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Healing Harry Chapter 4

Usually, Harry woke up like a switch being thrown. This morning was different as Harry drifted into awareness. He was puzzled. It took him a few seconds to get his bearings. When he sat up and looked around before his mind started working. After rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he began creating lists in his mind. New items were added, and other ideas were dropped or modified. Bullet points were shifted around the outline while he changed the priorities of things in his list.

Harry had made a mental list of possible Wizengamot supporters and his most likely opposition there. The news Tonks spoke about overhearing had upset him deeply. It had been relayed to him via Hermione. He had initially thought that he would be more or less on his own. Madam Bones might help him or just be neutral. Both of those options should be okay. However, Diggory, along with Dumbledore's factions and most surviving Death Eaters and Voldemort's Pure Blood Supremacists, would want him silenced. Even if he won at today's Inquiry, today, the surviving Death Eaters and Blood Supremacists would disappear into the woodwork. There later regroup and return to attack him again. Deatheaters would never stop trying to impose their bigotry and hate onto others. Dumbledore would never cease his fixation on Harry.

Dumbledore would always be lurking in the shadows, trying to manipulate people. Harry had a few more options that he didn't have before. The Queen was on the right side of this issue. Harry could and would work with her. She was listed on his paper as a powerful ally. Dan, Emma, Hermione, Sirius, Remus, and even Tonks were also added. He wondered about where to put Shacklebolt and Moody. Weasley's seemed to always side with Dumbledore no matter what happened. He had his doubts about Lovegood and Longbottom. Neville's Grandmother had been very angry with him, and He felt she would not be on his side no matter how well this Inquiry turned out.


At Saint Mungos Long term curse ward -2 days earlier.

Unbeknownst to Harry, a few days before he visited with the Queen, Neville's Gran had stood and listened as Neville spoke to his comatose parents. He took his time and recounted to his parents the events of that night at the School and Ministry. Neville stated that it was uplifting to standing shoulder to shoulder with Harry Potter and help him win the day. He told them how Bellatrix Lestrange fell through the veiled Arch of Death and how he had heard the dead shouting for joy. Neville's father snapped opened his eyes at those words. He blinked a few times and looked around as if he was lost and slowly regaining his focus.

Weakly he said, "She didn't go to a better place, and her reward sounds bad. Thank you, my son."

Soon afterward, Frank's wife, Alice, woke up and smiled, "I think when Bella died, the curse she cast on us finally started to decay. Neville telling us about Bella's end gave me the strength to fight my way back."

Franks said, "Neville's words were like a beacon to me. I could always hear him, and you speak, Mum, but no matter how hard I fought, I couldn't break through the barrier."

The Dowager Longbottom realized at that moment Harry Potter and Neville had given her back her son and daughter-in-law. They recounted that they couldn't seem to interact with the waking world no matter how hard they tried. Augusta Longbottom frowned, recalling she had slapped Potter's face. She was upset about him endangering her grandson's life. But, thinking back, she realized Potter and her grandson, along with those other children he had, in fact, saved everyone that night. That could not have happened without Neville's and the other's help.

Yes, Harry would have a new ally, The Dowager Longbottom, and the rest of the Longbottom Family would rally as allies and support Harry Potter.

During the last few days, all over the magical world, the people that would support Harry Potter silently made personal resolutions to aid Harry Potter. Some of them communicated with each other. Some didn't have a clue who to contact. The Daily Prophet was being swamped with letters stating the press was going after the wrong person. People had been meeting in the pubs and cafes of the magical world. Finally, a change was on the wind, blowing like a massive storm as it grew in energy.

Harry's classmates had come home from school and told their parents about what had happened. The children's parents spoke with a few of their friends, and they talked to their friends. A grassroots movement was taking place. It was like a wave the likes of which Magical Great Britain and the world had never seen before. A silent mouse was about to roar. When the changes started, the magical people of Great Britain would cheer. Far too long, the New Magical families had suffered under the yoke of Pure Blood elitism and a lack of representation in the Government.


In one bedroom of a suite of rooms in Buckingham Palace, a teenage boy had created a list of things to accomplish before Noon. He wrote a will and managed to see it was sent to Gringotts. He wondered in the back of his mind how Hedwig knew he needed her.

Harry had created a list of additional memories copies make. He also needed to make an instruction sheet for all the different functions of the pensive.

