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Chapter one: can devils also know love?

Naruto slowly opened his eyes as he awoke from his sleep.

He had gotten used to sleeping with Kurama in the past few weeks and he could say that it was the best feeling he ever had. The feeling of comfort and safeness she gave him was something he honestly only thought he could dream about.

However, as he opened his eyes and saw a second pair of arms around his small body, he started to panic.

However, just before he could sit up and run away, he saw Rias's face in front of his own. The sight of her face made him remember what happened last night and he could help but grin happily. He had made another friend that he could trust and she was a special one as she also liked to watch Anime, just like him.

He remembered how they both enjoyed watching black clover together. He remembered how they both sang the opening song together and he remembered how Rias admitted it to be the best Anime she had ever watched, even better than My hero academia, which used to be her favorite.

Naruto relaxed his body, his eyes watching the two people he trusted in this world sleep peacefully.

Finally, after around five minutes, Kurama opened her eyes.

She rubbed her eyes before smiling up at Naruto. "Good morning, Naruto-sama. I'm glad you were able to make a new friend," she whispered happily as she looked at the little Rias hugging Naruto tightly in her sleep.

Naruto smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah, she likes my Anime. That already makes her into an awesome person for me," he said happily.

Kurama smiled hearing Naruto speak so passionately about someone else. She pressed her naked chest into his side as she snuggled closer to the child.

Kurama kissed Naruto on the cheek as she smiled. "Would you like to take a day off training for today and spend your day with Rias instead?" she asked.

Naruto quickly shook his head. "No way. I need to keep getting stronger. Plus, I can watch more anime with Rias after I'm done. I promised you that I'll become the strongest man to ever exist and if I take a day off every time I get a new friend I'll never reach my goal." he said determinately.

Kurama smiled as she nodded her head. "I understand. But if you ever need a day off just ask for it. It's not good to do nothing but training." she explained.

Naruto nodded back at her and the two went back into a comfortable silence, allowing Rias to sleep peacefully.

It was ten minutes later when Rias woke up.

She was startled to find herself not waking up in her own bedroom but quickly relaxed, remembering the events of last night. She looked up and saw Naruto's face.

The two smiled at each other. "Good morning Naruto-kun. I had a lot of fun last night…" Rias said sleepily as she yawned cutely.

Rias's yawn caused Naruto and Kurama to yawn as well. "Me too. We should do it again tonight!" he said happily and rias agreed with a nod.

Kurama sat up, her naked chest jiggling as she did so. "I'd better go ask Grayfia to bring us breakfast… I'll be right back, Naruto-sama," she said, standing up off the bed in all of her naked glory.

Rias gaped at her. "N-Naruto-kun? Why is your trainer in bed with us and why is she all naked?" she asked in shock.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Well… you see, Kurama-chan is not just my trainer. She is my future queen," he said sheepishly.

"And I can't sleep with my clothes on. It's uncomfortable." She said, her tails sprouted out of her backbone and stretched.

She lazily walked over to the closet and pulled out a set of her clothes, putting them on and leaving the room.

Rias was still gaping at the woman. "Forget it, Rias-chan. You'll get used to it eventually just like I did…" Naruto said, snapping her back to reality.

Rias skeptically nodded her head. "S-Sure… If you think I would…" she said hesitantly.

Naruto nodded his head happily as he sat up with her.

He grabbed the remote for the television and turned said device on. "Let's watch a few more episodes before I need to go back to training," he said excitedly and Rias nodded her head. "Alright, I'm excited to see what happens next!" she said happily as she snuggled closer to Naruto, their favorite show playing on the television.

After that day, Naruto had decided that he would start training like his hero, Asta. Dedicating every moment he isn't eating or sleeping to physical training, something that was made possible for him without hurting himself due to the Phoenix clan's regeneration capabilities. The only time he was awake and not training was at night when he would rest up while watching Anime with Rias and occasionally, even Kurama would join them.

Since that day, Rias hasn't slept in her room, saying: 'sleeping isn't the same without my blond teddy bear' when she was questioned by her father. Both Zoeticus and Venelana found that adorable and allowed Rias to do as she pleased, the girl developing Kurama's habit of sleeping naked, not that she had any self-awareness about her body, being five years old and all.

It was a week later though, that Naruto was introduced to Rias's queen, Akeno, who decided to try getting to know Naruto more by joining her king and him to their nightly anime watching.

It was around nine PM and as usual, Naruto sat on his bed with Rias leaning against him from his right, her head resting on his shoulder.

