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Los Angeles

Chloe Decker was driving her Dodge Charger on her way to her estranged husband's. Normally she would be at the police station filling out the paperwork on her recent case, an open and shut one really, but her daughter's school called. Apparently Trixie, her 6, soon to be 7, year old child got into a fight and had been called in, both children have been suspended for the rest of day.

"Suspension Trixie, really?!" Chole said in a stern tone which, while not loud, did scare her daughter a bit. Her mother never had to use that tone before.

"I'm sorry mommy." Trixie apologized in a quite voice.

"You didn't even tell us why you did it." Chloe reminded her. When the principal, or Chole had asked why Trixie just stayed quite. She knew the divorce wasn't easy on her, especially with Dan being late or not showing up when he needed to take his daughter, but still.

"The boy was being mean for no reason." Trixie explained. "And nobody was doing anything because his parents a rich."

Despite Chloe being a little proud of her for standing up to a bully she didn't want her daughter to only resort to violence. "Well that still is no excuse, you should have told the teacher." Chloe told her, with a softer tone.

"I'm just so disappointed in you Trixie." Chloe added, making Trixie sad. No child wanted to hear that from a parent, it was even worse than being yelled at.

Just then catastrophe struck.

As Chloe moved forward when the light turned green, looking left just to be sure, a large red Ford truck hit the right side of her car. The truck had been going at least sixty miles per hour so Chloe's car was pushed quite a distance before stopping.

The driver was drunk, on drugs or possibly both since he died on impact and ignored the obvious red light.

Chloe was conscious, but in pain she didn't really care though. "Trixie." She called, slowly turning her head to look at her daughter, hoping she was okay. What Chloe saw was her daughter lying on the other side of the car where she had been sitting. Apparently when the truck hit the car it hit right at her daughters door and broke the seatbelt, flinging her to the other side.

"Trixie." Chloe called again, recieving no response. "No no no no no." Chloe panicked as she pushed down the airbag and got out of the car.

When Chloe stepped out of the car she immediately felt much more pain. Chloe ignored this and rushed to open the backseat, despite her body's protests. "Trixie!" Chloe spoke with urgency as she pulled her daughter out of the car.

Trixie's eyes were closed and Chloe couldn't seem to find a pulse. Immediately her worst fears were starting to become reality. "Trixe" Silence. "TRIXIE WAKE UP!" More silence. "TRIXIE PLEASE!" Still silence.

Even as ambulances arrived Chloe starting crying.


When Trixie opened her eyes she saw white, like only white, it was weird and kind of hurt her eyes. Also wasn't she with her mom in the car? How did she get in a white dress? Were there other colors, cause this much white was boring?

"Hello Beatrice." A kind deep voice said to her, the young girl turned and saw a old dark skinned man with a kind smile also wearing white. "Or do you prefer Trixie?" He added.

"Where am I?" Trixie asked, feeling a little scared. Her mother had warned her about strangers.

"Oh yes my apologies." The man spoke. At least he was polite. "We're at Heaven, well more specifically the gateway to it."

"Really?" Trixie asked, not expecting that answer. She looked around again and saw the same things as before.

The man chuckled and replied. "Yes really. Does that bother you?"

"I just thought there would be more color." Trixie answered. "White is so boring." She added, earning a chuckle from the man. "Are you an angel?" She then asked.

"Actually no I'm God." The man states simply.

"Prove it." Trixe asked to be sure

God smiled then closed his eyes. Instantly the room they were in transformed and now they were in a mountainous region with snow caps. What really shocked Trixie was seeing several dragons flying around, seemingly unaware of her presence.

She then felt a nudge on her leg and looked to say a baby purple dragon sniffing her. She giggled as she began to pet it. "People always said dragons weren't real." Trixie told God.

"Then where did the myth come from?" God asked with a smirk.

Just then a much larger purple dragon came, it seemed to be the baby's mother as it angrily charged and breathed fire at them. Instantly the fire stopped several feet short when God raised a hand.

"Marshmallow?" He asked pulling out two sticks with with surgary treat on them. Instantly she took one. God then resumed the fire only it went around there bodies so they could toast the Marshmallow's.

"Can you do other stuff?" Trixie asked with wide eyes as she ate her golden brown treat.

God smiled and closed his eyes they were transported into a world where everything was ice and wooly mammoths were walking about about. "Awesome!" Trixie said, in awe. She wasn't even cold either.

