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Healing Harry

Chapter 5

Now Playing at the Palace

Harry stood across the street from the Eastern Gate at Buckingham Place. Standing alongside him were Dan and Emma Granger. Make that Knight Commander, Sir Daniel Granger. Harry had a hard time wrapping his mind around the hidden depths of the very humble man. Losing an entire squad of men and then destroying a military airbase, fuel, and ammunition dump single-handed was a surprise. On his other side were Hermione Granger and Sirius Black. Behind them was Neville Longbottom and his Grandmother and Luna Lovegood, and her Father, Zeno. The Weasleys had sent word they would be traveling with Dumbledore, Bones, and Diggory was coming by Ministry car. There was no word about Umbridge and Fudge. Personally, Harry doubted either one would answer the Queen's Royal Summons.

Harry and Hermione had spent most of the last two days pulling and playing memories for the recording work-group. Harry had Dobby find another Pensive, and Hermione used that one with another recording crew. Dan and Emma made sure the teens took breaks and ate.

The two teens and Dan and Emma were driven home and allowed a night of rest in their own home.

At five minutes before 8:00 AM, Harry's group left the street corner and started towards the Eastern Gate. Each of them presented themselves and their Royal Summons to the Guards. Harry had his Sword slung over his back, with the Pummel riding above his shoulder. He and his party were soon admitted through the gate and stood as everyone else summoned were processed. Watching the street, he saw Dumbledore and the Weasleys hurrying across the street. One of the Ministry's Cars, a black limo, pulled up and disgorged Minister Diggory, Unspeakable Croaker, and Madam Bones as they crossed the curb. Being last in line, Diggory acted offended. He had to wait to be processed and then objected as they were searched and checked for weapons, wands, and magical items. Madam Bones made no objections when she was required to surrender her monocle, which had Magical charms applied.

Harry realized all of the men on gate duty were wizards, and all of the escort squad were wizards or squibs. He looked at the insignia they wore. They were all from the same unit to which Mister Granger once belonged. All the wands were placed in a metal box and locked. The only people allowed to carry a wand or weapon were Harry and Mister Granger, who still had what he called his kit. Ron started to make noise but was quickly silenced by his father. By 8:05, everyone was processed through and was escorted into the Palace properly.

The group was met in a small anteroom and was met by one of the Queen's Staff. She explained the Protocol they would be following and how they were expected to act and respond. Stand when the Queen is announced and remain standing until she gives you leave to sit. If she addresses you, specifically stand and look at her. Speak only when spoken to and only answer as directed. Answer all questions truthfully and as complete as possible. Her staff doesn't have this all mapped out. She interacts so seldom with the Magical Community we are walking in unknown territory. I understand she told her Chief of Staff that she would have to wing most of this. I can tell you she personally has viewed most of the memories supplied by Mister Potter and Miss Granger. A few of those memories left her very angry. The Queen is someone you do not wish to have her anger directed at you, ever.

Before anyone could ask any questions, there was a knock at the door. The staff member opened the door and exchanged a few words. Then, turning back to the group, "Her Highness is ready for us. Step this way."

The group left the anteroom and was again surrounded by armed guards. As they entered the room through a set of double doors, the guards took their places. Positioned where they could watch everyone in the room. The magicals took their seats with Dan Granger sitting on the front right aisle seat, in the middle with Harry, and next was his Daughter. Emma was seated to the far left next to Hermione. Dumbledore sat across the aisle from Mister Granger and Diggory and then Madam Bones. The second row behind Dumbledore's row held the Weasleys. Behind the Granger contingent was seated the Longbottom and Lovegood families. Behind them was Alexander Croaker, the Unspeakable, and Sirius Black. Missing was Umbridge and Fudge.

A few minutes later, as a short knock on the door, the man they assumed was Chief of Staff announced, "All Rise. Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Queen of All Magical Peoples. "

Harry saw the official Formal Face of the Queen. She acted far differently than her informal face he had seen the other day. She looked like McGonagal scary but 100 times worse. There was no hint of humor or amusement in her face. Instead, she was all business, and she didn't appear to be happy at all.

