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Prologue redo

As Chloe and Dan walked out of the hospital to Dan's car, Chloe's being totaled, Trixie opened her eyes. The child saw a man wearing a three piece suit with his hands in his pockets, watching from a far. Trixie smiled and waved with her scarred hand, the man reciprocated this before walking away. Trixie then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

As the man walked away from the hospital to his corvette, everything moving slowed to a 1/10,000 of it's normal speed. The man sighed. "Should've known that you'd come to spoil a beautiful moment Amenadiel." The man spoke with a British accent, unaffected by the slowing of time.

"I'll always be here to stop you Lucifer." An African-American man, wearing unique robes said. "Especially when you go against fathers will."

"Well dear brother." Lucifer began. "Tell dad that if he didn't want me bringing a human soul back to earth then he shouldn't have sent the child to Hell."

"Father put her there for a reason." Amenadiel countered.

"What reason is that?" Lucifer questions. "Because few children have ever been in Hell, most of which were certainly guilty. But she did not deserve to be down there and there was no way to fly her to the Silver City." He explains. "Least not by my own accord."

"Besides people's own guilt drags them to Hell." Lucifer adds with a passion. Having been blamed for people's sins, which he had no involvement in, he typically explained this a lot over the eons. "So she in fact should not be in Hell, because of that."

"You could not possibly fathom what Father has in store." Amenadiel argued.

"Maybe, maybe not." Lucifer spoke.

"She was sent down there just like you." Amenadiel continued. "She is guilty just as you were and should not have left."

Lucifer then laughed at his brother's words. "If father didn't want me to leave why give me a way out all these eons?" He asked, with a beaming smile.

"Way out?" Amenadiel questions, confused.

Lucifer then brought out his white wings.

"Why let me keep my wings if he wanted me to rule Hell for eternity, why not take them away at any time, why only send you to stop me when Remiel, Zadkiel or Ralphiel would have used force to send me back and chop my wings off?" Lucifer listed off.

"You know when celestial's clash on earth it serves no one." Amenadiel reminded him as if it were obvious. "Look at the Holy Wars we waged and your rebellion with father.

"Yes, but with time nearly at a stand still." Lucifer points out, gesturing to the nearly frozen people around them. "We would be able fight until one loses without the humans finding out."

"You keep coming to me ordering me back to Hell without force or remaining too long on earth." Lucifer adds. "Maybe that's why he does it, to lead me to coming to earth." He spoke with confidence.

"You're arrogance prevents you from seeing the truth brother." Amenadiel replied.

"And what has your litteral blind loyalty to our father cleared up? Hm." Lucifer countered.

A few tense moments of silence followed as one of God's greatest warriors and the King of Hell stared down at eachother.

"I shall give you some time to get this out of your system." Amenadiel spoke up. "Then I'll drag you back to Hell myself." Unfolds his dark wings.

Lucifer claps his hands as if witnessing a wonderful act of a play.

"Well done brother, that was your best empty threat thus far." Falsely shivers. "It almost felt like a real one." Lucifer jokes.

Amenadiel doesn't respond, not wanting to give his brother any satisfaction. Instead he flaps his wings and takes off to the Silver City.

Time resumes and Lucifer sighs before walking to his new vehicle. He gets in and takes out his brand new smartphone calling on Maze. 'Hard to believe humans started out with just stones and dirt.' He thinks to himself as he waits for Maze to pick up. He only got this device recently as a way to communicate with the child, prior to that one would have to either find him or call Mazikeen.

"What." Lucifer hears in a demanding tone.

"How goes your first day back on earth?" Lucifer asks, despite never liking Earth and always wanting to go back to Hell Maze insisted on coming back to earth. She enjoyed the constant supply of drugs, alcohol and sex. But she had that before and the Demon would have went on a rampage if it hadn't been for Lilith's call.

The child was a miracle worker.

"I didn't say stop!" Maze yells, but not at Lucifer.

"On second thought tell me where you are I should like to join." Lucifer says, before driving away.

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Hell, When Trixie was there

"Let's go over this one more time." Lucifer said, as he and Maze took a seat across from Trixie on a pair of leather couches. A glass coffee table was in between them where whiskey was poured for the Devil and Demon and a Shirley Temple for the child. Going to his bar Lucifer discovered a newly built kitchen that was fully stocked with food and drinks. It was likely his father's doing in order to make sure the child didn't starve.

"I'm Beatrice Decker-Espinoza, but everyone calls me Trixie, which is a hooker's name. I got in trouble at school, my mom picked me up, she got mad and we got into a crash I was in heaven I think or maybe the doors, there was a lot of white." The little girl pauses as she scrunched her face trying to remember any specific details she hadn't already said.

"Um I met God and he showed me Dragons and wooly mammoths like from Ice Age. He said I was part of a plan and sent me to see Sam- Lucifer." The little girl concludes, making sure not to use Lucifer's old name, seeing as how it made him mad before. She hates it when people get mad because of her.

"Well then now-." Lucifer begins to say before he is cut off by Trixie.

"Your turn." She say's pointing to them and taking a sip of her drink. The grown up drink was cool but she liked her Shirley Temple more.

"Right of course." Lucifer smiles, he had made a deal with the child saying that he'll go over his backstory after she told him her's numerous times.

"My name is Lucifer Morningstar." He introduces himself with elegance and flare, even while sitting. "I was born in Heaven, where I launched a rebellion against my Father, God, in which I failed and was banished from there and sent to rule Hell. I made trips to earth, first meeting Eve where instead of an apple I offered it was a very large banana." He stops to smirk, while reminiscing. (Hope this is right, never really read the story)

Trixie gives a confused look, not knowing what that meant. The Devil clears his throat and continues. "I then made periodic trips to earth for fun until my brother sent me back until finally I decided to retire. I left Hell and was able to keep my brother off my back thanks to getting his necklace back from some sod of a man. Brought Maze, cut off my wings, opened a nightclub and now we're having the time of our lives. Occasionally I pop down here to make sure no rebellion happens, but for the most part Lilith has it handled now." He concludes.

"Now Maze." Trixie say's pointing to the demon.

Lucifer is slightly perplexed. "The deal was just between us." He reminds the child.

"But friends share things, like personal stories and secrets." Trixie points out.

Lucifer looks towards the Demon who sighs and leans forward. She then swallow the rest of her drink and starts talking. "I was forged in the bowels if Hell destined to torture the guilty for all eternity. I became part of Lilith's Lilim and then she left us and I met Lucifer, he helped me I helped him and now I'm the highest ranking demon in Hell."

