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Surrey, October 1988

Harry looked down as he continued to pick weeds in his aunt Petunia's garden while he watched the sun start to set. He was actually done truly picking weeds but the longer he was out here, the longer he didn't have to go inside and deal with his relatives. It would only last until the sunset though. Aunt Petunia didn't want the neighbors to see him out here at night and think he was being overworked, which he was pretty sure he was.

Harry waited a few more minutes before sighing and deciding to call it quits. It wouldn't be good if his aunt had to come get him. The less she had to physically interact with him to tell him to do things, the likelier that he wouldn't get punished.

He stood up and moved to the back door of the house and entered quietly. He silently moved into the kitchen where he immediately got started on dinner. He turned on the heat of the stove and grabbed the pork chops that he had already been placed on the counter earlier. Within twenty minutes he had three plates of pork chops and broccoli for the Dursleys. He silently placed them on the kitchen table before making his way back to his cupboard. He stepped into it and laid down quietly on his bed.

After doing this, he finally let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding in. He was slightly hungry but he had already eaten earlier today and considering what dinner was, he would likely be unable to have any of it. He knew already what would happen if he asked. He would be told that it was 'too good for him' or something along those lines. He knew if he waited long enough, the hunger cramps would stop. Once that happened, he would be able to get to sleep easily enough.

He heard through his door the Dursleys start to eat the dinner he laid out and talk amongst themselves. He tried not to pay attention to what they said, mainly because he found the conversations they had uninteresting in the first place, especially if his Uncle Vernon had a bad day at work. He would likely then find a way to make it his fault and take his anger out on him.

He shook his head and put his family out of mind. He'd rather think of more positive things anyway. His mind drifted instead to his imaginary friend Ciri.

It had been a few weeks since he had the dream with her in it. He had tried to imagine her once more but he couldn't seem to reproduce the details of her on his own. In his dream she had so much more personality and seemed to move and think on her own without any thought from him. Yet, every time he tried to imagine her it felt like she was almost a fake or a knock off of the original. She had even appeared in dreams since but it wasn't the real her. It was simply the knock off that he imagined when he was conscious. It never seemed to be close to the original dream.

Instead of trying to recreate the vividness of the first dream, he instead stopped and instead tried to remember the original dream. Even though he couldn't get anything more from it, it still helped him to remember that he had a friend who liked him, even if it wasn't real. The mere thought made him feel warmer inside and like he was actually worth something instead of the worthless nothing that his relatives insisted he was.

Harry let himself drift off in the warm feeling he got from his memories and once more embraced the feeling of sleep after his stomach stopped trying to make it's presence known. He felt his mind dull which showed he was actually asleep. However, he seemed to realize that he could still think. In fact, his mind didn't feel dull at all. He felt rather strange actually. He opened his eyes to see if it was perhaps already morning only to be met with blankness. He blinked once more to make sure his eyes were actually open and was still met with a blackness. He looked around confused for a moment before his eyes widened and he bolted upwards.

He was back, back in the black room again. He hadn't been back here since he had first had his dream with Ciri. None of his fake dreams had ever taken place back here again. They were always in either some random fantastical place his mind made up or in places that he had been before. He looked around for a moment to see if anyone else was here.

"C-Ciri?" He called out.


He spun around and his eyes immediately met another similar pair of green eyes. His eyes widened and he felt a smile break out across his face.

"Ciri!" He called out as he ran over to her. He looked over and took in every detail he could of her. She wasn't wearing the same princess getup as last time but it did sort of look like a dress. It was white and covered her entirely but it did look like it was supposed to be some sort of nightgown. He was pretty sure that woman a long time ago wore them when they went to sleep.

"Do you want a hug?" Ciri asked him.


"A hug. Do you want one?"

"I don't understand."

"Well… You're just standing in front of me looking like you're about to burst from excitement. When they see each other after some time, friends will hug each other. Likely to prevent… whatever it is you're doing right now." Ciri pointed out. Harry looked down at himself. He didn't look any different but, if he were honest, he did sort of feel like his skin was vibrating. He looked back up to her.

"Is… Is that okay?"

"Why would I suggest it if I wasn't okay with?" Ciri asked him with a raised eyebrow. Harry shrugged at that. He didn't understand why most people did anything to be honest. Some things that seemed obvious to him seemed like such a problem for others and things that seemed complicated to him were treated simply.

