Episode 1- Not very Happy Campers pt. 1

Authors Thoughts

Welcome to the first installment of the Total Drama Mix-Up series! Ok so, I've never really attempted something like this before. I am not much of a writer, but after reading another fanfiction(credit to Fangren for the inspiration) with the concept I based this on I just had to go for it.

Anyhow, with Total Drama being renewed (for 2 more seasons!) I wanted to show my love for the series by doing something that I think will be fun.

I am taking every character in the main Total Drama series, and MIXING them across all 6 seasons. This means characters, outcomes, pairings, and even locations of challenges might differ from the canon show.

I did use a random wheel spin for choosing contestants, and I ended up with some very interesting casts. For the majority of the series, I will be attempting to follow along with the challenges and elimination style(not necessarily order) as it is in canon, with changes made to certain areas to shake things up and make my story unique from others and from canon.

Just like in canon, there will be 22 contestants in Island, 15 in Action, 18 in World Tour,(I will be using an original character in place of Blaineley), 13 for Revenge of the Island, and 14 for Pahkitew Island. I will be doing a major edit on Total Drama All-Stars by adding SIX more contestants than canon, as well as adding extra challenges from the Ridonculous Race to compensate for the added cast members. I really want to make All-Stars a good season because it had so much potential, and I felt it was wasted. So I hope my rendition of All-Stars is better than the canon version.

I would also love to hear stuff from you guys, the readers! Questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, predictions, anything you all wanna say I will gladly respond to.

Alright, now that the very long intro is out of the way, let's get into the first season of Total Drama Mix Up! I hope you guys like it. -Bodvar

The camera fades into a shot of a small yet pristine lake, while cliffs and hills blanketed with pine could be seen in the background. Suddenly, a man pops up into the shot from the bottom of the camera.

A handsome man, he looked to be in his late twenties with well groomed hair and stubble on his face, wearing a navy blue shirt over a white undershirt, with olive green pants and black and white sneakers.

"Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka Ontario! I'm your host Chris McLean; dropping Season One of the hottest new reality show on television...right now!"

A faint chorus and drumline can be heard steadily growing as Chris can now be seen walking down a wooden dock.

"Here's the deal, twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here and this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers."

Chris reaches the end of the dock and turns toward the camera, which zooms in on him, and the music starts to soften.

"Every three days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the dock of shame," the camera pans back out to show the dock in question, and a wood sign with a boat on it is lowered into the shot, "take a ride on the loser boat," Chris laughs for a second as the sign is taken back up, "and leave Total Drama Island for good." He mimics a golf swing before the scene switches.

The camera flashes to a clearing near the forest with a fairly small campfire pit, eleven tree stumps acting as makeshift seats, an oil drum, and on the right side; a wooden arch that leads to and from the clearing.

Chris popped up again, and pointed behind him with his thumb.

"Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week," the camera zooms in towards the arch as Chris is shown walking underneath, "all but one camper will receive…a marshmallow."

The shot changes to show three pokers with marshmallows lying down on the oil drum, now acting as a podium. Chris picks one up, eats it, and throws the stick behind him.

"In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame," Chris holds up a bunch of magazines to get the point across, "and a small fortune which, let's face it, they'll probably blow in a week." he finishes while now holding a small chest that's filled to the brim with gold and gems that glittered in the sun.

The music starts to pick up again. "To survive, they'll have to battle black flies," a shot flashes onto the screen showing black flies swarming a grizzly bear, "grizzly bears," the bear swats at the flies and roars loudly at the camera, "disgusting camp food," the camera flashes to a bowl of insect larvae, then flashes back to Chris on the dock. "and...each other."

Multiple shots of cameras taped all sorts of places across the island are shown as Chris continues. "Every moment will be caught by one of the hundreds of cameras situated all over camp." The shot is once again back on Chris by the dock.

"Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here," Chris points at the camera with both hands, "right now, on," the camera starts to zoom further back with every word, showing the full extent of the island. "Total...Drama...Island."


(Opening Song)

Dear Mom and Dad im doing fine

You guys are on my mind

You asked me what I wanted to be

And now i think the answer is plain to see

I wanna be famous!

