The rights of the original works belong to Kugane Maruyama and Hasbro respectively, this is a work with the purpose of entertaining and if possible to get a smile.


EEA = Eight Edge Assassins, (I'll abbreviate because it's a hat to write it every time, Xd)

DK = Death Knight

SD = Shadow Demon

ES = Undead Emotional Suppressor.

This is a side story, a complement of AOGIE, and it's not necessary to read to understand the principal story; it is a direct and crude description of Chrysalis hardships under Ainz rule, in my opinion is one of the best villains if not the best of MLP series and this is her redemption from my perspective.

A Bug in the House

Walking through the corridors of the ninth floor of the great tomb of Nazarick, even with the shame of her weakness and the kneeling in front of the ruler of it, with sorrow for her shaming, shattered pride, the former queen of the changeling remained in absolute silence, still unable to accept the humiliation she had just suffered, she tried to distract herself by making conversation with whoever was walking beside.

* Glup * "S-so, are we... j-just for curiosity, how far are going to go?, Demiurge-sama."

"Mhn? Ah, don't worry, we're here."

The Archdemon opened the door to the right of the corridor making a hand signal to the former queen to enter, she, with many nerves and a slight tremor in her steps, entered the room and again was speechless, the room was much more luxurious than any other that she had ever visited, such was its wonder that inadvertently stopped after a few steps inside, but her state did not last long, the sound of the door closing brought her back to reality.

* Clack click *

"Get comfortable on the couch, this part will take some time."

Hearing the voice behind, she moved quickly to the side and after a moment followed the suited demon example when he took a seat.

Wow, this sofa is SO comfortable! -thought the Changeling-

"Well then let's start with the basics, what are the beginnings of your race?"

"Eh? ... ha! Yeah, uh, ahem, as far as I know, our race didn't exist more than a little over a thousand years ago, one or two hundred more or less, we weren't exactly born naturally."

"You mean your race was created?"

"Errr, something like that, I'm not really sure, what I do know is that we emerged from a dead log in a strange swamp."

"Mmmh, I see, and who was your first leader?"

"Since our appearance in this world I have always been the one and only leader of the changelings ... at least until recently." -said the last part with disdain the former queen-

"Oh? So that means your race is quite long-lived, doesn't it?"

"Not really, my drones went through at least seven generations, at least the oldest, but I haven't changed a bit since my birth."

"Interesting, that means that your origins will have to be investigated further to prevent any data to be missed, do you remember anything else about the place where you were born?"

"Yes, there was a sign fixed in the tree that gave a warning, so that no one should approach the place, if I remember correctly it was signed by Starswirl the Bearded."

"That's good, so now that he's back we have a chance to find out a lot more than we expected."

"He has come back?! But shouldn't he be dead?! He was just a unicorn, he could never have been over 200 years old!"

"Apparently he locked himself up, along with the first bearers of the elements to catch an adversary that they could not defeat, something pathetic indeed, after everything we had found out about him we expected more from his enemy."

"Huh, how?"

"That's right, Princess Twilight came across a diary that stated her latest feat and managed to free all the pillars again, but the villain they locked up was released at the same time, in the end, it turned out that it was a mere parasitic-demon which with twice the number of bearers was easily expelled him from its host. "

"A 'mere parasitic demon'? That doesn't sound so simple to me, I've never heard of demons in our world before."

"That has a simple answer, most demons of a decent level are capable of taking at least a different appearance, but let's leave that topic for another time, now, tell me everything you know about Equestria and all the surrounding nations, I want even the smallest information. "


Several hours later, when the night was already late, a mentally exhausted Changeling, following the indications of her guide, put on one of her hooves just barely touching the edge the coat that the demon was wearing, and suddenly the scene changed before her eyes, from a luxurious room that had everything, to be in a space of loose earth, when turning the view she realized immediately that was in the middle of a gigantic coliseum or arena, in the stands she could see a multitude of immobile figures and in front of her position a large box that was undoubtedly for very important individuals, while the mind of the former queen tried to process everything she saw, a familiar voice suddenly sounded at her side, making her jump in shock.



Seeing the changeling fall face down to the ground, Aura started the conversation with the newcomers, ignoring her state.

"What's up Demiurge? So soon did you finish the interview?" she asked, tilting her head and putting a hand on its chin while raising an eyebrow.

"At least for today, she actually has a lot more information than I expected, so as Ainz-sama ordered, I have brought her so you can help her to settle in your floor temporarily, so I leave her in your hands, I will return for her at dawn. " -said the demon bowing slightly before turning around and leaving-

"Ok, I'll take care of it, bye-bye."

After saying goodbye to the guardian of the seventh floor, Aura returned her gaze to the former queen.

"Well, first of all, let's take a walk around the floor so you know what areas you shouldn't go to if you want to stay alive."

Is it really that you're saying something so creepy with a smile like that on your face? -the changeling thought as she nodded and began to follow the little one-

After getting to know a good part of the sixth floor and coming across various creatures that would eat an Ursa Major for breakfast, there were several questions that continued to haunt Chrysalis's head, and she decided to ask some, so steeling her courage she tried its luck.

"Errrmmnn… Aura-sama?"


"May I ask you some questions?"

"I don't mind, but I won't answer anything on sensitive topics."

"Thank you, those beasts that we ran into earlier, are they originally from the grave?"

"Of course not, all those creatures are my pets."

"I see, and where do they come from?"