"Okay. Well… Here it goes." Harry said as he moved in and cautiously wrapped his arms around her. He wasn't really sure what to do past this point. He hadn't hugged anyone in… Well, he actually couldn't remember ever hugging anyone. He assumed he must've when he lived with his parents before they died.



"Hold tighter. You don't want to squeeze someone so much it hurts but you want to do it enough to give them a sense of comfort." Ciri told him.

"Okay…" Harry replied and followed her advice. He pulled her in tighter until they were pressed tightly together. This felt… nice. Like being a warm blanket that also cared about you. He started to feel his eyes water at the feeling. It was just… it was so nice.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yes. I just… I didn't know it was so nice to hug someone." He admitted. With that she pulled away and looked at him.

"I talked to my teacher about you… Well sort of. He told me that kids like you aren't usually treated with much kindness and said you may not have ever been hugged. When he said that, I thought it was pretty sad. I learned a bunch of stuff in case I would ever see you again. Though it's been a while and I was starting to doubt whether or not it would happen again." Ciri said with some annoyance. Harry wasn't sure if that was directed at him or not though.

"I'm so-…"

"Don't even think about it!" She snapped before he could finish causing him to freeze up and then nod. He forgot how much she didn't like when he apologized to her.

"Right… So… how have you been?" Harry asked politely.

"Busy. My teacher has been pushing even more on my education recently." She sighed.

"Oh… Well, that's good right? That must mean you're really smart and he thinks you're ready to move on, right?" He asked her. That's how it worked at his school at least.

"No, it's because I asked him about magic the other day and now he thinks I'm super interested in improving myself. Speaking of which, I asked him about how to access magic for you." Ciri told him. Harry could feel the familiar feeling of excitement bubble up inside of him.

"So… How do I do it?" He asked her. She sat down and gestured for him to join her. He did so eagerly.

"First… Considering you said there's not been any obvious signs of magic in your world this may not apply but have you ever noticed strange things happen to you before? Anything at all that can't be explained? Ermion told me that usually, a higher trained magic user can sense magic in others and locate them for training, but if that isn't possible, they can figure out it out by seeing if the person has their magic manifesting in certain ways." Ciri explained to him.

"Oh okay, well… I once appeared on the roof of my school building instantly."

"…What?" Ciri asked looking at him strangely.

"Yeah… I wasn't sure how I got there but I was panicking because I was running away from my cousin who was trying to hurt me with his friends. One moment I was by the playground, the next I was on the roof, out of reach. I… I always just figured I must've jumped and had the wind catch me…" Harry said realizing as soon as he said it how ridiculous it sounded. Ciri looked at him with a blank look for a moment.

"…Anything else?"

"Umm… My hair once grew back over night too. My aunt once completely shaved my head because she couldn't get my hair to not look messy. I cried myself to sleep and the next morning, I woke up and all my hair was back." Harry said quietly. It was another thing he never really questioned because at the time he was so grateful it happened.

"Your… Your hair grew back?"

"Um, yeah." He answered feeling a little embarrassed.

"…Is that it?"

"Well… I also heal."

"Everyone heals Harry."

"Right. I heal pretty fast though. Almost any time I get hurt, I heal overnight. Like, the first time I met you, the night I fell asleep, my hands were pretty badly burned and when I woke up after meeting you, they were healed."

"… Right… And none of this ever seemed strange to you? At any point?" She asked him slowly.

"Well, I guess it did sometimes but I always had more things to worry about then the weird things happening to me. Also… My relatives don't like me talking about magic. They get really upset about it." Harry told her.


"Umm. They don't like anything that they don't view as normal, I guess. It bothers them." He explained.

"That's… weird. Your relatives seem stranger and stranger the more I hear about them." Ciri told him. Harry just shrugged at that. He thought his relatives were strange but he had never told anyone that before. He was likely to be punished extremely if he ever did bring it up. Luckily, they wouldn't know about it in his dream.

"Well, either way, it doesn't matter. Let's get back to the matter at hand… It sounds like you are quite the powerful magic user. Ermion told me it usually pops up in smaller ways. Now, there should be a relatively easy way to find a way to get in touch with your magic. Ermion says you should sit like this with crossed legs." Ciri said sitting in the position she wanted Harry to mimic. Harry copied her easily and waited.

