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"A Wendigo," exclaimed Gildarts, as he glanced at the picture in front of him. Guess the bone thing he found was from the antlers of a Wendigo.

"Yes. A wendigo," repeated Lucy, pointing at another book with an open page. "They are a part of Native American folklore. A former human or an evil spirit." She leaned closer to read the description under the picture. "Cursed by the ancestors for craving and consuming human flesh," she read out loud.

"Ugh," said Gildarts in disgust at that tidbit of information. "For once, can we have a monster that doesn't eat people or constant harm towards humans!" Most monsters were former humans.

"Then you would be out of a job," chuckled Lucy in an amused tone. Then her tone turned serious as she placed a finger under her chin. "Although I'm surprised one was found all the way out here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well…" Lucy flipped to the next page. "They tend to be found in places with higher altitudes with caves." The mountains were far from Magnolia forest. Even on the mountains, they stayed either in the caves with their food and hunted at night using the trees.

"Like mountains," suggested Gildarts. Now that he thought about it, it made sense. It was strange to him that something like a Wendigo wasn't reported earlier if it somehow lost its way, ending up near Magnolia. His contacts would have said something.

"Correct," praised Lucy. She brought over a few letters to show to Gildarts. "Apparently, this isn't the only incident where someone has encountered a monster far away from its home or in an unusual circumstance. Bacchus told me he encountered a vampire in the middle of the desert."

Gildarts shrugged his shoulders. "Vampires might be cold-blooded, but it doesn't mean they're not found in the desert. It's freezing cold at night in deserts."

"This one was found wandering around the desert during the day, feeding on people who lost their way. When Bacchus took care of the problem, he noticed a daylight ring. That's when he realized it was a vampire." Daylight rings allow vampires to walk around in the sun during the day. However, most daylight rings are given to vampires who are part of a supernatural society like in Magnolia. Those recognized get daylight rings, a privilege not everyone gets. Lucy would have to inspect the ring further to see who created the ring. Only witches can create daylight rings or enchanted items.

"Was the vampire part of any known factions in other cities?" Gildarts knew they had allies in other cities. Maybe the vampire came from there. Gildarts got a head shake in response. "Are there any other incidents like this?"

Lucy shuffled through her letters. "Gajeel mentioned encountering a Gorgon when he was passing through a town." A requirement of hunters was to make detailed reports of the monsters they encountered. Something new or a new weakness.

"Aren't those the ones that have snake hair, deadly poison, and turn you into stone with a gaze?" Gildarts was impressed. How did Gajeel survive an encounter with a Gorgon without backup?

"Yes. Interestingly enough, their deadly gaze led to the demise of this one." Lucy coughed to hide the giggle that threatened to escape her mouth. "He lured the Gorgon to the House of Mirrors." She couldn't believe it when she heard it.

Gildarts let out a boisterous laugh as he bowled over and held onto his stomach. "Basically, it turned itself to stone. Atta boy Gajeel!" Gildarts wiped the tear from the corner of his eye and regained his composure. "You should show this to the Chief so he can call a meeting with all the factions. Hopefully, this is just a coincidence and nothing more." Gildarts really hoped it was nothing more than a coincidence. "Anything in your books about dealing with a Wendigo?" He had to hurry up and save Droy before there were any other victims.

"There is a way, but you need two components to make sure the kill is well executed," explained Lucy, holding up her book to show Gildarts a symbol. "This is an Anasazi symbol. Set a trap to keep it contained in one area and kill it with fire." Silver bullets wouldn't be able to stop it this time. "Be careful. They are fast and strong."

"Well, I've been meaning to try out my new flamethrower I ordered the other day." Gildarts have never seen anything so beautiful and deadly. He immediately purchased it to add to his artillery against monsters. This was the perfect occasion to use it.

"Sorry to burst your bubble old man, but I'm crafting you a fire potion and I'm coming with you." Lucy rummaged through her shelves and drawers to gather the necessary ingredients to craft a potion. "Last thing we need is for you to burn down the whole forest." Sometimes, she wondered how this man's recklessness didn't get him killed or severely injured.

"Hey! You can't be the only one who's allowed to burn something down," joked Gildarts, but immediately regretted his words when he saw Lucy flinch. He tried to do some damage control. "Lucy, I didn't mean…"

"It's fine," Lucy hastily interrupted with a sniff. "It happened a long time ago, and it's time we moved past it."