Soon the scene shifted back into the large white room. Trixie then turned to God and asked. "Am I going to heaven now?" She asked curiously.

"Not now I'm afraid." God tells her, confusing her. "I have a plan for my son and you're part of it." He adds.

"How?" Trixie simply asks

"I'm afraid I can't say more." God answers, then kneels down and pulls out a necklace and ties it around her neck.

Trixie looks at it, seeing, like many necklaces, it had a steel chain and two angel wings on it. "What's this for?" She asked, she only got gifts like this on Christmas, her birthday or when her Grandma visited.

"I just like giving gifts." God cryptically answered, then added. "Though it may unlock something if you realize it."

"What's that mean?" Trixie asks, getting confused again. For a God he wasn't very clear.

"I'm afraid that's all the time we have." God replies, before the room turned even more white. "Tell Samael I said hi." She heard while she was blinded.

Los Angeles, Hospital

Chloe had her heart ripped out of her body and watched as it was smashed into oblivion. Not literally, but the news from the doctor about her daughter's condition was how it felt.

Trixie was dead.

It has been several hours since the accident, Trixie was immediately put into an ambulance. Chloe wanted to follow but protocol dictated she had to be treated as well. Despite her protesting she was checked over by the doctors suffering only minor injuries. But no matter how many times she asked the doctor about her daughter's condition she was ignored.

So once the doctor left the room so did she shortly after. Then made her way to where her daughter would be located. When she got there she immediately regretted coming alone.

From a window Chloe saw her daughter's lying on the Hospital table as the doctor pronounced her dead. Chloe's legs stopped working and she sunk to the ground. She didn't know how long she was there because the next thing she knew she was sitting next to Dan. Both of them had tears in their eyes as the doctor broke the news to them. Surprisingly though the doctor was genuinely sympathetic as she told them, but that was a small crumb of cold comfort.

Other family members soon arrived, even Penelope who was in some Canadian Sci-Fi convention dropped what she was doing the moment she found out. Even Dan's parents, who never really liked her because of her atheist beliefs, came to support them.

Chloe and Dan soon entered the room where Trixie was lying still. It almost didn't look like she was dead, just sleeping peacefully. Minutes or hours passed, Chloe didn't keep track, all she knew was that she was never gonna be with Trixie again. No more hugs, no more stories, no more bribing her chocolate cake. She would let her have chocolate cake everyday for breakfast if she could just open her eyes again.

She then thought about all the things she'll never get to see her daughter experience. First school dance, crush, slumber parties, her father intimidating every boy she brings over, prom, wedding, grandchildren. It was all too much.

Dan stepped out to give Chloe some time alone and to make some calls. Apparently he left mid stakeout with the lights flashing to get to the hospital and didn't give an explanation. It was even worse when it tipped off the suspects and a shootout occurred. No officer or civilian was hurt they were lucky, this time.

After what felt like an eternity at staring at her daughters corpse Chloe finally stopped looking. Only because she shut her eyes tightly as she cried. God was an asshole for taking her daughter away at such a young age. Why couldn't that truck have been just 2 seconds later or earlier or coming from the otherside or not at all.

As Chloe was grieving a miracle happened.

A gasp was heard causing Chloe to stop crying, open her eyes and hold her breath. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, her daughter was coughing. Chloe didn't know what to do, or if she was just hallucinating.

"Mommy." Trixie's sweet voice called and Chloe knew it was real.

"Oh Trixie!" Chloe exclaimed in relief as bent down to pick up her daughter in a hug. Trixie then reciprocated this action by wrapping her tiny arms around her neck. Chloe didn't care about how it happened, she was just glad her daughter was back.


Trixie was sitting on a hospital bed as the doctor was talking to he parents. After she woke up she and her mom hugged for the longest time. Soon Dan entered back in to console Chloe only to join in once he got over his shock.

The doctor soon came and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had triple checked everything and confirmed that the child was dead. Though she was happy to be wrong and smiled while informing the other family members and friends waiting outside.

Trixie was then examined again and after was deemed to be healthy. Sure there was a scar on her right palm, which was horizontal if she held up her hand for a high five, but other than that she had a clean bill of health.

Once they were done talking with the doctor Chloe picked up a tired Trixie, who clinged onto her like a monkey, and began walking out. As they walked out they told the people they came to give them some space. This because the doctor recommended that Trixie not be crowded by so many people since the crash and mystery coma (what would you call it?) could have had a psychological impact.