"Next you need to open yourself to the magic of the world around you. Breathe in and out just like this…" Ciri said demonstrating. Harry copied her and breathed in slowly and then out.

"Ermion says magic can be felt through tranquility and becoming one with the world around you. He says this is a longer but safer way to do it. The other is usually linking the magic to extreme emotion which he says can be powerful and quick but much harder to control. It took me forever to get him to teach me how to do this so you better practice the safe way. It sounds like you've already done the emotional way anyway." Ciri commanded sternly. Harry nodded eagerly. He definitely wouldn't let her down. If he really did have magic he would do whatever he could to access it.

"I won't, I promise. I'll make sure to find out if I have magic even if it takes me years."

"Well, it hopefully shouldn't take that long but Ermion said it could take weeks or months even if you keep at it properly. So, be patient about it I guess." She told him. Harry nodded and then a thought struck him.

"Do you have magic too Ciri?" He asker suddenly.

"I… I do but Ermion says it's really chaotic and that I should wait till I am older to work on it to hopefully have it settle a bit. Besides, most people don't start learning until their mid to late teens. That's likely when I will start." Ciri told him. Harry nodded but he also frowned internally at that. He couldn't imagine knowing magic was real and then being told he couldn't use it. Though that might be because he hoped magic would help him feel safer in life with his relatives.

"That… That stinks." Harry said. Ciri shrugged and looked away.

"It's not too bad. Magic is cool but I'm not that interested in it right now. I really want to learn how to use a sword actually." Ciri told him with excitement.

"Sword fighting? Why do you want to learn that?" Harry asked. Ciri glared at him.

"What? Don't think a girl can use a sword?" She demanded. Harry scrambled a little at that.

"No! It's just… Why do you want to learn how to use a sword? Isn't that a little… old-fashioned?" He asked her.

"What do you mean?" She asked in confusion.

"Well… I mean, do you mean like fencing?" He asked her. She only looked even more confused at that.

"What's fencing?"

Harry blinked at that and it only made him more confused. Sword fighting wasn't something many people did except as a pass time. He didn't think even poorer countries still relied on sword fighting. Where was Ciri even supposed to be from?

"It's a pastime some people do where they engage in sword fighting duels in padded clothes. You need to poke the other person and get a point. Whoever gets a certain amount of points first wins I think. I think it's a very popular pastime though. I don't know anyone who does it." Harry explained to her as best as he could.

"No, I'm not trying to play with swords. I mean actual sword fighting." Ciri replied. Harry scrunched his brow.

"I've never heard of anyone who still actually sword fights…" Harry said thinking out loud.

"Still? What do you mean? What do your people use for combat?" She asked.

"Well… guns I suppose. And missiles and bombs too sometimes, I think."

"What's a gun?" She asked.

"You… don't know what a gun is?" Harry couldn't help but try and confirm.

"No… What is it?"

"Well… It's this thing that shoots out metal pellets really fast and is used to kill other people."

"Like a crossbow?"

"Kind of, but like, way more advanced. For one it can hold multiple pellets to shoot many before reloading. And reloading only takes a moment. Also, the speed at which it moves is so quick you can't even see it. Its faster than almost anything else humans can make. It moves like a hundred times faster than a crossbow bolt. It's the main weapon of war. Swords haven't been the main weapon to fight with for at least… Like 500 years. That's when the first type of guns came about, I think." Harry told her trying really hard to think back to some of his history classes. Ciri blinked at him but said nothing for a moment.

"I… I don't think we're from the same time Harry." She finally said. Harry just looked confused at that.

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. I think my world and yours are going through different time periods. Yours sounds like it's a lot more advanced than mine." She told him. Harry processed that for a moment before deciding what to say next.

"So… You're like from some… Medieval time period?" He asked her.

"What's your Medieval time period like?" She asked.

"Well… Lots of kingdoms, and castles, and keeps everywhere with lords and ladies ruling the working-class peasants. There were knights and stuff too." Harry explained. Ciri nodded.

"Yeah. That sounds more like my world. How long ago was that from your time?"

"Umm. Around 1000 years ago I think." He replied quietly, not sure what to do with this new information. Ciri's mouth seemed to form an 'O' shape at that.