She looked out and nodded toward Harry and the Grangers and then scanned the crowd. "I see two people which We summoned are not present. Mister Diggory, an explanation is required.."

Amos Diggory shook his head and stated, "None. I personally served the summons. I shall issue arrest warrants as soon as I return to the Ministry of Magic."

The Queen looked vexed. "What is this Ministry of Magic?" your Ministry is officially chartered as the Ministry for Magic. You are a sub-department, answerable to the Home Secretary, the Prime Minister, and the Crown. Your organization needs to have a reality check. You will get its act together. You will find the Crown will exercise its rights and revoke your Ministry's Royal Charter if you do not."

"I want confirmation that you have arrested those two people, and you will make arrangements to bring them here to Us. You have 72 hours. After 72 Hours, We shall declare them Outlaws. Their life and Magic shall be revoked per the Royal Charter and oaths they have given. Make sure you and they understand. We are not going to be tolerant of outlaws. We had decided to bring this matter to heal."

"Remember, under part of the Statue to Secrecy, a declared Outlaw Wizard is subject to execution. In this case, their oaths make execution easy to do." After the Queen sat, she said, "Be seated. We have a lot of different things to cover. "

"Now 1st order of business today, Mister Potter, please come here." commanded the Queen.

Harry Potter stood and approached the Queen, stopping two steps directly in front of her. She said, "Your wand please?"

Harry promptly pulled his Holly and Phoenix feather wand out, carefully flipped it end for end, and handed it to the Queen handle first. She held it in her hand and examined it. "Odd, such a small thing could be so powerful. It has the potential to cause so much harm to people, and at the same time, the potential do so much good."

She motioned for her Chief of Staff to take the wand and hold it for the time being. Then, she looked again at Harry. "Mister Potter, your sword, please."

Harry slowly lifted the scabbard strap from his shoulder and knelt on one knee, offering the Sword still in its sheath, hilt first to the Queen. She removed the blade from its sheath and examined it. Twisting in the light of the chamber. Then, turning to her Chief of Staff, "Donald, have a page fetch me the file folder labeled Swords on Our desk, and bring Us Our Sword of State."

"Mister Potter, do you know and understand the history of this Sword?" She asked.

"Some but not all of it. Most are fables and stories from the time of our school's founders. The Sword had been lost since those times, and I recently found I could call it in my time of need." explained Harry.

The Queen was quickly handed a file, and she withdrew several drawings and rubbings. Comparing them to the Sword she held. She then looked at her own Sword of State and compared the two blades. They appeared almost identical. Hers was etched with the faint lettering of words that were hard to make out clearly.

The Queen asked, "Can you make out the lettering?"

Harry squinted and said, "I believe it is Defensor Civitatis on this side, the other side," as the Queen turned over the Sword. "Amddiffynnwr y Wladwriaeth. The words keep trying to disappear."

"Good enough. Protocol?" she called. She handed the woman several slips of paper. "Will these do?" she carefully read all of them. Nodding in assent.

She stepped, handing one of them to Harry. Harry carefully read the paper. Harry then nodded to the woman the Queen referred to as Protocol.

The Queen smiled and said, "I am ready, Mister Potter, are you?"

Harry nodded, and took two steps forward, and dropped to both knees. And offer his hands left hand over the right-hand face up to the Queen. The Queen reached slightly forward. "I will have your oath, Mister Potter?" Placing her right hand under his and her left hand on top of his left hand.

Harry spoke clearly. He knew the oath had offer needed to be more than what was on the paper he had been given. He started by using the introductory words which were on the slip of paper. "I, Harold James Potter, do offer this oath given freely." He then added the words, "I promise I shall serve my Queen and country to the best of my ability with all my power, heart, and Magic." He then returned to the rest of the standard oath. "I swear allegiance to my country and to Queen Elizabeth the Second. I bind myself and heirs to her and her designated heirs until the end of days. I do offer this oath freely and without any reservations. I swear this all upon my Magic and life. So Mot it be."

