Chapter Five

After a while of flying about in the city in search for the kryptonite-enhanced foe, Miss Action went down into a slow halt midair, letting loose huffs of breaths along the way. Her arms and legs dropped and gently swung in defeat at finding and catching this arch-nemesis of hers, and her hair flutter gently in the brief waves of wind. She looked for anything or anyone else within line of sight, but soon, to her right at the end of a street, the young kryptonian noticed some few vague yet familiar figures.

Dashing forth towards the figures, Miss Action gradually got a clearer view on who or what she was spotting and observing. Once she had landed back down to her feet, she already recognised at least two of the three people, the twin cousins of Superman, Power Girl and Supergirl, and a violet-haired maiden in a cape and dress of white and silver.

"Woah, I can't believe you lot are here as well", Miss Action exclaimed, already catching the other heroines' attention.

"Oh hey, it's you", Supergirl recognised. "How have things been over at England?"

"Well it took some time getting used to, but now it certainly feels like a new home, a new Kandor", Miss Action. "So what are you doing here?"

"A couple of civilians, and even six of our friends so far, have been reported missing under strange circumstances", Power Girl addressed. "Lately, we had managed to find what could be useful as evidence. Just outside the city, we found a pair of specially designed daggers right next to a tor, and we believe they may belong to Global Guardian member, Fleur-de-lis".

"Fleur-de-lis is missing?" Miss Action took sudden note. "I like that lady, I dare even I might've had bit of a crush on her". She blushed and muttered under her breath.

"And what are you here for anyway?" Moon Maiden asked.

"Oh basically, I heard that Kryptonita was smuggling herself along with a few crates of kryptonite all the way here to Gotham", Miss Action explained.

"Huh, of course someone would", Supergirl sighed with a huff. "As if things weren't already getting messy and troublesome enough around here".

"Well then in that case", Power Girl spoke to Miss Action. "Moon Maiden here shall help you out in finding Kryptonita. She's not kryptonian so she's more likely to withstand any radiation".

"Will do", Moon Maiden nodded before walking over next to Miss Action. "Do you remember the last time you saw her?"

"She was in the docks when I caught up to her, but after a brief chase and fight, she managed to get away", Miss Action said before pumping a fist down to herself.

"Do you know which direction she headed off to?" Moon Maiden asked.

"Hard to say, really", Miss Action shrugged. "Knowing her, she could end up in one place, then pop up in another".

"We could start underground, that's where I'm sure a lot of baddies would hide out in", Moon Maiden suggested.

"Yeah, that would work", Miss Action agreed. "Any of you know where the nearest underground tube is?"

"I think there might be one further down there", Moon Maiden pointed west into the city before lifting herself off the ground with her power of gravity manipulation. "Let's go".

"Right behind ya, mate", Miss Action said before she too levitated with the natural kryptonian ability of flight.

With that, Supergirl and Power Girl waved them a brief good luck.

"You think Alex and Ava will be okay, Kiri?" Supergirl asked Power Girl.

"I'm sure they'll be once we find them, Kara", Power Girl assured her twin sister. "I've good enough faith they'll maintain good strength".

Elsewhere in the city of Gotham, atop one of the many short buildings compared to the high and mighty skyscrapers, stood a lone individual figure with one foot raised and placed on a ledge. With a stare as cold as stone, a woman with raven-black hair wore a tight black suit with hood, skirt, and a few dull-red trims, and strapped around her back was a bow and quiver of arrows. She listened intently and attentively to the urban ambiance around her, the distant and muffled sounds of engines humming, police sirens, and even a few screeching tyres and honking horns that reverberated into the atmosphere.

The woman watched intently and silently at the city all around, the few waves of gusting wind barely swaying or deterring her. Glancing down, she could see a few small signs of cars moving on back and forth in the streets below, even a couple of people walking by in nearly the exact same way. Glancing up, she could see that, even when the skies were completed coated in thick layers of cloudy grey, the sun was already setting away once more, as those greys were changing into troubled shades of red, crimson, orange, and amber.

"Hello, Nyssa", a familiar and husky feminine voice spoke closely behind the woman, causing her to take her foot off the ledge and turn back to see who that voice may belong to.

There, right in front of a partially open and slightly swinging metal door, stood a slightly-older woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white shirt opened by a few top buttons within a suit jacket and trousers of matching black. She stared back at Nyssa al Ghul with weary yet content eyes, hands placed firmly on hips, and stiff lips that twitched enough to barely hint a smile.

"Ava?" Nyssa recognised. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, just looking for you", Ava Sharpe responded. "And possibly some other people as well".

"I suppose you also heard of what's been going on lately," Nyssa leant back casually with arms crossed and folded. "With the missing people?"