"I see…"


"Well… I suppose it doesn't really matter. It's not like it changes anything." She finally said. Harry nodded slowly.

"I suppose you're right. You'll still be my friend, right?" He asked.

"Obviously, and you'll still be mine, right?" She asked.

"Forever." He promised. And he meant it to. Even if Ciri wasn't real and was just a figment of his imagination like he originally thought, he would always count her as his first real friend and treat her as such. She deserved that much at least.

Although, he had to admit, this was one crazy story to wrap his head around. I mean why would he dream up a girl from a different time and world to be his friend? That seemed like such a hassle when there was much more easier paths to make up. Or maybe he thought if the girl was normal, she wouldn't want to be his friend like all the others? Thinking about it too much hurt his head so he pushed it away for now.

"Thank you… I must admit, it's nice having someone who's my friend and can't benefit from my position. It's a lot less questions to think about." She told him softly. He tilted his head in confusion at that.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, most of my friends back at home, I'm never really sure if there actually my friends or just acting like it because I am the princess and they hope to get something from me. I want to believe they're my actual friends but… I get the feeling that if I wasn't the princess, they wouldn't be." She told him. Harry frowned.

"That sounds dumb. Even if you weren't a princess, why would anyone not want to be friends with you? I mean, you're so nice!" He exclaimed. As far as he was concerned, she was the nicest person he had ever met. The only one who ever took the time to speak with him without it being some kind of chore or because they wanted to hurt him. She could tell him she was an angel from heaven itself at this point and he'd probably believe her.

"Thanks Harry. And it doesn't matter. I'm a child of surprise and one day my Witcher is going to come and get me and teach me how to sword fight and do a whole bunch of other fun stuff." She said with happiness leaking out of her.

"What's a Witcher?" Harry asked not recognizing the term other than it sounded like a witch.

"It's a person trained to hunt monsters."

"And why would one come and get you?"

"That… It's… Well, it's complicated. It has to do with a bunch of stuff that happened when I was born." Ciri tried. Harry just nodded as if he understood but he did not.

"Okay… And you're happy about being taken by this person?"

"Well, yeah. Can you imagine hunting monsters for a living? That sounds way better than getting married to some old fart, going to boring balls, and constantly having to wear stupid dresses." Ciri told him almost pouting.

"I suppose. It sounds dangerous though. I'm not sure if I would want to do that for a living."

"Perhaps I am just braver than you then." Ciri said proudly. Harry nodded in agreement. She very likely was in fact braver than him.

"Probably. Well, I mean, if you're happy and want to do that, it's good, I suppose. When does he come for you?"

"I'm not really sure. When I'm old enough I suppose. My grandmother doesn't like anyone talking to me about it though. One of my maids use to tell me stories but grandmother found out and fired her. Grandfather also tried to speak on it once but he also got in trouble for it."

"I suppose I never thought about it but is your grandmother the Queen?"


"And she's in charge opposed to your grandfather?"

"Is that so strange?"

"I'm not sure. I don't think it was as common for Queen's to be in charge over Kings unless the King was dead. There's a word for it I think but I can't remember what it is. Matri- something or another."

"I suppose it's not really common here either, but grandmother is super tough and she wouldn't let anyone, King or not, tell her what to do. Grandfather is fine with that though because he cares more about grandmother than being King." Ciri explained.

"Wow, it sounds like he really loves her. That's nice." Harry smiled.

"He does. He says it all the time. Sometimes to the point where its gross." Ciri said with a small scowl. For a moment she looked lost in a thought she didn't find pleasant. Harry didn't really know what to say to that so he just defaulted into nodding in agreement as he usually did.

"Well, it could be worse. They could hate each other." He tried pointing out.

"I suppose you're right... Well, it doesn't matter. Let's get back to what we were speaking of. You said your world doesn't use swords anymore as weapons. But you also mentioned a pastime or something involving sword fighting right?"

"Yeah, fencing. Though it's a different type of sword fighting then used in medieval times, at least if your world follows mine. Do you use longswords and such?"

"Yes, and great swords and claymores and a bunch of other stuff. Do you recognize all those?"

"Yeah, I think so. Why?"

"Then you have to learn it and teach me!"


