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[i]'magical or technological communication'[/i]



*sound effect or onomatopoeia*

Now, to the story!


A New Invitation

After a few years after the coronation of the princess of friendship Twilight Sparkle as monarch of Equestria, many things happened in the global arena, but the one who most enjoyed concreted plans was the sorcerer king Ainz Ooal Gown; or at least that is the statement of the individuals around the Overlord itself.

In the opinion of Demiurge, the guardian of the seventh floor of the great Tomb of Nazarick, the first 40 years of the 10,000 year plan, have unfolded as his master wishes, he only regrets not being able yet to see beyond of the goals for the next 200 years, he is still struggling to understand the magnificence of the plans of the supreme ruler of Nazarick.

According to Chrysalis, the current deputy director of the secret service of the sorcerer kingdom, the last 39 years have been the best of her entire existence, not only her power increased considerably, since the new drones that her master gave her, require a minimum amount of love to survive, which has allowed her to increase its reserves considerably, she is currently perfectly capable of fighting hand to hand without being easily defeated with Solution Epsilon or Yuri Alpha of the Pleiades, without the use of magic or special abilities, although still She cannot beat them, for the rest of the world she is now practically invincible, in her opinion, the greatness and intelligence of her master has no comparison whatsoever, with the time she has spent training and everything she has learned in the grave, she was finally able to understand the opinion of the rest about Ainz-sama, he is definitely a supreme being, someone who is above the gods, so it is natural that his plans work perfectly.

For Tempest Shadow, there is no one more suitable to serve, so every several years she consumes one or two of Idunn's apples in her food, which renew the youth of her body, which was a reward after completing an operation in the one that eliminated all the survivors of the collapse of the barrier who formed an alliance to try to attack the sorcerer kingdom for revenge, the mission lasted little more than two years, however she was able to find each and every one of the rebels killing the ones that were fighting and capturing those who surrender, once her task was completed, when reporting her success, she expressed that she did not want more than to serve her lord and regretted that hers body would age and stop being useful to her master, it goes without saying that those words won the approval of not only Ainz, but Albedo and the rest of the guardians, so when she was asked if her desire was to serve her master eternally, and she answered affirmatively, he revealed that even the old age has a solution, and from that moment, the dedication of the unicorn towards her master grew at a level similar to that of the Guardians.

For Twili, who after the combination of the worlds, decided to do his higher studies at the faculty of Yamaiko, located in the sorcerer realm, where she obtained great results in magitech, and later worked under the director Clobber Mustang at the Center for Magical-Tecnológical Development Amanomahitotsu, from whom she learned everything she could, becoming her second in command, later, after his retirement, she was appointed chief director, where she has served since then and where she hopes to last for a long, long time, since, apparently, when the barrier fell and was permanently transformed, she received a longevity similar to that of alicorns, according to her own studies, she and the Faust sisters are now a subspecies of alicorn that has the longevity but not the physical endurance, something that she did not notice until the maturity was present in her friends but not in her; At this time she was ecstatic, announcing the latest advances in her field to the supreme ruler, as well as presenting him with the semifinal prototypes of said research for his approval, her main objective was to one day be able to achieve something that approached the perfection of Shizu or CZ-2128-Delta, as it was introduced when it was in the palace of the Sorcerer Kingdom for the first time; Upon being summoned to receive the job offer, she met for the first time the true nature of her friend, it was certainly a shock when she discovered that another of her friends was an automaton, but it was not until the Pleiad took off the patch and an arm in demonstration that the news could finally be absorbed by her mind, at first she felt betrayed by the fact that she had hidden the truth from her, but when the Sorcerer King revealed to her that Yuri and Shizu were monitoring the progress of the barrier and ensuring the safety of everyone at CHS, she was able to calm down and understand, plus her smile only returned when she approached her with the permission of her master and put her a sticker on her cheek with her usual 'cute', even today, that moment is still one of the most treasured by her for being the confirmation that their friendship was real, and the memory always prompts her to smile.

For Shalltear Bloodfallen, it was another day like any other, the only thing that still held her attention was the imposing figure of her master, if it weren't for him, all the animals that inhabit this world would be nothing more than waste, only the greatness and compassion of A supreme being is able to achieve the miracle that is observed today throughout the world, with the development of the kingdom, many things began to be born and some of the guardians began with the practice of hobbies outside their duties in Nazarick at the request of Ainz; She, at first, could not find anything that caught her attention, until the day she saw a play, which to be honest, totally captured her interest, which prompted her to learn more about art and over the years she became a patron who promotes the arts in order to beautify the kingdom of her master, she was the founder of the Blodfallen School of Higher Art, where students can learn dance, sculpture, painting, goldsmithing, theater, architecture, drawing and much more, in short any type of art, this was undoubtedly her greatest achievement for benefit of the kingdom of his master and soon, the first classes will graduate with exhibitions of their works, where the most outstanding works of each category, will be received as complements for the palace.