Harry struggled and wrote out formal letters of apology to the families Longbottom, Weasley, and Lovegood. Then, he sent them on their way, with Dobby delivering them.

At 5:15 AM, he went into the suite's parlor and opened the door. A Page was standing there waiting, and Harry explained he had many things to accomplish before Noon. First, he would like to return to the conference room they used the day before. Once they arrived there, Harry asked if arrangements could be made to eat while working on his tasks. He had lots of notes to finish writing before he left for the meeting later. Harry had resolved if he was to be locked up after this Inquiry. He would make sure there was as much information for the Queen as possible to make sure nothing like this ever happened again. The Place's Page quietly led the boy to the conference room. He sat at a table and started writing page after page of carefully written notes and detailed information, followed by extraction of memory after memory.

Each note had the date and brief description of what was in the memory and who was involved.

When Harry ran out of vials, he discovered that Dobby had anticipated his needs. Several boxes with 100 vials and racks were setting, waiting as they were needed. Harry quickly amassed a collection of several hundreds of vials of memories. Some short and some longer. He ended up several dozens of pages of notes to go with each rack of vials.

The Page entered, announced the breakfast was delivered. Harry looked up and thanked him as the page turned to leave.

Soon, while Harry was still eating and still writing, the techs arrived. They watched in silence as the boy worked feverishly. When he stopped writing, with a sigh, and said, "That should cover it."

Seeing the techs, he asked, "Are you ready?"

"We have a lot of work to do... let us be about it." Harry finished with an authoritative voice.

He picked up a vial and looked to see them ready. He cued them, "Three, two, one, record!" It was a short three-minute memory of a prior encounter with the late Lucius Malfoy. And as soon as that memory ended, a second one started. Next, it was an encounter with Quirrel and the Centaurs. Next was in the nest of Acromantulas, followed by the Dementors at the school's Quidditch match. What Harry thought was important might be needed, or just background for the next memory recorded. The hours of the morning ran by quickly for Harry.

Hermione, Dan, and Emma entered the room and made sure Harry had eaten. He was so focused that even when the Queen's consort and his oldest son stepped in to observe, Harry didn't break focus.

Finally, Dan stopped everything. "Enough, Harry! It is nearly time to leave. The Inquiry was to start at 1:00PM, and it was nearly Noon. The car will be waiting, you need to change and have something to eat. Harry nodded and thrust his notes to Hermione. Here are my notes. I need to go." after a quick hug and Hermione kissing him on the cheek, he stumbled out of the room, following Dan.

Then both made their way, lead by a page to their suite. Harry quickly ate and dressed. He donned his robes with the family crest and settled the Sword of Gryffindor over his shoulder. Harry slid his wand back into his holster and realized it was really the wand taken from Dumbledore by him. He placed his holly wand into his pocket. Shrugging his shoulders, he allowed a Page to lead them both through the maze of hallways to a small chamber.

There sat the Queen, and they were led inside. She looked up and said, "We see a vision in Our mind. You appear to Us as if you are the knights of old riding off to do battle or act on their Monarch and Country's needs. So today are you two will be as such." She walked to them and draped over each of their shoulders a dark purple sash. Embroidered upon it was fixed Her own device, St Edward's Crown in gold and red, over the letters E II R in Gold. "This is Our favor. Go with Our blessings. You have honored Us and Mine in your actions, and now so shall We honor you."

Seeing Dan standing there waiting, the Queen spoke. "Sir Daniel. I trust you to take charge at the proper time, as she placed several rolls of parchment in his hand, come back with Harry if you can, or leave dead men behind. The SRR has been mobilized, and We are calling it an anti-terrorism exercise. Capture or Kill on sight orders for those identified as followers and any inner circle members have been issued. Six of them have been captured this morning already using information from the memories Harry supplied last night. Taser and tranquilizer darts seem to be unknown to them. Our information shows all six are listed as some sort of pseudo-peerage in the magical world. There are no records of those houses ever being elevated by Us or any holder of the throne. However, Harry's claims of lordships over his houses are real. His house and the Three others he might claim are signers of the magical charter granted to by the Crown in 1365."

Dan nodded, "My kit was delivered this morning. I was briefed on my orders. They will be carried out. Thank you for the help and your support. It is my pleasure to serve you again." with a bow of his head.

The Queen nodded and said, "We await your briefing. May God be with you both."

