Author's notes: hello to you everyone! I'm finally back with a new chapter! I am very excited to write this one out since it's a very exciting chapter. First of all, Naruto will finally be going back to the elemental nations, even if it's quite far away from Konoha. Second, he will be getting a lot of members to his peerage and finally, Naruto will enter into Kuoh academy so there's a lot to expect.

Chapter two: expanding the peerage

After Naruto turned Ravel into his bishop, he, along with Rias, Akeno, Sona, Tsubaki and even little Koneko continued to do their hardest in training, becoming stronger and stronger with every day. Quickly, five years had passed and Rias finally got her first mission.

Of course, Naruto got his own first mission before Rias did, since after all, he was a lot stronger than her. However, his missions were easy and nothing special came out of them.

When Rias turned 13, she got her first mission and was sent to the overworld where the humans lived because there was some supernatural being that caused problems in a town.

When Rias returned, she told Naruto and Sirzechs that it was just a child vampire-human Hybrid that had been left in the town alone and started stealing food to fix his hunger.

She said that she made him into her Bishop after witnessing his ability to stop time in his field of vision as long as he wasn't using it on anyone stronger than him by a lot. Which was how Rias was able to come close to him. His ability simply didn't work on her since she was so much stronger than him.

She introduced the little hybrid as Gasper to Naruto and Sirzechs and the two were shocked to see the child that Rias claimed to be male dressed up in girl's clothing but after confirming with him, they let it go and allowed him to dress however he wanted.

Just like that, more than four years had passed. Rias and Sona were already eighteen years old and Naruto was only a few months away from eighteen himself. Everyone but Riser already acknowledged Naruto as the strongest, surpassing even Kurama, sirzechs, Zeoticus and Kazuki in strength, Mana reserves, spells, Mana control, strength and everything else. However, the only thing he was inferior to them in was experience. Sure, he might have combat experience, but he didn't have any experience in being in the spotlight or in politics so he left the positions of satan or clan head for Sirzechs, Zeoticus and Kazuki respectfully and took missions from them like any normal member of the gremory/ Phoenix families would.

Now that Rias was eighteen years old already, she was going to be sent to the Overworld to keep her own territory and search for more members for her peerage.

Of course, Naruto's first reaction was to join her as she was going there for at least a few years and she was taking not only her peerage with her but she was also taking Sona and her peerage with her.

Of course, Sirzechs didn't mind and allowed him to go. However, just before the group left, Sirzechs received a mission that only Naruto and Kurama could complete.

Rias and the girls that went away were saddened by this but they knew Naruto would soon join them so they left at ease. Naruto sent Ravel with them over to the human world as his representative there to search for potential humans that could be of use to him while he and Kurama went to get the mission from Sirzechs.

*In Sirzechs's office*

A knock on the door was just heard. "Come in," Sirzechs called from behind his desk.

The door was opened to show a seventeen, nearly eighteen years old Naruto with Kurama following behind him.

Naruto has grown up into an amazingly handsome young man. He had shoulder length spiky blond hair with a few bangs over his forehead and over his left scarred eye which he had taken to keeping close as a way to make his opponents underestimate him. His single eye was a bright, almost glowing blue with a vertical black slit in it, an effect of his Yukai genes. He had a square jawline and his whisker marks on his cheeks. His body could only be described as taken from legends or coming from the gods of ancient mythology. He had a wide back, muscular but not overly bulky shoulders as well as arms and legs, well muscled chest and eight-packs that even gods would be jealous of. He wore a black pair of pants with a blood red shirt and white sneakers. Finally, there were two swords strapped to his left thigh, one with a white hilt and a black sheath and the other one with a black hilt and a white sheath. His arms, mainly his wrists were packed with invisible seals that he was first taught by Kurama, who called them the art of sealing magic but Naruto took it and made it into his own by combining Mana and Chakra, making them invisible as well as a lot more powerful.

Kurama, who had walked behind Naruto, had not changed one bit. She naturally didn't age, being a Kitsune Yukai and had not made any changes to her body. However, now that she stood next to Naruto's 6"2 form, she looked a little shorter than she used to, since she was always much taller than Naruto in the past.

The two walked over and stood in front of Sirzechs' desk, an annoyed look plastered onto their faces.

"This'd better be important for you to prevent me from going with Rias…" Naruto said, looking at Sirzechs with his eyes narrowed.

Sirzechs scratched his head nervously, sweating slightly. "I assure you it is something that would be much easier for you two…" he said, straightening his back as he pulled out a paper and showed it to the two.