"It's only fair. I'll teach you more about magic and you teach me more about sword fighting. You can look up how to do it."

"Um… We don't really have swords anymore…"

"Right, I figured that out myself. I just mean go read about it or something and see what you can pick up and then tell me so I can practice it."

"Wouldn't it be better to learn this from someone on your world where sword fighting is actually still around?"

"Yes, but as a princess, and with my grandmother, I'll be lucky if I even touch a blade for another ten years at least… Come on, I really want to learn. You'll do it for me won't you. You're the only hope I have." Ciri finished before sticking out her bottom lip and staring him in the eyes. It even looked like her eyes were starting to water as she continued to look at him. Harry wasn't sure why, but he suddenly felt very bad for not immediately agreeing to his friend's request.

"Okay. I'll… try to learn what I can about sword fighting. Though I can't guarantee the quality of knowledge I give you but I'll try my best. I promise." Harry tried to reassure her. It was like a flip had been switched and her face immediately changed to a beaming smile. It happened so fast it almost gave Harry whiplash. He blinked as he suddenly felt arms wrapped around him.

"Thank you so much Harry!"

"Um, yeah, of course." Harry said slowly wrapping his arms around her and trying to make sure he didn't squeeze back to hard or soft. They stayed that way for a moment before Ciri pulled away and Harry immediately dropped his arms to let her.

"Hmm, we will have to continue to work on that. But don't worry, you'll get used to it in no time." Ciri told him patting his head. Harry felt heat rush to his cheeks at the thought of them continue to practice hugging.

"Umm. Sure." He said back. Not sure what else to say to that. He wasn't sure why his response was funny but Ciri started to laugh.

"You're so funny Harry." Ciri told him.

"That's good…" Harry replied still a little confused by her response but not actually to upset about the head pats. They kind of felt reassuring, not as much as a hug but still nice.

They stayed that way for a while and simply relaxed for a moment. He got so lost in the comfort and peace of the moment that he almost missed it when Ciri stopped petting his head but he did indeed notice. He looked up and felt his eyes widened as he saw Ciri looking at her own hand that was slowly disappearing.


"Well… It looks like it's time for us to go. Shame, I was actually enjoying spending time here. At least we now know that we're likely to meet up here again… How long was it for you the last time we met?" She asked.

"A few weeks I think." Harry responded back sadly.

"Hmm. It was the same for me. Well, hopefully it'll be a shorter wait than it was last time. I wonder if there was some sort of trigger that allowed us to meet. Did you notice anything about this time and last time that may have been a reason for coming?" Ciri asked. Harry tried to think and not pay attention to the fact that both of Ciri's arms were already gone. He thought for a moment but nothing really came to mind.

"No. I don't really see any similarities in the nights. What about you?" He asked.

"Nothing. Well… Maybe we can figure it out the next time we meet. Make sure you pay attention to see if you notice anything. Remember to start practicing that technique to access your magic and… remember to look up sword techniques for me please?"

"I promise. I won't forget Ciri. I… I hope I'll see you soon Ciri."

"Me too Harry. I'll make sure to learn more about magic for you. Maybe when we meet next time, you'll already have it down." Ciri cheered. At this point, her legs and torso were almost completely gone.

"I'll try my best. If I can, I'll have it mastered." Harry said with determination. He wouldn't disappoint her.

"Good. I'll see you soon Harry. Goodbye." Ciri said as she faded completely, the last to go being her smile towards him.

"Goodbye… Ciri." He said to the now empty space.

Surrey, 1988

Harry awoke once more suddenly. His heart rate was racing and his eyes scrambled to everything around him to confirm his surroundings. Once he figured out, he was back in his cupboard he felt himself calm down. He took a moment until his heart rate joined his mindset and his breathing returned to normal.

He looked out through the cracks and saw it was already starting to get light out. He pressed open his door and looked around for a moment. It was still very early, probably close to five in the morning. He sighed before reclosing the door. He had an hour and a half before he needed to get up and prepare for the day and make breakfast.

As he thought of that, he remembered what Ciri had told him. Perhaps he could start practicing right now? He got into the sitting position on top of the small mattress he slept on. He had to be careful to not hit his head on the roof of the room. With that he closed his eyes and started breathing like Ciri had told him to do. He knew it would likely take a while but Ciri seemed to think he likely had a lot of magic.