I wanna live close to the sun

Well pack your bags cause i've already won

Everything to prove nothing in my way

I'll get there one day

Cause i wanna be famous


I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous


I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous


(End Opening)


The episode fades back in and we see Chris standing near the end of the dock.

"Welcome back to total drama island," Chris says while looking towards the camera.

"Alright, it's time to meet our first 11 campers. We told them they'd all be staying at this five star resort, so if they seem a little TO'd..that's probably why." The shot moves over to show a very nice looking yacht drop off the first camper.

The boat speeds off and reveals a tall but large black man, wearing a large grey trench coat over a red sweatshirt and a red hat flipped backwards.

"B! The man himself!" Chris shouts at the large teen. "Welcome to the island my man."

B shoots a finger pistol at Chris and gives him a high five as he walks past towards the other end of the dock, but doesn't say a word.

"You don't say much, do you?" Chris asked the silent genius. B purses his lips, but then shrugs and stands at the end of the dock.

The next contestant to arrive was a very muscular black man wearing a doo-rag wearing a shirt with the letter D.

"DJ!" the host says as the gentle giant walks towards Chris and high-fives him.

"Yo Chris McLean! How's it going?" DJ then looks around and frowns. "Hey you sure you got the right place here? Where's the hot tub at?"

"Yo dawg this is it! Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris smiles with his arms spread as DJ frowns more and takes his stuff and goes to stand by B.

"It looked a lot different on the application form." DJ said quietly to himself.

"Hey Amy!" Chris calls out to a blonde white girl in a red cheerleader uniform, white high heeled boots, and a beauty mark on her cheek.

"Ugh are you kidding me?"she scowls. "This is not a five-star hotel like I was promised. I deserve so much better than this place! My sister Samey would fit right in with all you losers. Why isn't she here?" as she walked up to Chris.

"Technically," the host says with a smirk, "you'll be staying here. My place is an airstream with AC," he points behind him with his thumb, "thataway. And your sister isn't here because you specifically asked for her not to compete with you in your contract."

He smiles and holds up the papers in front of him. "Whatever." A fuming Amy says while rolling her eyes at Chris, and goes to stand by B and DJ, who look at each other with surprise.

The camera now cuts back to another boat, and a blonde man is seein dancing to some rave music. He wore an unbuttoned pink shirt, blue jean shorts, and a large cowboy hat. He jumps off the boat with surprising skill, with his luggage quickly following.

"Chris McLean! 'Sup man! It's an honor to meet you man!" The blonde boy says to the host.

Chris gives the party animal finger pistols. "The Geoff-ster! Welcome to the island man."

"Thanks man." Geoff says as he pumps his fist in excitement.

"If they say man one more time," Amy sneers, "I'm gonna go insane." Geoff high fives Chris as the sound of another boat approaching can be heard.

"Everyone," Chris says to the four previous contestants and then gestures towards the other end of the dock with his hand, "this is Lindsay."

Music fit for a model starts to play as the camera slowly pans up revealing a very attractive blonde girl, dressed in brown medium length heels with star designs, an orange skirt, a brown tank top, and a blue bandana.

"Not too shabby." Chris directs towards the camera. "Hiiiiii!" Lindsay innocently says while walking up to Chris. "Okay, you look so familiar."

"I'm Chris McClean," the host says to a now confused Lindsay, as the music cuts to show the awkwardness. "The host...of the show?" Chris finishes now frowning.

"Ohhh that's where I know you from" Lindsay replies now understanding. "Uhh...yeah." Chris says, not really knowing what to think.

A villainous tune starts to play as the next contestant departs the boat. The camera flashes to a taller, black haired girl wearing large sunglasses that reflect B and DJ's nervous faces, Amy's annoyance, Lindsay's confusion.

She takes her sunglasses off and she gives everyone a look of superiority and disgust. The teen is wearing a maroon tank top with a loop around her neck connected to a black ring, and olive green short shorts.

"Heather." Chris says to the Queen Bee, as she walks past and looks at the other five contestants with a sneer.