"This is your mission. As you can see on the paper, your mission is located in the elemental nations, In a village called Kumogakure…" he said and watched the usually calm Naruto let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright. There should not be any Konoha shinobi in Kumogakure so I should be alright. It's better they think I'm dead for now…" he said and motioned for Sirzechs to keep going.

"Well… this mission is pretty much perfect for you two. Kuroka, Koneko's older sister, has gone to the elemental nation and was spotted in Kumogakure. Since you two are so close to Koneko, I figured you could talk to her and figure out why she went to the elemental nations. However, do not forget that she is an S-ranked criminal. If she isn't open to talking, you are to use force and capture her. Though, if she is open for talking, after you find out why she went to the elemental nations, try to find out what happened to her old master and why she killed him. If possible, we want Kuroka on our side since she is strong and could be of help." he finished and Naruto took a moment to process the information.

Finally, he nodded his head. "Alright. We'll do it." he simply said, taking the paper and disappearing from the office with Kurama through a teleportation circle, going quickly as he wanted to finish this mission as soon as he could.

The two appeared on a mountain top and looked around at the view of the Elemental nations.

"Who would have thought that we would be back here so soon, eh Kurama-chan?" Naruto asked, the few pleasant memories he had from his early life in Konoha flashing in his eyes.

Kurama nodded her head. "Yeah… It sure has been a while… I actually never asked you… do you want to go back to konoha sometime? Maybe when your peerage gets a little bigger?" she asked for the sake of asking, expecting Naruto to instantly deny her offer.

However, much to her surprise, Naruto took a few moments before nodding his head. "I've actually been thinking about it a few months back and have already sent someone to do some research on how Konoha has been over the past few years." he said, his fists clenching as he spoke his next words.

"Apparently, Mikoto-obaachan's eldest son had killed the whole Uchiha clan, herself included, leaving only his little brother alive there…" he said, his tone cold and empty.

Kurama turned to look at him in shock. She wrapped him up in her arms, trying to comfort him.

"I'm alright. You don't need to worry. That is my main reason for wanting to go back to Konoha. My spy found out that the humans found a way with their chakra to temporarily bring a soul back into a body from the next world. That is exactly what I need in order to fully revive someone using my evil pieces. I plan on finding whatever technique that is and using it to bring her back before officially making her into one of my powns, even if she is weak. It's the least I can do for her in return…" he explained his plan and Kurama sadly nodded her head in understanding.

"My spy told me that a few months after my eighteenth birthday, there would be the graduating test from the Shinobi academy for my age group which would be the perfect time for me to get back to Konoha and get access to the techniques of that village. Plus, I could help Hiruzen out a bit for all that he has done for me in the early years of my childhood…" he explained and Kurama nodded once again.

"I see. So you are planning to go back with all of us, members of your peerage and probably with Rias and her peerage right after your rating game with Riser… I will obviously follow you wherever you go and I believe that so would Rias and the rest." she said, releasing Naruto from her embrace to give him a short kiss on the lips.

The two quickly broke the kiss before in unison spreading their wings out and starting to fly down the mountain and into the village that was set up around the middle of the mountain.

The two landed in an alley without anyone noticing them, their wings disappearing into their backs as they walked out of the secluded alley.

The two walked through the village, attracting some attention from the people around them. After all, the two of them were at the top of the appearance score for their respective gender.

However, it was nothing bad since they didn't do anything suspicious.

The two walked into a small tee house and sat down, ordering a cup of tee for each of them.

As the pair sat down and drank their tee, they sensed around the whole village for anyone with a strong Mana signature. For the both of them, who were exposed to chakra for a rather long time, it was easy to tell between Mana and Chakra.

"I found her." Naruto simply said. The two of them quickly downed their tea and left the money on the table before calmly walking through the village towards where Kuroka was.

It took the two quite a bit of time to make it to her location since she was on the other side of the village and they didn't want to make anyone suspicious of them by running but they finally made it.

It was the village square and it was full of people. In the middle of the square, there were people putting on shows for the bypassers in exchange for donations. Among them, there were clowns, tricksters who claimed to be magicians and finally, there was the titled 'unmoving lady' who in actuality was Kuroka meditating, completely still.

Neither Naruto nor Kurama knew what she was trying to do but as they approached her, her eyes opened and she stood up, looking at the two of them.

She packed up her things and calmly started to walk away, Naruto and Kurama following her at the same pace she went.

Kuroka finally went into a secluded Alley and stopped, turning to look at her pursuers.

"I'm not going to say it again. I will not allow myself to be captured by the two of you and let you take me back to the underworld. I have something to do in this village and I will not leave it until I'm done." she said calmly, standing in front of the two proudly.

