October 1st 1992

"Harry, where were you for Defense today?"

Harry looked up and saw Hermione looking down at him with some concern. He thought back to this year's defense teacher and felt himself grimace.

"I got permission to self-study for defense this year." Harry informed.

"How do you go about doing that?" Daphne called from her desk somewhat nearby where she was working from. Harry looked over.

"You can submit a request to your Head of House, to the Deputy Headmistress, or directly to the Headmaster. You basically explain why you wish to self-study and then take a test to prove competency in the area to the point where you can be trusted to self-study." Harry informed.

"I think I'll have that done by today." Daphne grunted as she looked down at the several papers on her desk and continued working.

"Come on, he's not that bad." Tracey said, mentioning their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Lockhart, in Harry's opinion was even more incompetent that Quirrell had been. He knew almost nothing about the art which was saying something coming from Harry since Defense wasn't even one of the subjects he excelled out.

"Yes, he is."

"Yes, he is."

Harry and Daphne said at the same time. They looked up at each other and made eye contact before they both looked down at their work. He was currently trying to work on a formula for a purification ritual that could help Ciri with her issue.

As it had turned out, Triss had not known what to make of what Harry had experienced while he and Ciri were in their mindscape. She apparently said whatever they were dealing with was beyond her and that it may be a good idea to reach out to another Sorceress. They were currently discussing possible travel plans and that last time he had spoken with Ciri about it. Harry still shivered over the day a month ago when he had directly interacted with a Blood Curse.

Albus had not been happy with him when he recounted the story and correctly called him out on his foolishness to try and directly interact with a piece of magic he was unfamiliar with. Harry had conceded that to the man but had tried to explain his logic behind the decision. Albus still hadn't thought it was smart, though, he was interested in the fact that Harry had been able interact in such a way with a curse. He had also agreed with Harry's assessment that it was in fact a Blood Curse.

"I know he's a little… much but…"

"The man's a fraud." Harry interrupted easily."

"Clearly. None of his dates line up in his books and most of the spells he claims to use either don't work the way he claims they do or they're made up." Daphne supported.

"Not to mention the way he always makes excuses when something in his class goes wrong and tries to have the students clean up after him." Harry continued mindlessly as he continued to look over his equation with some annoyance. Arithmancy was necessary but Merlin, it could be frustrating to deal with.

"You guys sure seem to be getting along, huh?"

Harry looked up at that and gazed at Tracey in confusion. He had been slipping in his attention to the conversation so he wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean, what do I mean? You and Daphne. You and her agree on like everything. Have you not noticed? You've been doing it all month!" Tracey pointed out.

"She's right. I noticed it as well." Hermione said with a shrug. Harry looked over to the blonde who was frowning as she too was now paying attention to the conversation.

"When have we done that?"

"Besides this conversation? Two days ago, you had that debate on why, despite popular belief, Celtic runes are actually better at powering arrays based on Egyptian runes than Egyptian, Nordic, and Latin runes could do."

"That's because they do."

"That's because they do."

Harry blinked as Daphne and he said the same thing and looked over at each other. He stared at her for a moment and then looked back at Tracey.

"We just have similar opinions on things… Apparently."


"Harry, you should help Daphne with her area of research." Hermione suggested. Harry frowned at the suggestion. Hermione knew he was still keeping these two at arms-length. Since they had joined, they had seemed to be alright. Actually, it was almost insane how well they integrated themselves. Tracey, for some reason had even been helping Ron with his Alchemy experiments. Daphne was mostly quiet and never spoke first from his own observations. That being said, she was clearly intelligent and knew what she was talking about. Her intelligence likely rivaled that of even Hermione.

However, Harry could never tell what the girl was thinking and the fact that he knew she often used Tracey's natural flamboyance to gain information she wanted from others caused Harry to pause anytime he was approached by the girl. He couldn't deny that they weren't good fits for this type of club. They were dedicated, they came often, almost as much as Hermione did which was more than anyone but him came. That being said, he regularly slept in the club room so it would be hard to beat his attendance.