"Hii!" Lindsay says to her while approaching her. "Looks like we're gonna be best friends for the next eight weeks!"

Heather just gives her an even more intense sneer, but is startled when loud rock music can be heard playing from a big boombox.

Standing with one foot on the boombox is a young man with long blue cargo shorts, a black skull t-shirt over a white undershirt, a dog collar around his neck, piercings in his ears and his monobrow, and the most distinct feature...a bright green mohawk.

He arrived by the dock and threw his bag haphazardly onto the dock and the music stopped as he jumped and landed with a very angry look on his face.

"Duncan, dude!" Chris nonchalantly said to the delinquent.

"I don't like...surprises." Duncan responded with his fist clenched tightly.

"Yeah you're parole officer warned me about that man," Chris said with a sly grin on his face as Duncan approached him. "He also told me to give 'em a holler anytime and have you returned to juvie."

"Okay then." Duncan sniffed and walked past Chris.

"Meet you by the campfire gorgeous."Duncan says with a smug face as he walks by Heather.

"Drop dead you playboy!" She shoots back with an annoyed look on her face.

"I'm calling my parents," Heather states while storming past everyone else, "you cannot make me stay here."

The shot cuts back to Chris who smiles and holds up more paperwork. He is interrupted by a boat horn with the next contestant water skiing behind it. He was a young white man with brown hair, and he wore an all red track suit with a sweatband around his head, and red and white sneakers.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Tyler!" Chris tells the rest of the crew as they watch Tyler attempt to wave while riding, wipe out, and fly into the massive pile of luggage on the dock. The castmates look on with pained expressions.

"Ugh, my shoes!" Heather and Amy both scream while standing completely soaked. "Wicked wipeout dude!" Chris calls out to him. Tyler manages to stick his hand out and give a thumbs up, and B, DJ, and Geoff give a thumbs up of approval.

Heather and Amy walk back towards the rest of the cast and Chris starts laughing at how miserable they look, without knowing that the next contestant was standing behind him.

The camper sighs and we see he has darker skin and has black hair swept to one side. He is wearing a blue sweater vest over a short sleeve yellow button up, and khaki pants with high tops.

"Welcome to camp Dave." Chris says, smiling towards the normal guy. Dave looks at the other contestants then at the camp.

"...Are there any...clean places on this island?" Dave asks with a concerning look on his face. "Beause if not I'm gonna have to turn around and leave-" he watched in shock as his boat disappeared.

"Well it looks like you're stuck here with us Dave." Chris laughs as the boy sighs and goes to stand next to Geoff and DJ who gave him a solemn look.

"And here is our tenth competitor...Mike!" A tall lanky boy with spiked hair and a missing tooth steps off the boat. He's wearing a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Uhh hi everyone! It's nice to meet you!" Mike said while sheepishly scratching the back of his head. "Hey I saw that ice skating show you hosted a while back, that was impressive." he directs towards the host.

"Thanks man!" Chris says with some excitement in his voice. "I knew I rocked that show!"

B motioned to DJ and Geoff, and started to make skating motions with his hands, then threw his hands in the air. DJ looked very confused.

"He said there was a team who got dropped on their head while skating," Geoff said, "pretty gnarly huh!" B shot him a finger pistol to which Geoff returned.

The shot switches back to another boat approaching, with the eleventh contestant was shown to be standing at the bow of the boat. She wore khaki pants with a red tank top, and wore a pink flower in her vibrant red hair, and she looked really nervous.

The boat reached the dock and she jumped off. "Aaaaahhhhhhh!" The red head screamed as she tumbled to the ground.

"Zoey!" Chris said while snickering, "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!"

"Oh my gosh are you ok?" Mike asked as he ran over to help the Indie Chick up. Zoey looks up at Mike and blushes when he reaches his hand out.

"Here let me help you up."Mike says as he pulls Zoey up. As he pulls her up he trips over one of Zoey's bags, falling over with Zoey ending up on top and face to face with Mike.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" they both say while looking away and blushing.