Kuroka was a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. She had fair skin, stood at the height of 5"3 (161cm) and looked to be around eighteen years old. Her attire consists of a black kimono, a yellow obi and a set of golden beads. The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts.

Her slender fingers lit up in a purple light as she started to write symbols in the air.

Just as she finished, a purple mist flew towards Naruto and Kurama.

Kurama casually stepped forward and held her hand forward, a barrier of blue flames completely burning away the poisonous mist.

Kuroka growled at the two and went to start writing again. However, Naruto appeared right next to her and grabbed her hand, stopping her in place.

Kuroka's face was pale and she looked at Naruto in horror and disbelief. "W-what are you going to do?" she asked in fear, realizing that Naruto was leagues above her.

Naruto sent her a charming smile. "Don't worry. We just came here to talk. We were sent to retrieve you into the underworld but I'd much rather have you come with us by your own free will and later have you on our side. I figured that I'd ask why you came here and see from there… so, would you kindly tell us why you came to this world?" he asked, his smile melting her heart as he released her hand and sat down on the ground, leaning on the nearby wall.

Kurama quickly joined him and sat next to him silently. Kuroka looked sceptical before sighing and sitting down to Naruto's other side, though not making any kind of physical contact with him, unlike Kurama, who's whole body was leaning onto his own.

"W-well. You see… as I'm sure you know, I have a little sister, shirone…" she said to which Naruto nodded. "Yes. We know her quite well. She is a member of the peerage of one of my women…" he explained to which Kuroka gave him a shocked look.

"Why else do you think we would casually sit down and have a chat with an s-ranked criminal?" he asked jokingly, smiling at her.

Kuroka blushed slightly before she cleared her throat. "What you don't know is that I also have an elder sister. Her name is Matatabi and from what I heard, she was sealed into a human who resides within this village. This is the reason I came here. I came to reunite with the last part of my family…" she said, and Naruto nodded in understanding.

He opened his mouth and went to reply but Kurama spoke up before he could.

"Really? I never expected you to be sisters with Matatabi-chan…" she commented.

Both Naruto and Kuroka looked at her strangely to which she sheepishly scratched the back of her head.

"Sorry… It's just been a while since we saw each other. Actually, It's been more than twenty years since we last saw each other… Your parents brought her here along with me when we came to the elemental nations. She was also selected by your parents to be a member of your peerage, though probably a rook since she wasn't as strong as I was… I never would have thought that she would be here of all places… after we came to the human world, she went out to explore the world to make sure there were no threats to you but she was defeated by a whole army of humans using chakra and we haven't spoken to her since…" Kurama explained and Naruto only stared at her in disbelief.

Kuroka, however, was even more shocked. "Just who is he to have deserved my sister on his peerage and by her own will at that?" she asked, almost fearing the answer.

Kurama glanced at Naruto and after seeing him shrugging, she spoke. "Naruto-sama is the son of the legendary Kushina Gremory and Minato Phoenix. If I'm not mistaken, you are almost half of the Kitsune Yukai race like Matatabi with my own father acting as your father as well… that means that Koneko had the Kitsune Yukai bloodline all this time and we didn't know it…" Kurama continued to mumble to herself. However, around her, even Naruto was shocked to find out that Kuroka, Koneko and Kurama were half sisters.

Kuroka herself was absolutely shocked, her brain going through a full restart before she was able to comprehend what Kurama had said.

She fearfully looked at Naruto. "Y-You are him? Are you really him?" she asked in shock.

"Before my sister left, she told me that she had found herself a perfect master to serve and that she couldn't be more happy with her decision but now it turned out you weren't even born yet and she was going based on your parents…" she said silently, as if accusing him of her kidnapping.

Naruto smiled at her again. "Don't worry Kuroka-chan. I'll help you find your sister. It's the least I can do right now. Also, I won't pressure you to tell me what happened with your previous master and why you killed him but I'll tell you that not all devils are like that and if you ever want to rejoin with your sisters, you have a place in my peerage open for you for as long as It's not full so take your time in deciding." He said, smiling slightly in helplessness at Kuroka before closing his eyes and searching for a signature with both chakra and Mana which should only be Matatabi and her container.

As Naruto closed his eyes, Kuroka looked at him in surprise. She always had pictured a disloyal and bad person was the one who took her sister away from her since her sister never came back and didn't send any kind of message to assure her sister that she was alright. However, now she found out that Naruto wasn't even born when her sister was kidnapped and didn't even know of her existence up until now. Not to mention that now that Naruto knows about Matatabi, he is helping her search for her without hesitation. A new Image of Naruto started to appear in her mind as she watched him meditate.