The two have already finished black clover and decided to watch something else. Rias has insisted that Naruto watch My hero Academia with her, even though he told her that he already watched that. She said that it was something she wanted to watch with him and Naruto agreed, having nothing better to do.

Just as they were about to start the first episode, the two heard a knock at the door. Knowing Kurama was out with his clones, Naruto had no idea who could be at the door.

"Rias-chan, Naruto-kun, It's Akeno. Can I come in?" Rias's future queen asked from outside the door.

Naruto looked at Rias for a second and he could only thank her in his heart. Naruto has gotten a lot less scared around new people ever since he became good friends with Rias, the girl being someone he almost practiced on when trying to be less shy around new people.

"Come in," he said, taking a calming breath before he did.

He was just glad it was only Akeno and not any of the older people seeing as his practice with Rias, along with his lack of major trauma from children made it possible for Naruto to interact with Akeno with mostly no problem.

The little girl opened the big door and stepped into the room, the door closing behind her. She smiled at seeing Naruto's position with Rias as she stepped forward. "Do you mind if I join you two? I would like to get to know Naruto-kun better so I want to see what you both like so much about this," she explained.

Naruto and Rias looked at each other for a moment before they turned back to Akeno and nodded together. "Sure. Come sit down with us. We were just about to start a new series." Naruto said, petting the empty space to his left.

Akeno nodded happily as she sat to Naruto's left, leaning back into the pillows, unlike Rias.

They played a few episodes of the show and Akeno started to like the show a little. However, without either Naruto or Rias noticing, she moved closer to Naruto little by little until finally, she leaned into his left side and placed her head on his left shoulder.

Naruto stiffened at the touch but after recognizing that it was like Rias's own, he relaxed, not saying a thing.

Rias glared at her queen to which Akeno simply stuck her tongue out at her. The two girls each grabbed one of Naruto's hands, hugging it as they leaned into him, each trying to have more of Naruto to herself.

Rias actually wanted more of Naruto to herself as she started to like him a lot, maybe a little more than simple friends. However, Akeno simply wanted to be better than Rias. She didn't know Naruto enough to actually want him to herself but she could admit that what Rias said about Naruto being a good cuddling partner was very much true.

Kurama came into the room around an hour later and found the three sleeping, Rias and Akeno competitively trying to take more space on top of Naruto's body for themselves.

She laughed lightly, happy that her master was able to make another friend using his Anime. Or perhaps it was using Rias? It didn't matter.

Kurama, like always, removed her clothes after closing the door, gently moving the girls so that Akeno would be holding Naruto's left arm with her whole body, her arms, and legs wrapped around it as she clutched onto it. She moved Rias to on top of Naruto, the girl's head resting on his chest as she did so. Finally, Kurama laid down on Naruto's right, her head on his right shoulder and his arm hugged tightly into her chest. If Naruto were to hit puberty, he would probably die when he woke up. It was only lucky that he was so innocent.

As the years went by, Naruto got closer and closer to Rias, Kurama, and Akeno. Rias finally understood that her love for Naruto wasn't a love someone has for a friend but that which you would have towards your romantic partner though she stayed quiet about it, fearing to lose her close friend if he didn't feel the same way.

Akeno has developed feelings of her own for Naruto, loving him as a person even more than she liked teasing Rias about how she herself would be the one who ended up with Naruto instead of her. The two became something of rivals for Naruto's love, both girls knowing about each other's feelings for Naruto and doing their best to make Naruto love them more than the other.

Kurama too started to see Naruto more as a man rather than the helpless child she needed to protect. His loving, Innocent and determined personality, along with his fit body and incredible power made her feel attracted to him, even though she was a few dozens of years older than him. She was very happy with Naruto's progress, his magical training going well to a point where he could almost rival her in pure magical power and his physical training going even better, the result being his strong, almost perfect body and incredible physical strength. All of that by the time he was eight years old, the only thing imperfect about his body is Its age. He needed a few years to reach his prime and then he would become an unstoppable force that would be able to defeat anything and anyone who stands in his way.

Around a week after Naruto met Akeno, he was Introduced to Sona and Tsubaki by Rias and Akeno. Sona and Tsubaki had been nice to Naruto but still found his shyness quite weird. However, instead of assuming he was simply weird, the two decided to simply become friends, not too close but still friends, and not judge Naruto until they knew what the reason for his shyness was and Naruto was alright with being just friends.

Naruto still hasn't shown his scars to anyone, in fact, he never took either his shirt or pants, even when he slept with three naked girls on top of him and no matter how hot or uncomfortable it was for him. He was scared that people would judge him and not like him anymore if they knew about his past.