"OK enough!" Chris yells while looking down at the pair with a large frown. "You guys will have time to get your romance on, after the rest of the campers arrive. Got it?" he finished while raising his eyebrow.

Both blushing teens nod in understanding and go back to the other side of the dock.

"Ok we've met the two love birds with no style at all," Heather says while still wringing out her hair, "can we please move on now?"

"Someone didn't get their Venti Caramel Macchiato with sugar this morning did they?" Duncan fires back with a smirk. "Get bent." was Heather's only reply.

The twelfth contestant to appear was a short, chubby white girl with two pigtails that stood straight up, and was wearing a black and white striped tank top with pink shorts. As soon as she stepped off the boat she started to tear up.

"Katieeeeee! I miss you so much already!" the girl wailed.

" Sadie...I know it's gonna be hard to stay here without your BFF," Chris said with a concerned look, " but you gotta pull through for the rest of your time here. Cause if not, you'll probably be voted out first!" the host finishes with a laugh.

As Sadie trudges by Chris the camera focuses on the unlucky number thirteen contestant. It's a short, scruffy looking boy with a blue toque, olive green sweatshirt, blue pants and green shoes.

"Ezekiel," Chris smiles towards the homeschooler, "what's up man?"

"...I think I see a bird?" Ezekiel says while pointing up. The other campers snicker at his obliviousness.

"Ok..look dude, I know you don't get out much," Chris says while putting a hand on his shoulder, "been homeschooled your whole life, raised by freaky prairie people. Just don't say much and try not to get kicked off too early...ok?" Chris finishes.

"Yes sir." Ezekiel replies while walking away.

As the camera pans out to the next contestant, birds flock to the person standing on the dock. Dressed in a pink princess dress with a pink bow in her hair, she sang to the birds and they landed on her and happily chirped.

"Ms. Ella has arrived!" Chris said while spreading his hands towards the princess. "Oh it's so lovely to be here with all of you wonderful people, and the amazing creatures i have just met too!" Ella says with a very joyful demeanor.

"Riiigghhhtt," Chris drawls out with a frown, "i'm sure you'll all get along so well."

"I sure hope so!" Ella sings as she joins the others.

"Hey get these stupid birds out of my way, a winner is coming through!" someone shouts as they are seen swimming from the boat and towards the dock. A female with short blonde hair dressed in dark grey sweats and a dark grey hoodie is seen hoisting themselves up onto the dock and and smirking.

"Jo," the host calls to the jock-ette, "you certainly made an entrance for yourself."

"Well duh, I've got to have the most memorable entrance because I'm gonna be the last one standing," Jo replies with a smirk as she looks at the other contestants, "and by the looks of these losers, that shouldn't be a problem!"

"Ugh seriously? All these people are freaks, especially you sweatsuit."the evil twin says while leering at Jo. Just as an angry Jo was about to respond, a clang could be heard as a bag was thrown onto the dock.

Very intense music spikes as a very muscular girl with a blue training outfit, white knee length socks and a stony look on her face is shown on the dock.

"Eva, nice." Chris says towards the camera, "Glad you could make it." The tough girl tosses her bag towards the others and it lands on Dave's feet with another clang.

"Ow! Hey, what's in your bag? That really hurt!" he says with a pained look.

"Dumbbells," Eva replies without ever turning around, "you should try using them sometime." which earns a laugh from Duncan.

The next boat arrives and drops off the 17th camper. Wearing safari gear and towering over everyone else was a young black girl who looked like a true survivalist.

"J-Jasmine!" Chris gulped as he looked up at the Australian to meet her imposing gaze, "welcome to the island." The teen looks down and smiles softly.

"Thanks Chris it's super exciting to be here right now." the Australian replied. "I think ill really be able to put all my skills to the test." she calls out to the rest of the cast.

"She's all yours, big guy." Tyler whispers to DJ who gulps.

"Here comes Courtney," Chris calls out. Courtney reaches out a hand to Chris who helps her off the boat. She is a darker toned girl with olive green pants, and a gray shirt over a white blouse.

"Thank you." she tells Chris as she confidently walks towards the others. "Hi, you must be the other contestants,"she says in a professional manner, "it's great to meet you-ohhhhh wow."