The Queen was stunned. This wasn't the oath she thought she would be getting. Her eyebrows rose almost to her Hairline. "Harold James Potter, as your Queen, I accept your service and oath. As your pledge was offered, so I shall accept it. So Mot it be. A glow grew around her hands as Magic itself bore witness to the exchange.

The Queen picked up her Sword of state. She could now clearly see the writing. The letters flashed in the light, no longer shifting. She understood the obscure notes now. She had to be acknowledged by Magic as Queen. Harry acted as the Representative of Magic like he was Magic's Champion, just the all the notes indicated.

She swiftly decided. "Harold James Potter, in recognition of your service to your Queen and country, We have decided to reward you. Harold James Potter, We name you The Crown's Wizard. You are my personal representative in the Magical world. You are charged with protecting all the peoples, magical and non-magical, within and outside Our realms. Therefore, we affirm your status as Lord Potter, Earl of Hogsmeade. Your voice shall serve as Our voice, your hand as Our hand." She tapped Harry's shoulders and held the flat of the blade in front of him, and he kissed the flat of the blade. The glow surrounding them was blinding but faded quickly. Rise, now, Sir Harold. She offered his Sword back to him and then his wand. Take your seat, Sir Harold, until your Queen commands you."

"Albus Dumbledore?" The Queen called.

Albus stood stunned at what just took place. He was furious. Albus had all but erased the title Lord of Hogsmeade from memory. What he still thought of as his personal fiefdom had been ripped away.

The Queen stared at him before she started speaking her reprimand, "I find your actions reprehensible. According to my notes, you claim to have defeated the Dark Wizard Grindelwald. Still, when ordered to produce his body or him, you have refused. Our government and We do not like to be kept waiting. We have waited too many years. So where is Grindelwald being held?"

Albus stated with a sigh, "He is in prison. His own prison. I am still attempting to redeem him."

The Queen stated in her fury, "What makes you think you are above the law? Who exactly gave you a remit to be judge, jury, and prison warden? Madam Bones, You are to discover the site of this prison. Remove Grindelwald and, according to the Nuremberg Tribunal's orders, execute him for his crimes against humanity. You will have a copy of the Nuremberg Writ for execution before you leave today."

Madam Bones stood and simply replied, "As you so order."

"Next, Mister Dumbledore, Why did you not allow Sirius Black a trial? You didn't even offer him a path to redemption, which you freely offered many convicted criminals. Grindelwald, a person who did have a fair trial and was properly convicted? I have the paperwork in hand concerning Sirus Black. It shows that you and Minister Bagnold, the head of the DMLE Bartimus Barnard Crouch, signed the Writ of Attainder that sent Sirius Black to prison without a hearing or trial? Is that correct?"

"We felt the county didn't need any more old wounds ripped open. The evidence was all there." Dumbledore explained.

"But you felt it necessary to have trials for Bellatrix, Rudolphus, and Randolph Lestrange, as well Bartimus Barnard Crouch's own son, didn't you? Even Lucius Malfoy had his day in court, did he not? And you still completely ignored the tribunals' sentence for Grindelwald?" asked the Queen. "That does not make any sense to Us or anyone else."

Dumbledore motioned with his hand, trying to dismiss her questions, "There was some question about their guilt. Especially Bartimus Jr., his accuser, tried to get out of prison by turning in other Death Eaters. Which made his accusations questionable."

The Queen frowned, "We see some serious issues. You held a trial for Bellatrix Lestrange and the two Lestrange brothers. All three were caught in the act of torturing two people with so-called Unforgivable curses, but no trial for Sirius Black? Could it be you personally had something to gain from making sure Sirius Black was not Harry Potter's Legal and Magical guardian? We have watched the events of the last Wizengamot Session. We have copies of the paperwork about your agreements with Lucius Malfoy concerning the voting of the Black seat. We find your juvenile attempt to dismiss my questions nothing short of a common criminal's actions, Mister Dumbledore. We know it was by your own hand that you sealed the Potter's will. We know your own signature was on those wills as a witness. We know that know you were neither named as the executor of those wills nor were you named Harold James Potter's guardian. We also know you were forbidden to ever be his guardian in those wills. So We will skip those questions. Instead, we have two last questions for you and your so-called known facts. First, did you or anyone else responsible ever check Sirius Black for the Magical Tattoo called a Dark Mark? Last questions were any investigations done on Sirius Black's wand last uses?"