Sebas Tian, chief steward of the great Tomb of Nazarick, was standing to the right of the room as were the rest of those present, while the director of the Amanomahitotsu Center for Magical-Technological Development, standing in front of the throne, reported her most recent findings; Seeing the expression of emotion and dedication in the young woman, filled the heart of the steel butler with joy, for him those expressions reflected the compassion and kindness of his master who allowed this world to flourish properly under his firm and fair hand.

Albedo, the supervisor of the guardians and second in command of the kingdom, was as always next to her beloved, the current smile on her face was one of the most genuine she had ever had, this was not only due to the resounding success of the Overlord's at his side plans that began as soon as he realized the change in dimension, without a doubt the success of the Diamond Dogs as incorruptible worshipers and officials who served the kingdom mainly as evaluators and/or experts in investigations of any kind, also the fact that the Griffins became one of the most devoted to the service of the empire, mainly as soldiers, messengers or public workers, as well as the great technological developments that were constantly being implemented little by little and with which, the entire world and information in it will always be in the hands of the Sorcerer King, the memory was still very clear, when a few decades ago, the first Nazarick satellite created by Cobbler was launched, which served as a substitute for its predecessors that with the gravitational change of the planet during the collapse fell to the earth and within a few months, the new version would be launched through which absolutely all the information of the planet would circulate, and all this was possible only by the grace and compassion of her beloved, she looked forward to seeing the next steps in her husband's plans; as time passed in the room, her hands were occupied with two things, linked in front of her, her left hand, playing adoringly with the ring on her right ring finger, while she constantly caressed her belly, looking to the right of her beloved, she could see her great pride, her first-born, who a few weeks ago turned 8 years old, his birth was celebrated by the entire empire with joy and pride, while in her womb was her second pride, the child that was to be born in a few months; As she partially listened to the verbal report of the almost human Twilight, her eyes briefly crossed with Shalltear, her rival in love, who like her, her belly also indicated that she was just a few months away from giving birth, understanding and peace between them was difficult to reach, but thanks to her lover it was finally achievable and now the looks and discussions between them were more in a tone of friendly competition most of the time, next to the vampire, holding her hand, a small boy of scarce 5 years of age held her right hand.

While seated on the throne, decked out in his night-black robe with purple and gold accents, stood the supreme master of life and death, pondering all the reports he had been hearing that day.

They have been great years, it is a pity that I have not found more traces of other players in the world, but thanks to the relative peace and good development of the empire, everything has gone perfectly, practically the whole world belongs to me, in fact Everything is under my control but a small part is not, at least in public view, but I feel that something is missing, I mean, my current life is great, I have a loving and dark wife and a depraved and dark one hehehehe, what more a man can ask if it is possible for him to have any kind of fun that he can think of in bed, ahem, but this is not the time for those thoughts, I also have my two children and two more are on the way, when I was still in my old Earth and Yggdrasil was just a game, I never imagined that one day I would be a father, the company that I created to get me away from the stress of governing now dominates all the markets of the world and thanks to the innovations in magical technology, this world will not be destroyed by pollution like my old one, with time and everything that I have studied from the great library and what I have learned about my current condition, now I can do things like this, ramble in my thoughts while my mind takes and catalogs the information that happens around me, this has released much of the pressure on my mind, *shigh*, but I think I would like some action, explore the unknown, in short, go on adventures...

The Overlord's thoughts were cut off and he returned to the present, when the non-princess Twilight finished her report.

"And that concludes my report regarding the latest advances and new research Ainz Ooal Gown-sama."

"Umu, good job Miss Twilight, I am pleased with your progress, I hope the launch of the new satellite takes the same due diligence."

… Be… is… quel… art… l'uni… ma… su… me,… et… ante… lle qu… fo… moi… ise F… e… nc d… Va… heh… pri… écou… mon ap… l… rep… ma p….

"I assure you that all our efforts at this time are aimed at making everything run smoothly, we will not let you down!"

While he spoke and received the answer, he seemed to hear a strange sound in the background, as if someone were whispering something incomprehensible, this caught the Overlord's attention, but when he saw that no one else seemed to hear it, he decided to ignore it.

It seems like I'm tired, I think I'm hearing things... although... isn't that supposed to be impossible?

A ma ser… est quelq… dans l '…. grand… divin… la plu… puissa… qui exis… du cœu… Louis… çoise le… la Valliè… prie d'é… appel et… ma priè…

But his thoughts were interrupted for a second time, only this was a little louder and he heard something else.

Wait, I think that's a different language, or so I think.

Only this time, there was a reaction in the room, a specialized protection unit made up of Hanzo's, EEA, and DK that were guarding the throne room of the Sorcerer Kingdom, found themselves in an instant protecting Albedo and Shalltear, while the rest of everyone present surrounded a fairly translucent emerald green magical disturbance that appeared in the center of the room, while Sebas, Chrysalis and Tempest surrounded what seemed to be some kind of spell unfolding, Demiurge and Twili rushed to analyze what It was happening, while the first watched the formation, the second studied it with her own magic in a hurry.