Romantic music starts to play as the shot cuts to a very attractive man, with tan skin and dark hair. Wearing an olive green shirt and nice designer pants, he looked just like a model. The camera then pans showing the rest of the girls except Zoey, Jo, and Heather swooning for the teen.

"This...is Justin." Chris gestures towards the model, "Welcome to Total Drama Island."

Justin gives the host a fist bump, "Thanks Chris this is great!" he replies. "Just so you're aware," the host tells the teen, "we picked you based solely on your looks."

"I can live with that." the boy smiles as he walks away.

"Hey I like your pants!" Tyler suddenly blurts out. "Thanks man." Justin replies without missing a beat. "They look all...worn out and stuff," the jock says, "did you get them like that?"

"Uhhhh no...just...had them for a while." the pretty boy responds. "Stupid…" Tyler says while facepalming.

"HEY! The real beauty of the island is comin through, so y'all better turn yer peepers this way!" someone shouts with a southern accent. The host jumps in surprise, and turns to see a poofy haired blonde girl wearing blue jeans and a pink cutoff staring right at him.

"GAH!" Chris shouts in surprise, "Sugar, don't do that! I could have messed up my windblown hair." he finishes with a frown.

"Oh don't you worry 'bout messin' your hair 'round me hon. As a pageant girl I know all about having to be perfect." Sugar responds with a cocky smirk dressed on her face.

"Riiiiiiight.."Chris replies with a frown, "well you can go thataway and stand by all the other non-pageant people."

"Fine by me." Sugar finishes while exiting the shot.

A military drumline can be heard as the second to last camper sets foot on the dock. A man with a military regulation buzz cut, black army boots, an olive green shirt, blue cargo shorts, and dog tags looked at Chris and gave him a curt salute.

"Cadet Brick reporting for duty SIR!" the military teen said to the host.

"At ease soldier,"Chris replied with a smile, "welcome to base camp. I hope you're ready for 8 weeks of pain, cadet!" he finished with a stern look. "SIR YES SIR!" Brick replied.

"Dismissed!" Chris called out as the final contestant could be seen approaching the dock from afar.

The twenty-second and final camper to compete in Total Drama Island was perched on the bow of the boat, sitting in the lotus position. Hippie music can be heard as the pale blonde girl's boat approached the dock. Wearing purple leggings and a large fuzzy green sweater. The petite girl opens her eyes as the boat stops at the dock.

"Oh it seems I am the last one to arrive." the young girl says to herself.

"It would seem that way. Everyone, this is Dawn," Chris says to the mystic, "our last contestant to arrive."

"Hello friends, it is so good to meet you all! Your auras look most pleasant. Well...almost all of them."

"Umm what is that supposed to mean?" Dave asked the girl in question with a confused look on his face.

"I can see and read your aura. You really should learn to accept rejection, otherwise you won't get far in this contest."

"Wh-who did you hear that from? I can deal with being rejected just fine!" Dave asks looking away and blushing out of embarrassment.

" But you don't! Your aura says otherwise, it can be read like an open book." Dawn replies to the normal guy, as he looks around and notices everyone staring at him.

"Okay!" Chris calls out while clapping his hands together. "Before we begin anything else, we need a group photo for the promos. Everyone to the end of the dock!" he says while motioning towards the cast to come join him.

The 22 teens walk down towards the end of the dock as Chris hops on the edge of the boat to fit everyone into the frame. After everyone got into their preferred pose, Chris counted down.

"Okay, one, two, thre-"Chris stopped suddenly, "Oops! Forgot the lens cap! Okay hold that pose guys. One, tw- oh..no wait, cards full." he says while smiling to himself.

"Ugh come on I can't stay in this pose much longer!" Amy says while doing the splits to show off her cheerleading skills.

"Got it!" the host finally says after a few more moments. "Okay, everyone say...Wawanakwa!" "

WawanakwaAHHHHHH!" As the pictures are being taken, the dock breaks under the combined weight of everyone, leaving everyone soaked in the lake.