Today was Naruto's eighth birthday and he was getting his evil piece set from Zoeticus and Venelana today.

Naruto stood on the grass in the front yard of the gremory castle. In front of him stood Zoeticus and Venelana, both of which Naruto had gotten used to being around and so he was alright with them being so close to him.

Zoeticus held a chessboard in his hands as he held it out to Naruto. "Take it, Naruto. This is your very own set of evil pieces. Once you open this board, the king piece would be absorbed into you and the rest of the pieces would be bound to you. Create a peerage of powerful people and use your amazing power to do good for this world." he said, smiling proudly at Naruto.

Naruto nodded his head as he took the board from the man. He opened the board and sixteen pieces flew out. There was a king, a queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns.

The king piece floated over to Naruto and went straight into his chest, the piece being absorbed instantly. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt the King's power boost making his magic more powerful.

A few seconds later he calmed down, able to get his energy under control. Naruto grabbed the rest of the chess pieces and put them in a storage seal which Kurama taught him how to make on his wrist.

In his arms was still the queen piece and with it, he turned around to see Kurama kneeling in front of him.

Naruto grinned as he put two fingers on her forehead and pushed her onto her back on the grass. "For this, you need to be laying down. You were the one who told me that…" he said, deadpanning a little.

Kurama chuckled lightly at him as he walked over and kneeled next to her. He placed the queen piece on her chest, right between her breasts, and stood back up.

He called upon his magic, using what he got from the King's power boost as well, and created a magical circle under Kurama.

"I, Naruto Gremory-Phoenix, hereby order your rebirth as a devil of my peerage! You shall serve me as my queen until the day either one of us dies!" he declared, the magical circle enveloping Kurama from under her and making her glow red, the queen piece being absorbed into her chest.

After the glow died down, Kurama stood up and bowed to Naruto. "Thank you for doing this for me, Naruto-sama." she thanked as she straightened up. Suddenly a pair of bat wings appeared out of her back and then the wings were enveloped by blue fire.

"I see… so my peerage gets my own wings…" Naruto said as Kurama returned her wings to her back.

"Naruto-sama, may I speak with you in private?" she suddenly asked him.

Naruto looked at Zoeticus and Venelana as he nodded, following Kurama back into his bedroom.

"I think It's time," she said and Naruto looked at her in confusion.

"It's time to get rid of your trauma," she said, making Naruto's eyes widen.

"You want to tell me that there was a way to get rid of it this whole time and you didn't tell me?" He asked in shock.

Kurama sadly shook her head. "Yes, there was. However, you yourself said that you weren't ready to do it before. My theory is that you are afraid mostly of betrayal and rejection. I want you to show your scars to Rias and Akeno. After you see that they are still going to stay your friends, your mind should accept the fact that you have true friends now and you'll stop being afraid." She explained.

Naruto closed his eyes. "I really don't know if I'm ready… I mean, I really like Rias-chan and Akeno-chan so if they reject me I have no idea what I would do…" he said sadly.

Kurama wrapped Naruto in an embrace from behind him. "I'll always be here for you so you have nothing to worry about." She said cheerfully, kissing Naruto on his whiskered cheek.

Naruto slowly nodded his head. "Alright… If you think it will help then I'll do it…" he said quietly, mentally preparing himself for what was about to happen.

Kurama smiled. "Good. You can prepare yourself, I'll go call them." She said before running off.

Naruto started taking deep, calming breaths, trying to relax his nerves.

Not even five minutes later, Kurama came back, dragging Rias and Akeno behind her.

Kurama pushed the two into the room and closed the door behind them, walking over to Naruto to provide support just in case he needed it.

"Alright, Rias-chan, Akeno-chan… There's something I need to show you both. I have been too afraid for the past three years to show you but I think now it's time…" he said, breathing out a deep sigh as he removed his shirt.

Rias and Akeno blushed at seeing his naked torso, something which they never saw before.

"I honestly don't know why you were so afraid… You look great!" Rias complimented.

Naruto shook his head. "this isn't what I wanted to show you both. what I wanted to show you is this." he said, inhaling a deep breath as he ran through a few hand seals. He had remade his Illusion with chakra so that devils won't be able to sense it.

Naruto held the last hand seal which was the tiger seal as he exhaled and puffed into smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Naruto's true form appeared, his left eye closed to show the scar even though it was still working.

He looked down at his body, his burned hands, slashed and stabbed torso, and the signs of the pitchfork he was impaled on there, bringing up painful memories though Naruto pushed those memories away.