He found what he was looking for after a few short minutes and stood up. "I found Matatabi and her container. However, they are in a rather weak state with Matatabi completely locked away and her container surrounded by ten stronger shinobi. We should teleport there quickly, otherwise something bad could happen…" as he explained, the two girls instantly stood up, grabbing hold of him and disappearing into his teleportation circle.

In another secluded alley on the other side of Kumogakure, there was a young woman around seventeen years old surrounded by ten men.

The woman was beautiful even though she looked as if she just came out of a battle. She had long blond hair that was very messy, a part of it going over her face and the rest laid all over her back. She had blue eyes with a cat-like vertical slit and she had red lipstick on parts of her lips while the other parts were slightly bloody. Her face was round but full of cuts and bruises. She wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse that struggled to keep her D, borderline E-cup breasts in check though the blouse was almost ripped apart, leaving only a small part that covered her big chest. She wore what looked to be black ANBU pants only that they were cut open all over and her left sleeve was missing from the middle thigh down where there was a rather big, bloody cut. Her black pants, while cut, still looked good on her, complementing her large ass. One of her hands had a purple fingerless glove while the other one was missing it. She wore shinobi sandals and a kunai holster, which was strapped to her right thigh. She was covered in cuts, blue marks and she had quite a bit of blood on her body.

She kneeled on her right knee, leaning on it as she panted and glared at the ten men around her. She had been fighting them for the past few hours. At the beginning, she was shouting out for help, and shooting fireballs into the sky to alarm the other shinobi of the village but after a while, she just stopped and focused on trying to survive, something that was already difficult enough when she was facing ten opponents at once.

On her revealed stomach was writing in black ink with red writing on it. That was the seal which held Matatabi and the red symbols were the men's way of making sure she didn't help the woman at all throughout the whole battle.

Now, the young woman was exhausted. She couldn't fight anymore with her chakra exhausted. She had nothing more to do than expect her death by the hands of those ten men.

Just as she thought about killing herself to prevent the men's enjoyment, the strongest of the group of men stepped forward, his sword held up. "It's a shame our orders were to immediately kill you. It's a waste to kill such a beautiful woman. You would sell for so much on the slave market…" he said before shrugging his shoulders. "Oh well, we were paid enough for it to be worth it… do you have any last words?" he asked mockingly, grinning smugly.

The woman glared at him but said nothing. The man shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, you can die silently…" he said as he slashed down at her neck, going to decapitate her.

Just then, a red circle with writing on it appeared on the floor in front of the woman and out of it came a sword that blocked the man's own sword.

The man was shocked and the woman looked at the sword in disbelief. Out of the circle a man and two women jumped. The three of them stood defensively in front of the woman and glared at the group of men.

Naruto sneered before turning to look at the woman, his sneer replaced by a charming smile, trying to calm down her fear.

He inwardly frowned at the condition she was in. He doubted that he could heal her, even with his fire healing magic.

"Kill them all." he ordered calmly to Kurama. However, as Kurama dashed forward, Kuroka followed her, killing the men alongside her.

Naruto looked at the woman's stomach and quickly undid the seal that kept Matatabi locked away.

Blue fire engulfed the woman's body but that wasn't enough. Naruto tried to help heal up the now unconscious woman with his own fire magic but it didn't help.

Finally, the blue flames died down and the woman was quickly dying.

At that time, Naruto placed the girl on her back on the floor, lowering her out of his arms. The seals on his wrist glowed before a pawn piece appeared in his palm.

He placed it on the woman's chest, right between her breasts and started to chant. "I, Naruto Gremory-Phoenix, hereby order your rebirth as a devil of my peerage! You shall serve me as a pawn of mine until the day either one of us dies!" he said and the woman was engulfed by a bright red magical circle that floated up from the ground beneath her.

As the magical circle disappeared, the woman's wounds had closed and her skin became flawless once again. She very suddenly opened her eyes and quickly sat up, the pawn piece had long been absorbed into her body.

She looked around her to see Naruto smiling right at her from in front of her and couldn't help blushing slightly as she took his features in.

As she continued to look at him longer, the blush on her face steadily brightened.

Just before she could realize she was shamelessly and openly staring at Naruto's handsome face, a cough from her right made her snap out of her trance. She looked over and saw two busty women looking at the two of them, the corpses of her ten attackers laying on the ground lifelessly behind them.