She turned and walked back down the hall. Every leader fears the results of sending men off into danger. She felt that fear now because so many things could go wrong. First, she would go to the chapel and sit with Chaplin Morse. Then, she would pray she made the correct decisions.

They quickly made their way down the hall and out the door. Joined by four other men in dark suits at the door. They climbed into the car and made their way out the drive. When the car reached the street, the vehicle was escorted by motorcycles at the gate, and two other cars joined the motorcade. The five men reviewed their briefing with Harry.

Three cars and their motorcycle escorts arrived at an old abandoned store building. Harry sat still in the car. He was fighting with his memories, staring at a phone booth. The terrors of his nightmares were trying to overpower him.

Harry said, "Here we are again. The last time I was here, it nearly resulted in my companions' death. So none of you need to go with me into what is most likely another trap. I was lucky the last time. This time who knows?"

Dan frowned and said, "Queen's orders."

Nodding to the other four men in the car. "We are to proceed, and the four of them will backup you and me. If things go pear-shaped, I fall back to you," stated Dan. "You and I will make our way, if possible, to these four. Together we will help the four of them to stall until the rest of the troops arrive. Three units made up Twenty SRR fighters each. Most of them are Squibs or Wizards. Sixty more men from my former company are on standby as well. Their job is to extract all of us out of the danger zone. If things go pear shape, we fight. Do you all understand the rules of engagement? Her Majesty expects us all to come home. If we see any Unforgivable Curses, Rules of Engagement are to shoot to kill, otherwise disable, if possible."

Harry nodded in understanding. "My job is to shield you, Dan. you are to let me deal freely without worrying about the rest of you." He repeated his instructions. "Dan, your priority is to get to cover. Hold out for backup."

They entered the elevator in groups of three. Harry Potter and two of the plain-clothed guards went 1st. Then Dan and the last two escorts rode down the phone booth to the Atrium behind them.

Harry led the guard station with him on point, Dan following two steps behind Harry. SRR flanking one Step behind Harry on both sides, and Dan was in the middle of the square formation. Harry had his original wand checked at the Security Desk. The others declared themselves as Squibs, employees of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. The guard motioned them through without question. They entered the lifts and rode down to courtroom 6. It was the same courtroom used for Harry's so-called trial for the Unauthorized Use of Underage Magic that took place last summer.

At 12:55, Harry and his entourage entered the courtroom. Harry was directed to a seat in the center of the room Percy Weasley. The rest were instructed, "Sit over there out of the way" by Percy Weasley.

Harry saw the chair with the chains and objected to Percy. "That's a chair used to restrain people that are accused of criminal acts and are on trial. I have not been accused of any crime, and this is not a trial. This is an Official Inquiry to determine the facts per the Wizengamot's summons. The stated goal is to ascertain the facts. Again it is not a trial. According to rules which Wizengamot must follow, this is unlawful. I am the Lord of Ancient and Noble House and have rights. If I am accused of the crime, and this is a trial, I demand it be postponed to obtain a proper advocate. Fix the chair, or I leave. If that happens, you will not be happy. Think about the Ministry's Charter and where it originated. Clause 1b. It is titled: Revocation."

With a huff from Percy had the chair lowered into the floor and replaced a table with two chairs in its place. Harry motioned to Dan to come forward. Both took their seats at the table as the clock struck the hour. Their escorts were standing next to the wall.

Amos Diggory led the procession of so-called ministry dignitaries and Wizengamot members in their purple and red robes. Diggory stood to call the session to order. Wondering to himself why the accused chair wasn't in the center of the room.

Harry looked and saw the Potter seat was filled by Dumbledore. So he called "Halt!" to Diggory.

"Before this session is called to order," Harry pointed, "that man does not hold my proxy and never has lawfully held it. Albus Dumbledore was never my guardian. I see several other seats that I was informed I could hold and have claimed. Those seats are also occupied without proper authority." Harry asked, "Can we have that fixed before you proceed?"

Diggory asked, "What?"

Harry said, "I see four people sitting in Wizengamot seats, which they have no right to be occupying. All the proxies for the seat of Potter, Perevell, Gryffindor, and Gaunt were revoked a week ago. Those seats are held by me. I am an adult because I was placed under trial as an adult last summer. Also, I was required as an age wizard to participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Therefore, I ask those persons to be ejected from my seats. By right of conquest, I have also placed claims upon the seats held by Lestrange, Knott, McNair, Crouch, Selwyn, and the two 2 Lesser Houses of Westrup and Rowel. All those houses had been led by family members who were Death Eaters killed at the Ministry. I demand those seats be forced to recluse from these deliberations and remain silent until my claim is properly adjudicated."

