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AN: This is like Supernatural meets Charmed meets Grimm meets The Originals meets Buffy. Basically, a lot of my favorite fantasy tv shows. It's in an AU. If you like the idea, I'll continue. I got lots of ideas for this. Each 'episode' I might divide into two parts. I do know we'll see. The summary is kind of suckish. I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Enjoy.

Summary: Laxus Dreyar is the new detective in the town of Magnolia. He is suspicious of his new partner Gildarts's track record of solving cases. Somehow, those cases relate to a blonde woman by the name of Lucy Heartfillia. Watch Laxus as he learns about the supernatural and Lucy's identity as a witch.

*pant pant* A lone figure ran through the dark forest of Magnolia. The leaves and branches tearing at his clothes and skin but he ignored the pain as he continued to flee his pursuer. He disregarded the discomfort of his lungs burning from the overexertion of his body because this was a live or die situation. Something was chasing him and he had no clue what. But there was one thing he knew for sure. If he stopped or got caught, he wasn't getting out alive.

Hearing the growling sound grow nearer, the male figure ran even faster. In his haste to make an escape, he neglected to see the tree root in front of him. Tripping over the tree root, the man went tumbling to the ground, rolling around until he crashed into a tree.

Ignoring the pain in his leg and back, the man tried to get up to bolt away but was tossed back to the ground by a mysterious black shadow.

It was too dark to make out the features of the figure that tackled him. He tried to calm his breathing as the creature came closer to his face, sniffing him. It didn't look like any animal he came across, but he hoped that by staying still and quiet, maybe the creature would leave him alone.

He let out a sigh of relief when the heavy creature got off him and flew into the trees. It was probably just a hawk or something and realized he wasn't food. Standing up and dusting off the dirt off his clothes, he was about to walk in the direction towards town. He barely took one step when something grabbed his shoulders, lifting him in the air.

A high-pitched scream echoed through the forest, followed by a roar.

*beep beep*

Laxus hit his hand on the snooze button of his alarm clock. He let out a groan as he stretched out his limbs, opening his eyes to glance at the time. 6:30 a.m.

Oh yeah, thought Laxus, getting up from the bed and making it neat. Today's my first day on the force in Magnolia.

Laxus was transferred from the Era Police Department to the Magnolia Police Department, where his grandfather is the current Chief of Police. Yesterday, he was settling into his apartment and today was his first day. His Grandfather was going to introduce him to his new partner and the person who will show him around town.

More like babysit me. Laxus scoffed at the thought and shook his head, grabbing his robe to head to the bathroom. He did his usual morning routine of using the bathroom, showering, brushing his hair and teeth, shaving whenever he had facial hair.

Don't know why I'm nervous though, thought Laxus, looking at his closet and contemplating if he should wear a suit or something more casual since detectives don't wear uniforms. He decided to go for the latter. I'm doing the same job, performing the duty I love. It's just in a different place. A place that I'm unfamiliar with and gives me the creeps. Laxus tried to calm his nerves by giving himself a pep talk.

Maybe it's the cop instincts he developed over the 7 years he was in the force, 2 being a detective, but Laxus swears something's off about this town. He's just not sure if it's a bad off or a good off.

Laxus let out a sigh as he gave himself an onceover, making sure nothing was out of place. There wasn't much he could do for his hair. It was going to stay spiky and wild, no matter how much product he used. Let's do this. Laxus encouraged himself as he took his essentials and left his apartment, locking up behind him. He was going to grab some breakfast on his way to work. It would be a good chance to talk to the locals, get to know them. After all, it was his duty to protect them no matter how bad he was at social skills.

What the hell, thought Laxus as he looked at the scene in front of him with wide eyes. He just left the cafe after drinking a cup of coffee and a muffin. He knew he should have drank another cup of coffee instead of only drinking one. He usually needed 2 to function and see properly. He rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was true.

In front of him was a blonde woman climbing a tree. A blonde woman in a blazer and skirt in heels, climbing a tree! What the hell?! Did she not know how dangerous that is and everyone was just looking on. Especially the trio of guys who were catcalling and jeering at the blonde woman. Laxus looked further up and saw her hand reaching for a gray cat, hiding behind the leaves. He looked back down and saw a little girl waiting at the base of the tree. Ahhhh. Laxus realized the woman was trying to get the cat out of the tree for the little girl. Either way, it was a stupid thing to do, especially with her current attire. He sprinted forward when the cat suddenly jumped at her and caused the woman to lose her balance.