"But Lucy…"

"Moving along," said Lucy in a tone that meant she clearly didn't want to talk about it.

"Of course." Gildarts went back to the matter at hand. "You said you're coming along?"

"Yes." Lucy was grateful for the change in topic. She didn't want to recall the bitter memories associated with the incident. "I need to check the barrier at the edge of town the coven put up and make sure it wasn't tampered with." The only reason the victim was still alive was because the Wendigo couldn't get past the barrier set for unfamiliar monsters that were not invited to town. The man was lucky, but she still had to make sure everything was fine.

"So, I'll see you in the evening," asked Gildarts, getting a nod in response. "I'll bring my gun, just in case. I need to get back to the station before my partner starts to wonder where I am. It's the chief's grandson," he added with a grin before leaving the shop with a whistle.

Lucy let out a sigh when Gildarts left her shop, shaking her head in disbelief. Sometimes, she couldn't understand how that man can be so aloof and reliable at the same time. She was about to gather her papers, compiling them into a folder to show the chief and put her books on monsters away when she heard the bell to her shop ring. "Welcome," said Lucy, without looking up.

"Guess we meet again.," greeted Laxus with a smirk, walking into the store towards Lucy and her desk. "You wouldn't happen to know where the copy shop is." He asked for directions for the copy shop after making the picture bigger and was sent to this area. Since he still couldn't find it, he decided to enter a shop and ask for help. Imagine his surprise that the random shop he entered was Lucy's. This made things easier for him because it was a familiar face.

Lucy looked up and gave Laxus a smile, pausing her task. "It's two shops to the left." Gosh, this man was handsome.

Laxus thanked her and looked around the shop. It was filled with bottles, objects and books. "I didn't know this was your shop." He wondered what kind of shop this was. There were so many items in here.

"This shop belonged to my family for years," replied Lucy, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning her hip against the desk. "It's filled with spices, herbs, and antiques." To the average person, it may seem strange, but Lucy got both regular customers and special customers. Of course, her more exclusive products were in the back. The things in the front were harmless or for protection. "I took over when I came back to Magnolia after finishing school."

"What was your area of study?"

"I double majored in English and business. I've always wanted to be a writer," explained Lucy sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck nervously. She hasn't shown her work to anyone yet.

"I guess it explains the books you have opened right now." Laxus gestured to the books on Lucy's tables. His eye went to the open book with a drawing of a strange creature with antlers. "Hope I didn't interrupt you during a creative session." The shop seemed empty as Lucy was browsing through the books.

Lucy's eyes went wide open when she saw Laxus stare at the page with the picture of the Wendigo and hastily closed it. "I'm writing a fantasy novel." Lucy started closing all her books, gathering them in her arms to put away in the back. "A society where humans and monsters coexist with one another." If only Laxus knew how true it was.

"Sounds interesting." Laxus picked up an amethyst crystal and inspected it. "I'd like to read it when you're done writing it." Lucy was awfully nervous about a bunch of books. Maybe there were naughty novels in the pile she didn't want him to see. He placed the crystal back in its spot and replaced it with a black hematite crystal attached to a chain. "I'll take this one." Since he bothered her for this long, might as well buy something.

Interesting, thought Lucy, when Laxus picked up the black hematite crystal. "That'll be 10 dollars." As Lucy rang Laxus up for the purchase, she decided to mention something interesting about the crystal Laxus bought. "You know, that's hematite. The Romans used to wear it before battle to give them protection." Of course, the story was true. All that was needed was someone to enchant it. All her trinkets, jewelry, and talismans were enchanted. "I hope it protects you in the line of duty." She put it in a tiny pouch and handed it to Laxus. At least it would keep Laxus safe at the moment should he ever accidentally encounter a monster. The effect will be gone after one use.

Laxus put the pouch in his pants pocket. "I'll keep it on me always." Laxus patted the crystal. He didn't really believe in this mambo jumbo about crystals and their special powers, but he did learn something interesting about the Romans. They were fierce warriors. A cop was a modern day warrior, so in a way he was paying homage to his predecessor. "Thanks again for the help. It seems ever since I've come here, you're constantly helping me."

"It's fine. You're in Magnolia now. People here help each other out."