"here you have it. the real Naruto Gremory-Phoenix with no disguise. I understand if you don't want to be friends with me anymore…" he said sadly.

Suddenly Naruto was tackled back onto his bed by two very emotional girls, both of whom cried on his shoulders and tried their best to comfort him and make him feel good.

Rias looked up from Naruto's shoulder onto his face. she had some tears in her eyes as she leaned forward. "I don't and will never think bad of you, Naruto-kun. I love you!" she said as she leaned further in and captured Naruto's lips with her own, her lips resting on his own for a few seconds before she leaned back and smiled at Naruto.

Akeno pouted at her friend. "That's not fair, Rias, I love him too! I wanted to take his first kiss!" she said as she gave Naruto a kiss of her own.

Kurama subconsciously pouted at having Naruto's first kiss be taken away by Rias and not her but smiled as she watched the two do exactly what Naruto needed them to do.

Naruto laid frozen on his bed, trying to process what just happened. "You saw what I truly look like and instead of hating me, you love me? Why would you love me? I am just a damaged child…" he asked, mostly to himself but a little expecting an answer from Rias and Akeno.

Akeno giggled lightly. "well… At first, I was only hanging out with you as a competition between me and Rias, making her jealous of your love for another girl. However after I saw just what kind of person you really are behind your shyness, I fell in love with you. You are a great person, Naruto-kun and that is apart from your handsome face and great power…" she explained.

Rias nodded her head. "yeah. Akeno is right. At first, I only saw you as someone to watch my Anime with so I won't be alone doing so. However, after a few days of hanging out with you, I saw just what an amazing person you are, and not only did I fall in love with you, I started to admire you. you remind me a lot of Asta. you might be a little dense sometimes but you are a great person who would do anything for his friends." She added her part.

Naruto looked at the two with tears in his eyes. "You really mean that?" he asked, his voice cracking.

Both girls nodded their heads, answering his question. Naruto slightly turned his head and looked at Kurama.

"I love you as well, just as much as I do Rias-chan and Akeno-chan," he said silently.

Kurama smiled at Naruto as she walked over and sat in front of him. "I love you too Naruto-sama. However, I am your servant and it should stay that way. I am not good enough for someone such as you." she said.

Naruto grinned his typical grin as he leaned forwards and like Rias and Akeno did to him, he placed his lips on Kurama's own and enjoyed the feeling before leaning back a few seconds later.

"don't even think about saying such a thing again," he said, smiling happily.

Kurama nodded her head as a single tear of joy came to her eye, quickly wiping it away as she smiled and leaned forward into Naruto, her chin resting on his naked shoulders.

Just like that, after removing their clothes, Rias, Akeno, and Kurama all joined Naruto in bed as he told the younger girls more about his childhood.

When it was finally time to sleep, Kurama was the one laying on top of Naruto.

she kissed him on the lips as Rias and Akeno kissed his cheeks from each of his sides. "Happy birthday, Naruto-kun/Naruto-sama," the three said together as they all got into their sleeping moods.

*time skip: the next morning*

Naruto woke up feeling better than ever. He opened his eyes to the normal scene of the girls he loved sleeping all over him.

However, unlike usual, his shirt was nowhere to be found and his Illusion was removed. It felt so good to him knowing that the girls he loved not only not hated him for how he really was but even loved him and still did after seeing his true body.

He silently waited for the girls to wake up, smiling happily as he watched them sleep.

One by one the girls woke up, greeting Naruto with pecks on his lips as they did.

After the girls were all awake, Kurama went and asked Grayfia to get them some breakfast.

Once she came back, she sat in front of Naruto. "Are you ready for the next step, Naruto-sama?" she asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Next step?" he asked curiously.

Kurama nodded her head. "Yes. Rias and Akeno are both people you love and trust so it was relatively easy to share your past with them. However, in order to get rid of your shyness for good, you are going to need to be comfortable with people you do not trust as much as you do the three of us. The next people we should reveal to you are Sona and Tsubaki, both of which you are already slightly familiar with." she explained and Naruto nodded his head.

"I don't feel as bad showing my scars and telling them about my past as I did Rias and Akeno, simply because I do not fear losing them, seeing as I'm already not that close to them… plus, I don't really need anyone but you three," he said happily, newfound confidence building up inside of him.

Kurama smiled. "That's good to know. If only having Rias and Akeno accept you is giving you that much confidence, people you know less should give you a lot more confidence when they accept you," she said.