Lucy didn't think this through when she agreed to help little Asuka get her cat out of the tree. Every time she got close to the cat, the little bastard would dive further into the trees. On top of that, the little furball was taunting her. Oh, if only people weren't around. She'd either zap it or levitate it towards her. It was a better alternative than this. On top of that, the three idiots, Midnight, Racer and Erik, or aka Cobra, were doing their daily dose of bothering her. Didn't those kids have anything better to do?

"Hey freak! Your ass looks great from here." Racer called out and high-fived his peers as they laughed together. Lucy might be a weirdo, but she was a hot weirdo. Her constant need to make herself hideous/unapproachable just made him and his friends want to harass her even more. After all, everyone knew of the rumors about Lucy and her family. How they were freaks.

"At least it looks better than your face," Lucy countered back, focusing on the task at hand. She was almost there. She reached to hand closer to grab the cat when it suddenly jumped at her, causing her to lose her footing.

Lucy braced herself for the pain when a pair of muscular arms wrapped around her waist and she landed on something hard but not ground hard.

Both blondes let out an oomph at the unexpected collision. "Oh, my god. I'm so sorry!" Lucy checked the man who just saved her from a nasty fall for any injuries as she patted him up and down. Very handsome man.

"I'm fine," replied Laxus. He got a good look at the blonde woman. She had the prettiest brown eyes he had ever seen. It reminded him of chocolate and he loved chocolate. "Enjoying yourself," he couldn't help but tease as the woman continued to touch him.

Lucy let out an eep when she realized the compromising position they were in and the fact that she was groping the poor man. She jumped and fell back on her bottom. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." This was so embarrassing to her.

"Didn't your parents teach you not to climb trees," joked Laxus as he helped the blonde woman up. "In heels," he added. He was a little impressed. It wasn't easy climbing a tree in a skirt and heels.

"My dad left my mother and I when I was born and my mom's dead," stated Lucy, taking the blonde man's hand and helping herself up. Nice one, Lucy. Tell the hot new guy EVERYTHING about yourself. Why don't you just get it over with and mention you're a witch. Lucy willed herself not to roll her eyes.

Nice job, jackass. Laxus mentally smacked himself. First person he meets and is able to have an actual conversation with and he just lovingly mentioned her parents. "I'm sorry about that." Laxus apologized and continued. "Should you be telling me a complete stranger your life story?"

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "You're the new detective, right? Makarov already told everyone about you. Besides, you'll find out, eventually. Rumours and stories travel around fast here. I just thought it was better if you heard it from the actual source instead of some far-fetched theories about my existence." She heard some crazy ones.

"Really?" Laxus raised a brow at that. "Like what?" He needed to hear this.

"Well, my favorite is the one where I'm an alien who was stranded on Earth and that to this day and I am still waiting for my parents to realize I'm gone so they can pick me up." Lucy chuckled.

"Isn't that the plot of E.T?" Laxus couldn't help but chuckle back. "I'm Laxus Dreyar, but I guess you already knew that," he pointed out. Guess his gramps couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Lucy Heartfillia." Lucy shook his hand. "That's what I tell the kids, but they're convinced I'm lying."

Laxus let out a small smile. "Guess that means you owe me a favor." Okay, weirdness aside, Lucy was a nice and funny girl. And pretty. Very pretty.

Lucy suddenly pulled him forward, closer to her. Before he could say something, the gray cat jumped on the spot he was standing on, claws out. "Guess you owe me one." Lucy relayed his words back to him.

"Wouldn't this make us even? You just saved me from the big bad cat," said Laxus sarcastically. That cat looked ready to attack him. He didn't understand what the little girl saw in that cat as she skipped happily away with the cat in her arms.

Lucy smiled, dropping their clasped hands to point down. "You just stepped on my glasses." They must have fallen when she fell.

Laxus looked down to see what she was talking about. He lifted his shoe and saw the broken glass and broken black frame. Great! And you ruined her glasses. I'm off to a great start. "I'm so sorry about that. I'll pay for them," offered Laxus. She'd have to wait until payday, though.

"Lucky for you I keep another pair on hand." Lucy dug into her tote bag and took out a glasses case. She opened it and pulled out an identical pair of glasses as the one before. "I'm a bit of a klutz myself, so I tend to have extras around."

"We'll all have those days. By the way, do you know where the station is? I just got here yesterday and I have yet to learn where everything is." Laxus thought it was better to ask Lucy, especially since she knows his grandfather. A stranger wouldn't call his grandfather by his first name.

Lucy nodded in understanding and pointed to the west. "You see the library? It's right across from it." It shouldn't be difficult because the library was in big bold letters.

Laxus looked in the direction Lucy pointed at and nodded when he saw the library. "Thanks. Guess I'll see you around." Laxus headed to the direction Lucy directed him. He wouldn't mind seeing her around.

