least you know it's most likely Julian, Private. And you know he's not going to eat you or the egg.' He remembered where the non-electrical intruder alarm was. He had made sure to have Kowalski to install it for this type of situation.

He reflected several grabbing attempts for the egg, though the feat alone was hard. He was after all, currently being impeded by electrical burns, high levels of stress, and some emotional and mental instability that came from his sudden reliving of the past and heart ache. A few more moments of the fight- with one squawk of indignation as his tail feathers had been grabbed- and he was positive that it was Julian and Mort, at least. He certainly hoped Maurice wasn't apart of this. He was just about to activate the intruder alarm, when something hit him in the head, probably an accident if he had to make a guess by the startled and apologetic gasp that followed his pained gasp. So Mort, for sure, had been the one to send what ever it was into his head. Who knew the tiny lemur was so strong? And just as he was hit in the back of the head, Julian's sticky fingers grabbed Eggy from between his legs. Which was a good thing, since the hit did cause him to fall forward, and he would have other wise fallen on Eggy.

He sighed at the slightly warm and sticky trickle of liquid down his head. The next several weeks were going to be filled with him holding back over protective team mates from banning or getting revenge on Mort for the injury. And ensuring that Mort wouldn't feel too guilty over the whole thing once he realized that he had drawn blood in his hit. With a groan, and knowing the two lemurs were already gone, he rushed to the ladder and went up, pushing the hatch aside. He wasn't looking forward to this.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Skipper had left Private to care for the egg, and went to the top of the float. He was relieved to see Rico and Kowalski were already there. "Men, we need to talk." he said seriously. Kowalski was trembling before he looked away in shame.

"I'm sorry Skipper! It's my fault Private's injured. I was doing an unauthorized experiment and he ended up taking the electrical damage from it! His burns will be healed in a couple days, but it doesn't forgive me for hurting our Private in the first place. He didn't want us to tell you or Rico, but I couldn't go on and not do so. I'll take whatever punishment you deem I deserve. But don't punish Private just for trying to protect me." Kowalski cried, obviously upset by what he had done. Skipper blinked.

"Not what I was referring, but I'm glad to know why Private was covered in ointment now. We will discuss this later soldier." Skipper said sternly. Kowalski nodded and fell back into formation. "What I was referring too was the argument I had with Private just now." Skipper began, as he uneasily explained the situation to his team. "And when I asked, he said it wasn't his first egg." He finished a few minutes later. Rico and Kowalski's beaks dropped.

"Not his first egg? How many eggs did he sire?" The tallest one asked horrified. Rico immediately denied the bird's claim.

"Rico's right. We don't know for sure Private...Sired...anything." Skipper began uneasily. Then the hatch opened and Private showed up.

"Julian broke into HQ and took Eggy." Private informed, his glare dark. The three older birds shivered, before realization dawned on them as Julian and Mort began dancing on the railing of their habitat.

"Oh ho! Yes!" Julian's gloating voice cried. "Who is the daddy now?" he asked Private tauntingly, as he began to juggle Eggy.

Private scowled at the lemur king who actually shivered. "I'm a mother, Julian, not a father." he informed the gloating king, ignoring the dropped beaks of his, now very confused, team mates. Julian's eyes narrowed.

"Mother?" he asked, remembering his thought from earlier. Then he faltered and the egg went falling, some how landing safely as it was swept between the sea of feet.

The group watched in shock and horror as the egg narrowly avoided being squashed. "My baby!" Private gasped horrified as he didn't even think to throw himself over the railing.

"PRIVATE!?" the penguins shouted horrified. It was a good thing the zoo was too crowded for any of them to be noticed as they followed. Skipper had to pull Private under a bench, to avoid being stepped on by the humans. Their leader pushed Private into their team mates. Only to flinch, feeling a wet substance on his flipper. He looked down, then at Private.

"Private? Why are you bleeding?" he demanded, voice cold and emotionless. Private and his fellow team mates stiffened. But then the egg finally came to a stop, a short ways from them. Before they could grab him up, Julian did.

"Fool me once J.J." Julian began. Only for the egg to crack and two webbed feet popped out from the bottom. Then the feet kicked Julian in the eye angrily. "Ow! My eyes!" He cried.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Marlene was shocked to see the egg shell with webbed feet run past her habitat. She popped up to the railing and watched as Private slid past her so fast a breeze and something wet hit her face. She wiped it a way, alarmed to see it was blood. 'Private's hurt?' she thought in alarm as the other penguins passed her. Then she was distracted by worried quacking from the other side of her habitat. She went to go look. Only to see a worried mother duck and her four ducklings looking around.

"Oh, keep looking kids." the mother cried, despairing.

"Excuse me, are you missing-" Marlene began in wonder.

"My egg! Do you have it?" she cried worriedly.

"Um, I left it with the best egg-sitters. Come on!"

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

Private was looking around, wondering where Eggy was. Only to be distracted by Skipper once more demanding an explanation for Private's head wound. Private ignored his teams worried inquiries. Julian made a shout, and they looked over to see him trying to corner Eggy. Eggy dodged him, and ran, getting stuck in some gum. Once more, Private felt his heart clench. Before he could say or do anything, Julian began running towards the stuck Eggy. Mort was right behind the king, before tripping and the duo crashed into the pop-corn man whose cart went rushing strait for the captured chick. Private's eyes widened in horror. "Quickly men! Operation: Stop Pop! Go go go!" Private cried. They reacted on instinct to his command.