What the hell this happening?!, the castle is protected against information magic up to the seventh level, there cannot be a violation without alarms going off. -the Archdemon thought quite alarmed who was ready to summon his hordes as soon as necessary-


However, the surprised expression on Twilight's face told her that something strange was happening, even though it hurt him to admit it, the young woman's magical analysis was slightly below the capabilities of someone specialized in obtaining information like Nigredo, so his gaze focused on her waiting for the answer.

A ma servan… qui est quel… part dans l'u…, ma grande, s…, divine et l… puissante fam… exists, du f… heart, moi… Franço… Blanc de… je vous e… écoutez m… et s'il vous… répondre… prière.

Ainz heard the strange words again and watched as when they ended, the formation in the center of the room shone slightly in a wave started from the center and its color became more solid, this effect caught the attention of Twili who immediately repeated his Scanning, her mouth wide open and eyes wide open she turned immediately kneeling and reporting what she found.

"Ainz-sama!, if I may report!, this formation appears to be trying to summon something!"

"An invocation? What is trying to be summoned?!" -Tempest asked without looking away from the portal with her charged horn-

"No, nothing is going to come out of it, is here… to take something elsewhere."

This caused surprise in those present and intrigue in the Overlord.

Is it then a trap? No, I do not think that is it, if it were a trap it is totally useless, it is not selecting or forcing entry into it to anything or anyone.

A ma servante qui… quelque part dans l'uni… ma grande * snif *, supprême, di… et la plus puissa… famille qui existe * Snif, sob *… ond du cœur, moi Lo… Françoise le * sob, snif * Blanc de… llière, je vous en prie * snif, sob *… écoutez mon appe… s'il vous plaît répon… ma prière * sob, sob *.

Ainz's thoughts were again interrupted by the words that he could now almost identify, they were some cut off, but it was a language he had heard before.

That's French!, but it sounds choppy and it seems like a rather young voice, it also seems to have lost some of the nerve of the beginning, it sounds as if...

The emerald-colored oval shone again, solidifying even more, when realizing, Twilight turned her gaze to her back and immediately returned her to the front, with a gesture of the skeleton, she immediately approached and analyzed the portal again without moving from her place she announce the new data.

"It seems that with each flash the capacity of the portal increases! It is more and more stable for creatures or objects of greater power, at first an Ursa Major could be accepted by the spell, with the second flash, it would easily accept Discord, with the third, I think it might be possible that he accepted one of his magesty highest ranking subordinates, the power of the portal is practically beyond my analytical abilities."

Then we must move quickly, there is no time to lose!

"Demiurge, we must act fast, immediately bring the package that I ordered you to prepare for that special case!"


Doubt was shown for a second on the demon's face, but immediately the understanding came with a big smile and he immediately disappeared teleporting while a new thought danced in his mind.


And as soon as he disappeared, the orders continued.

"Tempest, Chrysalis, you may withdraw, this is not a threat, Miss Twilight, you may also withdraw, I'll be waiting for the news from the new satellite."

With permission received, the women bowed and left the room, then the voice returned.

A ma servante qui est quelque… dans l'univers * sob snif *, ma grande, sup… ine et la most puissante famille qu…, * snif * je vous en prie, du fond… on heart, moi * snif sob * Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Valli… vous en prie, je, Je * snif sob * vous en prie, écoutez mon a… et s'il vous plaît, * sob * s'il vous plaît, * sob snif *… ndez à ma first * snif snif sob *.

Through the words that were less and less cut and clearer, the Archdemon returned with a small backpack that was a smaller version of the infinite backpack, it could only carry 200 kilograms of material, but it had the shape to be secured to the thigh, he immediately gave it to his master, this activated Loki's ring, taking human form and while he was putting it on, he gave instructions to those present.

"Well, the time has come to take the next step..." No! wait!, damn I screwed up! I wanted to use the phrase from the moon landing! *shigh*

Demiurge's face reflected his great admiration for his lord after those words escaped his mout.

"Albedo, notify the rest of the guardians of the activation of the special plan, Demiurge, prepare everything necessary, even for the worst case scenario, Pandora must replace me while we make sure everything is in order."

As he spoke, he heard the words again, but this time they were loud and clear.

A ma servante * snif * qui est quelque part dans l'univers, ma * sob * grande, suprême, divine et la plus puissante * snif * famille who exists, je vous en prie * sob *, du fond de mon cœur * snif sob *, moi Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière * sob *, je vous en prie, * sob snif * je Je vous en prie * sob *, écoutez mon appel et s'il vous plaît * sob *, s'il vous plaît * sob snif *, replies à ma prière * sob sob snif *.

"The time has come."

AN: See the ending as the close-up with which each season of the Overlord anime ends, but since Ainz's face is covered by flesh, instead of the flame, only his eyes glow red.


I want to give my deepest thanks to all my readers for your continual support!, this work has reached its end but the story goes on in 'The Supreme Being of Zero' or 'El Ser Supremo de Zero', my original work is in Spanish and I'm not sure when or if is going to be translated to English, also if anyone want to know how Albedo and Shalltear got married and pregnant, I leave the link to that story In the story 'La Familia de un Overlord', is in Spanish and too sexual for fanfiction rules so its in PDF on my drive so enjoy!