Trixie seemed to sense that Maze was leaving some parts out but decided not to question it. She did have to trick Maze into being her friend. "Okay." The girl simply said.

Before they could dive further into their conversation there was a knock on the door. "Who is it!" Lucifer called out, slightly irritated. He wanted to find out what his father's plan is for him, he can't do that if he keeps getting interrupted.

"It's Lilith." A voice called out.

"Go away bitch!" Maze shouted.

"Very well." Was the reply, with no hurt or any emotion.

"Just come in." Lucifer counter-ordered. "You wouldn't bother us if it wasn't at least somewhat important." He told Maze, who essentially growled at him.

The door was opened and woman came in. She had dark skin like Mazikeen, with silver hair reaching to her back. She was wearing a black dress, that showed off her legs and highlighted her breasts, which would make most men drool. The sleeves were loose and wide, but long that if she weren't holding them together her arms would disappear into the fabric. She wore tall black lacy stiletto heels that seemed impossible to walk in. She also seemed to have a bit of make up on, but what really stuck out were the silver cuffs on her wrists.

"My lord." She said, kneeling with her head down and arms apart with her palms pointing upwards.

She rose to her full height after recieving confirmation to explain her visit. "I have finished the inspection, nothing else is out order. Some of the Hell Hounds did seem to be antsy but were soon calm once I used them in some of the Loops." She reported,

"Is that it?" Maze asked, lifting a scarred eyebrow.

"I was hoping to be of further assistance to either my lord or lady." Lilith replied.

"Nothing at the moment so you can be on your mary way." Lucifer politely ordered.

"Of course my lord." Lilith replied, with her head bowed.

"I'm Trixie." The child spoke up. "Who are you?"

"Lilith." Was the answer.

Maze rose up whipping out one of her karambit demon blades seemingly out of nowhere. "We didn't say you could talk to her." The demon spoke harshly, bringing the blade just inches from her face.

"My apologies my Lady." Lilith replied, not showing any fear. In fact she seemed okay if Maze did stab her.

"Maze." Lucifer urged. "Not now and especially not in front of the child."

Mzae glares at Lilith with anger before walking back to the couch and draining the rest of Lucifer's whiskey. "Bring us more." The demon orders.

"Of course my Lady." Lilith obeys, then goes to the bar to get more drinks.

"Now let's go over the story once more." Lucifer says, trying to change the topic.

"I told it like a million times already." Trixie whines, it was boring telling the same story over again. Even when she had to go to bed her mom would read, or tell, her different stories.

"Well there has to be something you missed." Lucifer insists. "Contrary to popular human beliefs, my father doesn't just help randomly help you lot, at least not this directly, and he most certainly doesn't talk to them. At least not while they're alive."

Lilith then walks to them, carrying a tray of drinks. A shirley temple for the girl, a Mojito for Lucifer since she knows he enjoys it in Hell, and a tall glass of whiskey for maze. All perfectly garnished, with even some cold cuts to snack on. Since food was down here she might as well make use of it.

"Oh lovely." Lucifer say's impressed with the display, while taking his drink.

"Thank you." Trixie tells Lilith, who smiles.

"Did we say to bring food?" Maze asks, as if Lilith committed a horrible act.

"My apologies my Lady, I assumed-" Lilith tried to explain only to be cut off.

"Do what you're told!" Maze say's aggressively.

"Why are you mad at Lilith?" Trixie asks, confused as to why Maze kept getting angry with Lilith. She hasn't known Maze long, and Lilith not at all but it was like how her parents used to fight.

"Personal reasons." Maze answers, vaguely.

Lucifer clears his throat and tries to ease the situation a little. "Back to the matter at hand. Can you think of anything at all that you might have missed?" He looks to Trixie who's sipping her drink while holding a piece of prosciutto.

"No." Was the simple reply.

Lucifer sighs. "Well bloody...here."

"With your permission my Lord." Lilith speaks up, looking first at Lucifer then at Mazikeen. "If I could make a suggestion."

Earth, Decker Residence

It was morning in the household, normally Chloe would be trying to relax with some time off. But because of last night she was now getting ready to go to church for the first time in years, if ever. She was wearing a modest white dress with floral prints and black shoes. She had no jewelry on and only light make up.

"Trix babe are you ready?" Chloe called out, while tidying up a bit.

Dan, his parents and her mom would coming soon. Dan had left to buy groceries since Trixie ate pretty much everything the night before. His parents insisted on bringing breakfast, which she only agreed to because she had no food. And her mom was invited since her tendency to be the center of attention would hopefully distract Dan's parents from trying to convert her and Trixie.

"I'm ready." Trixie said coming out of her room. Chloe then saw she was not dressed for church, but dressed casually. Wearing black pants and red shirt with a grey hooddie and sneakers. "Why are you wearing that?"

Chloe laughed a little at that. "I could tell you the same thing."

"You don't like to wear stuff like that if you don't have to." Trixie adds.

"Yes." Chloe say's then adds. "But we're going to Church."

"It doesn't have a dress code." Trixie tells her mother. "Homeless people go there too, and they dress really bad."

"Yeah but everyone is gonna be wearing stuff like this." Chloe points out. She also really did not want to start a fight with Dan's parents.

"Remember when I got Miss Alien?" Trixie asked, Chloe simply nodded a little surprised her daughter remembers that, she was only like 3 or 4 years old. "You and Dad wanted me to get the boring ones but I only wanted Miss Alien."

Trixie continues. "You said..."

"Those who stand out stand tall." Chloe finished with a smile. It was stupid line she told her daughter when she refused to let go of a faulty stuffed toy she found in a Walmart toy section buried under a bunch of others.

"You know what Monkey." Chloe begins, while taking off her shoe's. "You are absolutely right." She then walks towards her room to change.

Short while later

Chloe opened the door to see Dan dressed in a suit holding several bags. "Oh thank god." She greeted taking the bags. His arrival meant she didn't have to deal with his parents alone.

"Yeah they got stuck in traffic." He tells her as he comes in. "So you gonna be ready soon?" He asks noticing she's wearing a white and blue striped blouse, a brown jacket with black pants and boots. An outfit she would normally wear at the station.

"I am ready." Chloe told him, matter of factly. "Trixie and I wanted to go casual." She explained.

"Ok then." Dan said, knowing this will definitely cause some tension.