Just as she was about to speak, she heard a voice in her head. "N-No way!" she was used to this voice. It was the voice of her only friend. It was Matatabi.

She was shocked to hear Matatabi stuttering in shock. 'What is it, Matatabi-chan?' she asked mentally, speaking in her head.

Matatabi couldn't contain her excitement. "Those two are my sisters! The red haired woman is my half sister Kurama-chan and the black haired girl is my little sister, Kuroka-chan! If Kurama-chan is here, that could only mean that the young man in front of you is my Naruto-sama!" she said, almost crying tears of excitement.

The woman was speechless. 'Your sisters? And what is it about 'your Naruto-sama'?' She asked her friend.

"I'll explain to you later. But what you should know right now is that the young man in front of you is my own master, the one I came to this world for and that his power is far beyond your wildest imagination." she explained, her tone happy and full of emotion.

The woman could not comprehend what her friend was saying but she ran out of time in her questioning. However, just before her consciousness returned to the real world, she heard the words. "You can't possibly imagine how truly lucky you are to have the honor of being in Naruto-sama's peerage. You really should be grateful to him for allowing you to join his peerage."

As she came out to the real world, she saw Naruto's face right in front of her own, waiting. He knew she was talking with Matatabi since he was in the same state whenever he talked to Kurama back when she was still inside of him.

As Naruto noticed her eyes focusing up, he smiled and leaned back. "How are you feeling?" he asked gently.

"I'm alright." she replied subconsciously with a cold tone. Kurama went to discipline her by hitting her but Naruto raised his hand, stopping her.

The woman herself realized her tone came out cold and was quick to bow her head. "I apologize. I didn't mean for it to come out like that." she said quietly. Naruto smiled as he saw Kurama nodding her head in satisfaction. "It's alright. Don't worry. I'm sure Matatabi told you already but I am Naruto Gremory-Phoenix and these two are Kuroka and Kurama. How about you?" he asked, his gentle smile not leaving his face, wanting to make her feel at ease.

The woman blushed slightly. "I'm Yugito Nii" she said and did not add anything.

Naruto nodded his head. "Humm… well, the first thing we should do right now is release Matatabi… Now that you are no longer human, It shouldn't be a problem…" he said, looking at Yugito.

She just stared at him. "Huh? You want to take Matatabi out of me? Wait, what do you mean not human?!" she asked, comprehending what he said mid sentence.

Naruto smiled and sat down on the floor. He patted the space next to him, gesturing for her to sit next to him. "It's a long explanation. Sit down and I'll start…" he said, watching as Yugito skeptically sat next to him.

Naruto then took his time to explain to her the basics about the four different worlds, the main species, what a peerage means, what Matatabi was and finally, how he was forced to use one of his own evil pieces to save her from dying.

Yugito did her best to understand what Naruto said and after he finished, she didn't know how to feel.

From what she understood, Naruto's evil pieces were very valuable and precious yet he used one on her so casually. However, now that Naruto explained to her what was going on, she understood what Matatabi said to her earlier.

Naruto's strength was absolutely far beyond her wildest imagination. She wasn't at all upset about Naruto's use of the evil piece on her which practically bound her to him and was now forcing her to leave her village. It was because she had nothing to stay in the village for. She had no friends, no family and she was not treated well in the village. As a matter of fact, she was ecstatic to leave her village, especially with someone as strong as Naruto to protect her and teach her how to get stronger on her own, not by using Matatabi's power like she always did.

After thinking over what Naruto said for a while, she looked up at him and nodded. "Alright. I will follow after you. If you have a way to extract Matatabi from my body, you should do it. I want to get strong on my own, without anyone helping me do it." she said determinately.

Naruto nodded his head with a charming smile on his face.

He placed his hand on Yugito's exposed stomach where her seal was and closed his eyes. Yugito's face reddened more and more as she felt his warm palm on her stomach.

Suddenly, Naruto pulled his hand out and a blue energy followed it out of Yugito's stomach.

The energy disconnected from Naruto's hand and started to form a human-shaped object.

After a little while longer, it finished forming what turned out to be a human body of a mature woman.

She had waist length blue hair with light blue eyes that had a vertical slit in them like the eyes of a cat. She stood at the height of 5'4 and had fair skin. She looked around 16 years old and on top of her head were two cat ears, making up for the lack of human ones and two blue-furred cat tails coming out of her backbone. Her face was heart shaped and on it was a small button nose and heart shaped lips. Her breasts were a large E-cup, borderline F-cup. Her wide chest shrunk as they went down to around the waist and flared out agan into a very big ass. She had thick thighs and long smooth legs. Overall, her figure and her beauty in general could rival the likes of Kurama. She was completely naked, much like Kurama was when she first came out of Naruto's seal.