Dumbledore started with a fallacy-loaded declaration, "It was common knowledge Black was the Potter's Secret Keeper. The fact was he had to have given the Potter's location to Voldemort. The arrest reports said Sirius Black was laughing like a maniac and 'crying it is all my fault.' The fact is he was the one who caused the blast, which killed the muggles. Therefore, Sirus Black was linked to and assumed to be the right hand of Voldemort."

Albus continued blindly, stating, "There was no need to prove anything. His guilt was evident. Everyone knew he was guilty?"

The Queen's glared increased in intensity as Dumbledore finished spoking. She replied, "Why do you take US as STUPID, Mister Dumbledore? We find your reliance on fallacies strange for a supposedly highly educated person. We find your cognitive dissonance even odder, Mister Dumbledore. You vouched for Severus Snape, a marked Death Eater, and refused the benefit of a doubt for an unmarked person. Do you know what exactly was required to gain the Dark Mark? We do, thanks to Mister Croaker's answers to our earlier questions we sent him. We find it odd you would not only shelter and protect a known murder and rapist, but you allowed him free run in a school full of children."

"I trust Severus Snape completely," stated Albus Dumbledore.

The Queen looked at Madam Bones. "Madam Bones, have Severus Snape arrested and held at our pleasure. You will also be handed this Writ before you leave. He will be given a fair trial, questioned under your truth serum, and if found guilty, be properly sent to, at the very least, prison. This Death Eater group has been declared and is classified as a domestic terrorist group. We know to join this group, one must commit multiple acts of terrorism."

"Albus Dumbledore, We find that your own trial took place three days ago. After being found guilty of child abuse, child endangerment, attempted line theft, creating an unlawful marriage contract, and unlawful sealing of wills, we find it odd. Yet, you are still walking free and are again listed Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Magic. Why and How did that happen?" asked the Queen.

Albus said, "As I explained, all which I did was for the Greater Good. The good men of the Wizengamot decided to allow an old man a chance to fix the results of his errors."

The Queen looked at Albus with a stunned expression. "We do not find it amusing. You defend yourself with Grindelwald's very same motto to justify his evil actions and crimes against humanity. We are not stupid, and We are old enough to recall the Nuremberg Tribunals very clearly."

The Queen continued, "We contacted Gringotts bank. The Goblin Ragnock sent us the reports of an attempt to transfer gold from Harry Potter's family accounts and Hogwarts school accounts and then to 15 different members of the Wizengamot just after your trial. How did you access the accounts when you were neither the Headmaster at the time nor were legally able to access the Potter accounts? I find it odd still had access to those school accounts? We also found you attempted to transfer gold from Mister Potter's vault and move it to your own personal or Molly Prewett Weasley's personal vault. You were denied the transfer. Do you not understand what the charge bribery is, as well as theft, is unlawful? We formally set aside the finding of the Wizengamot as is Our right and void the verdict. We hear-by order a full investigation and questioning by all means possible to determine any and all misconduct, malfeasance, and crimes on your part which has taken place."

She turned to her Chief of Staff. "Write a formal note ordering a tribunal and investigation of the Wizengamot for corruption, embezzlement, and bribery. You have the 15 names of the recipients. Forward the arrest warrants to Madam Bones. Scotland Yard and MI5 will assist you if you need the most resources. The SRR is also to stand up a company to support her if needed."

Turning her ire to the whiskered old man, "Mister Dumbledore is to be held at Our discretion until trial. Inform Ragnock all of Mister Dumbledore's assets are to be seized and held. In addition, all Wizengamot members' assets that were to have received Mister Dumbledore's gifts are also to be seized and held until the investigation is complete. We are through with you for today, Mister Dumbledore. Sit down!"

"Madam Bones! We understand you are the head of the DMLE. That is the Department of Magic Law Enforcement. So your job is to oversee the Auror's, and the rest of your Department deals with prosecution and jailing as well? Is not one of the items you are charged to perform is protecting Mundanes from harm by Magicals? Do you find that there is an inherent conflict of interest a problem?"