"Hey munchkin." He greeted his daughter when she entered the kitchen.

"Hey daddy." She simply greeted going for the chocolate pudding he bought at the store. Though it was immediately taken by her mother.

"Trix babe you'll spoil your breakfast." Chloe told her.

"But I'm hungry now." Trixie countered, breaking out her cute puppy dog eyes.

"Well we're gonna have pancakes so you can have it after ok." Chloe suggested.

"Deal." Trixie said, then held out her hand. Chloe was a little surprised but shook it nonetheless. She did the same thing last night for how many stories she was aloud to be read, they settled on six.

"Are you gonna make the pancakes?" Trixie asks, while helping them put away the groceries.

"No Dan's parents are bringing it." Chloe answered putting away some chips.

"Is Nana coming to?" Trixie questions as she sneaks a candy bar in her pocket. This technically didn't break their deal since that one only involved the pudding.

"Yup." Chloe said, gritting her teeth and mentally preparing herself for the migrane she was gonna have. She could really use a drink.

The door was opened and a new voice spoke. "I'm ready for Church!"

"Speak of the Devil." Chloe mutters.

"Lucifer's a guy." Trixie corrects her mother before going to greet her.

"Nana!" Trixie shrieked rushing to give Penelope a hug. "I missed you."

"Oh." Exclaimed Penelope in slight surprise as she stumbled back a bit, before kneeling down. "And I missed my favorite grand-daughter." She said, as the two hugged eachother tightly.

Once they broke away Trixie smiled and asked. "Can we dress up and play super model later?"

"Of course darling." Penelope readily agreed. "But that does mean we have to go shopping." She added with excitement in her voice.

Chloe watched this interaction with a smile on her face. She'd normally try to scold her daughter for trying to extort presents out of her relatives, but like before she couldn't stay mad. The incident still fresh in her mind.

The door then opened to reveal a Hispanic couple in there late fifties carring food. The man had a receding hairline, a mustache and was wearing a suit much like Dan's. The woman was a head shorter than him, with dark hair that had some grey in them cut into a bob. She was wearing a white outfit with a knee length skirt and white heels. To top it off she had a silver cross on her neck.

This was Antonio and Gabriella Espinoza.

"Where is my handsome son?" Gabriella say's as she and her husband step in.

"Mom." Dan goes to greet her with a smile. But before he can she hands the food and tells him in Spanish to set up the table. Which he obeys.

"Abuela Abuelito!" Trixie squeals as she goes to greet Dan's parents. Much like with Penelope she runs and hugs them.

"Mi Princesa." Gabriella says kneeling down to hug her. "You're so big, pretty soon you'll be taller then me."

Antonio then receives a hug to the legs. "It's good to see you too Princesa." He says, with a smile.

"I missed you guys too." Trixie tells them. "But I'm wearing this to Church." She adds defiantly, gesturing to her outfit.

Gabriella's smile wavers, slightly, but she nods anyway. Baby steps, she thinks.

"How are you Chiquita? " Gabriella asks. "What you went through must have been terrible." She say's.

Chloe, who has been observing the situation, glares at her. The doctor said not talk about the incident unless Trixie brought it up. M

Trixie shrugs. "It was fine, didn't hurt really. I got to see God and heaven." Trixie responds, knowing if she talks about Lucifer her grandparents will have heart attacks.

"Really?" Antonio asks, his smile widening.

"Yup." Trixie simply answers. "Heaven was fine, but super boring, so was God and he turned out to be kind of an ass." She adds without thinking. Two gasps and a pair widened eyes followed.

"Table is set." Dan say's walking over then looks around and asks. "What did I miss."

Flashback, Hell

"What are you suggesting?" Lucifer asks Lilith, while gesturing to Maze to not attack her.

"Well seeing as how she had a considerably lengthy conversation with your father." Lilith begins. "Perhaps if we move her to a cell we can recreate exactly what happened, at least from her perspective My Lord." Lilith finishes, bowing her head and lowering her arms, but still keeping them together.

"That's not a bad idea." Lucifer say's after a few seconds. "Let's do it."

"Am I going to jail?" Trixie asks fearfully, usually the word 'cell' coincided with criminals. Criminals go in cells and her mom puts them there.

"Not exactly." Lucifer answers, not sure how to quell her fears.

"Just gonna use it to take a peak inside your memory." Maze cleared up.

"Like a flashback?" Trixie questioned.

"Exactly!" Lucifer said, with some extra enthusiasm. He hoped her thinking that would calm her nerves.

"Go get the cell ready darling." Lucifer orders Lilith who complies and begins leaving. Once at the door she asks if anything else is needed, when Lucifer tells her no she steps out.

"Good plan she came up with." Lucifer comments, going to finish his drink. "Once we figured out what and how this all happened we can send the urchin back and all problems will be solved." He adds.

"Send me back?" Trixie questioned, with slight worry.

"Yes." Lucifer tells her. "Naturally you'll go back and hopefully we'll never have to see each other again." He continues, making the child upset even more, but his inexperience with children makes him oblivious.

Soon a few tears shed on Trixie's face, Maze notices. "You alright kid?" The Demon ask's, her question also makes Lucifer notice. More tears start to fall out.

"Did you break her?" Lucifer accuses his Demon.

"Of course not, I didn't do anything!" Maze immediately defends, but she doesn't look very certain of herself.

"Well something must have happened." Lucifer states. "She appears to be leaking."

Trixie just starts sniffling before running away, hopefully to cry in private. Almost immediately she finds a door and opens to go inside before shutting and locking it. Once she does that she looks and is surprised to see it looks exactly like her room at her Nana's beach house.

She doesn't dwell on that for too long though. Instead she goes to the bed and gets in the covers, while grabbing the Miss Alien copy and clutching it like a lifeline.

Back outside Lucifer and Maze were shocked at what had transpired. Neither knew what went wrong, she just started crying and left. Even more confusing was where she ran to, normally it was a wall but suddenly there was a door there. A door neither of them knew about and didn't exist before.

"Well this is peculiar." Lucifer remarks then shrugs it off. "No matter, my realm my door." He adds then tries to open it, only to find it locked. Which is strange since not even the cells were locked, just no soul knew how to find the right door.

Lucifer tries once again to turn the knob, but meets stubborn resistance. After struggling a bit he tries to simply pull the door off it's hinges. This too fails, next he tries to kick down, but that to doesn't succeed. "What is this bloody thing made off

Maze meanwhile is laughing at his struggle. "Don't send a Devil to do a Demon's job." She say's and Lucifer then backs away and gestures for her to try. She does and it yields the same results.