"It didn't seem like that this morning with those three guys," Laxus spat out as he called the three guys leering and jeering at Lucy.

"Midnight, Cobra, and Racer are an exception to the rule." Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "You can't expect everyone to be nice." Lucy learned that the hard way. She checked her watch, her eyes widening at the time. "You should hurry up and head to the copy shop. It's going to close in an hour. Better to hand those flyers out while people are still outside." She also needed to create the potion and meet with Gildarts later.

Laxus was about to leave the shop when he turned back and narrowed his eyes towards Lucy. "How did you know I was printing flyers?" He didn't mention the purpose of his visit to the copy shop.

"Gildarts popped by to check on me before heading to the station. He couldn't stay long because he had to meet up with you." Lucy wasn't technically lying. She was just omitting a few things from his visit.

"Then I better hurry up and get my task done. See you around." Laxus left the shop. The faster he handed the flyers, the faster they could find Droy. He must have wandered into town, looking for his friend. If they still couldn't find him, Droy was still somewhere in the forest.

Lucy let out a sigh of relief, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes. That was close. Laxus was sharp. Those cop instincts must have saved him plenty of times.

Time to get to work, she thought, gathering her herbs, and heading to the back for more ingredients to brew potion.

Later in the day

"You're late," berated Lucy, when Gildarts finally showed up at their designated meeting spot. He was the one to tell her to come at 10. It was 10:30. Magnolia was chilly during the night. Thank Mavis, she changed her clothes into something more comfortable and warm. She placed her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket to get some warmth from her flame potion.

"Sorry about that," apologized Gildarts sheepishly, brushing the fallen leaves from his hair. "The guys at the station threw a welcome party for Laxus. Had to slip away when he wasn't noticing. Cana's busy getting him drunk and distracted. The perks of having a daughter own a bar. I get to see her every evening," said Gildarts emotionally.

Lucy tried not to gag when Gildarts became mushy while talking about Cana. Now she understood why Cana tried to move in with her after getting her liquor license. She needed some space from her father and a way for her to become independent. She was the proud owner of a studio apartment and a bar and Lucy couldn't be prouder of her sister-figure. "Let's check the barrier first and then set a spot up for a trap. The Wendigo will be active again tonight." With the Wendigo out of the way, they can track Droy down without encountering the Wendigo, making their jobs a lot easier.

"Lead the way." Gildarts followed Lucy, shining a light for the both of them as they checked 4 different spots. Each spot had a cluster of crystals buried within the ground. North, South, East, West. If one spot was disturbed, the barrier would weaken, losing its effectiveness.

"Everything looks good," Lucy called out as she hid the crystals back in their hiding spot, burying it deep within the ground. She took Gildarts's hand as he helped her up and brushed the soil off her black jeans. "I'm thinking of proposing an increase in the size of the barrier at the next council meeting. Jet got very lucky this time. If he wasn't over the line, the Wendigo would have gotten him as well." Jet probably wouldn't be alive and recovering in the hospital like he is now.

"You could try," encouraged Gildarts as they started their trek into the deep parts of the forest. "But I doubt the council will agree to it. Well, at least not everyone," he added. Some people in the council were on their side and wanted to do what was best for everyone in the community. Others thought of themselves.

Lucy rolled her eyes and let out a groan. "Don't those stupid council members know it's for their own good and safety. I still can't fathom how they got elected into those seats." She ducked under a branch in her way before it hit her in the face as they got closer and closer to the campsite. "This is a good place to draw the symbols. Let's draw multiple on each side into a circle, leaving one spot empty," instructed Lucy, pointing to the different spots she wanted to draw the symbol on. One of them will be bait, and when they lure the Wendigo to the almost completed circle, the final symbol will be drawn, trapping them in place.

"I'm guessing you're the bait, since you're younger and prettier than I am," joked Gildarts as he loaded his gun with silver bullets. Silver bullets won't kill the Wendigo, but it should slow it a bit. "Just be careful. If everything else fails, just conjure a fireball and throw it at the son of a bitch. I'd take a few burnt down trees over a loose monster cannibal any day." Despite warnings to not go into the forest at night, it's human nature for people to not listen. More disappearances, more questions. Gildarts didn't want to see the day where normal people learn about the supernatural. It would be chaos all over.

"Let's do this."