The roar of objections swept through the Wizengamot's Chambers, but before the noise could settle. Harry yelled. "I still have the floor gentlemen, please be silent or be ejected. These claims were all properly filed both at Gringotts and the Ministry. They must be adjudicated according to law and your own rules before anyone can vote or speak from those seats. Those whose seats are being claimed should be vacated until after adjudication. Those people claiming proxies I have revoked must be ejected from the seats immediately. Again, these are your own rules and laws. Follow your oaths or suffer the consequences of violating your magical oaths and Royal Charter!"

Diggory motioned Dumbledore and one other person, Daedalus Dingle, into a small conference. Dumbledore assured Amos that Potter was wrong and to proceed as they had planned.

Diggory announced his decision and rejected Potter's claims and demands.

Potter stated, "I appeal to the Wizengamot as a whole. Under the Old Ways and under my rights by the Royal Charter, I demand a vote."

Harry turned to face the Wizengamot. He then asked, "Each of you has your own families to consider. How would you feel if it was your own heirs being denied their lawful rights? So the decision was made by one man or a small group of men like those without cause?" pointing at Diggory, Dingle, and Dumbledore with disgust.

The mutterings grew ugly as each of them considered the implications of Potter's words.

Madam Marchbanks stood and "I Call for a vote, Amos. Potter is correct in not allowing one man or a small group of men to deny anyone their inheritances or rights by conquest. However, it does require a vote. And you need to plainly state the grounds for denial as either he is unfit because of a mental disorder or is a convicted criminal. He is neither of those. You know the laws and the charter as well as the rest of us."

Amos watched as dozens of men stood ready to second. He motioned for them to be seated and called for a vote to affirm or deny Potter's demand as he was mentally unfit. As he counted in his head, he felt a degree of dismay as nearly everyone voted to support Potter's claim and demands.

Amos Diggory was forced to say, "Those people now sitting proxy in Potter's seats will leave them. Take seats in the Gallery, please, if you wish to stay. The Ministry thanks you for your service. Those seats under contention, unless you each have some reasonable counterclaim, you shall recluse yourselves from voting or voicing any opinion during today's proceedings. You must also recuse the seat during any other proceeding or meetings until those claims are adjudicated".

Draco stood, "I object. I am my father's only heir, and he has voted the Black's seat for years. So I took up his right of proxy and claim that seat as the senior Black male in the family."

Harry stood and argued a counter to Draco's claim. "Draco Malfoy is absolutely wrong. Sirius Black holds the Head of Family ring and has never been tried or convicted of any crimes. I claim in his name unlawful imprisonment and detention for political gain. I accuse the houses of Malfoy, Dumbledore, Crouch, Bagnold, and Fudge of acting in collusion to commit line theft. Draco, get out of that seat. I am the next male in the line of succession after Sirius Black. My Great Grandmother Dorea nee Black Potter was one generation older than your Grandmother Drucella Black. That places me one tier higher and closer to the direct line of descent. It is why I wear the Heir's Ring, not you!" As Harry held his hand up, a sixth and small ring glittered in the light. Count them, mine by right of Magic and conquest. Head of House: Potter; Perevell; Gaunt; Gryffindor and Emrys; and the named and legally recognized Heir to House of Black. Again get out of that seat, or I will demand that Magic itself move you out of it."

A second later and a flash of light, Draco "Yelped" as he jumped out of the seat.

"In the absence of my Magically Sworn Godfather, I do declare myself to hold proxy for House of Black in his stead as Heir Black. I wish to void all votes unlawful cast by Lucius Malfoy or his son. I also revoke and resend all votes entered into the record by those unlawfully seated or assigned proxies by Albus Dumbledore, in the guise of his unlawfully claimed custodianship of myself and unlawfully sealed wills. Wills which he refused to have read and executed. Those were my parent's properly signed wills. And Albus Dumbledore was the witnessing signature."

Still holding the floor, Harry asked, "I now ask for a vote to have Mister Dumbledore held for trial immediately after this inquest on charges as specified: Line theft and attempted line theft, conspiracy with others to strip the legal right of the Lawful Heir of this bodies oldest, most ancient and most noble houses, attempted murder, kidnapping, and unlawful detainment.