"I don't need help." Daphne said back with her typical glare at the girl.

"Harry in particular may have unique insight into the topic you're looking into." Hermione hinted.

"I do?" Harry asked. He didn't really know what Daphne was looking into as he had never asked but he assumed it was likely spell creation. That was the most common topic of research when it came to new magic creation.

"Yes." Hermione said giving him a look and tilting her head at the girl clearly trying to tell him to offer himself. He frowned at the blatant attempt but would not deny his friends request otherwise he be pestered about it later. He looked over at Daphne who was still glaring somewhat at Hermione.

"What are you looking into?" He asked.

"I do not need help." Daphne reiterated as she turned her look onto him.

"C'mon Daph, what's the worst that could happen from telling them. You really think Potter, the most private person on the planet, is going to tell anyone what you're trying to do? Who knows, maybe he CAN help you. Better than the guesswork you're doing right now." Tracey encouraged with a smile as she went over to her friend and rested her chin on her desk. Daphne's ire was squarely on the girl though Tracey didn't seem to mind, though, as she continued to smile at her.

"Fine." Daphne finally ground out as she pushed away from her desk somewhat aggressively and stood up. She grabbed her papers and straightened them before walking over to Harry. Harry waited patiently for her to come over while pondering what Hermione could have meant.

"Here." Daphne held out her papers for him to take. He made no comment on her attitude as he took the papers and immediately straightened his glasses too read over them.

They were equations, that he could tell right off the bat. They weren't the normal ones, though. It looked like she was trying to find the formula of something. No, not a formula, more like the basis of a formula but she didn't have all the variables perhaps? It was somewhat hard to tell but as he kept reading over the works on the several pages, he was better able to piece together what she was trying to accomplish. When he did, he felt a sudden chill cling to his stomach.

"You're trying to figure out how to make a ritual." He commented, not really asking, already knowing the answer. Daphne looked down at him in surprise at his answer. As she did, he gave a side-glance at Hermione who was giving him a grin reminiscent of a certain Cheshire cat. He threw a quick glare her way before looking back at Daphne.

"How did you know that?"

"The spaces you left blank are for the variables that can't be accounted for. Usually for things like magical ingredients or potions necessary for the ritual. Those things are usually too hard to put, even in a representative form, in equations without yet knowing what exactly type of thing you will need. And most of the time, you need to do a lot of experimenting first to figure that out."

"I figured that out myself. But there should at least be a base equation to fall back on." Daphne pointed out. Harry nodded before turning around, and pulling out a pencil. He preferred to use one since he could then erase, if necessary, with it. Once he grabbed it, he began writing out an equation. Once he was done, he put his pencil down and turned back to her. He showed her the papers which she took and then looked over.

"This… This can't be right. There's not enough to it." She said in disbelief. Harry shrugged.

"Ritual's aren't precise by nature. They don't really use much arithmancy because a lot of the things included in them are based on what's available rather than what you can map out magic to do at will. Because of that, this is the best you're going to get when it comes to mapping it out. They take more from math concepts than math itself." Harry tried to explain. Technically, everything was built off math but there were things that just couldn't be calculated by humans and instead just needed to be tested to find the right result.

That's why Harry had created Runic Rituals. Even though they still lacked the precision as some other magic creation methods, it greatly increased what he could and couldn't control about Rituals. It was also a lot easier to plot out and write down.

"So, people just throw random things into rituals and get lucky?" Daphne asked.