Madam Bones was standing looking at the Queen, "I often find myself and Department in direct conflict. For example, Mister Weasley's Sub Department is charged with Muggle or Mundane artifacts that have been enchanted or cursed to harm the Mundane and Magical. That Department currently has a staff of three people, including the Head of the sub-department. That is severely understaffed. The conflict arises when he and his staff have trouble proving intent rather than showing outcomes as violations. The proof of intent is hard to provide, especially since the methods of questioning are highly restricted. Some of the old families have passed laws that prevent questioning methods using Vertiserum from being used on them. We can not use Vertiserum, which is a highly effective truth serum on them. Many of the guilty people simply fall through the so-called cracks or loopholes. All of these have been designed to protect perpetrators rather than provide help for those injured or just. At every turn, a few purebloods seem to protect each other from retribution or justice. Until recently, Minister Fudge was counseled by Lucius Malfoy, the Death Eater, and was always fighting to cut funding for Magic Law Enforcement. We are currently at less than 300 active Aurors. Working in 3 shifts a day means we have less than 60 on duty at one time. At the start of the 1st war, there was a staff of nearly 1200 full-time Aurors; there were also 50 investigators, 10 prosecutors, 300 clerks, and about 35 other support staff. Today there are 3 investigators, 2 prosecutors, and 43 clerks and 5 support staff."

The Queen had a look of exasperation. "Mister Diggory, We find the initial concept of Magical Council of Nine might have worked well 1200 years ago. Of those initial families, only five still remain. Potter, Black, Bones, Longbottom, and Greengrass still exist. Even the Second Council of 1456 has only a few original families left. What is still exists today is your Wizengamot. How the seats get filled by appointment smacks of the methods which can only lead to corruption."

She looked thoughtful and picked her words with care. "Over the last few days, Our staff and We have been studying your Royal Charter and your laws." However, Our thoughts are that We feel the people making laws and sitting in the courts as jurors should not be the same people. Nor should they be administering or directing any governmental departments. It is too great of a concentration of power in too few hands. We are tempted to simply remove the entire Ministry for Magic and replace it altogether. What We have currently in place is not working for Us or the Magical community. Governments exist to serve the people. It was an error too many of Our predecessors forgot. It does seem your government, also, has failed. Now We are required to remind you of your duty."

The Queen went on to state, "Our Councilors have suggested an option re-institution of the Magical Council as a Hereditary Body. We will include a proviso of Crown's approval after examining the family member's fitness before they are allowed to take the seat. The remaining empty seats of the Wizengamot, which are currently filled by the appointment of the Minister For Magic, will change. We think that by placing those seats up for election by areas, which will be apportioned by a census of the magical population within those areas. Said census shall take place every ten years. Areas will be apportioned to be as compact and contiguous as possible. A non-magical body of three people selected by the Home Secretary shall have the right to disapprove of the apportionment. There shall be open polling of all the of age magical people and beings. Nominations can be for any magical being which wishes to run. The suggestion also calls for at least one additional person from each magical race to the Magical Council. Mister Dumbledore will neither be able to run for any office nor be appointed to any position ever. He is unfit by Our declaration!"

"No matter what comes about, there will be no election for the position of Minister for Magic. Actually, We order that the Ministry for Magic itself be renamed the Secretariat for Magic for Magical Peoples. It shall be a sub-division of the Home Ministers Department. The only qualification is the person must be at least what you call a Squib or better. That position will be answerable to the Hereditary Council and Elected Council and Home Secretary, Prime Minister, and ultimately the Crown. That position will be appointed by the Prime Minister with the approval of the Crown. The Royal Charter will be amended to ensure all your laws, rules, and regulations are 100% fair and equally enforced. They will be in as close an alignment with the mundane world as is possible. There will be no more Binding Marriage Contracts. Men's daughters and sons are not chattel." Demanded the Queen.