The woman's head suddenly moved and she looked around. She shook her head once before seemingly gaining her memory back.

She looked to her right and jumped over at the two women standing there. "Kurama-chan! Kuroka-chan! I haven't seen you two in such a long time!" she said in total joy.

Yugito was still dazed slightly from the extraction so she couldn't really tell what was going on around her.

Kurama and Kuroka hugged their sister's naked form happily, glad to have gotten her back.

Naruto simply looked at the three with a smile on his face. He was way too used to the sight of a beautiful female body being naked around him as all of the girls that made a habit out of sleeping with him always slept naked.

He couldn't help signing in his mind. Both Rias and Akeno, who he had watched develop over the years, had grown into real beauties, with the potential to rival even Kurama's legendary beauty and body once they fully mature in around a year. The two were already almost the same as Kurama in terms of body, with perfectly large and round breasts as well as ass. They only needed to mature their face a little bit and they would be just as perfect as Kurama. Though their not fully matured face wasn't the perfect beauty like Kurama, it added a touch of cuteness that Kurama's natural face didn't have. It was only when Kurama did curtain things that she appeared cute unlike Rias and Akeno's natural cuteness.

Naruto was suddenly tackled back, knocking him out of his thoughts and making his back contact the ground. On top of him was Matatabi, who had wrapped herself around him and hugged him very tightly.

"Naruto-sama! I finally got to meet you! I missed the part where you grew up! Though I have to admit that Minato-sama's handsome looks really transferred to you… you've grown into such a handsome young man" she said cheerfully, planting her lips on his cheek.

If Naruto wasn't used to Rias, Kurama and Akeno hugging him with their naked body and kissing him, he probably would have died of blood loss as the busty blue haired woman pressed herself tightly onto him and kissed his cheek.

Naruto only smiled. "Thank you, Matatabi-chan. I'm happy to know you like the way I look." he answered simply.

Matatabi pouted. "Oh, come on, Naruto-sama… do you not like my body?" she asked, pressing her naked breasts into his chest and giving him a seductive look.

Naruto went along with her. "Oh, It's nothing like that… It's just that I'm used to this kind of thing. A kiss on the cheek is not enough to get me interested…" he said, smiling teasingly as he sat up and grabbed a firm hold of Matatabi's ass before standing up, holding her up with him.

The cat-woman giggled as she moaned teasingly. "Oh, Naruto-sama, you know how to make a woman want you, don't you?" she asked before leaning forward and planting her lips on his.

Naruto was at first surprised since he was only joking with her and never expected her to actually go with it but he didn't lose his cool and kissed back, taking control of the situation and dominating her mouth with his own.

They broke the kiss with a thin trail of saliva stretching between their tongues as they looked at each other, a hungry look in Matatabi's eyes as she looked at Naruto's calm expression.

She was left panting from Naruto's tongue skills and the rough way he grabbed hold of her ass. Meanwhile, Naruto calmly grinned at her.

"You're gonna have to do a lot better than that to match up with Kurama-chan…" he said, sneaking a look at Kurama to see her smiling calmly.

He winked at her before turning back to look at Matatabi only to find her still in a daze, blushing with her mouth slightly open and her eyes clouded.

He smiled slightly. "Well… It's not the time for that… she's got some work to do before we can go there…" he said, gently holding the naked woman in his arms and waiting for her to recover.

Meanwhile, he turned his smile to Kuroka. "When Matatabi-chan will wake up, I'll make her into my rook. Do you want to join along with her or do you still need time to think?" he asked her.

Kuroka looked at Kurama, then at her elder sister and finally onto Naruto. "I'll be honored to join your peerage. Thank you for your kindness." she said, smiling.

She was actually very happy to go into Naruto's peerage right now. It allowed her to escape the fate she would have as a supposed criminal, It would allow her to see her younger sister again and she started to like Naruto more and more as time went on so she didn't mind serving under him at all.

Naruto smiled. "Alright. You made a good decision. I promise you'll be treated well." he said kindly.

Naruto felt something wet pressing against his neck and turned only to find Matatabi kissing his neck hungrily.

Naruto grinned down at her as he patted her head. "You're not half bad Matatabi-chan. However, you'll need to do a lot more to get me excited…" he said and after seeing her ignoring him, he went for a different approach.

"Get down and lie on the ground now!" he ordered, releasing his domineering musculan aura.

