I'd like to thank the wonderful Janet Evanovich for creating these characters and letting us play with them. I promise to return them unharmed once I am done.

This story came about after I saw a request for a story to be written around a certain idea in the Janet Evanovich Fan Fiction Facebook group. This chapter also contains my submission to the September writing challenge from said group.

I think this is the first piece of fiction I have written since the equivalence to middle school so I'd be really grateful for feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Finally, my health makes me notoriously unreliable. I have an outline for this story but it is not prewritten so I would appreciate your patience if it doesn't appear as quickly as we would all like.


We were shoved inside and the door clanged shut behind me.

"Put your hands through the bars and I'll undo the cuffs for you." The rookie policeman said.

I turned around and backed up to the bars, awkwardly sliding my hands through. He undid the cuffs and Ranger took my place. I walked over to the metal-framed beds that ran along the sidewalls, shaking my arms, trying to get some feeling back in my hands. We were in a 6ft by 6ft room with concrete walls. Video cameras were covering the room and a toilet in the corner, so much for privacy. I reclined back on one of the beds.

Ranger turned and looked over at me, a wary expression on his face. I took pity on him.

"Well this is a nice change of scenery," I said.

His brow furrowed. "It's a prison cell."

"I was being sarcastic."

Ranger grinned.

"Since when are you so relaxed about getting arrested."

I shrugged.

"Since now. I'm exhausted and I'm locked in a room with you. These beds are pretty comfy as far as jail cells go. I'm looking at this as enforced R&R. Admittedly, I could do with some room service and birthday cake but I'll take what I can get."


I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously How often do we get time alone without the risk of one of our cell phones going off?"

He just arched an eyebrow at me and waited.

"Fine. Since the guy who had us arrested needs our help and he's not going to get it if he keeps us locked up here. Does that satisfy your curiosity?"

Ranger shook his head, walked over and lay down next to me and pulled me into his arms.

"It's time." He whispered in my ear.

"For what?"

"To tell me what's going on."