Growling Maze whips out her demon blades to try and break it open. Only one of the blades broke after stabbing the door several times. The two then examine the knife and Lucifer goes to the door once more.

"Can't be." Lucifer whispers, placing a hand on it and feeling it. He's only seen this wood a few times and the last bit of it belonged to his brother Zadkiel. The angel of Righteousness. "This is from the Tree of Life."

"How can you be sure?" Maze asks, despite only being a demon she knew about the Tree of Life. It was destroyed during Lucifer's rebellion, but pieces big and small were scattered. Those that landed in heaven were collected and made into Zadkiel's staff. The few on earth regrew into regular tree's that had no celestial strength. Other than being able to survive whatever the humans threw at them. Many fell in Hell where they burned to ash, all of them, almost instantaneously.

So why did this not burn?

Lucifer then got his hands together and began praying for his Brother's Amenadiel and Zadkiel. While he knew Zad didn't want to see him, his responsibilities to the Tree of Life would hopefully outweigh his hate for Lucifer.

Present, Earth

After Trixie's, remark, about the Almighty himself, nobody knew what to say. It was then ignored after a short bit of awkward silence. Trixie went to bathroom to wash up, which she did while also eating the snacks she snuck earlier.

Chloe then quickly explained what happened to Dan in a rushed and quite tone. While Penelope, Antonio and Gabriella sat at the table talking. Well Penelope talked while they listened. Dan's parents never really liked Penelope, but they didn't hate her either.

Soon the table was set and the pancakes were plated. Though Trixie had a bigger stack after Dan was pressured by his mom. If only they knew how much the little girl could eat.

They all ate in silence since the adults, even Penelope, didn't know what to say. It was only broken by Trixie herself who asked. "Nana how did you meet grandpa John?"

Penelope looked at Chloe rather than just start talking. The topic if her father always made Chloe a bit sad on the best of days. But Chloe smiled a little and nodded, indicating it was okay.

"Well." Penelope started. "It was the best day of my life, though it didn't start out that way. I was behind on my payments for my apartment and I had like two weeks left to move or be homeless. I was actually considering moving back to Ohio and telling my parents they were right. Then as I was about to start packing I got a phone call."

Penelope pauses for a second to sip her water. "It was for the audition that I thought I blew, turned out they wanted to see me again in like 2 hours, it was at least an hour away. So like lightning I got ready and started driving. Traffic was horrible, I kept getting stuck behind some slowpoke and knew I was gonna be late."

Penelope smiles as she continues. "Then when it finally clears the car breaks down and then so do I." Chuckles a little. "I cried for like 10 minutes before someone knocked in my window. Turns out I broke down on a no parking zone. Instead of giving me a ticket he asks me if I'm okay."

"Then what?" Trixie asks with a beaming smile.

"Well he tells me his name is John, I tell him mine is Penelope, though I tried Penny but it never stuck." The actress says, earning a smile from Chloe since she's first hand how people never seem to call her that.

"After blabbing about all my problems in like a breath he tells me he's gonna give me a lift." Penelope continues. "At first I thought he might try to kidnap me, I was a little paranoid about that, but I decided what the heck."

Penelope smiles even wider. "I get in and he just zooms out lights flashing going as fast as possible. I ask is it okay for him to do that since I didn't want him to get in trouble because of me. He smiles and says there's an emergency and I ask him what it is."

"He tells me we can't have a future Oscar winner not get her big break." Penelope pauses to bask in the nostalgia. "So thanks to my 'police escort' I made it on time."

"Did you get the part?" Trixie asks.

"I did." Penelope answers. "I would not have become the Vampire Queen if it wasn't for him. I walked out the studio and saw he was still waiting for me. He was arguing with one of the directors cause they thought he was an extra for some cop show they were doing." Laughs.

"I of course don't thank him, I just go up and say "I got the part, I got the part!" Penelope laughs. "He congratulates me and offers me a ride I take it, where he lets me go on and on about how excited I am for the roll."

"And after?" Trixie asks.

"Well he takes me to a Diner where I finally come to my senses." Penelope begins ti answer. "I thank him and ask how I can pay him back and he say's-."

Just as Penelope finishes, Chloe joins in. "You repaid me by letting meet the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on." They say at the same time.

"Awwwww." Trixie cooed.

"What a great line." Dan say's.

"That's what I told him." Penelope tells him, before wiping a tear.

Seeing this Trixie gets sad. "I'm sorry Nana."

"Oh hush." Penelope replies. "Nothing to be sorry for, I just miss him."

"Me too." Chloe say's. While she doesn't have tears, she's just better at hiding her emotions.

"He misses you guys too." Trixie tries to console them. "He's say's heaven is boring without you in it." She adds, getting some looks from the adults. Though it is ignored as she continues to eat.

Flashback, Hell

Maze is still trying to break the door by any means. Though seeing a pile of broken weapons and the unmarked wood indicates it has not been going well. And neither of the sibling's Lucifer has been calling have showed up.


"What do you want Luci?" Amenadiel asks, dropping in.

"Where's Zadkiel?" Lucifer questions, instead of answering his brother.

"You called him, why?" Amenadiel ask's in return. Only a handful of their siblings visited Lucifer, and fewer because they still like him. And Zadkiel was not one of them.

"That's why." Lucifer say's, pointing to the door. "Notice anything unusual about it, the craftsmanship or perhaps the material?"

Amenadiel then goes to the door to confirm his suspicions. "Not possible." He gasps, once he realizes what the wood is.

"Now you see why I called Zad." Lucifer tells him.

"What is behind this door brother?" Amenadiel questions, turning to his brother.

"Not exactly sure, only appeared recently." Lucifer begins then adds. "I do know who is behind it, a very innocent human soul." He informs God's first born.

"Did a soul escape their cell?" Amenadiel asks in bewilderment.

"No." Lucifer simply replied before finishing his glass of Whiskey. "Dad brought her here."

"Our father brought a human to Hell."

Lucifer nods and adds. "He also went on a little journey with her while having a chat about being a part of a plan. Particularly for me."

Amenadiel blinks as he processes this information. "And what plan is that?"

"Well I don't know." Lucifer responds. "That's why I called you ya bloody oaf. If anyone has any knowledge of father's plan it's you." He goes and gets a drink. "We both know Michael fell out of favor when he almost started World War III."