Private and Skipper hoisted Kowalski and Rico onto the top of a nearby light pole. Rico regurgitated his fixed kite and Kowalski and Rico used it as a hang glider. Skipper was against it, with Private's injury, but knew they had to do it. So he threw Private whom caught onto the string and Private quickly snatched Eggy out of the way of the pop-corn cart, just in time, as the cart crashed into the wall.

Private had Eggy in his flippers, his team, Mort, and Julian were all around him. Private was gently removing the egg shells from the bird- the zoo now closed. "Hey there Eggy." Private cooed gently. Black eyes looked imploringly at Private.

"Mommy?" the soft voice quacked. His team and the lemurs were looking on in shock.

"No dear, your mommy is looking for you." Private said gently.

Suddenly Julian huffed. "I demand custody of J.J. Look at the danger you heaved on him!" Julian demanded.

"We heaved on him? We?!" Skipper cried angrily, only for Private to interrupt them both.

"What were you thinking Julian?" Private's cool voice began, making those present- except for Eggy- tense.

"I- That is to say-" Julian began, actually at a loss of words.

"You were allowed to visit you know. You only had to come over!" Private growled. "But instead, you were jealous and plotted unnecessary revenge. Then you shut off the power in the HQ. Forced Mort to help you in this plot, which lead to my injury. I do not blame you Mort." He added sternly to the young lemur that had begun to shake in horror at his action. "Then you egg-napped said egg. Julian you nearly killed Eggy and Mort in your idiotic advances." he scolded the lemur, who looked away ashamed. "I expect you to apologize." Private growled.

"I-I'm sorry." Julian said after a long moment of swallowing his pride.

"Good." Private said, relaxing.

"Mama's here!" a voice cried, and sure enough, there was a mother duck with four ducklings and Marlene. Private grinned down at Eggy.

"See Eggy. Your mama's here now." with that he went and placed the duckling into his mother duck's wings. "He was very well behaved." Private assured her.

"You're hurt." she replied in shock, seeing the red staining the white near Private's forehead.

"That was the fault of a jealous and immature lemur king. Nothing with Eggy." he promised. She seemed relieved.

"Thank you for caring for him after I lost him." she replied tearfully, hugging Private in thanks.

"It was all of us, really. And you're welcome." Private grinned.

"We need to head off. Feel free to visit all of you. We live right in the park, next to the pond." Mother Duck began.

"Wait a moment mama." Eggy cried, releasing himself from his mother's hold. Eggy ran over to Private, giving him a firm hug. "Promise you'll visit mommy?" Eggy asked imploringly. MD's eyes widened, before she shrugged and easily accepted it. Eggy did call her mama after all. It just meant there were two.

"I promise." Private said with a smile. Eggy nodded, saluted his mommy's team and began to head back. He reached MD before turning around and hollering back.

"OH! Next time you go to call my other 30 brothers and sisters, make sure you get me so I can say hello!" Eggy called, letting his mama take him away while Private's team found themselves frozen.

"30 chicks? You're a sire of 30 chicks?" Kowalski gasped after the ducklings were gone. Maurice had joined them by now, and had heard the statement. All of them had their mouths dropped.

"Sired?!" Private cried in shock, choking on his own air. " 'Walski I've never mated before!" Private cried shrilly in mortification.

"But he-"

"Back in my old aquarium, I was the one who cared, hatched, and raised orphaned eggs and chicks that got sent over! I've been doing it since I was 4. Most of them call me brother now, while a fraction call me sister- they're the more cheeky ones- and about 10 of them still call me mom. But I've never sired any eggs of my own." Private replied, face burning red.

"Sorry." the team said, relief filling them.

"Let's go get your injury fixed up." Skipper sighed. Private nodded.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

The penguins had settled down by now, all of them in their bunks except for Skipper who was on his way. He stopped by Private's bunk before he went into his own. "Soldier..." Skipper began, getting Private's attention. "You did well today. And about that argument earlier...You're right. I don't know everything. I know nothing about raising an egg for sure. I'm sorry I doubted you. And I'm sorry fro believing the siring comment from earlier." that thought still had Skipper blushing.

"It's alright Skipper, really." Private assured, his flipper absentmindedly rubbing the back of Skipper's head, soothing the ruffled feathers there. The leader almost gave in to the soothing sensation. Private always had a way of relieving stress when he soothed down his teams ruffled feathers, and it was almost addictive. "You think Eggy will remember everything from his time with us?" he wondered.

"Yeah, Private. I think so." Skipper assured. Private gave a sleepy smile, nodding off as Skipper entered his own bunk.

-Paternal Egg-Stincts-

MD had heard Eggy recount his exciting time with his mommy. One of the others had asked if Private was their mommy too, by default. MD had thought about it, then decided that Private would probably accept them as his own as well as he had with Eggy. While she was moving a few things around in their space, her five chicks on a rock in the shallows of the pond. 'Cute and cuddly.' Eggy told his brother and sisters. 'Cute and cuddly.'