"Essentially yes. Though there's a little more to it than that. For example. If I wanted to make a ritual to say… heal somebody. I know right off the bat, that things like a unicorn heart, phoenix tears, and siren scales have powerful healing qualities. So, I'd start with things like that and try to take the innate magic from them and then apply them to my subject through a ritual. I might try and put those things into a potion first and break them down a little. They can be poisonous, as you may know, in too large of a quantity. Then I might put the potion within something like a pentagram on the floor with a spiral going through it to both dilute the results and also help it seep throughout the whole potion better. I'd finally then speak a prayer to either a deity or magic itself to help further guide the results, perhaps Eir. With that, I would then have the subject drink the potion and the ritual would be done. I would have just made a moderate healing ritual that's good for healing most wounds." Harry finished.

He knew this because it had been a basic healing ritual he had played with before refining. With the introduction of runes, he had made the ritual more powerful, less expensive, and took less prep work. Of course, the time it takes to figure out which runes to use, how to arrange them, as well as putting in his various fail-safes greatly increases the time it takes until he can make his initial casting of a ritual. However, he could also more easily reuse the ritual after in less of time, so the initial extra time it took at the beginning was worth it for more efficient results at the end.

"Did… Did you just come up with an actual ritual off the top of your head?" Daphne questioned.

"Not quite the top since I've already played with that idea before but essentially yes. The key to rituals is really understanding the properties of a magical item and then how those properties interact with the properties of other things until they can be applied to a person or thing. So it's like a math equation made up completely of variables where you get to decide what each variable means to get to a certain answer." Harry answered as he looked at the girl.

Technically speaking, rituals weren't the same as what he was doing. Runic Rituals were usually more efficient and often more powerful if you knew what you were doing with them so he hadn't told her about those yet. He also hadn't revealed his book that was basically a guide on the magical properties of many different ingredients and magical symbols for ritual use that Perenelle had given to him as a gift. He had practically memorized it at this point but… He wasn't sure he wished to lend it out to anyone, especially someone he wasn't sure he trusted yet.

"How do you know all this?" Daphne finally asked.

"I guess you could say I dabble in rituals myself." Harry answered easily not trying to give too much away.

"You dabble but clearly have already performed rituals yourself." Daphne noticed. Harry simply shrugged at the clear accusation. It's not like he owed her an explanation. She seemed to eye him strongly for a moment inquisitively.

"Very well. Since you clearly no more than me on this subject, where would you suggest I begin looking to find these properties you mentioned?"

"Advanced Potions theory books go into various properties of many of the ingredients that are used. I think that would be the best place to start. Finding about symbols will be a little harder but I'll see if I can find something for you."

"I would appreciate that, Potter." Daphne muttered looking almost like it hurt to say. Harry nodded nonetheless though. She looked like the type that didn't like relying on others in general so he didn't see a reason to take her words or tone personally.

"Out of curiosity, and feel free not to answer if it is too private, but what type of ritual are you looking to make?" Harry asked. He was taken by surprise when he watched the girl visibly flinch at the question before recomposing herself once more.

"That's private." She said back. He nodded at that as he watched her turn around and head back to her desk.

In a way, her reaction was the answer he needed. Clearly the matter was something personal to the girl and not for business which led him to believe that Neville might have been right when he spoke about it being possibly in relation to the curse that the Greengrass family seemed to be suffering from. He didn't believe she was faking her reaction considering how sudden it was either. His eyes softened at such a realization. If nothing else, he could understand the longing to move mountains to help and protect those he cared for.

Maybe he could see if he could give her a bigger nudge in the right direction after all. That being said, he was still having some problems of his own as well. He would have to see.

Later That Day

"Harry, welcome. Thank you for coming." Minerva said with a smile.

"Of course, professor." He said, reminding himself that they were in school and he needed to speak in a certain way with her, especially since they apparently had company.

"Hey, Nev. What are you doing here?" He asked. He hadn't seen the boy today since he had yet to be by the club room."

"Hey Harry. Professor McGonagall told me about your sparring sessions and suggest I join in. Are you okay with that?" He asked. Harry thought about it for a moment.