"Likewise." Lucy turned around to head to work when she stumbled on air. Her face turned into a frown when the 3 idiots laughed at her in Racer's car. Her eyes glowed purple for one second.

Smoke started seeping out of Racer's front car when he tried to start the car. "Dammit! My parents are going to kill me!"

Lucy smirked as she headed to her antique/spice shop.

"Gildarts," yelled Makarov from his office. Today was the day his grandson was working, and he needed Gildarts to show him around.

"Here Chief." Gildarts strolled into the office with half a bagel from his hand. "Need something?"

"Yes." Makarov nodded and clasped his hands together on the table. "As you know my grandson was transferred here from Era. I want you to be his partner." Gildarts was the best and had a good track record of solving cases. Gildarts would be a good partner and he could see the two of them working well together.

"Come on, chief. I don't do partners. I work best ALONE, remember." Gildarts emphasized the word alone. "Besides, you know what kind of cases I handle. You seriously want to introduce him to THAT." Any normal person would freak if they knew the supernatural existed.

"Which is exactly why I paired the two of you together." Makarov let out a tired sigh. "I'm not getting any younger, Gildarts. Someone will have to take my place as a representative of the human faction and I'd rather have Laxus instead of someone from the council."

The council. The people and creatures who are in charge of the affairs of the supernatural. Making sure humans and other beings coexist and live in peace. Rules and treaties were established to prevent war and conflict with one another. There are a couple of bad ones who need to be stopped. That's where the hunters come in. Specially trained to deal with these situations. There were also rogue hunters who liked to hunt for the heck of it.

"But Chief. Are you sure Laxus is ready? This is a lot to take in." Gildarts remembered his first time getting introduced to the supernatural. It was when his wife was giving birth to his daughter, Cana. Through that incident, he found out Layla, Lucy's mom, was also a witch. Unfortunately, she was only able to save one of them in her pregnant state. Gildarts was grateful to Layla for saving his little girl's life, who was born dead the first few seconds into the world. In exchange, he took care of Lucy when Layla passed and continued to care for her today.

Lucy was also a valuable member in their city, representing the magic and witch faction. Like her mother, she's responsible for keeping the peace between the factions and intervening when something is wrong. Lucy was the perfect person for that because of her origin, the product of a human and a witch, a hybrid. She knew the best and worst of both worlds. Lucy was a sweet girl, and he wished the rest of the town realized that, but rumours can be nasty. People can be mean.

"Which is why we are going to take this slowly. Let him get familiar with the town and it's people," explained Makarov, leaning back in his chair. Make Laxus realize that humans and creatures aren't so different and that not all of them are evil. Just a being trying to live. When there's enough trust, he can find out the truth. "Then we'll bring him to a meeting. Break the news."

A sharp knock came from the door. Makarov asked who it was and Laxus answered. Makarov let Laxus in.

"Gildarts, this is my grandson, Laxus. Laxus, this is one of my best men, Gildarts Clive." Makarov introduced the two men to each other, observing them as they gave each other a firm handshake. "Usually I would have let the two of you get to know each other, but a case just came in today." Makarov pulled a file from his drawer and set it on the desk for the partners to see. "A John Doe was admitted into Magnolia hospital this morning. He was found at the edge of town near Magnolia by a group of teens, almost bleeding to death. Not much was said about his injuries and I need you two to find out more." It looked to be an animal attack, but something in his gut was saying it was something else.

Gildarts clapped Laxus on the back. "Looks like this is our first case partner. Tour's going to have to wait." He gave Laxus a playful wink. Hopefully, it was just a regular case and not something supernatural. Laxus still needed time to adjust. "Do you hunt? I like to hunt," rambled Gildarts as he led Laxus out of the station towards his car. They were going to visit the hospital.

"This is Magnolia hospital. Memorize it. You're going to come here a lot," explained Gildarts as they entered the hospital, heading towards the waiting room.

Laxus scanned the waiting room when a nurse with a tablet approached them. "May I help you?"

"Yes, we are the police." Gildarts showed his badge, with Laxus following after. "I'm Detective Clive and this is Detective Dreyar, my partner. We're here to see the patient who was admitted this morning."

The nurse nods her head. She knew exactly which patient they were talking about. "Please follow me." She gestures with her head to follow her down the hall to a private room in the corner of the ward. "Please be quick and try not to disturb the patient too much. He went through a lot and is lucky to still be alive after an attack like that."

Laxus takes out his notepad and prepares to take notes. "In your professional opinion, do you think this was done by a wild animal?" He saw the pictures of the victim. They did not look like your typical rabid dog or a wolf. Unless they were pumped with steroids, someone or something bigger did this.