"Okay guys, dry off and meet me at the campfire clearing in ten." Chris says after finishing taking the photos.

(Fade to break)


(Back to episode)

"The camera opens back up to the campfire area where all 22 campers are gathered around Chris as they wait to see what he has next. "This, is Camp Wawanakwa. Your home for the next eight weeks." Chris explains to the teens in front of him.

"The campers sitting by you will be your roommates, your competition, and maybe even your friends or... love interests." Chris says while wiggling his eyebrows. "The camper who manages to stay on Total Drama Island the longest voted off will win, one-hundred thousand dollars!"

"Excuse me," Duncan says, interrupting the host, "Are we allowed to choose a cabinmates, because I'd love to get a bunk under her !" he finishes with a wide smirk while pointing back towards Heather.

"Please tell me the cabins aren't mixed." Heather pleads hopefully.

" Nooo.."Chris says with a shake of his head, "girls get one side of each cabin, and dudes get the other."

"Hey Chris?" Amy asks the host with an annoyed look, "can i get my own cabin so I don't have to sleep with any of these weirdos?"

"Ok they are, but that's not really how it works here Amy. You'll have to deal with it until you're either voted off or the last one standing." Chris said with a plain look on his face.

"Fine, whatever." Amy huffs.

"At least you don't have to sleep next to him!" Mike whispers to the evil twin as the camera pans over to show Dave continuously spraying two massive cans of bug spray all around him.

"Here's the deal," Chris says as the camera shows him holding a piece of paper, "we're gonna split you guys into two teams. If I call your name out, go stand over there." he finishes while pointing to one side of the fire pit.

"Zoey, Brick, Sugar, Ezekiel, Eva, Amy, DJ, Dave, Jo, Mike, and Sadie. From this moment on you are now known as," Chris throws them a red flag with a fish emblem in the middle, "The Killer Bass!" A guitar riff emphasizes the team name. "Coool." Mike says while looking around at his team. He notices Zoey staring right back at him, and they both blush and look away.

"The rest of you whose names I didn't call, come stand over here." Chris motions to the other side of the campfire pit. "Geoff, Ella, B, Dawn, Heather, Lindsay, Jasmine, Tyler, Justin, Courtney, aaand Duncan. You are now dubbed," Chris throws them a green flag with a Gopher sewed in the middle, "The Screaming Gophers!" "Awesome!" Tyler says as he looks at the Gophers flag. "It's like...the coolest ever!" he finishes.

"Alright campers," Chris t starts as the camera's view switches to show the host, "you and your team will be on camerain all public areas during this competition." The feed cuts to static and then reappears, this time in a wooden outhouse, with skull graffiti and toilet paper lying about. "You will also be able to share your innermost on tape, with video diaries anytime you want." Chris says while sitting in the outhouse. "Let the audience at home really know what you're thinking. Or just get something off your chest."



"Alright, after seeing everyone else I'm competing with, I think I'm gonna win the one-hundred grand easy!" Jo says towards the confessional camera. "The only thing that would hold me back would be letting personal feelings get in the way or cramps, but that'll never happen." she finishes with a smirk.


"Oh my gosh I'm so excited to be here!" Zoey tells the camera. "I really hope I can make some friends during my time on this show...all the people back home are just the worst. Ohhh I really hope they like me. Do you like me? Am I trying too hard?" she finishing looking worried.


The next confessional is of a loon, who stops and looks at the camera in surprise as it finishes putting on lipstick.


"I've got one thing to say, eh." Ezekiel says confidently. "I am not gonna get kicked out first. If anything, I'm gonna get kicked out last, eh! Wait...would that make me second or first?" the homeschooler finished with a puzzled look.


"All right, any questions? Cool, let's find your cabins." Chris says while standing in front of all the contestants. The shot flashes over to show the host walking onto the screen with two similar size cabins in a clearing with the rest of the island lurking behind.

"Bass you'll be in the east cabin" Chris says while motioning a hand towards one, "and Gophers you'll be in the west."

The door opens and a small cabin with 8 bunk beds is shown. There were dressers shoved into one corner and a metal fireplace on the middle wall, with an old and shotty looking circular rug that graced the center of the room.