"Lucifer, our father does not reveal his plans to any of us." Amenadiel reminds him. "He works in mysterious ways."

"You really need to get a new line." Lucifer replies. "Or at least an original one."

"Either way." Amenadiel begins. "I have no idea of Father's plans. And even if I did why would I tell?"

"I don't know?" Lucifer questions as he takes a thinking posture. "Perhaps cause whatever it is leads me back to his favor. Maybe it gets me out of our deal permanently? Maybe it leads to you being in charge of Hell instead of me?" He lists off.

Amenadiel smirks. "Nice try Luci." He replies. "But fear is in Michael's skill set."

Rather than let his anger get the better of him, cause Amenadiel would enjoy that, Lucifer smiles. "Very well then. Off you pop, but do tell Zadkiel he wants to find his wood he better come here."

As Amenadiel unfurls his black wings Lucifer adds. "And tell Father to take the human back and leave me out of his plans."

Amenadiel then flies away.

Lucifer sighs. "Well that helped not at all. Maybe I should give Haniel a ring, she would actually try to help."

"What are we gonna do?" Maze asks after breaking an axe on the door.

"About what?" Lucifer questions, as if it wasn't obvious.

"The kid!" Maze reminds him. "What are we gonna do, keep her as a pet?"

"Well I don't know." Lucifer admits. "First things first we get the door open and resume what we were gonna go before the urchin ran into the new mystery room. Then we see where our fortunes takes us after checking her memory." He concludes.

Maze rolls her eyes with a sigh, then just as the head demon was about to grab a new weapon to break the door down the door leading inside the room opened. It was Lilith here to announce that the custom cell was ready. But before she could speak, Maze did. "We didn't say come it!" Maze all but shouted.

Lilith once again didn't mind the aggressive treatment. She kept her composure and nodded before opening the door with the intention of leaving.

"Oh just tell us what you came here for." Lucifer ordered.

Lilith then closed the door and said. "The cell has been set up and is ready whenever the child can enter." She informs him.

"Thank you for that, but we have a new problem." Lucifer replies. "The urchin has locked herself in a room that didn't exist until now and we can't seem to get the door open." Gestures to the door Trixie ran into. "Any suggestions?"

Before Lilith can reply Maze speaks up. "What can she do that we haven't tried?" She rudely questioned.

"I shall take my leave then." Lilith says thinking she should leave.

"Now hold on." Lucifer tells hers, making her halt mid motion. "If you have an idea, do share. While I may be King I am also open to ideas."

Lilith's eyes briefly glanced over to Maze, who was giving an even more menacing death glare if that was possible. "I'm sure my Lady is right though. What idea could I possibly have that the leaders of Hell have not thought of already."

Lucifer could tell that it was her obedience to Mazikeen speaking and not her. "Well tell us anyway." Lucifer replied.

Lilith turned her head to Maze who dropped the death glare and replaced it with a look of annoyance. Lilith took this to mean she was allowed to speak. "Well instead of forcing her out, perhaps you should try and convincing her with words." She suggested.

"Go on." Lucifer requested, realizing that they haven't tried this yet.

"You've stated before that the tongue can be a better tool than one's hands. Maybe you should try talking to her and hopefully she will tell you." Lilith concluded.

Lucifer was unusually quite as he processed this. When he had said that before he initially meant how good it was during sex. Women lost track of the amount of orgasms they had from just that. But now it seems that he may need to use it for a different purpose. "You have a point." Lucifer admits.

"You can't be serious?" Maze says, hating the idea. Though likely more because it's Lilith's idea rather than a bad idea.

"Well the door is seemingly unbreakable so unless she opens it herself she's stuck there." Lucifer reminds his top Lieutenant.

"So?" Maze replies not seeing any problem with that.

"She was sent here by my father for a reason. Father only ever sends things to punish me, and you swore to protect me." Lucifer tells her. "She could have valuable knowledge that we could use."

"Fine go ahead." Maze relents with a sigh.

"Not like I need your permission." Lucifer grumbles while heading towards the door.

"Urchin let's have a chat shall we." He calls after knocking on the celestial door.

Flashback over

Chloe, Dan and Penelope were outside Saint Michael's Church. Dan's parents insisted that they drive Trixie and the child seemed excited about it. Chloe however knew it meant that Dan's parents were gonna try to talk religion into her again.

"This is nice." Penelope commented, looking at all the nicely dressed people. "How come we don't do this more often?" She asked her daughter.

"Cause we're not religious." Chloe answered.

"Maybe Trixie will like it." Dan suggested.

"Really?" Chloe replied. "Remember the first time Trixie was at a church." This caused to hiss at the memory. Trixie was just starting to talk, mostly small words that all babies said, she apparently learned the word shitty and kept saying it to random intervals.

"That was hilarious." Penelope said, having been there.

"She said it when someone asked her what she thought of the wedding." Chloe reminded her.

"Well it was a dry wedding." The actress reminded her daughter.

"They we're both alcoholics who were sober for years." Chloe informed.

Just then Dan's phone rang and seeing it was his mother he picked it up. "Hello." "What?" "How?" "What do you mean you don't know?" "On the highway?" "She couldn't have gone far." "Let us know if you find anything." Hangs up.

"What happened?" Chloe asked with concern.

"Trixie's gone." He told them.

"WHAT!" Both Decker women replied.

"I'll explain, come on we gotta go find her." Dan ordered before they all ran to the car. What could've made Trixie want to run away?

With Trixie

The little girl was sitting on a bus bench with a sad expression on her face. She wasn't really waiting for a bus, she just wanted to get away from her mean chaperones. When she got back from Hell Trixie thought it would be cool to tell them what really happened.

But apparently whoever taught her the realities of Heaven, Hell and all things celestial was an idiota. That made Trixie mad because her grandparents insulted her friends that took care of her and helped bring her back. She didn't get how Lucifer did it, put up with all the dummies in the world. She suppose it has something to do with all the adult fun things he suggested, like something called a Golden Gate or an Eiffel Tower. Guess she was just gonna have to ask her mom or dad or wait until she was old enough.

"Hello there." A pleasant voice spoke. The young girl turned her head and saw a dark skinned men dressed like a priest looking at her. He wasn't alone as there was a little girl with light tan skin and brown hair, about her age hiding behind him. "Waiting for a bus?" The man asked.