"Yes, I have", Ava started slowly strutting towards Nyssa, one step at a time. "In fact, I got to experience it myself. And it made me a whole other person".

"What do you mean?" The still defiant Nyssa questioned, arms letting down to her side, and her brow furrowing while a hint of blushed red could be seen in her face.

"Let's just say I've had a little encounter with someone..." Ava vaguely said as she stepped even closer to Nyssa. "...and it changed me from the inside, made me better, made me braver, made me stronger". She reached for Nyssa while gazing deeply into her. "You can be stronger too, Nyssa. You can be forever, more powerful if you join in me, in her".

Unintentionally skipping a breath or two, Nyssa tried desperately to keep herself stern and restraint, but this new and differently-acting Ava was sneaking freely and openly through all her defences, lightly tipping them down one by one as the legend closed in physically before the assassin. Unable to look away from Ava's sweet and enticing blue glare, Nyssa felt a spark of arousal deep within while her muscles, her very body soon lifted down into yielding. Her eyes dilated under fluttering lids as her lips quivered from Ava's own inching forth towards her.

Then with eyes closing shut, the lips of Ava and Nyssa finally made contact and softly pressed into each other. As they hummed and let out air through their nostrils, their bodies joined together as well like two perfect puzzle pieces. Ava carefully cupped her mild hand around the smooth and soft skin of Nyssa's neck, while Nyssa in turn put her hands around Ava's buttocks. Their inseparable lips briefly parted open for their tongues to caress one another as well. Nyssa's once cool and calculating demeanour had been been swayed and swept aside under Ava's strangely dominating presence.

The young assassin found herself already sandwiched between the ledge behind her and the legend right in front of her, not that she even minded this at all, especially when said legend was feeling right up at her and and kissing every visible part of her skin. Running her tongue Ava could feel Nyssa's body already warming on within her clothes and uniform. She could even sense the blood pumping up through the heart and veins, heating with every beat. And yet, she still crazed for more, but knew she had to place her victim over the edge into total bliss before she would make her strike.

Ava's right hand then snuck its way under Nyssa's overcoat dress and down over her tight leggings, snaking for the core itself. Feeling such cold fingers creaking and rubbing inside her, Nyssa's body lightly rolled as she let out a low moan. Grinning at this initial response, Ava inserted two middle fingers into the delicate and sensitive folds. She then began moving her fingers slightly out and back in with a slow yet rhythmic pace. And with each and every thrust of such fingers, Nyssa emitted a gasp of heavy air from her twitching lips as parts of her body drenched in chilling sweat.

Nyssa kept her right hand clutched to Ava's left buttock cheek, while her left grabbed onto the ledge behind her, both hands gripping equally tight. Ava herself planted more kisses into that gulping neck, thirsting for her even more and eventually increasing the speed of her loose fingers. And as those fingers went even faster and deeper, Nyssa bucked her hips back and forth almost as hard and fast. Her head hung back, with her neck and chest arched out and forth, giving Ava more opportunity to kiss and suckle some more with her lips. The blonde then moved up her head closely into the noirette's ear.

"This is how you like it, huh?" Ava said with a slithery tone. "How you love it? The way I drive you up like this". She then softly kissed and fiddled with her tongue.

Nyssa could only reply with a light squirm and a trembling nod of her head, unable to deny the deep ocean of pleasure she was drowning in. Her mind rushed with lustful thoughts, her lungs wheezed with exhausted air, her heart thumped with rapidity, and her clit tugged and ached for more, begging to be released. She kept on grinding hard against Ava's hand and fingers, her legs even wobbled under the pleasuring pressure and the weight of Ava's power.

Soon at last, as she let out her final groan, Nyssa felt her core burst forth and expel her fluids for Ava. The blonde woman even felt the liquid leaking intensely and coating her hand, eventually slowing down her pace before pulling out and guzzling on her own fingers. This juice was warm and sweet to the touch of her lips and tongue, but Ava soon turned her focus back at the dazed Nyssa. Ava's eyes of white and blue soon turned to black and yellow, revealing her true corrupted nature.

With Nyssa's neck still arched and exposed before her, Ava dug her fanged teeth into it with ease, immediately tasting the spew of blood warmed up by the sex. Nyssa herself could do very little to nothing as a means to protest against this sudden physical move, only let out a grunt as her skin started to pale. Ava knew that she could only drink up so much blood so that someone like Nyssa would still have some remaining within and wouldn't slip away completely.

Ava bit into her own right wrist just as deeply so that her own blood would spew as well, then she planted the bleeding wound right into Nyssa's open mouth. With still a little bit of life left in her for the moment, Nyssa gulped down the dark tainted liquid, being greeted with a bittersweet taste. Instantly, such contamination flowed through into her defenceless systems, causing Nyssa's cold body to jerk up in reaction. She felt like her bloodstreams were freezing up like rivers of ice. Veins darkened in her skin, and tears of dark-red leaked from her eyes before they briefly squeezed shut. She clawed her fingers into Ava's jacket, nearly tearing in the fabric, not that this proved to be anyway inconvenient to Ava herself.