There was also the point that if this worked… It would prove that what Ciri was teaching him was real which would have to mean that Ciri herself was also real. As exciting as magic itself would be… He truthfully would be happier just to prove that she wasn't just some figment of his imagination.

He breathed in and out slowly and did his best to clear his mind. It actually was rather easy considering he had lots of practice doing this before he fell asleep most nights. Especially with how often he had to do it through the pain of wounds he occasionally sustained from dealing with his relatives.

It didn't take long, before he felt his mind start to drift. Instead of leaving it in such a way he tried to open himself up to his other senses. He wasn't really sure what that meant but he just tried to keep his mind from cluttering with thoughts and focus on everything else.

He didn't know how long he stayed that way but it must've been quite a while. After a bit, it was easy to not think and simply concentrate on his own feelings of everything else. As Harry started to decide to call it quits today, he started concentrating less on the different feelings and pull back into full consciousness. However, as he did so, he felt…. Something different.

It was like when your foot fell asleep without you noticing it. Then, when you move it, you notice how strange it felt and you slowly felt the feeling return to your leg. Instead of his leg though, it was… something else. He wasn't sure what exactly it was but it felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Like when you saw a stranger's face on the street and you could've sworn you met them before but weren't quite sure where. There was a new sort of feeling on it.

Harry frowned and concentrated, instead of on all the feelings, just on the one strange one in particular. This may have been a mistake, for as soon as he did so, he felt a warmth spread across his entire body. It got hotter and hotter causing him to panic before settling at a point that was still barely tolerable. It was then that he felt not only heat within him but all around him. Even further, it was like the heat in him was almost seeming to merge or intermingle with the heat around him. Almost like he was a source of heat within an area already encompassed with its own heat.

The feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Could this be it? Could this be the magic Ciri spoke of? Wasn't it too easy? She had told him it would possibly take weeks before he was able to access the magic within him through the slow method. Had he accidently used emotion to cheat through the faster method? No, that shouldn't be possible. She had told him it would need to be extreme emotion and he would have certainly noticed if he was feeling extreme about something.

There was only one way to find out if this was indeed magic. He would need to do something with it. He moved his thoughts on to where his heat seemed to start to mingle with the outside heat all around him. He wasn't sure what to do since he wasn't physically moving but he concentrated on seeing if he could maybe order it to do something.

'Magic… If this is truly what you are… I, order you to show yourself to me!' Harry commanded mentally and with all the concentration he could muster. He felt silly almost as soon as the thought finished but the embarrassment only lasted for a moment before panic started setting in.

Harry was suddenly moving. Not just a little bit either, his whole body was shaking and it was getting stronger! He reached out and touched a wall to steady himself only to find the whole house was shaking too! The shaking got more and more violent and as it continued, he felt himself get more and more tired. The heat within him seemed to be growing colder at a rapid pace which only caused him to panic further. What happened if the source went out completely?

He started to hear yelling from outside his home and likely from the neighbors as well as car alarms starting to go off nearby. He didn't know what to do, so he closed his eyes and started to scream internally.

'Stop! I order you to stop what you are doing! Listen to me!' Harry thought as hard as he could trying desperately to will the shaking to end. Again, as soon as the thought finished, the shaking all around him seemed to noticeably slow and subside until it was nothing more than a vibration and then gone entirely.

Harry held his breath as he continued to look around to see if the shaking would pick up again. After a moment with nothing happening, He took a deep sigh of relief.

"Duddikins! Duddikins, are you okay sweetie?" He heard the muffled voice of his aunt yell from somewhere upstairs. He heard rapid footsteps followed by slower but louder ones moving about upstairs. It seemed his relatives had awoken. Oh god, if they found out that he did this, they were going to kill him! This thought rampaged through his mind for several moments causing his breathing to pick up again before it calmed as another thought entered his mind.

"I have magic…" Harry said slowly and quietly to himself as it finally hit him what he had just done. He had found the magic within him and had even managed to command it into action. And when it got too much, he had managed to stop it as well. Sure, he was extremely tired from doing so, actually he felt almost sick to his stomach and like he was going to pass out, but he had still done it! He had magic! And if magic was real then that meant…Ciri was too!

Ciri was real!