I NEED HELP LOOKING FOR A FIC - I think I have read it from Archive of Our Own but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I need help finding one of my favorite Hobbit stories. Female Bilbo/Thorin fic. They met before the quest one night stand together after she helped him during a storm. He leaves the following morning but what he didn't know was Bilbo was pregnant. After they see each other in her home at the start of the journey to reclaim Erebor, female Bilbo explains that their child will die without Thorin present during pregnancy and birth. They are soulmates. Fem Bilbo also has books about different kinds of dragons.

Making Arrangements and Meeting the Valar

Months after the Final Battle of Hogwarts, Rosetta was lost. She had lost and endured so much pain and heartache, and it seemed it was all for naught. What was the point of going on when there was nothing left to fight for? All of her friends were now deceased, along with the last remaining link to her parents. Remus Lupin had been like an uncle, and now he was gone. Rosetta had also lost her Godchild. Teddy was murdered for no other reason besides that he was the offspring of a werewolf.

Rosetta felt as though she was drowning. She knew that she had to get away before she did something drastic. Before she took her life and joined those she cared about in the afterlife. But she didn't want to spit on their sacrifice. They gave their lives for her. She would honor them. Rosetta had been searching and planning since just after the battle. Since she had nothing left, she sold her properties and gave Grimmauld Place to Andromeda Tonks, and set up Potter Castle as an orphanage for magical children. Rosetta had also set aside vaults for Andy and the orphanage as she had inherited many different fortunes after the war. The one final thing she did for the wizarding world was set up a foundation for those in need, and she helped rebuild.

You see, Rosetta has always had a talent for Architecture. She could build beautiful structures that lasted for years. No one had known about what she could do as she wanted something to be kept secret. Rosetta felt she had the right to privacy. Anyway, the one place that she worked on the most, was Hogwarts. Everyone in the wizarding world was stunned when the school was rebuilt in a year, instead of taking years because the school had been destroyed during the war with just the Great Hall still standing.

But the shining star of the rebuild was Ravenclaw Tower. Rosetta may not have been a Ravenclaw, but she spent a lot of time there than anyplace else due to being bullied by everyone in Gryffindor due to not conforming to their idea of what she should be. The only people in Gryffindor that she loved and thought of as family was the Weasley children and Neville. Anyway, the Ravenclaw Tower was the first venture Rosetta started and finished in just under two months. It had gotten the most damaged during the battle. Everyone was surprised and stunned that the Tower had been rebuilt beyond the timescale they had thought that it would have taken. Seemingly, overnight, it had sprung back up. Renewed. Robust. Beautiful…Completely alien.

Under Rosetta's hammer, wand, and passion with others under her direct orders, the once thin, elegant tower had become something else. Foreign. Strange. The design became geometric, sleek, simple but somehow contrarily intricate, with cutting edges, harsh lines, and regal corners. The window's great square arches were stunning but daunting. It became hard to tell where the stones were, where one slab ended and the other began, as the tower became almost water-like, coherent, and glossy. The top crenulations became imposing, haunting juts of granite that cast their shadows deep and large across the grounds. Gone were the gentle receptions of circular simplicity, replaced by rectangular power, a dare almost, an invitation to try and knock this tower down. By the end, it was completely, utterly, conclusively Rosetta.

After rebuilding the Castle, Rosetta was thrilled because she had nothing else to help with. It was time to get on with her plan to leave. She never planned to return to a world that was the cause of so much heartache. Rosetta researched different worlds, she found the one that was closest to her own. Before she cast the spell, Rosetta closed down all of her vaults. The vaults consisted of the Prince and Snape family as Severus Snape had been the reason for her parents being murdered, the LeStrange family due to Right of Conquest, the Black family as Sirius, her Godfather gave her everything upon his death. Rosetta was the magical heiress of Merlin and Morgana, but she only took some stuff and left the fortunes inside to further help the wizarding world rebuild. And come to find out, she was the bloodline heiress of the four founders, and again, she only took some stuff along with half of each fortune and leaving the rest for Hogwarts. The last vaults she shut down were her family vaults, which consisted of Potter, Peverell, and Evans. Her mother had opened the last one since her parents gave her everything as Petunia had been disowned upon marrying a vile man.

After shutting down her vaults, Rosetta flooed to Godric's Hollow, and sorted through everything, and destroying the dark items. Everything consisted of portraits of her family, dating back to the beginning of her bloodlines, family Grimoires, weapons, journals, books, jewelry, many different fabrics, trunks, plant seeds, mundane and magical, and lastly, clothing, which she noted her medieval style.

She knew it was a lot but Rosetta wasn't willing to part with anything. But the most important items she had were the family rings, worn by each previous head. But the items she treasured most were her parent's wedding rings and wands. She also had the wands that had belonged to Sirius, Remus, the Weasley's, Hermione, and Luna. She would have had Neville's but she knew that Nev's family would want it buried with him.

Now you would imagine that Rosetta had no need for weapons, or that she didn't know how to use them, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You see, the war had gone on for four long years, and in that time, she became a Master in both weapons training and Hand-to-Hand combat. Now normally it would take twice as long to gain a Mastery, but considering Rosetta spent time in a Time Dome with her friends for eight years, a week in a year. The weapons Rosetta uses most were the sword, dagger, and bow. But she favored the sword.

As Rosetta finished packing everything into her trunk, she took one last look around, before entering the ritual circle. It was time to heal. Just as she cast the spell, she appeared in front of three female beings. She could sense something powerful around them.

"Greetings Rosetta Potter," came a melodic voice that seemed to echo from all around.

"Who are you?" she questioned the women.

"We are of the Valar," says the one with flowers decorating her dark free-flowing hair. "I am Yavanna young one. I am a protector and creator of life, mostly that of plant life,"

"You may call me Vaire. I am the Valar of Fate, my weaving depicts the future for all and you have far surpassed any and all trials put to you," proclaims the lady on the right with hair pale as the moon.

Rosetta had to suppress the need to curse this being to Hell and back for the sheer nerve she had to appear before her. Vaire seemed to have read her thoughts because she appeared to be distressed.

"I am Nienna," spoke the one in the middle. She wore clothes of gray and black and had a somber expression upon her face. "I am the Valar of mercy and hope after grief. I have watched your trials and would wish upon you a brighter future,"

"No disrespect intended, but that was the point of the ritual. I needed to get away from the heartache," she said confused.

"We know. We also know that you chose a world closer to your own, but it would be a mistake because you would have found yourself in more pain. More than what you have lived with," Vaire explained.

"Then, where am I going?" Rosetta asked.

"We are sending you to Middle Earth. You will find your soulmate in the form of one of my creations. You will know him on sight. But you will also find a family in the form of my husband's creations," Yavanna explained.

"You will keep your magic, but you will not need your wand to channel it any longer. But you will have an added gift of being an Elemental. As we have watched over you since the day you were born, we know that you will not abuse this gift," Nienna explained.

"What else do I need to know?" Rosetta asked.

"One last thing; now it is time for you to go to sleep. When next you wake, you will be in your new home with all the knowledge you need. The remaining time starts to count down from the moment you awaken," they said before she felt herself being transported as she fell asleep.

Word Count: 1,468