"That's if they do…" Naruto said. Rias patted his back. "Don't worry, Sona and Tsubaki are good people. They both will accept you quickly." she encouraged Akeno, nodding her acceptance to her words.

Naruto smiled. "Alright. You are welcome to call them over so they can eat breakfast with us," he said.

Rias and Akeno nodded their heads, dressing back in their clothes and going out of the room to call Sona and Tsubaki.

Meanwhile, Kurama went to ask grayfia to get food for Sona and Tsubaki as well.

Finally, after around ten minutes, everyone was back in the room. Naruto sat on his bed, his torso bare and his Illusion turned off, Rias and Akeno sitting to his sides while Kurama sat behind him, her body pressed into his back to comfort him.

Sona and Tsubaki were confused at first but when their eyes laid on Naruto's body, they were at a loss for words. The two filed off the fact that Naruto's body was very well built and very attractive and focused on the scars he had, trying to find a way for them to be caused and coming up with none.

Naruto shrugged Kurama off his back and stood up, walking over and sitting next to the table in his room where everyone's breakfast was.

Kurama, Akeno, and Rias quickly followed him, sitting around the table and starting to eat.

After a few seconds, Naruto spoke up. "If you don't come soon your food will get cold," he said, smiling weakly at the two young devils.

Sona and Tsubaki looked at each other before going over and sitting down next to the table.

"You two must be wondering what could have caused me to have such scars at such a young age…" Naruto said to which Sona and Tsubaki nodded.

He sighed. "That's actually the reason we called you over. I have had those scars since the day I came here. I had a very bad trauma from the abuse I suffered at the hands of the villagers back in my home village of Konohagakure which was the reason for my shyness and the reason for my fear of older people. I showed my scars to Akeno and Rias yesterday, wanting to slowly try and get over my trauma. However, It went better than expected and they both accepted me very quickly. We decided to move on to the next step and tell my past to people I don't know as well as I do Rias and Akeno, those people being you two." he explained, taking a bite out of his food as he finished.

"If you would listen, I would like to tell you about my life before I came here and after I am done I would like to know your honest feelings about the matter. There is no point in lying to me as I can detect such an act. I would like you to tell me your true feelings about me after you hear what kind of person I really am, whether they are good or bad." he explained to which both girls nodded their heads.

"I would love to hear about what you have been through so far if you wouldn't mind telling me. Also, I apologize for thinking you were weird. As I knew it before, I only knew that you were shy, and without knowing the reason why, I thought you were kind of weird…" Sona said apologetically.

Tsubaki nodded to her words. "I too am very sorry for assuming there was no reason behind your actions and would be honored to hear what you have had to withstand in order to make it to this day," she said.

Naruto smiled very happily. "I accept your apologies. It's nothing to worry about. You feel sorry for it and that is all that matters. Though we might want to finish our breakfast first before I tell you, it might get you a little uncomfortable…" he said seriously.

They all quickly finished the food before moving to Naruto's bed where they all sat comfortably, listening to Naruto's harsh life story.

Once Naruto was done, he was tearing up with happy tears as he was already hugged by both devil girls who were crying at his story. He didn't need to hear how they felt about him. He simply knew from the emotion they expressed that the two accepted him and felt sorry for him.

He was very surprised to see the normally emotionless Sona acting in such an emotional way but he guessed that his story was just a little too rough for her to keep her emotional mask on.

He kept the two in his arms as they cried, him comforting them instead of the other way around.

Kurama, Rias, and Akeno smiled at the scene, all happy to see Naruto regaining his confidence.

The two calmed down after around ten minutes. "I'm happy to see that you both accepted me. I'd love to get to know you both better now that I feel like I can trust you…" he said happily.

Both Sona and Tsubaki nodded their heads, signaling that they would love to get closer to Naruto.

As the days went by, Naruto became more and more comfortable walking around the castle with his Illusion released.

It was around one week later when Naruto decided that it was time to show himself to his family with his Illusion removed.

He, along with Kurama, teleported through a magical circle into Kazuki's office, wanting to see him first.

However, when Naruto saw the whole leading family of the Phoenix clan in the office, the two were slightly surprised.

Ravel, Ruval, Hitomi, and Kazuki all ran over to Naruto in concern, seeing a slash on his face and burns on his hands.

"What happened to you?" Hitomi asked in concern.

Naruto waved them off as he smiled. "Don't worry. Until now, I've been under an Illusion to hide my scars which I got back in Konoha. I am trying to overcome my trauma so I need to start getting more comfortable with people around me. I came here to tell you all about what happened to me back in Konoha." He explained.

