Devious Plans

{tw ~ blood and death}

The silver of the sword swiped by her face as she dodged the swing coming towards her at a high speed. That would have cut her if she wasn't paying attention. Thankfully, she always paid attention. She took a step, her medium-length hair swishing towards the side. She took her elbow and rammed it into her opponent's side, causing him to wheeze as the air left his lungs. She smiled victoriously as she swung her arm and grabbed her opponent's throat, pushing him against the wall. She raised her sword to his neck. Her opponent lifted his arms in surrender, and Kyin was claimed victorious

The opponent huffed, taking his pointer finger and moving the sharp end of the blade away from his neck, "Once again, you beat me, Your Highness"

Gene, her mentor, was an excellent swordsman and used to fight for the army. Kyin could tolerate him more than any other man, which was saying something since she had a brother and father.

Kyin chuckled slightly, Letting her arm and sword move down towards the floor. She let go of her mentor's neck. "Is that my 100th win? You need to get better at fighting." She joked. Her mentor rolled his eyes, watching as she fixed the sleeves of her collared shirt.

"Want to do another round?" she asked, poking her mentor's shoulder. He winced and rolled his shoulder away from her as he shook his head.

"I think it's almost time for dinner with your family, Your Highness. Besides, I need to go ice my ribs now." He spoke, his voice monotoned. She sighed slightly as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Suit yourself." She stated as she put her sword on the rack that held all of her swords. Her blue suit jacket was sitting patiently on the rack, waiting to be worn once again. She grabbed her jacket, swinging it on her right arm first.

When she put it on, she flipped her hair out of the back, tossing her hair to the part she preferred, a straight middle part.

"Your Highness" her mentor spoke up, "You're brother Kyon has been… busy… and your father requires you to get him before dinner so he isn't late. Again."

She groaned to herself as she closed her eyes. Being 'busy' on her brother's terms meant he was with another girl. She sighed.

"Thank you for letting me know, Gene." She spoke with her teeth clenched. She walked out of the room without a second thought, ready to kill her brother.

As she walked down the long castle hallways, she tried to breathe and calm down, since it wasn't her brother's fault he was an idiot.

Kyin turned the corner and walked to her brother's door, knocking three times. She tried her best to push down her anger as the door opened slightly, barely even a crack.

Her brother's black long hair was unmistakable, however. He peeked his eyes out, spotting his sister. He groaned.

"What do you want, Kyin?" He said sourly, open the door further. From where she was standing, Kyin could see clothes on the floor, and a figure on her brother's bed. Her brother, also, was not wearing a shirt. Typical.

Kyin wanted to smack her brother, "Go put on clothes, get that girl out of here and come to dinner. Father is going to be pissed."

"How did you know I had a girl over, huh?" Kyon asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Unlike you, I'm not a moron. I can see the clothes on the floor and your bed has a figure in it." Kyin spat. Kyon unceremoniously whipped his face, as if she would spit at him.

Kyon laughed bitterly, "You're jealous I get more girls than you, is that it?" he asked, a smug smile on his stupid face.

Kyin shook her head, however true that statement was. She ran her fingers through her hair, "No. Just get ready. I have a feeling father is in a crappy mood."

"How can you tell?" Kyon asked.

"I can feel his discontentment from here."

"Are you sure that's not your own?"

Kyin shook her head, then sighed, "Hurry up." She stated before walking off. She didn't give Kyon a chance to say something stupid again.

She was frustrated she was surrounded by men. Creepy men who hit on her, Rich boys who tried to flaunt their money at her, and even some servants who made sure to stare at her behind for a second longer than they should. If it was her way, she would kick every single male out of the castle, including her brother and father.

"A Selection? Are you serious!" Kyin yelled.

Her father glared at her, "Do not raise your voice at me." He spoke sternly. She huffed slightly.

"I do not want more men in this stupid castle!" Kyin whisper-yelled instead. Her brother was watching this unfold, eating food from his plate and pretending like he wasn't listening.