"Mister Diggory and Madam Bones," addressed the Queen, "Do you feel you can work with Our Prime Minister, Home Secretary, and Councilors? We want to bring about these, Our desired outcomes, or do We need to find others to carry out Our instructions?"

The Queen looked to Amos Diggory 1st. He replied, "I will do my best."

The Queen looked to Amelia Bones. She nodded, "Without question, Your Highness!."

"Excellent!" replied the Queen.

The Queen scanned the group. When her eye met Dan Granger's, "Sir Daniel. I have not had the chance to ask you directly. We have seen the Pensive videos. What do you think of the overall performance of Sir Harold's group of Children? He did place your Daughter at significant risk. Everything that's happened in the last few days has kept you fairly busy, has it not?

Dan Granger had stood as he was addressed. He looked at Harry, then his Daughter. Looking past his Daughter to his wife, and she nodded to him. Dan turned back to the Queen. "Truthfully, I tell you, at first, I felt outraged. I thought my precious Daughter was led to risk herself foolishly. My instinct was to forbid the continuation of their friendship. I forced myself to at least meet this boy that had led her astray. I held my initial outrage in check. Over the days that passed while he was living with us, I grew to know the man, not the boy. It was those wee hours of the morning when I truly saw him. Sitting at the table drinking tea. He was still shaking. Truthfully I saw myself. I saw every person that has lead people into battle. After seeing the memories with Chaplin Morse, I knew him even better. I saw and heard him tell the other children not to go with him. Still, they went. I felt pride watching my Daughter and him standing together. I know he would not have survived without the help of his friends. Yes, I am still angry. Not because they went, but because the adults involved, those adults who should have been in their place, failed to do their duty. I hope there is never a next time, but if there is, know this. I will be standing next to Harry Potter. Whether the flight is in open warfare or into the political arena, Harry can depend on me."

"Who actually be held to blame?" Ask Sir Dan. "I believe it is Albus Dumbledore who owns this guilt. He is prone to using things and even people as bait for his traps and tests. I think in the end, after all, the Intel is put together and fully analyzed. The mastermind playing chess with people's lives was Albus Dumbledore right from the start."

The Queen nodded in understanding. "Neville Longbottom," She waited until the young man stood. Then, she commanded, "Mister Longbottom, please present your guardian to Us."

Neville squared his shoulders and waited for his Gran to stand and speaking as he had been taught. Then, looking directly at the Queen, "Your Majesty, allow me the pleasure of presenting my Grandmother, The Dowager Lady Augusta Longbottom. Currently serving as Regent Longbottom until my father completes his rehabilitation program."

The Queen nodded and motioned for him to be seated. Madam Longbottom remained standing as the Queen addressed her, "I am sure you saw the Pensive memory as well. So I ask you, what are your feelings about their adventure?"

Madam Longbottom frowned. "Your majesty, I took my anger out upon the wrong person. I slapped Harold James Potter in the middle of the platform at Kings Cross Station. It is possible the worst thing I have ever done. My grandson has stopped talking to me until just a few days ago. While we were visiting my Son and Daughter-in-Law in the long-term care ward at St Mungos. That is our magical Hospital. They woke up from 14 years in a coma. I stood and listened to my grandson tell his parents about the fighting and why he went. When I married into the family, I was told about its history and legends. It was a part of the Longbottom family's history. Sadly I had let the knowledge slip from my mind. Many centuries ago, when a group of Magical Vikings came as refugees to Scotland, they were lead by a wizard named Harfang Longbottom. The locals gathered to repel what they deemed were Viking invaders. The King, Arthur Pendragon, sent another Wizard named Wayland Potter to see to the problem. Wayland rode into the middle of the two lines of warriors, ready to do battle. Wayland got off his horse, took off his armor, set his Sword into the ground, and walked to the Viking line. And motioned for the leader to step forward. He led him to the halfway point. Then he walked to the defenders' line and said, "The High King, Arthur Pendragon, has ordered this fight to be stopped. Come with me."

When the two leaders met, He motioned to Harfang, "Tell him why you are here."

Harfang explained, "We fled our homelands when the current King decided to kill all magical people in concordance with his newly adopted Christian religion. We came to these empty lands in peace. We were met with violence and hatred because we were not like you. We are seafarers and fishermen, not farmers or herdsmen. We wish no harm to anyone."