The four nodded as they stepped away from him slightly, having started to check him out for anything dangerous.

Riser laughed. "How pathetic! A member of the Phoenix clan having burn scars!" He said.

Kurama went to hurt him but Naruto held his hand out, stopping her. He turned back to the rest of the family with a smile. "Anyways, what are you all doing here?" He asked casually, having expected everyone to be dealing with their own business.

Kazuki showed Naruto the paper which he was about to sign. "Our elders and the elders or the Gremory clan had made a marriage contract between the heiress of the Gregory clan and one of the children of the leading family in the Phoenix clan. Seeing as Ruval refused, we will be signing Riser to it." He explained and everyone could feel the room temperature dropping.

Naruto looked at him with a blank face. "What?" He whispered very quietly.

His eyes started to glow blue as a slit appeared in the middle of them, his dormant Kitsune Yukai genes awakening in a moment of total rage.

"NO! Rias is with me and I won't let anyone take her away from me, especially not him!" He shouted, pointing at Riser.

Most of them were taken aback by his sudden moment of rage. However, Riser didn't back down. "Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?" He asked tauntingly.

"I will do whatever it takes! As someone who is also a member of the Phoenix clan's leading family, I challenge you to a battle for the contract!" Naruto said, his rage overwriting his shyness and fears.

Before the two could start fighting, Kazuki stepped between them and Kurama wrapped her arms around Naruto, calming him down slightly.

"That's enough. There will be no fight at the moment!" Kazuki said.

"However, Naruto-kun is correct. He also has the right to the contract and as such, you two will eventually fight. However, your flight won't be one on one. I want you both to take ten years, until Naruto's eighteenth birthday, to gather up a peerage, and then on said day, you will settle the winner of the contract in a rating game." He declared.

Naruto closed his eyes and thought for a second before he nodded his head. If he had ten whole years to train, he could take down Riser's whole peerage on his own so it was fine with him.

Riser smirked. "You can give him however much time you want, he will never defeat me. I agree to the terms," he said.

Kazuki nodded. "Good. Now, Riser, you are welcome to stay here and listen to Naruto's story but if you have the nerve to make a comment like you usually do, the contract goes to Naruto-kun. You are also welcome to leave." He finished and Riser grumbled, walking away.

After Riser was gone, Ravel walked up to Naruto. "Please don't tell Riser-oniichan but I would much rather be on your peerage over his own. He is planning to make me into his Bishop when I turn eight years old but I want to be your Bishop instead. Would you turn me into yours before he can?" She asked hopefully.

Naruto smiled as he nodded his head and patted her own. "Don't worry about it. I promise I'll turn you before he can, just like I would save Rias-chan from him." He said happily.

Ravel squealed in happiness. "Thank you, Naruto-Oniichan!" She said happily.

Naruto then went on to tell the family about his past, not speaking about his more painful experiences as Ravel was there and he didn't want to scare her.

*Time skip: later that day*

Naruto and Kurama came back to the Gremory castle through another teleportation circle. "Kurama-chan, please go with my clones to train, we are going to need to start training even harder now. I would like to go tell Rias on my own…" he said and Kurama nodded in understanding.

Naruto made a cross-fingered hand seal and around a thousand puffs of smoke appeared around them. out of the smoke appeared magical circles, Naruto's clones having already teleported to the training fields so that Naruto could spawn more clones.

Kurama kissed Naruto good luck before she disappeared as well, going after his clones.

Naruto walked silently towards his room where Rias probably was as he prayed that she won't hate him for not asking her before jumping into the marriage contract as he did.

He made it to his room and opened the door, finding Rias there as he expected with Akeno. He walked into the room and smiled sheepishly at the two. "Akeno-chan, would you mind giving me some time to talk with Rias in private? I have something she needs to know and I'm not sure she'll be too happy about it…" he said, Akeno quickly understanding that a pissed-off Rias would be bad for anyone to be around with Naruto having the highest chance of survival, being the person she loved.

Rias raised an eyebrow as she watched Akeno peck Naruto on his lips for good luck and leave the room, the door shutting behind her.

Naruto sat on the bed, Rias sitting next to him.

"I'm sorry," he said apologetically.

Rias looked at him curiously. "What for?" she asked.

Naruto lowered his head. "I went to visit my family back at the Phoenix clan compound a few hours ago and I couldn't be happier that I have done so though I don't know how happy you would be to hear what I found out…" he said, looking at her again.

"Well, Don't keep me waiting…" she said expectantly.