Trixie wasn't sure if she could trust him. In Hell a bunch of priests and pastors who claimed they were men of faith getting tortured for the guilt they had. One was very mean and only helped people who would pay him. But Trixie remembered that just because Hell was full of bad people doesn't mean earth was full of them.

"No." Trixie replied. "I kinda ran away from my Abuela and Abuelo. They were being mean." She spoke honestly.

"Oh is that so?" He asked.

"I'm Beatrice, but people usually call me Trixie." She introduced.

"I'm Father Frank." The man introduced himself then gestured towards the little girl. "And this is Zornitsa." The girl then gave a small wave. "She's shy around new people." He explains.

"So why were you with your grandparents if they're mean?" Frank asked.

"Well we were going to Church because they wanted to. My Mommy, Daddy and Nana went in one car, me and my other grandparents in another." She explains.

Frank then takes a seat and Zornitsa follows, but sits so she's out of view from Trixie. "Did you argue about church?" Frank asked.

"Well sorta." Trixie answered before explaining how she ended up here. "I kinda died a few days ago."

"Oh heavens ." Frank spoke with visible shock.

"I was with God for a bit, but not Heaven, God then sent me to Hell and I let Lucifer. He's my friend even though he's the devil, and Maze and Lilith , but they're demons so." Frank nods as Trixie pauses. "It was weird at first, then sad, then was fun and we became friends. Except Maze is still upset with Lilith. But Lucifer was nice and they said he was mean and called me stupid for thinking the Devil could be anything but evil." She concluded.

"I see." Frank replied, before a thought occurred. "How did you lose you grandparents?" He asked.

"Oh we were in traffic and my friends brother stopped time to talk to him. So I just left before they could notice." She explained.

"Hm." Frank nodded thinking it over. He didn't seem to believe it, but unlike many other would have, he didn't blatantly dismiss it either. He then looked at his watch and noticed the time. "I'm sorry dear but we're running late, perhaps we can talk in my Church while we contact your parents." He offered.

"Sure." Trixie agreed immediately. "I said I was gonna go to church and I don't wanna lie." She added. The three the began walking towards father Frank's church, on the way Trixie chatted it up with Zornitsa. Though it was mainly Trixie who did the talking.

Later with Chloe

Chloe, Dan and Penelope pulled up to the nearest available parking by the Church. After receiving the call that Trixie ditched Dan's parents, on a highway, they simply began searching all the places she could've gone. Until they got a call from a father Frank saying Trixie was with him and she was safe.

They immediately ran inside and saw that the service was about to start. "Trixie!" Chloe called, getting some looks.

"Mommy." Trixie waved from one of the middle seats. Chloe immediately rushed over and saw that her daughter was next to another little girl. "I saved you a seat." She told her.

"Honey don't scare me like that." Chloe told her daughter while hugging her tightly.

"I'm sorry mommy I just couldn't stay with them." The child replied once her mother let go.

"Why?" Dan asked as he and Penelope sat down.

Before they could continue Trixie's new friend poked her and pointed at the front of the church. The father was taking the stage and was about to begin. "Sorry can't talk."

Chloe couldn't tell if her daughter was actually excited about the service or if she was just trying to get out of a conversation. Either way they sat in silence as the priest did the service. He seemed different to the one at Dan's family's Church. Emphasizing forgiveness of another sins and acceptance of people for who they are.

In fact when a teenage girl asked if she should get her Hindu neighbors to come to church his response was surprising. He told her that forcing another religion to believe in something they don't was taking away their free will and that so long as one had faith it didn't matter how they worshipped God.

He then talked about the history of trying to convert other peoples into believing what the Church wanted. He talked about the death, atrocities and wars that were waged simply because some people couldn't accept other peoples for who they are.

He finally finished off in a unique way. Talking a bit about the Devil and saying that at some point we will all fall, but that does not make us evil. It's how we respond after that fall that makes us who we are.

Overall it was a pretty unique experience, they then finished off prayer. Instead of praying loudly he asked everyone to pay their respects to someone special, whether living or not.

Chloe looked and saw Dan and surprisingly her mother with their hands together in prayer. Trixie and the girl had their eyes closed, but the girls lips were moving.

Sighing Chloe decided to give it a shot. Closing her eyes, putting hands on her lap and declining her head slightly she began to pray to the one person she couldn't talk to. 'Hi daddy. I miss you.' She prayed, of course she didn't expect a response.

'Miss you too Monkey.' She heard, followed by a hand being placed on her shoulder.

This caused the Detective to jump a little and gasp. Thankfully nobody noticed, even as she turned around to see that the only person behind her was dark skinned woman in her 50's or 60's praying while holding on to her cross and bible.

Turning forward Chloe took a few calming breaths, thinking she must've imagined the whole thing. If so it was still nice to know she remembered her father's voice after all these years.

Finally the service finished and people could leave. Which was what Chloe wanted to do. But as everyone got up to leave, Chloe and her family stayed.

"Trix why did you run from your grandparents?" Chloe asked.

"They were being mean." The little girl replied looking straight ahead, avoiding eye contact.

"To you?" Dan wondered.

"To Mom too." Trixie further explained, then before they could ask for specifics she added. "You can tell them I know they called Mommy a cheap lazy whore in Spanish." Which caused the adults jaws to drop, especially Chloe. While the former actress knew she wasn't the favorite among Dan's family, they had never given that impression. At least not before the separation.

"I don't wanna see them again." Trixie tells her mother before going to hug her. "Ever."


Trixie heard Lucifer and debated on opening the door. "Go away." She shouted with tear stained eyes.

"Not until you tell me why you locked yourself in there." He replied.

"Everyone hates me." Trixie said into her pillow.

"Uh darling." Lucifer began to say. "You're gonna have to speak a little more clearly. My celestial hearing is being strained as is."

Trixie then huffed before walking to the door with her Miss Alien copy. "EVERYONE HATES ME!" She screamed.

"Firstly there's no need to be that loud." Lucifer told her. "Second I'm sure that's not true."

"Yes it is." The girl replied.

"Give an example." Lucifer requested.

"My teachers, other kids at school, Daddy, Mommy and now you two." She tells him.

Lucifer takes a moment to process this and think about his answer. He experiences his family family were likely entirely different than her and he didn't want to lie. "I can't speak for anyone that knows you up there, especially your parents. But Maze and I certainly don't hate you, we just want to return you home and find out what my father has planned." He explained.

"But I still don't want to leave." She told him. "Mommy's still mad at me."