Matatabi's animalistic instincts screamed at her to obey and she quickly did as he asked. As she went to lie down on the cold floor, Naruto created a bed of blue flames for her naked body to rest on.

"So that's how it is…" Naruto sighed to himself, seeing the naked blue haired woman looking up at him excitedly, her pupils almost turned into hearts as her eyes were clouded by lust. Naruto didn't really know how to deal with her but for now, he knew how to control her.

He turned his head to look at Kuroka who looked to also be slightly affected by the way he handled her sister. She was rubbing her legs together and her breathing was a little heavier.

He only shook his head. "Go lie down next to her." he ordered, seeing that it was the way to go with the two sisters.

Kuroka quickly followed after her sister, lying down next to her on the bed of blue flames.

Naruto looked at Yugito. "Yugito-chan, would you like to come here and get a closer look at the rebirth of someone as a devil?" he asked as the seals on his wrist glowed.

Yugito unconsciously nodded her head and walked towards Naruto, her mind slightly clouded from seeing the heated exchange between Naruto and Matatabi.

She watched as Naruto crouched next to the two girls and placed one of the two rook pieces that appeared out of his wrist seal between Matatabi's naked breasts. Then he slipped the other rook piece between Kuroka's covered breasts before standing up.

"I, Naruto Gremory-Phoenix, hereby order you both to be reborn as devils of my peerage! You both are to serve under me and answer whatever order I give you to the best of your ability as my Rooks until the day either one of us dies!" he said and the women were engulfed by a bright red magical circle that floated up from under the blue flame bed and over them.

The two were swallowed by a red light and when the light disappeared, the two had two bat wings burning in blue flames sprouting out of their upper back.

The two sat up and closed their wings back into their backs. They stood up and bowed towards Naruto. "Thank you for bringing us into your peerage, Naruto-sama." they both said together.

Naruto smiled and waved them off. "No need to thank me or call me that." he said before turning to look at Yugito and Kurama who were silently standing next to him.

"Alright, girls, we'll be leaving the elemental nations for now. We are gonna go back to the Gremory estate to report the mission as a success before going over to the overworld for a few months. We have a rating game in around three months to prepare for and after we're done with that rating game, we'll be coming back to the elemental nations." Naruto explained.

The three Yukai around appeared to be very excited for the rating game while Yugito looked to be confused.

Naruto grabbed her hand and pulled her into his chest. "Don't worry. We'll explain everything soon enough." he told her gently.

Yugito's face was pressed right into Naruto's muscular chest, her cheeks red and her eyes clouded as she inhaled the strong musculan scent Naruto had. Kurama quickly wrapped herself around Naruto's back, her head resting on his shoulder.

Kuroka and Matatabi understood and joined in, Matatabi excitedly throwing herself onto Naruto's chest, her naked chest rubbing up and down his stomach as she nuzzled into his chest.

Kuroka just grabbed onto Naruto's hand and pushed it into her chest between her breasts as she rested on his shoulder.

Naruto just sighed at the actions of the women around him. A red magical circle appeared under them and they were all swallowed by it, disappearing into thin air and leaving nothing behind.

The five appeared inside of Naruto's room in the Gremory estate where Naruto dropped Matatabi onto the bed. "Kurama-chan, get Matatabi-chan some clothes and introduce Yugito-chan and her to grayfia-oneechan. I'll take Kuroka-chan and go talk to sirzechs. Once you're done, bring the two of them to Sirzechs's office so I could introduce them as the new members of my peerage." he said, releasing himself from the girls before wrapping his hand around Kuroka's waist and disappearing in another magical circle.

Kurama looked at her younger sister and smiled. "Come on. Let's go to my closet and get you some clothes." she said, grabbing her sister by the hand and walking off. "Yugito-chan, you are welcome to come pick whatever you want too, after all, you only brought a single set of clothing on you…" she said, smiling at the human-devil hybrid.

Yugito smiled back and ran after Kurama and Matatabi, catching up to them in a few short seconds.

As the three girls went towards Kurama's closet, Naruto and Kuroka appeared inside of SIrzechs' office out of a red magical circle.

At first, Sirzechs didn't even rize his head from his paperwork, recognizing Naruto's magical circle. However, as the circle released the people coming in through it, he sensed a powerful and unfamiliar Mana coming out of a person.

His head instantly shot up and he looked at the forming silhouettes of the two people who were getting out of the teleportation circle.

The first person to fully materialize was Naruto, putting Sirzechs's heart at ease. However right next to Naruto appeared a person he never would have thought would stand in his office.

Kuroka stood next to Naruto, his arm around her waist and her body leaning on his side.