Once Nyssa had finally turned within and out, she passed a final breath of mortality. A pair of fangs had grown from her own teeth, and her lids pulled open to unveil piercing bright-blue irises against black sclera with dark circles around her eyes. Her mind filled with darkness like the void or a blackout, the vampirised Nyssa glanced up to face Ava, who smiled and gazed back down at her with that same sharp and enticing look in her own corrupted eyes.

"How do you now feel?" Ava asked with that dark husky tone, feeling up Nyssa's neck with her chilling yet embracing hands.

"I now feel..." The enthralled Nyssa answered and paused. "...nothing..." Looking around with her changed eyes, she could see anything and everything much sharper and clearer than she already could before, a thousand beating hearts throbbed between her ears. "...and everything". Whatever past dream or memory she may've had in her mind had all nearly been blurred together into near-pitch-black with flashes of red.

"Do you thirst for more blood?" Ava questioned further.

"Yesss..." Nyssa hissed in submission, smothering her dried up throat with her tongue.

"How much?"

"So badly, so hungry..." Nyssa uttered weakly, the lingering dark taste within her mouth was already starting to torment her.

The blonde woman grinned further from such answers as she . "Well then, in that case..." Ava pulled up Nyssa into yet another deep kiss full of breath exchanging. Once again did their blood-coated tongues embrace each other, almost dancing in a silent waltz. Then as their lips parted, so did their tongues, albeit still briefly connected with a mix of blood and saliva.

"Let's go find Sara..." The vampiric Ava Sharpe spoke once more and ordered the turned Nyssa al Ghul. "...and bring her over to us".

Meanwhile, Kryptonita continued to flee and hide from the presence of her kryptonian nemesis, even when she knew she had lost her. She mainly snuck under passageways and through open sewers, even if much to her cringing disgust and displeasure. Soon enough, she had made it to the big green park area within the centre of the city, where no human life-form could be seen nearby for the moment.

Kryptonia carried on hastening through the green park beneath the cloudy twilight sky, dashing from behind tree to behind another tree, as she kept at least one firm eye out for anyone pursing her or walking along any of the grey pavement paths. Eventually, she found herself walking up to an ageing archway with grey stone pillars, barely open and slightly rusty iron gates that creaked with even the slightest of movements, and a spindly black metal arc over such. Nearly all of it were enveloped with the leaves and vines of Autumn. Glancing and spotting a plaque on one of the two pillars, Kryptonia looked over to see the exact words in such.

"Gotham Cemetery", Kryptonia read quietly, resting one hand on her hip. "I'm sure no normal person would even think of hiding out here... Unless they're some gothy-emo-poser".

Without another thought, Kryptonita walked to the side and climbed over the stone wall and metal spikes, none of which proved even a slight hindrance to her and her crystalline form. Once she was in, she walked and wondered about for a bit, looking at many of the tombstones and headcrosses and passing by like she was a museum of the dead. She knew that someone as young and naive as Miss Action would hesitate in venturing into such a place as unsettling as this.

After a short whole of strolling through the graveyard like a literal walk in the park, Kryptonita found her attention ensnared by a particular tomb. Or at least what seemed to resemble a tomb of sorts, whose metal door was embedded with a prominently rounded mask-like face that ended in a thin, pointy chin. Its expression was almost that of an ominous smirk, but perhaps what most especially got the woman's centre of focus were its eyes. or lack thereof. The right one seemed to show nothing but a deep black shadowy hole in its place. While the left showed a rocky bulge from which a crack ran down the face, almost resembling a tear in a way.

Staring back at such a face, and superficially being stared back at in return, didn't seem to affect Kryptonia in any outward way possible. But as she kept looking at it with head tilted aside, her mind drifted with curiosity, wondering who or what could be buried deep behind there. She figured that the face on the door would likely be a way to intimidate and ward off any potentially weak-willed grave-robber, like a gargoyle. But such superstition was certainly below this individual, she had been through much worse and stranger. What even is there to be warned about anyway?

"Hmm, I wonder what or who could be in there", Kryptonita pondered to herself, hand on chin.

Walking forth towards the door, she morphed her right hand into a large, thick spike of Kryptonite before using it to pierce through the iron door, pull it off free from its aged rusty hinges, and chuck it aside. She looked inside to see a straight flight of stars descending into seemingly nothing but pure darkness. But even this didn't exactly put off Kryptonita in any significant way. In fact, she felt somehow drawn to the dark. And so, with a bit of a glow from her crystal body, she stepped firmly down the steps.

