Chapter One

Location: C.K.S.A. Inter-Quarters, Washington, United States

Timedate: 30th September 2014, four months after the battle of San Francisco

In the base of the Counter-Kaiju Secret Agency, newly established underneath wraps in the aftermaths of the titanic battle of San Francisco, a few several people marched down a sterile hallway. The leader of which was a stern butch woman of early forties, with pouty lips and an intense stare. Ahead, they entered through automated doors where on the other side waited a tall pale man, with white hair, goatee, and a sunken grin, dressed in a brown suit and jeans.

"Mister Cameron Winter," she recognised.

"Miss Zoe Packard, I presume?" the man spoke back.

"I imagine you have our volunteers up and running."

"Indeed they are, or at least they shall be once they get through the upgrades alive, that is."

With that, they carried on into the elaborate hall ahead. Across the corridor, within both sides, were several small isolated sterile rooms, each containing a certain individual human on a special bed of sorts. Accompanying each of them, a doctor in full white seemed to be preparing something rather special. Clutched in their gloved hands were a syringe containing a dark reddish liquid.

Once Zoe, Cameron, and their assistants met up with the head scientists in charge, they closely observed their tests.

"So how are things going here?" Zoe Packard questioned.

"Yes, of course," Cameron nodded before turning to one of the scientists. "Sir?"

"Our first twenty subjects are in place, ma'am," the main scientist confirmation. "With physical and mental stabilities at a hundred percent and the kaiju DNA we obtained from the wreckage in Janjira, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, they're ready for augmentation."

"Good," the leader huffed. "Then let's begin officially commencing of Project Theseus."

"Right away," the assistant rushed to duty.

With the signal given with consent, each of the subjects were then injected with the peculiar serum, causing them to flinch in reaction. Some even began slowly mutating, growing and developing bulbous scales and glowing veins. With it, slow, sharp, shearing pain struck the patients' bodies, causing them to stiffen and shriek. While Zoe Packard looked on with empty apathy, Camerin Winter stared with intent glee.

"Old Mister Nickels wouldn't know what hit him and his merry friends," Cameron snickered.

"Monarch may think they can protect their monsters," she boasted. "But we'll prove to be the true saviours of humanity, the next step in evolution..."

Location: Lake Tazawa, Northern Japan

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, the deepest lake in all of Japan seemed still and tranquil, almost perfectly reflecting the snow-capped mountains that surrounded it. The sun's rays glistened off and at the watery surface. However, far beneath its deceiving appearance, in the depths of the floor, something was stirring suddenly yet gracefully. The small fish that inhabited the lake all quickly fled the area, easily spooked by what was occurring.

Several bubbles were emitted from the brief cracks of a barely enclosed entrance before the rocks sealing it were all pushed wide open and aside by the mighty claws of an unusual creature. Emerging from the crevice, the strange titan mightily swam upward with long stretched slender arms, revealing his smooth membrane wings, and through the depths darkened enough to conceal him from curious sight. The winged amphibian beast grumbled as tiny bubbles emitted from his toothy mouth, relieved to be free from the long and seemingly endless caverns of the hollow earth.

Looking up, the beast spotted the daylight sun distorted by the rippling surface of the water. He soon sensed the presence of others like him from above and beyond the surface of the large lake, others who fed on and absorbed radiation for power like he did, others who came from and hid in the hollow earth like he did, others who had an equal role and place in the order and balance of nature like he did, others who fought and competed in order to be ruler and authority of Titans.

Titan Bio - Varan

Monarch Designation: Varan

Classification: Titanus Baran/Baradagi

Nature: Bio-aerodynamic/Tri-phibian

Height: 159 feet

Length: 482 feet

Wingspan: Unknown

Behaviour: Unknown

Range: Worldwide

To be continued...