"Well..." Lucifer dragged on. "We don't need to send you back right away. Time works differently so you can be here as long as you want darling."

There was a pause until a hopeful. "Promise?" Came through the door.

"You have my word. The Devil never breaks a promise." He assured her. "Despite what the popular media portrays." He then hears the door unlock and it's pulled open revealing the tear stained child.

"Now then." He begins while gesturing towards the exit of the room. "Shall we take a peak."

"Can we do it tomorrow?" Trixie asked. "I'm tired."

Lucifer gapes at this. "But we need to figure out what happened."

"But you said I wasn't going back right away." The little girl counters. "So it doesn't matter when we do it." For this Lucifer has no words. "I promise we'll do it tomorrow." She adds with full meaning.

The Devil sighs. "Very well." Then he holds out his hand. "Let's shake on it." Just as Trixie was to grab it Lucifer pulls it back. "Just no that I honor deals. Especially when I offer hand in one, so never shake hands on a promise and break it."

"Why?" Trixie asks with curiosity.

"Back before contracts were well known you humans made many deals like this." He begins to explain. "I once met someone who did all their deals like this, he became vastly wealthy. He always said that people who honor their deals are better than god because my father never promises anything."

Trixie processed this and stuck out her hand firmly. "I'll never break any deals or promises again." She vows.

"Very good child." He replies shaking it. "Well have a good sleep." Tries to walk away.

"Will you tell me a bedtime story?" The child requests as he turns around.

Lucifer stops and turns around baffled. "A what?"

"A bedtime story." Trixie says again. "Mommy usually tells me some before I go to bed. To help me fall asleep." She explains.

"But if you're tired then why do you need a story?" The Devil questions.

"Well..." Trixie drags on. "I just like that Mommy, and even daddy, have time to do it. They're usually busy but they never forget to tell me at least one." She finishes while giving him the puppy dog eyes.

Lucifer sighs again and was about to say no, but something in him stopped him. So he instead said. "Alright fine." They then went inside and the little girl climbed into bed.

"So this is what was behind the door." Lucifer says as he examines the room. "I must admit I was expecting more than just a child's bedroom." He then saw the child anxiously waiting for him, so he pulled a chair and sat down.

"So what story do I tell?" He asks.

"You can pick one of the books. Daddy usually does." She gestured towards the bookcase. "Or you can tell me one you know, Mommy does that sometimes."

Lucifer glanced at the books and grimaces at the cliché options. "How about I tell you the time I created the stars?" He offers.

"You made the stars?!" Trixie asks, her eyes lighting up with wonder and excitement.

Lucifer scoffs as he replies. "Of course. You think when my father said 'Let There be Light' that he did it himself? That was all me, it's how I earned my moniker the Light bringer."

"Wow." Trixie gasps with excitement then settle's in as he continues. By the the time he's finished her eyelids are struggling to stay open and she falls asleep before he even gets out of the chair.

As he exits the room he takes a look at a picture on a nearby desk. It's of the child and presumably the mother, who looks familiar. He has time, he can search his own memory. With that thought he walks out.

Flashback Over

Chloe is sitting on one of the Church benches, thinking about what Trixie had told them. The girl in question was busy chatting with her new friend a distance for enough that the detective couldn't hear them. Dan for his part was arguing with his parents about their behavior and how they let a child just leave their car in the middle of the road. Penelope for her part was chatting with Father Frank, about God knows what.

Chloe knew that Dan's parents didn't she was good enough. Especially when they found out about Hot Tub High School. But they always seemed pretty cordial with her. Inviting both of them to dinners, holiday's and even taking Trixie off their hands for a little while. Of course that was before Palmetto.

But hearing what they really think of her, made Chloe agree with her daughter. She was not gonna let them see their grandchild for the foreseeable future.

Chloe was interrupted from her thoughts when a new voice called out. "Zornitsa." She turned and saw a woman around her own age, wearing a waitress uniform look around.

Immediately Trixie's new friend looked up at her and waved at her mother. She walked over and began speaking with the two girls and being the protective parent she is Chloe walked over too. "Hi I'm Chloe, Trixie's mom." Holds out her hand.

"Hello I'm Elena." The woman introduces with an accent that Chloe can't place. She shakes her hand and says. "This is my daughter Zornitsa." The girl then turns away and hugs her mother to hide her face. "She's very shy around new people."

"Can they come over sometime!?" Trixie blurts out with excitement.

Both moms chuckle. "We'll see monkey." Chloe tells her and before Chloe can ask Elena for her number to set up a play date she speaks.

"Sorry." Looks at her watch. "I don't wanna be late for my next shift. Can we meet here tomorrow to set it up?" She asks.

Chloe nods in understanding. "Oh of course, no problem."

As Elena and Zornitsa begin leaving Trixie says goodbye to her new friend. And as they do Zornitsa finally speaks. "Bye Trixie." Though the volume is very low.

"They're nice." Trixie say's as they exit the Church.

"Yeah they seem so." Chloe agrees, when she spoke to the mother she guessed they weren't bad people. With her detective skills she figure that the woman was likely a single mom working at least 2 jobs. Judging by the lack of a ring she either wasn't married or went through a divorce.

Penelope finally came over, just as Dan came back inside. "Can you give us a minute?" The older Decker requested and Dan nodded so he and Trixie went to wait in the car.

"Something wrong mom?" Chloe asks.

"No, but I could ask you that." She replies.

"I'm fine." The younger decker tried to reassure.

"That's what I said when your father's parents said something similar about me." Penelope said, before placing a hand on her shoulder. "They didn't think I was good enough either."

This was the first Chloe was hearing about it. She never knew her mother's parents, but she did know you father's. They hung out at least once a week until they both passed away on the same day when Chloe was ten.

Chloe then notices some tears in her mother's eye. "You okay mom?" She questions.

"Yeah it's just." The actress begins to reply then takes a moment to compose herself. "During the praying part I could've sworn that John was in here." Chuckles.

"What?" Chloe asks.

"I mean. I could even smell the cologne he always wore." Penelope continues. "Then I remembered I got home that for our first Christmas together. He of course went above and beyond and not only got me a locket but had a friend set up a special fireworks display just for me on the beach."

"That's so sweet." Chloe comments.

"Until it started raining." Penelope continues with the story. "Then turns out we locked ourselves out of his car, so we had to walk like 5 blocks in the pouring rain. And when it stoppedI complained about smelling like a fish, so he just starts spraying me with the cologne and says that 'now you smell like a slightly nicer fish." Finishes and the two laugh.