The local leaders asked, "So they will not make war upon us?"

Harfang Longbottom shook his head. "We will not only not make war against you, but we also offer to take arms against all who would attack you, including our former countrymen. We will swear these oaths to you and your King."

Harfang swore the oath. Additionally, he swore an oath to support the House of Potter. It was binding to him and all his heirs. Since that time, when a Potter went into battle, a Longbottom stood beside them. When a Longbottom went to war, a Potter stood beside them. It is said, 'We, Sons of Harfang, have memories as long as our boats.' I simply renewed my family's oaths to the House of Potter. I will follow my brother in arms all of my life. When he stands, I will stand beside him. All of his oaths are my oaths, such are the debt of the Sons of Harfang to House Potter."

The Queen just acknowledged this story. She knew her historians were busy in the royal archives seeking the rest of that story.

The Queen looked to the red-headed group sitting on what she considered the wrong side of the aisle.

"Roland and Geneva Weasley, why did you follow Harold Potter into what was most certainly a trap?" asked the Queen.

Ron stood and said, "Harry stood by me when my sister was taken to the Chamber of Secrets. I had to stand with him because that's what friends do. I know my sister felt the same way. My older brothers would have been there if they had known where we were going. We are Harry's friends, and we stick together most of the time. I have had to grow up a lot this last year. I found out I wasn't happy with the person in the mirror. My mother is still furious that we followed Harry. He needed our help. I believe he would not have made it out alive, alone. I know in the last war, people didn't stand together and fell one at a time. Whole communities were attacked one house at a time, and they didn't make a joint effort to rally together in a common defense. As a result, the magical community was losing to an army of fewer than 100 people. We can not live by standing alone because that's the road to failure."

The Queen nodded with a complete understanding. "Winston Churchill said it often when urging all of Great Britain to stand together during WW2."

The Queen eyed the children's father, "Mister Weasley, I, as a parent whose sons and grandsons have gone off to war, understand that you and your wife had misgivings. Do you still have them and hold Sir Harold responsible?"

Arthur stood and answered, "My children made a choice. I would have rather they made a different choice. I taught all my children to try to make the right choices, not the easiest choice. They understood that it was a most likely trap. Harry that is, Sir Harold tried to convince them not to go with him. I saw that when he played the Pensive memory at the Wizengamot's Inquiry. It was my son and daughter's choice. They said to me, 'It wasn't the easy choice.' Some of the other children at school were mad, especially Draco Malfoy, whose father was killed in the Ministry. I wished they didn't make a choice, and I will work so that no one's child is placed into the position of having to make such a choice."

"Miss Lovegood," Spoke the Queen, "I watched you in the Pensive memory. During the fight, it appeared you had danced through some parts of the fights, often shield for no visible reason, only for your shield to spring up in the right place at the moment it was needed. How does that happen so often for you?"

Luna got a dreamy look on her face as if she was looking off in the distance and listening to someone speak. "I can tell you sometimes I see echos of things that might happen. I see the outcomes of some choices. I knew the night we went to the Ministry, either we would win together then or all die later separately. I saw that all of us going we had more outcomes in which more of us lived longer. I saw if Harry had not gone to the Ministry, all I could see is every one of us would be dead within a year, even you. Everyone. I don't see the deaths for us at all, now. Too many futures to see, and I get dizzy trying to not see them all and focus on only one. I saw, if I had not gone, Neville would have died. Without Neville, Harry would have died. Without Harry, we all would have died. I explained it to my father, and he understood. I hope you understand, Harry is still important, and he was a major pivot that night. Every action revolved about him that evening. As time passes, he may be less or more important. It depends on his action and choices and other people's actions and choices. Today is all good." Luna hesitated, "Chaplin Morse's phone call was also important, his role is still important, and his work isn't finished at all. All our actions take part in a vast web. Right now, the web is strong and steady. No one person's actions will break it."

Luna stood, looking off in the distance, her eyes unfocused. "Harry, Rita is here." pointing to a painting.