He looked hesitantly at the two of them for a few seconds before clearing his throat. "N-Naruto-kun? Wha…" Sirzechs was so confused that he couldn't even form a full question.

Naruto laughed. He held Kuroka tightly against his body. "Let me introduce you to one of my new Rooks. Sirzechs, this is Kuroka. Kuroka, this is sirzechs, one of the four satans and my soon to be brother-in-law" he said, Introducing the two to each other.

Sirzechs stared at him in disbelief. "Are you pranking me again with your transformation technique?" he asked suspiciously.

Naruto laughed. "While that would truly be hilarious, I'm not. This really is Kuroka, and she really is one of my new Rooks." he explained.

Sirzechs slowly nodded. "Alright… wait, one of your new Rooks?" he asked in realization.

As if on cue, Kurama's blue magical circle appeared on the floor next to Naruto and Kuroka to Naruto's left side. Out of the magical circle came Kurama, who was dressed in her normal outfit with Yugito and Matatabi standing to either side of hers.

Yugito was wearing a light blue sleeveless shirt with a 'V' cut that revealed her cleavage generously. The shirt was a little loose on her since her chest was not nearly as big as Kurama's but it was still big enough to look normal on her. She wore a pair of white shorts that reached to her middle thighs and made her naturally large ass look a little larger even though again, it wasn't as big as Kurama's. The pants revealed her long, smooth white legs and on her feet she wore light blue sneakers.

Matatabi wore a very short white shirt that struggled to keep her massive breasts in check seeing as hers were bigger than Kurama's. The shirt revealed her stomach and had a big 'V' cut to reveal even more of her cleavage. She wore an extremely short pair of red shorts that was a little loose on her ass and ended just under it. It revealed the rest of her thick thighs and smooth white legs while also contrasting with her white sneakers.

Sirzechs raised his eyebrows at the arrival of the new women as he watched Matatabi attach herself to Naruto's side, her chest pressed tightly into him.

Naruto smiled at Sirzechs. "Well, you asked… As I already told you, Kuroka-chan here is one of my new Rooks. And this here is Matatabi. She is Kuroka's older sister and Kurama's half sister as well as my second Rook." Naruto Introduced before motioning for the two other girls to move over and they stepped in front of Naruto.

Naruto leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the shoulders of Kurama and Yugito. "Finally, this is Yugito. She was a Human back in Kumogakure before I turned her into my first and only pawn for the moment" he explained.

Sirzechs could only dumbly nod his head as he looked at the four beautiful women surrounding Naruto. He wasn't upset at seeing the man that was clearly going to marry his little sister so intimate around other women simply because it was very common for a male devil to take multiple women for himself. Actually, he himself was the oddity for taking only a single woman in as his own instead of multiple.

Naruto grinned. "Oh yeah. Matatabi-chan, Yugito-chan, this is Sirzechs. He is one of the four satans and my soon to be brother-in-law." he said to them.

Then he went on to explain what happened in the mission, the girls joining occasionally if they had anything important to add.

Once they were done, Sirzechs nodded his head in satisfaction. "You once again blew away my expectations, Naruto-kun. Very well done. You are now free to take your peerage and go over to the overworld where you'll stay with my little sister until your rating match against Riser…" Sirzechs was about to go ahead and continue speaking but Naruto cut him off.

"I have decided to go back to Konoha for a while after I'm done with my rating game against Riser. There is something personal and very important for me to do there and It's not up for debate." he said, his voice totally serious.

Sirzechs was slightly taken aback but he nodded nonetheless. "Alright. You are free to do as you wish." he said simply, waving his hand and dismissing the five of them.

The five left the room and went towards Naruto's bedroom. "We'll be leaving for the overworld tomorrow morning so we'll stay here for tonight. I believe my bed is big enough for all of us, as long as you girls don't mind." he said and got no negative response.

Matatabi instantly jumped onto the bed with her arms spread open. "Come on Naruto-sama. I'll make sure you'll stay warm all night long" she said, grinning as she removed her clothes as fast as she could.

Naruto could only chuckle as he laid down on the bed. The next moment, he found a naked kurama and an equally naked Matatabi to his sides, kurama smiling confidently and Matatabi grinning pervertedly.

Kuroka soon followed and laid right next to her half sister, just as naked as her and shyly placed her head on Naruto's covered abs.

Yugito was last and she mimicked kuroka only going to Naruto's other side.

Naruto looked at the four beautiful and naked girls sleeping around him and chuckled. "Any other man would have paid a hundred years of his life to be in my position right now…"

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