Laxus was stumbling over his feet as he left the bar to make his way home. He probably had a little too much to drink and was finally feeling the effects of the alcohol. It was nice of the people at the Department to throw him a little welcome party. The atmosphere was such a nice and vast change from his old place of work.

As Laxus walked home, he couldn't help but go over his first day on the force in Magnolia. First day, he encountered a John Doe and a missing person. But one thing bugged him. When he handed out the flyers in public places where people might have seen Droy, no one had seen him come into town. That was strange for Laxus because Droy was such a big guy and it wasn't hard to miss a guy like that. If Droy made it to town first place, he'd go to the hotels to get some rest and food to eat. The inns and hotels didn't see him either. This means Droy was still in the forest.

But there wasn't a second set of footprints leaving the camp, thought Laxus as he suddenly felt his head get clearer. The cool Magnolian evening helped with that. The only other explanation I can think of is if something grabbed him. Now I doubt a normal animal can carry 300 pounds of Droy. Maybe, when the eagle startled the two and chased after Droy, Droy must have climbed up a tree or gone into a cave. Yes! It must be that. This was the theory Laxus came up with. Droy must have climbed up the tree to safety and stuck there, unable to get down. Something like this certainly wasn't strange in his line of work. People get stuck in high places all the time and are often overlooked. They didn't get a chance to search that area or near it thoroughly. Gildarts also mentioned an old abandoned mine and some forest caves. Droy also could have hid there as well.

Laxus took out his cell phone and scrolled down to press on Gildarts's number. After a few rings, he picked up as Laxus slowly made his way towards Magnolia Forest. "Hey, Clive. It's me. I think I know where Droy is, so I'm heading into the forest." Laxus used his free hand to take out his flashlight, turning it on. All he had to do was take the path where he and Gildarts took earlier in the day. "I'll see you at the campsite." Laxus hung up before Gildarts could say anything else.

Placing his phone back in his pocket, Laxus reached into his other pocket for his gun. Using the flashlight to light his way, Laxus entered the forest. It was chilly tonight, so he had to get to Droy fast, especially if he hadn't eaten anything in the last 24 hours or have appropriate clothing on.

Gildarts let out a string of curses when Laxus hung up on him. Damnit, Laxus was going to ruin the whole thing and possibly encounter the Wendigo before them. This was bad. Guess they would have to improvise.

Lucy looked up from her task of drawing symbols to look at Gildarts when he started cursing after the phone call he received. "Is everything okay?" Gildarts looked upset.

"No," growled Gildarts with a grimace. "Laxus is in the forest. We need to handle the Wendigo before it goes after Laxus." They had to act quick before Laxus had a premature meeting with the supernatural. "Luckily, I know where he's heading. Time for a slight change of plan. I'm heading to Laxus to keep him distracted and out of your way." Gildarts took something out of his pocket and threw it at Lucy. "It's loaded with silver bullets. I know it's not going to stop the thing, but at least it will slow him down long enough for you to trap him." Gildarts trusted Lucy to get the job done, even though there was always a part of him that worried for her safety.

Lucy checked the safety and the ammo in the pistol Gildarts gave her, putting it in her jacket pocket. "Wouldn't the sound make him suspicious?" Guns were loud unless it was equipped with a silencer. The pistol Gildarts gave her certainly wasn't quiet. She was also going to run around and use fire. Nothing about this mission screamed stealth.

Gildarts shrugged his shoulders. "People hunt here all the time." Some of the residents of Magnolia would hunt deer or small game. It wasn't illegal as long as they didn't cross into the border of the national park and hunted those animals.

Lucy narrowed her eyes at Gildarts in disbelief, crossing her arms over chest. "In the middle of the night, in total darkness?"

"That's the best time to catch them," joked Gildarts. "Less competition." He took out his flashlight and turned it on. "You go do your thing. I'll try to distract Laxus and buy as much time as I can. Who knows, maybe we'll find Droy and you'll catch the Wendigo."


Laxus paused in his trek, straining his ear to figure out what direction movement was coming from. Hearing another rustle, he spun around in the direction of a moving bush. Laxus quickly whipped out his gun, holding his breath. Come on, you bastard, thought Laxus, gripped it tightly. Face me like a man. If an animal came in front of him, Laxus would not hesitate to shoot it. The damn animal was the reason he was in the forest in the first place. Who would have thought an eagle can cause this much harm and trouble to people.