Diggory looked around to ask for a second, and more than enough people stood for the motion to pass.

He turned to Albus, "Surrender your wand at this time. We will make short work and send this child off to prison."

Harry said, "I don't believe so. Short work, maybe? Off to prison? That's doubtful! Are we ready? I ask a court pensive be provided. I have evidence to submit. I will then ask for a directed verdict of Self Defense to the rumored charges of murder being circulated after two memories are seen. I am well aware this so-called Inquiry is really a kangaroo court and a ruse to silence me. Anyone that is a part of this farce might be involved with a conspiracy. They will be then guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. All actions which are unbecoming to a member of this body."

A large box was brought out. It was opened, and the pensive was produced. Harry stood and walked to it. He withdrew a memory and placed it into the Pensive. I swear upon my Magic and my life that this is a true copy of my unaltered memory. "He waited as Magic accepted his oath. He called "Expecto Patronus, "and a nearly solid golden stag appeared formed. The Stag scanned for danger and, seeing none faded out.

Harry tapped a sequence to play the memory as a projection. From the Pensive the projection of the scene containing the six children walking across the Atrium floor. The group proceeding down the lifts to the Hall of Prophecies. Those watching the projection, Gasped a loud when it dawned on them the leader of the group of Death Eaters was Lucius "I was Imperioused" Malfoy." The realization that he was and had been a Death Eater and Inner Circle Member all the time was shocking to a few of the members, press, and audience. They watched as the children stunned Death Eaters, only to watch as they were revived. The children became bewildered to have to fight the same person time and time again.

The Death Eaters used the children's failure to use any really harmful spells to their advantage. It allowed them to keep pushing the children out of any defensive position. But, unfortunately, the Death Eaters were using some very deadly and dangerous magic.

The Wizengamot followed the children's mad scramble from room to room and hallway to a different hallway. The small break where they discussed the last stand and how to work the battle. The sound of the doors being blasted open, and the final fight started. The members of the Wizengamot wondered why the children were still using stunners.

The crowd groaned when Black entered. They all had seemed to have swallowed the lie that Black was Voldemort's Right Hand. The look of confusion on their faces was odd as Black attacked the Death Eaters from behind. When his yell of "No Quarter" was heard, Potter and the children shifted from easily reversed Charms, Jinxes and Spells, to much deadlier curses.

The duel between Sirius Black and Bellatrix LaStrange was watched intently. Everyone watched as she was disarmed. Her lunge at Sirius caused the Wizengamot to gasp aloud. And a sigh of relief was heard when they watched Sirius being pulled out of the way and went crashing through the group of Death Eaters. No one missed the fact Bellatrix LeStrange had stumbled through the Arch of Death.

Harry's tactics changed, and his deadly use of cutting, drilling, and blasting curses was effective. The Wizengamot sat, amazed as the other children just concentrated on shielding Potter and themselves. The Death Eaters finally were all down, save one. Peter Pettigrew, who Potter chased after. They watched as Potter listened to Pettigrew report to Voldemort from the Atrium shadows. Then Harry Potter's voice rang out, calling Voldemort, 'Tommy Boy' stunned them.

They sat in awed silence, watching the two duel and the Green Killing Curse intercepted by his golden-colored Expelleramus. The spells collided, and the golden cage formed magically. The bead of light bouncing back and forth. They watched as Harry won the battle of wills. First, shattering Voldemort's wand, hand, wrist, and shoulder. The horrific spray behind Voldemort had some of them retching. Then they sat quietly as Harry walked forward, and then Harry sliced off the Dark Lord's head. Harry then turned and stunned Pettigrew.

It took them over an hour and eight minutes to watch the playback. When it was done, Harry glanced at the seated members. He knew what they had seen was not what they were told had happened.

Harry extracted that memory from the pensive and swapped it out for another one. He looked around and said, "I am sorry, Mister Diggory, Cedric was my friend, but everyone needs to see this. It will stop that old coots rumor-mongering and whisper campaign, pointing at Dumbledore." Harry started the memory. It started at the last challenge in the Maze, the Acromantulas. Everyone watched as Harry and Cedric together working as a team. against the giant spiders. Then claimed the trophy jointly. Unfortunately, the Portkey trip was not to their reward and glory, but a cemetery and death.