"I'm not against it but… I'd feel a little uncomfortable as I'm not sure what level you are in combat and I wouldn't want to throw something at you that you're not ready for." Harry explained. He wasn't trying to be condescending or anything, he legitimately just wanted to make sure he didn't hurt his friend.

"I will be moderating the match and will intervene if necessary, on behalf of a dueler." Minerva assuaged him. Harry thought about that for a moment before nodding.

"Ok. As long as you think it's alright." Harry acquiesced. With that, Minerva waved her wand and all the desks in the room started floating and moved over to either side of the room before stacking themselves up against them. The room was now almost completely empty.

"Alright, now each of you start on one end and pull out your wands." Minerva commanded. Both he and Neville both did so as they mentally prepared themselves for what was going to happen next.

"Excellent…The duel will start in 3… 2… 1… Begin!"

Immediately Harry stepped out of the way as a spell flew by him with ease. He had done this several times against Professor McGonagall and despite being older, she was much faster as well as better at not telegraphing her moves.



Harry had a basic shield spring up in front of him as Neville's hex came and splashed harmlessly against it. Neville frowned at the lack of damage before casting another spell while Harry lifted his own hand and began to transfigure.

"Incendio." Neville cast next trying to Get through his shield. Again, it did not work and what was worse, several conjured birds were now diving at him and pecking his head causing him to break off his attack of Harry and panic. The birds continued to peck him though Neville did actually try and cast spells to get rid of them. Unfortunately, they were a moving and quick target so he wasn't having much luck.

Eventually, the professor finally decided to call it and dispelled the birds before casting a few quick healing charms to get rid of the pecking injuries that were on Neville.

"So, what did you learn Mr. Longbottom."

"That I'm hilariously outmatched by Harry."

"Astute observation but please go into more detail."

"Hmm, well. Harry clearly prefers Transfiguration over anything in combat and I cannot yet match him in that. However, my skills in dueling as well as the underwhelming power of my other spells meant I couldn't really get to him."

"Correct. As an instructor, I think it would be best for you to focus on two things. The first would be your reaction time. You'll notice at the beginning of the match, Mr. Potter physically moved out of the way of your spell. It is almost always better to dodge if you can versus simply throwing up a shield. Thus, a quick reaction time and fast movements can be the difference between life and death. Next, I would work on your variety. As you pointed out, you are unlikely to be able to match Harry in pure Transfiguration prowess anytime soon but you can match him and perhaps overtake him in areas such as Charms, Hexes, and the like. I would focus on that and perhaps find some spells that hit a little harder. You're not exactly hurting in terms of power yourself after all." Minerva pointed out to the boy. Neville nodded.

"You're right. I'm not upset about it. This fight went pretty much how I expected it to go. Harry's got to much proficiency in to many things for me to counter… for now."

"That's the spirit. Now, Mr. Longbottom, if you would step back. It is time Mr. Potter and I had our spar." Minerva said as she stepped forward. Neville smiled as he stepped back and moved behind her desk for cover, the only one in the room that had not been moved.

With that, Professor McGonagall withdrew her wand and prepared herself. Harry put a serious look on his face as he stared her down. He knew that right off the bat she would go in on the attack in an attempt to catch him off guard and take him down immediately.

"Are you ready?" She asked. Harry nodded silently.

"Then… Begin."

Almost immediately, a red spell came streaking at him. It was most likely the stunning spell but Harry didn't bother to let it him to find out. Instead, he began to conjured his signature flame spell.

"Ignitus." He called out as a large ball of fire went streaking at Minerva. As soon as that was finished, Harry began letting out another spell he had recently crafted.

"Luxendus." He called out. Immediately, the room around them shifted until it no longer looked as if they were standing in a class room but, instead, out in a forest. He saw the look of surprise in his teacher's eyes as she watched the world warp around her. Harry was currently peaking out from behind a tree before disappearing completely from her line of sight.

