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Her eyes flew open as she woke up to see only darkness. She started fumbling around the ground, trying to figure out where she was and how she got there. The last thing she remembered was walking to class from her apartment. She was crossing the street when she heard a noise and saw a bright light, and then… nothing. The next thing she knew, she was waking up here, wherever here was.

Suddenly, a light turned on from above, causing her to squint. She heard a voice coming from the direction of the light.

"Congratulations! You have died and won the afterlife lottery! You get to reincarnate into a world of your choosing with the critically acclaimed Gamer System!"

"What?! How did I die?" she exclaimed, shocked as she jumped up from her spot on the floor.

"As you were crossing the street you were hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light! But now you get to be accompanied by me, The System, for the rest of your existence, Congratulations!"

"No! This is not a good thing, I have lost everything! The whole life I built for myself." She cried as she came to the realization about her death.

After a few minutes of wallowing in the grief of losing everything, her sobbing subsided and she took a few deep breaths. She sighed and said, "Okay, I think I am ready to deal with the world again. How does this work?"

"Well, first comes World Selection! Then we can move on to Character Creation and begin the game."

A small screen appeared in front of her with the available world option choices.

Starting World Options

· Marvel

· Inheritance Cycle

· DC

· My Hero Academia

"Please click the world you wish to start in. Based on the world chosen, your available race options may change."

"It's so hard to choose between those! If I pick one, will the others be locked out?"

"Good question! Because this is a reward, when you have completed the main story for your first world, you will unlock the ability to travel to others! The world that you start in will become your hub world and will pause when you are in a different dimension!"

"Once you complete a world you will receive points depending on your actions during the story. You can use those points in between one world and the next to make changes to your character."

"Okay, I think I am going to fulfill my childhood dreams then, and choose to live in Alagaësia!"

" Excellent choice. Let us continue with Character Creation.

Let's Get Started!



Another screen appeared in front of her. It showed an image of her body and a list of stats.

Name: ?

Race: ?

Sex: ?

Class: ?

Starting Stat points: 55









Gamers Mind (Passive): Max

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through

Allows a peaceful state of mind

Grants Immunity to harmful psychological status affects

Gamers Body (Passive): Max

Allows the user to live life like a video game

Observe (Active) : lvl 1

Provides information on target (shows more information based on lvl)



"These are your starting skills and abilities! Please choose the name you wish to begin with and the race you wish to start with. We will then move on to allocating your starting Stat base stats will change based on the chosen starting race."

"I am definitely interested in the race options and I want my name to be Leona. I also don't need to bother picking a last name since they don't exist in Alagaësia."

"Your assumption is correct."

"What races can I choose from?"

The screen shifts through a dozen images of different types of humans, stopping at an image of a lady with short blond hair. She is holding a farming tool.

Starting Race options:

Human: The most common of the races of Alagaësia. They can live pretty much everywhere in any climate and are the standard for physical abilities. They are good at adapting to many situations and can learn magic fairly easily. They make up with intelligence what they lack in physical prowess.

· 2 to intelligence and wisdom

· 2 to luck

· Perks: Adaptable (25% experience gain), Numbers (25% to stats in large numbers)

The screen then changes to an image of a tall and beautiful lady Elf with long brown hair. She is wielding two blades.

Elf: The longest lived of the races of Alagaësia, who dwell in the large forests of the world. They have an innate sense of the magic in the world and are known to be as beautiful as they are quick and cunning. They have enhanced physical abilities but are resistant to change and have a very strict society with a low birth rate.

· 5 base to all physical stats

· Perks: Forever Young (Cannot die of old age), Eidetic Memory (Retains memories in perfect clarity), Magic Affinity (50% to all magic skills), Nature Affinity (Animals are friendly and plants grow easier)

The screen changes again, shifting to show a large creature with huge horns, grey skin, claws and yellow eyes.

Urgal: The most violent of all the races of Alagaësia. Their love of war and culture which values physical strength and battle over all else has long made them an enemy to most races, but they hold a great honor and respect for those who can show their strength. They range in height from 6 to 9 feet and have large ram horns on either side of their head. They are considered ugly to most other races, and few outside their own know their language.

· 5 to Strength and Vitality

· -10 to Charisma

· Perks: Tough (Reduces physical damage by 25%), Horns (Huge ram horns which can be used for combat), Stamina (Can run long distances without tiring)

The screen shifts one last time to show a short hefty woman with red hair, who is smiling while holding an axe.