The words "Kill the spare!" rang out, and the green light snuffed out Cedric's life before either one could react. The Wizengamot sat watching in revulsion as the Ritual, which enabled Voldemort to regain his body. Then he summoned the inner circle of his loyal followers. Voldemort spoke with each one of them by name while they were unmasked. He gave no praise. However, he was liberally handing out punishments to them. One by one, they crawled and kissed the hem of his robe and begged forgiveness, and professed their absolute loyalty to him. His reward for Pettigrew of the silver hand was not missed.

The duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort had them stunned. Harry won the battle of wills just as he had done in the Ministry's Atrium. The Wizengamot heard Cedric's echo ask Harry, "Please, return my body to my parents." The Muggle, then Bertha Jenkins, and both of the Potter's echos came out of Voldemort's wand. Hundreds of other echoes followed Harry's parents. To break the spell, Harry had to jerk his wand up. The echoes attacked Voldemort, giving Harry enough time to escape with Cedric's body.

When Harry got back to the school, they thought him finally safe. They sat as they witnessed Barty Crouch Junior's attack while pretending to be Alastor Moody.

That battle was followed by the ugly scene in the infirmary where Fudge accused Potter of trying to cause trouble was played out for all to see. It all was a revelation.

Then playback stopped... to total silence.

Harry withdrew the memory and restored it to his head. He calmly looked at everyone. "I, Harry James Potter, do declare on my Life and Magic that those memories are complete and true. So Mote It." And a flash of Magic was seen by all. A flick of his fingers and his wand were in his hand. "Expecto Patronium." A large golden and nearly solid stag formed and prowled the room looking for danger. The Stag looked at Amos Diggory and slowly approached him. It lowered its head. Diggory meekly reached out and touched it. He felt it. A creature of peace and love, no one dark can ever produce such a Patronus. It was the 1st time since he lost his son that he felt any serenity in his life. That feeling grew and permeated the room as the Stag turned in the cloud of golden motes of light and filled the room and everyone in it.

Harry asked, "Any questions more from this inquiry?" as he sat down.

Silence is defined as the lack of sound. What took place was this sort of silence. There was not even a whisper of a breath.

Madam Longbottom finally stood and said, "I earlier accused you of Careless Endangerment of Children, I withdraw that accusation. You more than once asked them to leave you. They made their choices of their own free will. While it was not the choice I wish Neville had made. He owns his choices. Last week, my son and his wife awoke from their comas and are now on the mend. This change is from the results of your, the children's, and Sirius Black's actions. Rather than looking for reasons to punish you, I know we should be thanking you." As she glared at Dumbledore.

Arthur Weasley stood, "Harry, Molly is not head of my house, nor does she speak for House Weasley. Well. Done. Lad." and sat down, refusing to look in Dumbledore's direction.

Amos Diggory was setting shock and in tears. He had watched his son die, then he listened to his son's shade encourage Harry to fight Voldemort to the end and win. He thought my son, Cedric, had asked one last favor of Mister Potter. While he was fulfilling that favor, Harry was almost killed. He rapped his gavel several times and asked, "Does anyone else had questions for Mister Potter?" When no one stood to speak, he asked, "Any comments?"

When nothing was heard, Amos stood and spoke, "The goal of any inquiry, like this, should be to obtain the truth. It should never be to attempt to bury the truth or unfairly accuse a person of any misdeed. I am sorry, Mister Potter. I was wrong. I had been led to assume you were guilty by certain parties before you had a chance to explain. We need to ask why the same few people wish to repeatedly malign you without reason or evidence. This type of whisper campaign has fueled too many mistakes which were made in this chamber. We must be better than this."

Remorsefully speaking, "With Mister Pettigrew in custody, maybe this Inquiry should have focused on the questions of Pettigrew and Black. Another focus should have been why Fudge covered up without investigating your report of He-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named had returned. I am sorry to have put you through all of this."

Harry said, "I accept your apology, but I do not forgive and will not forget this. Unfortunately, you and the prior administrations will have to answer to the Queen and her authority."