After a few more seconds of shaking, a tiny white bunny came out of the bushes, wide eyes and nose twitching. The bunny cutely hopped away.

Laxus let out a sigh of relief, briefly dropping his guard down. He wasn't mentally prepared to face a wild animal. Harden criminals and thugs he'd take any day, but an animal, no. Animals he was unfamiliar with and unpredictable in their actions.

Laxus put his guard up when more leaves rustled and the sound of footsteps running at a quick pace. Pinpointing the sound, Laxus was about to run in that direction when something bumped into him, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

"Oomph," cried Laxus and the person who ran into him. Laxus rubbed the back of his head, soothing the pain from his clash to the ground. Looking up, his eyes went wide at the person who bumped into him, rubbing their head. "You!" Laxus was shocked to see Lucy in the forest in the middle of the night. "What are you doing here," he berated, helping Lucy to her feet. He had a feeling Lucy was a bit quirky, but this was going too far. The forest was dangerous at night.

"Me! What are you doing here," shrieked Lucy, brushing the dirt from her clothes. What were the chances she was to bump into Laxus. Gildarts was supposed to be with him, directing him far away from her circle trap. She was following a trail of claw marks when she heard some rustling and growls. Hearing the growling get louder and closer to her, Lucy started running towards the campsite when she literally bumped into Laxus on the way. She glanced behind her to see if the Wendigo was still after her. Last thing she needed was for Laxus to see the Wendigo. How was she supposed to explain everything? Hey Laxus, I'm hunting for a monster. Care to join me?

"I'm on police business, following a lead." Laxus was not obligated to disclose private police matters to a civilian. "What are you doing here?"

Lucy was about to respond and explain that she was taking a wonderful stroll in the creepy dark forest when the growling sound got louder. She cursed internally. Shit.

"Lucy. Get back." Lucy could explain everything to him back at the precinct. Right now, he needs to do a job. Laxus pulled Lucy behind him, putting a protective arm in front of her. His eyes went wide at the thing that came out of the bushes.

The creature was gray with its bones pushing against its skin. Two beady glowing black eyes pushed so back into face you'd think nothing was there. But the thing that bothered Laxus the most were the antlers and fangs from this thing. One swipe or bite from those could severely injure or kill a man. For some reason, Laxus couldn't help but think this thing looked familiar.

Jet, thought Laxus, as he shuffled through his clothes to find his gun. This was the animal he encountered. This looks nothing like a fucking eagle! It's some mutation of a deer. Laxus cursed when he saw his gun near the feet of the creature. "Don't move." He whispered to Lucy. Lucy was a civilian, and it was his job to protect civilians. Animal control would take forever to come. Laxus had to do something himself.

Spotting his gun near the foot of the creature, Laxus came up with a plan to distract it long enough for him to grab his gun and put the bastard down. He slowly crept down, gathering some soil with his hands. With a leap, Laxus threw the soil into the eyes of the creature, temporarily blinding it. Seeing an opening, Laxus made a dash for his gun. "Lucy, run!" Laxus screamed as he rained bullets into the creature.

Lucy dashed to get out of his way. Although Laxus's idea was smart, guns weren't enough to defeat a Wendigo. They needed fire. Looks like she'd have to reveal her powers sooner than expected. Lucy started muttering an incantation while Laxus had his eyes on the Wendigo.

Laxus continued to shoot until the chamber of his gun was empty. He was in for another surprise when the creature just got up like nothing just happened. What the hell?! I just put 6 bullets into it! How is it still standing?! T-this is not normal! Laxus crept back as he tried to figure out a way to get out of here and keep Lucy safe. He grabbed a tree branch and swung it at the creature. The creature, in response, smacked Laxus with its arm, causing him to fly into a tree.

"Laxus!" Screams Lucy, interrupting her incantation to see if Laxus was hurt. She let out a sigh of relief when she noticed he was just unconscious. Guess her crystal helped.

Lucy snaps her attention back to the creature when she hears more gunshots. She sees Gildarts holding a shotgun in his hands, shooting at the creature. "Lucy! Cast your spell now." He was running out of the ammo as he directed the creature to the drawn circle. He used the barrel of his gun to draw the last one.