"He never wore a different cologne." Penelope informs her. "He always regifted the ones people gave him, and when they didn't sell it in town for a while paid a premium to have it shipped over." She concludes with tears in her eyes, before Chloe goes in for a hug.

After a while they break and Penelope apologizes. "Sorry. I just. Since Trixie asked about him I can't stop-." She struggles to find the right words.

"I know." Chloe simply replies.

The two stay for another minute before exiting the Church and making their way back to the beach house.

Later that night

Chloe sighed as she sat down with a glass of whine. After getting back from Church Penelope and Trixie went to the mall and shopped. They were gone for hours, which was good since Chloe and Dan got in an argument. Where Dan tried to say that Trixie must've misheard and Chloe accusing him of calling their daughter liar. Ultimately Dan went to his place for the night and an hour later Penelope and Trixie returned.

Now Trixie was in bed and Chloe needed to relax. She hoped that since the accident she wouldn't have to fight with Dan, but now it was worse. Trixie explained again she didn't want to be with her grandparents unless they were gonna apologize and mean it. And since they're saying that never happened, it was gonna be a long wait. Hopefully Dan's sisters aren't like that, but then again Trixie hasn't seen them since a wedding when she was 5.

Chloe finished her wine fast then heard her mother ask. "Stressful day?"

"Well you were there." Chloe tells her and Penelope joins her on the couch.

"Did you guys have fun?" Chloe asked, hoping to change the subject.

"We did." Penelope answered before sipping her own whine. "Shopped, had ice cream, Trixie got a job offer-"

"Job offer?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"Well I ran into a friend of mine, we chatted and called Trixie the perfect girl for his project he was working on." Penelope explained.

"Mom!" Chloe groaned. "We talked about this."

"It's not a movie or a show." Penelope tries to reassure her. "It's a small photoshoot, she's gonna put on some designers clothing line, run around and play while a guy takes her picture."

"You know I arrested people for that." Chloe tells her.

"Not like that. Besides Trixie wanted to do it." The older decker replied. "I didn't even say say, I took his card and said I would ask her mother."

"Do you have the card?" Chloe asks, and her mother shows hands her the photographer's card and the business card for the designer's company. "Let me run a background check on them, then we'll talk." She offers.

"I think that's fair." Penelope agrees, finishing her wine. "Refill?" She asks and Chloe nods before going to refill both their glasses.

With Trixie

The girl had not fallen asleep and was on her phone texting her friends. She only texted Maze for a little bit because she was busy at the hotel with her new 'friends.' So she was now texting Lucifer.

Lucifer: How have you been adjusting?

Trixie: I'm good. HBU

Lucifer: I'm doing rather well. Me and 3 Brittany's had a marvelous reunion. It may have only been 3 days since they've had me, but for me it was my longest dry spell in the last few years.

Trixie: When can I see you in person. It feels weird without you guys here.

Lucifer: We talked about this darling, we need to ease into it. Otherwise your mother will suspect something atrocious.

Trixie: Still I miss you guys, and Lilith and Ker and Ber and Os.

Lucifer: Well we shall start remedying that tomorrow. For now sleep. Hell lag is tricky for regular humans, never mind someone as yourself.

The two then send their goodbyes with GIF's before Trixie shuts off her phone.

With Lucifer

The Devil was in a booth at Lux with a leggy blonde on his right and her equally leggy brunette friend on his left. "Sorry about that." He apologized.

"Don't worry." The blonde replied caressing his bicep. "Besides we have your attention now. Don't we?"

"And we'll have all night too." The brunette added, mimicking the blondes actions.

"Well of course." Lucifer assures them before he brings the brunette for a kiss. Before it deepens further he notices a girl at the bar looking at them. The moment he see's her she looks away and his interests peaks, especially because it likely means he's gonna have foursome instead of a threesome.

With that thought he breaks the kiss and say's. "What do you to you two going up and starting while I invite someone else to join? He asks, turning up the charm.

"That depends." The brunette answers while rubbing his Armani covered chest.

"On what?" Lucifer asks then goes. "Oh" As the blonde rubs his crotch

The blonde then leans in and says. "On how many more orgasms you're gonna give us."

"Don't worry ladies." Smiles. "For each of you Big Ben will strike 10 and then 10 more." He assures, causing them to bite their lips before heading to the elevator. When they do Lucifer goes to girl.

"Hello." He greets her.

"Hi." She replies shyly, despite his charms working.

"Tell me, what do you desire?" He asks, calling on the power of his mojo.

"That girl you were kissing." She answers without a beat. "Her apartment is next to mine, we've been neighbors for 2 years, I've had a crush on her since she moved in. But she's dating that other girl and they're both so much prettier l doubt she even notices, let alone wants to be with me." She confesses.

"And have you been with anyone else?" Lucifer asks and she shakes her head. "Well we can't have that. Might I make a proposition?" He adds before he begins pulling her to the elevator.

A few hours and many orgasms later

Occupying Lucifer's bed were the three girls, the shy one in the middle with the other two cuddling with her on either side. They all had big smiles on their faces after being thoroughly satisfied by each other and Lucifer. Lucifer was at his bar with his robe on drinking a glass of whiskey.

Then the elevator opened up and Maze stepped in. "Sup." She greeted with smile of her own having finished her stay at the hotel with her four new friends.

"Hello Maze." Lucifer greets with a smile. "How was your day?"

"Great." The head demon replies. "My foursome turned into fivesome and I got some buddies for us to play with."

"Oh you have been busy." Lucifer say's with a smile. "And Lilith how's she doing?"

"Still getting used to the 21st century. But she'll be ready by tomorrow to watch Trix." Maze answers. "But I can tell there's something else."

"Well we need to bring them in." Lucifer tells her and Maze groans.

"Now? This is their first time on earth since Michael tried to kill you. They're confused with just glass, they keep running into it." Maze informs him.

"The child misses them." The Devil simply replies. "And they're quick learners."

Maze sighs. "Ok fine. But how are you gonna get momma to let her keep all of them?" She asks.

"Simple." Pours a drink. "We trick the father." He explains.

Hope you enjoyed it. I was gonna go into more detail for Trixie ditching Dan's parents, but then I would've had to re-explain it and it would've been redundant. For my next chapter Trixie is gonna get reunited with some old friends and get a new one, friends that Chloe would not approve of.