Dwarf: One of the only races truly native to Alagaësia, they have long lives and are known for their huge and sprawling underground cities and caverns. Their society is divided into thirteen clans with a ruler who is voted into power. They have thicker bones and more durable muscles than the other races, which allows them to create a procedure to drill holes into their knuckles and insert metal spikes. They get along well with humans.

· 2 to Strength

· 4 to Vitality

· Perks: Longevity (Can live several hundred years), Dense Body (Multiplies Physical Stat growth by 2)

Some time passes as she switches between options, mulling over the pros and cons of each race before making her decision. She looked up toward where the voice was coming from. "Okay, I think I've decided." She then slides the options on the screen over to Elf and clicks it.

"Good Choice. We will now continue with Character Creation. Please allocate your skill points."

The Stats and Abilities screen reappears.

"Okay, I want to be pretty balanced, so I think I will put 10 for a majority of my stats and 5 for luck so that I'm not super unlucky in my new life."

Name: Leona

Race: Elf

Sex: Female


Starting Stat points: 55

Strength: 15 (5)

Agility: 15 (5)

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 10

Vitality: 15 (5)

Charisma: 5 (5)

Luck: 5


Gamers Mind (Passive): Max

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through

Allows a peaceful state of mind

Grants Immunity to harmful psychological status affects

Gamers Body (Passive): Max

Allows the user to live life like a video game

Observe (Active) : lvl 1

Provides information on target (shows more information based on lvl)


Forever Young, Eidetic Memory, Magic Affinity, Nature Affinity

"I think that looks good! Okay System, what is next to do?"

"Lastly you need to pick a class. These are your options."


[Fighter[Rogue[Mage[Dragon Rider]

"Each one has subclasses and once you reach level 50 in the class you are in, you may pick another to Multiclass into. More options will be available when multiclassing based on your decisions. Because of the world you chose to start in, you get access to a unique world class. If you pick this class, you must pick a second to start, as it will be locked until the life event to unlock it happens."

"I guess I'll pick Mage as my second class then, as there is no way I am turning down the opportunity to be a Dragon Rider."

"You will start as a Level 1 Mage, the Dragon Rider class will be unlocked when you achieve the event needed."

"Please pick a subclass."



"More options will be available later during Multiclassing based on your choices during the game."

She looked over the three options presented and took some time to weigh their benefits. "Hmm...because I am going to be a Dragon Rider, I think it would be both fun and appropriate for me to start with Pyromancer."

"Very well then."

Her stats screen pops back up and she notices some new skills and perks being added to the list.


Flames (lvl 1)

Heal (lvl 1)

Conceal (lvl 1)


Fire Affinity (Fire spells cost 50% less mana to cast), Dragon Partner (Somewhere out there you have a Dragon who has chosen you)

She closes the screen and looks up towards where the voice is coming from. "Okay System, I think I'm done with Character Creation!"

"Great. You have an optional feature if you'd like it included. You may roll a lottery to get helpful Perks if you'd like, but beware that each one is accompanied by a flaw that may hinder you."

"Cool. I think I'll take the risk at least once. It shouldn't be too bad. Can the flaws be removed eventually?"

"Yes. Any physical flaws can be removed if the Stat affected reaches a certain threshold. There are certain flaws that are permanent though, and may only be removed for a cost at maintenance between worlds."

"That's fine. I still think it's worth the risk, so go ahead and fire up the Gacha."

Starting random selection

Perk Gained: Fire Immunity

Flaw Gained: Decay (your regeneration is slowed by something [Regen halved])

"Aww man! That perk is amazing with class but Decay is going to make it so much harder to heal well." She sighed and said, "Okay, I want to roll one more time, but then I'm done. I don't want to start with too many flaws tying me down."

"If that is what you wish."

Starting random selection

Perk Gained: Mana Spring (Mana Regen x2)

Flaw Gained: Nemesis (Someone out there wants you dead)

"Oh fuck! Mana spring will be super useful but now I'll have to watch my back for the rest of my life until I find out who they are. I hope I'll be strong enough to defeat them when the time comes. System, is there anything else that needs to be done before the game starts?"

"You have completed the character creation. I will explain a few things about the gamer system before we begin. Once the game starts you will have access to an Inventory where you can store any non-living thing in a stasis like state. You will have access to a shop through the game menu where you can buy and sell things. The currency is credits which you can earn through quest rewards or the sale of items. Your system will also have a Gacha ability as part of its features which you can roll for a chance of rare loot. There will be a tutorial when you begin the game for your first 10 levels as well."

"Thank you for the chance at a new life. I'm sure I'll enjoy it immensely."

"If you do not have any more questions, we will begin the game. Good luck and don't die."

Game Start.