"Bunk beds?" Amy questions while carrying her luggage inside. "This is way too campy for me."

"Um, isn't that the idea? We are at a summer camp." Zoey replies while also walking inside with her things.

"Ugh you remind me of Samey." Amy replies with a glare. The campers can be seen carrying their luggage from the dock to the cabins.

"That's not very nice, eh. You should always treat other ladies with respect." a voice said from behind Zoey. Ezekiel is seen standing right behind her, unaware of him being the only boy around.

"Stay on your own side, weirdo." Eva says while easily picking up the boy with one arm, then throwing him out through the door with ease.

"Where are the outlets?" Lindsay asks Chris, just as a screaming Ezekiel passes by. "I have to plug in my straightener. Looking this good takes work."

"There are some in the communal bathrooms just down the way." Chris says with a smile. A dingy and gross looking bathhouse is shown, with a single wooden door leading in or out.

"Communal bathrooms? But I'm not Catholic." Lindsay says matter-of-factly.

"Not communion, communal." The host replies with a frown.

"It means everyone uses the same restroom...didn't you know that?" Jasmine says, poking her head out of the cabin.

"Awww no...oh come on!" Lindsay loudly pouts as Jasmine puts her hand over her ears and grimaces.

"Wow I'm glad she's not staying on our side of the cabin," Tyler says while watching in surprise with Duncan and Geoff. "It'll be nice to have a cabin with just dudes, am I right?" Duncan and Geoff give him dead looks and crickets can be heard chirping.

"Wait..wait I didn't mean it like that guys. WAIT!" Tyler says worriedly while chasing Duncan and Geoff back inside.

"Excuse me, Chris?" Brick asks, standing on his cabin's porch. "Is there some kind of...drill sergeant or CO in this facility? I need to know where to check in for morning training."

"Whoa slow down Brick, morning training?," the host asks him with a questioning look. "What do you think we do here?" Chris replies while looking around at the other teens.

" Other than myself," he goes on with a shrug, "You'll be unsupervised. You've got a half hour to unpack and meet me at the main lodge. Starting….now." He finishes while looking at his wristwatch."

Suddenly, a very loud and feminine scream can be heard from the killer Bass cabin. Several of the other teens look back and run to see what is going on.

"Wow he can really scream can't he?" Sugar says while looking in with the other Bass members.

"Cockroach! Kill it kill it kill it! They're so creepy and they're covered in germs!" Dave screams, cowering under his bed.

DJ sees the bug and proceeds to scream and jump onto a bed to hide, breaking the bed in the process. "Aw man my bed!" DJ frowns.

Scary music plays as some of the campers attempt to kill the cockroach. Tyler tries to stomp on it, Jasmine tries to smash it with a piece of wood, and Duncan is seen rasing an axe ready to kill the bug.

"STOP!" Two people shout at the same time. "You can't just harm an innocent creature!" Ella says, stepping in the way of Duncan. "It hasn't done anything to you."

"The poor thing must have lost its family." Dawn finishes. "Worry not friends, I will take it back to its proper home." the mystic says while picking up the bug.

Everyone breathes a long sigh of relief. "Sh-she...she touched-" was all Dave could get out before passing out from shock.

The camera flashes to the mess hall. Not much bigger than the rest of the buildings, the mess hall is held up by concrete blocks, few windows, and has a small porch leading to the door.

Inside along one wall was a wood fireplace with a moose mounted above. In the middle of the hall were two tables with eleven seats each, and a serving area was along the opposite wall.

"Listen up!" a gruff voice tells the cast as a sharp drum line begins to play. "I serve it three times a day," a hulking black man in cooking wear announces, "and you will eat it, three times a day! Grab a tray, get ya food, and sit ya butts down NOW!" he yells as dishes rattle behind him.

"Will we by chance be getting...any food groups?" Courtney asks as the aptly named Chef plops some very sketchy looking meat into her plate. "I hope no animals were hurt while making this...mystery meat." Ella says while Chef's eye began to twitch.

"Sit your butts down!" He yells towards the two.