"That's too bad, Kyin. You're of the age where you have to marry. We've already started preparing for the Selection." King Alexander, or Al, said.

"When the fuck did you have time for that?" Kyin swore, crossing her arms slightly.

"Firstly, do not curse, it's unladylike." Her father stated, "Secondly, I've been planning this since you were a child, Kyin."

Kyin sighed, "Maybe you should have told me? Just a thought."

"I knew you wouldn't like it, especially since you're still in the phase-" The king started to say, but Kyin immediately cut him off.

"It's not a phase. I like women, father. I prefer women."

The King rolled his eyes, "If that's what you say. Yet your duty as Princess and soon-to-be Queen is to find a husband to make an heir."

"I won't do it. I don't like men, and I especially don't want to have a child with one." Kyin argued. The King looked annoyed as he rubbed his temple with his fingers, "If I'm going to have a Selection, I want to be able to find true love. Isn't that what a Selection is all about?"

"You will find love during the Selection." The King exclaimed, Kyin could tell his anger was rising.

"No Father, I won't. Not with a Man anyway. I'm sorry, but if we hold this Selection, I will eliminate every single boy that walks through these doors." Kyin stated, using her diplomatic voice. She hoped it would let him agree.

The King was silent as he took a bite of food. Kyin watched, her anxiety levels rising slightly each moment her Father was quiet.

He seemed to sigh and relent slightly, "Finding love is important." He murmured to himself as he stood, "My only requirement for this Selection then is for you to find someone and have an heir."

"She can't get pregnant from a woman," Kyon spoke up. She grimaced slightly, wishing her brother would just shut up.

"She'll figure it out. If it's so important for her to have women here in the palace." The King spoke bitterly.

"More woman for me I guess." Kyon shrugged.

"No, you will not be anywhere near any of the Selected," Kyin announced.

"Afraid I'll steal them all away?" Kyon smirked slightly.

Kyon shook her head, "You're an idiot." She looked back at her father, "Gene is going to help me with the Selected."

The King nodded, "Excellent choice."

Kyin smiled slightly. She didn't want to seem too excited, but she couldn't help but smile. No boys at her Selection. Was this a dream come true?

"You can always change your mind, Kyin. Even if you are down to two women and you feel like your phase is over with, you can host another selection." The King told his daughter, placing a - what was supposed to be - loving hand on her shoulder.

Kyin's smile faded as she clenched her teeth slightly, "Of course, Father."

Her Father nodded before he walked out of the dining hall. It was silent for a moment as Kyin thought about what just happened. She couldn't quite believe it.

"Maybe I should have my selection be all men so I don't have to do anything," Kyon spoke up.

"Do you realize how stupid you sound?" Kyin spat. Kyon shrugged slightly.

"I'm just saying-"

"No, you're not 'just saying'. You should think before you speak, and even then you shouldn't even speak. Your brain is the size of a pea, and that's being generous." Kyin glared at her brother before she stormed out of the room, leaving her brother behind.

"P-Please. I'll give you anything you want! J-Just don't kill me." A man was begging on his knees, chest bleeding out with a stab wound, "What do you want? M-Money! I'll give you money, I have plenty of it."

A hooded figure bent down to be at the man's level, holding a bloodied sword in their left hand. They grabbed the man's hair and pulled it back, slamming his head against the wall.

The man fell unconscious, blood coming out of his skull.

"There's nothing you could give me." The hooded figure said, before raising their sword and slashing it across the man's neck, killing him instantly.

Omg, What's this? A new story. No way. I cannot believe it... Anyway the Selection story is going to be a Female Selection, from Ages 18 - 25. This Will be rated M for Mature because of Violence, blood, Abuse, and Death. If you are not comfortable with any of this I don't suggest continuing.

Thanks for reading and I'm excited to see what characters I can get. I don't have a deadline right now.