McGonagall immediately began casting spells in several directions that simply went right through the foilage and then disappeared once it reached a certain distance. She frowned as she continued to look outward and around herself to try and catch her young student.

She suddenly spun as she heard a buzzing noise behind her causing her to spin around and immediately conjure a magical shield just in time to absorb the blow of lightning streaking towards her. It crashed into her shield to the point it almost looked like it physically buckled from the force. As soon as it stopped, she conjured several animals, both dogs and birds to send back in the direction of the lightning. They immediately looked around the area but then suddenly stopped before looking around in confusion. The reason being was that the environment physically changed around them until they were suddenly surrounded by trees.

The animals, believing they were now surrounded and therefore stuck, could not then move out of the way for the fireball that came through a tree, slammed into one of the dogs and then exploded upon contact. All the animals were now burning and dissipating back into nothing from the damage.

"Hmm." Was all Minerva said as she watched what happened in front of her.

"Reducto." She cast several times again in random directions to hopefully catch her wayward student. Right after she did so, she cast a quick Revealing charm silently and waited for a moment as it searched the area around her. It locked on to something and she immediately began casting another spell only to stop halfway and immediately conjure a thin piece of hardwood in front of her. It was just in the nick of time as several arrowheads quickly impaled themselves into it as they tried to pierce her. The wooden board with the impalements quickly fell to the ground and she returned fire with a stream of fire into the direction of several trees where the arrows had come from.

Again, she frowned when she nothing move in the path yet she was quite sure nothing had left the area. Confused, she once more cast the Revealing charm in search of her wayward student. As soon as she did, to red spells came flying from the treeline where she had just shot her stream of fire into. She immediately moved out of the way and immediately returned fire.

Again, she saw nothing move and still couldn't identify where Harry was. She stepped forward only to feel something clamp around her leg. She looked down only to see a chain locked around near her ankle. She had no further time to think as she suddenly felt herself yanked upside down into the air, pulling the wind right out of her.

When she regained her bearings, she was hanging in the air hoisted up by a chain. To make matters worse, another chair was now around the rest of her and holding her arms to her side to completely immobilize her.

She waited for a few moments to observe the situation and see if she could figure out where to go from here. She couldn't move much and while her wand was still in her hand, she could barely move it and certainly not aim it. She breathed a sigh of disappointment as she came to the inescapable conclusion.

"Alright Mr. Potter, you have bested me. We shall call this your win." She called out. Immediately the chain wrapped around her began to disappear as she was lowered gently to the ground. As she touched the ground, right way up, she watched the world disappear and turn back from a forest into the classroom she was familiar with.

At the other end of the classroom, was Harry with a small smile of victory painted on his face. She rolled her eyes at the look before conjuring several chairs for them too all sit in. Neville, crawled out from behind the desk and also joined them.

"Would you like to explain?"

"Just give me another moment, I've been trying to accomplish this for… Almost two years I believe. It's a lot to take in."

"You're not so old that I won't tan your backside Mr. Potter, now do you wish to explain or not?" Minerva growled at him. He held up his hands in surrender.

"Fine, fine. Well… As you know, I prefer to not fight my opponents directly. To accomplish this, in the past, I would cast illusions to distract and prevent you from directly attacking me."

"I remember."

"Well, the issue I was having was that I wasn't able to cast complex illusions on you due to time constraints but my static illusions were too weak. This is where I came up with the idea of the Luxendus spell. The spell is a mix of both a static and complex illusion. Static in the sense that it is casted on an environment not a person, complex because it can still change and alter itself instead of going through a pre-decided set of reactions. Now, as I said, it's not technically either, it's more than a static but still technically less than a complex. Also, I can't cast it instantly either, I have to allow my magic to filter through the air around me. It doesn't take long but its still not seamless. The bonus, however, is that since I don't cast it on a person, I don't have to get it past mental defenses. You basically have to have a high magical sensitivity level as I do to even notice what I'm doing. Anyway, after its cast, I pretty much, completely control the appearance of the environment within a certain distance of my person. I can easily do twenty feet at the moment but going up to thirty does make me a little winded after sustained use."

