The rights of the original works belong to Kugane Maruyama and Hasbro respectively, this is a work with the purpose of entertaining and if possible to get a smile.


EEA = Eight Edge Assassins, (I'll abbreviate because it's a hat to write it every time, Xd)

DK = Death Knight

SD = Shadow Demon

ES = Undead Emotional Suppressor.

This is a side story, a complement of AOGIE, and it's not necessary to read to understand the principal story; it is a direct and crude description of Chrysalis hardships under Ainz rule, in my opinion is one of the best villains if not the best of MLP series and this is her redemption from my perspective.

The Life of a Bug

The days passed as usual within the hive of the Sorcerer Kingdom, well, normal for almost everyone, only two warriors were the exception, they were serving one of their punishments, with nothing more on them than a small white apron to cover their modesty and a sign hanging around the neck, both changelings were cleaning the communal areas of the hive.

"FIIUU, FIIUUU" "Grrrarrrg" "HAHAhahahaha"

Constant taunts and provocations from the rest of the passers-by echoed in the air, drawing a sigh from both, after which they both looked at the sign that hung around their neck and shared the same thought without knowing it.


Why don't I at least ask?

The following could be clearly read on the sign:



*Knock knock knock knock*

"Come in."

The door to the royal chamber opened and a female changeling entered with several bags in her hands.

"My queen, I have brought the products you request from the surface."

FINALLY! -Thought Chrysalis- "Thank you very much Cluster, *sigh* with this I will no longer be embarrassed if they call me to Nazarick again, put them over the bed, and let's start testing them, I have never used anything like this before so instruct me properly, or you will share the punishment of the other two idiots." -she finished with a serious face and a level voice-

"No, my queen, I would never dare to disappoint you!" -And I would die of shame if I got parade the same way *glup* the changeling thought as she firmly took her cloak and tightened it lightly around her-

The rest of the day was spent with the queen trying on all the dresses that her subordinate had bought her, after all, the white she was wearing was not hers and she should return it as soon as possible.


The work became routine, searching for suspects, infiltrating organizations, both local and other nations, ensuring that the Nazarick information network worked with great precision.

The only thing different from their previous life, or the most different, is that being both insectoids and predators, Chrysalis and Entoma started a friendship in which they both talked sharing stories or simply meeting to eat, the latter took some time until Chrysalis got used to her friend's eating habits, but after several sessions, the Pleiade made her curious to try the queen's food, this had unexpected effects, during the rest of the day, Entoma would not stop laughing like an idiot and the items that she wore impede Chrysalis from just drain the excess love in her, that was a day to remember within Nazarick and one for which all her sisters occasionally teased her, after the event, the following days, the Pleiad (certainly not youngest of all), she only left her room when she was called by Ainz.

Today was one of those in which both had time and got together to eat, both were in Entoma's room.

"So, you don't want a taste of my food?" -said the queen with obvious intentions-

"NOOooo!" -answered the battle maid waving her arms erratically- "They all still bother me from time to time, I'll never touch your food again!"

"Hahahahahahahaha, aaahhhh, you have to admit it was hilarious, you hugged everyone, you even proposed to mate some of Cocytus-sama's guards on the ninth floor, I must say that I never thought they would be able to look sad and happy at the same time."

"Mooooo, don't remind me anymore! I still feel sorry when I run into them, one even always tells me that it would be an honor if I choose it, I can not withstand the shame!"

Hiding her face with her sleeves, Entoma decided to change the direction of the conversation and strike back at Chrysalis.

"Enough of me, now let's talk about you, haven't you ever performed nude in public anymore?"

"GHAH, that was only once and in an isolated place, practically nobody saw me! I already told you that I was reviewing an important report!"

"Jijijijijiji, yes, yes -desu, by the way, now that we talk about clothes there is something I wanted to give you."

Chrysalis watched her go to one of the cabinets and pulled out an oddly wrapped package, returning with it to the coffee table.