He nodded to Dan. That was their prearranged cue. Dan stood and walked to the middle of the room. Harry wandlessly cast a Sonorous Charm on Dan as he opened a scroll of parchment. Before he started reading the scroll, he announced. "My name is Sir Daniel Gerald Granger, Member of the House of Dagworth-Granger, Knight of the Realm, Holder of the Victoria Cross, and an oath-bound Officer of the Royal Marines. I am currently appointed as Representative of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to the British Ministry For Magic." He took a breath and spoke," 'Hear-ye! 'Hear-ye! Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and Granter of the Royal Charter to the Ministry for Magic and its Wizengamot. We do here-by call, demand, and order a complete and truthful accounting before Us in three days. All persons named shall present themselves to the Eastern Gate of Our palace at 8:00AM. They will surrender all wands and weapons except Harry James Potter. They will be escorted into Our presence and answer all Our questions in truth and fullness. The following are summoned to stand before Us: Cornelius Oswalt Fudge. Albus Brian Wolfric Dumbledore, Amos Samuel Diggory, Amelia Ann Bones, Delores Sewyn Umbridge, Sirius Orion Black, Alexander Edward Croaker, Harold James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Ronald Bilius and Ginevra Margret Weasley, Neville Franklin Longbottom, and Luna Selene Lovegood. Minor children may be accompanied by one adult guardian.

This summons is signed and sealed: Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of All Magical Peoples."

Dan walked over to the table where Percy Weasley sat, taking notes as a session scribe, and left one copy before him for the Official Records. Then, he marched over where Amos Diggory stood and offered him enough copies for all named parties. "You are ordered to find the named parties and cause them to be served this summons per the Royal Charter. Section 5F paragraph 12. Failure will result in the revocation of the Royal Charter."

Someone shouted, "Diggory, the Ministry of Magic will not play errand boy for the Muggle Queen." Following that shouting, someone sent a cutting curse at Dan's back, only to be stopped by a Grey colored shield that rang like a gong when the spell hit it.

Harry had stood and spun around, watching the crowd. Instantly Three red lights appeared on the man's forehead and chest and wand hand with a fourth light pinking his nose. Harry's voice was heard by all. "Those are laser aiming marks. Blink and four high-speed projectiles will impact those four points on your body. They travel faster than any curse." Holding his wand out, "I will drill a Piercing curse at the next person I see point a wand. Madam Bones, that Wizard just attempted to kill the Crown's Representative. Do your duty. His trial should before the end of the day. I suggest a minimum sentence of ten- years in prison, 20 if he is a marked Death Eater. I see plenty of witnesses. The charge is sedition against the Crown. I will remind you all only once more. She is everyone's Queen."

Madam Bones nodded towards two Aurors. "Arrest him. Suppression cuffs, and we will try him after Dumbledore."

"Any other Question for this Official Inquiry?" Asked Diggory. "None heard. I close this Inquiry and issue a directed declaration of justified self-defense for Harry James Potter's actions and all others in the night's events in question. In Peter Pettigrew's case, we also find additional evidence of homicide in the cause of death of Cedric Amos Diggory. I order the amending the current charges and order him to be held for trial, which will occur tomorrow. Thank you, Mister Potter, for testifying in the Inquiry. If you wish, you may take the House Potter seat. You may vote for the seats you are currently registered for at this time, including your proxy of the House of Black."

Diggory added, "Those seats currently claimed by Lord Potter shall not be allowed to vote. This is because ample evidence has been shown to justify his claim. Adjudication of his claims shall be scheduled for the next regular Wizengamot session, and it will be placed on the agenda."

"Next case scribe," Amos said.

The court scribe called out, "Ministry of Magic Verses Peter Pettigrew."

Madam Bones stood. "After watching that memory in the Pensive, I ask for a postponement of the trial. More charges and further investigation will need to be undertaken."

Diggory nodded and called out, "A one-week postponement is granted. Next Case?"

The clerk read off, "Harry Potter Verses Albus Brian Wolfric Dumbledore, an official inquiry into the events leading up to the incarceration of Sirius Black. Additional charges filed today: are as follows: Refusal to read and execute the Will of James Charles Potter and Lilly Evans Potter for personal gain; unlawfully awarding himself the magical custodianship of one Harold James Potter for personal and political gain; Unlawful removal of goods, chattel, and money from the Potter vaults for his own personal gain; child neglect of a person he claimed guardianship; 900 counts child endangerment for the last five years while Headmaster of Hogwarts; signing an unlawful Betrothal Contract in an attempt of line theft; unlawfully binding the Magic of a minor, not lawfully in his custody; Negligent endangerment in failure to remove of said bindings; Unauthorized Memory Modifications; Failure to report child abuse; aiding and abetting said child abuse."

"Mister Dumbledore. Please step forward and take the seat." Rumbled Amos Diggory.