"Man, that guy has real issues." Mike whispers to a snickering Ezekiel.

"What was that? Come closer string bean, I didn't hear you." Chef orders Mike.

"I uhhh, didn't really say anything." Mike replies nervously.

"I'm sure you didn't!" Chef replies. "Hey prairie boy, gimme your plate." Ezekiel hands his plate to Chef and he plops more mystery meat onto his plate. It flies back up to the scoop and Chef plops it back down once more.

"Wow this looks better than the food at boot camp!" Brick exclaims, watching Chef scoop more meat and raise his eyebrow at the boy.

"No it doesn't Brick for brains, this looks like something I'd find lying in the street!" Jo adds while pushing past s frowning Brick. "Hey Large and in Charge, gimme my food!"

Chef snarls and throws the meat right into Jo's unsuspecting face, and Brick stifles laughs and walks away.

The camera flashes to Dawn and B standing in front of Chef.

"Um excuse me, but I don't eat meat, especially with how….questionable this meat seems. Is there anything else to eat?" Dawn asks the cook.

Chef gives her a blank look while crushing a passing fly in his hand.

"I'll take that as a no." Dawn says and turns to leave.

B then points to his food and starts to make a walking motion with his fingers as the meat starts to twitch. Chef raises a mallet and smashes his food, leaving B covered in red meat. He gives Chef a nervous smile and quickly turns to go find a place to sit.

The camera pans over the mess hall, showing both teams eating with each other, talking amongst themselves or looking at their food in disgust.

"Welcome to the main lodge." Chris says, appearing through the main door.

"Chris, can we order some real food? Like a ribeye steak?" DJ asks the host.

Suddenly, a butchers knife is thrown from out of nowhere, impaling itself into the wall next to DJ's head.

"AHHHHHHH! Ok I take it back, this slop is good!" DJ screams while ducking under the table.

"Would anyone else like to comment?" Chef asks while looking around at the other teens with another large knife in his hands.

The other twenty one teens all vigorously shake their heads.

The camera switches back to Chris, who watches with a small smile on his face. "Your first challenge begins...in one hour." Chris says while exiting the mess hall.

"What do you think they're going to have us do?" Ella asks Geoff in concern.

"It's our first challenge dudette, I doubt they'll make us do anything too crazy." The party boy replies.

The campers are then shown standing at the top of a cliff in their swimsuits; Geoff being the most prominent, all peeing over the edge. The camera zooms out, with a music spike during each transition.

The cliff dwarfs every other area of the island, easily spotted from miles away.

"Oh shit..." Geoff says as the camera fades to black.


"Next time..on Total Drama Island!" Chris says while standing in a zoomed out shot of the dock.

The camera flashes to the fully zoomed out shot of the cliff, and Chris doing a voice over.

"Your first task is to jump off this one thousand foot cliff, into the lake."


"I'm looking at this guy and thinking, there's no way he's gonna make it." Geoff says in the confessional.


"I figured if he jumps, he's going to die!" Courtney says while throwing her hands up.

B, wearing several floaties and his suit looks over the edge nervously while biting his fingernails.

The shot cuts to two sharks opening their jaws in anticipation. B is then shown screaming on his way down the cliff, and a splash could be heard as Geoff, Tyler and Heather all grimace at the sound.

(Fade to Black)


So, it's a very interesting group that I have to start off with. There's a lot of potential with this group and I can go a lot of different routes with each character, so I'm excited to show you guys where I take each character over the course of the first three seasons.

I'm excited to see your guys' reactions to the pairings and placements I have in mind, because I think a few will surprise you. This was a long chapter to write just because I'm still trying to get the characters personalities to mesh well, which I think wont be too hard especially after I start writing the next chapter. I have a good idea as to where I want to take characters and how ill use them this season and beyond, but things change, and ill probaly change my mind more than once.

Since this is based off of the canon episodes, I'm going to try and update this series once a week(Friday/Saturday), as it will be fairly easy to write and update. I hope the first installment caught your attention, and I hope you'll stick through with me until the end of this crazy long, but crazy fun journey we're starting on. See you next week!