Naruto gulped. "The elders of the Phoenix clan and the elders of the Gremory clan created a marriage contract between you, the heiress of the Gremory clan, and one of the members of the leading family of the Phoenix clan," he said and Rias looked at him in horror.

"What's worse is that Ruval said that you were too young for him and refused, leaving you with Riser." he finished and watched as Rias's eyes were filled with tears.

He wrapped her in his arms. "When I heard about it, I got so angry that I didn't even think, let alone ask you for permission…" he said and Rias looked at him in confusion.

"I challenged Riser to a fight for the contract, using my status as a part of the Phoenix leading family…" he said, lowering his head.

Naruto suddenly found himself on his back on top of the bed with Rias on top of him, her arms wrapped around him and their lips connected.

"You really challenged Riser for me? Did you win?" she asked hopefully.

Naruto was shocked by her sudden happiness before he smiled, realizing that Rias was alright with what he did. "Yeah, I challenged him. But before I could kick his ass for you, Kazuki stopped us, giving us ten years to train and gather up a strong peerage before we battle in a rating game for the contract. I've already sent twice the clones I normally would send to train with Kurama so I'm going all out with my training. There's no way in hell I'm losing you, especially not to Riser!" he said determinably.

Rias smiled. "Thank you so much, Naruto-kun. I'm sure you'll become so much stronger than you will be able to defeat Riser's whole peerage on your own! Also, being your wife in the future doesn't sound too bad." she said happily, blushing as she thought of being married to Naruto.

Naruto looked at her for a few seconds before he fainted, the thought of being married, let alone to someone he loved like Rias, being too overwhelming for him. Rias went to see if he was alright only for Naruto to jump up, fully conscious once again. "I can't afford to faint now! I can sleep at night but right now, I need to train!" he shouted, pumping his fist.

Rias giggled as she watched her love run over to her. The two shared a short kiss before he ran off out of the room to train.

Rias stood up and went to search for her queen, wanting to tell her that she was already going to be married to Naruto unlike Akeno herself, already able to imagine how jealous Akeno would be.

*time skip: two months later*

Naruto was, as most of the time, training. He was currently holding himself upside down on nothing but the index and middle fingers of his right hand. He quickly started to do a set of ten push-ups like this before he moved onto his second arm.

Just as he changed to his second arm, Kurama appeared in front of him in a magical circle. "Hey Kurama-chan, do you need anything?" he asked as he went down, his muscles flexing as he pushed.

Kurama watched Naruto's naked torso as he worked, the muscles of his body shining with the sunlight and the sweat.

She snapped out of her admiration as Naruto finished his set, jumping back to his feet. "In fact, I do. Rias asked that both myself and you be present back at the castle. She said that there was someone she wanted to show us but she refused to say who." Kurama explained.

Naruto nodded his head as he wiped his body off with a towel before putting his shirt back on. "Alright, let's go. Rias-chan could be scary when she is angry so we'd better not keep her waiting," he said and Kurama nodded her head.

Naruto walked over next to Kurama and they both were enveloped by a magic circle, instantly teleporting them over to the gremory castle.

As the two arrived, they walked in, going around the castle in search of Rias. The two ended up finding her in Naruto's room, something which they should have expected.

Naruto walked into the room with Kurama following closely behind him. They saw Rias sitting on Naruto's bed with another girl sitting next to her.

The girl was small, looking to be around five years old. She had white hair and golden eyes. She wore a white formal robe that covered her skin well, showing really nothing but her arms.

Rias smiled as she saw Naruto and Kurama. Said people looked at the small girl as if there was something wrong with her.

"She's another Yukai, Isn't she?" Naruto asked. "A Neko Yukai to be specific," Kurama answered.

Rias nodded her head. "Yes. Koneko-chan is a Neko Yukai but is also my Rook. I wanted her to get to know you both and to see if Kurama-chan can maybe help her with her Yukai power," she said hopefully.

Kurama took a few seconds to think before she nodded her head. "I can have a clone do it, seeing as I'm already busy with overseeing Naruto-sama's clones while they train… However, I'm not sure how much I can help her with her Neko ability, seeing as it's just it, it is only for Neko Yukai to use, like my fox fire. All I can do is try to help her with gaining the ability to use senjutsu chakra like me and then control said chakra." she explained.

Rias nodded her head. "That's enough for now. Thank you," she said.

Naruto walked over and crouched next to the girl who had been looking at the three with a blank expression on her face.

He smiled gently as he reached for her with his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Koneko-san. I and Kurama-chan are great friends of Rias's so I hope we can get along," he said happily.