"And that's how you defeated me? You put me in a fake environment and then… What? Even if you did, I still shot spells in your direction, and I used the Reveal charm to figure where you were."

"Correct, but you've done that before so I knew to expect it. To counter I was almost constantly on the move and as soon as I cast anything, I would always drop to the ground right after. The spells you sent back would go right over my head. After that I would just move. However, near the end, I actually sent fake spells at you. I just made the environment look like spells were approaching as I saw you cast the Reveal charm again. I then got behind you and transfigured some chains. From there, it was over." Harry explained proudly.

"Geez, I have to compete with that?" Neville grumbled.

"There are ways to do so… Tell me some of the weaknesses of such a plan."

"Well… I can still be found as you already know. There are still ways to dispel the illusion though I won't mention them. The biggest would of course be that it's a strategy more tailored to smaller areas. If I was fighting outside for instance, it would be much harder because a person could just blow up everything around them and call it a day. Area of effect spells in general would still give me bad news. Still, I think it's another tool for me to use against my enemies. I'm basically making such things to buy me time to develop further."

"What do you mean?" Neville asked.

"Well, obviously the best attacks would be my complex illusions as they can pretty much instantly immobilize any one who falls under the influence of one. The problem is the time it takes to cast one as well as the fact that mental defenses can block them or at least slow them down."

"Most magicals don't have mental defenses though." Neville pointed out.

"True but the people who are most likely to target me in the future are purebloods and they have the highest demographic of people who have mental defenses." Harry shot back. Neville went silent at that seeming to understand his stance.

"That… Is true."

"Then there's my transfiguration. I can conjure small objects extremely quickly both inanimate and living creatures. I take advantage of this by using birds as my main attack force but bigger creatures are still too hard for me to cast quickly. Reanimation and Animation are also still out of my grasp. In this way, I'm limited on how much further I can take certain combat skills so I have to compensate for that."

"You are correct and I am glad to see you understand that you still have a long way to go in improvement but I wouldn't worry too much about it. In terms of combat ability, even now your illusions give you a strong edge over many opponents who will not know how to counter them. You senses have also been honed quite nicely up to this point. As I said, you have a ways to go but do not forget to look back lest you fail to remember how far you have already come." Minerva told him proudly. He smiled at the compliment.

"You sound just like Professor Dumbledore, he is always telling me nearly the same thing."

"That's because you're the only one who doesn't see how insane your progress is…" Neville muttered good naturedly. Harry shrugged.

"I suppose… Well, shall we do some more exercises before we call it for today?"

"Yes, I believe that to be a good idea. I assume you're staying Mr. Longbottom?"

"If you'll still have me Professor."

"Excellent. Now, why don't you boys start with…"

That Night

"You look tired."

"I was tired. It was a long day." Harry said as he looked up from his desk where he was currently working away on his next ritual.

"You could always rest you know." Ciri pointed out as she lazily swung a sword around her seeming to get use to its weight. She was currently standing in the arena surrounded by a few wooden dummies she was warming up on.

"Well, I'm not really tired anymore." Harry pointed out. Tired wasn't really something they experienced while in the mindscape. In extreme situations, they could feel mental drain but even that was something they recovered from faster than others.

"Still, I think it's good to be able to take breaks from things every now and then." Ciri pointed out.

"Why does it sound like you're repeating the words of your sorceress friend?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Triss is smart." Ciri argued back.

"I never said she wasn't."

Ciri quite enjoyed Triss's company and had been speaking of the sorceress more and more frequently. He was a little worried about the attachment, mainly because Ciri didn't really have a female to look up to in her life but he didn't say anything. It's not like Triss meant Ciri any harm, in fact, she appeared to be going out of her way to help her.