Continuing on her lustful hunt for both the weak-willed and the strong-willed, Carmilla patiently strolled her way just outside a seemingly derelict construction site, bathed under the united glows of various streetlights and floodlights, all of which were barely a hindrance to her, if even at all. She knew full well that artificial light like these could do nothing to her, unlike real direct sunlight.

Just then, her high hearing senses picked a swooshing sound close by, forcing the vampiress to quickly turn her head to her right to a silhouetted figure pouncing on top on a wall like a feline creature. With eyes focused, Carmilla could gradually see more detail of this individual. A human-cheetah hybrid of sorts with long wild gingery hair, wearing a high-neck cropped tight muscle tank top, that showed off her furry midriff in full view, and shorts of matching black.

Barbara Ann Minerva, the Cheetah herself, leaped off the wall and into the open and empty streets, looking about with bright-brown eyes as her long tail swayed from side to side. Watching such a swift and graceful figure, Carmilla's blood-crimson lips formed a clear smile before she began walking forth towards the Cheetah. The predatory Cheetah would very soon become the prey.

"Oooo my, what a fine beast you are, my dear", Carmilla spoke, instantly catching Cheetah's attention. "You look like you're quite the feisty, dominating type. I really like that in a woman".

"Huh, thanks", Cheetah cocked a brow of confusion as she gazed back at the other unusual-looking woman. "Never seen you before".

"Of course you haven't", Carmilla said back, slowly advancing. "Till now".

"So are you some new supervillain that just moved into town?" Cheetah guessed, leaning back against a street lamp as her tail went around its base.

"You can say that", Carmilla hinted, walking up to the feline female. She towered over Cheetah, just like she did with Ava, gazing deeply at all that fur, and gently ran a stroking hand down Cheetah's bicep. The spotty fur felt just as smooth as it looked to the vampire's sight.

Freezing up a bit, Cheetah could feel a skip of her otherwise strong heart and even a chill run all the way down to the very end and tip of her tail. Their bodies magnetised and slowly pressed together, starting with the hips and all the way up to their chests.

"Mmmm, I really like strong girls like you", Carmilla uttered with a hissing tone right into Cheetah's perked up ears. "So perfect and irresistible".

With such a voice like that snaking its way into her ears, Cheetah's mind was sent roused up and racing. Her tail twitched and her eyes fluttered, she had already been put under Carmilla's thrall. "Almost as irresistible as you," Cheetah muttered with a drained tone, no question and all submission.

"Indeed, who can resist me?" Carmilla asked with her lips just barely centimetres from Cheetah's.

And such a question would remain unanswered as those lips soon sealed and their eyes closed shut together. With such a unique taste of their mouths, both women quietly moaned and purred together in a dark passionate harmony. Cheetah grasped her hands around Carmilla's smooth buttock cheeks, covered only by her red dress.

Their bodies grounded and melded into one sensual entity, their tongues massaged each other, and their nostrils emitted mild vapours into the grungy air. Carmilla took her time in putting this Cheetah into deep sexual bliss, as she had so far with previous enthralled and corrupted victims as of late. Killing, slaughtering, and taking lives while giving and offering none in return didn't seem to be all that satisfying enough.

Carmilla's right hand slowly snaked its way down Cheetah's fuzzy torso until they reached those black shorts and slipped right under, causing Cheetah herself to gasp and flinch in further arousal. After a few seconds of spiralling and teasing, her two middle fingers slipped right into the wet core, pumping at the very inner walls. Cheetah's hips started to buck with those sharp fingers, constricting around them.

Normally, with any other person in any other circumstance, Cheetah would be the dominating one, but with this strange seductress, she was now the one being forced to submit. And yet she couldn't defy or resist anyway, such sensual urges and stimulations were too much to turn away from.

Moving down, Carmilla pulled down the shorts to Cheetah's knees with her free left hand and released her tongue to share with the fingers on the indulgence of the fuzzy clit. Cheetah continued moaning and grunting even louder, her very body arching up and nearly slipping down. Her grip on Carmilla grew even stronger and yet weaker at the same time.

Soon enough, Cheetah finally released her own clear sticky essence unto Carmilla's face and palm, but as the mistress herself licked up the liquid whole, she would then go for another bodily fluid. Carmilla sunk her teeth onto one of Cheetah's thighs, drawing enough sweet blood to taste and ingest as Cheetah herself couldn't even bother to flinch, only wince.

Once she had the cheetah's share, Carmilla bit into her own left index finger until her dark blood had been drawn before dipping it into Cheetah's mouth to be licked and sucked up. Immediately, Cheetah began turning in subtle ways, her eyes turned magenta and black, and her fangs grew even sharper than they already were.

To be continued...