Koneko just stared at him emotionlessly. Rias walked over and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "She had a little bit of a rough time lately so give her some time…" she said to which Naruto nodded.

"Alright then, Koneko-san, please come over whenever you need to talk, I could share my own past with you if you would like to hear, I believe you might be able to sympathize with me. I'll be going back to training now so I'll see you, girls, later," he said with a wave as he disappeared into a magical circle, Kurama following closely behind.

Once they were both gone, Koneko spoke quietly. "He seemed nice… What was his name?" she asked Rias with a monotone voice. the red-haired girl smiled. "His name is Naruto Gremory-Phoenix," she answered, happy Koneko took a liking to Naruto.

*Time skip: six months later*

It was around two A.M. and Naruto was still awake, sitting on his bed cross-legged with Koneko curled up in his lap, much like a normal cat.

In the past six months, Koneko has gotten very close to Naruto and Kurama, the girl has started training with Kurama after Naruto gained her trust by telling her about his past. From there, she quickly became very clingy of Naruto, only leaving his side when he went somewhere else without Rias, the person she was kind of bound to.

She had gotten the habit of sleeping in his lap, curled up like a real cat or on his stomach when he was laying down. Seeing that it meant one of the girls had to give up her spot sleeping on top of Naruto while he slept with two of the others to his sides, Akeno had taken it upon herself to sleep between Naruto's legs. She had said that she was 'closer to the prize' that way, something that Naruto obviously didn't understand. He was very confused to see Rias and Kurama getting angry at such an action but shrugged it off as a girl's thing.

As he sat with Koneko in his lap, Rias, Akeno and Kurama were sitting around him while Ravel walked around back and forth, looking at the clock present in Naruto's room expectantly.

Finally, the clock turned 2:12 A.M and Ravel stopped in place. "Alright, you can do it now," she said towards Naruto.

Naruto nodded as he placed his hand on Koneko's own. "Koneko-chan, please let me stand up for a second," he said kindly.

She grumbled as she got up and rolled off Naruto's lap onto the bed.

Naruto smiled as he got up. He walked over to where Ravel laid on the ground and placed one of his Bishop pieces on her chest.

"I, Naruto Gremory-Phoenix, hereby order your rebirth as a devil of my peerage! You shall serve me as one of my Bishops until the day either one of us dies!" he said, a magical circle appearing under Ravel and enveloping her.

After the circle was gone, Ravel sat up. "This is amazing! I feel like my magic feels like it is like four times stronger!" she said in amazement, flaring her wings out only to find that she no longer had her normal red flaming wings.

She had Naruto's bat-like Gremory wings which were enveloped by the blue flames of the fox fire.

Naruto smiled as he patted her head. "That is great. Now you can start training to control your magic better so you would use it more effectively," he said happily.

*Time skip: the next morning*

Naruto, Ravel, and Kurama teleported over to the Phoenix compound, dropping Ravel home. Just as the two went to leave back to the Gremory castle, in front of them appeared Riser Phoenix out of a teleportation circle.

"So you finally came back from your sleepover with that sorry excuse to a Phoenix clan member?" he asked arrogantly as he looked at his sister.

"That sorry excuse for a Phoenix clan member is standing right here…" Naruto deadpanned.

Riser sneered at him. "I didn't speak to you…" he said, his tone filled with venom. He took a step towards Ravel. "Now come on, you got the honor of becoming a member of my peerage," he said arrogantly.

Naruto stepped between him and Ravel. "I don't think so… Ravel-chan is already a member of my own peerage," he said, smirking tauntingly at Riser.

Riser glared at his sister. "Is that true?" he asked angrily.

Ravel shyly nodded her head as her new wings flared out of her back.

"How dare you! You dare pick him over me!? You got the honor to join the peerage of the man who will rule over every single world yet you had the nerve to decline?!" He roared in pure anger, throwing a punch towards Naruto.

Naruto easily caught his punch and again, just before a fight could break out between the two, someone showed up to stop it.

"That's enough, Riser. Ravel had picked Naruto over you because of her own personal reasons and you have no say in the matter!" Ruval said as he appeared next to the four.

Naruto released Riser's punch and turned around patting Ravel's head. "Don't fear him. Riser is all bark and no bite. Ruval-Oniichan can easily defeat him and he will keep you safe while I'm not around," he said happily.

Ravel nodded happily as she ran behind her elder brother.

Ruval nodded towards Naruto. "You can leave now Naruto-kun, she will be safe with me," he said, Naruto nodding before he and Kurama left.

Riser growled to himself as he walked away, knowing very well that he didn't stand a chance against his elder brother.

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