"They are all from different worlds, they are a gift from my creator Bukubukuchagama-sama; that there is the big hole, that is where Gashokukochuuou lives," -said trembling slightly- "and his children, I personally recommend you do not go near there to Unless you're running an errand, I mean, his personality isn't unpleasant, but for your sanity, stay away."

As she listened carefully to the words of the girl, swallowed hard thinking about what horrors there would be in there that even the powerful creature that accompanies her is afraid of it.

* Glup * Wait!, she just said other worlds?, so these supreme beings are perfectly capable of traveling between worlds?! Impossible!

Taking a few deep breaths to regain her calm, the former queen asked her next question.

"I see ... if I may ask, why do you and Demiurge-sama both call this place the sixth floor, even though we are outdoors and the sky is visible?"

"BWAHAHAHAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!" -Instead of an answer, what he got to his question was a loud laugh-

"Did I ask something inappropriate? If so, I deeply apologize." -she end up prostrating immediately in submission-

But what the hell is this creature laughing at? What did I do wrong?

While she was mentally furious, Chrysalis kept up appearances, it would be foolish to get mad at someone capable of crushing her shell with a single paw, but the response she received when the hatchling calmed down was so ridiculous, that she would have preferred she just made fun of her ignorace.

"But what a good joke! It is obvious that we call it the sixth floor because we are underground and it is precisely the sixth."

WAIT! WHAT!? "B-but the moon and the wind."

"This floor is a creation of the supreme beings, is obvious that will be something surprising; mmmmhhn, ah, right, fly in that direction, and you will check my words quickly."

This tadpole is trying to make fun of me! That, or maybe she intends to attack me while I'm careless… but will that be necessary? *sigh*, no, I'm sure she doesn't need to distract me to finish me off, for now, I'll play along to see what her intentions are, I just hope it doesn't hurt too much.

The former queen's thoughts ran through her mind as she looked at Aura with a neutral face, while she smiled at her disinterestedly and after a few seconds she resigned herself and followed the instructions.

Flapping its membranous wings, Chrysalis rose and began to gain speed, as it advanced, it glanced back and to its surprise the bipedal calf was immobile, so it turned forward to check if there was a trap, but as soon as she looked ahead, crashed face-first with something quite solid, causing some blood to come out of her nose from the blow.


Upon impact, she quickly shook her head to regain control before falling to the ground; Although the height at which she was flying was not fatal, she did not want to lose sight of what she had jus collided with falling below the treetops; After regaining the lost height, she returned to the same point where had just crashed and to her surprise, found a stain of her green blood floating in the air, with curiosity she began to touch the area and could easily identify that what her hooves were registering was a rocky and fairly smooth surface.

Wait, what? this is impossible! I can clearly see the forest that extends beyond this point, as well as the valleys and mountains that are observed in the distance, why do my hooves say that here is there a solid wall?

As the changeling tried to process what she felt, under her hooves and what this implied, a slight breeze passed over her, stopping her thoughts in her tracks.


The gears of her mind were beginning to jam from the overload and she began to babble out loud.

"But… how?… Can I see the trees moving in the distance with the wind… there is… nothing strange… the wind is coming from beyond the wall…"

Still not satisfied, she began to climb without taking off the hooves from the wall, following the contours and details, while her eyes saw a beautiful night that revealed an overwhelming amount of stars; When reaching a few hundred meters high, the wall changed, it seemed to follow the line of a kind of dome, slightly curved and moved away from the wall, at this height she could see a large part of the sixth floor, the view was unthinkable if you considered that they were still underground, following the line that the ceiling should have with her eyes, her eyes met the irrefutable proof that what the little girl said was true.

On the horizon, you could see the Moon rising, but it did not do so as usual, it rose slowly, with an almost imperceptible speed, and after a few minutes, it was completely visible.

"Is different."

Seeing a moon with a different appearance than usual threw her a bucket of cold water that returned her to the moment, then something else crossed her mind that cemented the fact.

"The sun ... the sun did not set in the same place on the horizon ... it did the opposite."

Stunned by the revelation, she began to slowly lose height and when she made landfall, she did so in front of Aura again.

"So… are we outside?" -Asked the dark elf with a smug smile of 'I told you so' on her face-

Chrysalis still stunned only answered by shaking her head, completely forgetting the rest of her questions for the moment.

After the slight detour, they continued on their way until they reached a small cabin that had been prepared for her in the forest, the rest of the night, the former queen spent it trying to understand the extent of the power of her new master, until she was defeated by the sleep, having constant nightmares about the punishments that might await her if she failed him.


The next morning, Chrysalis woke up more fatigued than rested by the constant nightmares that constantly woke her up, after a few moments to orient herself, she went to a corner where there was a bucket of water as well as a small towel for her; after cleaning herself quickly to be presentable, she prepared to leave in the direction of the coliseum, where she was told to wait who would take her back to the ninth floor, but a smell reached her nose that made her stop when she arrived. The door, turning towards the origin, saw on the coffee table a kind of gem that was on a plate, from which a delicious aroma emanated.

"Is that what I think it is?"

Approaching cautiously, her suspicions rendered positive results, on the plate was a crystallized love gem, exactly the same as those used in their hive to store their sustenance for a long time.

"How did this get here? No, before that, how did someone get in without me realizing it?" Wait, that's a stupid question, right? I should rather ask myself: What in this place is not able to enter without me realizing it? *Sigh* "Maybe I should ask later, for now, I mustn't waste such a substantial breakfast."