Stepping away to take his seat, Harry reflected how he had a new charge and new duty. His Queen could and would command him. He had role models and methods of coping with the stress. They would help put him back together. In his bones, he felt it would be a long process. But now he knew he could heal."

The vote was close in the end. The Wizengamot voted financial damages against Dumbledore. Also, Albus had pulled out every trick he had. The result was he had taken substantial political damage and wasn't restored to any previous appointments. Furthermore, he was forbidden to ever be a Magical Guardian of any child. Also, there was ordered an audit and examination of every account he had even been Magical Guardian.

Additionally, it was recommended that a full audit be given to all Hogwarts, Wizengamot accounts. Also, there would be an examination of contributions he had given to other Wizengamot members over the years and where those funds came from and went. In the end, he walked away, free. Beaten but not broken. Harry would bet that Dumbledore even felt he would be restored to all his positions in time. Harry could almost hear the grandfatherly tone, 'It was for the Greater Good, after all,' echoing in his head.

Percy Weasley called Magic vs. Tiberius Knott.

Tiberius was quickly found guilty after being questioned under vertiserum and sentenced to 20 years plus an additional 10 because of the additional charge of being a marked Death Eater/terrorist. He was not asked about any other Death Eater activities or crimes he committed or had personal knowledge of during the trial. Additionally, he was fined 10,000 or 1/3 of his total net worth, whichever was more significant. Finally, the Wizengamot seat was taken from the family for a period of his and his heir's lifetime. That was far more than a slap on the wrist but not a fair accounting of justice by any means.

Harry left the Wizengamot in anger. Somehow Dumbledore had smoothed things over. He was found not guilty to lesser charges due to mitigating circumstances or some other pretense. Where he could not get the charges dismissed, he agreed to plea-bargain guilty pleas and more considerable fines. It even looked like he might be restored to the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts in time. The claims of unlawfully sealing the wills were simply passed off as a misunderstanding and that it was all to have been done to protect Harry's best interests. Unsealing them had simply slipped his mind with all the duties he had.

Harry vowed to come up with a way to stop the Good Old Boys game of pass the gold and get the vote. Harry knew the fix was in when the dark families sided with Dumbledore.

He and Dan, along with the SRR escort, returned the surface. They and quickly returned to Buckingham Place. They were met at the door by a Page and directed into a small room with a small desk. Behind the desk stood the Home Secretary and Prime Minister. A few minutes later, the Queen entered the room and seated herself at the desk. After scanning their faces, she eyed one of them. "Sir Dan, Your report."

Dan responded and detailed the Inquiry from memory and events which followed. He stated things went as predicted. A directed finding of Self-Defense was rendered. After I read your summons, there was one curse fired. It was successfully blocked. The escort had weapons at ready and armed and laser markers on the perpetrator. They held their fire as soon as the shield went up. The man would not have got a second curse off. He was sentenced to 30 years in Azkaban Prison. He and his family were heavily fined. I wonder if being thoroughly questioned under magical truth serum? While those answers can not be used in court but may lead to hidden evidence that can be used.

The trial of Dumbledore was an outright farce. He is a master of twisting words, gross misdirection, and often outright lies. I would not be surprised to find that gold is being transferred as we speak. As Albus left the proceedings, I think he was trying to plot a way to get control of everything back eventually, especially the seat of his power at Hogwarts. He has been a teacher or administrator there for nearly 100 years. Most of the Wizengamot see him as a grandfather or kindly uncle that can do nothing evil. Those people are too used to him telling them what to do. He was either their Teacher or Headmaster for most of them."

The Queen asked, "Anyone else have anything to add?" After no one spoke up, she commanded, "Please, each of you write up a complete statement and address to the Home Secretary. Sir Harold and Sir Daniel, I believe you have several days worth of work left on the recordings. I would like you to do a memory recording of today's entire Wizengamot Session. Then, We can let MI5, MI7, and our legal department, have a look at it. A lot can be learning about a person by studying them their speeches and mannerisms."

Pausing, she slowly continued, "The last report from the recording workgroup was very uplifting. MI-5 reports the initial analysis of images has been a good starting point. They captured images from the Graveyard to put out wanted posters. Fortunately, 5 more people have been picked up. One at the Chunnel this morning, trying to flee to France. We would like to see dossiers made up of each of the Wizengamot and Ministry Staff members in the future." She nodded as she stood. "Good job, people."