"What is it?" -she asked, taking the package offered in his hands and began to open it-

The last time we met you said you didn't like the ponies' clothing style at all, so I'm giving you this, I hope you like it, -desu."

In the package there was a dark cloth that slightly reflected the light due to its softness and quality, when extended, she realized that it was a kind of robe.

"A nightgown?"

"Of course not! It is a kimono, it is a dress similar in style to mine, it is the result of the hobby suggested to me by Ainz-sama -desu, I think it is a decent work as master said it would."

"Fiuuu is beautiful, I am not a fan of clothes or buying like the rest of the females do, but I can assure you that it is beautiful, also, it combines well with my natural color, thank you very much." -said the changeling with an honest smile on her face, it was the first time someone gave her a gift from the heart-

"Well now get naked, I'll tell you how to put it on correctly unless you want to be naked suddenly in the middle of the street?"

"No, of course not! ... is it very difficult to put on?" -the changeling answered removing her blouse and tight jeans-

"Not really, but it has its trick, now come on, I want to see how it looks on you -desu." -Entoma finished while holding the kimono in her limbs-


After a few hours practicing how to put on and take off the kimono, the queen looked at herself in the mirror.

It is quite beautiful and the details are magnificent, I am sure that with some practice I will be able to put it on in five minutes or less.

The changeling's musings were interrupted by Entoma when she saw Chrysalis's hands stop on the embroidery.

"It has the basic enchantments for edurance and elemental protection, but since it's not my specialty you can't put any serious reinforcement spells on them -desu."

"Mnhn, it's wonderful, thank you very much, plus it's very comfortable and it's an added bonus to not always have to wear that pesky underwear."

"Umu, I remember once I heard my creator say that the traditional kimono was always worn without underwear, -desu."

"Does it bother you if I wear it? It's very comfortable."

"No way, go ahead, -desu."


After meeting with Entoma, Chrysalis decided to change her wardrobe, in the style of Neighpon.

As the days and weeks passed, her work continued and she was called to Demiurge's ranch, an order that she followed with resignation, fortunately, this time she would no longer see the copies of the M6, according to the Archdemon, the last to collapse was Twilight and she did it in the last experiment that would be carried out with her.

As always, the disgusting smell and emotions of terror and despair permeated the air, so she quickly went to the office, when she entered found inside a Lich, he told her where Demiurge was and it was not far away.

"Did Demiurge-sama call me?"

"AH! Chrysalis, just in time, follow me," -they both advanced to some beds that had their privacy thanks to thick curtains, on these were two women tied and gagged, while another was standing next to the beds - "Let me introduce you to Aria Blaze, Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk."

The demon sarcastically presented his victims, the first two will be those of the beds, their condition was truly lamentable, they were barely conscious, they were fully naked and had an obvious belly of more than four months of pregnancy, while the third was barely dressed in rags, but she had a smaller belly and a neutral face.

"They are crossbreeding experiments, they are mermaids."

Ok that explains the fins instead of ears, the tail, and the membranous palms. -The changeling thought-

"They will be in your care as of today, Sonata has understood her role well, she is quite obedient, the other two have not accepted their fate, they can give some fight occasionally."

"Am I just going to protect them? Or do you want me to do something special with them?"

"That's right, we want you to keep them drowning in love, after what happened to Entoma, I'm curious if that will affect their byproduct in any way, either positively or negatively."

The demon took a more serious pose and his face became neutral.

"This is a very important experiment for Nazarick, I want you to record the entire process and results in great detail and keep me informed about it."

*Shigh* Now I'm going to have a babysitting job? Great, just great! "It will be done as ordered."


The days passed, the meetings with Entoma and some with her father continued to take place occasionally, only, to a lesser extent, due to her new obligation and when the day of delivery was about to arrive for the first two of the mermaids, the tension increased constantly.

The night before had been like any other, so the changeling queen went to sleep like any other, yet she was awakened before morning came.