Harry stood looking where Luna was pointing. "Homo Revelare." and motioned with his hand. A slight red glow appeared at the corner of the frame of a painting.

Harry looked to the Queen. She nodded, and Harry used his wand to Stun the beetle. Then, he conjured a jar with a lid, picked the beetle up, and placed it in the container.

Harry took a breath, "This is a journalist. Her name is Rita Skitter. She is an Animagus. That is, she can turn herself into this beetle. She most likely rode piggyback in here today. She uses this form to sneak into places she isn't allowed to go and gather enough dirt to write stories with the spin she wants. She has destroyed countless lives with slander and innuendo."

The Queen asked, "Can many people do this?"

Harry stated, "The Ministry requires people to register their forms. A few do, but many more do not. I know of 4 that didn't, and they gained their forms while in school. The transformation, unless directly witnessed or the person is caught like I caught Ms. Skeetter, is impossible to prove. I would bet Galleon's to Biscuits, Mister Dumbledore is an Animagus as well. I planned to undertake the training last year, but Voldemort and the Tournament kept getting in the way. Now the nightmares seem to keep me off-kilter and distracted. It is still on my list of things to do."

The Queen asked, "Are they ways to stop someone that has transformed from entering a place or a way to detect them?"

Harry turned to the back of the room. "Mister Croaker could tell us he is an expert or knows where one can be found, I believe."

Croaker spoke, "It's just Croaker. There is a type of ward, a special type of magical charm that works like an alarm. It doesn't stop them. It will detect when a magical person enters the property. It can be modified to detect a transformed magical person entering the property and give off a different sounding alarm. So the simple answer is yes."

The Queen thought for a moment, then asked, "So Croaker, we need this ward installed in the few places, like this building or its grounds. How hard is it?"

"A team could create it in a few hours of work. A survey of the site and discussion of where to place the alarm sounders. Yes, a few hours. Finding and transporting ward stones and a magical person here for a few hours a day or few squibs to keep the ward stones charged from the ambient Magic. I was happy to see the Squibs in the protection detail today. "

The Queen nodded and motioned for him to sit down.

She turned to Hermione Granger and stared at her.

Hermione felt like she was a bug under a microscope being examined.

"Ms. Granger," The Queen addressed her finally as Hermione stood, "I understand Sir Harold holds you in the highest regards. In reviewing his memories when he is in the thick of things, I noticed you were always in the center of things with him. Even when you were petrified, you were helping him. Friendships like that are rare in either world, I surmise. I know of a few 11-year-old boys that would take on a troll for a girl. Yet he did, and you stood beside him since then. I would commend you and ask a personal favor. Keep him grounded and keep helping him. I require people like you and him. As my Crown's Wizard and a member of the recognized peerage, you understand he will need my permission to court and wed when the time comes. I was told how close the two of you have become." Looking between the two youths. He will have to ask my permission before he asks the Lady's Father. With that understanding in your mind, approach me."

Hermione stood and walked to stand in front of the Queen, not understanding what to do.

The Queen explained, "This is much different from Sir Harold's oath, but is still an oath." the Queen motioned to the person Harry thought of Protocol.

Hermione read the oath though a few times and understood. Then, glancing at her father and mother, she looked at Harry and saw his eyes lit up the green light of a traffic signal. So she said, "I will do this."

The Queen nodded, "I will receive your oath, Miss Granger."

Hermione spoke, "I. Hermione Jane Granger, a minor with my parents' consent, offer my services to Queen Elizabeth the Second. I shall remain in her service until such time as she releases me. She shall advise me in my life choices. In turn, I shall do her bidding to the best of my ability. I will keep her secrets. Be willing to accompany her as needs demand. This pledge I offer willingly. So mote it be."

The Queen gave her a smile. "Hermione Jane Granger is accepted into my house and my protection. She shall become my personal aid and confidant until release. This I so promise. So Mot it."

Speaking clearly, the Queen proclaimed to all, "I present my new Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Hermione. I am sure Lady Sarah will be glad to help with your duties. But, especially because she is a Mundane, it is time I have a person who is Magical close to me."

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