"She says we're leaving in two days by the way." Ciri called over. Harry frowned at that. Even with Harry's explanation, Triss had admitted that whatever was afflicting Ciri was beyond her and that someone else would need to be contacted. Apparently, they were going to a Temple so Ciri could meet with another sorceress.

Harry didn't like that idea at all. While Ciri didn't speak about it much, Harry was still very much aware that Ciri was, in essence, a run-away princess. He wasn't exactly sure how well known she was but she had been part of a major Northern Kingdom.

Kaer Morhen was isolated with only the Witcher's and a few others being able to really access it. Ciri was, for the most part, safe there. Back in civilization though, there were all manner of things that could harm her, both mundane and otherwise.

It's not like he believed Ciri to be helpless, of course. Just like he was considered a magical prodigy, he would consider Ciri one in the art of the blade. She knew how to protect herself and had knowledge of all manner of men and monsters crammed into her head to help defend herself. That didn't stop him from worrying though. His only calming thought was that both Geralt and Triss would be escorting her the entire way to this temple and she would most likely be safe once inside. Still, she was apparently not allowed to keep her weapon once she arrived there. That did bother him somewhat.

"Are you packed for such a journey?" Harry decided on asking, not trusting he could keep the worry out of his tone if he questioned her on anything else.

"Eh, I'll do it tomorrow." Ciri answered with a shrug as she went through some exercises. Harry gave her a side glare for a moment which she didn't notice but did not comment on her procrastination habits.

"Just make sure to stay safe. That's all I ask."

"And I shall." She responded as she began to pick up the pace. Harry watched her for a moment becoming slightly entranced by the movement. As beautiful as a dancer going through her steps, the cuts and slices she performed were phenomenal. And the way she looked while doing it…

Harry shook his head to clear his thoughts. Puberty had begun to hit him like a jack hammer ever since he and Ciri had their discussion and even if she wasn't bothered by him looking, the lack of self-control he sometimes felt around her now, did bother him. He just hoped it got under control quickly otherwise he would have to find some way to control it.

"Wait…body…" Harry muttered as a lightbulb went off over his head. He immediately spun back around and stared at Ciri for a moment as pieces started to come together.

"Of course, it's your body!"


"The curse. It interacts differently with your body because you're not a full magical being. As a source, the way your magic works isn't the same as a normal magic being. Now, for most magic that wouldn't matter, if you were a full magical or a full non-magical then it would affect you as intended. For a Blood Curse, though, the fact that you're a source does change it. In fact, it's probably the only thing that could. Every little thing can affect and alter it, sometimes only a tiny bit but sometimes drastically because of how they're formed around something chaotic like emotions. That's why their basic like using a Scorched Earth policy to solve a problem. As a source, the magic you have in you, instead of circulating further in to your core, like a normal magical person, it is expelled outwards. In essence, the Blood Curse is likely trying to attack you but every time it does, you just keep directing it outward. So, it takes hold of you and keeps spitting out whatever it's apparently meant to direct towards you." Harry chatted away quickly as the thoughts kept flooding further into his head.

"So… It's trying to just give me information? Why?"

"The hints that Triss dropped and the way the people around you are acting means whatever it's saying with your body is likely serious, perhaps it has a divination component to it. If that is the case, it maybe trying to torture you with knowledge from the future or the past. There have been such cases in my own world of seers who have been rendered insane or completely catatonic by what they had to see." Harry pointed out. Ciri still looked confused at the explanation though.

"So, the curse can't hurt me?"

"I would say it's still too early to say that definitively but if my theory is right then I would say it isn't likely that it directly can. It's still not something we should leave lying around on your person if we can help it.

"Well… I guess you're right about that. I suppose I should let Triss know in the morning." Ciri said in thought turning back to her sword practice though seeming some

With his mind cleared, he went back to working on his next ritual to the sound a sword repeating smashing against wood in the background."