After processing the words of the drone, Chrysalis immediately got up, putting on a nightgown, and hurriedly followed his subordinate, communicating the news to his superior on the way, when she arrived, the first thing she heard was the screams of the sirens.

"GHHHAAAAAA!, hee huf hee huf hee huf hee."

"MNGGGRRRHHHH! Hee huf hee huf hee huf hee huf."

After all, no amount of love can reduce the pain of childbirth.

"Keep pushing, it's going very well." -the voice of the head of the healing wing who supervised the delivery was heard-

As soon as she entered the room, the queen stood near one of the walls to avoid hindering the work of her drones, and after almost an hour and a half more screaming, sweat and tears, the results were obtained, Aria gave birth to a baby that had membranous wings, two small fins where its ears should be, a long scaly tail that ended in a fin and membranes on the hands and feet, the baby's features were beautiful, on the other hand, from Adagio, an amorphous thing emerged which at first their drones mistook for a large pupa, but it turned out that the baby came out still wrapped in the placenta, it opened after a moment and a pungent smell spread throughout the room, the creature was amorphous, but you could see two large milky eyes and fins.

At the end of the delivery, spells were immediately used to clean and sterilize the room, in order to eliminate the horrendous smell, while one of the nurses cleaned and wrapped both babies, after which they were delivered to their respective mothers who received them with enough love.

Seeing this the queen could not help but her curiosity was aroused.

"Hatching, are you still feeding them a good amount of love?"

"Yes my queen," -answered the head of the healing wing- "each of their meals is accompanied by a glass of juice with a concentration of love of 40% and we make sure they finish it."

"Good" That explains why they are behaving like this, they are literally, drowning in love.

The next moment, a loud scream caught everyone's attention.


Aria completely ignored everything while nursing her baby, while Adagio screamed and writhed in pain, the nurses rushed to help her, one took the baby so they could check the mermaid correctly, this fact revealed the mystery, after removing it, blood and mother's milk flowed from what was left of the mermaid's right breast, almost half had been eaten by the baby.

After recovering from the shock caused by the scene, the nurses rushed to sedate Adagio and tend to his wound, but a voice stopped them coldly before they finished healing the wound.

"What has happened here?"

In the frame of the open door, was the Archdemon and behind him were two of his subordinates.

"Ah! Demiurge-sama, how good that he could arrive so soon, it happens that one of the babies ate half of his mother's right breast when she tried to breastfeed him."

"I see, leave her like this, I'll take these two and their offspring, I'm done with the matters that required a lot of my attention, so I'll take them back."

With a sign of the demon, his subordinates took a mother and her young each, then a new portal opened and they crossed to the other side, closing the portal behind them.

"Do you want me to bring the third one?" asked the queen curiously.

"No, Sonata will remain under your care, as a fact, she is the most important experiment of the three, for now, give me all the records gathered so far above all."

"Yes, immediately."

After receiving the request, the Archdemon also withdrew from the place.


Almost two months later, Sonata's delivery was much more ordinary, even her offspring was more ordinary in appearance, basically human, at least until she was spanked to cry; at that moment, the screams of the nurses were they rang widely, one even fainted, receiving the blow to the slightly bluish skin bottom, the head with signs of silver hair detached from the baby's body, and it was not until she cried from the table that Chrysalis came out of the shock, while the demon next to her laughed and celebrated the event.

"Hahahahahahaha, great! great success!"

"What? But how is that...? What?" -the mind of the queen tried to understand what was happening-

"Not something to be surprised about, after all that baby's father is a Dullahan." -said the demon-

A Dullahan? What has to do with the head being separated from the body? Wait, if I remember correctly, Entoma told me that Yuri was a Dullahan too, right? her head comes off too? But then how can they survive? I don't understand it! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL!


This is quite interesting, she had been trying to reproduce for a long time without success, even changing their sexual partners did not achieve much, there were only temporary results with the Mermen, and in the end, the three conceived, even with very different creatures when changing the amount of love throughout the entire pregnancy, that is why Sonata could not maintain her first fetus, I no longer feed her with love after conception, I believe that the theme of love that the changeling consumes need a more deep study.