Lucy left Laxus alone by the tree, standing tall, and concentrated on her incantation as Gildarts brought the creature over to the circle trap. "Ad te voco ignem. Inimicum meum uri!" A fireball formed in her hands, getting bigger the longer she chanted. "Abito," she screamed, hurling the fireball towards the Wendigo.

The Wendigo let out a loud shriek as its body was engulfed in flames. It tried to escape from the vicinity, but an invisible barrier blocked its way, flying back into the middle.

Lucy and Gildarts watched as the Wendigo turned to ashes. Lucy turned to Gildarts with a glare. "What took you so long?! Now I have to alter Laxus's memory!" Laxus wasn't ready to learn about monsters. He needed more time, more preparation. Now she had to do the hard part of her job, altering a person's memory. She always felt unpleasant doing it because the person in question had no clue about it. It was an invasion of someone's privacy.

Gildarts scratched the side of his head sheepishly. "I wasn't expecting Laxus to head in this direction." It seemed that Laxus took a different path, a shortcut. It explains why he was unable to intercept him. "I do have some good news, though. I found the missing guy, Droy, in one of the caves." Gildarts pointed in the direction behind him with his thumb. "He's currently unconscious, so you'd have to do a memory spell on him as well." He hated this part as well, but there was no choice. Lucy would have to alter the events. It was the only way people could live a normal life and not be hunted by demons. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Lucy let out a sigh and rubbed her temple to soothe the headache that was forming. "Let me do the spell on Laxus first. Stay by his side until he regains consciousness. You have a lot of explaining to do." Since the coast was clear, she could go help Droy. "And call the paramedics. Droy must be malnourished and Laxus took a nasty hit there." If it wasn't for the black hematite crystal, the force Laxus was thrown could have broken his spine. He currently had a nasty gash on his forehead from the tumble from before that Gildarts was applying pressure on with his handkerchief.

The Next Day

Laxus opened his eyes and let out a hiss at all the bright lights. When his vision finally adjusted, he noticed he was in a hospital room. He was about to get up when Gildarts ran up to him, helping him sit up.

"Woah there." Gildarts scrambled to help Laxus sit straight. "You had us worried there for a minute."

"What happened?" Laxus clutched the side of his head as he tried to recall why he was in the hospital. Last time he remembered he was in the forest trying to find Droy. After that, everything was hazy. He felt like a truck rammed into him or something like that. "Did you find Droy?" He started to remember more. He recalled that he called Gildarts and informed him to meet in the forest near the campsite.

"You had a nasty encounter with that eagle," replied Gildarts smoothly. Any hesitation or lack of confidence in the answer would cause Laxus to get suspicious, especially with the gaps in his memory. At least Gildarts can blame some of it on the alcohol Laxus drank last night. "We were on our way to the caves when that eagle swooped down and threw you into a tree. You got lucky there. Could have broken your back with that force. Guess luck was on your side and Jet's. That thing was huge!" Gildarts perked up when he remembered something. "Oh, and Droy's alright. You were right. He was still in the forest and is currently being treated. Any longer and he would have had hyperthermia." Lucy had to alter Droy's memory as well. Right now he's thinking he got separated from Jet and took sanctuary in the cave.

Laxus was sure Gildarts wasn't to him but something in his gut told him that Gildarts wasn't telling him everything. A picture of something with antlers popped into his head and Laxus clutched his head again when it throbbed. The image went as fast as it came. "Right, yes. The eagle," he mumbled, laying back down on the bed. He touched the side of his forehead and felt bandages there. Guess he took a bad hit.

Gildarts glanced at the clock in the corner of the room. "I hate to leave you, but I have to go to the precinct. You stay and rest for the day. I'll tell your gramps that you're doing better." Gildarts quietly closed the door and left the room, leaving Laxus staring into space.

I mean, I was drinking, but not enough that I don't remember much. Even if I got hit, I shouldn't have this many blanks, thought Laxus as he tried to piece together last night and see if he can recall what Gildarts told him. Again, the image of antlers popped, but something else as well.

Blonde hair and honey doe eyes. There was only one person that he knew who had those traits. Lucy. And speaking of Lucy, he recalled a book she left open on her desk when he visited her shop. The image in that book looked suspiciously similar to the image popping into his head. If he wanted more answers, he'd have to go to Lucy when the doctors gave him the clear.