The nurse let out a sigh and shook her head. "I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. The best guess I can think of is a bear. You should ask the park rangers for more questions." They could provide better answers. Maybe there was a bear roaming around or the hiker got too close to the bear's territory. Unfortunately, she cannot give a clear answer.

Laxus turned to Gildarts. He mentioned he liked to hunt now and then. "Are bears usually in Magnolia Forest?" He was still trying to familiarize himself with the area. There was a hiking park near the forest. Maybe the bear wandered there.

"They are," replied Gildarts. "But they found him near the border. Bears are nowhere near there. We should talk to Elfman and Lisanna. They have tracking devices on animals in the Forest to monitor their movements. It's to prevent animal attacks on civilians. We'll head there after questioning the guy." However, based on his experience, he knew very well this wasn't a bear attack, but something else. Something different and supernatural. But he couldn't exactly tell his partner that. He'd have to consult Lucy later. He had a theory, but just wanted to make sure.

Laxus nodded and headed inside the patient's room with Gildarts. It looked like the patience just woke up. "Sir, my name is Detective Dreyar, and this is my partner, Detective Clive. We have a few questions about your injuries," said Laxus in a gentle tone. He hoped the man was able to give them some answers despite the trauma he just experienced.

"Where am I," the John Doe rasped out. He was skinny, with orange hair and black his whole body was covered in bandages.

"You're in Magnolia hospital," explained Gildarts. He placed a comforting pat on his casted arm. "You're safe now. You lost a lot of blood and broke a lot of bones. It will take a while but you'll live." Poor guy was lucky. "What's your name?"

"Water please." His throat felt dry. One of the detectives helped him drink water. After gulping the cup, he continued. "My name is Sarusuke but my friends call me Jet. I was camping in the forest with my bud Droy when someTHING attacked us. I ran in one direction and my friend in another. But it still followed me," Jet cried out, wiping the tears that streamed down his face. Oh, he hoped his friend Droy was still okay. "Can you see if my friend is okay?"

Laxus nodded in understanding. "We can do that. Just let us know which part of the forest you were camping in. Can you describe the animal that attacked you?" It was still dangerous to let a wild animal roam so close to the town.

"It was too dark to tell, but I think it was an eagle because it first chased me on foot and then swooped from a tree and grabbed me. I tried to fight it off, and I fell to the ground." Jet remembered. He was in so much pain when he fell. He was pretty sure he broke everything and eventually passed out.

"You're sure it was an eagle." Laxus raised a brow at that. He wasn't an expert on animals, but he knew that eagles were inactive at night and only hunted during the day. They had an awkward walk, so he was pretty sure they weren't good at chasing.

"Sorry. That's the best description I can give you." Jet let out a yawn. All that talking and painkillers were making him sleepy.

"We'll leave you to rest." Laxus and Gildarts left the room to chat in the hallway. "You really think it's an eagle," whispered Laxus to Gildarts.

"I mean it has to be." Gildarts was grateful Jet didn't get a good look at the creature. People would have thought the man was insane, but now it made things difficult for Gildarts. Maybe the crime scene would help. A few clues and he can ask Lucy for help. "Anything else that's active at night is too small to cause that damage and can actually carry him." He hoped Laxus believed the eagle theory.

Laxus let out a sigh and put his notepad away. Maybe this eagle was different and territorial. "Let's head to the forest before it gets dark. We should find his friend Droy. He might have gotten lucky and got to safety."

Nothing. Him and Gildarts looked all over the campsite they found. It was deep in the forest. Luckily, Gildarts was a local and knew the forest like the back of his hand. There was signs of both guys being there and the tattered tent. However, nothing pinpointed where Droy might be. There were a set of tracks but suddenly disappeared half way, like he was lifted up by something. Maybe it was Jet's.

Laxus ruffled through the guy's belongings with his latex gloves. He found identification for both men. "Think we can make this picture bigger and show it to everyone," Laxus showed Droy's Driver's License to Gildarts. "Maybe he went into town."

"That's a good idea," praised Gildarts. "Why don't you go do that at the copy shop. I'll tell the Chief everything that has happened so far." He found a few clues when Laxus wasn't looking. Claw marks high on the trees and strange fur. He didn't recognize the fur. He also found something that looked like a broken piece of bone. He wasn't sure and didn't want to jump to conclusions. While Laxus did his task, he'll talk to Lucy.

Although no matter how hard Laxus asked the locals, he would not find Droy in town. No. Gildarts feared the unknown creature took Droy somewhere. Everyone had a home. He'd just have to find it. There was a possibility Droy was still alive.

Droy. Hang in there, prayed Gildarts as he headed towards a familiar house to meet up with a familiar blonde witch.