The devil was thinking in his office while he reviewed all the documents that were given to him carefully.


In her next meeting, with Entoma, the changeling queen asked about the doubts that had been plaguing her for the last two weeks, the Pleiad explained to her that a Dullahan is a kind of undead, lifeless, but at the same time alive or something like that, most of the explanation was lost when she understood that they were animated corpses.

For Ainz-sama there are truly no impossibilities, I just have to keep working hard so as not to disappoint his expectations.


The days of the queen continued, the missions of infiltration and espionage increased when Tempest was assigned to eliminate the revolts and dissidents who formed revenge groups against the sorcerer kingdom.

During the last years a strange sensation was accentuated in her body, increasing with each passing year and it always seemed to be that the lower part of his stomach burned and it was not until one of his maids asked her if any of the changelings had caught her attention in a special way that managed to illuminate her doubts when the maid's question only got an inquisitive look in response, she told her that her pheromones were quite concentrated and if it were not for the privacy spells in her rooms, probably all the hive would be flooded with her pheromones, causing erections to all males.

This led the changeling to seek information on how mares controlled their estrous cycle or heat, especially when she overheard that some of her guards had had to relieve themselves in private after guarding her on the day when she was in her cycle and some females that attended her had the best night of her lives after getting back to their mates.


Several years later, in a year in which her cycle was especially strong, Captain Stinger arrived to deliver reports in person, entering the queen's personal quarters at a time when the maids were attending to other matters; He would never have entered carelessly if he had known beforehand, sadly, having been outside previously, he had not received the notice that approaching the queen was prohibited for several weeks.

As soon as he opened the door, after knocking and receiving permission to enter, his mind clouded, his member became like a rock between his clothes and was pulled by the magical aura of his queen inwards, at the same time that she closed the door and locked it.

Needless to say, when the maids came in to clean Chrysalis's quarters several hours later, they found a queen asleep with a placid smile in the middle of a pool of fluids, as well as a battered Captain Stinger, lying underneath, he was almost dead, but with a huge smile on his face.

The captain was rushed to the infirmary by two maids, while the rest went to work to thoroughly clean up the mess that stained the entire room.

A few days after the incident and when Captain Stinger was able to walk normally again, the queen had finally overcome her embarrassment from the incident to confront Stinger.

But the words that came out of his queen's mouth took his breath away.

"F-fortunately the fertile days had passed at that time, so the incident is forgivable, but from now on you are the royal consort, when I'm in heat again, it will be your obligation to help me get through it." -spoke Chrysalis slightly averting her gaze and with a slight green blush on her face-

"It is an honor that you have chosen me for such a delicate task, my queen, I promise that I will not fail you." -The changeling answered with a perfect military salute and a big smile on his face-

But what a masculine smile ... wait, where the hell did that come from? *shigh* in the end it looks like there were more changes than my physical form, but well now I have a mate jejejejeje, life goes on, may Ainz-sama greatness shines over both of us, my lovely captain.

Life continues its course and the longevity of Chrysalis is similar to that of a butterfly, as long as its diet is adequate, it will live a very long time, and it will bring children with its beloved captain, who became the idol of many and all young changeling who came to hear of the outcome of the first copulation by rumors from the maids in the hive.

For the rest of her days, the changeling queen Chrysalis CorNigrum, upon awakening, gave glory to the only supreme being Ainz Ooal Gown, for all the blessings that were and/or continue to be granted, before starting her day fixing her image in front of her mirror in her rooms and appreciate the change in her image over the years.

"It definitely suits me better than Torax, now, let another wonderful day begin under the glory of Ainz-sama."






Thank a lot my dear readers for your constant support and I can tell you that only this side-story has ended, the main story continues in the universe of Zero no Tsukaima, see you next time take care of yourselves!