As Chloe and Dan walked out of the hospital to Dan's car, Chloe's being totaled, Trixie opened her eyes. The child saw a man wearing a three piece suit with his hands in his pockets, watching from a far. Trixie smiled and waved with her scarred hand, the man reciprocated this before walking away. Trixie then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

As the man walked away from the hospital to his corvette, everything moving slowed to a 1/10,000 of it's normal speed. The man sighed. "Should've known that you'd come to spoil a beautiful moment Amenadiel." The spoke with a British accent, unaffected by the slowing of time.

"I'll always be here to stop you Lucifer." An African-American man, wearing unique robes said. "Especially when you go against fathers will."

"Well dear brother." Lucifer began. "Tell dad that if he didn't want me coming to earth or bringing a human back then he shouldn't have sent the child to Hell."

"Father put her there for a reason." Amenadiel countered

"What reason is that?" Lucifer questions. "Because few children have ever been in Hell, most of which were certainly guilty. But she did not deserve to be down there and there was no way to fly her to the Silver City."

"You couldn't possibly fathom what Father has in store." Amenadiel argued.

"Maybe, maybe not." Lucifer spoke.

"She was sent down there just like you." Amenadiel continued. "She is guilty just as you were and should not have escaped."

Lucifer then laughed at his brother's words. "If father didn't want me to escape why give me a way out all these eons?" He asked, with a beaming smile.

"What way out?" Amenadiel asked confused.

Lucifer then brought out his white wings. "Why let me keep my wings if he wanted me to rule Hell for eternity, why not take them away at any time, why only send you to stop me when Remiel, Zadkiel or Ralphiel would have used force to send me back and chop my wing off?" Lucifer listed off.

"You remember when celestia's clash on earth it serves no one." Amenadiel reminded him as if it were obvious. "Look at your rebellion with father."

"Yes but with time nearly at a stand still." Lucifer points out. "We would be able fight until one loses without the humans finding out."

"You keep coming to me ordering me back to Hell without force or remaining too long on earth." Lucifer adds. "Maybe that's why it he does it, to lead me to coming to earth." He spoke with confidence

"You're arrogance prevents you from seeing the truth brother." Amenadiel replied.

"And what has your litteral blind loyalty to our father cleared up?" Lucifer countered.

A few tense moments of silence followed as one of God's greatest warriors and the King of Hell stared down at eachother.

"I shall give you some time on earth to get this out of your system once again." Amenadiel spoke up. "Then I'll drag you back to Hell myself." Unfolds his dark wings.

Lucifer claps his hands as if witnessing a wonderful act of a play. "Well done brother, that was one of your best empty threat thus far." Falsely shivers. "Almost felt like a real one." Lucifer jokes.

Amenadiel doesn't respond, not wanting to give the brother any satisfaction. Instead he flaps his wings and takes off to the Silver City.

Time resumes and Lucifer sighs before walking to his new vehicle. He gets in and takes out his brand new smartphone calling on Maze. 'Hard to believe humans started out with just stones and dirt.' He thinks to himself as he waits for Maze to pick up.

"What." Lucifer hears in a demanding tone.

"How goes your first day on earth?" Lucifer asks, despite having never been to Earth Maze was somewhat familiar with human concepts. Such as money, material items and most importantly drugs, alcohol and sex.

"I didn't say stop!" Maze yells, but not at Lucifer.

"On second thought tell me where you are I should like to join." Lucifer says, before driving away.

With Trixie

The little had been tucked in bed and was holding onto her Miss Alien doll. Chloe was just staring at her daughter, after a day like today she didn't want to be apart from her again. Which is why she was taking a week off work and called Trixie's school.

Dan was talking to his mom on the phone and listening to her preach about how God was watching over them.

Chloe then looked up and wondered for a bit if there was some all powerful being controlling their lives. "He's proud of you mom." Chloe heard and turned to her daughter, she was up but barely.

"What?" Chloe asked before shaking her head, processing. "Who is?"

"Grandpa John..." Trixie answered before falling back into a deep slumber.

Chloe was at a loss for words. Sure she had spoken about her father, but he had been dead since she was nineteen. She honestly didn't think her daughter remembered the conversation when they were looking at old photos.

'Did she really?' Chloe then shook her head. It was a ridiculous thought. Her daughter could not have gone to heaven.

Because she went to Hell.

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